How School Fundraising Works

School Fundraising provides a FREE fundraising service to schools, PTAs and anyone else that wants to raise funds for schools simply by shopping at your favourite online stores and - at no extra cost! You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but by using the links from a school's personalised page on the School Fundraising site, the designated school will receive cashback funds from our partner retailers.

The level of cash back funds varies by retailer usually ranging from 1% for big brand supermarkets to 10% and more for less well known online retailers.

Our site is unique in that it gives you access to more than 500 retailers and literally millions of products as well as paid Google Search - all you have to do is just use the links from your schoool's page on this site first - it couldn't be simpler!

If you already shop online, why not help raise money for your local school at no extra cost.

How Do I Use the Website?

Once your school is registered, visit the School Fundraising website every time you want to shop online.

Once you are at the School Fundraising website, search for your school's personalised page using the search facility (using your school's postcode) or via the area links on the left hand side.

Once at your school's page you have several options:

  • Browse the List of Participating Retailer's Websites - view a selected range of the leading retailers and click on their logo to visit their website OR
  • Search for a Specific Product and Compare Prices - use our ShopWindow facility to search for an item and compare prices from selected retailers AND/OR
  • Search for a product from the World Wide Web - use our Google Search facility to search for an item from the web and every time you click on a sponsored link you will earn even more funds for your school!

whichever way you choose to shop, you will have a great shopping experience and raise money for your local school.

Why Do Retailers Pay Cash Back?

Selling goods online is far more cost effective for retailers than funding bricks & mortar retail outlets and so retailers can afford to donate a percentage to good causes. For less well known retailers in particular, the web is a very cost effective way of attracting customers that may not have heard of their brand name and so these retailers can contribute much larger sums - sometimes up to 15%.

Will I Pay Any Extra?

The price you pay for items via this site are identical to the prices you would pay if you went direct to the retailer's website, the only difference is your local school would not benefit if you go direct.

It Sounds Great - What Next?

To raise funds for your school, it has to be registered with this site first ( register your school here).

We will then arrange for a personalised page to be created for your school within the next two working days (view example school page here). It really is as simple as that!

See next page for details of FAQs, Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions of Use of this site.