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FAQs For School Supporters

Do I need to register my personal details?

No. There is no need to register your personal details with us. You can remain anonymous when raising funds for your selected school simply by visiting the relevant school landing page before you go shopping. Note - if you visit more than one school page, please refresh the page before shopping to ensure that the funds are raised for the last school visited.

Do I need to alter my browser settings?

School Fundraising uses "Cookie" technology to track which school you are supporting therefore you need to ensure that cookies are enabled on your browser (default setting for vast majority of browsers).

Do cookies reveal my personal details?

No. Cookies are only used to track orders and reward schools as well as help us to improve our website and customer experience and will not reveal any personal details about you.

What do I do if I have a dispute about my goods or my order?

As School Fundraising is purely an introducer and you have purchased directly from the retailer you will need to contact them directly. However, please let us know if you have any complaints with any of our participating retailers so that we can assess their suitability to remain on the programme.

What happens with returns?

Returns should be dealt with direct with the retailer as you would normally. Returns may subsequently result in a pro rata proportion of the funds raised being reversed out by the retailer.

Can I support more than one school?

Yes, but as explained above, please ensure that you refresh the page of your browser when you are the landing page of the school you wish to support and before you go shopping to ensure the correct school is credited with the sale.

How do I know my school has been paid?

This information is not made publicly availalbe (unless expressly agreed by the school/PTA) and so you should contact the relevant school/PTA representative to establish the amount of funds raised.

What if I already have an account with a retailer?

If you already have an account with a retailer (e.g. Amazon), generally speaking the school will still be credited with a sale provided you access the school page immediately prior to going shopping.

The retailer I want to purchase from is not listed

Please contact us with the name of the retailer you would like to see listed and we will endeavour to sign them up to our programme. Please note that some retailers choose not to participate in this type of online scheme and/or do not have websites/techniolgy in place to operate as required.

How do the retailers know to reward our school?

Our web technology utilises "cookie" technology to identify when a visitor visits each school landing page and allocates a unique identifier. When you click through from the school landing page to the retailer's site this unique identifier is carried through and any subsequent purchases credited to your school. For this to operate correctly it is essential that cookies are enabled within your browser (fortunately this is the default setting).

FAQs For School Fundraising Organisations

Do we have to be a registered charity to use School Fundraising?

No. Any school, pre-school, PTA/PTO or other group raising funds for their school can take advantage of our free fundraising initiative.

How do we take part?

To take advantage of the School Fundraising initiative please register your details here. Registration is completely FREE.

When and how are we paid?

Payments are calculated every quarter on the 1st of January, April, July and October based on all transactions that have been cleared by Retailers. Payment is then issued by cheque approximately 30 days after each quarter finishes to allow for any 'returns' that may have been made. Payment should reach you within 45 days after the close of each quarter. If payment has still not reached you within this time please contact us.

How are we paid?

Payment is currently made by cheque. We are currently investigating BACS payment so and will make registered schools aware of this option once in place.

Is there a minimum threshold for payment?

To minimise administration costs and therefore maximise school funds raised a minimum of 15.00 needs to be raised by a school by the end of each quarter for a cheque to be issued. If this threshold has not been reached during a given quarter the amount raised will be carried over to the next quarter.

Do all our supporters need to register?

No. Once a school has registered and the school landing page has been created anyone who shops/searches online via the school landing page will help to raise funds for your school.

Do I have to login to use the promotional and voucher code facilities?

No. Simply visit your school page and you will be able to access a range of promotional items to help you raise promote the facility to your supporters.

Can we personalise our school's landing page?

Yes! If you want to personalise your school's page by adding introductory text and/or an image/logo, we can arrange this after you have registered. The introductory copy should generally be no more than 100 words and the logo/image should be either GIF or JPEG format with a maximum width of circa 150 pixels and maximum height of circa 200 pixels (we can re-size images for you if required).

How do we raise funds for our school with Google Search?

The Google Search facility allows visitors to search the web using Google as they normally would but advertisers will pay a few pennies every time a genuine click though is made to their website via a "Sponsored Link". Google is the market leading search engine used by more than 80% of UK web surfers and is widely recognised as being the best search engine around so why not save the school landing page as your Home Page and use the Google Search facility every time you are online!

Does it cost anything to use Google Search?

No! We make this Google Search facility available free of charge to schools.

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