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Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Yorkshire And Humberside Schools L

Incorporating schools within Yorkshire and Humberside.

Laceby Acres Primary School - DN34 5QN
Lacewood Primary School - S63 8DA
Lacey Gardens Junior School - LN11 8DH
Lady Bird Pre-school - HU15 1HX
Lady E Hastings Cofe Primary School - WF10 2BD
Lady Elizabeth Hastings' Church Of England Primary School Thorp Arch - LS23 7AQ
Lady Lane Park Preparatory School - BD16 4AP
Lady Lane Park School - BD16 4AP
Ladybirds Day Nursery & Osc - HD4 7PX
Ladybirds Pre School Playgroup - PE11 3QJ
Ladywood Primary School - S72 7JX
Laisterdyke Business And Enterprise College - BD3 8HE
Lakeside Primary School - DN4 5ES
Lamb Setts Montessori Nursery - S20 5BT
Lambert Nursery School - HU5 2SG
Lane Pre School Playgroup - HD9 2LE
Lanefields Day Nursery - HD8 9DE
Langbar Early Years Centre - LS14 5ER
Langtoft Primary School - YO25 3TN
Lapage Primary School And Nursery - BD3 8QX
Latham Lane Playgroup - BD19 4JR
Laughton All Saints Cofe Primary School - S25 1YF
Laughton Junior And Infant School - S25 1YP
Laurel Bank Early Years Centre - LS10 4HY
Laurels Day Nursery - S71 4BG
Lawns Park Primary School - LS12 5EX
Lawnswood School - LS16 5AG
Lawnswood School Playgroup - LS16 5AG
Laycock Primary School - BD22 0PP
Lcca Community Childcare - WF2 8AA
Le Mont Nursery - YO25 5JN
Leadenham Church Of England Primary School - LN5 0QB
Leapfrog Day Nursery - HU15 1AF
Leapfrog Day Nursery - HU17 9GP
Leaps And Bounds - DN11 0BZ
Learning Land Pre-school - LN11 8UT
Leasingham Pre-school Playgroup - NG34 9LH
Leconfield Pre-school - HU17 7NP
Leconfield Primary School - HU17 7NP
Lee Mount Primary School - HX3 5EB
Leeds City Portage Service - LS6 2ST
Leeds College Of Art And Design - LS2 9AQ
Leeds College Of Building - LS2 7QT
Leeds College Of Building - LS2 8QT
Leeds College Of Music - LS2 7PD
Leeds College Of Technology - LS2 8BL
Leeds College Of Technology - LS9 8DP
Leeds Girls High School - LS6 1BN
Leeds Grammar School - LS17 8GS
Leeds Menorah School - LS17 6AQ
Leeds Menorah School - LS17 6HQ
Leeds Metropolitan University - LS1 3HE
Leeds Montessori School - LS8 2LE
Leeds Reformed Baptist Church Pre-school - LS6 4DE
Leeds Rhinos Rlfc & Leeds Tykes - LS6 3BR
Leeds Teaching And Learning Centre - Copperfields - LS9 0BB
Leeds Thomas Danby - LS7 3BG
Leeds United Afc Playgrou - LS11 0ES
Leeds United Fc Study Support Centre - LS11 0ES
Leeds United Playgroup - LS11 0ES
Leeds Weekend Care Assoc - LS9 9NE
Lees Pre-school - BD22 9DL
Lees Primary School - BD22 9DL
Leeside Community Primary School - WF16 9BB
Legsby Primary School - LN8 3QW
Lepton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior Infant And Nursery School - HD8 0DE
Les Enfants Jouent Pre-school - LS27 9ER
Les Enfants Pdn - HD5 0AL
Les Enfants Private Day N - HD5 8PU
Les Enfants Private Day Nursery - WF17 9BH
Leslie Manser Primary School - LN6 0FB
Lets Play Playgroup - HU3 6PA
Leven Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - HU17 5NX
Leven Pre-school - HU17 5NF
Ley Top Primary School - BD15 7PQ
Leys Farm Junior School - DN17 2PB
Lidget Green Primary School - BD7 2QN
Lighcliffe U R C Pre-school - HX3 9SX
Lightcliffe Cofe Va Primary School - HX3 8SH
Lightcliffe Pre-school Playgroup - HX3 8AU
Lilliput Day Nursery - DN14 7SZ
Lilliput Day Nursery - PE11 1TW
Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery - HU13 0EG
Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery - HU2 8AZ
Lilycroft Nursery School - BD9 5AD
Lilycroft Primary School - BD9 5AD
Lilycroft/farcliffe Cc - BD8 8QH
Lilypads Playgroup - DN3 3DB
Limpsfield Junior School - S9 1AN
Lincoln And District Portage Team - LN5 8EW
Lincoln Birchwood Junior School - LN6 0NL
Lincoln Christ's Hospital School - LN2 4PN
Lincoln College - LN2 5HQ
Lincoln Ermine Community Infant School - LN2 2HD
Lincoln Gardens Pre-school - DN15 1QJ
Lincoln Gardens Primary School - DN16 2ED
Lincoln Minster Preparatory School - LN2 1QG
Lincoln Minster School - LN2 5RW
Lincoln Monks Abbey Primary School - LN2 5PF
Lincoln Moorland Infant And Nursery School - LN6 7RP
Lincoln Myle Cross Junior School - LN2 4EL
Lincoln St Giles Infant School - LN2 4LQ
Lincoln The Sincil School - LN5 8EW
Lincolnshire / Kesteven House - NG34 7TY
Linda's Nursery - HD8 9EU
Linden Playgroup - HD2 2TP
Lindley Church Of England Voluntary Aided Infant School - HD3 3NE
Lindley Junior School - HD3 3LY
Lindley Pre-school Playgr - HD3 3ND
Lindum Nursery - BD8 7NA
Ling Bob Junior Infant And Nursery School - HX2 0QD
Linkage Colege - DN32 9RU
Linthwaite Ardron Cofe (aided) Junior And Infant School - HD7 5TA
Linthwaite Clough Junior Infant And Early Years School - HD7 5NJ
Linthwaite Methodist Playgroup - HD7 5PD
Linx Pre-school - S66 8BE
Lisle Marsden Cofe Aided Primary School - DN32 0DF
Lisle Marsden Pre-school - DN32 0DF
Lister Lane School - BD2 4LL
Lister Primary School - BD9 5AT
Little Acorns - DN20 0AB
Little Acorns - S60 2SS
Little Acorns - S65 1PA
Little Acorns (ireland Wood Pre-sch - LS16 6BW
Little Acorns Day Nursery - LS12 4AF
Little Acorns Day Nursery (hudds) L - HD9 4DS
Little Acorns Day Nursery And Pre-s - HU6 8QL
Little Acorns Nursery - WF11 0BZ
Little Acorns Nursery Unit - LN11 0NH
Little Acorns Pre-school - WF7 7HH
Little Acorns Preschool Playgroup - LN1 2XT
Little Angels - HD5 8JP
Little Angels Nursery School - S8 8JR
Little Angels Playgroup - S73 8AF
Little Angels Pre-school - DN20 8LD
Little Angels Private Nursery - BD13 1EE
Little Blossoms Private Day Nursery - BD2 1NH
Little Champions - S71 3AF
Little Cherubs Day Nursery -
Little Einstein's Day Nursery Ltd - DN2 4JW
Little Explorer S Day Care Nursery - S26 5RE
Little Firs And Cedars Fdc - LS17 7HB
Little Fishes - S6 6AH
Little Fishes - S73 0EX
Little Gems Playgroup - S60 2RQ
Little Goslings - DN16 1HH
Little Imp Pre School - S6 2BG
Little Imps - DN17 3QU
Little Imps Nursery - DN21 2SU
Little Jo's Day Nursery - S70 1TH
Little Lambs Nursery - DN15 7PE
Little Lambs Nursery - DN21 1EQ
Little Learners - LS22 7LL
Little Learners At Leeds College Of Technology - LS2 8BL
Little Learners Day Nursery - DN2 6AY
Little Learners Day Nursery - HU9 1TL
Little Learners Day Nursery - LS22 7LL
Little Learners Pre-school Daycare - HD6 1AT
Little London Community Primary School And Nursery - LS7 1SR
Little Mac's Nursery - LS7 2PP
Little Monsters Kindergarten - BD1 3RB
Little Nippers Pre-school - S71 4AD
Little Oaks Childcare - DN6 7TH
Little Oaks Childcare (carcroft) - DN6 8DR
Little Owls - DN16 1NR
Little Owls Playgroup - DN21 5ET
Little People - NG31 9AD
Little People (aireview) - LS13 1DD
Little People (bramley) (previously Molly Cuddles) - LS13 3EN
Little People (farfield) - LS28 5ED
Little People Nursery - LS28 6DX
Little People Nursery - WF1 2HZ
Little Pickles Pre-school - PE11 4UA
Little Rascals - DN3 2QD
Little Rascals - LS15 7JY
Little Rascals (halifax Rd) - S6 1AF
Little Rascals Day Nursery - DN7 4JP
Little Rascals Day Nursery - HX2 9EJ
Little Rascals Day Nursery - S5 9GQ
Little Rascals Nursery School - LS15 7JY
Little Rascals Pre-school - DN17 2NN
Little Rascals Private Da - LS15 7JY
Little Rascals Private Day Nursery - LS25 1NT
Little Rascals Private Nursery - LS15 8RQ
Little Saints Nursery - S17 4AP
Little Scallywags Playgroup (skelli - LN6 5UU
Little School - LS29 7DT
Little Stars Pre-school - LN6 0EP
Little Stars Pre-school - S6 6GU
Little Tinkers - S3 9DD
Little Tykes Private Day - WF16 9ED
Little Tykes Private Day Nursery 2 - WF16 9EE
Little Weighton Pre-school - HU20 3US
Little Weighton Rowley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - HU20 3XE
Little Whispers Day Nursery - DN5 0AA
Little Winners - S6 1UN
Littlecoates Pre-school - DN31 2QZ
Littlecoates Primary School - DN31 2QX
Littlemoor Children's Centre And School - DN6 0PZ
Littletown Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF15 6LP
Littleworth Grange Primary Learning Centre - S71 5RG
Liversedge Parish Church P G - WF15 6PS
Lockington Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - YO25 9SH
Locksley Christian School - LN11 8UT
Lodge Moor Nursery - S10 3TG
Lofthouse Gate Primary School - WF3 3HU
Long Lee Primary School - BD21 4RU
Long Sutton Primary School - PE12 9EP
Long Toft Primary School - DN7 5AB
Longcroft School And Performing Arts College - HU17 7EJ
Longhill Primary School - HU8 9RW
Longley Park Sixth Form College - S5 6SG
Longley Primary School - S5 7NA
Longley School - HD5 8JE
Longroyde Junior School - HD6 3AS
Longwood Pre-School - HD3 4UL
Looby Loos - HD9 1LS
Lothersdale Community Primary School - BD20 8HB
Lound Infant School - S35 2EU
Lound Junior School - S35 2UT
Louth & District Portage Team - LN11 8RS
Louth Eastfield Infants' And Nursery School - LN11 8DQ
Louth Kidgate Primary School - LN11 9BX
Louth Pre-school Playgroup - LN11 8DH
Lovell Park Early Years Centre - LS7 1DD
Loversall Farm Day Nursery - DN11 9DD
Low Ash Primary School - BD18 1AA
Low Moor Cofe Primary School - BD12 0NN
Low Road Primary School - LS10 2PS
Lowedges Primary School - S8 7JG
Lower Fields Primary School - BD4 8RG
Lower Meadow Primary School - S8 8EE
Lower Wortley Primary School - LS12 4PX
Lowerhouses Cofe (controlled) Junior Infant And Early Years School - HD5 8JY
Lowfield Community Primary School - S2 4NJ
Lowfields Little Learners - LN5 9TL
Lowtown Primary School - LS28 9BB
Loxley Manor Nursery - S6 6RQ
Loxley Primary School - S6 6SG
Luddenden Dene Cofe (vc) Junior Infant And Nursery School - HX2 6PB
Luddendenfoot Junior And Infant School - HX2 6AU
Luddington And Garthorpe Primary School - DN17 4QP
Lullabies Day Nursery - HX3 9SN
Lutton St Nicholas Primary School - PE12 9HN
Lydgate Infant School - S10 5FQ
Lydgate Junior And Infant School - WF17 6EY
Lydgate Junior School - S10 5DP
Lydgate Little Learners - WF17 6EY
Lydgate School - HD9 1LS
Lyncroft Day Nursery - LS8 1JG
Lynda Ellis Nursery (kids Unlimited) - S10 2DR
Lynton Preparatory School - DN15 7NW
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