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Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Yorkshire And Humberside Schools I-J-K

Incorporating schools within Yorkshire and Humberside.

Idle Cofe Primary School - BD10 8LU
Il Nido Day Nursery - HD1 4NR
Ilkley Campus Nursery - LS29 9JD
Ilkley Grammar School - LS29 8TR
Ilkley Pre-school Playgroup - LS29 9QJ
Illingworth Centre Pre-school - HX2 8JD
Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary - S21 3YB
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Primary School - LS17 6SX
Immaculate Heart Playgroup - LS17 6LE
Immanuel Cofe Community College - BD10 9AQ
Immingham Day Nursery - DN40 1AA
Infant School Moorthorpe Primary (j Andi ) School - WF9 2BL
Ingham Primary School - LN1 2XT
Inglebrook School - WF8 1HJ
Inglebrook School - WF8 1JL
Ingoldmells Primary School - PE25 1PS
Ingoldsby Primary School - NG33 4HA
Ingram Road Primary School - LS11 9LA
Ingrow Primary School - BD21 1BW
Ings Primary School - HU8 0SL
Inmans Primary School - HU12 8NL
Innovations Children's Ctr - HX2 8DQ
Inspiration Private Day Nursery - WF17 7LE
Institute Of Islamic Education - WF12 9NG
Intake High School Arts College - LS13 1AH
Intake Pre-school - S12 2FP
Intake Primary School - DN2 6EW
Intake Primary School - S12 2AS
Iqra Primary School - BD8 8DA
Ireland Wood Primary School - LS16 6BW
Islamia Girls' High School - HD1 3JQ
Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School - BD8 8AW
It's A Small World Children's Nursery - S25 4EQ
Iveson Primary School - LS16 6LW
Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria School - BD14 6JX
Jacdor Pre School - LN4 4SY
Jack & Jill Playgroup - WF12 7ED
Jack And Jill Playschool - HU10 6PA
Jack And Jill Pre-school - HU10 6UE
Jack And Jill Pre-school - S6 6DB
Jack And Jills Private Day Nursery - HD3 4FF
Jack Hird Educare Centre - WF12 8QT
Jack In The Box - LN11 8UT
Jack In The Box Day Nursery - DN1 2DJ
Jamia Al Hudaa - S9 1WD
Jane Hussey - LS23 6QS
Janet Genter Community Nursery - HU9 3QB
Janet S Playgroup - S65 3EE
Jelly Tots Day Nursery - BD11 1DL
Jellytots Club Ltd - BD2 1NH
Jellytots Playgroup - DN41
Jellytots Private Day Nursery - BD11 1DL
Jesmond House Day Nursery - WF16 0DU
Jigsaw Playgroup - S13 9BH
Jill Woodcock (cm) - S7 2GZ
Jimmy G's Nursery - BD18 4DH
Jitterbugs Early Years Centre - LS7 3NB
John Harrison Cofe Primary School - DN19 7AP
John Jamieson School - LS8 2PW
John Leggott College - DN17 1DS
John Leggott Sixth Form College - DN17 1DS
John Smeaton Community High School - LS15 8TA
John Spendluffe Foundation Technology College - LN13 9BL
Jolly Giraffes Day Nursery - LS26 8RA
Jolly Tots Pre-school Nursery - LS29 7BT
Jollytots Nursery - BD9 6BJ
Joseph Locke Primary School - S70 6JL
Joseph Nutter House Nursery - BD7 3JX
Joseph Priestley College - LS27 8QE
Joseph Ruston Technology College - LN6 7JG
Jubilee Hall Nursery - WF2 8NS
Jubilee Nursery - HU17 8QG
Judy Clark Playgroup - DN31 2ES
Jump Primary School - S74 0JW
Jumping Jacks - LS8 3LG
Jumping Jacks Playgroup - BD2 1BD
Jumping Jac's - S73 8TU
Just Learning - WF1 2UN
Justine Davis-hirst - BD7 1BN
Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries Ltd - LS27 7EL
Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries Ltd - LS27 8RT
Karen Reaney (cm) - S20 8JF
Kathryn Stork - HU4 6BU
Katie Rabbits Nursery - DN2 4AJ
Katies Kinder Care - BD19 6JH
Katies Kindergarten - HU12 9PR
Kayes First And Nursery School - HD8 9LZ
Keelby Primary School - DN41 8EF
Keelby Yarborough Playgro - DN41 8HT
Keelham Primary School - BD13 4HH
Keepers Cottage Nursery - PE9 3UT
Keighley Asian Women & Childrens Centre - BD21 3HU
Keighley Asian Womens & Childrens Day Nursery - BD21 3HU
Keighley College - BD21 3DF
Keighley Community Nursery - BD21 3HU
Keighley Community Nursery - BD22 6JB
Keighley Cougars Rlfc - BD21 3ND
Keighley Kiddicare - BD21 2HB
Keighley Kiddicare Ltd - BD21 2EU
Keighley St Andrew's Cofe Primary School And Nursery - BD21 2ND
Keldmarsh Primary School - HU17 8FF
Kelford School - S61 2NU
Kellington Primary School - DN14 0NY
Kellington Under Fives - DN14 0NE
Kelsey Primary School - LN7 6EJ
Kelvin Hall School - HU5 4QH
Kendray Primary School - S70 3NG
Kentmere Early Years - LS14 1BN
Kepler Early Years Centre - LS8 5ES
Keresforth Primary School - S75 3NU
Kerr Mackie Primary School - LS8 1NE
Kerry Malinowski - HU7 4QR
Kershaw House Day Nursery - HX2 6NW
Kesteven And Grantham Girls' School - NG31 9AU
Kesteven And Sleaford High School - NG34 7RS
Kettlethorpe Fun To Learn Group - LN1 2LD
Kettlethorpe High School A Specialist Maths And Computing College - WF2 7EL
Ketton Cofe Primary School - PE9 3TE
Ketton Playgroup - PE9 3TE
Kexborough Primary School - S75 5EF
Keyingham Playgroup - HU12 9TB
Keyingham Primary School - HU12 9RT
Khandaani Dhek Bhal Project - WF19 9ES
Kiddicare Day Nursery - NG31 9DF
Kiddicare Pdn - WF13 8BE
Kiddi-creche Private Day Nursery - BD16 1TZ
Kiddi-creche Private Day Nursery(bingley) - BD16 1NB
Kiddiewinkles Day Nursery - S63 0JZ
Kiddiewinks The Portacabin Sandringham Primary School - DN2 5LS
Kiddiewinks Childcare - BD8 9SH
Kiddiewinks Kindergarten - BD7 1AD
Kiddiwinkles Day Nursery - S63 0JZ
Kiddiwinks - Wf17 9RG
Kiddiwinks Pre-school - LS19 7XQ
Kiddiwinks Pre-school Learning Alliance - LS19 7QR
Kiddycare Nursery - HU12 9JG
Kiddy-winks P D N - HX1 1YQ
Kids @ Springwood - S74 0ER
Kids Academy - LS16 7RX
Kids Academy Ltd - LS16 5AS
Kids Come First Ltd (cleckheaton) - BD19 3PN
Kids Come First Ltd (gomersal) - BD19 4JX
Kids Family Centre - HU3 2TR
Kids First - HU6 7RJ
Kids Interplay - HU6 7RH
Kids Interplay Nursery - HU6 7RH
Kids R Us Day Nursery - S65 3AA
Kidstart Nursery At Bowling Community College - BD4 7RH
Kidz In Action Playgroup - S75 1JN
Kidz@annies Day Nursery - HU17 9HZ
Kidzone - NG34 8HB
Kildwick Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BD20 9BH
Kilham And District Pre-school Playgroup - YO25 4RG
Kilham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled School - YO25 4SR
Killamarsh Infant School - S21 2DX
Killamarsh Junior School - S21 2EA
Killamarsh Village Centre Playgroup - S21 1DY
Killinghall Primary School - BD3 7JF
Killingholme Primary School - DN40 3HX
Kilnhurst Primary School - S64 5TA
Kilnhurst St Thomas Cofe Primary School - S64 5UA
Kilnhurst St Thomas Pre School - S62 2HA
Kimberworth Community Primary School - S61 1HE
Kinder Castle Day Nursery - HD1 5ND
Kinder Haven Ltd - BD4 8RJ
Kinder Krew - LS7 2JD
Kindercare - LS28 9AZ
Kindercare (harrogate) Ltd - LS16 5JY
Kindercare Day Nursery & Kindergarten - WF2 7RW
Kindercare Ltd (otley) - LS16 5JY
Kindergarten Pre-school - LS16 7DF
Kindergarths Nursery - HU7 4WD
Kinderkare Nursery - DN2 5JG
Kindertime Playgroup - LS7 3LA
King Cross Playgroup - HX3 0HA
King Ecgbert School - S17 3QU
King Edward Vi Humanities College - PE23 5EW
King Edward Vii School - S10 2PW
King James's School - HD4 6SG
Kingfield Kindergarten - S11 8UX
Kingfisher Primary School - DN2 4PY
Kingpins Nursery - S70 6RB
King's Mill School - YO25 6UG
Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre - S73 8TX
Kingsland Primary School - WF3 4BA
Kingston Nursery Ltd - HU5 1AN
Kingsway Children's Centre - DN17 1AJ
Kingsway Primary School - DN14 5HQ
Kingswood College Of Arts - HU7 4WR
Kinsley Primary (j And I) School - WF9 5BP
Kippax Ash Tree Primary School - LS25 7JL
Kippax Greenfield Primary School - LS25 7PA
Kippax North Junior And Infant School - LS25 7EJ
Kippax Pre-school Playgroup - LS257HX
Kirk Balk School - S74 9HX
Kirk Ella St Andrew's Community Primary School - HU10 7QL
Kirk Sandall Infant School - DN3 1JT
Kirk Sandall Junior School - DN3 1JG
Kirk Smeaton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - WF8 3JY
Kirkburton Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - HD8 0SG
Kirkburton Middle School - HD8 0TJ
Kirkburton Playgroup - HD8 0QQ
Kirkby Avenue Primary School - DN5 9TF
Kirkby On Bain Nursery - LN10 6YW
Kirkhamgate Pre School - WF2 0RS
Kirkhamgate Primary School - WF2 0RS
Kirkheaton Parish Playgroup - HD5 0JS
Kirkheaton Primary School - HD5 0HR
Kirkroyds Infant School - HD9 1LS
Kirkroyds Pre School - HD9 1XZ
Kirkstall Hill Playgroup - LS4 2TD
Kirkstall St Stephen's Church Of England Primary School - LS5 3JD
Kirkstall St Stephen's Pr - LS5 3JD
Kirkstall St Stephen's Pre-school - LS5 3DJ
Kirkstall Valley Primary School - LS4 2QZ
Kirmington Cofe Primary School - DN39 6YP
Kirmington Under Fives - DN39 6YZ
Kirton Lindsey Primary School - DN21 4EH
Kirton Primary School - PE20 1HY
Kisimul School - LN6 9LU
Kiveton & Wales Cloc Crec - S26 8QP
Kiveton & Wales Playgroup - S26 6RB
Kiveton And Wales Preschool - S26 6RA
Kiveton Park Infant School - S26 6QP
Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School - S26 5QT
Knottingley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior And Infant School - WF11 9BT
Knottingley England Lane Junior And Infant School - WF11 0JA
Knottingley Ferrybridge Infant School - WF11 8PT
Knottingley Ferrybridge Roundhill Junior School - WF11 8PT
Knottingley High School And Sports College - WF11 0BZ
Knottingley Simpson's Lane Junior And Infant School - WF11 0PL
Knottingley Throstle Farm Junior And Infant School - WF11 0PA
Knottingley Vale Junior And Infant School - WF11 8JF
Knowles Hill Infant And Nursery School - WF13 4QS
Knowleswood Primary School - BD4 9AE
Krayola Kids - LS12 5AW
Krayola Kids - LS13 4PG
Ks3 Inclusion Service Riverside Centre - S4 8FB
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