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Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Yorkshire And Humberside Schools H

Incorporating schools within Yorkshire and Humberside.

Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery - S12 4LB
Hade Edge Junior And Infant School - HD9 2DF
Hade Edge Preschool - HD9 2SZ
Haighenfield House Nursery School - S35 0AE
Hainton Playgroup - LN8 6LP
Halfway Junior School - S20 4TA
Halfway Nursery Infant School - S20 3GU
Halifax High At Wellesley Park - HX2 0BA
Halifax Holy Trinity Cofe (va) Primary School - HX1 2ES
Halifax Rlfc - HX1 2YS
Hall Cross School - DN1 2HY
Hall Road Primary School - HU6 8PP
Hallam Pre-school Ltd - S10 4NP
Hallam Primary School - S10 4BD
Hallgate Infant School - HU16 4DD
Hallgate Junior School - HU16 4DD
Hallgate Primary School Cottingham - HU16 4DD
Halton Holegate Cofe Primary School - PE23 5PB
Hamilton House Nursery & Pre-school - S7 1LN
Handel House Preparatory School - DN21 2JB
Handsworth Christian School - S13 9BJ
Handsworth Community Nursery - S13 8HH
Handsworth Grange School - S13 9HJ
Hanging Heaton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior And Infant School - WF17 6DW
Hansel And Gretel Playgroup - YO4 3TF
Hanson School - BD2 1JP
Happidayz Nursery - S60 1HH
Happitots Playgroup Gtee - PE24 5SA
Happy Children Nursery Limited - S64 0BY
Happy Day Nursery & Kids Club - NG34 7BX
Happy Days Childcare Centre - PE9 1QS
Happy Days Nursery - DN21 4BY
Happy Days Nursery - WF1 3RY
Happy Days Playgroup (minsthorpe) - WF9 2UJ
Happy Days Pre-school (na - LN5 0EN
Happy Days Private Day Nursery - HD5 0LZ
Happy Faces Pre-school - WF17 9PL
Happy Kidz Nursery - HU3 1QN
Happy Kidz Nursery - HU8 7TH
Happy Stars - DN17 1DD
Happy Times -
Happytots Playgroup - BD18 1JD
Harden Pre-school - BD16 1BY
Harden Primary School - BD16 1LJ
Harehills Early Years Centre - LS9 7BA
Harehills Primary School - LS8 5DQ
Harehills S S Pre-school - LS8 5QD
Harewood Centre Nursery School - WF8 2ER
Harewood Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LS17 9LH
Harlaxton And Denton Playgroup - NG32 1HB
Harthill Pre-school - S26 7YH
Harthill Primary School - S26 7YH
Hartley Brook Primary School - S5 0JF
Hartshead Junior And Infant School - WF15 8AW
Hartsholme Primary School - LN6 0DE
Hatchell Wood Pre School - DN4 6SL
Hatchell Wood Primary School - DN4 6SL
Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School - DN7 6JP
Hatfield Manor Cofe Junior School - DN7 6QE
Hatfield Primary School - S5 6HY
Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School - DN7 4AU
Hatfield Travis Church Of England Infant And Nursery School - DN7 6QE
Hatfield Visual Arts College - DN7 6JH
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School - DN7 6NH
Havecroft House Nursery And Pre-school - S9 4QJ
Havelock Academy - DN32 8JL
Havelock Day Nursery - DN33 2BA
Haven Day Nursery - HU3 6EP
Haven High Technology College - PE21 9HB
Haven Methodist Church Playgroup - DN31 2NF
Haven-lea Day Nursery - S61 1HF
Havercroft Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF4 2BE
Hawksworth Church Of England Primary School - LS20 8NX
Hawksworth Wood Early Years Centre - LS5 3PX
Hawksworth Wood Primary School - LS5 3QE
Haworth Community Pre-school - BD22 8QJ
Haworth Primary School - BD22 8DW
Haworth Road Playgroup - BD9 6LH
Hawthorn Nursery - LS9 9NE
Hawthorn Primary School - DN4 6LQ
Hawthorn Tree Community Children's Centre - PE21 0PT
Hawthorn Tree School - PE21 0PT
Haxby House Day Nursery - WF9 2JY
Haxey Cofe Primary School - DN9 2JQ
Haxey Pre-school - DN9 2HH
Haycliffe Grange Special School - BD5 9ET
Haycliffe School - BD5 9ET
Hayfield Lane Primary School - DN9 3NB
Hazel Lodge Pupil Referral Unit - DN14 8QL
Hazelbeck Special School - BD16 1EE
Headfield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School - WF12 9PD
Headlands Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF15 6PR
Headlands School And Community Science College - YO16 6UR
Headstart Nursery School - NG31 9AB
Headstart Nursery School (bourne) - PE10 9LU
Healey Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF17 8BN
Healey Playgroup - WF17 7EL
Healing Primary School - DN41 7RS
Healing School A Specialist Science College - DN41 7QD
Healing Village Nursery - DN41 7LY
Hearter Montessori - BD21 2TA
Heath Farm Day Nursery - LN2 3QD
Heather Garth Primary School - S63 8ES
Heatherfield Private Day Nursery - HD1 4QP
Heathergarth Playgroup - S63 8ES
Heathfield The Junior School To Rishworth School - HX6 4QF
Heaton Avenue First And Nursery School - BD19 3EP
Heaton Lodge Private Day Nursery - BD9 5PZ
Heaton Primary School - BD9 6LL
Heaton Royds School - BD18 3AZ
Heaton St Barnabas' Cofe Aided Primary School - BD9 4DA
Hebden Bridge Playgroup - HX7 8EE
Hebden Royd Cofe Va Primary School - HX7 6DS
Heckington Pre-school - NG34 9RX
Heckington St Andrew's Church Of England School - NG34 9RX
Heckmondwike Grammar School - WF16 0AH
Hedon Nursery School - HU12 8JB
Hedon Primary School - HU12 8BN
Heeley Ycc - S2 3NJ
Hegley Young Children S Centre - S2 3NJ
Heighington Playgroup - LN4 1JS
Helen Howes Private Day N - BD11 2AQ
Helen Suddaby - DN32 9NS
Helme Church Of England Voluntary Aided Junior And Infant School - HD9 5RW
Helpringham School - NG34 0RD
Hemswell Cliff Pre-school - DN21 5XS
Hemswell Cliff Primary School - DN21 5XS
Hemsworth Arts And Community College - WF9 4HW
Hemsworth Grove Lea Primary School - WF9 4JJ
Hemsworth Skills Bank Day Nursery - WF9 4JX
Hemsworth St Helens Church Of England Voluntary Aided Junior And Infant School - WF9 4EG
Hemsworth West End Primary School - WF9 4QJ
Henderson Avenue Preschool - DN15 7RW
Henderson Avenue Primary School - DN15 7RW
Henry Barran Early Years Centre - LS8 3JR
Hensall Community Primary School - DN14 0QQ
Hensall Pre-school Playgroup - DN14 0BQ
Hensall Pre-school Playgroup - DN14 0RA
Heptonstall Junior Infant And Nursery School - HX7 7NX
Hepworth Junior And Infant School - HD9 1TJ
Hepworth Playgroup - HD9 1TJ
Hereford Technology School - DN34 5AH
Heritage Park Community School - S2 2RU
Herringthorpe Infant School - S65 2JW
Herringthorpe Junior School - S65 2JW
Herringthorpe Leisure Daycare Centre Playgroup - S65 2HR
Hesley Village College - DN11 9HH
Heslow Grove Playgroup -
Hessle High School - HU13 0JQ
Hessle Mount Pre-school - HU13 0JZ
Hessle Mount School - HU13 0JX
Hessle Penshurst Primary School - HU13 9EX
Hessle Pre-school Nursery - HU13 0HT
Hessle Pre-school Nursery - HU13 9LJ
Hexthorpe Centre - DN4 0DH
Hexthorpe Primary School - DN4 0HH
Hey Days Nursery - HD9 2SE
Hibaldstow Pre-school - DN20 9ED
Hibaldstow Primary School - DN20 9PN
High Bank First School And Early Years Unit - WF15 8LD
High Crags Primary School - BD18 2ES
High Fernley Primary School - BD12 8EX
High Greave Infant School - S65 3LZ
High Greave Junior School - S65 3LZ
High Green Primary School - S35 4LU
High Ridge School Specialist Sports College - DN15 7DF
High Storrs School - S11 7LH
High Trees Nursery School - LS23 6HH
High View Primary Learning Centre - S73 8QS
Highburton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled First School - HD8 0QT
Highburton Playgroup - HD8 0QT
Highbury Pre-school - DN4 6BT
Highbury School - HD6 3LD
Highfield Community Preschool Playg - BD21 2DW
Highfield Day Nursery Drama & Balle - DN32 0DR
Highfield House Nursery - LS25 7AB
Highfield House Private Day Nursery - LS25 7AB
Highfield Primary School - LS17 8DJ
Highfield School - WF5 9BS
Highfields Primary School - DN6 7JE
Highgate Nursery - PE22 0AW
Highlands Primary School - HU7 5DD
Hightown First And Nursery School - WF15 8BL
Highwoods Pre-school Early Years - S64 9ES
Hilderthorpe Infant And Nursery School - YO15 3PP
Hilderthorpe Junior School - YO15 3PP
Hill Brow Day Nursery - S75 6FH
Hill House School - DN1 2JD
Hill House St Marys School - DN1 2JD
Hill House St Marys' School - DN4 7AD
Hill Top Cofe Primary School - BD12 0TL
Hill Top Day Nursery - NG31 7LT
Hill Top Primary School - DN12 1PL
Hill Top Primary School - WF3 1HD
Hill View Day Nursery - NG31 7DQ
Hill View Education Centre - NG31 9LD
Hillcrest Early Years - S25 5FQ
Hillcrest Primary School - LS7 4DR
Hillcroft Kindergarten - HX3 8JA
Hillsborough Primary School - S6 2AA
Hillside Day Nursery - HD5 8EU
Hillside House Day Nursery - HD8 9HL
Hilltop Farm Private Day Nursery - WF12 0RE
Hilltop School - S66 8AZ
Hilltops Playcentre - HX6 4LA
Hinchliffe Mill Junior And Infant School - HD9 2PF
Hinde House 3-16 School - S5 6AG
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Private Day Nursery - HX3 8HX
Hipperholme And Lightcliffe High School And Sports College - HX3 8TL
Hipperholme Grammar School - HX3 8JE
Hirst Wood Nursery School - BD18 4NJ
Hobby Horse Nursery - DN9 3AZ
Hogsthorpe Community Primary School - PE24 5PT
Holbeach Bank Primary School - PE12 8BX
Holbeach Hurn Pre-school - PE12 8JT
Holbeach Primary School - PE12 7LZ
Holborn Nursery - YO15 3JU
Holgate Meadows Community Special School - S5 7WE
Holgate School And Sports College - S70 6EP
Hollingwood Primary School - BD7 4BE
Hollinsend Pre-school - S12 2TD
Holly Bank School - WF14 0DQ
Holly House Private Day Nursery - LS7 3QW
Hollybush Primary - LS13 2JJ
Holmbridge Pre-school - HD9 2SA
Holme Garth Day Nursery - BD20 8BU
Holme Junior And Infant School - HD9 2QQ
Holme Valley Primary School - DN16 3SL
Holmfirth High School - HD9 7SE
Holmfirth Junior Infant And Nursery School - HD9 2RG
Holmhirst Pre-school - S8 0GL
Holmhirst Pre-school - S8 0GU
Holmwood Cottage Private Day Nursery - HX2 9RX
Holt House Infant School - S7 2EW
Holt House Pre-school - S7 2EW
Holton Le Clay Infant School - DN36 5AQ
Holton Le Clay Pre-school Group - DN36 5AQ
Holton-le-clay Junior School - DN36 5DR
Holy Cross Deanery Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - S71 2AY
Holy Family And St Michael's Catholic Primary School Pontefract - WF8 2HN
Holy Family Catholic High School Carlton - DN14 9NS
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - DN7 5BL
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - LS12 2LH
Holy Name Catholic Primary School - LS16 6NF
Holy Name RC Primary School - HU6 9AA
Holy Rood Catholic Primary School - S70 6JL
Holy Rosary And St Anne's Catholic Primary School - LS7 4AW
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School - WF16 9EA
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - LN4 4LD
Holy Trinity Cofe Senior School - HX2 9TD
Holy Trinity Day Nursery - WF5 9DW
Holy Trinity Pre School - PE21 9NS
Holybrook Primary School - BD10 0EF
Holycroft Primary School - BD21 1JF
Holywell Green Primary School - HX4 9AE
Home Farm Day Nursery - DN11 9AG
Home Farm Primary School - BD6 3NR
Honeypot Pre-school - LN1 2HA
Honley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant And Nursery School - HD9 6AU
Honley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School - HD9 6BT
Honley Day Care & Pre-preparatory School - HD9 6QZ
Honley Daycare And Prep School - HD9 6QZ
Honley High School - HD9 6QJ
Honley Trinity Church Playgroup - HD9 6ND
Hook Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - DN14 5NW
Hooner Kelah Early Years Centre - LS8 5ES
Hooton Pagnell All Saints Church Of England Primary School - DN5 7BT
Hopscotch Children's Centre - S17 3QP
Hopscotch Day Nursery - HU8 9AN
Hopton Primary School - WF14 8PR
Horbury Bridge Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior And Infant School - WF4 5PS
Horbury Clifton Infant School - WF4 6JZ
Horbury Primary School - WF4 5DW
Horbury School - A Specialist Language College - WF4 5HE
Horbury St Peters Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School - WF4 5BE
Horncastle Community Playgroup - LN9 5HF
Horncastle Community Primary School - LN9 5EH
Hornsea Burton Primary School - HU18 1TG
Hornsea Community Primary School - HU18 1PB
Hornsea Nursery School - HU18 1PB
Hornsea Pupil Referral Unit - HU18 1PB
Hornsea School And Language College - HU18 1DW
Horsforth Newlaithes Junior School - LS18 4PT
Horsforth School - LS18 5RF
Horton Grange Primary School - BD7 2EU
Horton House School - HU7 5YY
Horton Park Primary School - BD5 9LQ
Hospital And Interim Tuition Service - DN12 1PT
Hospital Teaching And Home Tuition Service - S60 2UD
Hospital Teaching Unit - WF8 1PL
Hothfield Junior School - BD20 0BB
Hough Lane Early Years Centre - LS13 3RD
Hougham And Marston Pre School - NG32 2HL
Hovingham Primary School - LS8 3QY
Howden Church Of England Infant School - DN14 7SL
Howden Junior School - DN14 7SL
Howden Pre-school - DN14
Howden School And Technology College - DN14 7AL
Hoyland Common Primary School - S74 0DJ
Hoyland Springwood Primary School - S74 0ER
Hoylandswaine Primary School - S36 7JJ
Hoyle Court Pre-school - BD17 6DN
Hoyle Court Primary School - BD17 6DN
Hubberts Bridge Under 5s - PE20 3SG
Huby & Weeton Playgroup - LS17 0EJ
Hucklow Primary School - S5 6TB
Huddersfield Grammar School - HD1 4QX
Huddersfield New College - HD3 4GL
Huddersfield Technical College - HD1 5NN
Huddersfield Town Fc Study Support Centre - HD1 6PG
Huddersfield University - HD1 3DH
Hudds Tech College - HD1 5NN
Hugh Gaitskell Primary School - LS11 8AB
Hull Childcare Network - HU3 2TR
Hull City Afc/hull Fc - HU3 6HU
Hull College - HU1 3DG
Hull College - HU2 8RR
Hull College - HU3 2HQ
Hull Collegiate School - HU10 7EH
Hull Grammar School - HU5 2DL
Hull High School - HU10 7EH
Hull Kingston Rovers Rlfc - HU9 5HE
Hull Trinity House School - HU1 2JX
Hull University Union Day Nursery - HU6 7RX
Hullabaloo Day Nursery - LN4 2EX
Humberston Ce Preschool - DN36 4HZ
Humberston Cloverfields Primary School - DN36 4HS
Humberston Comprehensive School - DN36 4TF
Humberston Country Club Creche - DN36 4DL
Humberston Park School - DN36 4HS
Humpty Dumpty Kindergarten - S75 3LS
Humpty Dumpty Pre School - HU7 4EY
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - HX2 0AD
Hungerhill School A Specialist Centre For Science Mathematics And Computing - DN3 2JY
Hunningley Primary School - S70 3DT
Hunslet Carr Primary School - LS10 2DN
Hunslet Gate Centre - LS10 2LA
Hunslet Hall Early Years Centre - LS11 6TT
Hunslet Moor Primary School - LS11 5EL
Hunslet St Mary's Church Of England Primary School - LS10 2QY
Hunsworth Playgroup - BD19 4EG
Huntcliff School - DN21 4NN
Hunter's Bar Infant School - S11 8ZG
Hunter's Bar Junior School - S11 8ZG
Huntingtower Community Primary School - NG31 7AU
Huttoft Nursery - LN13 9RE
Huttoft Primary School - LN13 9RE
Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School - YO25 9PD
Hutton Cranswick Playgroup - YO25 9QR
Hymers College - HU3 1LW
Hyrstmount Junior School - WF17 7NS
Hy-time Pre-school - LN6 9AB
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