School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Yorkshire And Humberside Schools C

Incorporating schools within Yorkshire and Humberside.

C Ward - LS20 8JN
Caistor Ce And Methodist Primary School - LN7 6LY
Caistor Grammar School - LN7 6QJ
Caistor Yarborough School - LN7 6QZ
Caldene Day Nursery - HX7 5QL
Calder High School A Specialist Technology College - HX7 5QN
Calderdale Children Come 1st Childminding Network - HX1 1UN
Calderdale College - HX1 3UZ
Calverley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LS28 5NF
Calverley Parkside Primary School - LS28 5PQ
Calverley Playgroup - LS28 5NQ
Cambridge Park School - DN34 5EB
Cambridge Rd Childrens Centre - WF16 9NF
Camms Cofe (aided) Primary School - S21 4AU
Campsmount Technology College - DN6 9AS
Candystripe Inc - LS6 4HZ
Canklow Woods Primary School - S60 2XJ
Canon Popham Church Of England (va) Primary And Nursery School - DN3 2PP
Cantebury Childrens Centre - BD5 9HL
Canterbury Childrens Centre - BD5 9HL
Canterbury Nursery School And Centre For Children And Families - BD5 9HL
Cantley Sycamore Primary School - DN4 6AH
Carcroft Primary School - DN6 8DR
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School - LS6 4QE
Carfield Primary School - S8 9HJ
Carl Duisberg Language Centre - S1 2FY
Carleton Community High School A Specialist Science College - WF8 3NW
Carlinghow Hall Private Day Nursery - WF17 8LS
Carlinghow Princess Royal Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF17 8HT
Carlton Bolling College - BD3 0DU
Carlton Junior And Infant School - WF13 2DQ
Carlton Playgroup - DN14 9PB
Carlton Primary School - S71 3HF
Carlton Primary School - WF3 3RE
Carlton-in-snaith Community Primary School - DN14 9NR
Caroline Morton - LS8 6HS
Carousel Day Nursery - DN2 5LT
Carousel Day Nursery - HD9 3JS
Carousel Day Nursery - HU16 5JU
Carousel Nursery (uk) Ltd - S64 9RB
Carousel Playgroup - PE9 2PP
Carr Green Junior Infant And Nursery School - HD6 3LT
Carr Manor High School - LS17 5DJ
Carr Manor Primary School - LS17 5DJ
Carre's Grammar School - NG34 7DD
Carrwood Primary School - BD4 0EQ
Carter Knowle Junior School - S7 2DY
Casterton Business & Enterprise College - PE9 4AT
Casterton Childcare Centr - PE9 4AT
Castle Hall Day Nursery - WF14 9JG
Castle Hall School - WF14 9PH
Castle Hill School - HD4 6JL
Castle View Nursery - S2 2SZ
Castledyke Primary School - DN18 5AW
Castlefields Infant School - HD6 3XB
Castleford Airedale Infant School - WF10 3QJ
Castleford Airedale Junior School - WF10 3EP
Castleford Glasshoughton Infant School - WF10 4BH
Castleford Half Acres Junior And Infant School - WF10 5RE
Castleford High School Technology College - WF10 4JQ
Castleford Oyster Park Infant School - WF10 3SN
Castleford Oyster Park Junior School - WF10 3RY
Castleford Park Junior School - WF10 4BB
Castleford Redhill Infant School - WF10 3JX
Castleford Redhill Junior School - WF10 3DB
Castleford Three Lane Ends Community Primary School - WF10 1PN
Castleford Townville Infants' School - WF10 3QJ
Castleford Wheldon Infant School And Nursery - WF10 1HF
Castlegate Day Nursery - NG31 6SW
Castlegate Pre-school - DN11 9LZ
Castleton Primary School - LS12 1JZ
Catcliffe Primary School - S60 5SW
Cathedral Ce (vc) High School The - WF2 8QF
Cathedral Centre Ltd (day Nursery) - BD1 4EL
Cavell House Children's Centre - BD1 3AY
Cavendish Court Pre School - DN1 2DJ
Cavendish Lodge - BD21 3EL
Cavendish Primary School - BD2 2DU
Cavendish Primary School - HU8 0JU
Cawley Lane Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF16 0AN
Cawthorne Childrens Centre - S75 4HB
Cawthorne Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - S75 4HB
Cawthorne Rd Day Nursery - S75 1LQ
Caythorpe Pre-school - NG32 3DS
Cedar Special School - DN4 9HT
Central Methodist Church - BD19 5AR
Central Street Infant And Nursery School - HX7 6HB
Central Technology College - NG31 8ED
Chancet Wood Ycc - S8 7TR
Chantreyland Private Nursery - S8 8JW
Chapel Allerton Primary School - LS7 3PD
Chapel Grange School - BD8 0DQ
Chapel Lane Playgroup - DN18 5PJ
Chapel St Leonards Primary School - PE24 5LS
Chapel Street Pre-school - LS15 1HJ
Chapeltown Community Nurs - LS7 3HL
Charnock Hall Primary School - S12 3HS
Charterhouse Childcare Centre - HU2 8AF
Chase School - DN7 6JH
Chatterbox - S70 5TU
Chaucer Business And Enterprise College - S5 8NH
Cheeky Cherub Creche - S71 1AA
Chellow Heights Special School - BD9 6LL
Chequerfield Neighbourhood Nursery - WF8 2DD
Cherry Blossom Nursery - DN1 3LE
Cherry Burton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - HU17 7RF
Cherry Burton Pre-school - HU17 7RR
Cherry Dale Primary School - S72 8AY
Cherry Tree Day Nursery - WF1 3LQ
Cherry Tree Montessori Nu - LS22 4HL
Cherry Tree Nursery - S64 0BE
Cherry Tree Nursery -
Cherry Tree Pre School - PE11 3JA
Cherry Willingham Community School - LN3 4JP
Cherry Willingham Primary School - LN3 4BD
Cherrytots Pre-school - LN3 4RE
Cherub Day Nurseries Ltd - HU6 7SB
Cherub Day Nurseries Ltd - HU8 9EH
Cherub Nurseries & Preschools - HU17 8FF
Cherub Nurseries + Pre-schools Ltd - HU4 6AJ
Cherub Nurseries + Pre-schools Ltd - HU7 4XT
Cherub Pre-school - HU13 9AY
Cherubs Kindergarten - LS18 4NU
Chestnut Nursery - HU12 9SX
Chickenley Community Junior Infant And Nursery School - WF12 8QT
Chickenley Playgroup - WF12 8QT
Chics Nursery - DN32 7DE
Childminding Network - DN32 0LT
Childrens Academy Day Nursery - WF2 7RE
Childrens Centre (nursery Classroom) - HU3 2HE
Children's Corner (headingley) Ltd - LS6 2DJ
Childrens Corner Day Nursery - HX1 2JP
Childrens Corner Day Nursery - HX3 7HT
Childrens Corner Day Nursery (granary Wharf) - LS11 5BQ
Childrens Corner Day Nursey - LS6 2DJ
Childrens Place - BD12 8JT
Childrens Place - BD3 8QX
Childrens Place - BD5 7PE
Children's Place - HX1 2YE
Children's Place - WF13 3JY
Childrens Place Ltd - BD3 9LH
Child's Play - WF13 2SN
Childs Play Day Nursery - S36 9AW
Childsplay - BD15 7PQ
Childsplay Nursery - HU10 6SP
Childsplay Nursery - HU5 5LZ
Childworks Day Nursery - BD3 8JX
Chiltern Primary School - HU3 3PL
Chislett Pre-school - S61 3JT
Choto Moni E Y C - LS8 4LE
Christ Church Cofe Va Junior School Sowerby Bridge - HX6 2BJ
Christ Church Pellon Cofe Vc Primary School - HX2 0QQ
Christ Church Playgroup - HD5 9DL
Christ Church Upper Armley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LS12 3NU
Christ Church Woodhouse Cofe Voluntary Aided Nursery Infant And Junior School - HD2 1JP
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - LS13 2DX
Christ The King Playgroup - WF14 9QT
Christchurch Playgroup - PE9 4JS
Christchurch Pre-school Playgroup - YO15 2AP
Christine Stirling (cm) - S12 2JJ
Chuckles Day Nursery - Dewsbury - WF12 9DB
Chuckles Day Nursery-batley - WF17 5HF
Church Hill Playgroup - LS25 6AX
Church House Playgroup - WF14 9HX
Church Lane Primary School - NG34 7DF
Churchside Day Nursery - DN1 2NR
Churwell Primary School - LS27 9HR
Cinder Ash Pre-school - PE12 9DJ
City Of Leeds School - LS6 2LG
Cj's Training Base - BD7 3BZ
Clapgate Primary School - LS10 4AW
Clarendon Nursery - LS2 9NS
Clayton Cofe Primary School - BD14 6DD
Clayton Village Primary School - BD14 6AD
Clee Pre-school - DN35 7LB
Cleeve Primary School - HU7 4JH
Clevedon House Prep School - LS29 8BJ
Clever Clogs - LS8 1DR
Clever Clogs - LS8 1DS
Cliff School At St John's Lodge - WF1 3JT
Cliff School Littlecliff - WF1 3JT
Cliffe Hill Community Primary School - HX3 8TW
Cliffe House Day Nursery - LS18 5HD
Cliffe House Day Nursery - LS20 9AY
Cliffe House Day Nursery - LS29 7DG
Cliffe House Nursery School - YO15 2LP
Cliffedale Primary School - NG31 8DP
Clifford Cofe Infant School - S11 8YU
Clifford Playgroup - LS23 6DG
Clifton Methodist Playgroup - S65 2AX
Clifton Nursery School - HU2 9AP
Clifton Primary School - HU2 9BP
Clifton Village Nursery Play Group - HD6 4HP
Clifton: A Community Arts School - S65 2SN
Clough And Risegate Community Primary School - PE11 4JP
Clough Head Junior And Infant School - HD7 4NW
Cloverfields Pre-school - DN36 4HS
Cobblers Lane Primary School - WF8 2HN
Cobden Primary School - LS12 5LA
Cockburn College Of Arts - LS11 5TT
Coit Primary School - S35 1WH
Colden Junior And Infant School - HX7 7HW
Colden Playgroup - HX7 7XW
Colden Pre-school Playgroup - HX7 7HW
Coleby Church Of England (controlled) Primary School - LN5 0AJ
Coleford Pre-school - HU7 4QA
Coleridge Primary School - S65 1LW
College Grove Nursery - WF1 3RZ
Collegiate Montessori Nursery School - S11 9AW
Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings' Church Of England Primary School - LS22 5BS
Collingham Village Pre-school - LS22 5AS
Collingwood Primary School - HU3 1AW
Colne Valley High School - HD7 5SP
Colsterworth Methodist Pl - NG33 5NJ
Colton Primary School - LS15 9AL
Compass Nursery + 21st Century Baby Unit - HU6 7BG
Concord Junior School - S9 1NR
Coneygarth Farm Day Nursery - DN9 2JH
Coningsby St Michael's Church Of England Primary School - LN4 4SJ
Conisbrough Balby Street Primary School - DN12 4DX
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Junior And Infant School - DN12 3LR
Conisbrough Station Road Primary School - DN12 3DB
Cononley Community Primary School - BD20 8NA
Cononley Nursery - BD70 8NT
Conway House Kindergarten - LN8 3BJ
Conway School - PE21 6PL
Cookridge Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - LS16 7EZ
Cookridge Pre School Group - LS16 7ER
Cookridge Primary Pre-school - LS16 7DH
Cookridge Primary School - LS16 7DH
Coomb Briggs Primary School - DN40 2DY
Copley Primary School - HX3 0TP
Copper Beech Day Nursery - LS13 2JJ
Copthill Independent Day School & Nursery - PE9 3AD
Copthill Nursery & Prepar - PE9 4TD
Copthorne Primary School - BD7 3AY
Coram Kindergarten - LN2 4PE
Corby Glen Community Primary School - NG33 4NW
Corby Glen Playgroup - NG33 4NU
Cordeaux School - LN11 0HG
Corner House Nursery Ltd - S6 4ED
Cornfields Private Day Nursery - HD7 5JN
Corpus Christi Catholic College - LS9 0TT
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - LS9 0HA
Corringham Cofe Vc Primary School - DN21 5QS
Corringham Village Nursery - DN21 5QT
Cote Hill Farm Kindergarten - LN8 3PD
Coteland's School Ruskington - NG34 9BY
Cottingham Croxby Primary School - HU5 4TN
Cottingham High School - HU16 5PX
Cottingham Pre-school - HU16 5QJ
Cottingley Manor Private Day Nurser - BD16 1TZ
Cottingley Pre School - BD16 1PS
Cottingley Primary School - LS11 0HU
Cottingley Village Primary School - BD16 1SY
Cottonstones Pre-school - HX6 3EU
Coumes Spring Children's Centre - S35 0HG
County Day Nursery - HU17 9BJ
County Hospital Day Nursery - LN2 5QY
Cowcliffe Playgroup - HD2 2LX
Cowick Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - DN14 9DG
Cowick Pre-school - DN14 9EP
Cowlersley Primary School - HD4 5US
Cowling Community Primary School - BD22 0DF
Cowling Day Nursery - BD22 0DQ
Cradle Days - S31 8RA
Cragg Vale Junior And Infant School - HX7 5TG
Craigie Lea Centre - HX3 5RQ
Cranwell Primary School (foundation) - NG34 8HH
Cranwell Romper Room Playgroup - NG34 8DF
Craven Primary School - HU9 2DR
Crawshaw School - LS28 9HU
Creative Kids Day Nursery - BD4 7AF
Creative Kids Day Nursery - S10 2LW
Crescent House City Nursery - S1 2LQ
Crescent House Nursery - S7 1HN
Creswick Street Ycc - S6 2TN
Creswick Street Young Children's Centre -
Crigglestone Dane Royd Junior And Infant School - WF4 3LZ
Crigglestone Mackie Hill Junior And Infant School - WF4 3HW
Crigglestone Nursery School And Early Years Centre - WF4 3EB
Crigglestone St James Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior And Infant School - WF4 3HY
Croft Corner Nursery - S7 2LQ
Crofton High School - Specialists In Maths And Computing - WF4 1NF
Crofton Infant School - WF4 1NG
Crofton Junior School - WF4 1HJ
Crosby Primary School - DN15 7NL
Crosland Moor Junior School - HD4 5HX
Cross Flatts Park Primary School - LS11 7DG
Cross Gates Primary School - LS15 7NB
Cross Lane Primary And Nursery School - HX5 0LP
Crossflatts Primary School - BD16 2EP
Crossley Fields Junior And Infant School - WF14 0BE
Crossley Hall Primary School - BD8 0HJ
Crossley Mill Day Nursery - HX7 8AD
Crossley Street Primary School - LS22 6RT
Crosspool Community Pre-school - S10 5FQ
Crow Lane Primary And Foundation Stage School - HD3 4QT
Crowle Primary School - DN17 4ET
Crowlees Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior And Infant School - WF14 9PD
Croxton Kerrial Church Of England Primary School - NG32 1QR
Croxton Park Montessori Nursery Sch - NG32 1QY
Crystal Gardens - BD5 7PE
Cudworth Churchfield Primary School - S72 8JR
Cullingworth Preschool - BD13 5HN
Cullingworth Village Primary School - BD13 5DA
Cumberworth Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - HD8 8NU
Cute Companions Day Nursery - BD10 8JH
Cute Companions Wrose - BD2 1NH
Cygnets Day Nursery - DN10 6JQ
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