School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

West Midlands Schools U-V-W

U C E Day Nursery - B42 2SU
Uffculme School - B13 8QB
Ullenhall Nursery School -
Ulverley School - B92 8RZ
Umoja Nursery City College - B21 9DJ
Under Fives Centre Pre-school Group -
Union Free Church Pre-school Playgroup - TF1 3AY
University College - WR2 6AJ
University College Worcester - WR2 6AJ
University Of Birmingham - B15 2TT
University Of Central England - B15 3TN
University Of Central England - B42 2SU
University Of Central England In Birmingham - B42 2SU
University Of Keele - ST5 5BG
University Of Warwick - CV4 7AL
University Of Warwick Nursery - CV4 7AL
University Of Wolverhampton - WV1 1SB
University Of Worcester - WR2 6AJ
Uplands Junior School - WV3 8BA
Uplands Manor Primary School - B67 6HT
Upper Arley Cofe Vc Primary School - DY12 1XA
Upper Green Under 5 S - WV6 9BE
Upper Stoke Under 8s - CV2 3JD
Upton Churchroom Playgrou - WR8 0HN
Upton Magna Pre School - SY4 4QE
Upton Snodsbury Cofe First School - WR7 4NH
Upton-upon-severn Cofe Primary School - WR8 0LD
Urchins Tots 2 Teens - HR8 2AQ
Uttoxeter Pre-school - ST14 8HB
Vale Of Evesham School - WR11 1BN
Valley House - CV6 7GQ
Valley House - CV7 8DL
Valley Infant School - B92 9HQ
Valley Nursery - WR9 7QP
Valley Nursery - WS3 1HT
Valley Nursery School - WS3 1HT
Valley Primary School - ST10 3DQ
Vernon Lodge Preparatory School - ST19 9LJ
Vernon Lodge School And Kindergarten - ST19 9LJ
Victoria Community School - DE14 2LU
Victoria House Neighbourhood Day Nursery - B66 3PX
Victoria Infant School - DY4 8NH
Victoria Nursery - B17 0AH
Victoria Nursery - B79 7HS
Victoria Park Primary - B66 3HH
Victoria School - B31 1LD
Village Montessori - Hints - B78 3DW
Villiers Junior And Infant School - WV14 6PR
Violet Lane Infant School - DE15 9ES
Virtual College - B23 6AB
Vivian Road Pre-school - B17 0DN
W A N D S - WR9 9EQ
W M F S - B6 6EE
Waddles Nursery School - B23 6LH
Walford And North Shropshire College - SY11 4QB
Walford Pre-school Playgroup - HR9 5QS
Walford Primary School - HR9 5SA
Walkwood Cofe Middle School - B97 5AQ
Wall Heath Community Centre Pre-sch - DY6 0JT
Wall House Child Development Centre - WR1 3AU
Wallbridge Playgroup - ST13 8JF
Wallbrook Primary School - WV14 8YP
Walmley Church Centre Playgroup - B76 1DP
Walmley Infant School - B76 1JB
Walmley Junior School - B76 1JB
Walnut Cottage Nursery - WR6 6TT
Walsall Academy - WS3 3LX
Walsall College Co St Paul's Street Campus - WS1 1WY
Walsall College Of Arts And Technology - WS1 1XN
Walsall Fc Study Support Centre - WS1 4SA
Walsall Wood School - WS8 7BP
Walsgrave Church Of England Primary School - CV2 2BA
Walton Hall School - ST21 6JR
Walton High School - ST17 0LJ
Walton Pre School Playgroup - ST15 0EQ
Walton Priory Middle School - ST15 0AL
Walton Village Playgroup - ST17 0LF
Wappenbury Under 8s - CV2 1HA
Ward End Community College - B8 2LS
Ward End Primary School - B8 2RA
Warley Infant School - B68 9DS
Warndon Primary School - WR4 9PE
Warren Farm Primary School - B44 0DT
Warriors Study Centre - WR3 8ZE
Warstones Junior And Infant School - WV4 4LU
Warton Nethersole's Cofe Primary School - B79 0HP
Warton Pre School Nursery - B79 0HX
Warwick Nursery School - CV34 4LJ
Warwick Preparatory School - CV34 6PL
Warwick School - CV34 6PP
Warwickshire Childminding Network - CV8 1JP
Warwickshire College - CV21 3QS
Warwickshire College Royal Leamington Spa Rugby And Moreton Morrell - CV32 5JE
Warwickshire College Nursery - CV32 5JE
Warwickshire Pupil Re-integration Unit - CV22 7AE
Waseley Hills High School And Sixth Form Centre - B45 9EL
Washwood Heath Nursery School - B8 2SY
Washwood Heath Technology College - B8 2AS
Water Mill Primary School - B29 6TS
Water Orton Primary School - B46 1SB
Waterbabies Nursery - DY5 1XA
Waterhouses And District Pre-school - ST10 3HT
Waterhouses Cofe (c) Primary School - ST10 3HY
Waterside Community Junior School - DE15 9HR
Waterside Primary School - ST1 3JS
Wathen Grange School - CV9 1PZ
Watling House - ST19 5PR
Watling Street Primary School - WS8 7LW
Watts Lane Pre School - CV21 4PE
Wattville Playgroup - B21 0PD
Wattville Primary School - B21 0DP
Waverley School - B10 9BT
Wea Community Nursery - B19 2QH
Webheath Nursery Playgroup - B97 5RH
Weddington Pre School - CV10 0DN
Weddington Primary School - CV10 0DR
Wednesbury Oak Primary School - DY4 0AR
Wednesfield High School - WV11 3ES
Wednesfield Village Primary School - WV11 1TN
Wee Care Day Nursery - B44 8HL
Welcombe Hills School - CV37 6TQ
Welcombe Pre-school - CV37 6TY
Welford Primary School - B20 2BL
Welford-on-avon Primary School - CV37 8ER
Welland Pre-school - WR13 6NE
Welland Primary School - WR13 6NE
Wellesbourne Cofe Primary School - CV35 9QG
Wellesbourne Pre School - CV35 9NH
Wellies Private Day Nursery - B37 7BA
Wellington (busy Bees) Playgroup - HR4 8AZ
Wellington Methodist Pre-school - TF1 1HJ
Wellington Primary School - HR4 8AZ
Wellington Road Nursery - WV14 6BT
Wells 'n' Wyche Playgroup - WR14 4EP
Welsh House Farm Community School And Special Needs Resources Base - B32 2NG
Welsh House Farm Playgroup - B32 7NY
Welshampton Caterpillars Pre School - SY12 0PG
Welshampton Cofe Primary School - SY12 0PG
Wem Playmates - SY4 5DR
Wembrook Primary School - CV11 4LU
Wendy House Nursery - B46 6LG
Wendy House Nursery - B92 0PE
Wendy Playgroup - CV2 5BY
Weobley High School - HR4 8ST
Weobley Primary School - HR4 8ST
Weoley Castle Nursery School - B29 5QD
Werrington Preschool - ST9 0JS
Werrington Primary School - ST9 0JU
Wesley Pre-school - WS6 6DP
West Bromwich Albion Fc Study Support Centre - B71 4LF
West Felton Cofe Primary School - SY11 4JR
West Felton Pre-school - SY4 3RY
West Heath Nursery School - B31 3HB
West Heath Playgroup - B31 3QY
West Heath Primary School - B38 8HU
West Hill Primary School - WS12 4BH
West House School - B15 2NX
West Orchard Preschool - CV3 6FP
West Park Primary School - WV1 4BE
Westacre Infant School - WV3 9EP
Westbury Pre-school - SY5 9RG
Westbury St Mary's Cofe (aided) School - SY5 9QX
Westcroft School And Sports College - WV10 8NZ
Western Springs Playgroup - WS15 2PD
Western Springs Primary School - WS15 2PD
Westfield Nursery School - ST3 1QZ
Westfield Primary School - WV5 8BH
Westfield School - HR6 8HD
Westgate Kindergarten - CV34 6HD
Westgate Pre-school - CV34 4DD
Westgate Primary School - CV34 4DD
Westhill House Day Nurser - B38 8DR
Westlands Pre School - ST5 3RE
Westlands Primary School - ST5 2QY
Westminster Playgroup - B20 3LJ
Westminster Primary School - B20 3LJ
Westmorland Road Preschool - CV2 5BY
Weston Coyney Infants' School - ST3 6PT
Weston Coyney Junior School - ST3 6NG
Weston Lullingfields Cofe School - SY4 2AW
Weston Rhyn Playgroup - SY10 7RS
Weston Rhyn Playgroup - SY10 7SR
Weston Rhyn Primary School - SY10 7SR
Weston Road High School - ST18 0YG
Weston Wombats - ST18 0HE
Weston-under-penyard Cofe Primary School - HR9 7PA
Weston-under-penyard Playgroup - HR9 7PA
Westwood College - ST13 8NP
Westwood First School - ST13 8DL
Wetley Rocks Pre-school - ST9 0BN
Wheelers Lane Primary School - B13 0SJ
Wheelers Lane Technology College - B13 0SF
Wheelwright Lane Primary School - CV7 9HN
Whetstone Field Primary School - WS9 0HJ
Whipper Snappers Nursery - B32 3NT
Whipper Snappers Pre-school - B32 3PS
Whitaker Road Pre School - CV5 9JE
Whitbourne Cofe Primary School - WR6 5SP
Whitbourne Playschool - WR6 5SJ
Whitchurch Cofe Infant School - SY13 1RJ
Whitchurch Cofe Junior School - SY13 1RX
Whitchurch Cofe Primary School - HR9 6DA
Whitchurch Pre-school Nursery - SY13 1LJ
Whitchurch Whizzkids Pre-school Playgroup - HR9 6DJ
White House School - SY13 2AA
White Rabbits Kindergarten - WS4 2DQ
Whitecrest Junior And Infant School - B43 6HQ
Whitecrest Pre School - B43 6HQ
Whitecross Day Nursery And Creche - HR4 0DH
Whitecross High School - HR4 0RN
Whitehall Junior Community School - WS1 3JY
Whitehall Nursery And Infant School - WS1 3HS
Whitehall Pre-school - CV22 5AD
Whiteheath Pupil Referral Unit - B65 9JP
Whitehouse Common Primary School - B75 6BL
Whitestone Infant School - CV11 4SQ
Whitfield Valley Primary School - ST6 6TD
Whitford Hall & Dodderhill - WR9 0BE
Whitgreave Infant School - WV10 9HS
Whitgreave Junior School - WV10 9JP
Whitgreave Primary School - WV10 7AS
Whitley Abbey Community School - CV3 4BD
Whitley Abbey Primary School - CV3 4DE
Whitley Nursery School - CV37 8TN
Whitley Pre-school - CV3 4BG
Whitmore Park Annexe - CV6 2HD
Whitmore Park Primary School - CV6 2HG
Whitmore Pre School Playgroup - ST5 5JE
Whitmore-reans Community Day Nursery - WV1 4AL
Whitnash Methodist Pre-school - CV31 7JJ
Whitnash Nursery School - CV31 2PW
Whitnash Primary School - CV31 2EX
Whitney Crocodiles Pre-school - HR3 6EG
Whittington Barracks Playgroup - WS14 9TJ
Whittington Cofe (aided) Primary School - SY11 4DA
Whittington Cofe Primary School - WR5 2QZ
Whittington Pre-school - WR5 2RQ
Whittington Pre-school - WS14 9JR
Whittington Primary School - WS14 9LG
Whittington Under Fives - SY11 4DA
Whixall Cofe (controlled) Primary School - SY13 2SB
Whixall Pre-school Nursery - SY13 2SB
Whizzkids Community Nursery - B25 8HN
Whoberley Hall Primary School - CV5 8AJ
Wickets Pre-school Playgroup - TF11 8HD
Widney Junior School - B91 3LQ
Wigginton Pre-school - B79 9DN
Wiggles And Giggles - B68 0BS
Wightwick Hall School - WV6 8DA
Wigmore High School - HR6 9UW
Wigmore Pre-school Ltd - HR6 9UN
Wigmore Primary School - HR6 9UN
Wigwam Day Nurseries Ltd - WR5 3NS
Wig-wam Playgroup - B97 6HH
Wigwam Pre-school - B97 6HH
Wilden All Saints Cofe Primary School - DY13 9LP
Wilden Childcare Co-operative - DY13 6JA
Wildwood Hall Playgroup - ST17 4RA
Wilkes Green Infant School (nc) - B21 9NT
Wilkes Green Junior School - B21 9NT
Wilkes Green Playgroup - B21 9NT
Wilkinson Junior And Infant School - WV14 8UR
Willenhall Community Primary School - CV3 3DB
Willenhall School Sports College - WV12 4BD
Willenhall Under 8s - CV3 3AN
Willersey Church Of England Primary School - WR12 7PN
Willfield Creche - ST2 0QL
Willfield Neighbourhood College Creche - ST2 0QL
William Brookes School - TF13 6NB
William Cowper Primary School - B19 2QH
William Hutson Junior School - DE13 0AS
William Macgregor Primary School - B77 2AF
William Reynolds Infant School - TF7 5QW
William Reynolds Junior School - TF7 5QW
William Shrewsbury Primary School - DE13 0HE
Willingsworth Childcare Centre Day Nursery - DY4 0BZ
Willingsworth High School - DY4 0BZ
Willow Brook Nursery - CV37 9QN
Willow Brooke Day Nursery - CU10 7BQ
Willows Primary School - WS13 7NU
Wilmcote Cofe (voluntary Aided) Primary School - CV37 9XD
Wilnecote High School - B77 5LF
Wilnecote Junior School - B77 5LA
Wilson Stuart School - B23 7AT
Wimblebury Nursery - WS12 0RN
Wimblebury Pre-school Nursery - WS12 5RJ
Wind In The Willows - DY1 2BG
Wind In The Willows - ST1 2DA
Wind In The Willows - ST3 7AW
Wind In The Willows Nn -
Windmill Hill Day Nursery - ST3 7PR
Windmill Nursery - DY2 0DB
Windmill Play School - WV4 4PL
Windmill Pre-school Playgroup - B97 5YE
Windmill Primary School - TF3 1LG
Windmill Road Day Nursery - CV6 7BP
Windmill Studley Pre-school - B80 7ND
Windmills Pre-school - B93 8NY
Windsor High School - B63 4BB
Windsor House Nursery And Independent School - CV11 5NU
Windsor Nursery School - WV4 6EL
Windsor Park Cofe (c) Middle School - ST14 7JX
Windsor Street Family Centre - B7 4HY
Windy Arbor Junior And Infant School - B37 6RN
Winners International College - CV6 5AJ
Winshill Pre-school Playgroup - DE15 0EZ
Winshill Village Primary School - DE15 0DH
Winterfold House School - DY10 4PW
Winyates Barn Pre-school - B98 0NR
Winyates Green Pre-school - B98 0SE
Winyates Playgroup - B98 0NR
Wise Owl Day Nursery - ST2 9DX
Wise Owls Nursery - B37 5AB
Wishing Well Nursery - WR3 7HT
Wishing Well Nursery - WR3 7RW
Wishing Well Nursery - WR3 8QA
Wist Owls Nursery - CV11 6BH
Wistanstow Cofe Primary School - SY7 8DQ
Wistanstow Playgroup - SY7 8DQ
Witherley Church Of England Primary School - CV9 3NA
Withington Primary School - HR1 3QE
Withymoor Pre-school - DY5 2BH
Withymoor Primary School - DY5 2BH
Woden Primary School - WV10 0LH
Wodensborough Community Technology College - WS10 0DR
Wodensborough Pupil Referral Unit - WS10 0DR
Wodensfield Junior And Infant School - WV11 1PW
Wolgarston High School - ST19 5RX
Wollescote Primary School - DY9 8YA
Wolstan Prep School Nursery - CV13 6PA
Wolstanton High School - ST5 9JU
Wolstanton Kindergarten - ST5 0BL
Wolstanton Preparatory School - ST5 8AZ
Wolston St Margaret's Cofe Primary School - CV8 3HH
Wolverhampton Girls' High School - WV6 0BY
Wolverhampton Grammar School - WV3 9RB
Wolverhampton Islamic Preparatory School At Wolverhampton Mosque - WV1 4RA
Wolverhampton Wanderers Study Support Centre - WV6 0PE
Wolverley Cofe Secondary School - DY11 5XQ
Wolverley Sebright Primary School - DY11 5TP
Wolverton Primary School - CV35 8JN
Wombourne Methodist Playgroup - WV5 0BD
Wombridge Primary School - TF2 6AN
Womens Movement Playgroup - B14 7RA
Wonder Years - CV6 5HS
Wonderland Childrens Day Nursery - WS10 7DF
Wonderland Day Nursery - WS7 8BY
Wood End Junior And Infant School - WV11 1YQ
Wood End Primary School - CV9 2QL
Wood Green High School College Of Sport Maths And Computing - WS10 9QU
Wood Green Junior School - WS10 9BW
Wood Lane Primary School - ST7 8PH
Wood N Tots Nursery - B36 0QP
Woodcock Hill Junior And Infant School - B31 1BS
Woodcock's Well Cofe Primary School - ST7 3NQ
Woodcockswell Preschool - ST7 3NQ
Woodcroft First School - ST13 8JG
Woodcroft Nursery - B79 7SE
Wooden Tops Day Nursery Ltd - TF7 5NP
Woodfield - CV4 7AB
Woodfield Infant School - SY3 8LU
Woodfield Infant School - WV4 4AG
Woodfield Junior School - WV4 4AG
Woodfield Middle School - B98 7HH
Woodgate Primary School - B32 3PN
Woodgate School Playgroup - B32 3PN
Woodgreen Cottage - WR4 0HX
Woodhouse High School - B77 3JB
Woodhouse Middle School - ST8 7DR
Woodhouse Primary School - B32 2DL
Woodland Nursery - CV35 0RG
Woodlands - B46 3JE
Woodlands Infant School - B90 2PX
Woodlands Nursery - SY6 7DD
Woodlands Park Pre-school Nursery - B30 1HA
Woodlands Pre-school - CV3 2QU
Woodlands Primary - TF7 5NW
Woodlands Primary School - WV12 5PR
Woodlands School - SY4 5PJ
Woodloes Infant School - CV34 5DF
Woodloes Junior School - CV34 5DF
Woodrush Community High School - B47 5JW
Woodseaves Cofe (c) Primary School - ST20 0LB
Woodside Avenue Playgroup - CV5 6DX
Woodside Cofe Controlled Primary School - CV9 2BS
Woodside Primary School - SY11 1DT
Woodstock Girls' School - B13 9BB
Woodthorne Primary School - WV6 8XL
Woodthorpe Junior And Infant School - B14 6ET
Woodview Primary School - B15 2HU
Woodway Park School And Community College - CV2 2RH
Woodywood Pecker - HR2 7NT
Wootton Wawen Cofe Primary School - B95 6AY
Wootton Wawen Pre-school - B95 6AY
Worcester Cherry Orchard Primary School - WR5 2DD
Worcester Cranham Primary School - WR4 9LS
Worcester Dines Green Primary School - WR2 5QH
Worcester Northwick Manor Infants' School - WR3 7EA
Worcester Northwick Manor Junior School - WR3 7EA
Worcester Nunnery Wood High School - WR5 2LT
Worcester Nunnery Wood Primary School - WR5 1QE
Worcester Oldbury Park Primary School - WR2 6AA
Worcester Our Lady Queen Of Peace Catholic Primary - WR2 4EN
Worcester Perdiswell Primary School - WR3 8QA
Worcester Pitmaston Primary School - WR2 4ZF
Worcester Red Hill Cofe Primary School - WR5 2HX
Worcester St Barnabas Cofe Primary School - WR3 8NZ
Worcester St Clement's Cofe Primary - WR2 5NS
Worcester St George's Catholic Primary School - WR1 3JY
Worcester St George's Cofe Primary School - WR1 1RD
Worcester St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - WR4 9PG
Worcester Stanley Road Primary School - WR5 1BD
Worcester College Of Technology - WR1 2JF
Worcester Sixth Form College - WR5 2LU
Wordsley Day Nursery - DY8 5SP
Wordsley Pre-school And Playgroup - DY8 5SP
Worfield Endowed Cofe Primary School - WV15 5LF
Workfield Pre-school - WV15 5LF
Workplace Nursery - B69 3DE
World's End Infant And Nursery School - B32 2SA
World's End Junior School - B32 2SA
Worthen Cofe Primary School - SY5 9HT
Worthen Pre-school - SY5
Wrekin College - TF1 3BH
Wrekin Day Nursery - TF1 3BL
Wrekin View Primary School - TF1 3ES
Wren Day Nursery - CV8 2LZ
Wrens Nest Primary School - DY1 3NQ
Wrockwardine Wood Arts College - TF2 6JZ
Wrockwardine Wood Church Of England Junior School - TF2 7HG
Wrockwardine Wood Infant School - TF2 7AH
Wrockwardine Wood Playgroup - TF2 6JZ
Wychall Primary School - B31 3EH
Wychbold First And Nursery School - WR9 7PU
Wyebridge Sports College - HR2 7NG
Wyken Croft Primary School - CV2 3AA
Wyken Under 5 S Day Nursery - CV2 5AE
Wylde Green Primary School - B73 5JL
Wyndcliffe Playgroup - B9 5BG
Wyndcliffe Primary School - B9 5BG
Wythall Meadow Green Primary - B47 6EQ
Wyvern Childcare - WR14 2YH
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