School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

West Midlands Schools T

Talbot First School - ST14 8QJ
Tame House Day Nursery - B79 7SF
Tame Valley Community School - B36 8QJ
Tameside Primary School - WS10 0EZ
Tamworth And Lichfield College - B79 8AE
Tamworth Early Years Centre - B77 2AH
Tamworth Nursery (special Needs) - B79 8JB
Tamworth Street Playgroup - WS13 6BU
Tan Lane Pre School Nursery - DY13 8HD
Tanworth Nursery - B94 5EB
Tanworth-in-arden Cofe Primary School - B94 5AJ
Tardebigge Cofe First School - B60 3AH
Tasley Pre-school - WV16 4NR
Tatenhill Pre School - DE13 9SD
Teagues Bridge Pre School - TF2 6RE
Teagues Bridge Primary School - TF2 6RE
Tean Pre-school Group - ST10 4DY
Technotots Day Nursery - B37 6NZ
Teddesley Family Centre - WS4 2AH
Teddies Day Nursery - B31 2EW
Teddy Bear Corner - B96 6JY
Teddy Bear Pre-school - B31 2NQ
Teddy Bear Pre-school Club - Cv31 3HB
Teddy Bears Day Nursery - B91 2QL
Teddy Bears Nursery - B15 2TH
Teddy Bears Pre-school - CV10 7HG
Teddy 'n' Daisy's (2001) Day Nursery - B46 3ED
Teddy S Day Care Centre - WV6 0PE
Teddybears Nursery - WS6 7AT
Teddybears Playgroup - B75 5BW
Teddy's Garden Day Nursery - ST13 7DN
Teddy's Playgroup - ST19 9BT
Teenie Weenies - B31 5EU
Telford College Of Art And Technology - TF1 2NP
Telford College Of Arts And Technology - TF1 2NP
Telford Infant School - CV32 7TE
Telford Junior School - CV32 7HP
Telford Playschool - CV32 7TE
Telford Tigers Ice Hockey - TF3 4JQ
Templars Primary School - CV4 9DA
Temple Grafton Cofe Primary School - B49 6NU
Temple Herdewyke Primary School - CV47 2UD
Temple Meadow Primary School - B64 6RH
Tenacres Littlefolks Preschool - B98 0PB
Tenbury Cofe Primary School - WR15 8BS
Tenbury High School - WR15 8XA
Tenbury Nursery Class - WR15 8BS
Tender Loving Childcare - CV34 5BW
Tender Loving Childcare Ltd (tlc) - CV2 2DX
Tender Years Day Nursery - B92 8DD
Tennyson Rd Community Nursery - B10 0HB
Tenterfields Primary School - B63 3LH
Teresa Long - B63 1HZ
Tern Hill Station Pre-school - TF9 2HL
Tettenhall College Incorporated - WV6 8QX
Tettenhall Wood School - WV6 8EJ
Teviot Tower C D/n - B19 3BX
The Abbey College - WR14 4JF
The Abbey Kindergarten - HR2 9SD
The Abbey Rc Junior And Infant School - B23 6QL
The Aconbury Centre - HR2 7RL
The Alice Ottley School - WR1 1HW
The Alphabet Nursery - CV11 6BH
The Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic School - B37 6NY
The Ark - CV37 7AZ
The Arthur Terry School - B74 4RZ
The Avon Valley School And Performing Arts College - CV21 1EH
The Bears Den Pre-school - TF2 8LS
The Beehive Preschool Nursery - WS11 5DA
The Behaviour Support Service - B10 0QH
The Bewdley School And Sixth Form Centre - DY12 1BL
The Bishop Of Hereford's Bluecoat School - HR1 1UU
The Blue Coat School - B17 0HR
The Blue Strawberry - CV22 7GU
The Blue Strawberry Day Nursery - CV31 1TQ
The Brampton Day Nursery - ST5 0QP
The Braybrook Centre - WV11 1NN
The Bridge At Hlc - TF1 5NU
The Bridge Centre (ks4 Unit) - B67 6AL
The Bridge Pre School - CV37 7JP
The Bridge School - B23 6DE
The Brier School - DY6 8QN
The Bromley-pensnett Primary School - DY5 4PJ
The Brook Early Learning Centre - DY8 5YN
The Brook School - WR1 1QY
The Burton Borough School - TF10 7DS
The Caterpillar Club - B46 1ES
The Ceedlings Day Nursery - CV32 5DE
The Childcare Centre Ltd. - B21 0LT
The Children's House Montesori At Acote School - SY4 2JY
The Circle Community Day Nursery - B44 9SS
The City Technology College - B37 6NZ
The Cofe School Of St Edmund And St John - DY2 7QA
The Coleshill School - A Maths And Computing College - B46 3EX
The College High Specialist Arts School - B44 0HF
The College Of Practical Homoeopathy - DY1 3AD
The Collegiate Centre For Values Education For Life - B18 5AQ
The Column Nursery - SY2 6AX
The Community College Bishop's Castle - SY9 5AY
The Corbet School - SY4 2AX
The Corner House Nursery - WR2 6EE
The Cornerhouse Day Nry - B17 9BY
The Coseley School - WV14 9JW
The Coventry Blue Coat Church Of England School - CV1 2BA
The Creche - WR2 6AJ
The Crestwood School - DY6 8QG
The Croft At Total Fitness - ST4 6NW
The Croft Day Nursery - WS15 2HG
The Croft School - CV37 7RL
The Crossing Community Nursery - WS1 1DA
The Dales Infants' School - B77 4HN
The Dame Ellen Pinsent School - B13 0RW
The Dassett Cofe Primary School - CV47 2XU
The Deanery Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - B76 2RD
The Dormston School - DY3 1SN
The Dower House School - WV15 6QW
The Downs School - WR13 6EY
The Dresden Nursery Ltd - ST3 4EZ
The Drive School At Tettenhall College - WV6 8QX
The Earls High School - B63 3SL
The Elfin Pre-preparatory And Nurse - CV37 6HT
The Ellowes Hall School Specialist Sports College - DY3 2JH
The Elms Day Nursery - B15 2RS
The Elms School - WR13 6EF
The Faber Catholic Primary School - ST10 3DN
The Fairfield Community Primary School - WR4 9HG
The Farm Childcare Group (kings Caple Nursery) - HR1 4TZ
The Farm Childcare Group (step-by-step) - HR2 8JE
The Farmhouse Nursery School - B93 0BH
The Ferncumbe Cofe Primary School - CV35 7EX
The Ferns Playgroup - DY14 0TL
The Firs Day Nursery - DE15 9RQ
The Firs Parent Resource Centre - B36 8NE
The Focus Training Unit - B30 3QA
The Friary School - WS13 7EW
The Fun To Learn Nursery Alveley - WV15 6JT
The Fun To Learn Nursery Birdgnorth - WV16 4LA
The Gables Day Nursery - WS4 1NW
The Gables Day Nursery - WS9 0BL
The Gateway Pre-school - SY1 1NB
The Giffard Catholic Primary School - WV6 0HR
The Grange Education Unit - CV6 2EG
The Grange Infant School - SY1 3QR
The Grange Junior School - SY1 3QR
The Grange Nursery - WR4 0DZ
The Grange Pre-school - CV47 1HP
The Grange Pre-school - SY1 3QP
The Grange School - SY1 3LP
The Green Day Nursery - B30 3EU
The Green Day Nursery - B63 1EE
The Green Door Kindergarten - WR3 8SX
The Green Nursery - B30 3QB
The Green Nursery - B63 1EE
The Grove Nursery School - CV7 9GF
The Grove Primary School And Nursery Unit - ST17 9RF
The Grove School - TF9 1HF
The Harper Bell Adventist School - B12 0EJ
The Harper Bell School - B12 0EJ
The Heartlands High School - B7 4QR
The Heathfield Foundation Technology College - B64 6QU
The High Arcal School - DY3 1BP
The Hillcrest School And Community College - DY2 0PB
The Hollies Pre-school - CV32 5JG
The Honey Pots Day Nursery - DE14 1RU
The House Of Children Montessori Pre School - TF11 8LL
The House That Jack Built - B14 7SG
The International School And Community College East Birmingham - B33 9UF
The Kiddies Day Nursery - DY10 1XE
The Kiddies Day Nursery - DY13 8NH
The Kindergarten - WR11 8XD
The Kindergarten - WR2 6EE
The Kindergarten - WR3 8BG
The Kindergarten - WR3 8BQ
The Kindergarten - WR4 9PG
The Kindergarten - WR5 2AA
The Kingfisher School - B98 0HF
The King's Church Of England School - WV6 8XG
The King's High School For Girls - CV34 4HJ
The King's School - WR1 2LH
The Kingsley School - CV32 5RD
The Kingswinford School A Science College - DY6 7AD
The Knoll School - DY11 6EA
The Lacon Childe School - DY14 8PE
The Lakelands School And Sports College - SY12 0EA
The Lambs Christian School - B18 4QY
The Lawns School - B95 6AE
The Learning Tree Pre-school - TF2 8SA
The Leasowe Playgroup - WS13 7HG
The Leasowe Playgroup - WS13 7SH
The Lewches Pre-school - WR11 5NQ
The Ley Pre-prep School - WR10 1AX
The Lighthouse - CV32 5JF
The Links Daycare Centre Ltd - CV10 0LS
The Little Acorns Nursery - CV5 7PN
The Little Caterpillar Montessori Nursery - CV36 5JJ
The Little Lambs Pre School - CV36 4DY
The Little Peoples Nursery - B26 3HR
The Little Ripley Day Nursery - B44 8QL
The Little Woodlanders - DE15 9ES
The Littletons Cofe First School - WR11 8TL
The Lord Silkin School - TF3 1FA
The Lyme Nursery School - ST5 1DS
The Magpies Pre-school Nursery - B97 5LD
The Malvern Kindergarten - WR14 2DD
The Manor House School - ST5 6BX
The Manor Kindergarten And Nursery - WR11 7TP
The Marches School And Technology College - SY11 2AR
The Martin Wilson School - SY1 2SP
The Mary Webb School And Science College - SY5 0TG
The Meadows - B14 5QJ
The Meadows Primary School - B31 2SW
The Meadows Primary School - SY11 2EA
The Meadows School College Of Sport - B69 3BU
The Mere Education Centre - DY8 5PQ
The Minding Site - B29 6AY
The Minster College - HR6 8JJ
The Monkey Island Pre-school - HR8 1JQ
The Moorlands Sixth Form Centre - ST10 1LL
The Mount Nursery - TF12 5LW
The Mulberry Bush Nursery - B37 7HL
The Nethersole Cofe Primary School - B78 1DZ
The Northicote School - WV10 8EP
The Nursery At Marlpool - DY11 5HP
The Nursery School - ST13 6DY
The Oaklands Primary School - B27 7BT
The Oaks Primary School - B14 5RY
The Old Fire Station Nurs - B1 3EA
The Old Hall School - TF1 3LB
The Old Park School - DY1 2JZ
The Old Rectory Kindergarten - ST6 3HQ
The Old School - CV10 0QR
The Old School Nursery - B79 0DX
The Old School Nursery - CV23 8AT
The Old School Nursery - WV7 3QH
The Old Vicarage Nursery - ST18 0SU
The Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School - B16 9ER
The Orchard Centre Pru - WV3 0PR
The Orchard School - B67 7DW
The Oval Primary School - B33 8JG
The Paint Pot Nursery School - B76 1HY
The Phoenix School - TF4 3DZ
The Pines Special School - B36 8LL
The Pink House Nursery - SY6 7AA
The Playhouse 1 - WR11 4PJ
The Playhouse 1 And 2 - WR11 4PJ
The Playhouse Day Nursery - B67 5DG
The Playhouse Nursery - CV3 5NJ
The Priors School - CV47 7RR
The Priory Primary School - WS10 0JG
The Priory Pupil Referral Unit - HR6 8DA
The Priory School - B15 2UR
The Priory School - SY3 9EE
The Pupil Support Unit - DY2 8QY
The Radleys Primary School - WS4 1JJ
The Railway Children - CV4 8BN
The Railway Children Nursery - CV23 0LR
The Rainbow School & Nursery - WS15 4BD
The Red House Nursery School - HR9 7UL
The Reginald Mitchell Primary School - ST7 1NA
The Revel Cofe (aided) Primary School - CV23 0RA
The Richard Heathcote Community Primary School - ST7 8BB
The Ridge Primary School - DY8 3NF
The Ridgeway School - CV34 5LW
The River School - WR3 7ST
The Rosary Catholic Primary School - B8 3SF
The Round Oak School And Support Service - CV34 6DX
The Royal Wolverhampton School - WV3 0EG
The Rugby Montessori Nursery School - CV22 6QU
The Ruiz Centre - WS3 3JF
The Salvation Army - B17 9QX
The School Room Kindergarten - WR6 6DN
The Shrubbery School - B76 1HY
The Sixth Form College Solihull - B91 3WR
The Spring Playgroup - CV8 2HB
The Spring Playgroup - CV8 2PE
The Spring Pool Playgroup - CV8 2PE
The Springfield Project Mini Spring - B13 9NY
The Stableyard Nursery School - B79 9HY
The Stourport High School And Sixth Form Centre - DY13 8AX
The Streetly School - B74 2EX
The Stubbs - SY5 0DT
The Summerhill School - DY6 9XE
The Summers Kindergarten - B1 3QQ
The Surestart Chinnbrook Project Ltd Playgroup - B13 0ET
The Sutherland School - TF2 7JR
The Sutton School And Specialist College - DY1 2DU
The Terrace Montessori Sc - CV31 1LW
The Terrace School - CV31 1LW
The Thomas Adams School Wem - SY4 5UB
The Townsend Nursery - HR8 2TS
The Tree House Pre-school - B46 1SB
The Village Kids Club - ST19 9AH
The Village Nursery - B45 9HX
The Village Playgroup - WS6 7HP
The Village Pre School - WS6 7HP
The Villages Playgroup - WR13 5EF
The Vineyard Day Nursery - TF1 3ER
The Wakeman School - SY2 6AA
The Wendy House - WS10 9EL
The Westminster School - B71 2JN
The Westwood School - A Technology College - CV4 8DY
The White House School - SY13 2AA
The Wilfred Owen School - SY2 5SL
The William Amory Primary School - ST11 9PN
The Willow Tree Nursery S - B50 4QG
The Willows Cofe Primary School - CV37 9QN
The Willows Day Nursery - B38 8PS
The Willows Primary School - ST4 7JU
The Wonder Years Day Nursery - WS10 9DL
The Woodlands Community Primary School - B77 3JX
The Woodlands Day Nursery - CV12 9JB
The Woodlands School - CV5 7FF
The Woodsetton School - DY3 1BY
The Wordsley School - DY8 5SP
The Wye Nursery School - HR2 7RG
The Yarlet Schools - ST18 9SU
Thistley Hough High School - ST4 5JJ
Thomas Alleyne's High School - ST14 8DU
Thomas Barnes Primary School - B78 3AD
Thomas Boughey Children's Centre And Nursery - ST4 2DQ
Thomas Jolyffe Primary School - CV37 6TE
Thomas Russell Infants School - DE13 8DS
Thomas Russell Junior School - DE13 8EU
Thomas Telford School - TF3 4NW
Thomas Telford School Nursery - TF3 4NW
Thorns Community College - DY5 2NU
Thorns Community Infant School - CV8 2DS
Thorns Playgroup - DY5 2JY
Thorns Pre-school - CV8 2DS
Thorns Primary School - DY5 2JY
Thornton Junior School - B8 2LQ
Three Little Wishes Nursery School - B47 6JX
Three Oaks Primary School - TF3 1YQ
Three Spires School - CV6 1PJ
Thursfield Primary School - ST7 4JL
Tibberton Church Of England Primary School - TF10 8NN
Tibberton Cofe First School - WR9 7NL
Tibberton Pre School Nursery - TF10 8PB
Tiblands Nursery School - WR6 5RE
Tic Toc Neighbourhood Nursery - CV2 1AX
Tick Tock Day Nursery Ltd - B64 5LS
Tidbury Green Private Nursery - B90 1PW
Tidbury Green School - B90 1QW
Tiddington Pre-school Centre - CV37 7AZ
Tiddlers Pre-school - WS13 6JH
Tiddlywinks - B31 3LE
Tiddlywinks Pre-school - CV37 8NG
Tiddlywinks Pre-school - WR5 2ET
Tiddlywinks Shrewsbury Ltd - SY1 3EH
Tiddywinks Playgroup - WS11 1LG
Tiggy Winkles Day Nursery - B35 6PR
Tiggy's Day Nursery - HR4 7RR
Tiggys Ii Montessori Nursery - TF6 5BG
Tiggywinkles Montessori Nursery - TF10 8BU
Tile Hill & Canley Under 8s - CV4 9PL
Tile Hill College - CV4 9SU
Tile Hill Pru - CV4 9SU
Tile Hill Wood Playgroup - CV4 9PW
Tile Hill Wood School And Language College - CV4 9PW
Tillington Manor Primary School - ST16 1PW
Tilstock Cofe Primary School - SY13 3JL
Timberley Playgroup - B34 7RL
Timberley Primary School - B34 7RL
Timbertree Primary School - B64 7LT
Timeout Pre School - ST2 8AU
Tina's Scallywags At Stone - ST15 0EQ
Tinas Scallywags Day Nursery - ST18 0DA
Tindal Junior And Infant School - B12 9QS
Tiny Teddies Day Nursery - CV4 9GZ
Tiny Teddies Day Nursery Ltd - CV5 3LA
Tiny Toes Childrens Day Nursery - SY11 2TH
Tiny Toez @ East Valley - ST1 6HT
Tiny Toez Day Nursery - DY4 7SD
Tiny Tots - WV14 9LQ
Tiny Tots Day Nursery - B73 5HU
Tiny Tots Group - B92 8JE
Tiny Tots Nursery Group - CV10 8JX
Tiny Town Nursery - CV5 7FH
Tiny Tribes - B49 5JT
Tipton Green Junior School - DY4 8LE
Tir Na Nog Nursery - B18 4EJ
Tittensor Cofe (c) First School - ST12 9HP
Tiverton Junior And Infant School - B29 6BW
Tiverton School - CV6 1PS
Tividale Community Arts College - B69 2HE
Tividale Hall Junior And Infant School - B69 1TR
Tj S Pre-school - DY3 3EJ
Tlc - CV22 7JQ
Toddler Plus - CV6 4LB
Toddler Plus Nursery - CV6 4LB
Tom Thumb Nursery - WS15 3DE
Tom Thumb Nursery - WS15 3DF
Tommy Nurseries Ltd - B78 2AN
Tommy Nursery Ltd - B76 9PE
Topcliffe Flightpath - B35 6BS
Topcliffe Primary School - B35 6BS
Tortoise Nursery School - TF1 2EH
Toto Day Nursery - B23 7AH
Tots & Toys Parent And Toddler Group - ST2 8BY
Tots And Toddlers Day Care Ltd - TF3 2HUN
Tots And Toddlers Day Care Ltd - TF4 2ED
Tots And Toddlers Nursery - B31 5LW
Tots In Action Nursery - B11 1JD
Tots R Us - B26 2LB
Tots To Tops Pre School - B21 0LH
Tots To Tops Pre-school Nursery - B21 0LH
Tower House Nursery - SY2 6JX
Tower View Primary School - DE15 0EZ
Towerview Playgroup -
Town Hall Montessori Nursery - B98 8AH
Town House Day Nursery - ST7 2UQ
Town House Kindergarten - ST7 2DB
Town Junior School - B72 1NX
Toybox - B65 9AH
Toybox Nursery - SY11 3AY
Trade Based Training - B33 8BU
Training & Development Centre Nursery - B69 4PJ
Tree Tops - B47 6JX
Tree Tops Private Day Nursery - DY1 2HQ
Treetops - WS7 9BJ
Treetops At Sunny Corner - B14 6DR
Treetops Montessori Preschool - CV32 5RE
Treetops Nursery (dunmar Nurseries Ltd) - DY1 2TZ
Treetops Playgroup - WR1 1LN
Treetops Pre School - WS7 9BJ
Treetops Pre-school Group Playgroup - WS7 9BJ
Trefonen Cofe Primary School - SY10 9DY
Trefonen Pre-school - SY10 9DA
Trench Tots Neighbourhood Nursery - TF2 7JR
Trench Tots Pre-school - TF2 7JR
Trent Vale Family Support Centre - ST4 5QZ
Trentham High School - ST4 8PQ
Trentham Pre-school - ST4 8EX
Trentvale Family Support Centre - ST4 5QZ
Trescott Pre-school - B31 5QD
Trescott Primaryschool - B31 5QD
Triangle Day Nurseries - CV4 9GL
Triangle Nurseries - CV23 0LR
Triangle Nurseries - The Dassett - CV47 2XU
Triangle Nursery - CV22 6AU
Triangle Nursery - CV32 5LY
Triangle Nursery (wellesbourne) - CV35 9QG
Trinity Catholic School - CV32 6NB
Trinity Church Of England Primary School - WV10 0UB
Trinity Cofe Primary School - SY5 9LG
Trinity High School And Sixth Form Centre - B98 8HB
Trinity Playcentre - B72 1RJ
Trinity Playgroup - WS12 4DH
Trinity Primary School - HR4 0NU
Trinity Teds Playgroup - HR4 0DH
Trinity Treetots Nursery - HR4 0NU
Triple Crown Centre - B91 2HW
Trudie Chaouki - B8 3TE
Trustees Of The Abc Pre-school - CV32 7QH
Tudor Grange School - B91 3PD
Tudor Hall Nursery - B97 6EN
Tuition Medical And Behaviour Support Service - SY2 6ND
Tunstall Family Support Centre - ST6 5BL
Tunstall Neighbourhood College Creche - ST6 4JU
Tunstall Pre-school - ST6 6EE
Tunstall Sure Start Centre - ST6 5AQ
Turtles Childrens Nursery - ST19 5BA
Turtles Childrens Nursery - ST19 5DR
Turtles Nursery Stafford - ST17 9JW
Turves Green Boys' Technology College - B31 4BS
Turves Green Girls' School And Technology College - B31 4BP
Turves Green Primary School - B31 4BP
Tushingham-with-grindley Cofe Primary School - SY13 4QS
Tutbury Pre-school Playgroup - DE13 9JE
Tweenies Day Nursery - WR11 1DT
Twickenham Primary School - B44 0NR
Twiglets Private Nursery - B75 6TJ
Twinkle Toes - DY8 1LY
Twinkle Tots Nursery - B34 7RF
Two Gates Community Primary School - B77 1EN
Two Oaks Day Nursery - CV8 1PB
Twycross House Pre-preparatory School - CV9 3PQ
Twycross House School - CV9 3PL
Twyford Tots Nursery - SY3 7NP
Ty Newydd - SY5 9GZ
Tyburn Road Community Day - B24 8HP
Tynsel Parkes Cofe (vc) First School - ST14 7HE
Tyseley Tots - B11 2DE
Tyseley Tots Day Nursery - B11 2DE
Tyseley Tots Playgroup - B11 3BY
Tysoe Cofe Primary School - CV35 0SH
Tysoe Pre-school (tysoe Children's Group Ltd) - CV35 0SH
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