School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

West Midlands Schools P-Q

Packmoor Playgroup - ST7 4QG
Packmoor Primary School - ST7 4SP
Packwood Acorns - SY4 1HX
Packwood Haugh School - SY4 1HX
Paddingtons Nursery - B98 7DH
Paddox Pre-school Playcentre - CV22 5BH
Paddox Primary School - CV22 5HS
Paganel Primary School - B29 5TG
Paget High School - DE14 3DR
Paget Primary School - B24 0JP
Paget Road Nursery - WV6 0DU
Pailton Pre-school - CV23 0QE
Paimtbox Playgroup - B65 0AT
Painsley Catholic College - ST10 1LH
Paint Pots Playgroup - HR4 7RW
Paint Pots Rising 5 S - HR4 7RP
Paintpots Pre-school - HR4 7RW
Palfrey Girls School - WS1 4AB
Palfrey Infant School - WS1 4HY
Palfrey Junior School - WS1 4LA
Palmers Cross Primary School - WV6 9DF
Pant Panda's - SY10 9QQ
Paradise Found Childrens Day Nursery - CV11 6PJ
Parish Nursery - TF2 7AH
Park Hall Day Nursery - ST7 3DA
Park Hall Infant School - WS5 3HF
Park Hall Junior School - WS5 3HF
Park Hall Playgroup - WS5 3EZ
Park Hall Primary School - ST3 5QU
Park Hall School - B36 9HF
Park Hill Junior School - CV8 2JJ
Park Hill Playgroup - CV5 7LR
Park Hill Primary School - B13 8BB
Park Hill Primary School - CV5 7LR
Park Hill Primary School - WS10 0TJ
Park Lane Primary School Nursery And Parents' Centre - CV10 8NL
Park Middle School - ST8 7AT
Park Road Community Day Nursery - B11 4HB
Park School - B79 8EB
Park View School - B8 3HG
Parkfarm Pre-school - B77 1DL
Parkfield High School - WV4 6AP
Parkfield Junior And Infant School - WV4 6HB
Parkfield Primary School - B8 3AX
Parkgate Primary School - CV6 4GF
Parkside Pre School Playg - B74 3HR
Parkside Primary School - ST16 1TH
Parkville Pre-school - CV6 4HV
Pathways Childcare - CV7 7FS
Pathways Childcare Centre - B94 6RA
Pathways Childcare Centre - CV7 7FS
Pathways Childcare Centres - CV10 8SY
Pathways Childcare Centres - CV32 7LN
Pathways Childcare Centres - CV34 6LD
Pathways Childcare Centres - CV7 7QB
Pathways Childcare Nursery - CV7 7EE
Pathways Childcare Trustees - ST10 1QA
Pattingham Village Playgroup - WV6 7BB
Pattison College - CV3 1FQ
Paulet High School - DE15 9RT
Pearl Hyde Community Primary School - CV2 2NB
Pebble Mill Nursery - B5 7QQ
Pebworth First School - CV37 8XA
Pebworth Pre-school - CV37 8XA
Pedmore Cofe Primary School - DY9 0RH
Pedmore Pre-school Centre - DY9 0RH
Pedmore Technology College And Community School - DY9 7HS
Pegasus Playgroup - B35 6PR
Pegasus Primary School - B35 6PR
Pelsall Village School - WS3 4NJ
Pembridge Cofe Primary School - HR6 9DU
Pembridge Pre-school - HR6 9DU
Pencombe Cofe Primary School - HR7 4SH
Pencombe Under Fives - HR7 4RN
Pendeford Business And Enterprise College - WV10 6SE
Pendock Playgroup - WR6 6PQ
Penguins Day Nursery - ST16 2QR
Penkhull Village Pre-school - ST4 5JB
Penkridge Middle School - ST19 5BW
Penkridge Preschool - ST19 5DT
Penn Fields School - WV3 7BJ
Penn Hall School - WV4 5HP
Pennington St Pre-school - CV21 2AZ
Pennkids - WV4 4AG
Penns Primary School - B72 1BS
Pennyhill Primary School - B71 3BU
Pennymoor Pre School - B77 4LH
Pennymoor Pre School Nursery - B77 4LG
Pens Meadow School - DY8 5ST
Pensnett Community Centre Pg - DY5 4JQ
Pensnett Playpen Nursery - DY5 4LN
Pensnett School Of Technology - DY5 4LN
Peopleton Kindergarten - WR10 2EA
Percy Shurmer Primary School - B12 9ED
Perry Beeches Infant School - B42 2PY
Perry Beeches Junior School - B42 2PY
Perry Beeches Nursery School - B42 2PX
Perry Beeches Playgroup - B42 2ny
Perry Beeches School - B42 2PY
Perry Common J & I School - B23 5AJ
Perry Common Junior And Infant School (nc) - B23 5AJ
Perry Hall Junior And Infant School - WV11 3RT
Perry Hall Pre-school - B42 1QR
Perry Wood Primary And Nursery School - WR5 1PP
Perryfields Day Nursery - B61 8LE
Perryfields Day Nursery - B61 8TH
Perryfields High School - B68 0RG
Perryfields Pre-school - B68 0QY
Perryfields Primary School - B68 0QY
Pershore Abbey Park First And Nursery School - WR10 1DF
Pershore Abbey Park Middle School - WR10 1DF
Pershore Cherry Orchard First School - WR10 1ET
Pershore Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School - WR10 1EB
Pershore And Hindlip College - WR10 3JP
Pershore High School - WR10 2BX
Pershore Pre School - WR10 1ET
Perton First School - WV6 7LX
Perton Middle School - WV6 7NR
Perton Parish Council Nursery - WV6 7PD
Perton Sandown First School - WV6 7PS
Petchfield Nursery - SY8 2HJ
Peter Pan Nursery - CV2 2DR
Peter Pan Nursery - SY10 7AG
Peter Pan Nursery For Children With Special Needs - ST5 2NB
Peter Pan Playgroup - CV2 5BY
Peter Pan Playgroup - WV9 5AS
Peter Pan Pre School - DY7 6RT
Peter Pan Pre-school - CV11 6QN
Peterbrook Primary School - B90 1HR
Peterchurch Primary School - HR2 0RP
Peters Hill Early Education Centre - DY5 2QH
Peter's Hill Primary School - DY5 2QH
Pheasey Park Farm Playcare - B43 7LH
Pheasey Park Farm Primary School - B43 7LH
Phoenix Nursery School - WV2 3JS
Phoenix Pre-school Playgroup - B92 7EB
Phoenix School And Leisure Centre - TF4 3DZ
Picknalls First School - ST14 7QL
Pied Piper Pre-school Limited - WR14 1SE
Pierrepont Nursery - HR6 9PN
Piglets Pre-school Playgroup - B49 6AD
Pikemere Playgroup - ST7 2SW
Pikemere Primary School - ST7 2SW
Pinefields Pre-school - TF11 8EQ
Pinfold Street Junior Mixed And Infant School - WS10 8PU
Pinsley Road Nursery School - HR6 8NN
Pinvin St Nicholas' Cofe Middle School - WR10 2ER
Pinvin Cofe First School - WR10 2ER
Pinvin Community Pre-school - WR10 2EP
Pippins Nursery - B60 4BY
Pirehill First School - ST15 0AA
Pitcheroak School - B97 6PQ
Pitmaston Nursery Group - WR2 4ZF
Plantsbrook School - B72 1RB
Plato's - HR5 3JZ
Play 13 Playgroup - B13 9ET
Play And Learn Centre - SY6 7LH
Play And Learn Nurseries Ltd - HR2 7RJ
Play Park Nursery - WR14 2JY
Playaway Playgroup - DY2 0SZ
Playbox Nursery - DY6 7PP
Playdays - SY1 4DE
Playdays Nursery - CV32 7AB
Playdays Nursery - WV2 4NY
Playdays Playgroup - B77 2EA
Playdays Playgroup - B77 2EA
Playdays Pre-school - CV3 3AE
Playdays Pre-school - WR9 8RZ
Playdayz Nursery - B93 0BL
Playgroup Plus - WR11 4PJ
Playhouse Day Nursery - ST15 8HD
Playhouse Nursery - WR14 3HD
Playhouse Pre-school Group - CV3 1DP
Playmates Day Nursery - ST6 1BD
Playpals - B27 7NS
Playpals - B91 2LL
Playspace Creche - WR14 2EE
Playstation Day Nursery - HR8 1AR
Play-tec Plus - WR2 5AJ
Playtime Nursery - B75 7RT
Playtime Playgroup - HR5 3AG
Playzone Playgroup - B63 2SL
Polesworth International Language College - B78 1QT
Polesworth Nursery - B78 1DX
Polesworth Pre-school - B78 1DU
Polkadot Day Nursery - CV37 9JL
Polly S Nursery - ST6 6DX
Pontesbury Cofe Primary School - SY5 0TF
Pontesbury Pre-school - SY5 0RJ
Pooh S Playgroup - ST16 3LH
Pool Farm & Primrosehill Community Nursery - B38 9HP
Pool Hayes Community School - WV12 4QZ
Pool Hayes Primary School - WV12 4RX
Poppets Nursery - WV16 4HL
Poppets Playschool - WV4 4QL
Poppets Private Day Nursery Ltd - ST15 8NA
Poppins Day Nursery - ST10 1XF
Port Vale Fc Study Centre - ST6 1AW
Portage Service (west Birmingham) - B23 6AG
Portage Service As Part Of Caps - HR2 7RL
Porthill Pre-school Playgroup - ST5 8PS
Portway Road Playgroup - WV14 6LE
Potters Cross Playgroup - DY7 6AB
Potters Green Primary School - CV2 2GF
Powick Cofe Primary School - WR2 4RT
Powick Playgroup - WR2 4RT
Powick Pre-school - WR2 4RT
Precious People - B46 1UF
Prees Cofe Primary School - SY13 2ER
President Kennedy School And Community College - CV6 4GL
Prestfelde School - SY2 6NZ
Priestley Smith School - B42 2PY
Prime Time Children's Day Nursery - B8 2RG
Primley Bear Day Nursery - WS2 9UA
Primrose Hill Community Nursery - B38 9DH
Primrose Hill Community School - B38 9DH
Primrose Pupil Referral Centre - B66 1QN
Prince Albert Junior And Infant School - B6 5NH
Prince Henry's High School - WR11 4QH
Princefield First School - ST19 5EP
Princess Christian Nurseries - B60 3EQ
Princethorpe College - CV23 9PX
Princethorpe Infant School - B29 5QB
Princethorpe Junior School - B29 5QB
Princethorpe Playgroup - CV23 9PU
Priority Area Playgroup - B33 9RD
Priority Area Playgroups - B114LE
Priority Area Playgroups - B5 7NX
Priors Field Primary School - CV8 1BA
Priors School - CV47 7RR
Priorslee Day Nursery - TF2 9SA
Priorslee Pre-school - TF2 9NR
Priorslee Primary School - TF2 9RS
Priory Cofe Primary School - ST4 8EF
Priory Day Nursery - CV8 1LL
Priory Green Primary School - WV9 5NJ
Priory Lodge Daycare Centre - SY1 1RU
Priory Neighbourhood Nursery - DY1 4HN
Priory Primary School - DY1 4AQ
Priory School - B15 2UR
Proprietors Karen Wilkinson-sarah Beattie - B92 0JJ
Provost Williams Cofe Primary School - CV8 3FF
Puddleducks - CV32 5DG
Puddleducks Day Nursery - WS12 5AB
Puddleducks Nursery - WS12 5AB
Puddleducks Pre-school Provision - TF12 5AN
Puddleducks Under Fives - TF4 2PR
Puffin Montessori School - B93 0BL
Pump Street Playgroup - ST4 1NQ
Puzzles Day Nursery - B31 2SL
Pye Green Valley Primary School - WS12 4RT
Quarry Bank Primary School - DY5 2AD
Queen Alexandra College - B17 9TG
Queen Elizabeth High School - HR7 4QS
Queen Elizabeth School - CV9 1LZ
Queen Elizabeth's Mercian School - B79 8AH
Queen Mary's Grammar School - WS1 2PG
Queen Mary's High School - WS4 2AE
Queen Victoria Primary School - DY3 1JB
Queen's Cofe Junior School - CV11 5LR
Queen's Croft Community School - WS13 6PJ
Queens Park Playgroup - SY11 2TP
Queensbridge School - B13 8QB
Queensbury School - B24 8BL
Queensway Under 5s - ST17 9FF
Queenswood Nursery School - WR13 5NF
Queenswood Primary School And Nursery - TF2 0AZ
Queenswood School - HR6 0PW
Quince Tree School - B77 4EN
Quinton Church Primary School - B32 1AJ
Quinton Playgroup - CV37 8SP
Quinton Playgroup - WS6 6EQ
Quinton Playschool - WS6 6DS
Quinton Primary School - CV37 8SA
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