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Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

West Midlands Schools M

Macdonald Road Playgroup - CV2 5FE
Madeley Academy Trust Ltd - TF7 5DZ
Madeley Court Pre-school - TF7 5DZ
Madeley Infant School - TF7 5DL
Madeley Nursery School - TF7 5ET
Madeley Pre-school - TF7 5EB
Madeley Pre-school Playgroup - TF7 5EB
Madinatul Uloom Al Islamiya School - DY10 4BH
Madley Pre-school - HR2 9PH
Madley Primary School - HR2 9PH
Madresfield CofE Primary School - WR13 5AA
Madresfield Early Years Centre - WR13 5AA
Maesbury Primary School - SY10 8HD
Magic Roundabout Nursery - CV3 2JF
Maidensbridge Primary School - DY6 0HX
Malinslee Early Years - TF2 9UF
Malvern Northleigh Cofe Primary School - WR14 1QS
Malvern Somers Park Primary School - WR14 1SE
Malvern St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - WR14 1PF
Malvern The Chase - WR14 3NZ
Malvern College - WR14 3DF
Malvern Girls College - WR14 3BA
Malvern Hills Primary School - WR14 3SW
Malvern Link Cofe Primary School - WR14 1NA
Malvern Parish Cofe Primary School - WR14 3BB
Malvern St James - WR14 3BA
Malvern Wells Cofe Primary School - WR14 4HF
Malvern Wyche Cofe Primary School - WR14 4ET
Mander Portman Woodward Independent College - B15 3ED
Maney Hill Primary School - B72 1JU
Manna House Day Nursery - B77 2AT
Manor High School (foundation) - WS10 0JS
Manor Hill First School - ST15 0HY
Manor House Day Nursery - CV1 2LH
Manor Junior And Infant School - WV14 9UQ
Manor Nursery School - B79 7JN
Manor Park Community School - CV11 5HJ
Manor Park Playgroup - B6 5UQ
Manor Park Primary School - B6 5UQ
Manor Park Primary School - CV3 5EZ
Manor Primary School - B74 3HX
Manor Primary School - B78 3TX
Manor Road Day Nursery - ST5 5ET
Manor Way Pre-school & Toddler Grp - B63 3HA
Manor Way Primary School - B63 3HA
Mansfield Green Community School - B6 5NH
Mansfield Green Nursery - B6 5NH
Maple Court Primary School - ST2 0QD
Maple Hayes Hall School - WS13 8BL
Mapledene Primary School - B26 3XE
Mappleborough Green Cofe Primary School - B80 7DR
Mappleborough Green Pre-school - B80 7DR
Mappleborough Green Pre-school - B99 0SE
Marcus Garvey Day Nursery - B21 9JQ
Marden Pre-school - HR1 3EW
Marden Primary School - HR1 3EW
Margaret Allen Preparatory School - HR4 0LH
Margaret Beeley - HR1 4PZ
Maria L Aston - ST3 7JZ
Marigold Day Nursery School - B16 9JH
Market Bosworth Day Nurse - CV13 0LQ
Market Bosworth High School And Community College - CV13 0JT
Market Bosworth Playgroup - CV13 0LL
Market Drayton Infant School - TF9 3BA
Market Drayton Junior School - TF9 3HU
Marlborough Infant School - B10 9NY
Marlborough Junior School - B10 9NY
Marlborough Pre-school Group - B10 9NY
Marlbrook Pre School - B60 1ED
Marlbrook Primary School - HR2 7NT
Marsh Hill Nursery School - B23 7HG
Marsh Hill Primary School - B23 7HY
Marshbrook First School - ST19 5BA
Marshlands School - ST17 4RD
Marston Green Infant School - B37 7AA
Marston Green Junior School - B37 7BA
Martley The Chantry High School - WR6 6QA
Martley & District Pre-school - WR6 6QA
Martley Cofe Primary School - WR6 6QA
Martley Pupil Referral Unit - WR6 6PQ
Marton Playgroup - CV23 9RT
Mary Elliot School - WS2 8BA
Mary Howard Cofe (vc) Primary School - B79 9JJ
Maryhill High School - ST7 4DL
Maryhill Primary School - ST7 4DJ
Maryvale Catholic Primary School - B44 9AG
Masefield Childcare Forum - B31 2HL
Master Minders - CV37 0SF
Matchborough First School - B98 0GD
Matthew Boulton College - B5 7DB
Matthew Boulton College Nursery - B5 7DB
Matthew Boulton College Of Further And Higher Education - B4 7PS
Matthew Boulton Community Primary School - B21 0RE
Matthew Boulton Under 5's Group - B21 0RE
Mavis Legge Nursery - B11 3ND
Mavitob Day Nursery - B18 5AQ
May Bank Infants' School - ST5 0PT
May Bank Pre School Playgroup - ST5 0EF
Mayfield House Kindergarten - DY11 5DA
Mayfield Preparatory School - WS1 2PD
Mayfield School - B19 1HJ
Maypole Playgroup - B14 5NJ
Meadow View Jmi School - B43 7UJ
Meadows Nursery - WR9 7SS
Meadows Primary School And Nursery - TF1 5HF
Meadows School - ST5 6BX
Meadows Stepping Stones - B61 0AH
Meadowside Nursery - ST3 3DT
Meaford Nursery School - ST15 0PX
Medical Pru - ST4 7JS
Medi-tots Nursery - ST4 7LN
Meir Heath Playgroup - ST3 7DT
Meir Heath Primary School - ST3 7JQ
Meir Park Day Nursery - ST3 7TW
Meir Pre-school Playgroup - ST3 7OY
Melrose School - HR3 5TA
Menzies High School - B71 2BX
Meole Brace Cofe Infant School - SY3 9HG
Meole Brace Junior School - SY3 9HG
Meole Brace Playgroup - SY3 9HT
Meole Brace School Science College - SY3 9DW
Mere Green 0-5 - B75 5BT
Mere Green Combined School - B75 5BL
Mereside Farm Children's - B90 1HZ
Meriden Church Of England Primary School - CV7 7LW
Meriden Methodist Nursery - CV7 7NH
Merridale Junior And Infant School - WV3 0UP
Merry Go Round Nursery - B79 8AE
Merrydays Montessori Nursery School - B95 5JP
Merryfields School - ST5 9NY
Merry-go-round At Greencroft Centre - HR2 7NT
Merry-go-round Preschool & Kids Club - HR2 7RN
Merryvale Nursery Ltd - B62 9RL
Merstone School - B36 0UE
Mery Seacole Childcare Centre - B21 8JA
Mesty Croft Primary School - WS10 0QY
Methodist Centre Pre-school Group - B60 1AS
Methodist Chapel Playgroup - CV8 1LL
Michael Drayton Junior School - CV10 0SZ
Michaelchurch Escley Primary School - HR2 0PT
Michaelchurch Pre-school - HR2 0PT
Michelle Sheils - B24 0BY
Mickleton Nursery - B31 2EP
Middlehurst Special School - ST6 6NQ
Middlemarch School - CV10 7BQ
Midpoint Centre - WV6 0UA
Midway Academy - ST14 7PG
Milby Nursery & Kids' Club - CV11 6JS
Milby Primary School - CV11 6JS
Milebrook Pre-school - B32 3JT
Milford Day Nursery - SY7 9EL
Milking Bank Primary School - DY1 2SL
Mill Hill Primary School - ST6 6ED
Mill Lodge Primary School - B90 1BT
Millbrook Primary School - TF1 6UJ
Millfield Primary School - B78 3RQ
Millfield Primary School - WS8 6BN
Millfields Nursery - WS3 3DW
Millfields Nursery School - WS3 3LU
Millpool Gardens C D N - B14 5EU
Milton Pre School - ST2 7AF
Milton Primary School - ST2 7AF
Milverton House - CV11 4LE
Milverton House School - CV11 4LE
Milverton Primary School - CV32 6ES
Milward Hall Playgroup - ST13 5EE
Milward Hall Playgroup Section - ST13 5EE
Mini Minors Nursery - WS12 5QQ
Mini Rovers Nursery - B31 2SF
Minor Lodge - SY3 8BT
Minsterley Nursery - SY5 0BE
Minsterley Primary School - SY5 0BE
Minworth Junior And Infant School - B76 9BU
Mirfield Pre-school - B33 0DL
Miss Judes Montessori Kindergarten - SY1 2PF
Mitchell High School - ST2 9EY
Moat Farm Infant School - B68 9QR
Moat Farm Junior School - B68 9QR
Moat Hall Primary School - WS6 6BX
Moat House Early Years - CV2 1EG
Moat House Primary School - CV2 1EQ
Moat House Primary School - WV11 3DB
Moffats School - DY12 3AY
Monk Bretton Nursery School - SY4 5DR
Monkeys Childcare - B90 4SE
Monks Kirby Pre-school - CV23 0RA
Monks Kirby Pre-school Playgroup - CV23 0RA
Monks Park Under Fives - CV6 4DZ
Monkspath Junior And Infant School - B90 4EH
Montessori St Georges - B192YX
Montessori Stepping Stones Nursery - SY5 8JN
Montgomery Primary School - B11 1EH
Moor First School - ST8 7HR
Moor Green Primary - B13 8QP
Moor Hall Primary School - B75 6RE
Moor House Nursery - CV5 6EY
Moor House Nursery - CV5 8EB
Moor Park School - SY8 4DZ
Moorcroft Wood Primary School - WV14 8NE
Moorfield Primary School - TF10 7QU
Moorgate Community Primary School - B79 7EE
Moorhill Pre School - WS11 4NX
Moorhill Primary School - WS11 4NX
Moorland Nursery School - ST9 9NH
Moorlands House Nursery School - CV13 0LQ
Moorlands Primary School - B71 2NZ
Moorpark Junior School - ST6 1EL
Moorside High School - ST9 0HP
Morda Cofe Primary School - SY10 9NR
Morda Village Pre School - SY10 9WS
Mordiford Cofe Primary School - HR1 4LW
Mordiford Dragons Playgroup - HR1 4LW
Moreton Community School - WV10 8BY
Moreton Hall School - SY11 3EW
Moreton Moles Pre-school - HR4 8DF
Moreton Morrell Cofe Primary School - CV35 9AN
Moreton Say Cofe Controlled Primary School - TF9 3RS
Moreton Say Goslings - TF9 3RS
Morris Minors Kindergarten - SY1 1JB
Morville Cofe (controlled) Primary School - WV16 4RJ
Morville Nursery - WV16 4RJ
Moseley Church Of England Primary School - B13 9EH
Moseley Park School - WV14 6LU
Moseley Primary School - CV6 1AB
Moseley Rd Community Day Nursery - B12 0HG
Moseley School A Language College - B13 9LR
Mosley Primary School - DE13 9QD
Mossley Primary School - WS3 2SQ
Mother Goose Day Nursery - B78 3QS
Mount Carmel Pre-school - B97 5RR
Mount Gilbert School - TF4 3PP
Mount Lane Day Care Nursery - TF9 1AG
Mount Nod Primary School - CV5 7BG
Mount Pleasant House Childrens Nurs - WR7 4RE
Mount Pleasant Infant School - SY1 3BX
Mount Pleasant Junior School - SY1 3BY
Mount Pleasant Playgroup - SY1 3BX
Mount Pleasant Primary School - DY5 2YN
Mowbray Con - B45 0ES
Mr Men 90 Pre-school - HR2 6AD
Mrs Jayne Lawton - ST14 8DY
Mrs Linda Mclean - WR9 7AR
Much Birch Cofe Primary School - HR2 8HL
Much Birch Pre-school - HR2 8BB
Much Marcle Cofe Primary School - HR8 2LY
Much Marcle Nursery - HR8 2LY
Much Wenlock Pre-school Group - TF13 6JE
Much Wenlock Primary School - TF13 6JG
Much Wenlock Stepping Stones - TF13 6JG
Mucky Pups Day Nursery - B13 9LP
Mucky Pups Day Nursery - B26 2JN
Mucky Pups Day Nursery - B92 7QW
Mucky Pups Preschool - HR8 2BB
Muddy Paws Nursery And O O S C - ST19 9PQ
Muhammadi Nursery - B12 8SX
Munchkins Kindergarten - WR11 8TH
Munchkins Montessori Nursery School - B34 7NG
Munchkins Nursery - B32 2TW
Munchkins Preschool - Whittington Barracks - WS14 9PY
Munchkins Pre-school Playgroup - B97 5ER
Munchkins Pre-school Playgroup - WS14 0LT
Muslim Resource Centre Creche - CV6 5EE
Muxton Primary School - TF2 8SA
My Day Nursery Ltd - WR10 3DA
My Little Stars Limited - CV4 9DZ
Myddle Cofe Primary School - SY4 3RP
Myddle Pre School - SY4 3RP
Myton School - CV34 6PJ
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