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Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

West Midlands Schools L

Laces At Martineau Education Centre - B32 2QT
Lady Bird Nursery - B12 9YA
Lady Hawkins High School - HR5 3AR
Lady Katherine Leveson Church Of England School - B93 0AN
Lady Katherine Leveson Playgroup - B95 5DJ
Ladybird Day Nursery - ST1 4LY
Ladybird Day Nursery - ST8 6JW
Ladybird Montessori Nursery - B27 7NS
Ladybird Nursery School - CV36 5BY
Ladybird Playgroup - CV11 5BX
Ladybird Playgroup - CV6 7ED
Ladybirds Pre-school Play - WR4 0DZ
Ladygrove Nursery - TF4 2LF
Ladygrove Primary School - TF4 2LF
Ladypool Primary School - B11 1QT
Lakeside Primary School - B77 2SA
Lakey Lane Junior And Infant School - B28 8RY
Lakey Lane Pre-school Groups - B28 8RY
Lambs Christian School - B19 1AP
Lammas Road Playgroup - CV6 1AQ
Lanchester School - B36 9LF
Landywood Neighbourhood Nursery - WS6 6AQ
Landywood Playgroup - WS6 6JX
Landywood Primary School - WS6 6AQ
Lane Green First School - WV8 1EU
Lane Head Nursery School - WV12 4JQ
Lanesfield Junior Infant And Nursery School - WV4 6BZ
Langdale Infant School - ST5 3QE
Langdale Junior School - ST5 3QE
Langdale Nursery School - ST5 3QH
Langley Primary School - B69 4QB
Langley Primary School - B92 7DJ
Langley School - B75 7HU
Langley School - B92 7ER
Lansdowne Infants' School - DE14 2RE
Lansdowne Preschool - WR14 2AW
Lapal Playgroup - B62 0BZ
Lapal Primary School - B62 0BZ
Lapworth Cofe Primary School - B94 6LT
Lapworth Pre-school - B94 6LR
Larches School - HR6 8LL
Lark Hall Community Infant School - B79 8EF
Lawley Nursery School - SY3 7EY
Lawley Primary School - TF4 2PR
Lawnswood Childcare - B37 7AA
Lawnswood Childcare Oak Cottage Sch - B91 1DY
Lawnswood Nursery - B90 3DS
Lawnswood Nursery - B90 3PE
Lawrence Sheriff School - CV21 3AG
Lea Cofe Primary School - HR9 7JY
Lea Pre-school - HR9 7JY
Leamington Hastings Cofe Infant School - CV23 8EA
Leamington Hastings Nursery - CV23 8EA
Leamore Primary School - WS3 2BB
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - DE14 2WF
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - TF2 9RS
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - WR11 2UT
Leapfrog Day Nursery - B15 1JL
Leapfrog Day Nursery - B5 7UB
Leapfrog Day Nursery - WR4 9FB
Leapfrogs Pre-school Playgroup - WR14 4BX
Leaps And Bounds Day Nursery - B16 0ET
Learning Curve Day Nursery - WR9 0QY
Learning For Life Education Centre - WV16 6SS
Leasowes Community College - B62 8PJ
Leasowes Primary School - ST17 0HT
Ledbury Primary School - HR8 2BE
Leegomery Under 5's - TF1 6NA
Leegomery Under Fives - TF1 6NA
Leek Childminding Network - ST13 6DP
Leek College - ST13 6DP
Leek College Of Further Education And School Of Art - ST13 6DP
Leek First School - ST13 6LF
Leek High Specialist Technology School - ST13 6EU
Leek Pre-school Playgroup - ST13 8EP
Leek Westwood Pre-school - ST13 8DL
Leekday Nursery - ST13 6EH
Leekwootton Pre-school - CV33 7QU
Leigh And Bransford Primary School - WR13 5DX
Leigh Church Of England Primary School - CV4 9RQ
Leigh Junior Infant And Nursery School - B8 2YH
Leighswood School - WS9 8HZ
Leintwardine Endowed Primary School - SY7 0LL
Leintwardine Under Fives - SY7 0LB
Leominster Community Day Nursery - HR6 8NJ
Leominster Infants' School - HR6 8JU
Leominster Junior School - HR6 8JZ
Lets Play - B28 9NU
Ley Hill Junior And Infant (nc) School - B31 1TX
Lichfield Cathedral School - WS13 7LH
Lichfield Day Nursery - WS13 6DE
Lickey End Playgroup - B60 1JX
Lickey End Playgroup - B60 1JX
Lickey Hills Primary School - B45 8EU
Lickey Pre School & Toddler Grp - B45 8ES
Lickhill Pre-school Nursery - DY13 8UA
Lickhill Primary School - DY13 8UA
Light Angels Nursery - B20 3LL
Light Hall School - B90 2PZ
Lighthall Under Fives Pre-school - B90 2RL
Lighthorne Heath Primary School - CV33 9TW
Lightwoods Junior And Infant School - B68 9BG
Lilleshall Pre-school - TF10 9EY
Lilleshall Primary School - TF10 9EY
Lillian De Lissa Nursery School - B5 7LX
Lillington Free Church Pre-school - CV32 7AG
Lillington Nursery School - CV32 7RU
Lillington Primary School - CV32 7AG
Lilliput Farm Day Nursery - DY13 9SW
Lilliput Kindergarten - CV3 5LL
Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery - B67 6NR
Lilliput Playgroup - B80 7ND
Lilliput Playgroup - CV11 6QA
Lilypad Lodge Nursery - WR5 3NJ
Lime Tree Park Pre-school - CV4 9EU
Lindens Primary School - B74 2BB
Lindridge Pre-school - WR15 8JQ
Lindridge St Lawrence's Cofe Primary - WR15 8JQ
Lindsworth School - B30 3QA
Little Acorns (catherine Bramley) - ST17 0SA
Little Acorns Centre For Care & Education - WS7 2PF
Little Acorns Country Day Nursery - ST13 8PU
Little Acorns Country Day Nursery - ST13 8RB
Little Acorns Day Nursery Limited - HR2 9EY
Little Acorns Kindergarden - TF10 7LB
Little Acorns Montessori Nursery - WV16 4RJ
Little Acorns Nursery - CV37 9XL
Little Acorns Nursery - ST17 0SA
Little Acorns Of Rushbury - SY6 7EB
Little Acorns Our Lady And St Oswald's Pre-school - SY11 2TG
Little Adventurers Playgroup - WR11 6XH
Little Angels - B14 4DR
Little Angels - WS14 0PW
Little Angels Day Nursery - B67 6JL
Little Angels Day Nursery - B8 1SH
Little Angels Day Nursery - CV6 5EE
Little Annies Playgroup - B74 3HB
Little Apples Nursery - ST18 0FG
Little Aston Pre-school - B74 3UF
Little Aston Primary School - B74 3BE
Little Bears Nursery - B97 6EH
Little Bells Nursery - B14 5YG
Little Blossoms - WR8 0SA
Little Blossoms Nursery - B91 1SB
Little Bloxwich Cofe Vc Primary School - WS3 3DL
Little Bo Peep Nursery - WR7 4EW
Little Bodies Nursery - TF2 8JT
Little Colliers Neighbourhood Nursery - B63 2TN
Little Comberton Pre-school - WR10 3EL
Little Crickets Nursery - WS1 3BE
Little Dewchurch Cofe Primary School - HR2 6PN
Little Dragons - TF2 9BE
Little Drayton Playmates - TF9 1LT
Little Ducklings Preschoo - WR2 4NT
Little Engines - WR8 0HP
Little Folks Day Nursery - B75 7PY
Little Folks Day Nursery Ltd - B23 7PF
Little Footprints Nursery - SY12 9DY
Little Foresters Pre-school - DY14 9DB
Little Foxes Playgroup - B27 7EG
Little Franche - DY11 5QB
Little Friends - WR12 7DZ
Little Friends Pre-school - B67 7NL
Little Friends Pre-school Playgroup - WR12 7DZ
Little Green Dragons - WS8 7EG
Little Growbags Nursery - WR6 5JB
Little Heath Primary School - CV6 7FN
Little Hoots Nursery Ltd - WR5 3HR
Little Imps Pre-school - CV37 9BL
Little Jays Froebel Nursery School - HR8 1HQ
Little Jungle Day Nursery - B14 7RA
Little Lambs Nursery - DY11 6AP
Little Lambs Pre-school Centre - DY9 8TL
Little Learners Day Care Centre - B66 1NN
Little Learners Montessori School - B91 2DA
Little Learners Nursery - CV7 7EA
Little Learners Nursery - WV5 0JR
Little Learners' Nursery - DY14 9LG
Little Learners Pre-school Playgroup - TF1 4DY
Little Learners Too - B65 9BQ
Little Lords And Ladies D N - DY13 8RJ
Little Lords And Ladies Day Nursery - DY13 8UQ
Little Mice Nursery - CV22 7LU
Little Miss Muffett Nursery - B97 4NA
Little Monkeys Pre School - HR4 0AS
Little Monsters Day Nursery - DE13 9QE
Little Oaks - B78 3NH
Little Oaks Childrens Day Nursery - WV8 2HT
Little Oaks Day Nursery - ST5 0JX
Little Oaks Day Nursery - ST5 0SX
Little Oaks Day Nursery - WV8 2HU
Little Oaks Nursery -
Little Ones Day Nursery - WS4 2BY
Little Ones Pre School - TF1 2AB
Little Owls Day Nursery - WV6 0DU
Little Paint Pot Nursery - B75 6EY
Little People Day Nursery - WV14 6AH
Little People Nursery - WS13 8DA
Little People Playschool - WS7 8QL
Little People's Day Nursery - CV1 4LG
Little Peoples House - B71 1RU
Little Pixies Playgroup - B30 2EB
Little Professors Nursery - WS1 1XN
Little Rascals - ST4 7LT
Little Rascals Ltd Day Nursery - B27 6RP
Little Rascals Pre-school - CV11 5HJ
Little Ripley - B23 6LH
Little Ripley Day Nursery - B23 7HY
Little Ripley Day Nursery - B24 8BD
Little Ripley Day Nursery - B24 8RB
Little Ripley Day Nursery - B44 9AE
Little Ripley Day Nursery - B44 9SN
Little Robins Day Nursery - B28 0LG
Little Saints Day Nursery - B18 7QH
Little Saints Nursery - B37 7UU
Little Scholars Day Nursery Ltd - B27 6RP
Little Scholars Nursery - WV1 1SB
Little Smarties Academy - B42 1NG
Little Sneakers Nursery - B97 4RN
Little Sneakers Nursery - B98 7LH
Little Springers - ST15 0NJ
Little Stars Christian Playgroup - CV32 4RN
Little Stars Day Nursery - B33 8SH
Little Stars Pre School - WR11 5RL
Little Stars Pre-school Playgroup - DE13 8AF
Little Strawberries Day Nursery - DE14 2BE
Little Sutton Ny School - B75 5NL
Little Sutton Primary School - B75 5NL
Little Swans Day Nursery - B25 8LT
Little Teds - CV21 2PN
Little Tinkers Day Nursery - B31 1RR
Little Treasures - WR5 2PD
Little Treasures Day Nursery - ST1 5PU
Little Treasures Day Nursery - ST11 9HQ
Little Treasures Day Nursery - ST11 9JD
Little Treasures Day Nursery Ltd - ST19 5NU
Little Treasures Nursery - CV6 5HA
Little Treasures Pre School - ST11 9HN
Little Tree House Day Nursery - WV5 7HR
Little Village Preschool Playgroup - B60 1EL
Little Willows Pre-school - CV31 2EX
Little Willows Pre-school - SY5 6DH
Littleton Pre-school - WS12 4PD
Llangedwyn Primary School - SY10 9LD
Llangrove Cofe Primary School - HR9 6EZ
Llangrove Leapfrogs - HR9 6EZ
Llanigon C.p. School - HR3 5QA
Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant C.p. School - SY10 0JY
Lode Heath School And Sports College - B91 2HW
Lodge Farm Junior Mixed And Infant School - WV12 4BU
Lodge Primary School - B70 8PN
Lollipop Day Care Centre - B72 1JU
Lollipops Montessori Nursery - ST16 1BA
London Road Nursery School Ltd - WR5 2AA
London Road Playgroup & Pre-school - WR5 1ED
Long Itchington Cofe Primary School - CV47 9QP
Long Itchington Pre-school - CV47 9QP
Long Knowle Primary School - WV11 1EB
Long Lawford Primary School - CV23 9AL
Long Meadow Cofe Primary And Nursery School - SY3 0NU
Longden Cofe Primary School - SY5 8EX
Longden Pre School - SY5 8EX
Longdon Pre-school - DE13 7HL
Longford Park Primary School - CV6 7AT
Longford Pre-school Playgroup - TF10 7BH
Longford Primary School - WS11 1PD
Longlands Pre School - TF9 1QU
Longlands Primary School - TF9 1QU
Longnor Cofe Primary School - SY5 7PP
Longslow Ladybirds Playgroup - TF9 3BA
Longton Creche - ST3 1BF
Longton High School - ST3 5PR
Longtown Community Primary School - HR2 0LE
Longtown Pre-school - HR2 0EX
Longwill A Primary School For Deaf Children - B31 1LD
Longwood Primary School - B78 3NH
Looby Lous Nursery - B31 2JS
Loppington House - SY4 5NF
Loppington House Fe Unit And Adult Centre - SY4 5NF
Lord Scudamore Primary School - HR4 0AS
Lordswood Boys' School - B17 8BJ
Lordswood Girls' School And The Sixth Form Centre Harborne A Specialist Media Arts College - B17 8QB
Louise Road Family Centre - B21 0RY
Low Hill Family Centre (barnados) - WV10 9LR
Low Hill Nursery School - WV10 9JN
Lower Broadheath Pre-school - WR2 6QY
Lower Farm Primary School - WS3 3QH
Lower Heath Cofe Primary School - SY13 2BT
Loxdale Primary School - WV14 0PH
Loxley Cofe Community Primary School - CV35 9JT
Loxley Hall School - ST14 8RS
Loxton Playgroup - B7 4JR
Lozells Junior And Infant School And Nursery - B19 2EJ
Lozells Learning Centre Playgroup - B19 2EJ
Lucton School - HR6 9PN
Lucy Locket At Mount Carmel - B98 8LT
Lucy Locket Kindergarten - B80 7RG
Ludlow Church Of England School - SY8 1GJ
Ludlow College - SY8 1GD
Ludlow College - SY8 GD
Ludlow Infant School - SY8 1HG
Ludlow Junior School - SY8 1HX
Lugwardine Primary School - HR1 4DH
Luston Primary School - HR6 0EA
Lutley Kindergarten - B63 1BU
Lutley Primary School - B63 1BU
Lydbury English Centre - SY7 8AU
Lydbury North Cofe (a) Primary School - SY7 8AU
Lydbury North Preschool - SY7 8AU
Lyncroft Playgroup - B20 2PH
Lyndon Green Infant School - B26 1LZ
Lyndon Green Junior School - B26 1LU
Lyndon Methodist Church - B92 7QX
Lyndon Methodist Nursery - B92 7NU
Lyndon School - B92 8EJ
Lyng Hall School - CV2 3JS
Lyng Primary School - B70 7SQ
Lyppard Grange Primary School - WR4 0DZ
Lythwood Nursery - SY3 0NL
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