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Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

West Midlands Schools H

Habberley Pupil Referral Unit - DY11 5PQ
Hach-st James Playgroup - B21 0HN
Haden Hill School - B64 7HA
Hadley Learning Community - Primary Phase - TF1 5NU
Hadley Learning Community - Secondary Phase - TF1 5NU
Hadley Under 3 Over 5's Ltd - TF1 6PW
Hadnall Cofe Primary School - SY4 4BE
Hadnall Playgroup - SY4 4AG
Hadzor & Oddingley Pre-school Group - WR9 7NB
Hagley 1st School Kindergarten - DY9 0NS
Hagley Park Sports College - WS15 2HZ
Hagley Primary School - DY9 0NS
Hagley Roman Catholic High School - DY8 2XL
Halcyon Days Pre-school - WR14 2AY
Halesbury School - B62 9DR
Halesfield Day Nursery Centre - TF7 4QX
Halesowen Cofe Primary School - B63 3BB
Halesowen College - B63 3NA
Halesowen College Nursery - B63 3NA
Halesowen Day Nursery - B63 4JN
Hall Green Infant School - B28 0AR
Hall Green Junior School - B28 9AJ
Hall Green Nursery School - DE13 0HE
Hall Green Primary School - B71 2JQ
Hall Green School - B28 0AA
Hallfield School - B15 3SJ
Hallmoor School - B33 9QY
Hallow Cofe Primary School - WR2 6LD
Hallow Pre-school And Playgroup - WR2 6LD
Ham Dingle Primary School - DY9 0UN
Hamd House Preparatory School - B10 9RB
Hamd House School - B10 9RB
Hamilton Infants' School - ST1 6NW
Hamilton School - B21 8AH
Hamlet Road Playgroup - B28 9BG
Hampton Day Nursery - B91 1PE
Hampton Day Nursery - B93 8QA
Hampton Dene Primary School - HR1 1RT
Hampton In Arden Pre-school - B92 0DQ
Hampton Lucy Cofe Primary School - CV35 8BE
Hampton Magna Pre-school - CV35 8TY
Hampton Malvern College - WR14 3HN
Hampton Park Playgroup - HR1 1UJ
Hamstead Hall School - B20 1HL
Hamstead Infant School - B43 5AS
Hamstead Junior School - B43 5BE
Hamstead Rd Day Nursery Limited - B20 2RA
Hanbury Cofe First School - B60 4BS
Hanbury's Farm Community Primary School - B77 2LD
Hanburys Farm Preschool - B77 2LD
Handsacre Childrens Nursery - WS15 4DB
Handsworth College - B21 9DP
Handsworth Day Care Centre - B20 3RR
Handsworth Grammar School - B21 9ET
Handsworth Neighbourhood Nursery - B21 9BN
Handsworth Wood Girls' Visual And Performing Arts Specialist College And Sixth Form Centre - B20 2HL
Hanley Castle High School - WR8 0BL
Hanley Family Support Centre - ST1 2DE
Hanley Nursery School - ST1 3DQ
Hanley St Luke's Cofe Aided Primary School - ST1 3QH
Hanley Swan Pre-school - WR8 0DU
Hanley Swan St Gabriel's With St Mary's Cofe Primary School - WR8 0EQ
Hanmer Primary School - SY13 3DG
Hanwood Pre-school - SY5 8JN
Happy Corner Playgroup - B32 2RX
Happy Day Nursery - B24 9NL
Happy Days Day Care - WR15 8SH
Happy Days Nursery - B32 2AD
Happy Days Nursery - CV1 2LD
Happy Days Nursery - CV11 6AS
Happy Days Nursery - DY5 4DR
Happy Days Nursery - HR6 0PJ
Happy Days Nursery - ST1 3BY
Happy Days Nursery - SY4 5TB
Happy Days Nursery (astley) - CV10 7QD
Happy Days Nursery School - B61 8QL
Happy Days Playgroup - WR11 2QN
Happy Days Pre School - B67 7NL
Happy Days Pre-school Group - CV5 7LG
Happy Days Pre-school Group - CV5 7PB
Happy Faces Pre-school - CV9 1BN
Happy Hands Pre-school - HR4 9RX
Happy Hippo Playgroup - B62 0BZ
Happy Hours - ST11 9PW
Happy Hours - ST3 3JE
Happy Hours Day Nursery - DY3 3DR
Happy Hours Day Nursery - ST10 1ET
Happy Hours Playgroup - CV2 3JD
Happy Tots - B9 5YD
Happy Tots Nurseries Ltd - B77 5PJ
Happy Tots Nurseries Ltd - WV3 9JR
Happy Tykes Pre-school - CV12 8AD
Happy Valley Pre-school - B71 1QS
Happylands Private Day Nursery - WR2 5DL
Happytots Nurseries Ltd - ST16 1NS
Harborne Hill School - B15 3JL
Harborne Pre-school - B17 0DH
Harborne Primary School - B17 9LU
Harbury Cofe Primary School - CV33 9HR
Harbury Nursery School - CV33 9HD
Harbury Pr-school - CV33 9HW
Harca Under Fives - CV22 5PE
Harden Primary School - WS3 1DE
Hargate Primary School - B71 1PG
Harlescott Junior School - SY1 4QN
Harper Adams University College - TF10 8NB
Harpfield Primary School - ST4 6AP
Harpfields Pre-school Pla - ST4 6AP
Harrington Day Nursery - DE13 0RF
Harris School - CV22 6EA
Harriseahead Under 5's Playgroup - ST8 7JL
Hartlebury Cofe Primary School - DY11 7TD
Hartlebury Independent School - DY11 7TD
Hartlebury Playgroup - DY11 7TD
Hartshill Pre-school Learning Alliance - ST2 7HL
Hartshill School - CV10 0NA
Harvey Road Pre-school - B10 9JT
Harvills Hawthorn Primary School - B70 0NG
Harvington Cofe First School - WR11 8NQ
Harvington Pre-school - WR11 8NQ
Hasbury Cofe Primary School - B63 4QD
Hasbury Pre-school - B63 4QD
Haselor School - B49 6LU
Haslucks Green School - B90 2EJ
Hassell Happy Times Care Club - ST5 1LF
Hassell Primary School - ST5 1LF
Hatchford Brook Junior And Infant School - B92 8LW
Hatchford Community Primary School - B37 5EG
Hateley Heath Primary School - B71 2RP
Hatherton Primary School - WS2 7JT
Haughton Lodge Day Nursery - TF11 8HW
Haughton Pre-school Playgroup - ST18 9EZ
Haughton School - TF7 4BW
Haughton St Giles Cofe (c) Primary School - ST18 9ET
Havannah Pre-school - ST7 3DA
Havergal Cofe (c) Primary School - WV10 7LE
Hawbush Primary School - DY5 3NH
Hawkesbury Fields School - CV2 1PL
Hawkesley Cofe/methodist Primary School - B38 9TR
Hawthorn Cottage Nursery - WR2 5DP
Hawthorn Park Nursery (sutton College) - B74 2NW
Hawthorn Primary School - B44 8QR
Hawthorns Nursery - WS13 8JL
Haybridge High School And Sixth Form - DY8 2XS
Hayes Meadow Primary School - WS15 4EU
Hay-on-wye C.p. School - HR3 5BT
Haywood High School And Engineering College - ST6 7AB
Hazel Oak School - B90 2AZ
Hazel Slade Community Primary School - WS12 5PN
Hazel Slade Playgroup - WS12 5PN
Hazelslade Playgroup - WS12 5PN
Hazles Farm Childcare At Martin Wilson School - SY1 2SP
Hazles Farm Day Nursery - SY4 4HE
Hct Nursery - HR1 1LS
Head Start Day Nursery - ST6 1NX
Head Start Nursery - B33 8UG
Headless Cross Nursery School - B97 5ER
Headstart Childcare - WS9 9NT
Headstart Day Nursery - CV31 3NE
Hearsall Community Primary School - CV5 6LR
Hearsall Playgroup - CV5 6LR
Heart Of England School - CV7 7FW
Heartlands Day Nursery - B7 4JX
Heath Hayes Nursery School - WS12 3XY
Heath Hayes Primary School - WS12 2EP
Heath Mount Primary School - B12 9ST
Heath Park Business And Enterprise College - WV11 1RD
Heathfield Pre-school - DY10 3QE
Heathfield Primary School - B19 1HJ
Heathfield School - DY10 3QE
Heathfield Special School - ST6 6PD
Heathfields Infant School - B77 5LU
Heathlands Junior And Infant School (nc) - B34 6NB
Hedgehogs Nursery - CV34 5DF
Hedgerow Pre School Centre - CV8 1PJ
Hednesford Nursery School - WS12 1AR
Hednesford Valley High School - WS12 4JS
Hempstalls Primary School - ST5 9LH
Henley College - CV2 1ED
Henley College Coventry - CV2 1ED
Henley Green Primary - CV2 1HQ
Henley Green Under Fives - CV2 1HQ
Henley In Arden High School - B95 6AF
Henley In Arden Playgroup - B95 5AU
Henley-in-arden Community Primary School - B95 5LT
Henley-in-arden Montessori Primary School - B95 5JP
Henry Chadwick Primary School - WS15 3QN
Henry Hinde Infant School - CV22 7JQ
Henry Hinde Junior School - CV22 7HN
Henwick Playgroup/early Learners Pre-school - WR2 6AA
Henwood Pre School Group - DY8 1ST
Herbert Fowler Junior School - CV7 8NU
Hereford Cathedral Junior School - HR1 2NW
Hereford Cathedral School - HR1 2NG
Hereford College Of Art And Design - HR1 1LT
Hereford Sixth Form College - HR1 1LU
Hereford Waldorf Nursery & Kindergarten - HR2 8DL
Hereford Waldorf School - HR2 8DL
Herefordshire College Of Art And Design - HR1 1LT
Herefordshire College Of Technology - HR1 1LS
Hereward College - CV4 9SW
Hereward College Of Further Education - CV4 9SW
Heron Cross Primary School - ST4 4LJ
Heronswood Primary School - DY10 4EX
Hickory Dickory Dock Day Nursery - DY10 4DZ
Hide Away Day Nursery - WS2 9JZ
Higbury Pre-school - B73 5HW
High Ercall Pre-school - TF6 6AF
High Ercall Primary School - TF6 6AF
High Flyers Day Nursery - WV7 3EX
High Hopes Day Nursery (sandwell Co - B70 8DW
High Meadow Infant School - B46 1ES
Higham Lane School - CV10 0BJ
Higham On The Hill Pre-school Playgroup - CV13 6AJ
Higham-on-the-hill Church Of England Primary School - CV13 6AJ
Highbury Childrens Centre - B73 5HD
Highclare School - B23 6QL
Highclare School - St Paul S - B74 2SY
Higher Heath Ii - SY13 1RJ
Higher Heath Playgroup - SY13 3EB
Highfield Day Nursery - B15 3ED
Highfield Hoppers Pre-school - ST7 2NW
Highfield Junior And Infant School - B8 3QF
Highfield Nursery School - B8 3QU
Highfield Nursery School Playgroup - B8 3QU
Highfields Farmhouse - B79 0AQ
Highfields Primary School - B65 0DA
Highfields Primary School - WS7 9BT
Highfields Science Specialist School - WV4 4NT
Highgate Primary School - DY2 0SN
Highlea School - WV16 6AX
Highley Community Primary School - WV16 6EH
Highley Minors Childcare C - WV16 6JG
Highley Playgroup - WV16
Highley Pre-school - WV16
Highmore Hedgehogs Pre School - HR4 0EY
Highters Heath Nursery School - B14 4BH
Highters Heath Primary School - B14 4LY
Highwood Day Nursery - DE15 9RP
Hill Avenue Junior And Infant School - WV4 6PY
Hill Farm Playgroup - CV6 3BL
Hill Farm Primary School - CV6 3BL
Hill Ridware Pre-school - WS15 3QX
Hill West Nursery - B74 4LD
Hill West Primary School - B74 4LD
Hillary Primary School - WS2 9BP
Hillbillies Pre-school - WR8 0JU
Hillborough Family Centre - WR5 1BD
Hillchurch House P D N - ST1 2EZ
Hillchurch House Private Day Nurseries Ltd - ST6 2ED
Hillchurch House Private Day Nursery - ST15 8LL
Hillcrest Kings Bromley - DE13 7HR
Hillcrest Pentwyn School - HR3 5SE
Hillcrest School A Specialist Maths And Computing College And Sixth Form Centre - B32 3AE
Hillfields Early Years Centre - CV1 5GR
Hillgate Farm - SY5 0HJ
Hillmorton Primary School - CV21 4PE
Hillside House Nursery - SY3 0AU
Hillside Primary School - ST2 7AS
Hillstone Primary School - B34 7PY
Hilltop Community Primary School - ST7 1PW
Himbleton Cofe First School - WR9 7LE
Himley Crescent Nursery - WV4 5DA
Himmath Nursery - B7 4JH
Hinckley Road Pre-school Nursery - CV2 2EX
Hindlip Cofe First School - WR3 8RJ
Hinstock Pre School - TF9 2TY
Hinstock Primary School - TF9 2TE
Hippos Day Nursery - CV21 3PT
Hixon Pre-school Playgroup - ST18 0QF
Hoar Cross Day Nursery - DE13 8RB
Hob Green Primary School - DY9 9EX
Hob Hill Cofe/methodist Primary School - WS15 1ED
Hobmoor Primary School - B25 8TN
Hobs Meadow Pre-school Group - B92 8PN
Hobs Moat Centre - B92 8QE
Hockley Heath Primary School - B94 6RA
Hockley Heath Under Fives - B94 6HH
Hodge Hill Girls' School - B36 8EY
Hodge Hill Primary School - B36 8LD
Hodge Hill School - B36 8HB
Hodnet Pre-school Playgroup Committee - TF9 3NS
Hodnet Primary School - TF9 3NS
Hokey Cokey Playgroup - DY10 1QX
Holbrook Primary School - CV6 6FR
Holbrooks Community Centre Playgroup - CV 6 4JU
Holbrooks Community Centre Playgroup - CV6 4JU
Holden Lane High School Specialist Sports College - ST1 6LG
Holden Lane Primary School - ST1 6JS
Holland House Infant School - B72 1RE
Holland House Infant School And Nursery - B72 1RE
Hollies Day Nursery - B23 2NG
Hollinswood Infant And Nursery School - TF3 2EP
Hollinswood Junior School - TF3 2EP
Hollinswood Under Fives Playgroup - TF3 2DN
Holly Grove Primary School - WS7 1LU
Holly Hall Maths And Computing College - DY1 2DU
Holly Hill Methodist Cofe Infant School - B45 0EU
Holly Hill Playgroup - B45 0EN
Holly Lodge Day Nursery - CV22 5HR
Holly Lodge High School College Of Science - B67 7JG
Holly Tots - WS7 1LU
Hollyberries Nursery - CV10 9QA
Hollyfast Primary School - CV6 2AH
Hollyfield Nursery - B75 7SG
Hollyfield Primary School - B75 7SG
Hollymoor Community Nursery - B31 5ER
Hollywall Primary School - ST6 5PT
Hollywood The Coppice Primary School - B47 5JN
Hollywood Primary School - B14 4TG
Holmcroft Playgroup - ST16 1NL
Holmcroft Pre-school Playgroup - ST16 1JG
Holme From Home Nursery (farm Childcare Group) - HR2 6LW
Holme Lacy College - HR2 6LL
Holme Lacy Primary School - HR2 6LW
Holmer Cofe Primary School - HR4 9RX
Holmer Lake Primary School - TF3 1LD
Holte School - B19 2EP
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - B76 2SP
Holy Cross Cofe Junior School - SY2 6LE
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - B10 0HT
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - CV6 2GU
Holy Name Catholic Primary School - B43 6LN
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School - DE15 0JE
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School - WV1 2BS
Holy Rosary Pre School Playgroup - DE15 0JE
Holy Souls Catholic Primary School - B27 6BN
Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College - B10 0AX
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School Bilston - WV14 7PD
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - B20 3LP
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - WS8 7EG
Holy Trinity Cofe (c) Primary School - DE14 1SN
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - B70 6NF
Holy Trinity Playgroup - ST5 1LQ
Holy Trinity Playgroup - SY3 7ET
Holy Trinity Pre-school - B74 2NU
Holy Trinity School - DY10 2BY
Holyhead Association Of Community Help - B21 0HN
Holyhead Primary School - WS10 7PZ
Holyhead School - B21 0HN
Holyoakes Field Pupil Referral Unit - B97 6HH
Holywell Primary And Nursery School - B45 9EY
Home And Hospital Tuition Centre - DY2 9LY
Home Farm Day Nursery - B61 0QB
Honey Bears Day Nursery - B76 2QA
Honey Bears Nursery - B23 6UE
Honey Pots - B98 8LY
Honeybourne First School - WR11 7PJ
Honeybourne Playgroup - WR11 5PJ
Honeybuns Day Nursery - ST17 4JX
Honeybuns Day Nursery - WS11 3QX
Honeypot House Day Nursery - B90 3LH
Honeypot Playgroup - DY14 0NA
Hope Cofe Primary School - SY5 0JB
Hope For Children And Their Families - HR7 4QU
Hope Nursery - CV1 5LB
Hope Playgroup - SY5 0JB
Hopes And Dreams Day Nursery - CV35 7EX
Hopscotch - WS7 8TU
Hopscotch Child Care Centre - WV10 0QP
Hopscotch Childcare Centre Day Nursery - WS7 8TU
Hopscotch Nursery - B20 2RE
Hopscotch Playgroup Pre School - HR1 4HY
Hopscotch Pre School - WR10 1EB
Hopscotch Pre-school - B30 2AA
Hopscotch Preschool Playgroup - HR1 4EX
Hopton Wafers Cofe (controlled) Primary School - DY14 0NA
Hopwas Pre-school - B78 3AS
Horeston Grange Preschool - CV11 6GU
Horizon School For Children With Autism - WS15 3JQ
Horn End Nursery - ST16 3TA
Horn End Nursery - ST18 0PR
Horn End Nursery - WS15 1BL
Horninglow Infants' School - DE13 0SW
Horton Lodge Community Special School - ST13 8RB
Horton St Michaels First School - ST13 8RB
Hospital Education Centre - CV2 2DX
Howard Pre-school - B79 9DA
Howard Primary School - B79 9DB
Howes Community Primary School - CV3 5EH
Howes Primary School Playgroup - CV3 5EH
Howitt House School - DE13 8TG
Howley Grange Kindergarten - B62 0HS
Howley Grange Primary School - B62 0HS
Hugo Meynell Cofe (vc) Primary School - TF9 4NU
Humpty Dumpty Day Nursery - DE13 8NR
Humpty Dumpty Day Nursery - WS14 9AN
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - CV22 7NH
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - CV11 4QP
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup Nursery - WV8 1EH
Humpty Dumpty's Day Nursery - B65 0AY
Humpty Dumptys Day Nursery - Great Bridge - DY4 7JY
Hunderton Neighbourhood Nursery - HR2 7JF
Hundred Acre Pre School Playgroup - B74 2JG
Hunny Beez - WR3 8BG
Hunters Hill Technology College - B60 1QD
Huntington Community Primary School - WS12 4PD
Huntingtree Primary School - B63 4DZ
Hurley Nursery - CV9 2HY
Hurley Primary School - CV9 2HY
Hurst Green Primary School - B62 9NZ
Hurst Hill Pre School - WV14 9AJ
Hurst Hill Primary School - WV14 9AJ
Hydesville Tower School - WS1 2QG
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