School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

West Midlands Schools C

Cabbage Patch - B75 5DX
Cabbage Patch Nursery - B75 7DX
Cabbage Patch Nursery - B76 2RU
Cadbury Sixth Form College - B38 8QT
Cadeby Lane Stepping Ston - CV13 0AX
Caldecote Day Nursery - CV21 2QN
Caldmore Community Primary School - WS1 3RH
Callow End Cofe Primary School - WR2 4TE
Calshot Primary School - B42 2BY
Calshot Road Playgroup - B42 2BY
Calthorpe School Sports College - B12 0TJ
Caludon Castle School - CV2 5BD
Cambridge Road Playgroup - B13 9UE
Camp Hill Primary School And Early Years Centre - CV10 9QA
Campion School And Community College - CV31 1QH
Cannock Chase High School - WS11 1JT
Cannock Chase Technical College - WS11 1UE
Cannock Community Playgroup - WS11 1LG
Cannock Day Nursery - WS11 1HX
Cannock Early Years Centre - WS11 5BU
Cannon Park Primary School - CV4 7PS
Canon Evans Cofe Infant School - CV12 8RT
Canon Maggs Cofe Junior School - CV12 8RT
Canon Pyon Cofe Primary School - HR4 8PF
Canon Pyon Pre-school - HR4 8PF
Canterbury Cross Primary School - B20 3AA
Canwell Nursery School - B75 5SD
Cape Primary School - B66 4SH
Cape Street Familiy Centre - B18 4LE
Captain Webb Primary School - TF4 3DU
Cardinal Griffin Catholic High School - WS11 4AW
Cardinal Newman Catholic School And Community College - CV6 2FR
Cardinal Newman Playgroup - CV6 2FR
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School And Language College - CV2 2AJ
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Technology College - B44 9SR
Caretakers Day Nursery - SY5 0RF
Caretakers Day Nursery Ltd - SY1 3NN
Caring Kindergarten Ltd - CV37 0RF
Caring Kindergartens Ltd - CV37 0RF
Caring Kindergartens Ltd - CV37 ORF
Carmountside Primary School - ST2 8DJ
Carole Pugh - WR4 0DZ
Carousel Day Nursery - DY9 8QJ
Carousel Kindergarten - WV3 9QU
Carousel Playgroup - SY8 1QU
Carousel Preparatory Class - B79 0BT
Carreg Llwyd Pre-school - SY11 2QP
Carters Lane Playgroup - B62 0BX
Carver Road Playgroup - DE13 0GQ
Caslon Primary School - B63 2ES
Castle Bromwich Infant School - B36 0BX
Castle Bromwich Junior School - B36 0HD
Castle Day Nursery - SY11 2EG
Castle High School And Visual Arts College - DY1 3JE
Castle Homes Upper Forge - TF8 7DT
Castle House School - TF10 7JE
Castle Keep Preschool - CV5 9NG
Castle Nursery School - CV8 2PE
Castle Park Infant School - DE13 0NZ
Castle Pre-school - ST7 4NE
Castle Primary School - ST7 4NE
Castle Road Playgroup - B69 8HR
Castle School - WS3 2ED
Castle Vale Nursery School - B35 6DU
Castle Vale School And Specialist Performing Arts College - B35 7NL
Castlechurch Primary School - ST17 9SY
Castlecroft Primary School - WV3 8HS
Castlefields Community Playgroup - SY1 2SP
Castlefields Primary School - WV16 5DQ
Castlefort Junior Mixed And Infant School - WS9 9JP
Castlemorton Cofe Primary School - WR13 6BG
Castlemorton Pre-school - WR13 6AS
Caterpillar Nursery - CV32 6NH
Caterpillar Playschool - SY8 4NE
Caterpillar Pre-school Playgroup - DY6 0JX
Caterpillars - DE14 3LG
Caterpillars Day Nursery - WV6 0DB
Catherine Cross Nursery For Little - WS10 8TE
Catherine House Day Nursery - B13 9PZ
Catherine House Day Nursery School - B13 9PZ
Catherine House Day Nursery School - B31 2HU
Catherine House Day Nursery School - CV32 5SW
Catherine House Day Nursery School - WS5 4LG
Cats - HR9 5QU
Catshill Methodist Pre-school - B61 0LG
Catshill Village Hall Playgroup - B61 0JZ
Cauldon Campus Nursery - ST4 2DG
Causeway Green Primary School - B68 8LX
Cawston Grange Primary School - CV22 7GU
Caynham Cofe Primary School - SY8 3BJ
Cedars - Newcastle Orme And Wall Lane Bases - ST5 8AZ
Celandine Nursery - B14 4DR
Celanine Out Of School Cl - B14 4ER
Central Park Nursery - TF2 9TU
Central Park Nursery Ltd - TF2 9TU
Central Pre-school - B79 7EE
Centre 4 - CV2 3DN
Centre For Accelerated Learning - B33 0HA
Centre Pre-school - CV8 1JP
Chad Vale Primary School - B15 3JU
Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary School - DY10 4SD
Chaddesley Corbett Pre-school Nurse - DY10 4SD
Chads Children - WV14 6NY
Chadsgrove School - B61 0JL
Chadsmead Primary School - WS13 7HJ
Chadsmoor Ce (vc) Junior School - WS11 6DR
Chadsmoor Community Infants And Nursey School - WS11 6EU
Chancel Primary School - WS15 2EW
Chandos Primary School - B12 0YN
Chapel Fields Junior School - B92 7QF
Chapel Nursery - TF2 6JN
Charlie Caterpillars - WS2 7PS
Charlotte Street Pre-school - CV31 3EB
Charlton School - TF1 3LE
Charlton With Cropthorne Pre-school - WR10 3LQ
Charnwood Primary School - WS13 7PH
Charter Primary School - CV4 8DW
Charterhouse Pre School - CV1 2AY
Chase Academy - WS11 3UR
Chase Academy Co Lyncroft House - WS11 3UR
Chase Academy International Study Centre - WS11 0UR
Chase Terrace Primary School - WS7 1AH
Chase Terrace Technology College - WS7 2DB
Chase Under 5s Nursery - WS11 2HD
Chase Under Fives Pre School Playgroup - WS11 5HD
Chase View Community Primary School - WS15 1NE
Chaselea Pru - WS11 1LH
Chasetown Community School - WS7 3QL
Chasetown Specialist Sports College - WS7 3QW
Chasewood Pre-school - WS7 8TU
Chatter Box Day Nursery - DY2 0JT
Chatterbox Day Nursery - SY8 1DR
Chatterbox Pre-school - WR10 2QB
Chatterbox Pre-school - WR3 8PB
Chawn Hill Pre-school - DY9 7JD
Cheadle High School - ST10 1LH
Cheadle Methodist Nursery School - ST10 1EE
Cheadle Primary School - ST10 1EN
Cheadle Rakeway Pre School Group - ST10 1DZ
Cheeky Charleys Nursery - B61 8TH
Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery - B15 2HA
Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery - ST14 7BY
Chell Heath Kindergarten - ST6 6PD
Chelmarsh Pre-school - WV16 6BA
Cherry Oak School - B29 6PB
Cherry Orchard Pre-school Group - WR5 3DY
Cherry Orchard Primary School - B20 2LB
Cherry Tree Day Nursery - ST17 9YT
Cherry Trees Day Nursery & Nursery School - HR7 4BQ
Cherry Trees School - WV5 0AX
Cherubs Community Playgroup - CV2 5JH
Cherubs Private Day Nursery - ST2 8DU
Cheshunt Preparatory School - CV1 2LH
Cheshunt School - CV1 2LH
Cheslyn Hay Primary School - WS6 7JQ
Cheslyn Hay Sport And Community High School - WS6 7JQ
Chester Bear Nursery - WS9 0SQ
Chesterton Community High School - ST5 7LP
Chesterton Primary School - ST5 7NT
Chestnut Tree Nursery - B46 1AD
Cheswardine Pre School - TF9 2RU
Cheswardine Primary School - TF9 2RU
Cheswardine Under Fives - TF9 2RN
Cheswick Green Pre School Play Grou - B90 4JA
Cheswick Green Primary School - B90 4HG
Chetwynd Junior School - CV11 4SE
Cheylesmore Pre-school - CV3 5JX
Cheylesmore Under Fives - CV3 5EH
Chilcote Primary School - B28 0PB
Child Development Centre - HR2 7RL
Childcare At Webheath First School - B97 5RJ
Children & Co Nursery - WS1 1YB
Children Centre/east Birmingham Fam - B10 0JL
Childrens Corner Day Nursery - SY10 8AJ
Childrens World (stoke) - CV2 4BG
Childs Ercall Cofe Primary School - TF9 2DA
Child's Play - CV37 6YY
Childsplay Nursery - B77 4EW
Chilvers Coton Community Infant School - CV11 5RB
Chipmunks Day Nursery - TF3 1LG
Chivenor Junior And Infant School - B35 7JA
Chorley Family Playgroup - WV16 6PP
Christ Church Church Of England Infant School And Nursery Tettenhall Wood - WV6 8EL
Christ Church Church Of England Junior School - WV6 8LG
Christ Church Cof E (va) Primary School - B69 4DE
Christ Church Cofe (a) Middle School - ST15 8JD
Christ Church Cofe (c) First School - ST15 8EP
Christ Church Cofe (c) Primary School - WS13 8AY
Christ Church Cofe Controlled Primary School And Nursery - B11 1LF
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - SY5 6DH
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - WS3 1EN
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - WV14 8YD
Christ Church Infants' School - DE14 3TE
Christ Church Pre-school Nursery - SY3 0PZ
Christ The King Catholic Infant School - CV6 2AA
Christ The King Catholic Junior School - CV6 2DJ
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - B44 0QN
Christ The King Playgroup - CV6 1DP
Christ The King Playschool - CV5 5HG
Christchurch Ce Primary School - ST4 2JG
Christchurch Pre School - B32 1AJ
Christopher Whitehead Language College - WR2 4AF
Chuckery Primary School - WS1 2DZ
Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery - DE14 3BY
Chuckles And Chums - B37 7JT
Chuckles Pre-school Nursery Ltd - ST3 2QS
Church Aston Infant School - TF10 9JN
Church Eaton Endowed (va) Primary School - ST20 0AG
Church House Day Nursery Ltd - DY11 6RH
Church Lawton Primary School - ST7 3EL
Church Leigh Pre-school Playgroup - ST10 4PT
Church Lench Cofe First School - WR11 4UE
Church Of The Ascension Cofe Primary School - DY6 9AH
Church Of The Ascension Playgroup - B28 9DR
Church Preen Primary School - SY6 7LH
Church Stretton School - SY6 6EX
Churchfield Cofe (c) Primary School - WS15 2LB
Churchfields Primary School - ST5 7HY
Churnet View Middle School - ST13 6PU
Cicely Haughton School - ST9 0BX
City College - B33 0TS
City College Birmingham - B33 0TS
City College Coventry - CV1 3GD
City College Coventry - CV4 9SU
City Of Stoke On Trent Sixth Form College - ST4 2RR
City Of Stoke-on-trent Sixth Form College - ST4 2RR
City Of Wolverhampton College - WV6 0DU
City Of Wolverhampton College - WV6 ODU
City Road Primary School - B16 0HL
City Technology College - B37 6NZ
Claines Cofe Primary School - WR3 7RW
Claire Oldroyd - ST20 0EX
Clapham Terrace Community Primary School And Nursery - CV31 1HZ
Claregate Primary School - WV6 9JU
Claremont Family Centre - B11 1LD
Claremont Community Day N - B11 1LD
Clarice Cliff Primary School - ST3 1EJ
Claverdon Primary School - CV35 8QA
Claverley Cofe Primary School - WV5 7DT
Clayton Hall Business And Language College - ST5 3DN
Clayton Playgroup - ST5 3PJ
Clee Hill Community Primary School - SY8 3NE
Clee View Day Nursery And Kids Club - SY8 1HX
Cleeve Prior Cofe (controlled) First School - WR11 8LG
Cleeve Prior Pre School - WR11 5LG
Clehonger Cofe Primary School - HR2 9SN
Clehonger Pre-school - HR2
Clent Parochial Primary School - DY9 9QP
Cleobury Mortimer Nursery - DY14 8PE
Cleobury Mortimer Playgro - DY14 8PE
Cleobury Mortimer Primary School - DY14 8PE
Clever Caterpillars - CV6 5HA
Clifford Bridge Primary School - CV3 2PD
Clifford Primary School - HR3 5HA
Clifton Playgroup - CV23 0BT
Clifton Primary School - B12 8LY
Clifton-upon-dunsmore Cofe Primary School - CV23 0BT
Clifton-upon-teme Nursery Ltd - WR6 6DH
Clifton-upon-teme Playgroup - WR6 6DN
Clifton-upon-teme Primary School - WR6 6DH
Clinton Primary School - CV8 1DL
Clive Cofe Primary School - SY4 3LF
Clopton Nursery Trust - CV37 6TE
Clopton Road Day Nursery - B33 0RJ
Cloud 9 Day Nursery - DY3 1SR
Clough Hall Technology School - ST7 1DP
Club 0-5 Ltd - TF7 4QU
Clunbury Cofe Primary School - SY7 0HE
Clunbury Under Fives - SY7 0HE
Clyro C.i.w. School - HR3 5LE
Coalbrookdale And Ironbridge Cofe Primary School - TF8 7DS
Coalbrookdale And Ironbridge Nursery And Toddlers - TF8 7DS
Cobridge Creche - ST6 3DQ
Cockshut Hill Technology College - B26 2HX
Cockshutt Cofe Primary School - SY12 0JE
Cockshutt Community Playgroup - SY12 0JF
Coddington Court School - HR8 1JL
Codsall Community High School - WV8 1PQ
Codsall Day Nursery - WV8 1EP
Codsall Middle School - WV8 1PB
Codsall Trinity Methodist Pre-school Nursery - WV8 2EJ
Cofton Hackett Playgroup - B45 8ND
Cofton Primary School - B31 4ST
Colebourne Pre-school - B34 6BJ
Colebourne Primary School - B34 6BJ
Coleham Primary School - SY3 7EN
Coleshill Cofe Primary School - B46 3LL
Coleshill Heath School - B37 7JT
Coleshill Playgroup - B46 1HN
Coleshill Playgroup - B46 1HN
Coleshill Playgroup - B46 3LA
Colley Lane Primary School - B63 2TN
Collingwood House Day Nursery - DE14 2EF
Collingwood House Nursery - DE14 2EF
Colmers Farm Infant School - B45 9PB
Colmers Farm Junior School - B45 9PB
Colmers School And Sports College - B45 9NY
Colmore Community Playgroup - B14 6AJ
Colmore Infant And Nursery School - B14 6AJ
Colmore Junior School - B14 6AJ
Colton Hills Community School - WV4 5DG
Column Nursery - SY2 6AX
Colwall Cofe Primary School - WR13 6DU
Colwich Cofe (c) Primary School - ST17 0XD
Colwich Playgroup - ST17 0XD
Comberton Primary School - DY10 3ED
Community Corner Pre-school - DY12 2UQ
Companions - ST21 6LF
Concord College - SY5 7PF
Condover Cofe Primary School - SY5 7AA
Condover College Limited - SY5 7AH
Condover Horizon School - SY5 7AH
Condover Pre-school - SY5 7AA
Congerstone Primary School - CV13 6NH
Conway & Emmanuel Pre-school - B11 1NS
Conway Primary School - B11 1NS
Coogee Nursery School - B74 3EL
Cookley Pre School Playgr - DY10 3TA
Cookley Rising 5 S - DY10 3UG
Cookley Sebright First Sch - DY10 3TA
Cookley Sebright Primary School - DY10 3TA
Cooper And Jordan Church Of England Primary School - WS9 8NH
Cooper Perry Primary School - ST18 9PQ
Coppice Junior School - B92 9JY
Coppice Performing Arts School - WV11 2QE
Coppice Playgroup - B92 9JY
Coppice Primary School - B75 6TJ
Coppice School - ST5 2EY
Copsewood School - CV6 4LX
Corbett Va Cofe Primary School - DY7 5DU
Corley Centre - CV7 8AZ
Cornerstone Chatterbox Corner Pre-school - B77 3AE
Cornerstone Childcare Centre - B77 3AE
Cornerstone Pre-school - B65 0LY
Cornfields Nursery - WV4 5DG
Corngreaves Junior And Infant School - B64 6EZ
Cornmeadow Pre School Playgroup - WR3 7NY
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - B33 8BL
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Ashmore Park - WV11 2LT
Corpus Christi Catholic School - CV3 2QP
Corpus Christi Playgroup - CV3 2QP
Corvedale Cofe Primary School - SY7 9DH
Corvedale Playgroup - SY7 9DH
Coten End Playgroups - CV34 5JG
Coten End Primary School - CV34 4NP
Coton Centre Nursery - B79 9AA
Coton End Pre-school Playgroup - ST20 0BN
Coton Green Pre-school Nursery - B79 8LX
Coton Green Primary School - B79 8LX
Coton Neighborhourhood Nursery - CV11 5RB
Cotteridge Junior And Infant School - B30 2HT
Cottesbrooke Infant School - B27 6LG
Cottesbrooke Junior School - B27 6JL
Cotton Tails Day Nursery - B31 2RE
Cottontails Too Day Nursery - B45 9BL
Cotty Kitten Pre School C - DY3 3YG
Cotwall End Primary School - DY3 3YG
Coughton Cofe Primary School - B49 5HN
Coundon Court Early Years Centre - CV6 2AJ
Coundon Court School And Community College - CV6 2AJ
Coundon Family Centre - 8 S - CV6 1HT
Coundon Pre-school - CV6 1GB
Coundon Primary School - CV6 1FQ
Country Kids Day Nursery - ST19 9AP
County Bridge Primary School - WS2 0DH
Court Farm Primary School - B23 5NS
Court Oak Kindergarten - B32 2BN
Court Oak Playgroup - B17 9AD
Courthouse Green Primary School - CV6 7GX
Coventry City Football Fc Playing For Success Project - CV6 6AQ
Coventry Hospital School And Home Tuition Service - CV2 2DX
Coventry Muslim School - CV6 5JQ
Coventry Pre School Education & Brake Service - CV2 1HQ
Coventry Preparatory School - CV3 6PT
Coventry Rugby Football Club Partnership Centre - CV1 3GE
Coventry Speech And Language Service Co Manor Park Primary School - CV3 5EZ
Coventry Sports Foundation - CV6 7GP
Coventry University - CV1 5FB
Coventry University Nursery - CV1 5QA
Coventry Youth Offending Service - CV1 2GY
Crabbs Cross & Hunt End Pre-school - B97 5JF
Crackerjacks Day Nursery - SY4 4BE
Crackley Bank Primary School - ST5 7BE
Crackley Hall School - CV8 2FT
Cradley Cofe Primary School - B63 2UL
Cradley Cofe Primary School - WR13 5NG
Cradley High School - B63 2UP
Cradley Play Nursery - B63 2PQ
Cradley Playgroup - WR13 5LJ
Cradley Pre-school Playgroup - WR13 5LL
Craig Croft Education Centre - B37 7TR
Cranberry Infant School - ST7 2LE
Cranberry Junior School - ST7 2LE
Cranford House Day Nursery - CV21 3QF
Cranmore Infant School - B90 4SA
Cranmore Little Acorns - B90 4SA
Cranmore Under Fives Playgroup - B90 4QP
Craven Arms Playgroup - SY7 9PY
Credenhill Playgroup - HR4 7DW
Crescent Primary School - ST3 6HZ
Crescent School - CV22 7QH
Crestwood Park Primary School - DY6 8RP
Criftins Cofe Primary School - SY12 9LT
Crocketts Lane Primary School - B66 3BX
Croft Community Primary School - WS2 8JE
Croft Day Nursery - ST5 1DS
Croft Junior School - CV10 8ER
Croft Primary School - WS15 4AZ
Cromwell Junior And Infant School And Nursery Class - B7 5BA
Cronehills Junior And Infant School - B70 8SU
Cropthorne-with-charlton Cofe First School - WR10 3NB
Cross Heath Day Nursery - ST5 9LW
Cross Heath Playgroup - ST5 9BL
Crowgate Childcare Centre - SY9 5BX
Crowle Cofe First School - WR7 4AT
Crowle Pre School - WR7 4AZ
Crowmoor Primary School - SY2 5JJ
Crown Special School - DE13 0HB
Cruckton Hall School - SY5 8PR
Crudgington Primary School - TF6 6JF
Cubbington Cofe Primary School - CV32 7JY
Cubbington Methodist Church Playgroup - CV32 7NA
Curdworth Preschool - B76 9ES
Curdworth Primary School - B76 9HF
Cutnall Green Cofe First - WR9 0PH
Cygnets Day Nursery - WR11 4PA
Cygnets Education & Childcare - CV37 6HN
Cygnets Pre-school Playgroup - DE15 0BT
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