School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South West Schools U-V-W E-mail

Incorporating schools within Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Ubley Church Of England Primary School - BS40 6PJ
Ubley Pre-school - BS40 6PW
Uffculme Pre-school - EX15 3AY
Uffculme Primary School - EX15 3AY
Uffculme School - EX15 3AG
Ugborough Primary School - PL21 0NJ
Ugborough Under Fives - PL21 0NJ
Uley Church Of England Primary School - GL11 5SW
Uley Playgroup - GL11 5AL
Umberleigh Community Primary School - EX37 9AD
Underhill Community Junior School - DT5 1JW
University College Falmouth - TR11 4RA
University College Of St.mark & St.john - PL6 8BH
University Of Bath - BA2 7AY
University Of Exeter - EX4 4QJ
University Of Gloucestershire - GL50 2QF
University Of Gloucestershire - GL50 2RH
University Of Gloucestershire Pre S - GL50 2PR
University Of Plymouth - PL4 8AA
University Of The West Of England - BS16 1QY
University Of The West Of England Bristol - BS16 1QY
Upavon Community Playgroup - SN9 6AG
Upavon Primary School - SN9 6AF
Upfield Preparatory School - GL5 4AY
Uphill Primary School - BS23 4XH
Uplands Community Primary School - GL5 1TE
Uplands Playgroup - GL5 1TE
Uplands School - BH14 9JY
Uplands School - SN25 2NB
Upleadon & Pauntley Playgroup - GL19 3JD
Uplowman Church Of England Primary School - EX16 7DR
Upottery Primary School - EX14 9QT
Upper Avon Pre-school - SP4 8HH
Upper Cross Nursery School - SN8 1LB
Upper Knapp Farm Day Nursery - GL11 5LS
Upper Shaw Farm Playgroup - SN5 9PU
Upper Studley Playgroup - BA14 0EE
Upton Cross Primary School - PL14 5AX
Upton Infants' School - BH16 5LQ
Upton Junior School - BH16 5NQ
Upton Methodist Pre School - BH16 5NN
Upton Noble Cofe Vc Primary School - BA4 6AU
Upton St James Cofe Primary School - TQ1 4AZ
Upton St James Playgroup - TQ1 4AZ
Upton St Leonards Church Of England Primary School - GL4 8ED
Upton St Leonards Playgroup - GL4 8AG
Urchfont Church Of England Primary School - SN10 4RA
Urchfont Manor College - SN10 4RG
Urchfont Pre-school - SN10 4RA
Val Howard - PL6 5TQ
Vale Of Berkeley College - GL13 9RS
Vallis Early Days Playgroup - BA11 3EF
Vallis First School - BA11 3DB
Verwood Church Of England First School - BH31 6JF
Verwood First Pre-school - BH31 6JF
Verwood Kindergarten & Time For Play Club - BH31 7PD
Verwood Pre-school Playcentre - BH31 6DR
Verwood Urc Playgroup - BH31 6DY
Veryan & Portloe Playgroup - TR2 5UW
Veryan Cofe School - TR2 5QA
Victoria Education Centre - BH13 6AS
Victoria House Pre-school - EX32 9HR
Victoria Methodist Pre-school - BS31 2JA
Victoria Road Primary School - PL5 1RH
Victoria School - BH13 6AS
Victory Playgroup - TA2 8PQ
Victory Pre-school - BA2 2EF
Vinney Green - BS16 7AA
Vorda Pre-school - SN6 7AJ
Voyager Pupil Referral Unit - TQ9 5JT
Vranch House School - EX4 8AD
Wadebridge Community Primary School - PL27 6BL
Wadebridge Nursery - PL27 7AT
Wadebridge School - PL27 6BU
Wadham School - TA18 7NT
Walkers Day Nursery - GL56 0LT
Walkhampton Pre-school - PL20 6JX
Walliscote Primary School - BS23 1UY
Walmore Hill Primary School - GL2 8LA
Walter Daw Primary School - EX2 5AW
Walter Powell Pre-school - SN15 5HS
Walton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA16 9LA
Walton Under Fives Pre-school - BA16 9LA
Walwayne Court School - BA14 9DU
Wanborough Playgroup - SN4 0ES
Wanborough Primary School - SN4 0EJ
Wansdyke Community School - SN10 5EF
Wansdyke Primary School - BS14 0DU
Warberry Church Of England Primary School - TQ1 1SB
Warbstow Community Primary School - PL15 8UP
Warbstow Pre-school - PL15 8UP
Warden Hill Primary School - GL51 3DF
Wardour Catholic Primary School - SP3 6RF
Wardour Pre-school - SP3 6RF
Wareham Middle School - BH20 4PH
Warminster Garrison Pre School - BA12 0BY
Warminster Kingdown - BA12 9DR
Warminster Preparatory School - BA12 8JG
Warminster Preschool Nursery - BA12 0AB
Warminster Preschool Nursery - BA12 9NT
Warminster Sambourne Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA12 8LF
Warminster School - BA12 8PJ
Warmley Community Centre Pre-school - BS15 9JB
Warmley Park School - BS30 8XL
Warren View Pre-school - EX8 3DH
Washford Pre-school - TA23
Watchfield Kindergarten - SN6 8TA
Watchfield Primary School - SN6 8SD
Watcombe Primary School - TQ2 8NU
Watercleaves Nursery School - DT6 5HW
Waterloo Road Community Pre-school - TA11 8JQ
Watermoor Church Of England Primary School - GL7 1JR
Watermoor Early Years Centre - GL7 1JU
Watery Lane Preschool - TA24 5NY
Waves Pre School - PL5 2HN
Waycroft Primary School - BS14 8PS
Weare Church Of England First School - BS26 2JS
Weare Community Playgroup - BS26 2QW
Webber's Church Of England Primary School - TA21 0PE
Wedmore First School - BS28 4BS
Wedmore Playgroup - BS28 4BS
Weeth Community Primary School - TR14 7GA
Well Park House Playgroup - PL12 4DN
Wellesley Park Pre-school - TA21 9AJ
Wellesley Park Primary School - TA21 9AJ
Wellesley Primary School - BS37 8YR
Wellington Community Playgroup - TA21 8AQ
Wellington Community Playgroup - TA21 8DQ
Wellington School - TA21 8NT
Wellington School Pre-school Nursery - TA21 8NT
Wells Cathedral Junior School - BA5 2ST
Wells Cathedral School - BA5 2ST
Wells Central Cofe Junior School - BA5 1TS
Wellsprings Primary School - TA2 7NF
Wellsway School - BS31 1PH
Welton Primary School - BA3 2AG
Welton Rovers Playschool - BA3 2QD
Welton School Playgroup - BA3 2AG
Wembdon St George's Church Of England Primary School - TA6 7PS
Wembdon Sunshiners Under 5's - TA6 7RR
Wembury Pre-school - PL9 0EB
Wembury Primary School - PL9 0EB
Wendron Cofe Primary School - TR13 0PX
Wendron Pre-school - TR13 0BZ
Wentworth College - BH5 2DY
Werrington School - PL15 8TN
Wesley Pre-school - TR9 6DJ
Wessex College - BA11 4LA
Wessex Pre-school Playgroup - TA11 6RR
West Alvington Church Of England Primary School - TQ7 3PP
West And East Putford School - EX22 7UT
West Ashton Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BA14 6AZ
West Buckland Community Primary School - TA21 9LD
West Buckland Playgroup - TA21 9NA
West Buckland Preparatory School - EX32 0SX
West Buckland School - EX32 0SX
West Chinnock Church Of England Primary School - TA18 7PT
West Chinnock Playschool - TA18 7QE
West Coker Cof E Vc Primary School - BA22 9AS
West Croft Junior School - EX39 3DE
West Down Pre-school - EX34 8NF
West Down School - EX34 8NF
West End Pre-school - DT9 6AX
West Exe Childrens Centre Nursery School - EX4 1HL
West Exe Technology College - EX2 9JU
West Hill Nursery - EX33 1AR
West Hill Pre-school - EX11 1UQ
West Hill Primary School - EX11 1UQ
West Huntspill Community Primary School - TA9 3QE
West Huntspill Sch Under 5's Group - TA9 3NF
West Leigh Infant School - BS48 3NG
West Looe Playgroup - PL13 2AR
West Monkton Church Of England Primary School - TA2 8PA
West Moors St Mary's Church Of England Voluntary Controlled First School - BH22 0JF
West Moors Middle School - BH22 0DA
West Moors Pre-school - BH22 0JF
West Of England College - EX2 6HA
West Of England School - EX2 6HA
West Park Primary School - PL5 2LY
West Pennard Church Of England Primary School - BA6 8NT
West Pennard Playgroup - BA6 8LW
West Pennard Playgroup - BA6 8N
West Somerset Nursery School - TA24 5JA
West Somerset Opportunity Group - TA24 5RJ
West Town Lane Primary School - BS4 5DT
West Tytherley Church Of England Primary School - SP5 1JX
West Wiltshire Portage Service - BA14 8BR
Westbourne Pre-school - SN1 5HS
Westbury Baptist Pre-school - BS9 3TD
Westbury Church Of England Junior School - BA13 3LY
Westbury Infants' School - BA13 3NY
Westbury Leigh Cofe Primary School - BA13 3UR
Westbury Leigh Playgroup - BA13 3SF
Westbury Park Primary School - BS6 7NU
Westbury-on-severn Church Of England Primary School - GL14 1PA
Westbury-on-trym Cofe Primary School - BS9 3HZ
Westcliff School - EX7 9RA
Westcliffe Nursery - BH4 8BE
Westcliffe Pre-school - BH4 8BE
Western College Coop Preschool - PL4 7DR
Westfield Community School - BA21 3EP
Westfield Infants' Community School - BA21 3DB
Westfield Pre-school Playgroup - BA21 3EP
Westfield Primary School - BA3 3XX
Westfield Technology College - DT3 6AA
Westfields Day Nursery - GL53 0DQ
Westgate Nursery School - SN6 7BL
Westhaven Pre-school Group - DT4 0QB
Westhaven School - BS23 4UT
Westhill Nursery - BA9 9BX
Westlands School And Technology College - TQ1 3PE
Westlea Pre-school - SN5 7BT
Westlea Primary School - SN5 7BT
Westleaze Preschool Playgroup - BS41
Weston All Saints Cofe Primary School - BA1 4JR
Weston College - BS23 2AL
Weston Mill Community Primary School - PL2 2EL
Weston Park Nursery - BA1 4AL
Weston Park Primary School - BS11 0LP
Westonbirt School - GL8 8QG
Westonzoyland Community Primary School - TA7 0EY
Westover Green Community School - TA6 7HB
Westover Playgroup - TA6 7HD
Westrop Primary School - SN6 7DN
Westview Day Nursery - BA15 1DW
Westwing School - Nursery Dept - BS35 3JZ
Westwood Nursery - BA2 7AY
Westwood Nursery School - BA15 2DP
Westwood-with-iford Primary School - BA15 2BY
Weymouth College - DT4 7LQ
Weymouth Jelly Babies Day Nursery - DT4 7LQ
Weymouth Street Play School - BA12 9PN
Whaddon Early Years Centre - GL52 5QH
Whaddon Nursery Class - GL52 5QH
Whaddon Primary School - GL52 5QH
Wheatfield Primary School - BS32 9DB
Wheelgate House School - TR8 5ES
Whimple Pre-school Playgroup - EX5 2SU
Whimple Primary School - EX5 2TS
Whipton Barton Infants And Nursery School - EX1 3JP
Whipton Barton Junior School - EX1 3JP
Whipton Nursery Extension Group - EX1 3JP
Whirly Bobs Pre-school Playgroup - PL26 7TL
Whisty Pre-school Playgroup - BA3 3JL
Whitchurch Community Primary School - PL19 9SR
Whitchurch Montessori Nursery - PL19 9RA
Whitchurch Playgroup - DT6 6ND
Whitchurch Playgroup - DT6 6RF
Whitchurch Pre School - PL19 9DF
Whitchurch Primary School - BS14 0PT
Whitchurch Under Fives - BS14 0DU
White Cottage - SN2 1AY
White Cottage Pre-school - SN2 2BG
White Rock Pre-school - TQ4 7SB
White Rock Primary School - TQ4 7AW
White Tree Preschool - BS6 7QB
Whitecross School (foundation) - GL15 5DZ
Whitefield Fishponds Community School - BS16 2HD
Whitehall Day Nursery - BS5 9BG
Whitehall Primary School - BS5 9AT
Whitehouse Centre - BS13 9PB
Whitemoor Community Primary School - PL26 7XQ
Whitemoor Pre-school - PL26 7XQ
Whiteparish All Saints Church Of England Primary School - SP5 2SU
Whitesheet Cofe Va Primary School - BA12 6NL
Whiteshill Playgroup - GL6 6AS
Whiteshill Primary School - GL6 6AS
Whitleigh Community Primary School - PL5 4AA
Whitleigh Wise Owls - PL5 4AA
Whitminster Endowed Church Of England Primary School - GL2 7PJ
Whitminster Little Tigers Playgroup - GL2 7NL
Whitstone - BA4 5PF
Whitstone Community Primary School - EX22 6TH
Whiz Kids Day Nursery - GL 2 4PN
Whiz Kids Day Nursery - GL2 4PN
Whizz Kids - EX8 1AP
Whole World Day Nursery School - BA12 7JE
Wick Church Of England Primary School - BS30 5PD
Wick Preschool Management Committee - BS30 5PD
Wickwar Pre-school - GL12 8LP
Widcombe Acorns - BA2 4PA
Widcombe CofE Junior School - BA2 4JG
Widcombe Infant School - BA2 4JG
Widden Early Years Centre - GL1 4AL
Widden Primary School And Family Centre - GL1 4AW
Wideawake - BH9 1TF
Widecombe Pre School - TQ13 7TB
Widecombe-in-the-moor Primary - TQ13 7TB
Widewell Primary School - PL6 7ER
Widewell R N Pre School - PL6 7EL
Widey Court Pre-school - PL6 5UB
Widey Court Primary School - PL6 5JS
Wilcombe Primary School - EX16 4AL
Wilder Road Preschool - EX34 9AW
Willand Pre School - EX15 2QL
Willand School - EX15 2QL
William Barnes Primary School - DT10 1BZ
William Morris (camphill) Community - GL10 3SH
Willow Lodge Montessori School - BH16 6JE
Willow Set Pre-School - TA3 6EG
Willow Tree Nursery - BS16 4RL
Willowbank Primary School - EX15 1EZ
Willowbrook School - EX4 8NN
Willows - EX15 2BY
Willows Pre-school & Out Of School Clubs - TR18 3JZ
Wilton And Barford Cofe Primary School - SP2 0ES
Wilton Playgroup - TA1 3JU
Wiltshire Childminding Network C/o - SN1 5ES
Wiltshire College - BA14 0ES
Wiltshire College - SN15 3QD
Wimbles Pre-school - BH21 7AT
Wimborne First Kindergarten - BH21 1HQ
Wimborne First School - BH21 1HQ
Wimborne Learning Centre - BH21 1HQ
Wimborne Playschool - BH21 1EB
Wimborne St Giles Church Of England First School - BH21 5LX
Wincanton Primary School - BA9 9DZ
Winchcombe Abbey Church Of England Primary School - GL54 5PZ
Winchcombe Nursery Playgroup - GL54 5QJ
Winchcombe School - GL54 5LB
Winchelsea Special School - BH12 4LL
Windmill Hill City Farm Pre-school - BS3 4EA
Windmill Hill Day Nursery (child Base Nurseries) - SN5 6NX
Windmill Hill Playgroup - BS3 4LU
Windmill Nursery - TR16 4LD
Windmill Nursery - Redruth - TR15 3AJ
Windmill Playgroup - BA3 3QG
Windrush Nursery - SP5 1HR
Windsor Playgroup - BS7
Windwhistle Primary School - BS23 3TZ
Winford Church Of England Primary School - BS40 8AD
Winford Village Playgroup - BS40 8AB
Winfrith Day Nursery - DT2 8DH
Winfrith Pre-school - DT2 8JL
Wingfield Cofe Primary School (va) - BA14 9LW
Wingfield Park Pre School - EX1 3BS
Wingfield School - PL14 6DW
Winkleigh Community Primary School - EX19 8JQ
Winkleigh Pre-school - EX19 8HU
Winkleigh Under Fives - EX19 8HU
Winscombe Nursery School Playgroup - BS25 1JA
Winscombe Woodborough Primary School - BS25 1HH
Winsham Pre-school - TA20 4HY
Winsham Primary School - TA20 4HU
Winsley Acorns Pre-school - BA15 2JT
Winsley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA15 2JN
Winterbourne Down Pre-sch - BS36 1BX
Winterbourne Earls Church Of England Primary School - SP4 6HQ
Winterbourne Fox Cubs Pre-school - SP4 6HA
Winterbourne Traveller Pre-school - BS36 1RZ
Winterbourne Valley Church Of England Aided First School - DT2 9LW
Winterslow Cofe (aided) Primary School - SP5 1RD
Winterslow Pre-school - SP5 1QJ
Winton Arts And Media College - BH10 4HT
Winton House Private Day Nursery - GL51 5AU
Winton Pre-school - BH9 1BG
Winton Primary School - BH9 2TG
Wise Owl Playschool - BH14 8BJ
Wise Owls Pre-school - SN15 2LF
Wishing Well Pre-school Nursery - SN12 7AB
Witchampton Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - BH21 5AP
Witchampton Pals Pre-school - BH21 5AP
Witcombe Under Five S - GL3 4TB
Witham Friary Playgroup Little Friars Under 5 S - BA11 5HF
Witheridge Church Of England Primary School - EX16 8AH
Witheridge Pre School - EX16 8AH
Withington Church Of England Primary School - GL54 4BQ
Withington Playgroup - GL54 4DG
Withycombe Raleigh Church Of England Primary School - EX8 3BA
Withycombe Raleigh Playgroup - EX8 3AE
Withycombe Village Pre-school - EX8 3BA
Withywood Community School - BS13 9BL
Wiveliscombe Primary School - TA4 2LA
Wolborough Church Of England Primary School - TQ12 2JX
Wolborough Early Years Partnership Unit - TQ12 2JX
Wolborough Hill School - TQ12 1HH
Wolsdon Street School - PL1 5EH
Wonder Years Day Nursery - BH4 8HD
Wonderland Day Nursery - DT6 3RL
Wonderland Day Nursery 2 - DT5 1AX
Woodborough Church Of England Aided Primary School - SN9 5PL
Woodbury Church Of England Primary School - EX5 1NB
Woodbury Salterton Church Of England Primary School - EX5 1PP
Woodchester Endowed Church Of England Aided Primary School - GL5 5PD
Woodchester Playgroup - GL5 5PD
Wooden House Nursery School - EX16 7QD
Woodentops Playgroup - PL5 3QG
Woodfield Acorns Pre School - PL5 4HP
Woodfield Primary School - PL5 4HW
Woodfield West - GL11 6JJ
Woodford Infants' School - PL7 4RR
Woodford Junior School - PL7 4RR
Woodford Methodist Pre-school - PL7 4RR
Woodford Nursery School - SP4 6AE
Woodford Rascals Day Nursery - PL7 4RR
Woodford Valley Church Of England Aided School - SP4 6NR
Woodhouse School - EX13 5UF
Woodland Kindergarten - PL25 4JF
Woodlanders Day Nursery - PL21 9HQ
Woodlanders Kindergarten - TQ12 7DR
Woodlands Park Primary School - PL21 9TF
Woodlands Playgroup - BH21 8LJ
Woodlands Pre-school - BH21 8LJ
Woodlands Primary School - SP2 9DY
Woodlands School - PL5 4DZ
Woodleigh Nursery - BA14 7DA
Woodmancote Playgroup - GL52 4HX
Woodmancote School - GL52 9HN
Woodside Primary School - GL17 9XP
Woodside Squirrels - GL17 9XR
Woodstock School - BS10 7AH
Wookey Playgroup - BA5 1LW
Wookey Primary School - BA5 1LQ
Wool Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - BH20 6BT
Wool Pre-school Playgroup - BH20 6DL
Woolacombe & Mortehoe Busy-Bees - EX34 7BT
Woolacombe And Mortehoe Playgroup - EX34 7EJ
Woolacombe School - EX34 7BT
Woolaston Playgroup - GL15 6NJ
Woolaston Primary School - GL15 6PH
Woolavington Leapfrog Playgroup - TA7 8QU
Woolavington Village Primary School - TA7 8EA
Woolsery Play Group - EX39 5QS
Woolsery School - EX39 5QS
Woolwell Under Fives Pre-school - PL6 7TR
Wootton Bassett Infants' School - SN4 7BS
Wootton Bassett School - SN4 7HG
Worle Community School - BS22 8XX
Worle Evangelical Church Preschool - BS22 6QP
Worlebury Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - BS22 9RH
Worton & Marston Playgroup - SN10 5SE
Wraparound Childcare - TR9 6RW
Wraxall Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BS48 1LB
Wriggle Valley Pre-school - DT9 6LS
Wrington Church Of England Primary School - BS40 5NA
Wrington Pre-school - BS49 5QL
Writhlington Pre-school - BA3 3LX
Writhlington School - BA3 3NQ
Wroughton Infant School - SN4 9LE
Wroughton Junior School - SN4 9DL
Wroughton Pre-school - SN4 0RT
Wychbury House School - TQ2 5BE
Wycliffe College - GL10 2JQ
Wycliffe Preparatory School - GL10 2LD
Wyke Primary School - SP8 4SH
Wyke Regis Church Of England Junior School - DT4 9NU
Wyke Regis Infant School And Nursery - DT4 9LU
Wyke Regis Pre-school Playgroup - DT4 9LU
Wylye Valley Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BA12 0PN
Wyndham Park Infants' School - SP1 3BL
Wynstones School - GL4 0UF
Wynstream School - EX2 6AY
Wyvern College - SP1 1RE
Wyvern Community School - BS23 3QP
Wyvern Nursery - TA2 7QP
Wyvern School - DT3 5AL
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