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Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South West Schools P-Q E-mail

Incorporating schools within Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Paddington Playgroup - BH23 2LA
Paddington Pre-school - BH11 9TF
Padstow Pre-school - PL27 7RW
Padstow School - PL28 8EX
Page One Nursery School - SN12 8JA
Page Park Preschool - BS16 5LB
Paignton Community And Sports College - TQ3 3WA
Paignton Day Nursery - TQ3 2AX
Paignton Parish Pre School - TQ3 3UW
Painswick Playgroup - GL6 6RQ
Paint Pots Pre-school - BA14 0DJ
Paint Pots Pre-school Community Group - BS23 3PQ
Palace Gate Pre-school - EX1 1JA
Pamphill Pre-school Nursery - BH21 4EE
Pamphill Voluntary Controlled Church Of England First School - BH21 4EE
Panda Pre-school - DT11 7SH
Parc Eglos School - TR13 8UP
Parcroft Community Junior School - BA20 2BP
Parcroft Pre-school Playgroup - BA20 2BR
Park Family Centre - GL10 2NP
Park Hill Nursery - EX16 6SG
Park Junior School - GL10 2NP
Park Playgroup - EX4 1JE
Park School - BA20 1DH
Park School - BH8 9BJ
Park School - TQ9 6EQ
Park View Day Nursery - TA1 2EL
Parkend Primary School - GL15 4HL
Parkfield Primary School - TA1 4RT
Parkham Primary School - EX39 5PL
Parkham Under Fives - EX39 5PL
Parkside Community Technology College - PL1 4RL
Parkstone Baptist Church Pre-school - BH14 9EX
Parkstone Grammar School - BH17 7EP
Parkwall Primary School - BS30 8AA
Parkway Parent And Child Project - BS2 9RU
Parkway Playgroup - BA11 1EU
Parley First School - BH22 8QE
Parley Pears Kindergarten - BH22 8EW
Parliament Family Centre - GL5 1NL
Parliament Primary School - GL5 1NL
Parracombe Church Of England Primary School - EX31 4QJ
Parracombe Preschool - EX31 4QJ
Parrett And Axe Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - DT8 3HJ
Parson Street Primary School - BS3 5NR
Parsonage Road Pre-school - SP4 7HT
Partners Child Care - BS26 2JU
Parton Manor Family Centre - GL3 2AG
Parton Manor Infant School - GL3 2AG
Patches Pre-school - SN1 2AN
Patchway Centre Pre-school - BS34 5PN
Patchway Community College - BS32 4AJ
Paternoster School - GL7 1JS
Pate's Grammar School - GL51 0HG
Pathfield School - EX31 1JU
Pathways Day Nursery - PL3 4QE
Pathways Day Nursery - TR13 8UP
Patti Cakes Day Nursery - GL1 5LU
Paulton Infant School - BS39 7QY
Paulton Junior School - BS39 7QY
Pauntley Church Of England Primary School - GL18 1LL
Pauntley Rising Fives - GL18 1LL
Pavilion Pre-school - TA12 6AF
Pavillion Playgroup - BH18 9EL
Pawlett Primary School - TA6 4SB
Pawlett Village Playgroup - TA6 4SH
Paxcroft Primary School - BA14 7EB
Payhembury Church Of England Primary School (voluntary Controlled) - EX14 3HT
Payhembury Playgroup -
Peacock Meadow Playgroup - PL7 4AN
Pear Tree Montessori Nursery School - BH22 8QE
Pear Tree Nursery - DT2 7AQ
Pearson Pre School - TQ7 3NB
Peasedown St John Primary School - BA2 8DH
Peatmoor Community Primary School - SN5 5DP
Pebbles Day Nursery - EX8 2AJ
Pebbles Pre-school - SN8 1RF
Peekaboo Day Nursery - BS22 6AY
Pelican Childrens Centre - PL2 1QS
Pelynt Preschool - PL13
Pelynt Pre-school - PL13 2LA
Pelynt School - PL13 2LG
Pelynt Under Fives - PL13 2LP
Pembroke Park Primary School - SP2 9LY
Pen Mill Infants' School - BA21 4LD
Penair School A Science College - TR1 1TN
Pencalenick School - TR1 1TE
Pencoys Primary Pre School - TR16 6RB
Pencoys Primary School - TR16 6RB
Pendeen Pre-school - TR19 7SE
Pendeen School - TR19 7SE
Pendock Cofe Primary School - GL19 3PW
Pendock Playgroup - GL19 3PN
Penguins Pre-school - SN4 8AA
Penhill Primary School - SN2 5HF
Penmoor Nursery Group - PL20 6AE
Pennoweth Primary School - TR15 1NA
Pennycross Primary School - PL2 3RL
Penpol School - TR27 4AH
Penponds School - TR14 0QN
Penrice Community College - PL25 3NR
Penrose School - TA6 7ET
Penryn College - TR10 8PZ
Penryn Community Infant School And Nursery Unit - TR10 8RA
Penryn Junior School - TR10 8RA
Penryn Pre-school Playgroup - TR10 8RD
Penryn Rugby Club - TR10 8NT
Pensans Primary School - TR20 8UH
Pensford Primary School - BS39 4AA
Pensilva Pre-school - PL14 5PG
Pensilva Primary School - PL14 5PG
Penwith College - TR18 2SA
Penwith Eoos Centre - TR18 4JJ
Penzance Kindergarten - TR18 4SN
Penzance Pre-school Playgroup - TR18 4HE
Pepperbox Pre-school - SP5 2SU
Pepperpot Bathford Pre-school - BA1 7UB
Periton Mead Independent School - TA24 8DT
Perran-ar-worthal Community Primary School - TR3 7LA
Perranporth Community Primary School - TR6 0EU
Perranporth Pre-school - TR6 0EU
Perrott Hill School - TA18 7SL
Perrott Hill School Trust - TA18 7SL
Perry Court Infant School - BS14 0AX
Perry Court Junior School - BS14 0AX
Peter Pan Nursery - BS7 8SW
Peter Pan Playgroup - BA1 3BA
Peter Pan Playgroup - PL2 2DL
Peter Rabbit Under Fives - GL6 7ER
Peter Williams - PL6 5NR
Pewsey Primary School - SN9 5EJ
Pewsey Vale School - SN9 5EW
Pewsham Playgroup - SN15 3SY
Phase 2 Pre-school - GL9 1BB
Phase 5 Pre School Playgroup - BS37 8SZ
Philip Green Memorial School - BH21 5RU
Phoenix Playmates - GL6 0ET
Phoenix Pre-school Playgroup - GL7 1TB
Phoenix School - TA10 0BH
Piccolo Early Years Group - PL26 8PD
Picklenash Junior School - GL18 1BG
Piddle Valley Church Of England First School - DT2 7QL
Pied Piper Day Nursery - BS39 5TE
Pied Piper Pre-school Education Gro - BS37 8SG
Pied Piper Pre-school Playgroup - BS7 8NY
Piglets Day Nursery - PL26 7LG
Pilgrim Primary School - PL1 5BQ
Pilgrim United Reformed Church Playgroup - PL3 4AA
Pillowell Community Primary School - GL15 4QT
Pillowell Early Years Group - GL15 4QZ
Pilning Playgroup - BS9 1JP
Pilning Pre School - BS35 4LG
Pilton Community College - EX31 1RB
Pilton Infants' School - EX31 1JU
Pilton Playgroup - BA4 4DH
Pilton Pre-school - EX31 1JU
Pilton The Bluecoat Church Of England Junior School - EX31 1JU
Pimperne Church Of England Primary School - DT11 8UG
Pinehurst Pre-school - SN2 1JT
Pinewood School - SN6 8HZ
Pinhoe Church Of England Primary School - EX4 8PE
Pinhoe Pre-school - EX4 8PE
Pinhoe Road Baptist Church Pre School - EX4 7HZ
Pinocchio Day Nursery - BA1 4DB
Pinocchio Playgroup - BH12 3JL
Pipe Piper Day Nursery; The - TR1 3LF
Pip-kins Day Nursery - EX1 1SR
Pippins Pre School - EX17 3AW
Pippins Pre-school - GL17 0JL
Pips Nursery - GL17 9PX
Pitminster Playgroup - TA3 7SW
Pitton Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - SP5 1DT
Pitton Playgroup - SP5 1DU
Pitton Pre School - SP5 1DU
Pittville School - GL52 3JD
Pixieland Day Nursery - PL1 5BA
Pixieland Day Nursery - PL3 5QL
Pixieland Day Nursery - PL4 7QD
Pixieland Stoke - PL3 4DU
Plaistow Hill Infants' School - PL5 2DT
Plantings School - PL3 4PY
Platform 1 Day Nursery - BH7 6HX
Play As You Grow Playgroup - TA4 2RE
Play Pitch Pre School - BS32 8BH
Play Station Nursery - BS34 6LP
Playaway Day Nursery - TA8 2AN
Playaway Nursery School - GL6 9JH
Playaway Playgroup (trinity) - TA1 3JG
Playaway Pre-school Learning Allian - BS15 8PW
Playaways Neighbourhood Nursery - BA6 9DZ
Playbox Day Nursery - TR1 3AN
Playbox Nursery - BA1 7BJ
Playbox Playgroup - BH18 8ET
Playbox Pre-school - PL2 3PH
Playbox Pre-school Nursery - BH16 6JE
Playcentre Playgroup - TQ11 0DD
Playclose Playgroup - SN5 9DP
Playdays Playgroup - BS22 6TU
Playdays Playgroup - GL2 0AJ
Playdays Playschool - BS22 6TU
Playhouse Day Nursery - GL51 6HT
Playhouse Nursery (kids Unlimited) - SN3 3LD
Playing For Success Cheltenham Racecourse - GL50 4SH
Playlands - TQ14 9DU
Playmates Community Pre-school - EX8 1AX
Playmates Day Nursery - BS37 4PQ
Playmates Day Nursery - GL52 7RT
Playmoor Playgroup - BH17 7XZ
Playpen Day Nursery - BH10 5HS
Playtime Day Nursery - PL25 4BZ
Playtime Pre-school - BA14 0AE
Playtime@porthtowan - TR4 8AD
Playtots Childcare Ltd - PL3 6JA
Playtots Preschool - PL3 6AF
Plus Fours Unit - SN4 8QY
Plym View Primary School - PL3 6JA
Plymbridge Nursery School - PL6 8UN
Plymouth Argyle Rfc - PL2 3DQ
Plymouth College - PL4 6RN
Plymouth College Infant Dept - PL3 5AS
Plymouth College Of Art & Design - PL4 8AT
Plymouth College Of Art And Design - PL4 8AT
Plymouth College Of Further Education - PL1 5QG
Plymouth High School For Girls - PL4 6HT
Plymouth Hospital School - PL6 8DH
Plymouth Language School - PL4 6AL
Plymouth Portage Service - PL2 2PQ
Plymouth Pre School Playbus - PL4 7HU
Plymouth Pre-school Playbus (ivybri - PL4 7HU
Plymouth Tuition Service: Young Parent's Centre - PL5 4AA
Plymouth University - PL4 8AA
Plympton Montessori Nursery - PL7 1XQ
Plympton St Marys Church Pre-school - PL7 3QW
Plympton St Mary's Cofe Infant School - PL7 1QW
Plympton St Maurice Primary School - PL7 1UB
Plympton St. Maurice Pre-school - PL7 1UB
Plymstock & District Community Association - PL9 9BR
Plymstock Co-operative Playgroup - PL9 7PB
Plymstock School - PL9 9AZ
Plymtree Church Of England Primary School - EX15 2JU
Plymtree Playgroup - EX15 2LE
Poachers Play And Learn Pre-school - BA12 0DG
Pocket People Pre-school - DT4 9NS
Poddleducks Pre-school - SN4 8AA
Pokesdown Community Primary School - BH5 2AS
Pollyfield Pre-school - EX39 4BL
Pollys Day Nursery - GL5 5EZ
Polly's Day Nursery - GL5 5EZ
Polperro Community Primary School - PL13 2JJ
Polperro Pre-school - PL13 2RH
Polruan Community Primary School - PL23 1PS
Polruan Under Fives - PL23 1QA
Poltair School - PL25 4BZ
Polwhele House School - TR4 9AE
Pomphlett Primary School - PL9 7ES
Pondhu Primary School - PL25 5DS
Ponsanooth Pre School - TR3 7EB
Pooh Corner Day Nursery - BS36 1BN
Pooh Corner Day Nursery - BS6 6ST
Pooh Corner Day Nursery - TQ5 8RD
Pooh Corner Nursery - BH15 4NT
Pooh's Corner - BH22 8BW
Pool Business And Enterprise College - TR15 3PZ
Pool Playgroup - TR15 3PZ
Poole Ccf Childminding Nwk - BH15 1SA
Poole Grammar School - BH17 9JU
Poole High School - BH15 2BW
Poole Portage Service - BH15 1SA
Pop-in Day Nursery - GL3 3RX
Pop-in Playgroup - TR11 2ES
Poplars Daycare Nursery - SN4 0AA
Poppets Pre-school - BH23 1AS
Poppies - SN2 1HL
Port Isaac Community Primary School - PL29 3RT
Port Isaac Pre-school Playgroup - PL29 3RG
Port Regis Preparatory School - SP7 9QA
Portage Pre-school Learning Support - BH21 7SB
Portage Sals Health Care Nhs Tst - SP2 8BJ
Portage Service - TQ3 2TE
Portbury Playgroup - BS20 7TW
Portchester School - BH7 6NZ
Portesham Church Of England Primary School - DT3 4HP
Portfield School - BH23 6BP
Porthleven School - TR13 9BX
Porthpean Playing For Success Study Support Centre - PL26 6AZ
Portishead Primary School - BS20 7DB
Portreath Community Primary School - TR16 4LU
Portreath Pre-school - TR16 3LP
Portway Community School - BS11 0EB
Postman Pat Playschool - BH17 8UA
Postman Pat-preschool - BH17 8UA
Potterne Bright Sparks - SN10 5NZ
Potterswood Playgroup - BS15 8NW
Poundstock Preschool - EX23 0DR
Powell's Church Of England Primary School - GL7 2DJ
Powerstock Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - DT6 3TB
Powerstock Playgroup - DT6 3TD
Poyntington Playcentre - DT9 4LF
Pratten Hut - St Dunstan School - SN11 9BE
Praze Pre-school - TR14 0JX
Preppy Nursery School - PL19 8JL
Pre-school At Wilts College Chippen - SN15 3QD
Preshute Church Of England Primary School - SN8 4HH
Prestbury Pavilion Playgr - GL52 3LP
Prestbury Playmates Playgroup - GL52 5JB
Prestbury St Mary's Church Of England Junior School - GL52 5JB
Preston Baptist Pre-school - TQ3 2RH
Preston Cofe Vc Primary School - BA21 3SN
Preston Day Nursery - DT3 6BX
Preston Playschool - DT3 6BH
Preston Primary School - TQ2 6UY
Preston School - BA21 3JD
Prickles Child Care - GL3 4HJ
Priddy Playgroup - BA5
Priddy Primary School - BA5 3BE
Priestley Primary School - SN11 8TG
Primary Colours Day Nursery - GL50 1UX
Primary Colours Day Nursery - TA1 5NN
Primrose Hill Cofe Primary School - GL15 5TA
Primrose Hill Nursery - GL15 5TA
Primrose Playgroup - EX32 8BA
Prince Maurice Playschool - SN10 5AZ
Prince Of Wales Pre-school - DT1 2HH
Prince Rock Bright Stars Pre School - PL4 9JF
Prince Rock Primary School - PL4 9JF
Princecroft Primary School - BA12 8NT
Princess Christian Day Nursery - GL1 3PZ
Princess Christian Day Nursery - SN3 1RG
Princess Christian Day Nursery (portishead) - BS20 7GF
Princess Christian Nurseries - BS24 7EU
Princess Christian Nursery - BS32 9DF
Princess Christian Nursery - SN5 5DJ
Princetown Pre-school - PL20 6QT
Princetown Primary - PL20 6QE
Prior Park Preparatory School - SN6 6BB
Priors Park Playgroup - GL20 5QT
Priorswood Pre-school - TA2 7AD
Priorswood Primary School - TA2 7AD
Priory Community School - BS22 6BP
Priory Playgroup - BS22 6BP
Priory Roman Catholic Primary School Torquay - TQ1 4NZ
Priory View Pre-school - BH9 3JG
Priory View Pre-school - BH9 3JQ
Probus Community Primary School - TR2 4LE
Probus Playgroup - TR2 4LE
Probus Pre-school Playgroup - TR2 4LD
Prospect Education Trust - BS4 3DS
Prospect Nursery Unit - GL19 4AG
Prospect School - BS4 3DS
Pucklechurch Cofe Vc Primary School - BS16 9RF
Pucklechurch Playgroup - BS10 9RF
Puddleduck Hall Nursery - GL2 4RP
Puddleduck Pre-school - EX15 2NH
Puddleducks Community Playgroup - SP2 8JZ
Puddleducks Playgroup - GL6 8LZ
Puddleducks Pre-school - BA4 6AS
Puddleducks Pre-school - SN10 2AP
Puddleducks Pre-school - SN9 5EW
Puddleducks Pre-school - TQ12 4QE
Puddletown Church Of England First School - DT2 8RY
Puddletown Pre School - DT2 8RY
Puffin Playgroup - EX12 3NB
Puffins - TQ2 7AQ
Puffins At Clystheath - EX1 2PD
Puffins At Winslade - EX5 1DS
Puffins Childcare Centre - TQ1 3BG
Puffins Day Nursery School - TR13 0LW
Puffins In The City - EX1 2QE
Puffins Kindergarten - EX1 2PD
Puffins Nursery School - SN8 2PL
Puffins Of Exeter Ltd - EX2 4NP
Puffins Pre-school - BH6 3QJ
Purbeck View School - BH19 1PR
Puriton Primary School - TA7 8BT
Purton Under 5's Playgroup - SN5 4AR
Puss N Boots Day Nursery - BH13 6AR
Pynes Infant School And Nursery - EX39 3DD
Pyramid Childrens Centre - BA11 1HP
Pyworthy Church Of England Primary School - EX22 6ST
Pyworthy Under Fives - EX22 6SZ
Quakers Road Playgroup - BS16 6NH
Queen Camel Pre-school - BA22 7NF
Queen Elizabeth's Community College - EX17 3LU
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital - BS8 1JX
Queen Elizabeth's School - BH21 4DT
Queen Margaret Early Years Centre - GL20 5HU
Queen Margaret Primary School And Early Years Centre - GL20 5HU
Queen Thorne Under Fives - DT9 4LF
Queen's College - TA1 4QS
Queen's College Pre Prep And Nursery School - TA1 4QP
Queens College Pre Prep School - TA1 4QS
Queen's Crescent Primary School - SN14 0QT
Queens Park Infant School - BH8 9PU
Queen's Park Junior School - BH8 9PU
Queens Park Montessori Day Nursery - BH8 8UA
Queens Park Nursery School - BH8 9BU
Queens Park Playgroup - SN1 2JQ
Queens Park Pre-school - BH8 9PO
Queens Road Pre-school - BS31 2NN
Queens Terrace Day Nursery - EX4 4HR
Queensway Catholic Primary School - TQ2 6DB
Queensway Chapel Pre-school - SN12 7NB
Querns Westonbirt School - GL8 8QG
Quethiock Cofe Va School - PL14 3SQ
Quietways Playgroup - GL10 2NP
Quintrell Downs Pre-school - TR8 4NG
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