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Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South West Schools L E-mail

Incorporating schools within Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

L I F T Pre-school Playgroup - BS49 5AG
La Retraite Swan - SP1 3BQ
Lacock Church Of England Primary School - SN15 2LQ
Ladock Cofe School - TR2 4PL
Lady Modiford's Church Of England (voluntary Aided) Primary School - PL20 6JR
Lady Seaward's Church Of England Primary School - EX3 0RE
Ladybird Playgroup - BH17 9NG
Ladybird Playgroup (bruton) - BA10 0EZ
Ladybird Pre-school - BS15 9SH
Ladybird's Day Care - EX32 0ND
Ladybirds Day Nursery - PL8 2AH
Ladybirds Nursery - BA6 9TN
Ladybirds Nursery - TQ4 6NX
Ladybirds Playgroup - EX4 1PP
Ladybirds Playgroup - GL2 4UF
Ladybirds Playgroup - TA4 3SF
Ladybirds Playgroup (corscombe) - DT2 0NU
Ladybirds Pre-school - BA14 7HE
Ladybirds Pre-school - PL17 7JE
Ladybirds Pre-school - PL9 7ES
Ladybirds Pre-school - SP1 3PN
Ladycross Ladybirds Nursery - PL15 8TN
Ladymead Community School - TA2 7QP
Ladymead Under 5s Pre School - TA2 7QP
Ladysmith Infant School - EX1 2PS
Ladysmith Junior School - EX1 2PT
Lainesmead Primary School - SN3 1EA
Laira Green Primary School - PL3 6BP
Laira R N Pre-school Learning Centre - PL3 6DD
Lake House Day Nursery - BS10 5DL
Lakefield Cofe Primary School - GL2 7HG
Lakefield Nursery - GL2 7HG
Lakers School - GL16 7QW
Lakeside Primary School - GL51 6HR
Lamerton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - PL19 8RJ
Lampard Vachell School At The Barnstaple Tutorial Unit - EX32 9DD
Lancaster House School - BS23 2RY
Landewednack Community Primary School - TR12 7PB
Landford Cofe Primary School - SP5 2AE
Landkey 1st Class Pre-school - EX32 0JR
Landkey Primary School - EX32 0LJ
Landscore Primary School - EX17 3JH
Landscove Church Of England Primary School - TQ13 7LY
Landulph School - PL12 6ND
Landulph Under Fives - PL12 6NB
Langdons Day Nursery - GL14 1BE
Langford Budville Church Of England Primary School - TA21 0RD
Langford Budville Playgroup - TA21 0RD
Langford Nursery - BS40 5DU
Langley Community Infants' School - PL6 6QS
Langley Fitzurse Church Of England Primary School - SN15 5NN
Langley Junior School - PL6 6QS
Langside School - BH12 5BN
Langside School Dorset Scope - BH12 5BN
Langton Matravers Pre-school - BH19 3HB
Langton Pre-school Kindergarten - GL53 8HT
Langtree Community School And Nursery Unit - EX38 8NF
Lanherne Nursery School - EX7 9NG
Lanivet And District Under Fives - PL30 5HX
Lanivet Community Primary School - PL30 5HE
Lanlivery Community Primary School - PL30 5BT
Lanlivery Pre-school - PL30 5BT
Lanner Primary School - TR16 6AZ
Lansdown Tuition Centre - BA1 2RH
Lapford & District Pre-school Playg - EX17 6QE
Lapford Community Primary School - EX17 6QE
Larkfield Infant School - GL3 1HJ
Larkfield Playgroup - GL3 1HJ
Larkhill Camp Pre-school - SP4 8QE
Larkhill Morning/afternoon Pre-s - SP4 8RB
Larkhill Primary School - SP4 8QB
Larkrise School - BA14 7EB
Larksmead Pre-school - DT11 7LU
Launceston College - PL15 9JN
Launceston Community Primary School - PL15 9AE
Launceston Pre-school Learning Alliance - PL15 8BL
Laverstock Ducklings Pre-school - SP1 1RQ
Lavington Pre-school - SN10 4HY
Lavington School - SN10 4EB
Lawn Pre-school - SN3 1LE
Lawn Primary - SN3 1JT
Lea And Garsdon Church Of England Primary School - SN16 9PG
Lea Preschool - SN16 9PG
Leaden Hall Sch - SP1 2EP
Leaden Hall School - SP1 2EP
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - SP1 3YU
Leapfrog Day Nursery - BS16 7AL
Leapfrog Day Nursery - GL2 4NJ
Leapfrog Day Nursery - SN14 0BJ
Leapfrog Day Nursery - SN25 4YD
Leapfrogs Nursery - EX17 3AU
Leapfrogs Playgroup - PL9 9LT
Leaping Frogs Kindergarte -
Leaps + Bounds Day Nursery - TR1 3SH
Learn As You Play Pre-school - TA4 1JU
Learning Curve Day Nursery - SN4 8DS
Learning Support Service - BH15 1SA
Learning Tree Pre School - SN2 2NZ
Leat Street Pre-school - EX16 5AA
Leats Pre-school Playgroup - TR1 3NN
Lechlade Little Learners - GL7 3AU
Leckhampton Church Of England Primary School - GL53 0HP
Leckhampton Road Playgroup - GL53 0PW
Lee Mill Pre School Playgroup - PL21 9EG
Leedstown Community Primary School - TR27 6AA
Leedstown Under Fives - TR27 6AA
Lees Hill Playgroup - BS15 4TP
Leigh On Mendip Under 5's - BA3 5QQ
Leigham Primary School - PL6 8RF
Leighterton Primary School - GL8 8UH
Leigh-upon-mendip First School - BA3 5QQ
Leisure Centre Playgroup - SN1 3EY
Lemon Tree Nursery - TA3 7BQ
Leonard Lamb Pre-school - EX7 9NL
Leonard Stanley Church Of England Primary School - GL10 3LY
Leonard Stanley Playgroup - GL10 3LY
Lerryn Cofe Primary School - PL22 0QA
Les Filles De La Croix - TQ1 2JB
Lethbridge Primary School - SN1 4BY
Leverets School - GL54 1DR
Lew Trenchard Church Of England Primary School - EX20 4DP
Lew Trenchard Pre-school Group - EX20 4BZ
Lewannick Community Primary School - PL15 7QY
Lewannick Pre-school - PL15 7QY
Lewis Lane Playgroup - GL7 1EB
Leyhill Playgroup - GL12 8BT
Liden Pre-school - SN3 6EX
Liden Primary School - SN3 6EX
Lifton Community Primary School - PL16 0EH
Lifton Pre School - PL16 0EH
Lilliput Church Of England Voluntary Controlled First School - BH14 8JX
Lincombe Barn Playgroup - BS16 2RW
Linden Nursery - GL1 5HU
Linden Primary School - GL1 5HU
Lindfield Nursery School - BH23 5JL
Link & Learn Pre-school - SN5 7DL
Linkinhorne Parish Pre-sc - PL17 7NT
Linneth Cottage Day Nursery - GL52 4SA
Linwood School - BH9 1AJ
Lipson Community College - PL4 7PG
Lipson Vale Primary School - PL4 7HW
Liskeard Hillfort Primary School - PL14 6HZ
Liskeard Market Pre-school - PL14 4AP
Liskeard School And Community College - PL14 3EA
Liskeard School Nursery - PL14 3EA
Little Acorns - TR4 9BJ
Little Acorns @ The Playhut - BH9 1DL
Little Acorns Day Creche - BS34 7AT
Little Acorns Montessori Pre-school - TQ13 9BY
Little Acorns Nursery - BA14 0ES
Little Acorns Nursery - BS15 1TN
Little Acorns Nursery - GL14 3NL
Little Acorns Nursery - GL51 9SL
Little Acorns Playgroup - BS14 9BU
Little Acorns Playgroup - BS22 6RZ
Little Acorns Playgroup - DT2 0JP
Little Acorns Playgroup - TR14 0QN
Little Acorns Preschool - BH15 3LD
Little Acorns Preschool - TA3 6NQ
Little Acorns Pre-school - BS32 9BL
Little Acorns Pre-school - EX5 1PP
Little Acorns Pre-school - PL6 6QS
Little Acorns Pre-school - SP7 8PH
Little Acorns Preschool (taunton) - TA2 7NF
Little Acorns Pre-school Day Nursery - BS15 1TN
Little Acorns Under 5 S Group - GL6 7NZ
Little Alberts Pre-school (rainbow) - SN15 4QA
Little Alberts Pre-school (toybox) - SN15 4QA
Little Almonds Pre-school - BS32 4ED
Little Angel S Nursery - PL5 3JF
Little Angels Montessori - BS40 5JE
Little Angels Nursery - BH15 4HP
Little Angels Nursery - GL10 3RW
Little Angels Nursery - TQ4 6HA
Little Angels Pre School - PL4 8HF
Little Angels Pre-school Playgroup - SN2 8DA
Little Apples Day Nursery - GL53 9DU
Little Bears Playgroup - SN10 1LR
Little Bears Pre School (shebbear) - EX21 5SG
Little Bears Pre-school - TA6 6PY
Little Beavers - TA10 0AY
Little Bees Nursery - DT6 3RL
Little Bods Nursery - SP5 4EQ
Little Bridges Nursery School - BH6 5RG
Little Cherubs - PL7 4EU
Little Cherubs Pre-school - PL7 4AA
Little Clowns Day Nursery - BS21 7TH
Little Clowns Day Nursery - BS23 4HT
Little Cuckoo S Pre-school - BA12 7PJ
Little Deers Morley Centre Pre-school - PL9 7EW
Little Dragons Pre-school - SN8 1SU
Little Dumplings - BS23 1RG
Little Fidgets Pre-school/playgroup - BS39 6TY
Little Fish Playgroup - BH12 2DH
Little Fishes Day Nursery - SP2 7SN
Little Fishes Soft Playskool - EX33 1AQ
Little Flyers - SN9 6AG
Little Folks Nursery - BA2 7FB
Little Footsteps - GL1 5JN
Little Foxes Day Nursery - BH8 9DR
Little Foxes Nursery - GL5 4UL
Little Foxes Nursery School - SN15 5DX
Little Foxes Playgroup - GL20 7SP
Little Friends Nursery - BS3 5JL
Little Friends Nursery Staff & Students Priority - BS3 5JL
Little Gems - TA6 6QA
Little Gems Day Nursery - BH3 7AS
Little Gems Pre-school - BS22 9
Little Gems Pre-school (corston) - BA2 9BA
Little Gems Saltford Pre-school - BS31 3ED
Little Gems Under 5s Play - GL3 4JN
Little Hands Playgroup - BS40 9UU
Little Haven - BS36 1RD
Little Haven Day Nursery Ltd - BS5 8BE
Little Haven Playgroup - BS36 1RD
Little Hayes Nursery School - BS16 2LL
Little Honeypots - BS23 2RX
Little Islands Henbury - BS10 7LW
Little Lambs Pre-school - PL19 8QR
Little Lambs Pre-school - TR15 2ER
Little Learners - BA3 3RW
Little Learners - GL52 9ET
Little Learners Pre-school - EX32 8NP
Little Legs Nursery - SP1 2LW
Little Mead Primary School - BS10 6DS
Little Meadows Under 5 S - GL2 4LX
Little Merlins Pre-school - TR13 8DJ
Little Monsters Pre-school - BS9 2LQ
Little Nippers Mevagissey Pre-school - PL26 6TD
Little Oaks Day Nursery - GL1 3NN
Little Oaks Day Nursery - GL19 3BJ
Little Oaks Playgroup - BH17 7RP
Little Oaks-burrington Playgroup - EX37 9LY
Little Ones Day Nursery - EX2 6AY
Little Ones Day Nursery - EX4 8AF
Little Ones Day Nursery - EX5 3JW
Little Orchard Montessori Nursery S - TQ10 9JP
Little Orchard Pre-school - SP4 6NR
Little Otters Pre-school - EX9 7DU
Little Owls Nursery School - TQ12 6JD
Little Owls Preschool - PL3 5BZ
Little People Day Nursery - BH6 5NE
Little People Kindergarten - BH18 9AB
Little People Pre-school - BH12 4DY
Little Peoples Pre-school - BH6 5QH
Little Pickles Playgroup - GL18 1QT
Little Pines Day Nursery - BH7 7AE
Little Pinetrees Pre-school - SN2 1JT
Little Prickles Pre-school - PL30 4LY
Little Rainbows - BS34 4ED
Little Rainbows Playgroup - BH13 7PS
Little Rascals Nursery - DT4 9TT
Little Scallywags Day Nursery - BS23 4TQ
Little Scholars - SN6 7BP
Little Scolars - SN2 3GY
Little Sparklers Academy Of Fun - BS21 7HY
Little Stars - DT5 1DB
Little Stars Day Nursery - BH14 9LU
Little Stars Nursery - PL1 1TL
Little Stars Pre-school - BA14 7HE
Little Stars Pre-school - PL1 1TU
Little Stars-the Swindon College Nursery - SN2 1DY
Little Steeple People - SP3 4NQ
Little Steps Day Nursery - GL18 1BQ
Little Steps Pre-school - TA7 0BG
Little Stoke Baptist Church Playgro - BS34 6JW
Little Stoke Primary School - BS34 6HY
Little Sunshines Pre-school - SN25 2AW
Little Swallows Co-operative Playgroup - PL5 4AA
Little Teds Day Nursery - PL3 6BP
Little Teds Day Nursery -
Little Teds Ii - PL3 6AF
Little Treasures - GL52 5EQ
Little Treasures Pre-school - EX14 3AF
Littlealberts Pre-school - SN15 4QA
Littledean Church Of England Primary School - GL14 3NL
Little'ens Nursery - BA1 5AB
Littlefolk Under Fives Playgroup - TA6 5EQ
Littleham Church Of England Primary School - EX8 2QY
Littleoaks Day Nursery - BA11 2HQ
Littletown Primary School - EX14 2EG
Liverton Pre School - TQ12 6HW
Lizard Child Trust - TR13 8AR
Locking Pre-school Playgroup - BS24 8AR
Locking Primary School - BS24 8BB
Lockleaze Primary - BS7 9BY
Lockyer's Middle School - BH21 3HQ
Loddinwell Education Partnership - TQ7 4QU
Loddiswell Education Partnership - TQ7 4QU
Loddiswell Pre-school - TQ7 4QU
Loddiswell Primary School - TQ7 4QU
Loders Ce Vc Primary School - DT6 3SA
Lodge Farm Nursery School - SN15 5PY
Lollipops - GL18 1QF
Lollypop Playgroup - PL24 2JX
Long Sutton Cofe Primary School - TA10 9NT
Longborough Church Of England Primary School - GL56 0QD
Longcause Community Special School - PL7 1JB
Longdon St Mary's Church Of England (va) Primary School - GL20 6AT
Longfleet Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Combined School - BH15 2HF
Longfleet Lollipops Pooh Bears - BH15 1BQ
Longham Community Pre-school - BH22 9DP
Longhope Playgroup - GL17 0QB
Longleaze Primary School - SN4 8BA
Longleet Lollipops Nursery - BH15 2LP
Longlevens Early Years Centre - GL2 0AX
Longlevens Infant School - GL2 0AX
Longlevens Junior School - GL2 0AL
Longney Church Of England Primary School - GL2 3SL
Longney School Pre-school Group - GL2 3SL
Longscroft Children's Nur - BA14 9BL
Longspee School - BH17 8PJ
Longvernal Nursery School - BA3 2LP
Longvernal Primary School - BA3 2LP
Longwell Green Pre-school Playgroup - BS30 9DU
Longwell Green Primary School - BS30 9BA
Lonsdale Under Fives Playgroup - GL2 0TA
Looe Community School - PL13 1NQ
Looe Primary School - PL13 1JY
Lords Mead Pre-school Playgroup - SN14 0LL
Lostwithiel Pre-school Playgroup - PL22 0HE
Lostwithiel School - PL22 0AJ
Lover And Redlynch Pre-school - SP5
Lovington Church Of England Primary School - BA7 7PX
Lower Cam Under 5's - GL11 5JZ
Lower Covey Montessori Nursery - DT9 6LJ
Luca Ladybirds Playschool - BH16 5JA
Luckington Community School - SN14 6NU
Luckington Pre-school - SN14 6NU
Luckwell Primary School - BS3 3ET
Ludgvan Community Childcare Centre - TR20 8EC
Ludgvan Community Primary School - TR20 8EX
Ludgvan Montessori Nursery - TR20 8DH
Ludwell Community Primary School - SP7 9ND
Ludwell Valley Pre-school - EX2 6AY
Lufton College Of Further Education - BA22 8ST
Lufton Manor College - BA22 8ST
Lulworth And Winfrith Cofe Vc First School - BH20 5SA
Lulworth Camp Pre-school - BH20 5QF
Lunaland & Starlights Day Care - GL14 3JD
Lustleigh School - TQ13 9TJ
Luxulyan School - PL30 5EE
Luxulyan Smarties - PL30 5QA
Lydbrook Primary School - GL17 9PX
Lydeard St Lawrence Community Primary School - TA4 3SF
Lydford Primary School - EX20 4AU
Lydiard Millicent Church Of England Primary School - SN5 3LR
Lydiard Millicent Pre-school - SN5 9LU
Lydney C Of E School Nursery & Opportunity Centre - GL15 5JH
Lydney Church Of England Community School (vc) - GL15 5JH
Lydney Community Playgroup - GL15 5AT
Lydney Playgroup - GL15 5HP
Lyme Regis Playgroup - DT7 3PF
Lyme Regis Playgroup (kingsway) - DT7 3DY
Lympsham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled First School - BS24 0EW
Lympsham Pre-school - BS24 0EW
Lympstone Church Of England Primary School - EX8 5JY
Lympstone Pre School - EX8 5JY
Lyn Valley Playgroup - EX35 6AR
Lyneham Primary School - SN15 4QJ
Lyneham Village Pre-school - SN15 4QJ
Lyngford Park Pre-school - TA2 8EX
Lyngford Park Primary School - TA2 8EX
Lynton Church Of England Primary School - EX35 6AF
Lynworth Kindergarten - GL52 5HD
Lynworth Primary School - GL52 5HD
Lypiatt Primary Sch And Early Years Centre - SN13 9TU
Lypiatt Primary School - SN13 9TU
Lytchett Matravers Pre-school - BH16 6DY
Lytchett Matravers Primary School - BH16 6DY
Lytchett Minster School - BH16 6JD
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