School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South West Schools H E-mail

Incorporating schools within Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Halberton Pre-school - EX16 7AT
Halberton Primary School - EX16 7AT
Halcon Community Primary School - TA1 2BU
Halcyon Pre-school Group - PL2 2PS
Halcyon Pre-school Playgroup - PL2 2PU
Halsanger Manor Nursery School - TQ13 7HY
Halwill Community Primary School - EX21 5XH
Halwin Community Pre-school - TR13 0EG
Halwin School - TR13 0EG
Hambridge Community Primary School - TA10 0AZ
Hambridge Playgroup - TA10 0AW
Hambrook Primary School - BS16 1SJ
Hamdon Playgroup - TA14 6QQ
Hamdon Preschool Playgroup - TA14 6QP
Hamilton Pre-school - BS4 4HB
Hamp Community Junior School - TA6 6JB
Hamp Nursery And Infants' School - TA6 6JB
Hampreston Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School - BH21 7LX
Hampton Rd Day Nursery - BS6 6JD
Hamworthy First School And Nursery - BH15 4AX
Hamworthy Middle School - BH15 4DG
Hand 2 Hand Nursery - TQ1 2DG
Hand In Hand Nursery - SN3 4UY
Handy Paws Pre-school - DT11 0QA
Hanford School - DT11 8HL
Hanham Abbots Junior School - BS15 3PN
Hanham High School - BS15 3LA
Hanham Toddlers Pre-school - BS30 8SD
Hannah More Infant School - BS48 4YZ
Hannah More Primary School - BS2 0LT
Happy Caterpillars Pre-sc - SN14 6EB
Happy Chappies Childcare - GL1 5ND
Happy Days Day Nursery - BH5 2AG
Happy Days Day Nursery - GL18 1BQ
Happy Days Day Nursery - PL24 2DD
Happy Days Day Nursery - TR15 3JL
Happy Days Day Nursery - Falmouth - TR11 2BB
Happy Days Nurseries Ltd - TQ12 2HD
Happy Days Nursery - BA2 2DQ
Happy Days Nursery - BA2 2QL
Happy Days Nursery - BH15 3QU
Happy Days Nursery - EX8 3AF
Happy Days Nursery - SN15 1PS
Happy Days Nursery - TQ12 3AF
Happy Days Nursery - Jacobstow - EX23 0BR
Happy Days Nursery (plymouth) Ltd - PL6 7ER
Happy Days Nursery Broadmeadow - TQ14 9AE
Happy Days Playgroup - GL54 1AT
Happy Days S W Ltd - TR7 3BH
Happy Days South West Limited - PL26 6AA
Happy Days South West Limited - PL27 6HB
Happy Days South West Limited - PL28 8RW
Happy Days South West Limited - TR1 3LP
Happy Days South West Limited - TR7 2SR
Happy Days South West Limited - TR8 5EA
Happy Faces Pre-school Group - BH9 3HD
Happy Hippo's - PL1 4DN
Happy Homes Childminding Services - PL6 7DY
Happy Hours Nursery - BS48 4RJ
Happy Hours Nursery - BS49 4AW
Happy Hours Pre-school - PL2 2EL
Harbertonford Church Of England Primary School - TQ9 7TA
Harbertonford Pre-school - TQ9 7TA
Harcourt Pre-school - BS6 7NS
Hardenhuish School - SN14 6RJ
Hardington Pre-school Committee - BA22 9PQ
Hardwicke Parochial Primary School - GL2 4QG
Hardwicke Playgroup - GL2 4QA
Hareclive Primary School - BS13 0HP
Haresfield Church Of England Primary School - GL10 3EF
Haresfield Playgroup - GL4 8UT
Harewood Infant School - GL4 0SS
Harewood Junior School - GL4 0SS
Harfield Welly Playgroup - BS7 8ST
Harlequins Pre-school (frome) - BA11 2NA
Harnham Church Of England Controlled Junior School - SP2 8JZ
Harnham Infants' School - SP2 8JZ
Harnham Nursery Playgroup - SP2 8HA
Harrowbarrow And Metherell Playgroup - PL17 8BQ
Harrowbarrow Playgroup - PL17 8BQ
Harrowbarrow School - PL17 8BQ
Hartcliffe Early Years Centre - BS13 0JW
Hartcliffe Engineering Community College - BS13 0RL
Hartland Pre-school - EX39 6BP
Hartland Primary School - EX39 6BP
Hartley Hare Pre-school - PL6 5PS
Hartpury Church Of England Primary School - GL19 3BJ
Hartpury College - GL19 3BE
Hartpury Little Acorns - GL19 3AN
Haselbury Plucknett Church Of England First School - TA18 7RQ
Hatch Beauchamp Church Of England Primary School - TA3 6SQ
Hatch Beauchamp Pre School Playgrou - TA3 6SQ
Hatfield Nursery Ltd - TQ1 4NW
Hatherleigh Community Primary School - EX20 3JB
Hatherleigh Pre-school - EX20 3HZ
Hatherley Day Nursery - GL51 6PW
Hatherley Early Years Centre - GL1 4PW
Hatherley Infant School - GL1 4PW
Hatherop Castle School - GL7 3NB
Hatherop Church Of England Primary School - GL7 3NA
Hawkchurch Church Of England School - EX13 5XD
Hawkchurch Playgroup - EX13 5XD
Hawkesbury Church Of England Primary School - GL9 1AU
Hawkesbury Playgroup - GL9 1AU
Hawkfield Road Day Nursery - BS13 0RJ
Haycorns St Marys Pre-school Unit - DT1 2DD
Haydon Meadow Pre-school - SN25 1QQ
Haydon Wick Primary School - SN25 1HT
Haydonleigh Primary School - SN25 1JP
Hayes Day Nursery - TQ4 5PJ
Hayes Road Playgroup - TQ4 5PJ
Hayes School - TQ4 5PJ
Hayesdown First School - BA11 2BN
Hayesfield School Technology College - BA2 3LA
Hayeswood First School - BH21 2HN
Haygrove School - TA6 7HW
Haygrove Under 5s Playgroup - TA6 7HR
Haylands Pre-school - DT5 2LF
Hayle Community School - TR27 4DN
Hayle Montessori Nursery - TR27 4JU
Hayle Pre-school Playgrou - TR27 4ND
Haymoor Middle School - BH17 8WG
Haytor View Community Primary School - TQ12 4BD
Hayward's Primary School - EX17 3AX
Hazelbury Bryan Pre-school - DT10 2ED
Hazelbury Bryan Primary School - DT10 2ED
Hazeldown School - TQ14 8SE
Hazelwood Day Nursery - BS31 2UE
Hazlegrove King's Bruton Preparatory School - BA22 7JA
Headlands Day Nursery - GL15 5HP
Headley Park Primary School - BS13 7QB
Headstarts Day Nursery - SN5 7XN
Heamoor Community Primary School - TR18 3JZ
Heart Of The Forest Community Special School - GL16 7EJ
Heathcoat Primary School - EX16 5HE
Heathcote House Nursery School - SN10 5AA
Heatherlands First School - BH12 2BG
Heatherlands Playgroup - BH12 2EA
Heathfield Community Pre-school - TQ12 6SW
Heathfield Community School - TA2 8PD
Heathlands Primary School - BH11 8HB
Heavitree Pre-school Playgroup - EX1 2SN
Heavitree Urc Preschool Playgroup - EX1 2QJ
Hector S Playgroup - SN3 2QN
Heddington Church Of England Primary School - SN11 0PJ
Heddington Under 5s Playgroup - SN11 0PS
Helen Blackburn - BS30 8SA
Hele's School - PL7 4LT
Helitots Day Nursery - TR12 7RH
Helston Community College - TR13 8NR
Helston Day Nursery - TR13 8NR
Helston Under Fives Community Group - TR13 8BJ
Hemington Primary School - BA3 5XU
Hempsted Church Of England Primary School - GL2 5LH
Hempsted Playgroup - GL2 5LH
Hemsley Fraser Nursery - PL12 6JL
Hemyock Pre-school - EX15 3QW
Hemyock Primary School - EX15 3RY
Henbury Court Primary School - BS10 7NY
Henbury School - BS10 7NJ
Henbury View First School - BH21 3TR
Hengrove Community Arts College - BS14 9BU
Henleaze Infant School - BS9 4LG
Henleaze Junior School - BS9 4LG
Henleaze United Reformed Church Playgroup - BS9 4BT
Hennock Community Primary School - TQ13 9QB
Hennock Pre-school - TQ13 9QB
Hercules Opportunity Group - TA20 2DY
Heron Pre-school - BA22 8JP
Heron Primary School - GL4 4BN
Herons Moor Community Primary School - BS24 7DX
Hesters Way Family Centre - GL51 0ES
Hesters Way Neighbourhood Nursery - GL51 7SU
Hesters Way Playgroup - GL51 0ES
Hesters Way Primary School - GL51 0ES
Heytesbury Church Of England Primary School - BA12 0EA
Heytesbury Hedgehogs - BA12 0EA
Heywood Community School - GL14 2AZ
Heywood Preparatory School - SN13 0AP
Hickory Dickorys Day Nursery & Nursery School - GL50 1JS
Hickory House - BA2 5SA
Hickory House Nursery - SP4 0JG
High Bickington Church Of England Primary School - EX37 9AY
High Bickington Pre-school Playgroup - EX37 9AY
High Down Infant School - BS20 6DY
High Down Junior School - BS20 6DY
High Ham Church Of England Primary School - TA10 9BY
High Ham Pre School - TA10 9BY
High Littleton Cofe Vc Primary School - BS39 6HF
High School For Girls - GL1 3JN
High Street Primary School - PL1 3SJ
Highampton Area Pre-school Group - EX21 5LE
Highampton Community Primary School - EX21 5LE
Highbridge Childrens Centre - TA9 3JD
Highbridge Playgroup - TA9 3JF
Highbury Primary School - SP2 7EY
Highcliffe School - BH23 4QD
Highcliffe St Mark Primary School - BH23 5AZ
Highcroft Junior School - BS36 2LE
Highdale Day Nursery - BS21 7LT
Higher Blagrove Pre School Group - EX17 4SU
Highertown Pre-school - TR1 3LD
Highfield Community School - PL3 6JQ
Highfields Private School - TR15 1SY
Highnam Church Of England Primary School - GL2 8LW
Highnam Day Nursery - GL2 8DH
Highnam Under Fives - GL2 8LW
Highridge Infant School - BS13 8EF
Highweek Community Primary And Nursery School - TQ12 1TX
Highworth Pre-school - SN6 7DN
Highworth Warneford School - SN6 7BZ
Hill View Primary School - BH10 5BD
Hillbourne School And Nursery - BH17 7HX
Hillcrest Primary School - BS4 3BW
Hillesley Church Of England Primary School - GL12 7RH
Hillfields Primary School - BS16 4HA
Hillsborough Day Nursery - SN6 8PW
Hillside Community First School - BH31 7HE
Hillside Day Nursery - BS15 8EB
Hillside Day Nursery - BS16 4RF
Hillside Day Nursery 2 - BS15 8DB
Hillside First School - BS22 9EJ
Hillside Playgroup - TR13 8TP
Hillside Pre-school - BS5 7PB
Hillside Pre-school And Early Learn - BH31 7HE
Hillside School - PL5 4DZ
Hilltop Pre-school - BS20 6LT
Hilltop Pre-school - BS20 8QL
Hillview Community Playgroup - GL51 5FZ
Hillview Day Nursery - TA2 7BA
Hillview Playgroup - GL3 3LQ
Hillview Primary School - GL3 3LH
Hilmarton Parish Pre-school Playgro - SN11 8SD
Hilmarton Primary School - SN11 8SG
Hilperton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA14 7SB
Hindhayes Infant School - BA16 0HB
Hindon Children's Centre - SP3 6EA
Hindon Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School St Marys And St John's - SP3 6EA
Hinton St George Church Of England School - TA17 8SA
Hobby Horse Day Nursery - PL7 2WU
Hobbyhorse Day Nursery - BA13 3QG
Holbeton Preschool Playgroup - PL8 1NG
Holbeton School - PL8 1LT
Holbrook Park Pre-school - BA14 0PS
Holbrook Primary School - BA14 0PS
Holcombe Pre-school & Nursery - EX7 0JT
Holcombe Rogus & District Under Fives - TA21 0PE
Holding The Reins - PL4 7NJ
Holding The Reins Nursery 1 - PL6 7ER
Holly Oak Nursery - EX36 4AS
Hollyfields School - SP8 5PF
Hollyhocks Kindergarten - BA15 2QJ
Holsworthy Church Of England Primary School - EX22 6HD
Holsworthy Community College - EX22 6JD
Holsworthy Pre School - EX22 6BQ
Holsworthy Pre-school Playgroup - EX22 6BB
Holt Pre-school - BA14 6QN
Holt Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA14 6RA
Holway Community Playgroup - TA1 2JA
Holway Park Community Primary School - TA1 2JA
Holwell Nursery School - DT9 5LP
Holy Angels Pre-school - TQ2 6BP
Holy Apostles' Church Of England Primary School - GL52 6QZ
Holy Apostles Playgroup - GL52 6QZ
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - PL4 9BE
Holy Cross Rc Primary School - BS3 1DB
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - BS34 6BY
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - SN3 2PT
Holy Family Playgroup - BS34 6BY
Holy Family Pre-school - SN3 2PT
Holy Rood Catholic Infant School - SN1 2LU
Holy Rood Catholic Junior School - SN3 1DH
Holy Rood Playgroup - SN3 1DH
Holy Trinity Acorns Preschool - SN5 5PY
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School -
Holy Trinity Ce Vc Primary School And Nursery Unit - DT4 9QX
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - BA20 2PW
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - GL52 2JP
Holy Trinity Church Of England School Calne - SN11 0AR
Holy Trinity Cofe Va Primary School - TA1 3AF
Holy Trinity Primary School - BS32 0BD
Holymead Infant School - BS4 4LE
Holymead Junior School - BS4 4HB
Holyrood Community School - TA20 1JL
Holyrood Playgroup - TA20 1JL
Holywell Church Of England Primary School - EX31 3HZ
Home From Home Nursery - BA16 0HX
Homefield School - BH23 7AR
Home-from-home Day Nursery - BA16 0HX
Homelands Primary School - TQ1 4NT
Honey Trees Playgroup - PL2 3PH
Honeybears Playgroup - SN14 6BT
Honeycomb Nursery School - TA20 1JT
Honeylands Sibling Group - EX4 8AD
Honeypot Pre-school - BA21 5SE
Honeypots Day Nursery - PL6 7EQ
Honeytree Day Nursery Ltd - BS20 6BQ
Honeytree Day Nursery Ltd - BS22 8QE
Honicknowle Commnet Pre-school - PL5 3PX
Honiton Community College - EX14 1QT
Honiton Primary School - EX14 1QF
Hooe & Turnchapel Playgroup - PL9 9SE
Hooe Primary School - PL9 9RG
Hooke Court School - DT8 3NX
Hooke Court School - DT8 3NY
Hope Brook Cofe Primary School - GL17 0LL
Hope House Montessori Nursery Schoo - EX3 0AJ
Hopelands School - GL10 2AD
Hoppers Preschool - BH18 9LS
Hopscotch - SN15 3RF
Hopscotch Day Nursery - TR27 4ND
Hopscotch Nursery School - BA2 4SD
Hopscotch Pre-school - SN3 6NB
Hopton School House - GL11 5PB
Horfield Church Of England Primary School - BS10 5BD
Horfield Welly Playgroup - BS7 8ST
Horizon Centre (c/o Yeovil College) - BA21 4DR
Horningsham Primary School - BA12 7LW
Horrabridge Busy Bees Pre School - PL20 7SZ
Horrabridge Community Primary School - PL20 7SZ
Horrabridge Rn Preschool - PL20 7SR
Horrington House Pre-school - BA5 3EB
Horrington Primary School - BA5 3EB
Horsington Church Of England Primary School - BA8 0BW
Horsley Church Of England Primary School - GL6 0PU
Horsley Playgroup - GL6 0PT
Horton Cofe Va Primary School - BS37 6QP
Horwood And Newton Tracey Community Primary School - EX31 3PU
Hospital Education Centre - EX4 3PJ
Hotwells Primary School - BS8 4ND
Hucclecote Playgroup - GL3 3RT
Hugh Sexey Church Of England Middle School - BS28 4ND
Huish Episcopi Primary School - TA10 9RW
Huish Episcopi School - TA10 9SS
Huish Primary School - BA20 1AY
Hullavington Cofe Primary School - SN14 6EF
Humphry Davy School - TR18 2TG
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - TQ12 2SR
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - TQ6 9HW
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - TQ9 6EB
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - TA9 3JF
Humpty Dumpty Playschool - SN2 1AA
Humpty Dumpty Pre School - BH17 8PJ
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - SN11 0GS
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - SP4 9HP
Humptys House Pre-school Nursery - DT4 9UF
Humtpy S House (b) Playgroup - DT4 9HZ
Hundred Acre Wood Day Nur - BS36 2JX
Hunnybears Day Nursery - TA7 8BW
Huntley Church Of England Primary School - GL19 3EX
Huntley Playgroup - GL19 3UD
Huntley Rising Fives - GL19 3EX
Hutton Church Of England Primary School - BS24 9SN
Hutton Pre-school Playgroup - BS24 9SN
Hyde Park Infants' School - PL3 4RF
Hyde Park Junior School - PL3 4RH
Hylton School - EX2 4PA
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