School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South West Schools B E-mail

Incorporating schools within Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Babbacombe Church Of England Primary School - TQ1 3RN
Baby Hiltern Day Nursery - TQ2 5BW
Backwell Church Of England Junior School - BS48 3JJ
Backwell School - BS48 3BX
Baden-powell And St Peter's Church Of England Middle School - BH14 8UL
Badger Nursery The - SN8 4BX
Badgers Pre School & Day Nursery - BH6 4AP
Badminton Junior School - BS9 3BA
Badminton Rd Methodist Church Presc - BS16 6NU
Badminton School - BS9 3BA
Badocks Wood Primary School - BS10 5PU
Bagpuss Nursery - TQ11 0NL
Bailey's Court Primary School - BS32 8AZ
Balcarras School -
Baltonsborough Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - BA6 8PX
Baltonsborough Pre-school (glastonb - BA6 8QN
Bambini Day Nursery -
Bambinos Day Nursery - BS16 5UF
Bambinos Day Nursery - PL6 7TH
Bambinos Day Nursery - PL7 2AQ
Bambinos Day Nursery & Nursery Scho - PL1 3AD
Bampton Church Of England Primary School - EX16 9NW
Bampton Pre-school - EX16 9NW
Bampton Street Nursery - EX16 6AL
Band Hut Playgroup The - PL11 2JP
Bank Leaze Primary School - BS11 0SN
Bannerman Road Community School And Children's Centre - BS5 0HR
Banwell Pre School - BS29 6DB
Banwell Primary School - BS29 6DB
Barbara Cordeiro - BA12 8PD
Barbara Rose Pre-school - BH8 0AZ
Barbican Pre-school - PL13 1LZ
Barley Close Centre Of Excellence - BS16 9DL
Barley Close Community Primary School - BS16 9DL
Barley Lane School - EX4 1TA
Barn Owls Nursery - DT2 0HG
Barn-a-b's Pre-school - EX31 4ED
Barnaby Pre-school - BA2 1JX
Barne Barton Community School - PL5 1JH
Barney Lodge Day Nursery School - BA12 0AN
Barnwood Church Of England Primary School -
Barnwood Park Arts College -
Barrs Court Primary School - BS30 7JB
Barton Hill Family Playcentre Playg - BS5 0AX
Barton Hill Playgroup - SP7 8QA
Barton Hill Primary - BS5 9TX
Barton Hill Settlement Neighbourhood Nursery - BS5 0AX
Barton Primary School - TQ2 8JA
Barton St David Pre-school - TA11 6BU
Barwick And Stoford Community Primary School - BA22 9TH
Barwick And Stoford Pre-school - BA22 9TE
Basset Pre School - TR14 7QB
Bassetts Farm Preschool - EX8 4EH
Bassetts Farm Primary School - EX8 4GB
Bath & Ne Somerset Educ Psychol Serv - BS31 1LA
Bath & North East Somerset Portage Service - BS31 1LA
Bath Academy - BA1 2HX
Bath Opportunity Pre-school - BA2 6QH
Bath Rec - BA2 4BQ
Bath Spa University - BA2 9BN
Bath Spa University College - BA2 9BN
Bathampton Playgroup - BA2 6UL
Bathampton Primary School - BA2 6TQ
Batheaston Cofe Primary School - BA1 7EP
Bathford Cofe Vc Primary School - BA1 7UB
Bathwick St Mary Church Of England Primary School - BA2 6NN
Battledown Children's Centre -
Battledown Lodge Day Nursery -
Baydon St Nicholas Church Of England Primary School - SN8 2JJ
Baydon Underfives Pre-school - SN8 2JD
Baytree School - BS24 7DX
Bbc Bristol Workplace Nursery School - BS8 2LR
Beachley Walk-satelite Of Freshways - BS11 9PU
Beacon Pre-school - TR14 7SF
Beacon Rise Primary School - BS15 8NU
Beaford Community Primary & Nursery School - EX19 8LJ
Beaminster Playgroup - DT8 3AE
Beaminster School - DT8 3EP
Beaminster-colfox Combined Sixth Form -
Beanstalk Nursery -
Beanstalk Pre-school - PL2 1AB
Bear Flat Pre-school - BA2 4QJ
Bear Necessities Day Nursery - BA8 0HQ
Bearnes Voluntary Primary School - TQ12 2AU
Bears Hideaway - BH6 3PN
Bearwood Church Pre-school - BH11 9TF
Bearwood Primary And Nursery School - BH11 9UN
Beauchamp Under Fives -
Beaucroft Foundation School - BH21 2SS
Beaudesert Park School -
Beaufort Community School -
Becket Primary School - BS22 6DH
Beckington Church Of England First School - BA11 6TG
Beckington Pre-school - BA11 6TD
Bedminster Down School - BS13 7DQ
Beech Green Nursery -
Beech Green Playgroup -
Beech Green Primary School -
Beech Grove Primary School - TA21 8NE
Beechcroft Infant School - SN2 7QE
Beechcroft St Pauls Ce Va Primary School - DT4 0LQ
Beechen Cliff School - BA2 4RE
Beechfield Infant School - TA9 3JF
Beechstowe Day Nursery - PL7 2AQ
Beehive Nursery - TQ4 5EW
Beehives Under Fives - TQ8 8DU
Beer Church Of England Primary School - EX12 3NB
Begbrook Primary School - BS16 1HG
Belgrave School - BS8 2XH
Belle Vue Day Nursery - BH6 3EP
Belmont Day Nursery - EX16 6QY
Belmont Nursery School - EX1 2DB
Belmont School -
Bemerton St John Church Of England Aided Primary School - SP2 9NW
Bendarroch School - EX5 2BY
Benger Bears Pre-school - SN15 4RP
Benhall Infant School -
Benhall Infant School Nursery -
Bere Alston Primary School - PL20 7AU
Bere Regis School - BH20 7LP
Bere Valley Playgroup - PL20 7EJ
Berkeley Playgroup -
Berkeley Primary School -
Berkhampstead School -
Berkhampstead School Nursery -
Berkley Church Of England First School - BA11 5JH
Bernet's Day Nursery - BH9 1LG
Berries Kindergarten - EX23 8QE
Berrow Beanies Playgroup - TA8 2NJ
Berrow Church Of England Primary School - TA8 2LJ
Berry Hill Primary School -
Berry Hill Under Fives Group -
Berry Pomeroy Parochial Church Of England Primary School - TQ9 6LH
Berrycoombe Early Years Unit - PL31 2PH
Berrycoombe School - PL31 2PH
Berrynarbor Church Of England Primary School - EX34 9SE
Berrynarbor Pre-school - EX34 9SE
Best Friends Day Nursery -
Best Friends Too -
Bethany Church Of England Junior School - BH1 4DJ
Betteridge Assessment Unit -
Bettridge School -
Bibury Church Of England Primary School -
Bibury Day Nursery - BH13 6ED
Bibury Nursery - BH12 2LH
Bickleigh Down Church Of England Primary School - PL6 7JW
Bickleigh On Exe Church Of England Primary School - EX16 8RE
Bickleigh On Exe Preschool - EX16 8RE
Bicton College - EX9 7BY
Bicton College Of Agriculture - EX9 7BY
Bideford Baptist Pre-school - EX39 2JR
Bideford College - EX39 3AR
Bideford School Playgroup - EX39 3AB
Bidwell Brook School - TQ9 6JU
Bincombe Valley Primary School - DT3 6AF
Binegar Church Of England Vc Primary School - BA3 4UG
Binegar Playgroup - BA3 4UG
Bingham Kindergarten -
Birchen Coppice Primary School - DT11 7JJ
Birchfield Community Primary School - BA21 5RL
Birchfield Playgroup - BA21 5RL
Birchwood Day Nursery -
Birdlip And Brimpsfield Playgroup -
Birdlip Primary School -
Birdwell Primary School - BS41 9AZ
Biscovey Junior School - PL24 2DB
Biscovey Nursery And Infant Community School - PL24 2DB
Bishop Bronescombe Cofe Va School - PL25 3DT
Bishop Cornish Cofe Va Primary School - PL12 4PA
Bishop Dunstan School - TQ12 1HH
Bishop Fox's Community School - TA1 3HQ
Bishop Henderson Church Of England Primary School - BA3 5PN
Bishop Henderson Church Of England Primary School Taunton - TA1 4TU
Bishop Road Primary School - BS7 8LS
Bishop Sutton Nursery School - BS39 5UZ
Bishop Sutton Pre-school - BS39 5TR
Bishop Sutton Primary School - BS39 5XD
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School - SP1 2EB
Bishopdown Farm Comm. Pre-school - SP1 3GY
Bishops Cannings Church Of England Aided Primary School - SN10 2LD
Bishops Cannings Pre-school - SN10 2LD
Bishops Cleeve Playgroup -
Bishops Cleeve Primary School -
Bishops' College -
Bishops Hull Pre School - TA1 5DZ
Bishops Hull Primary School - TA1 5EB
Bishops Lydeard Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - TA4 3AN
Bishops Lydeard Pre-school - TA2 8TB
Bishops Nympton Little Owls Pre-school - EX36 4PQ
Bishops Nympton Primary School - EX36 4PU
Bishops Tawton Playgroup - EX32 0AB
Bishops Tawton Primary School - EX32 0AE
Bishopsteignton Pre-school Playgroup - TQ14 9RP
Bishopsteignton School - TQ14 9RJ
Bishopstone Church Of England Primary School - SN6 8PW
Bishopsworth Cofe Vc Junior School - BS13 8EF
Bisley Blue Coat Church Of England Primary School -
Bisley Playgroup -
Bitham Brook Primary School - BA13 3UA
Bittaford Under Fives - PL21 0EX
Bitton Pre School - BS30 6LB
Bizzi Kids Nursery - TA1 5BQ
Bizzy Bees Playgroup - BS20 6QP
Black Torrington Church Of England Primary School - EX21 5PU
Black Torrington Pre-school Playgroup - EX21 5PU
Blackawton & Dittisham Playgroup - TQ9 7BE
Blackawton Primary School - TQ9 7BE
Blackbrook Primary School - TA1 2RA
Blackford Education Limited T/a Libra - TA24 8SY
Blackhorse Primary School - BS16 6TR
Blackmoor School - EX14 4SX
Blackpool Church Of England Primary School - TQ12 6JB
Blackwater Community Primary School - TR4 8ES
Blackwater Pre School - TR4 8ES
Blagdon Hill Primary School - TA3 7SW
Blagdon Pre-school - BS40 7TA
Blagdon Primary School - BS40 7RW
Blaise Primary School And Nursery - BS10 7EJ
Blakeney Pre-school Group -
Blakeney Primary School -
Blakeney Under Fives -
Blandford Camp Pre-school - DT11 8BG
Blandford Little Acorns Pre-school - DT11 7AB
Blandford Opportunity Group - DT11 7BU
Blandford St Mary Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - DT11 9QD
Bledington Primary School -
Blisland Community Primary School - PL30 4JX
Blockley Church Of England Primary School -
Blockley Nursery School -
Blockley Playschool -
Bloomfield Nursery School - BA2 2AD
Blue Coat Cofe Primary School -
Blue Coat Playgroup -
Blue Coat Playgroup -
Blue Coat Pre-school & Busy Bees -
Blue Penguin Montessori - BH14 0JW
Bluebell Nursery - SN8 4HA
Bluebell Valley Nursery School - BS11 0LP
Bluebells Pre-school - SN9 6EN
Bluebells Pre-school Playgroup - BS34 7PS
Blundell's Preparatory School - EX16 4NA
Blundell's School - EX16 4DN
Blunsdon Nursery School - SN2 4AR
Boasley Cross Community Primary School - EX20 4JH
Bobtails Day Nursery - BH6 5EX
Bobtails Pre-school - PL3 6HU
Bobtails Pre-school Centre (over 3 S) - SP4 9AB
Bodmin College - PL31 1DD
Bodmin Pre-school (mary Kendall) - PL31 2AE
Bodriggy Primary School - TR27 4DR
Bognor House Day Nursery - BS21 7XP
Bolham Community Primary School - EX16 7RA
Bolitho School - TR18 4JR
Bo-peep Pre-school - BS39 6JD
Boringdon Primary School - PL7 4HJ
Boscastle Community Primary School - PL35 0AU
Boscastle House Childrens Group - BS15 9QP
Boscastle Pre-school Playgroup - PL35
Boscombe Neighbourhood Nursery - BH1 4PE
Boscoppa Pre-school - PL25 3DT
Boskenwyn Community Primary School - TR13 0NG
Bosvigo School - TR1 3BJ
Bouncers Day Nursery - TR11 3LS
Bouncing Ben's Pre-school - BA6 9EX
Bourne Valley Nursery School - SP4 6HA
Bournemouth Afc Study Support Centre - BH1 3NL
Bournemouth And Poole College Of Further Education - BH14 0LS
Bournemouth Childminding Network - BH1 3NL
Bournemouth Learning Support Centre - BH10 4HG
Bournemouth Montessori Nursery - BH1 1RP
Bournemouth Nuffield Day Nursery - BH1 1RW
Bournemouth Portage Service - BH10 4HG
Bournemouth School - BH8 9PY
Bournemouth School For Girls - BH8 9UJ
Bournemouth University - BH1 3NA
Bournemouth University - BH12 5BB
Bournville Community Infant School - BS23 3ST
Bournville Junior School - BS23 3ST
Bournville Under 5's Pre-school - BS23 3UP
Bourton & Zeals Playgroup - SP8 5DH
Bourton Playgroup And Toddlers -
Bourton-on-the-water Primary School -
Bovey Busy Bees Preschool - TQ13 9AB
Bovey Tracey Parish Church Pre-scho - TQ13 9EN
Bovey Tracey Primary School - TQ13 9HZ
Bovington First School - BH20 6LE
Bovington Middle School - BH20 6NU
Bovington Nursery School - BH20 6JB
Bow Community Primary School - EX17 6HU
Bow Playgroup - EX17 6JF
Bowerhill Pre-school - SN12 6YH
Bowerhill Primary School - SN12 6YH
Bowhill Primary School - EX4 1JT
Bowlish Infant School - BA4 5JQ
Bowood Nursery - SN6 7BZ
Bowood Nursery School - SN6 7BZ
Bowsland Green Primary School - BS32 0ES
Bowyers Day Nursery - BA14 8HN
Box Church Of England Primary School - SN13 8NF
Box Pre-school Playgroup - SN13 8NZ
Boyton Community Primary School - PL15 9RJ
Boyton Pre School - PL15 9RJ
Brackenbury Infant School And Community Nursery - DT5 1JN
Braddock Cofe Primary School - PL14 4TB
Bradford Abbas Pre-school - DT9 6RF
Bradford Pre-school Nursery - EX22 7AB
Bradford Primary School - EX22 7AB
Bradley Barton Primary School And Nursery Unit - TQ12 1PR
Bradley Stoke Community School - BS32 9BS
Bradon Forest School - SN5 4AT
Bradpole Church Pre-school - DT6 3HS
Bradworthy Community Primary School - EX22 7RT
Bradworthy Pre-school Playgroup - EX22 7RT
Braeside Neighbourhood Nursery - TQ4 6BX
Bramble Hedge Pre-school - PL9 9SE
Bramdean School - EX1 2QR
Brampford Area Pre-school - EX5 5HE
Brampford Speke Church Of England Primary School - EX5 5HE
Brampton Pre School - BS20 6YN
Brampton Pre-school - BS20 6JQ
Branksome Heath Middle School - BH12 3DX
Brannel School - PL26 7RN
Branscombe Church Of England Primary School - EX12 3DA
Branscombe Nursery School - EX10 0PD
Branscombe Nursery School - EX12 3DB
Branscombe Pre-school - EX12 3DA
Bransgore Church Of England Primary School - BH23 8JH
Bratton Clovelly Under Fives - EX20 4JX
Bratton Fleming Community Primary School - EX31 4SB
Bratton Fleming Village Playgroup - EX31 4TZ
Bratton Pre-school - BA13 4RR
Bratton Primary School - BA13 4RL
Braunton Montessori Nursery School - EX33 2AA
Braunton School And Community College - EX33 2BP
Brayford Boomerangs - EX32 7QF
Brayford Primary School - EX32 7QJ
Breae Bright Sparks Playgroup - TR13 9PZ
Breage Church Of England School - TR13 9PZ
Bream Church Of England Primary School -
Bream Early Learners -
Bredon Playgroup - GL20 7LG
Bredon School - GL20 6AD
Bredon School - GL20 6AH
Brenda Fraser - PL3 4LN
Brenda Tate - Forest Methodist Nursery - SN12 7AA
Brendan Day Nursery -
Brent Knoll Church Of England Primary School - TA9 4EQ
Brent Knoll Kindergarten - TA8 4EQ
Brentry & Henbury Childrens Centre - BS10 6QF
Brentry Primary School - BS10 6RG
Briarwood School - BS16 4EA
Bride Valley Fledglings - DT2 9BD
Bridestowe Lydford And Sourton Pre - EX20 4EL
Bridestowe Primary School - EX20 4EL
Bridge Club Pre-school Playgroup - EX2 9JU
Bridge Farm Primary School - BS14 0LL
Bridgerule Church Of England Primary School - EX22 7EN
Bridgwater Centre - TA6 3RG
Bridgwater College - TA6 4PZ
Bridgwater College Cannington - TA6 4PZ
Bridgwater College Childrens Centre - TA6 4QB
Bridgwater College Early Years Cent - TA6 4PZ
Bridgwater New Horizons - TA6 5EQ
Bridgwater Opportunity Group - TA6 7HB
Bridgwater Playgroup - TA6 3NZ
Bridlewood Primary School - SN25 2EX
Bridport St Mary's Church Of England Primary School - DT6 5LA
Bridport Community Playgroup - DT6 4BL
Bridport Montessori - DT6 4AE
Bridport Primary School - DT6 3BJ
Bridport United Church Playgroup - DT6 3LH
Bright Eyes Day Nursery -
Bright Eyes Early Years Centre -
Bright Horizons Family Solutions - BS34 8JH
Bright Horizons Pre School Group -
Bright Sparks - PL2 1RJ
Bright Sparks - PL5 1AJ
Bright Sparks Nursery - SN15 4LL
Bright Sparks Pre-school -
Bright Sparks Pre-school -
Bright Start Day Nursery - SN2 5HB
Bright Start Playschool - DT9 4DE
Brightlands Day Nursery -
Brightlands Day Nursery -
Brightstars Preschool - SN2 2NQ
Brimble Hill Special School - SN25 2NB
Brimscombe Church Of England (va) Primary School -
Brimscombe Playgroup -
Brimsham Green School - BS37 7LB
Brinkworth Butterflies Pre-school - SN15 5AF
Brinkworth Earl Danby's Church Of England Primary - SN15 5AX
Brislington Enterprise College - BS4 5EY
Bristol Baptist College - BS8 3NJ
Bristol Brunel Academy - BS15 1NU
Bristol Cathedral School - BS1 5TS
Bristol Children's Playhouse - BS5 6LU
Bristol City Ssc - BS3 2EJ
Bristol Gateway School - BS11 0QA
Bristol Grammar School - BS8 1SR
Bristol Hospital Education Service - BS10 6DS
Bristol Portage Service - BS10 6AY
Bristol Steiner School - BS6 6UX
Bristol University - BS8 1TH
Bristol University Day Nursery - BS2 8BW
Bristol Waldorf School - BS8 1JR
Britford Church Of England Controlled Primary School - SP5 4DS
Brixham Church Of England Primary School - TQ5 9HF
Brixham Community College - TQ5 9HF
Brixham Community College Playgroup - TQ5 9SP
Brixington Community Nursery And Primary School - EX8 4JQ
Brixington Pre-school - EX8 4LE
Brixton Pre-school - PL8 2BW
Broad Chalke Cofe Primary School - SP5 5DS
Broad Hinton Church Of England Primary School - SN4 9PQ
Broad Lane Pre School - TR15 3JL
Broad Town Church Of England Primary School - SN4 7RE
Broad Town Pre-school - SN4 7RE
Broadclyst Community Primary School - EX5 3JG
Broadhembury Church Of England Primary School - EX14 3NF
Broadhempston Pre-school Playgroup - TQ9 6BJ
Broadhempston Village Primary School - TQ9 6BL
Broadlands Pre-school Centre -
Broadlands School - BS31 2DY
Broadmayne & West Knighton Pre-scho - DT2 8PH
Broadmayne First School - DT2 8PH
Broadoak Mathematics And Computing College - BS23 4NP
Broadshires Pre-school - GL7 3QS
Broadstone Christian Nursery - BH18 8NU
Broadstone Community Pre-school - BH18 8AZ
Broadstone First School - BH18 8AA
Broadstone Middle School - BH18 8AE
Broadstone Montessori Nursery School - BH18 8BH
Broadway Infant School - BS37 7AD
Broadwell & Coalway Playgroup -
Broadwindsor Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - DT8 3QL
Broadwoodwidger Pre-school - PL16 0EX
Broadwoodwidger Primary School - PL16 0EX
Brockeridge Infant School - BS36 2LQ
Brockweir Playgroup Baby & Toddler Group -
Brockworth Enterprise School -
Brockworth Pre-school -
Brockworth Primary School -
Bromesberrow St Mary's Church Of England (aided) Primary School -
Bromesberrow St Marys Nursery -
Bromham Playgroup - SN15 2JB
Bromley Heath Infant School - BS16 6NJ
Bromley Heath Junior School - BS16 6NJ
Brook Field Primary School - SN5 5SB
Brookside Community Primary School - BA16 0PR
Brookside Pre-school - SN5 3PN
Broomhayes School And Children's Centre - EX39 4PL
Broomhill Infant School - BS4 4UY
Broomhill Junior School - BS4 4NZ
Broughton Gifford Pre-school - SN12 8PN
Broughton Rd Pre-school - SN12 8BX
Brown Bears Community Pre - SP1 2AS
Brunel Nursery - BS7 9BU
Brunel Primary School - PL12 6DX
Brunswick Day Nursery (gloscat) -
Bruton Primary School - BA10 0DP
Bruton School For Girls - BA10 0NT
Bryanston School - DT11 0PX
Brymore School - TA5 2NB
Bubbles Pre-school - SN9 5ES
Buckeridge International College - TQ14 8LY
Buckfastleigh Primary School - TQ11 0DD
Buckholme Towers School - BH14 0JW
Buckland Brewer Community Primary School - EX39 5LX
Buckland Brewer Under Fives - EX39 5LW
Buckland Monachorum Pre-school Playgroup - PL20 7LZ
Buckland Newton Church Of England School - DT2 7BY
Buckland Newton Under Fives - DT2 7BZ
Buckland Newton Under Fives - DT2 7DA
Buckland St Mary Church Of England Primary School - TA20 3SJ
Buckland St Mary Pre-school - TA20 3SJ
Bucklers Mead Community School - BA21 4NH
Bucklers Mead Pre-school - BA21 4NH
Buddle Lane Family Centre - EX4 1QD
Bude Infant School - EX23 8EA
Bude Junior School - EX23 8DR
Bude Pre-school - EX23 8JA
Budehaven Community School - EX23 8DQ
Budehaven Day Nursery - EX23 8DQ
Budmouth Technology College - DT4 9SY
Budock Water Playgroup - TR11 5DJ
Buffer Bear @ Carter Community - BH15 4BQ
Buffer Bear At Turlin Moor - BH16 5AH
Buffer Bear Nursery - BS1 6QH
Buffer Bear Nursery - SN3 6AA
Bugle Pre School Playgroup - PL26 8PD
Bugle School - PL26 8PD
Bugs Day Nursery - TR15 2LW
Bulford Cofe (va) Primary School - SP4 9HP
Bull Point Community School - PL5 1HL
Bumble Bears Pre School - TR15 3LG
Bumble Bees Day Nursery - EX1 2LX
Bumble Bees Playgroup -
Bumble Bees Pre-school - PL5 2TP
Burbage Pre School - SN8 3TW
Burbage Primary School - SN8 3TP
Burlescombe Church Of England Primary School - EX16 7JH
Burnbush Primary School - BS14 8DQ
Burnham Infants Pre-school - TA8 1JD
Burnham-on-sea Infants' School - TA8 1JD
Burraton Community Primary School - PL12 4LT
Burrington Church Of England Controlled Primary School - EX37 9JG
Burrington Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BS40 7AD
Burrington Pre-school - BS40 7AP
Burrowbridge Church Of England Primary School - TA7 0RB
Burrowbridge Puddleducks Pre School - TA7 0RB
Burton Bradstock Church Of England Voluntary Controlled School - DT6 4QS
Burton Bradstock Playgroup - DT6 4QS
Burton Church Of England Primary School - BH23 7JY
Burton Day Nursery - BH23 7JN
Burton Pre-school Playgroup - BH23 7JP
Burton Pre-school Playgroup - BH23 7NH
Burton Youth Centre Playgroup - BH23 7NH
Bus Stop Three Pre-school - BS14 0AU
Bushbabies Day Nursery -
Bushy Cross Day Nursery - TA3 5JT
Bushytails Day Nursery - BH4 8JF
Bussage Church Of England Primary School -
Bussage Nursery School -
Bussage Playgroup -
Busy Bears Nursery - EX2 5DW
Busy Beavers Pre-school - TA2 6LA
Busy Bee Day Nursery - BS4 2PN
Busy Bee Playgroup - BS30 6DF
Busy Bee Pre-school (honiton) - EX14 1QF
Busy Bees - BS16 2BG
Busy Bees (bemerton) Pre-school - SP2 7JX
Busy Bees Day Nursery - BS22 8SX
Busy Bees Day Nursery - PL6 8DH
Busy Bees Nursery - SN9 5PL
Busy Bees Nursery School Frome - BA11 4JW
Busy Bees Playgroup - BS19 4NA
Busy Bees Playgroup - TQ9 5HF
Busy Bees Playgroup -
Busy Bees Playgroup (yeovil) - BA20 2BL
Busy Bees Pre School - EX34 8DZ
Busy Bees Pre-school - BA13 4AN
Busy Bees Pre-school - BA14 9QD
Busy Bees Pre-school - BH22 0DZ
Busy Bees Pre-school - BH9 3JT
Busy Bees Pre-school - BS23 2XG
Busy Bees Pre-school - BS9 4LD
Busy Bees Pre-school (bath) - BA1 6ND
Busy Bees Pre-school Playgroup - TA4 2NY
Busy Bodies Pre-school - BH12 1AD
Busy Bodies Pre-school - BH121AD
Busy Bodies Pre-school - TR27 5JL
Busy Kids Pre-school - BA9 9HU
Busy Lizzies Day Nursery - TR7 1LE
Busybees Nursery (chippenham) Ltd - SN15 1LH
Butcombe Clifton College - BS8 3EZ
Butleigh Church Of England Primary School - BA6 8SX
Butleigh Nursery School - BA6 8TY
Buttercups - PL22 0HG
Buttercups Day Nursery - BA3 3RW
Buttercups Home Nursery - BA22 8AB
Buttercups Kindergarten - SN11 8QA
Buttercups Montessori N School - EX4 6JN
Butterflies Day Nursery - TA6 4TY
Butterflies Day Nursery -
Butterflies Early Years -
Butterflies Pre-school - SP5 4LU
Butterfly Preschool - BA11 4BN
Buzy Bees Pre School - TR16 4AY
By Brook Valley Cofe Primary School - SN14 7BA
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