School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

South East Schools R

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Rabbsfarm Primary School - UB7 8AH
Rabia Girls' School - LU4 8AX
Rachel Horrox - HP7 0PX
Rachel Madocks School - PO8 9XP
Radburn Primary School - SG6 2JZ
Radcliffe Infirmary Day Nursery - OX2 6HE
Radlett Lodge School - WD7 9HW
Radlett Montessori - WD7 8JX
Radlett Nursery And Infant School - WD7 7JN
Radlett Preparatory School - WD7 7LY
Radley Church Of England Primary School - OX14 3QF
Radley College - OX14 2HR
Radley Pre-school - OX14 3QF
Radnage Cofe Infant School - HP14 4DW
Radnor Avenue Pre-school - HA1 1SB
Radnor Park Kindergarten - CT20 2JA
Radstock Primary School - RG6 5UZ
Raf Benson Community Primary School - OX10 6EP
Raf Brize Norton Pre-school - OX18 3UG
Raf Henlow Pre-school - SG16 6DN
Raf Stanmore Park Nursery School - HA7 3SW
Raf Uxbridge Playgroup - UB10 0RH
Raglan Day Nursery - BR2 9NL
Raglan Infant School - EN1 2NS
Raglan Junior School - EN1 2RG
Raglan Primary School - BR2 9NL
Railway Children Kindergarten - KT20 5EE
Railway Children Playgroup -
Railway Nursery - BN9 0BT
Railway Nursery School - MK46 4HA
Railway Nursery School(neath Hill) - MK14 6JZ
Rainbow - RG14 6AH
Rainbow Centre For Conductive Education - PO16 0LX
Rainbow Childcare - BN10 8JH
Rainbow Childcare Ltd - LU6 3BZ
Rainbow Children Community Pre-school - TW19 7DS
Rainbow Childrens Ii/iii Nursery - TN24 8PL
Rainbow Childrens Nursery - TN24 8DB
Rainbow Corner Day Nursery - OX49 5RB
Rainbow Corner Nursery School - PO5 1PX
Rainbow Corner Pre School - HP4 3HU
Rainbow Corner Pre-school - CT13 0QP
Rainbow Corner Pre-school - HP4 3HU
Rainbow Day Nursery - BR2 9AF
Rainbow Day Nursery - DA1 2LP
Rainbow Day Nursery - MK17 0BU
Rainbow Day Nursery - RG1 5LD
Rainbow Day Nursery - TW16 7QL
Rainbow Day Nursery & Asc (nl) - MK17 0BU
Rainbow House Playgroup - WD5 0DQ
Rainbow Kindergarten - SO51 6AR
Rainbow Montessori Nursery School - RG7 3JL
Rainbow Nursery - BN3 1PL
Rainbow Nursery - HA0 4AU
Rainbow Nursery - KT16 0BH
Rainbow Nursery - KT16 9EW
Rainbow Nursery - LU3 1DS
Rainbow Nursery - MK40 2BB
Rainbow Nursery - RH11 7DH
Rainbow Nursery - RH11 7DL
Rainbow Nursery - TN2 5LU
Rainbow Nursery - TN2 5LX
Rainbow Nursery Playgroup - EN6 2RB
Rainbow Nursery School - AL3 5UP
Rainbow Nursery School - BN3 1PL
Rainbow Nursery School - BN5 9RA
Rainbow Nursery School - GU32 1EB
Rainbow Nursery School - TW10 6TH
Rainbow Nursery School - TW9 1UP
Rainbow Pg - WD7 8ET
Rainbow Playgroup - CR0 2EG
Rainbow Playgroup - CT1 3XD
Rainbow Playgroup - CT5 1DD
Rainbow Playgroup - DA16 2LL
Rainbow Playgroup - GU10 1DD
Rainbow Playgroup - HA3 9BS
Rainbow Playgroup - KT23 4DH
Rainbow Playgroup - OX26 4YJ
Rainbow Playgroup - SG18 0AA
Rainbow Playgroup - SG8 5PT
Rainbow Playgroup - SL6 9HJ
Rainbow Playgroup - SM7 1NB
Rainbow Playgroup - SO21 1SB
Rainbow Playgroup - TN35 5BH
Rainbow Playgroup - TN39 5BD
Rainbow Playgroup - TW15 3JY
Rainbow Playgroup - UB10 9HG
Rainbow Playgroup -
Rainbow Pre School - KT12 2LB
Rainbow Pre School - RH6 8SD
Rainbow Pre School Playgr - MK41 9QJ
Rainbow Preschool - BN14 8EZ
Rainbow Preschool - CT17 0LB
Rainbow Preschool - RG14 6AH
Rainbow Pre-school - BN10 8RJ
Rainbow Pre-school - CR3 6RH
Rainbow Pre-school - CT14 9FZ
Rainbow Pre-school - EN8 0RX
Rainbow Pre-school - HP21 9NJ
Rainbow Pre-school - KT12 2JP
Rainbow Pre-school - ME13 7RN
Rainbow Pre-school - ME20 7JX
Rainbow Pre-school - OX10 0BX
Rainbow Pre-school - PO30 3EP
Rainbow Pre-school - RG2 0SL
Rainbow Pre-school - RH10 6JB
Rainbow Pre-school - SL2 4AL
Rainbow Pre-school - SL6 9HJ
Rainbow Pre-school - SO15 5RA
Rainbow Pre-school - TN12 5BT
Rainbow Pre-school - TN14 7LS
Rainbow Pre-school - TN16 3BA
Rainbow Pre-school - TN17 3DT
Rainbow Pre-school - UB10 9HD
Rainbow Pre-school & Out Of School Club - ME8 8JR
Rainbow Pre-school Playgroup - TN9 1EP
Rainbow Staff Nursery - BN21 2UD
Rainbow Under Fives - RH8 0HG
Rainbow Village - OX15 4ET
Rainbows End Pre-school - GU6 7PX
Rainbows End Pre-school - SO22 6NQ
Rainbows Montessori Pre-school - SM6 0RY
Rainbows Nursery School - GU8 6DG
Rainbows Playgroup - EN3 4EZ
Rainbows Pre-school Playgroup - SO50 7BD
Rainham Mark Grammar School - ME8 7AJ
Rainham Playgroup - ME8 7RS
Rainham School For Girls - ME8 0BX
Rake Cofe First School - GU33 7JH
Raleigh - KT24 6LX
Ralph Sadleir Middle School - SG11 1TF
Ramalley Pre-school Playgroup - SO53 1JG
Ramridge Primary School - LU2 9AH
Ramsey Manor Lower School - MK45 4NS
Ramsgate Christ Church Church Of England Junior School - CT11 0ZZ
Ramsgate Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - CT10 1RR
Ranelagh Church Of England School - RG12 9DA
Rangefield Primary School - BR1 4RP
Ranikhet Primary School - RG30 4ED
Ranvilles Community Pre-school - PO14 3BN
Ranvilles Infant School - PO14 3BN
Ranvilles Junior School - PO14 3BN
Rascals (meadowlands) Pre-school - PO9 8QG
Rascals Nursery - DA10 0HJ
Rascals Playgroup - BN16 2NL
Rascals Playgroup - UB8 3QP
Rascals Pre School - BN2 4ED
Rathbone - Alternatives - MK1 1QT
Rathbone School - LU1 1HT
Ratton School - BN21 2XR
Ravenor Primary School - UB6 9TT
Ravens Wood School - BR2 8HP
Ravensbourne College Of Design And Communication - BR7 5SN
Ravenscote Community Junior School - GU16 9RE
Ravensdale - TN2 3ND
Ravensden Cofe Va Lower School - MK44 2RW
Ravenstone House - HP20 2SA
Ravenstone House - OX26 7QA
Ravenstone House Aylesbury - HP20 2SA
Ravenstone House Banbury - OX16 0AA
Ravenstone House Pre-prep School & Nursery - MK7 6BB
Ravenstone House Prepreparatory School - AL3 7NB
Ravenstone House Redbourn - AL3 7NB
Ravenstone House Walton - MK7 6BB
Raynehurst Primary School - DA12 4BN
Rayners Lane Under 5s Pre-school - HA2 0TN
Raynham Way Pre-school - LU2 9JB
Raynsford Vc Lower School - SG16 6AT
Reading + Whitley Surestart Childminder Network - RG30 2TS
Reading Blue Coat School - RG4 6SU
Reading Childminder Network - RG30 2TS
Reading College [thames Valley Uni.] - RG1 5RQ
Reading College And School Of Arts & Design - RG1 4HJ
Reading Fc Study Support Centre - RG2 0FL
Reading Girls' School - RG2 7PY
Reading Pupil Referral Service - RG1 8DH
Reading School - RG1 5LW
Reading University - RG2 2AH
Reading University - RG6 2BW
Reading University - RG6 6AH
Reading University - RG6 6BW
Reading University Students Union N - RG6 6AZ
Ready Steady Go - BR1 3QG
Ready Steady Go - EN1 2BA
Ready Teddy Go (brailes) - OX15 5HP
Ready Teddy Go Day Nurser - CR2 6NG
Rebecca Cole - TN23 5DA
Rectory Day Nursery - TW12 3HB
Rectory Hill Nursery - HP7 0BG
Rectory Lane Nursery - RG12 7DT
Rectory Park Under 5's Centre - UB5 6BU
Reculver Church Of England Primary School - CT6 6TA
Red Balloon Day Nursery - KT11 1HU
Red Balloon Nursery - GU28 9JA
Red Balloon Nursery School - GU27 3NF
Red Balloon Pre-school - KT15 3ND
Red Barn Community Pre-school - PO16 8HJ
Red Barn Community Primary School - PO16 8HJ
Red Cross Opportunity Playgroup - MK6 4NP
Red Dragon Pre-school - OX14 4DR
Red Fox Day Nursery - SL7 1JW
Red Gates School - CR0 4RG
Red Hill Primary School - BR7 6DA
Red Kites Day Nursery - HP14 4UE
Red Lake Community Primary School - TN35 5DB
Redborne Day Nursery - MK45 2NU
Redborne Upper School And Community College - MK45 2NU
Redbourn Infants' And Nursery School - AL3 7EX
Redbourn Junior School - AL3 7EX
Redbourn Preschool - AL3 7DU
Redbridge All Saints Pre-school - SO16 9HJ
Redbridge Community Pre-school - SO16 9RJ
Redbridge Community Pre-school -
Redbridge Community School - SO16 9RJ
Redbridge Primary School - SO15 0NR
Redcliffe Nursery - DA17 6HF
Reddiford Nursery School - HA5 5HH
Reddiford School - HA5 5HH
Reddiford School Nursery - HA5 5PA
Redehall Preparatory School - RH6 9QA
Redehall Preparatory School Foundation Ltd - RH6 9QA
Redemption Academy - SG2 0LL
Redhill Baptist Church Pre-school - RH1 6AE
Redlands Primary School - PO16 0UD
Redlands Primary School - RG1 5QH
Redroofs Nursery - SO19 2NX
Redroofs Theatre School - SL6 3QY
Redwood Park School - PO6 2RY
Reed First School - SG8 8AB
Reedham Park School Kindergarten - CR8 4DN
Reedham Park School Limited - CR8 4DN
Reedings Junior School - CM21 9DD
Reeds School - KT11 2ES
Reedsfield Playgroup - TW15 2HE
Regent Brighton - BN3 3EW
Regent College - HA2 7JP
Regent House D N - BN1 3SB
Regent Margate - CT9 3TP
Regent Nursery - HA5 5ET
Regent Oxford - OX2 6JT
Regents Park Community College - SO16 4GW
Regents Park Community Pre-school - SO15 4HP
Regina Coeli Catholic Primary School - CR2 6DF
Regis Manor Community Primary School - ME10 2HT
Reigate College - RH2 0SD
Reigate Grammar School - RH2 0QS
Reigate High Street Playgroup - RH2 9AE
Reigate Parish Cofe (aided) Infant School - RH2 7DB
Reigate Parish Playgroup - RH2 7DB
Reigate Park Church Playg - RH2 8BD
Reigate Priory Community Junior School - RH2 7RL
Reigate School - RH2 7NT
Reigate Sixth Form College - RH2 0SD
Reigate St Marys Prep School - RH2 7RN
Reindeer Pre-school - HP21 9PP
Reintegration Service - RG19 4RE
Renhold Pre-school Group - MK41 0LR
Renhold Vc Lower School - MK41 0LR
Rest Harrow Nursery School - BN8 5EF
Revells Terrapin Nursery - BN2 7HP
Rexton House Nursery And Daycare - WD25 8AP
Rexton House Nursery School - WD7 7AA
Rexton House Nursery School - WD7 8AD
Rexton House Nursery School Ltd - HA8 6LZ
Rexton Montessori Nursery - WD6 3BY
Richard Challoner School - KT3 5PE
Richard Hale School - SG13 8EN
Richard Whittington Primary School - CM23 3NP
Richings Park Pre-school - SL0 9DD
Richmond Adult Community College - TW9 2RE
Richmond First School - ME12 2QT
Richmond Hill School - LU2 7JL
Richmond Pre-school - CR5 3BP
Richmond Under Fives Centre - TW10 6EE
Richmond Upon Thames College - TW2 7SJ
Richmond Upon Thames Pupil Referral Unit - TW11 8UH
Richmond-upon-thames College - TW2 7SJ
Rickley Junior School - MK3 6EW
Rickmansworth Montessori School - WD3 1HL
Rickmansworth Nursery School - WD3 1HU
Rickmansworth Park Junior Mixed And Infant School - WD3 1HU
Rickmansworth Pneu School - WD3 4DU
Rickmansworth School - WD3 3AQ
Riddlesdown High School - CR8 1EX
Riders Infant School - PO9 4RY
Riders Junior School - PO9 4RY
Rides Playgroup - RG40 4EH
Ridge Meadow Primary School - ME5 0LA
Ridge View School - TN10 4PT
Ridgemede Junior School - SO32 1EP
Ridgeway Pre-school - RG22 4HZ
Ridgeway Primary School - CR2 0EQ
Ridgeway School - MK42 7EB
Ridgewood Pre School - TN22 5TE
Ridgmont Lower School - MK43 0TS
Right Start - LU4 8NP
Right Start Montessori - EN2 8AS
Rikkyo School-in-england - RH12 3BE
Ringmer Community College - BN8 5RB
Ringmer Nursery School - BN8 5RB
Ringmer Primary School - BN8 5LL
Ringwood Church Of England Infant School - BH24 1LG
Ringwood Day Nursery - BH24 1RR
Ringwood Junior School - BH24 1NH
Ringwood School - BH24 1SE
Ringwood Waldorf School - BH24 2NN
Ripe & Laughton Pre-school - BN8 6AH
Ripe Nursery School - BN8 6AS
Ripley Cofe Infant School - GU23 6ED
Ripley Court Educational Trust Ltd. - GU23 6NE
Ripley Court School - GU23 6NE
Ripley Early Years Assn - GU23 6ED
Ripley Village Hall Pre-school - GU23 6AF
Ripplevale School - CT14 8JG
Risedale Playgroup - DA7 6LJ
Riseley Cofe Lower School - MK44 1EL
Rising Fives Group - RH12 4BD
Rising Fives Play Nursery - TN25 6QX
Rising Fives Pre-school Group - RG28 7AN
Rising Stars - BN22 7RY
Rising Stars Pre School Ltd - SG4 7LE
Risinghurst Pre-school Playgroup - OX3 8EZ
Risings Day Nursery - BN16 2RT
Risings Pre-school - BN16 2RT
Risings Pre-school - BN16 3HB
Risings Pre-school Woodlands - BN16 3HB
Rita Levy - TW16 6PQ
River Mole Pre-school - KT10 8LA
River Playgroup - CT17 0PP
River Primary School - CT17 0PP
Riverbank Kindergarten - SO21 1DY
Riverbank Pre-school - SG18 9QB
Riverbanks Nursery School - AL5 5EP
Riverhead Infants' School - TN13 2AS
Rivermead Primary School - RG5 4BS
Rivermead School - ME7 1UG
Rivers Infant School - MK3 7BB
Riverside Day Nursery - RG1 3GD
Riverside Nursery - KT1 2NJ
Riverside Playgroup - TW1 3AA
Riverside Playgroup - TW1 3DX
Riverside Pre-school - OX14 5NL
Riverside Pre-school - SM5 2BT
Riverside Pre-school - SO18 1NX
Riverside Pre-school -
Riverside Pre-school Kindergarten A - DA4 9AX
Riverside Pre-school Playgroup - PO10 8TG
Riverside Primary School - ME8 8ET
Riverside School - BR5 3HS
Riverside School - PO7 5QD
Riverside Teddies Nursery - HA6 2DR
Riverslea Nursery - BN16 3NJ
Riverview Cofe Primary And Nursery School Va - KT19 0JP
Riverview Infant School - DA12 4SD
Riverview Junior School - DA12 4SD
Rnib Redhill College - RH1 4DG
Rnib Sunshine House Northwood - HA6 2DD
Rnib Sunshine House School Northwoo - HA6 2DD
Roadend Farm Nursery Sch - TN31 6BY
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - SG17 5BU
Robert Bruce Middle School - MK42 8PU
Robert Duigan - HP27 0JW
Robert May's School - RG29 1NA
Robert Peel Lower School - SG19 1QJ
Robert Piggott Cofe Infant School - RG10 8ED
Robert Piggott Cofe Junior School - RG10 8DY
Robert Sandilands Primary School And Nursery - RG14 1TS
Robertsbridge Community College - TN32 5EA
Robertsbridge Playgroup - TN32 5BD
Robertswood School - SL9 0EW
Robin Community Playgroup - SG8 0LP
Robin Hill Nursery - BN21 7NA
Robin Hood Infants' School - SM1 2SF
Robin Hood Junior School - SM1 1RL
Robin Hood Nursery School - RH13 9AS
Robin Nursery - SO41 6AB
Robin Nursery School - SO41 6AB
Robin Playgroup - OX5 2LG
Robins Den Pre-school - BR5 4LZ
Robins Nest Day Nursery - RH16 3BJ
Robsack Wood Community Primary School - TN38 9TE
Robsacks Poppets Playgroup - TN38 9TW
Rochelle Virdee - SL2 3AX
Rochester Independent College - ME1 1XF
Rochfords Pre-school - SL2 5NU
Rock The Boat Pre-school - BN12 6JB
Rocking Horse Montessori - PO7 5LO
Rocking Horse Montessori Nursery - RG4 7DD
Rocking Horse Nursery - EN3 5HA
Rocking Horse Nursery - GU7 1LG
Rocking Horse Nursery - PO2 7HN
Rocking Horse Nursery - RG14 7NZ
Rocking Horse Playgroup - OX4 3NH
Rocking Horse Pre-school - SL3 8JU
Rocks Park Primary School - TN22 2AY
Rodborough Technology College - GU8 5BZ
Rodmell Church Of England Primary School - BN7 3HF
Rodmersham School - ME9 0PS
Rodwell Farm Creche - KT15 1HH
Roe Hill Nursery - AL10 8ES
Roebuck Primary School And Nursery - SG2 8RG
Roecroft Lower School - SG5 4NE
Roedean School - BN2 5RQ
Roffey Cricket Club Playgroup - RH12 4DX
Rogate Cofe Primary School - GU31 5HH
Rogate Nur - GU31 5HG
Roger De Clare School - SG11 1TF
Roke Playgroup - CR8 2DT
Roke Primary School - CR8 5NF
Rokeby School Junior Rokeby - KT2 7PB
Rokeby Senior School - KT2 7PB
Rolvenden Pre-school - TN17 4ND
Rolvenden Primary School - TN17 4LS
Roman Way First School - SG8 5EQ
Roman Way Primary School - SP10 5JY
Romans Field School - MK3 7AW
Romsey Abbey Church Of England Primary School - SO51 8EP
Romsey Centre Pre-school - SO51 8EP
Romsey Community Pre-school - SO51 8ZB
Romsey Primary School - SO51 7PH
Rookesbury Park School - PO17 6HT
Rooks Heath High School - HA2 9AG
Rooksmead Nursery School - TW16 6PD
Rookwood School - SP10 3AL
Ropley Church Of England Primary School - SO24 0DS
Ropley Playgroup - SO24 0DT
Rosa Parks Community Nursery - HP12 3XA
Rosa Parks Day Nursery - SO17 1SB
Rosalita Edwards Montesso - KT8 9AL
Rose Bruford College - DA15 9DF
Rose Cottage Day Nursery - SG8 6PS
Rose Green Infant School - PO21 3LW
Rose Green Junior School - PO21 3NA
Rose Hall Playgroup - TW8 8NT
Rose Hill Playgroup - OX4 4UY
Rose Hill Primary School - OX4 4SF
Rose Hill School - TN4 9SY
Rose Lewis - DA16 2PG
Rose Lodge Nursery - PO4 9RL
Rose Lodge Nursery - PO5 2JA
Rose Lodge Nursery School - PO4 9RL
Rose Street Nursery - RG40 1XS
Rose Street Primary School - ME12 1AW
Rose Wilmot Community Playgroup - BN13 1RB
Roseacre Junior School - ME14 4BL
Rosebery School - KT18 7NQ
Rosedale College - UB3 2SE
Rosedale Private Nursery - EN7 6TB
Rosegarth Day Nursery - SO19 9HG
Rosehill Nursery - SM4 6SL
Roselands Infants' School - BN22 8PD
Roselands Nursery Group Higham Wood - TN10 4JG
Roselands Pre-school - Salisbury - TN10 4PA
Roselands Preschool Ltd - TN10 4PA
Roselands Primary School - EN11 9AR
Rosemary Williams - RH7 6NZ
Rosewood Montessori - HA4 8RZ
Rosewood Montessori Nursery School - HA5 1AX
Rosewood School - SO16 5NA
Rosh Pinah Primary School - HA8 8TE
Rosherville Church Of England (voluntary Controlled) Primary School - DA11 9JQ
Rosie's Little People - HP20 2RU
Roslin Nursery School - TW18 1BT
Rossgate Primary School - HP1 3JY
Rothamsted Little Stars - AL5 2JQ
Rotherfield Preschool Playgroup - TN6 3NE
Rotherfield Primary School - TN6 3NA
Rotherly Day Nursery - SO22 5HP
Rothesay Nursery School - LU1 1RB
Rottingdean Montessori Nursery School - BN2 7HL
Rottingdean Nursery School - BN2 7HB
Rough Common Pre-school Playgroup - CT2 9BS
Round Diamond Primary School - SG1 6NH
Roundabout Christian Pre-school - RH19 3QG
Roundabout Nursery - TN22 1AN
Roundabout Playgroup - BN17 7JS
Roundabout Playgroup - MK2 3RR
Roundabout Playgroup - WD6 4QE
Roundash Pre-school - DA3 8BT
Roundwood Park School - AL5 3AE
Roundwood Primary School - AL5 3AD
Roundwood Primary School - MK18 4HY
Rover Rompers Nursery - OX4 6NL
Rowan House Day Nursery - KT1
Rowan Preparatory School - KT10 0LX
Rowan Tree Day Nursery - AL8 6QW
Rowans Nursery School - TN11 9NN
Rowans Pre School - AL7 1NZ
Rowans Primary School - AL7 1NZ
Rowdown Primary School - CR0 0EG
Rowhill Pre-school - GU11 3LL
Rowhill School - DA2 7BZ
Rowlands Castle Nursery School - PO9 6AD
Rowlands Castle St John's Church Of England Controlled Primary School - PO9 6BB
Rowlands Pre School Nursery - HA5 4DF
Rowledge Church Of England Controlled Primary School - GU10 4BW
Rowledge Playgroup - GU10 4EB
Rowner Infant School - PO13 0DH
Rowner Junior School - PO13 0BN
Rownhams St John's Church Of England Primary School - SO16 8AD
Roxbourne First School - HA2 9QF
Roxbourne Middle School - HA2 9QF
Roxbourne Park Nursery - HA5 1JG
Roxeth Hill Pre-school - HA2 0JN
Roxeth Manor First School - HA2 9AG
Roxeth Manor Middle School - HA2 9AG
Roxeth Mead School - HA2 0HW
Roxeth Nursery First And Middle School - HA2 0JA
Roxmead Playgroup And Pre-school - HA2 9ER
Roxton Pre-school - MK44 3DA
Roxton Va Cofe Lower School - MK44 3DR
Royal Alexandra And Albert School - RH2 0TD
Royal Brompton & Harefield Nhs Trust - UB9 6JH
Royal Grammar School - GU1 3BB
Royal Holloway And Bedford New College - TW20 0EX
Royal Latin School - MK18 1AX
Royal Masonic School For Girls - WD3 4HF
Royal Park Primary School - DA14 4PX
Royal Russell Preparatory School - CR9 5BX
Royal Russell School - CR9 5BX
Royal School For Deaf Children And Westgate College For Deaf People - CT9 1NB
Royal Spa Nursery School - BN2 0BT
Roysia Middle School - SG8 5EQ
Ruardean Under Five - GU7 9JP
Rucstall Primary School - RG21 3EX
Rudgwick Pre-school - RH12 3HL
Rudgwick Primary School - RH12 3HW
Rudolf Steiner School - WD4 9HG
Rudyard Kipling Primary School - BN2 6RH
Ruislip Baptist Playgroup - HA4 8HR
Ruislip Gardens Primary School - HA4 6PD
Ruislip High School - HA4 0BY
Ruislip Methodist Church Playgroup - HA4 7BZ
Rumboldswhyke Cofe Infants' School - PO19 7UA
Rupert House School - RG9 2BN
Rural Rother - TN34 1EX
Rush Common Pre-school - OX14 2AQ
Rush Common School - OX14 2AW
Rushmoor School - MK40 2DL
Rushy Meadow Primary School - SM5 2SG
Ruskin College - OX1 2HE
Ruskin Road Pre-school - SM5 3DE
Rusper Playgroup - RH12 4PZ
Rusper Primary School - RH12 4PR
Russell House School - TN14 5QU
Russell Lower School - MK45 2TD
Russell Street Day Nursery - MK11 1BT
Russell Street School - MK11 1BT
Russet House Home Visiting Service - EN1 4JA
Russet House School - EN1 4JA
Rustington Community Primary School - BN16 3PW
Rustons Day Nursery - BN15 9RP
Ruth Pocock/mandy Terry - HP10 8NY
Rutherford Rascals Pre-school - MK41 8PX
Rutherford School - CR2 7HZ
Rutland Road Playgroup - MK40 1DG
Ryarsh Primary School - ME19 5LS
Rycotewood College - OX9 2AF
Ryde Community Pre-school - PO33 2SZ
Ryde High School - PO33 3LN
Ryde School With Upper Chine - PO33 3BE
Rydens School - KT12 5PY
Rydes Hill Preparatory + Nursery School - GU2 8BP
Rydeshill Preparatory School - GU2 8BP
Rydon Community College - RH20 3AA
Rye Park Nursery School - EN11 0LN
Rye Pre-school Playgroup - TN31 7DN
Rye St Anthony School - OX3 0BY
Rye St Antony School - OX3 0BY
Ryefield Primary School - UB10 9DE
Ryeish Green School - RG7 1ER
Ryhill Pre-school - RG6 4HQ
Ryvers Primary School - SL3 7TS
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