School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools M

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Mabel Prichard School - OX4 6SB
Macintyre School - HP22 4PD
Mad Hatter S Nursery School (the) - GU30 7NY
Madginford Park Infant School - ME15 8LJ
Madginford Park Junior School - ME15 8LH
Madginford Pre-school - ME15 8LH
Madley Brook Community Primary School - OX28 1AR
Madrassa Islamic Nursery - LU3 1AX
Magdalen College School - OX4 1DZ
Magdalene Pre-school - CR0 6QD
Maggie Vale - RG12 7AJ
Magic Moments Management Committee - SG7 6EN
Magic Roundabout Pre-school - OX9 7AB
Magpie Playgroup - ME13 9AW
Magpie Pre-school -
Magpies Pre-school - PO13 8BE
Maiden Erlegh Pre-school - RG6 3HS
Maiden Erlegh School - RG6 7HS
Maidenbower Infant School - RH10 7RA
Maidenbower Junior School - RH10 7RA
Maidenbower Pre-school Playgroup - RH10 7RA
Maidenhall Community Pre-school - LU4 8LD
Maidenhall Primary School - LU4 8LD
Maidenhead Nursery School - SL6 7PG
Maidens Bridge Pre-school - EN2 9HG
Maidensbridge Pre School - EN2 9EY
Maids Moreton Church Of England School - MK18 1QA
Maids Moreton Pre-school - MK18 1QA
Maidstone St John's Church Of England Primary School - ME14 5TZ
Maidstone St Michael's Church Of England Junior School - ME16 8ER
Maidstone Grammar School - ME15 7BT
Maidstone Grammar School For Girls - ME16 0SF
Maison Dieu Nursery School - CT16 1RU
Major Minors - GU7 3DU
Malden Manor Primary And Nursery School - KT3 5PF
Malden Oaks Pru - KT2 5QY
Malden Parochial Cofe Primary School - KT4 7LW
Malling Windmill Nursery - BN7 2HS
Malmesbury Primary School - SM4 6HG
Maltfield House - OX3 9RQ
Maltmans Green School - SL9 8RR
Malvern Way Infant And Nursery School - WD3 3QQ
Manby Lodge Infant School - KT13 9DA
Mandeville Primary School - AL1 2LE
Mandeville Primary School - CM21 0BL
Mandeville School - UB5 4HW
Mandeville Upper School - HP21 8ES
Manhood Community College - PO20 9EH
Manland Primary School - AL5 4QW
Manor Day Nursery - GU2 6DU
Manor Farm Community Infant School - HP15 7PH
Manor Farm Community Junior School - HP15 7PH
Manor Farm Day Nursery - HP15 7PH
Manor Farm Pre-school/nursery - HP15 7PH
Manor Field Infant School - RG22 4DH
Manor Field Junior School - RG22 4DH
Manor Field Primary School - RH15 0PZ
Manor Fields Primary School - CM23 4LE
Manor Green College - RH11 0DX
Manor Green Primary School - RH11 0DU
Manor Hall First School - BN42 4NF
Manor Hall Middle School - BN42 4NF
Manor House Montessori School - HA4 7SU
Manor House Nursery - PO13 9EJ
Manor House School - KT23 4EN
Manor Infant School - GU14 9DX
Manor Infant School - PO1 5QR
Manor Infant School - SO45 2QG
Manor Junior School - GU14 9DX
Manor Lodge School - WD7 9BG
Manor Mead School - TW17 8EL
Manor Nursery School & Day Nursery - SO20 6NZ
Manor Oak Primary School - BR5 3PE
Manor Park Playschool - GU12 4JQ
Manor Park Primary School - SM1 4AW
Manor Primary School - RG30 3LJ
Manor Primary School - TN22 1UB
Manor Road Day Nursery - BN11 3RT
Manor Road Pre-school - TN4 8UD
Manor Road Pre-school Playgroup - SO19 2DU
Manor Road Resource Centre - MK2 2HP
Manor School - OX11 7LB
Manorcroft Nursery - TW20 9LX
Manorcroft Primary School - TW20 9LX
Manorfield Primary And Nursery School - RH6 8AL
Manorhouse School - KT23 4EN
Mansbridge Community P/school - SO17 2LX
Mansbridge Primary School - SO18 2LX
Mansel Minis Community Playgroup - SO16 9HZ
Mansel Minis Pre-school - SO16 9HZ
Mansel Park Primary School - SO16 9HZ
Manshead Cofe Va Upper School - LU1 4BB
Mansion House Nursery - OX2 7QZ
Manston School House Nursery - CT12 5BA
Manston School House Nursery - CT7 0PB
Manuden Pre-school Playgroup - CM23 1DE
Manuden Primary School - CM23 1DE
Maple Cross Junior Mixed Infant And Nursery School - WD3 9SS
Maple Cross Pre-school - WD3 9SS
Maple House School - CR7 8LY
Maple Infant School - KT6 4AL
Maple Lodge Day Nursery - BN11 4JS
Maple Primary School - AL1 3SW
Maple Ridge School - RG21 5SX
Maple Tree Lower School - SG19 2WA
Mapledurham Playgroup - RG4 7LB
Maplehurst Nursery - TN34 2AA
Maplewood School - HP13 5HB
Marble Hill Nursery - TW1 2NL
March Cofe Primary School the - PO18 0NU
Marcham Church Of England (voluntary Controlled) Primary School - OX13 6PY
Marcham Pre School Playgroup - OX13 6NG
Marchwood Church Of England Infant School - SO40 4ZE
Marchwood Junior School - SO40 4ZH
Marden Lodge Primary School - CR3 6QE
Marden Pre-school Playgroup - TN12 9JX
Marden Primary School - TN12 9JX
Margaret Beaufort Middle School - MK44 1DR
Margaret Lloyd Playgroup - HP2 6LN
Margaret Roper Catholic Primary School - CR8 2XP
Margaret Whelon - HP15 7BZ
Margaret Wix Primary School - AL3 6EL
Margate Holy Trinity And St John's Church Of England Primary School - CT9 1LU
Maria Grey Nursery School - TW10 6NE
Maria Montessori Nursery - HA2 0DE
Marian Vian Primary School - BR3 4AZ
Marianettes Day Nursery -
Marish Primary School - SL3 8NZ
Marist Convent Preparatory School - SL5 7PS
Marist Senior School - SL5 7PS
Marjorie Mcclure School - BR7 5PS
Marjory Kinnon School - TW14 9QZ
Mark Beech Nursery School - TN8 5NR
Mark Beech Nursery School - TN8 7NU
Mark Cross Church Of England Aided Primary School - TN6 3PJ
Mark Rutherford Playgroup - MK41 8PX
Mark Rutherford Upper School And Community College - MK41 8PX
Markyate Pre-school - AL3 8PT
Markyate Village School And Nursery - AL3 8PT
Marlborough First And Middle School - HA1 1UJ
Marlborough House Nursery - KT6 5JT
Marlborough House Nursery School -
Marlborough House School - TN18 4PY
Marlborough Infant School - GU11 2HR
Marlborough Primary School - TW7 5XA
Marlborough School - AL1 2QA
Marlborough School - DA15 9DP
Marle Place Playgroup - RH15 8HZ
Marlin Montessori - HP4 3EY
Marlin Montessori Schools - WD4 8EP
Marlow Bottom Pre-school Playgroup - SL7 3NA
Marlow Church Of England Infant School - SL7 3AZ
Marlow Day Nursery - SL7 3AZ
Marlow Montessori School - SL7 2JQ
Marlow Opportunity Playgroup - SL7 1DL
Marlowe Playgroup - KT10 0JG
Marnel Community Infant School - RG24 9PT
Marnel Explorers Pre-school - RG24 9AY
Marnel Junior School - RG24 9PT
Marriott Hall Nursery School - BN12 4NT
Marriotts School - SG2 0AN
Marsh Academy - TN28 8BB
Marsh Baldon Church Of England Controlled School - OX44 9LJ
Marsh Gibbon Cofe Infant School - OX27 0HJ
Marsh Gibbon Pre-school - OX27 0HG
Marsh Green Pre-school - TN8 5BD
Marsh School - HP11 1RW
Marshalswick Community Pre-school - AL4 9TU
Marshfields Cofe Infant School - KT16 0JT
Marshgate Primary School - TW10 6HY
Marshlands Primary School - BN27 2PH
Marshside Nursery School - CT3 4EB
Marston Vale Middle School - MK43 9NH
Marsworth Church Of England Infant School - HP23 4LT
Marsworth Pre-school - HP23 4LR
Martin Dale Preschool - HP1 2QS
Martindale Primary And Nursery School - HP1 2QS
Martins Wood Primary School - SG1 5RT
Martyr's Green Montessori - KT11 1NH
Mary Exton Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG4 0QA
Mary Hare Grammar School - RG14 3BQ
Mary Poppins Playgroup - SO50 5PY
Mary Rose School - PO4 8GT
Mary Seacole Day Nursery - RG1 6AZ
Mary Sheridan Centre Pre- - CT1 3AT
Mary Sykes - GU29 0HX
Marycourt School - PO12 2DJ
Maryland Pre-school Nursery - HP6 5ND
Marymount International School - KT2 7PE
Mascalls School - TN12 6LT
Mason Moor Primary School - SO16 4AS
Masons Pre-school - CR0 8TS
Matfield Pre-school - TN12 7JX
Matthew Arnold School - OX2 9JE
Matthews Memorial Playgroup - ME1 2DU
Maulden Lower School - MK45 2AU
Maulden Pre-school - MK45 2AU
Maundene School - ME5 7QB
Maybury Infant School - GU21 5DW
Mayday Playgroup - ME2 1EZ
Mayfield Church Of England Primary School - TN20 6TA
Mayfield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School - PO33 3PT
Mayfield House Nursery - GU34 2RN
Mayfield Infants' School And Nursery - EN8 0LU
Mayfield Pre-school - TN20 6PJ
Mayfield School - PO2 0RH
Mayflower Playgroup - RH16 3LE
Mayford Preschool - GU22 9QW
Mayford Pre-school - GU22 0NN
Mayhill Junior School - RG29 1NB
Maynards Green Community Primary School - TN21 0DD
Mayplace Primary School - DA7 6EQ
Maypole Primary School - DA2 7UZ
Maytree Nursery And Infants' School - SO14 0DY
Mayville High School - PO5 2PE
Mayville High School Nursery - PO5 2PE
Mcmillan Nursery School - UB3 2PB
Mead Road Infant School - BR7 6AD
Meadfurlong School - MK6 2LB
Meadlands Primary School - TW10 7TS
Meadow High School - UB8 3QU
Meadow Nursery - CT9 3RU
Meadow Nursery School - RG41 2TA
Meadow Pre-school - ME1 3DG
Meadow Vale Primary School - RG42 1SY
Meadow View - RH13 8JW
Meadow View Day Nursery - RG7 4PS
Meadow Wood School - WD23 4NN
Meadowbrook Collage - OX3 0PG
Meadowbrook Montessori School - RG42 6JQ
Meadowcroft Community Infant School - KT16 9PT
Meadowcroft Playgroup - HP19 3JG
Meadowfield School - ME10 4NL
Meadowlands Infant School - PO8 9QG
Meadowlands Junior School - PO8 9QD
Meadows Mere Nursery School - BN23 6TA
Meadows Montessori Nursery - OX2 9QH
Meadows Nursery School - BN27 2BW
Meadows Pre School - EN8 8SS
Meadows Pre School Learning Alliance Hall - OX11 8TP
Meadows Preschool - HP10 0HF
Meadows Pre-school - OX11 8TP
Meadows School - TN4 0RN
Meadowview Day Nursery - MK16 8PS
Meadowview Pre-school - BN2 4NF
Meads Nursery Class - BN20 7LL
Meads Primary School the - RH19 4DD
Meadway Children & Family Centre - EN5 5JX
Meadway Children And Family Centre - EN5 5JX
Meath Green Infant School - RH6 8JG
Meath Green Junior School - RH6 8HW
Meath School - KT16 0HG
Meath School - KT16 0LF
Mecklenburg Pupil Referral Unit - KT2 5PE
Medcliffe Community Nursery - UB5 6HT
Medina High Pre-school - PO30 2DX
Medina High School - PO30 2DX
Medina House School - PO30 2HS
Medina Pre School - PO6 3YB
Medina Primary School - PO6 3NH
Medmenham Pre School - SL7 2EE
Medmerry Primary School - PO20 0QJ
Medstead Church Of England Primary School - GU34 5LG
Medstead Playgroup And Nursery - GU34 5LG
Medsted Playgroup St Andrews - GU34 5LG
Medway Community College - ME4 5JB
Medway Council - ME7 2DU
Medway Ncma Childminding Network - ME7 2DU
Medway Secure Training Centre - ME1 3YB
Medway Valley Preschool - ME1 3SD
Meeching Valley Primary School - BN9 9UT
Mehria School - LU4 8JD
Melbourn Playgroup - SG8 6DZ
Melbourn Primary School - SG8 6DB
Melbourn Village College - SG8 6EF
Meldreth Manor College - SG8 6LG
Meldreth Manor School - A Scope School - SG8 6LG
Meldreth Playgroup - SG8 6LB
Meldreth Pre-school - SG8 6LB
Meldreth Primary School - SG8 6LA
Mellow Lane School - UB4 8JP
Melrose Pre School Playgroup - MK3 6PA
Melrose School - CR4 3BE
Mengham Infant School - PO11 9DD
Mengham Junior School - PO11 9ET
Menorah Foundation Kindergarten - HA8 0QS
Menorah Foundation School - HA8 0QS
Menorah Grammar School - HA8 0QS
Mentmore Rd Under Fives - LU7 2NZ
Meon Infant School - PO4 8NT
Meon Junior School - PO4 8NT
Meon Springs Montessori - SO24 0JN
Meon Vale Nursery School - PO17 5NX
Meoncross Kindergarten - PO14 2EF
Meoncross School - PO14 2EF
Meonstoke Church Of England Infant School - SO32 3NJ
Meopham Community Primary School - DA13 0JW
Meopham Day Nursery - DA13 0AH
Meopham School - DA13 0AH
Meppershall Cofe Va Lower School - SG17 5LZ
Meppershall Pre-school Playgroup - SG17 5LX
Merchant Taylors' School - HA6 2HT
Merdon Junior School - SO53 1EJ
Merebrook Infant School - MK4 1EZ
Meredale Day Nursery - ME8 8EB
Meredale Independent Primary School - ME8 8EB
Meredith Infant School - PO2 7JB
Mereleigh Tots Day Nursery - TW8 0LD
Mereworth Community Primary School - ME18 5ND
Mereworth Pre-school Playgroup - ME18 5QD
Meriden Playgroup - WD25 9ET
Meridian Community Primary School - BN10 8BZ
Meridian School - SG8 7JH
Meridian School Of English - PO5 3DZ
Merlin House Day Nursery - EN3 4QJ
Merlin Primary School - BR1 5LW
Merrist Wood College - GU1 1EZ
Merritime Nursery - PO12 3BY
Merrow Cofe Controlled Infant School - GU4 7EA
Merrow Village Nursery School - GU1 2QY
Merry Go Round Management Committee - SG7 6PB
Merry Go Round Pre School - CT13 0QP
Merry Gold A M I Montessori School - TW7 6NW
Merry Gold Montessori School - TW2 7DX
Merry Hill Infant School And Nursery - WD23 1ST
Merrydale Day Nursery - RG40 1PD
Merry-go-round - SO31 4JE
Merry-go-round Ltd - KT13 8DE
Merry-go-round Opportunity Group - SG17 5BD
Merry-go-round Under 5's - SG7 6PB
Merryhills Primary School - EN2 7RE
Merryland Day Nursery - ME13 8HN
Merryland Day Nursery - ME7 5TU
Mersham Primary School - TN25 6NU
Merstham Primary School - RH1 3AZ
Merton Adult Education Creche - SM4 5SE
Merton College - SM4 5QX
Merton College Morden - SM4 5QX
Merton Court Preparatory School - DA14 4QU
Merton Court School - DA14 4QU
Merton Infant School - RG24 9HB
Merton Junior School - RG24 9HB
Merton Poppits Playgroup - RG24 9HB
Merton Portage Service - SM4 5DX
Meryfield Primary School - WD6 4PA
Meryl Knox Nursery - CT10 2PW
Messy Days Opportunity Playgroup - MK11 1PE
Methodist Church Pre-school - SO15 5HE
Methodist Hall Pre-school Playgroup - SO30 4DQ
Michael Ayres Junior School - PO21 5EZ
Michael Hall School - RH18 5JA
Michael Sobell Sinai School - HA3 9UD
Micheldever & Stratton Pre-school G - SO21 3XA
Micheldever Cofe Primary School - SO21 3DB
Micklands Pre-school - RG4 6LU
Micklands Primary School - RG4 6LU
Micklefield Nursery School - BN25 4LP
Micklefield School - RH2 9DU
Micklem Pre-school - HP1 2QH
Micklem Primary School - HP1 2QH
Microtots Nursery - KT9 2LT
Mid Kent Childminding Network - ME14 1XL
Mid Kent College - ME5 9UQ
Middle Barton Pre-school - OX7 7BX
Middle Barton School - OX7 7BX
Middle Street Primary School - BN1 1AL
Middle Wall Pre-school - CT5 1BJ
Middleton Centre Pre-school - MK16 0EQ
Middleton Cheney Community Primary School - OX17 2PD
Middleton Cheney Pre-school - OX17 2RE
Middleton Primary School - MK10 9EN
Middleton School - SG12 9PD
Middlewall Playschool - CT5 1BJ
Midfield Primary School - BR5 3EG
Midhurst Cofe Primary School - GU29 9JX
Midhurst Grammar School - GU29 9DT
Midhurst Intermediate School - GU29 9AG
Midhurst Nursery Class - GU29 9EA
Mid-kent College Of Higher And Further Education - ME5 9UQ
Mid-sussex Portage Service - RH15 0PZ
Miers Court Primary School - ME8 8JR
Milbourne Lodge Junior School - KT10 9EA
Milbourne Lodge Senior School - KT10 9EG
Mile Oak Pre-school - BN41 2WF
Mile Oak Primary School - BN41 2WN
Milestone School - DA3 8JZ
Milford Pre-school Plus - SO41 0RF
Milford School - GU8 5JA
Milford-on-sea Church Of England Primary School - SO41 0RF
Milkshake Montessori - TW2 7DJ
Mill Chase Community Technology College - GU35 0ER
Mill Chase Playgroup - GU35 0EP
Mill Hall Day Nursery - RH17 5HX
Mill House School - BN8 4AZ
Mill Lane Community Primary School - OX39 4RF
Mill Lane Playgroup - CT9 1JU
Mill Lane Pre-school Association - EN10 7EL
Mill Mead Nursery Group - SG14 3AA
Mill Mead Primary School - SG14 3AA
Mill Mead Three Fow Group - SG14 3AA
Mill Primary School the - RH11 0EL
Mill Rythe Infant School - PO11 0PA
Mill Rythe Junior School - PO11 0PA
Mill Vale School - LU5 4QP
Millais Day Nursery - RH13 5HR
Millais School - RH13 5HR
Milland Valley Nursery School - GU30 7NA
Millbrook Combined School - HP12 4BA
Millbrook Community School - SO16 9RG
Millbrook School - EN8 9BX
Millbrook School - OX12 7LB
Millfield First And Nursery School - SG9 9DT
Millfield Nursery School - CT20 1EU
Millies Pre-school - CR0 7EB
Millmead Playcentre - CT9 3TD
Millwood House Day Nursery - SL2 3LH
Milstead And Frinsted Church Of England Primary School - ME9 0SJ
Milstead Pre-school - ME9 0RX
Milton Church Of England Primary School (abingdon) - OX14 4DR
Milton Court Primary School - ME10 2EE
Milton Early Years & Childcare Proj - ME10 2EE
Milton Ernest Vc Lower School - MK44 1RF
Milton Hall Montessori - TW20 0QT
Milton Hall Montessori School - TW20 0QT
Milton Keynes College - MK6 5LP
Milton Keynes Montessori Kindergart - MK17 8A
Milton Keynes Preparatory School - MK3 7EG
Milton Keynes Secure Training Centre - MK5 6AH
Milton Keynes Wheelright Motor Project - MK12 6HT
Milton Mount Playgroup - RH10 3DY
Milton Mount Primary School - RH10 3AG
Milton Park Infant School - PO4 8EU
Milton Park Junior School - PO4 8ET
Milton Park Pre School - PO4 8ET
Miltoncross School - PO3 6RB
Minaz Janmohamed - CR7 7QN
Minet Junior School - UB3 3NR
Minet Nursery And Infant School - UB3 3NR
Mini Cowpers Preschool - SG14 2LR
Mini Kids Montessori - HA2 9DD
Mini Monsters - HP3 8EW
Mini Vip S Montessori Nursery - CR7 8LG
Mini Vips Montessori Pre-school - BR3 1LF
Minibugs Pre-school - PO4 9EQ
Minnows - PO8 9LJ
Minnows Nursery - GU1 2LD
Minstead Training Project - SO43 7FT
Minster Church Of England Primary School - CT12 4PS
Minster College - ME12 3JQ
Minster Day Nursery - CT12 4PS
Minster In Sheppey Primary School - ME12 2HX
Minster Lovell Playgroup - OX29 0SP
Minster Nursery Group - ME12 2HR
Minterne Community Junior School - ME10 1SB
Minus 5 Pre-school - KT15 2EW
Miri-dell Pre-school Centre - CT6 5SJ
Miss Polly's Kindergarten - RG26 5NL
Miss Thurleys Kindergarten - SO22 6HG
Missenden Abbey Adult Education College - HP16 0BD
Mitchell Walk Playgroup - HP6 6NW
Mnca Pre-school - CT9 3XS
Moggerhanger Lower School - MK44 3RD
Moggerhanger Pre-school - MK44 3RB
Moira House Girls' School - BN20 7TE
Moira House Nursery School - BN20 7TE
Molehill Copse Primary School - ME15 7ND
Mollington Playgroup - OX17 1BG
Molly S Pre-school Group - DA3 7PW
Moneyfields Pre School - PO3 6LA
Mongewell Park Nursery School - OX10 9HA
Monica Burgin - RH6 9RG
Monica K Killpack - BR6 7AG
Moniques Nursery - TN13 2AJ
Monken Hadley Cofe Primary School - EN4 0NJ
Monkey Business Day Nursery - BN3 3AA
Monks Orchard School - CR0 7UF
Monks Risborough Cofe Primary School - HP27 9LZ
Monks Walk School - AL8 7NL
Monksmead Pre-nursery Class - WD6 1HL
Monksmead School - WD6 1HL
Monkston Primary School - MK10 9LA
Monkton Church Of England Primary School - CT12 4JQ
Monkton Under 5s Playgroup - CT12 4JQ
Montem Primary School - SL1 2TE
Montesole Pre-school Playgroup -
Montessori At Little Cheverells - AL3 8AA
Montessori Children S House - GU35 9ND
Montrose Pre-school - HA3 7ND
Monxton Pre-school - SP11 8AL
Moon Hall College/burys Court - RH2 8RE
Moon Hall School For Dyslexic Children - RH5 6LQ
Moor End Farm Kindergarte - HP1 2RE
Moor House School - RH8 9AQ
Moor Lane Playgroup - HP13 5YP
Moor Lane Workplace Nursery - KT9 2AA
Moorcroft School - UB8 3BF
Moore Hall Playschool - SP10 1DP
Moorings Way Infant School - PO4 8YJ
Moorland Centre Nursery School - MK6 4LW
Moorland Infant School - MK6 4ND
Moorlands Primary School - RG30 4UN
Moorlands Primary School - SO18 5RJ
Moorlands School - LU4 9LE
Morden Primary School - SM4 5PX
More House School - GU10 3AP
More Park Roman Catholic Primary School - ME19 6HN
Morehall Playgroup - CT19 4PN
Morehall Pre-school - CT19 4EW
Morehall Primary School - CT19 4PN
Morelands Primary School - PO7 5QL
Moreton Hall Pre School - HA4 7RD
Morgans Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG13 8DR
Morgans Playgroup - SG13 8DR
Mornington Playgroup - TW15 1NP
Morris Minors Pre-school - WD3 3DG
Mortimer Hall Playgroup - OX3 0PH
Mortimer Kindergarten - RG7 2TB
Mortimer Pre-school - RG7
Mortimer St John's Church Of England School - RG7 3SY
Mortimer St Mary's Cofe Junior School - RG7 3PB
Mosaic Kindergarten - GU32 2DG
Moss Bury Primary School And Nursery - SG1 5PA
Moss Lane School - GU7 1EF
Moss Playgroup - RH12 2HZ
Mossdale Playgroup - LU4 9BL
Motcombe Infants' School - BN21 1SN
Motcombe Playgroup - BN21 1PU
Mother Goose Day Nursery - GU15 1AB
Mother Goose Day Nursery - OX44 7RW
Mother Goose Nursery - CT11 8LB
Mother Goose Nursery - CT5 1DX
Mother Goose Playgroup - BN16 4JU
Mother Goose Pre-school - SG8 5QB
Mothergoose Nursery - CT9 2QJ
Moulsecoomb Primary School - BN2 4PA
Moulsford Preparatory School - OX10 9HR
Mount Camphill Community - TN5 6PT
Mount Carmel Kindergarten - AL1 4BW
Mount Carmel Playgroup - EN2 6DS
Mount Carmel Pre School - EN2
Mount Grace School - EN6 1EZ
Mount Pleasant Junior School - SO14 0WZ
Mount Pleasant Lane Junior Mixed And Infant School And Nursery - AL2 3XA
Mount Stewart Infant School - HA3 0JX
Mount Stewart Junior School - HA3 0JX
Mount Vernon Nursery School - HA6 2RN
Mountbatten Montessori Nursery - TN25 6NU
Mountfield And Whatlington Church Of England Primary School - TN32 5JN
Mountfield Country Nursery School - TN32 5LP
Moving On Pupil Referral Unit - CR0 1NX
Mowden School - BN3 6LU
Moyles Court School - BH24 3NF
Mr Noah S Pre-school - RG21 3EX
Mr Noah's Nursery School - TN17 4HQ
Mrs A Kolb - HA9 7SG
Mrs A M Cameron - GU15 2SP
Mrs A M Ferguson - WD5 0DG
Mrs Alex Murdoch - RH8 0AA
Mrs Amanda Groves - BN20 9ND
Mrs Barbers Pre-school - ME19 5AX
Mrs Bland's Infant School - RG7 3LP
Mrs Denise Evans - MK18 4LN
Mrs Diane Lane - LU3 4DL
Mrs I Stuart - HA8 6DW
Mrs Jeanette Burns - AL3 4PH
Mrs Joy Wilson Playgroup - ME2 4RH
Mrs Kim Storey - LU4 9LQ
Mrs Murrells Playschool - GU21 4PG
Mrs Sally Patricia Ellis - BR2 0LT
Mrs Sara Robinson - WD25 8NL
Mrs Sarah Austin - CT10 2UP
Mrs Susan Jennifer Reynolds - GU20 6AR
Mrs Valerie Anne Suss - CT12 6PT
Mrs Williams Pre-school - RG7 3HP
Mrs Wrights Lindfield Nursery Scho - RH16 2HH
Ms Dawn Louise Neal - GU17 9BN
Ms T M Sundaram - HA3 8RZ
Much Hadham Playgroup - SG10 6DQ
Mucky Moose Pre-school & Nursery - SO17 1QL
Mucky Pups Playgroup - TW17 0SN
Muckypups Playgroup - TW17 2BH
Muffies Pre-school - CT20 2QR
Mulberry Bush - SP11 0DZ
Mulberry Bush Kindergarten @ Howard - CR0 1DT
Mulberry Bush Nursery - HP18 9BS
Mulberry Bush Nursery - RH19 2BH
Mulberry Bush Pre-school - CR5 2HD
Mulberry Bush Pre-school - GU7 3BH
Mulberry Bush School - OX29 7RW
Mulberry Corner Day Nursery - SO53 4PW
Mulberry Court Pre School - PO6 2QT
Mulberry Day Nursery - SL6 4ET
Mulberry Park Childrens Nursery - PO6 2JE
Mulberry Pre-school - SO40 4WB
Mulberry Pre-school - SO53 4ST
Mulberry Pre-school Nurse - TN2 4UT
Munchkins Pre-school - SL6 7EG
Mundella Primary School - CT19 5QX
Muntham House School - RH13 0NJ
Muriel Green Nursery School - AL3 5JB
Murray Park Nursery - TW2 7BZ
Mursley Church Of England School - MK17 0RT
Mursley Pre-school Learning Group Kingfishers - MK17 0RT
Murston Infant School - ME10 3RU
Murston Junior School - ME10 3QN
Murston Playschool - ME10 3RU
Muschamp Primary School And Language Opportunity Base - SM5 2SE
Muscott Pre-school - SP9 7TX
My First Class Nursery - BN10 7PW
My Nursery - CT9 1TF
Mytchett Pre-school - GU16 6AA
Mytchett Primary School - GU16 6JB
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