School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools L

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

L O S C A Pre-school - PO13 8JU
Laburnum Grove Junior School Bognor Regis - PO22 9HT
Laburnum Lower School - SG19 1HQ
Ladbrooke Junior Mixed And Infant School - EN6 1QB
Ladders Nursery - PO20 8JA
Ladders Nursery & Pre-school - PO30 2AA
Laddingford St Mary's Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - ME18 6BL
Ladel's Day Nursery - CR7 8BQ
Lady Bankes E Y E Nursery - HA4 9SF
Lady Bankes Infant School - HA4 9SF
Lady Bankes Junior School - HA4 9SF
Lady Boswell's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Sevenoaks - TN13 3RW
Lady Joanna Thornhill Endowed Primary School - TN25 5EA
Lady Margaret Primary School - UB1 2NH
Lady Zia Wernher School - LU2 9AY
Ladybird Day Nursery - HP23 5QY
Ladybird Day Nursery - KT1 2NJ
Ladybird Lame Day Nursery - TW8 9NA
Ladybird Montessori - PO18 8QE
Ladybird Nursery - BR3 5JD
Ladybird Nursery - GU7 3ER
Ladybird Nursery - TN14 5PG
Ladybird Playgroup - SG8 7RH
Ladybird Preschool -
Ladybird Pre-school - BN13 1NP
Ladybird Pre-school - BN17 7BH
Ladybird Pre-school - OX39 4LY
Ladybird Pre-school Limited - OX11 7LB
Ladybird Pre-school Playgroup - MK45 2EW
Ladybirds Nursery - PO20 8JA
Ladybirds Nursery Ltd - AL4 0RA
Ladybirds Playgroup (ticehurst) - TN5 7DL
Ladybirds Pre School Playgroup - TW13 5AF
Ladybirds Pre-school - GU29 9TD
Ladybirds Pre-school - RG14 7AP
Ladygrove Day Nursery And Nursery School - OX11 7XT
Ladygrove Park Primary School - OX11 7GB
Ladymede School - HP17 0XP
Lake Middle School - PO36 9PE
Lake St Community Playgroup - OX1 4RP
Lakeside Primary School - GU16 8LL
Lakeside School - AL8 6YN
Lakeside School - SO53 2DW
Lakeswood Pre-school - BR1 4JB
Laleham Church Playgroup - TW18 1RZ
Laleham Cofe Va Primary School - TW18 1SB
Laleham Gap School - CT9 2TP
Laleham Lea School - CR8 3JJ
Lamberhurst Pre-school - TN3 8BG
Lamberhurst St Mary's Cofe (voluntary Controlled) Primary School - TN3 8EJ
Lamborbey Playschool - DA15 9HQ
Lambourn Church Of England Primary School - RG17 7LJ
Lambourne Playgroup - CR2 6EJ
Lambrook Haileybury School - RG42 6LU
Lambrook Pre-preparatory School - RG42 6LU
Lambs Lane Primary School - RG7 1JB
Lamorbey Playschool - DA15 9AE
Lampton School - TW3 4EP
Lancaster Road Playgroup - EN2 0BS
Lancastrian Infants' School - PO19 1DG
Lancing College - BN15 0RW
Lancing College Preparatory School - BN3 6LU
Lancot Lower School - LU6 2AP
Lane End Primary - HP14 3EJ
Lanesborough School - GU1 2EL
Lanfranc Pre-school - CR0 3AS
Langafel Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - DA3 7PW
Langdon Primary School - CT15 5JQ
Langdown Pre-school - SO45 3GQ
Langford Lower School - SG18 9QA
Langford Village Community School - OX26 6SX
Langland Community School - MK6 4HA
Langley Grammar School - SL3 7QS
Langley Green Primary - RH11 7TF
Langley Lane Playgroup - RH11 0NB
Langley Nursery School - RG12 1HD
Langley Park School For Boys - BR3 3BP
Langley Park School For Girls - BR3 3BE
Langley Pre-school - BR3 4AF
Langleywood School - SL3 7EF
Langney Primary School - BN23 7EA
Langrish Primary School - GU32 3PJ
Langshott Ladybirds Nursery - RH6 9AU
Langstone Infant School - PO3 6EY
Langstone Junior School - PO3 6EZ
Langton Green Primary School - TN3 0JG
Langtree School - RG8 0RA
Language Specialists International - PO1 2AH
Lannock Primary School - SG6 2PP
Lansdowne Children's Centre - BN27 1NP
Lansdowne Nursery School - TN4 9TX
Lansdowne Primary School - ME10 3BH
Lantern Cottage Pre-school - PO9 2QJ
Lanterns Children's Centre - SO22 6AJ
Larchfield Primary And Nursery School - SL6 2SG
Lark Rise Lower School - LU6 3PT
Larkmead School - OX14 1RF
Larkrise Primary School - OX4 4AN
Larkspur Day Nursery - RH11 7QG
Larry Cummings - TW18 4HW
Larwood School - SG1 5QU
Latchmere Playgroup - KT2 5DP
Latchmere School - KT2 5TT
Laton Ash Nursery - TN34 2ES
Laugh And Learn Pre-school - BN14 7NN
Laughton Community Primary School - BN8 6AH
Launcelot Primary School - BR1 5EA
Launton Church Of England Primary School - OX26 5DP
Launton Playgroup - OX26 5DP
Laurels First School Worthing the - BN13 3QH
Laurels Playgroup - SO31 6AH
Lavant Cofe Primary School - PO18 0BW
Lavant House - PO18 9AB
Lavant House Rosemead - PO18 9AB
Lavant Puddleducks Pre-school - PO18 0AH
Lavender Pavilion Neighbourhood Nursery - CR4 3HL
Lavender Primary School - EN2 0SX
Lavenders Day Nursery - MK40 3QJ
Lavendon Pre-school - MK46 4HA
Lavendon School - MK46 4HA
Laverock School - RH8 0AA
Lawn Primary School - DA11 9HB
Lawnside Lower School - SG18 0LX
Layston Church Of England First School - SG9 9EU
Layston Pre-school - SG9 9EU
Lbrut Childminding Network - TW1 3QB
Lcs Nursery - BN17 6AH
Lea Farm Pre-school - WD25 9PQ
Lea Infant School - SL2 5JW
Lea Junior School - SL2 5JD
Lea Manor High School - LU3 3TL
Lea Nursery School - SL2 5JW
Lea Valley Education Support Centre - EN8 8BN
Lea Valley High School - EN3 6TW
Leabank Nursery - LU3 3LW
Leafield Church Of England (controlled) Primary School - OX29 9NP
Leafield Playgroup - OX29 9QH
Leagrave Primary School - LU4 9ND
Lealands High School - LU3 3AL
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - GU21 2RQ
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - RH10 1SS
Leapfrog Day Nurseries - RH2 7JP
Leapfrog Day Nurseries Ltd - SO53 3SJ
Leapfrog Day Nursery - OX26 3HA
Leapfrog Day Nursery - RG2 6DG
Leapfrog Nursery - KT7 0UX
Leapfrog Nursery School - PO5 3DZ
Leapfrog Pre-school - SM1 3NQ
Leapfrogs - GU10 1PP
Leapfrogs Pre-school - SG9 0NR
Learn Early Nursery - PO33 2PY
Learning Opportunities Centre Primary - CT4 6HE
Learning Opportunities Centre Secondary - CT14 8DW
Learning Station Playschool - PO21 3LW
Learning Tree Montessori Nursery Sc - HA3 0QQ
Learning@thecowshed Mk - MK1 1ST
Learningland - SO16 4QF
Learnit@hitchin Town Fc Study Support Centre - SG7 6AY
Leaside Under Fives Kindergarten - SG12 9BT
Leatherhead Trinity School And Children's Centre - KT22 7BP
Leavesden Jmi School - WD25 7QZ
Lebanon Park Day Nursery - TW1 3DP
Lee Common Church Of England School - HP16 9JH
Lee Street Church Playgroup - RH6 8ES
Leechpool Caterpillar Club - RH13 6AG
Leechpool Primary School - RH13 6AG
Leedon Lower School - LU7 3LZ
Leeds And Broomfield Church Of England Primary School - ME17 1RL
Lee-on-the-solent Infant School - PO13 9DY
Lee-on-the-solent Junior School - PO13 9DL
Leeside Nursery School - HP16 9AP
Leesland Church Of England Controlled Infant School - PO12 3NL
Leesland Church Of England Controlled Junior School - PO12 3QF
Leesons Primary School - BR5 2LS
Leigh House Hospital - SO21 1HD
Leigh Lollipops - RH2 8NP
Leigh Playgroup - KT11 2LU
Leigh Pre School - TN11 8RL
Leigh Primary School - TN11 8QP
Leigh Technology Academy - DA1 1QE
Leighton Buzzard Methodist Church Playgroup - LU7 7EF
Leighton Middle School - LU7 1EX
Leighton Park School - RG2 7ED
Lemarie Centre - WD24 7WF
Lemon Tree Montessori School & Info - CR8 1BE
Lenham Acorns Pre-school - ME17 2QH
Lenham Nursery School Limited - ME17 2QG
Lenham Primary School - ME17 2QG
Lenny S Nursery School - OX16 4RG
Lent Rise Combined School - SL1 7NP
Leo Cubs - LU4 8BN
Leon School And Sports College - MK2 3HQ
Leonora Nursery - PO14 1NH
Les Enfants Day Nursery - BR1 3RX
Lessness Heath Primary School - DA17 6HB
Letchmore Infants' And Nursery School - SG1 3PS
Lets Play Pre-school - RH10 1QG
Lets Pretend Pre-school - ME7 3PD
Leverstock Green Church Of England Primary School - HP2 4SA
Leverstock Green Playgroup - HP3 8QG
Lewes Montessori Nursery School - BN7 2DS
Lewes New School - BN7 2DS
Lewes Nursery School Ltd - BN7 1TP
Lewes Old Grammar School - BN7 1BT
Lewes Old Grammar School - BN7 1XS
Lewes Road Playgroup - BN2 3HP
Lewes Tutorial Unit - BN7 2XH
Lewis Pre-school -
Lewis School Of English - SO14 1LL
Lewisham Portage Project - BR1 4RP
Lewknor Church Of England Primary School - OX49 5TH
Ley Hill Pre-school - HP5 3QP
Ley Hill School - HP5 1YF
Ley Park Pre-school - EN10 6QA
Ley Park Primary School - EN10 6QA
Leybourne St Peter And St Paul Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - ME19 5HD
Leybourne Pre-school - ME19 5HL
Leyton Cross Playgroup - DA2 7AZ
Liberal House Pre-school - BR6 7NS
Liberty School - CR4 3EB
Licensed Victuallers School - SL5 8DR
Lichfield Nursery - HA5 1NL
Lighthouse Nursery - BN23 6JF
Lighthouse Nursery School - BN13 2DS
Lightwater Pre-school - GU18 5RG
Lightwater Pre-school - GU185NB
Lightwater Village School - GU18 5RD
Lilliput Childcare Facility - RG18 3EU
Lilliput Childcare Services Ltd - ME7 5AX
Lilliput Childrens Centre - KT12 4AA
Lilliput Childrens Centre - RH1 5BA
Lilliput Children's Centre - GU19 5QE
Lilliput Day Nursery (deanwood) - ME8 9TX
Lilliput High Scope Nursery School (hempstead) - ME7 3QG
Lilliput Learners Pre-school - SL4 4HT
Lilliput Nursery (montessori) - BN14 7JJ
Lilliput Nursery School - GU29 0ES
Lilliput Preschool - CT1 1BD
Lilliput Pre-school - RG18 4QH
Lilliputs Playgroup - PO33 3EH
Limbury Nursery - LU3 2BT
Lime Grove Nursery - HP1 1JT
Lime Walk Primary School - HP3 9LN
Limes Abc Playgroup - HP21 7HE
Limington House School - RG22 6PS
Limpsfield Cofe Infant School - RH8 0EA
Limpsfield Grange School - RH8 0RZ
Lincroft Middle School - MK43 7RE
Linda Elizabeth Kimber - PO9 2JL
Lindan Nursery - CR2 9DA
Lindan Nursery School - CR3 7HN
Linda's Day Nursery - SG1 3QA
Linden Bridge School - KT4 7JW
Linden Grove Primary School - TN23 5RN
Linden House Nursery - LU6 1SE
Linden Lea Day Nursery School - ME14 5JR
Linden Lea Nursery School - ME15 8XG
Linden Leas Preschool - BR4 9AA
Linden Nursery School - KT14 7PN
Lindens Pre-school Group - BN13 1QL
Lindfield Cygnets Nursery - RH16 2LA
Lindfield Montessori Nursery School - RH16 2PX
Lindfield Nursery School - RH16 2HH
Lindfield Pre-school Nursery - HP6 5AE
Lindfield Primary School - RH16 2DX
Lindon Bennett School - TW13 6ST
Lindsay Park Baptist Chur - HA3 9TG
Lingfield Notre Dame - RH7 6PH
Lingfield Notre Dame School - RH7 6PH
Lingfield Nursery School Ltd - RH7 6JH
Lingfield Primary School - RH7 6HA
Link Secondary School - CR0 4PD
Link-up Kids - TW15 2XD
Link-up-kids Nursery - TW15 2HZ
Linley House School - KT5 8RA
Linslade Child Care - LU7 2QU
Linslade Lower School - LU7 2QU
Linslade Middle School - LU7 2PA
Linton Park School - ME15 6QN
Linwood Under 5s Playgroup - CT14 9AH
Lionel Primary School - TW8 9QT
Liphook Church Of England Controlled Junior School - GU30 7QE
Liphook Infant School - GU30 7QE
Lisa Bennett Day Nursery - ME10 4SU
Liss Infant School - GU33 7LQ
Liss Junior School - GU33 7LQ
Litle Fishes - SM2 7HS
Litlington Playschool - S68 0QN
Litluns - ME16 9JU
Little Achievers Playgroup - CT9 2UD
Little Acorn Playcentre - GU15 3QB
Little Acorns - CR2 7HF
Little Acorns - GU15 4AW
Little Acorns - GU35 9BW
Little Acorns - SO30 4AF
Little Acorns (colleton) Pre-school - RG10 0AX
Little Acorns (herne) Pre-school - CT6 7AT
Little Acorns Kindergarten - HP22 6HF
Little Acorns Millennium Pre-school - HP15 6UF
Little Acorns Montessori - SL2 4LN
Little Acorns Montessori School - SL4 2EG
Little Acorns Montessori School - WD23 3ES
Little Acorns Nursery - GU8 4XL
Little Acorns Nursery - PO6 1EH
Little Acorns Nursery Sch - PO33 3DS
Little Acorns Nursery School - OX9 2AB
Little Acorns Nursery School - PO7 7UN
Little Acorns Playgroup - HP1 3QG
Little Acorns Playgroup - ME2 4HE
Little Acorns Playgroup Pre-school - ME2 4HE
Little Acorns Playschool - TN22 5DS
Little Acorns Pre School - GU21 7QN
Little Acorns Preschool - AL5 5RQ
Little Acorns Preschool - RH10 5EU
Little Acorns Preschool - SG12 7LP
Little Acorns Preschool - TN3 9JU
Little Acorns Pre-school - BN15 9RP
Little Acorns Pre-school - CR5 3RB
Little Acorns Pre-school - EN5 5EL
Little Acorns Pre-school - MK44 1BB
Little Acorns Pre-school - RG27 0RP
Little Acorns Pre-school - RH14 0UD
Little Acorns Pre-school - SO17 1RL
Little Acorns Pre-school - TN16 2NL
Little Acorns Pre-school - TN16 3LB
Little Acorns Pre-school - TN23 3NZ
Little Acorns Pre-school (wyc Sprts) - HP11 1SX
Little Acorns Pre-school Folkestone - CT19 6LY
Little Acorns School - TN30 6SR
Little Acorns-hurst Green - TN19 7PN
Little Angels - CM21 9AN
Little Angels - Sittingbourne - ME10 4BL
Little Angels Day Nursery - CM21 0HZ
Little Angels Day Nursery - DA11 8DB
Little Angels Day Nursery (th) - cr77qf
Little Angels Nurseries Ltd - EN11 0DY
Little Angels Nurseries Ltd - SG12 9EN
Little Angels Nursery - KT11 2LU
Little Angels Playgroup - TN39 5HA
Little Angels Pre-school - CR2 9DA
Little Angels Pre-school - PO16 0QW
Little Angels Pre-school - WD6 2DF
Little Apples Of Bramley - RG26 5BP
Little Appleseed Playgroup - TN4 9DA
Little Ark Pre-school - CR0 8DR
Little Ark Pre-school - SG6 3SH
Little Ashes - BR1 4QX
Little Ashes Pre-school - MK17 9AH
Little Badgers Pre-school - GU35 0PD
Little Badgers Pre-school - RH3 7LZ
Little Barfield - GU10 1PB
Little Barn Nursery Class - RH8 0AA
Little Bears Day Nursery - MK6 3AA
Little Bears Playschool - RH11 8RY
Little Bears Playschool - RH11 8XW
Little Bears Pre School - OX44 7XL
Little Bears Pre-school - RH20 3PZ
Little Bears Pre-school (west Chiltington) - RH20 2PX
Little Beavers Playgroup - CT11 8BA
Little Beeches Montessori School - SL2 3NJ
Little Beeches Pre-school - SM5 3NL
Little Bees Pre-school - BR6 0QQ
Little Bigfoot Ltd - PO5 2PU
Little Bo-peep Nursery - HA8 6RB
Little Bounders Pre School - PO6 4QJ
Little Brooklands Nursery - KT13 8TT
Little Buds Pre School - CT17 0DW
Little Buds Pre School - TN27 0QU
Little Bumbles Pre School - PO2 7PX
Little Business Academy Neighbourhood Nursery - DA18 4DW
Little Chalfont Primary School - HP6 6SX
Little Cherubs - BR2 0JP
Little Cherubs Day Nursery - HP12 3XA
Little Cherubs Full Day Care Nurser - KT14 6DY
Little Chicks Day Nursery - SL3 8BY
Little Chicks Nursery - TN22 5UB
Little Common Playgroup - TN39 4SQ
Little Common School - TN39 4SQ
Little Crickets - KT21 2BJ
Little Crickets Playgroup - KT21 2BJ
Little Darlings Day Nursery - SO17 2GE
Little David's School - CR0 9AZ
Little David's School Ltd - CR0 9AZ
Little Deers Pre School - BH24 4BU
Little Den Pre-school Playgroup - GU34 1RQ
Little Doves Pre-school - RH4 3PR
Little Dragons - HP7 9HP
Little Dragons Day Nursery - RG30 2BA
Little Dragon's Playgroup - TN4 9LP
Little Dragons Pre-school - WD19 4JS
Little Ducklings - BN3 8BW
Little Ducklings Day Nursery - RG 5 3NA
Little Ducklings Day Nursery - RG5 3NA
Little Eagles Christian Day-care Nursery - ME4 6BB
Little Echoes Day Nursery - TW20 0RL
Little Eden & Eden High - TW13 6PN
Little Elliots Daycare Nursery - BR2 9NU
Little Elms Montessori Nursery - EN6 2EN
Little Elves Community Pre-school - GU51 1HA
Little Explorers Day Nursery - SO16 4GU
Little Explorers Montessori - SL1 7HR
Little Ferns Pre-school - KT17 1XR
Little Fields Pre-school - EN7 6JG
Little Fingers Montessori School - SL4 5EA
Little Fingers Pre-school - SP11 0LD
Little Fir Tree Pre-school - HP18 9RY
Little Fishes - BN1 5PG
Little Fishes - RH7 6JY
Little Fishes @ St Peters - GU11 3PR
Little Fishes Day Nursery - HP14 3XL
Little Fishes Nursery School - LU3 3AL
Little Fishes Playgroup (west Kent Ymca) - TN2 3JG
Little Fishes Pre-school - SL6 7NG
Little Fishes Pre-school - SO22 4JB
Little Fishes St James Nursery Scho - GU10 4EN
Little Flowers Day Nursery - GU12 4JH
Little Flowers Day Nursery - GU12 9JQ
Little Folk Pre-school - CR7 8NB
Little Folks Lab - SG4 7L
Little Folks Lab (dolphin Room) - SG1 4AL
Little Folks Lab (lion Room) - SG1 4AL
Little Folks Lab '97 ( Bulldog Room ) - SG4 7LU
Little Footprints - PO21 5HN
Little Foxes Playgroup - ME10 3DN
Little Friends Day Nursery - CT1 3NG
Little Furze Pre-school - WD19 7RE
Little Gaddesden Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - HP4 1NX
Little Gaddesden Pre-school Group - HP4 1NX
Little Gem Day Nursery - ME5 8BP
Little Gems - SP11 7LW
Little Gems - WD6 4PA
Little Gems Day Nursery - CR0 1EY
Little Gems Iii - CR3 6SX
Little Gems Montessori Nursery School - TN15 7AH
Little Gems Nursery - CR3
Little Gems Nursery - HA7 4NS
Little Gems Nursery 2 - CR3 0EH
Little Gems Pre-school - GU46 7RP
Little Gems Pre-school - SO30 3EG
Little Gems Pre-school - SO31 5GA
Little Gems Pre-school - SO53 4DD
Little Gems Pre-school (hedge End) - SO31 4HA
Little Goslings Pre-school - KT5 8JY
Little Green Junior School - WD3 3NJ
Little Grove Pre-school - GU19 5HZ
Little Hadham Playgroup - SG11 2BP
Little Hadham Primary School - SG11 2DX
Little Hallingbury Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - CM22 7RE
Little Hallingbury Playgroup - CM22 7RD
Little Halt - GU46 7TJ
Little Hand Nursery - SG8 6ED
Little Handprints - Botwell Pre School - UB3 2AB
Little Hands Day Nursery Sunhill Daycare - LU2 7SR
Little Hands In The Town - KT19 0NG
Little Hands Nursery - BH24 1NP
Little Hands Nursery - KT19 0NG
Little Hands Nursery School Meldreth - SG8 6LA
Little Harriers - GU6 8TB
Little Haven Nursery Scho - SM7 1BS
Little Haven Private Nursery - LU6 1LN
Little Haven Too - LU1 4BB
Little Heath Nursery Play - EN6 1JJ
Little Heath Nursery Playgroup - EN6 1JJ
Little Heath Primary School - EN6 1JW
Little Heath School - RG31 5TY
Little Hickmotts Nursery - TN12 9DB
Little Horsted Church Of England Primary School - TN22 5TS
Little Imps Pre School Centre - TN15 8JJ
Little Jogs Day Nursery - RG17 0AR
Little Kingshill Combined School - HP16 0DZ
Little Lambs - TN12 6EX
Little Lambs Pre School - BR1 5EP
Little Lambs Pre-school - DA17 5HZ
Little Lambs Pre-school - RG23 8BU
Little Learner Playgroup - SO50 5NH
Little Learners - BH25 6DG
Little Learners - LU4 8NP
Little Learners - PO2 9PB
Little Learners - SG2 9NE
Little Learners At Sellindge Pre-school - TN25 6JY
Little Learners Day Nursery - PO21 1JJ
Little Learners Early Years - BR1 2TP
Little Learners Methodist Playgroup - DA1 4EF
Little Learners Mont - HA8 6PF
Little Learners Pre School - HA8 6NQ
Little Learners Pre School (keston) - BR1 2TP
Little Learners Preschool - BR1 2AS
Little Learners Preschool - BR1 2SB
Little Learners Preschool - BR5 1QW
Little Learners Pre-school - TN30 7EA
Little Learners Preschool (ex Blues W Wickenham) - BR1 2TP
Little Learners Pre-school Group -
Little Leaves Playgroup - WD25 0BW
Little Love Lane Pre-school - PO31 7ET
Little Magpies Nursery - ME4 5JB
Little Marlow Cofe School - SL7 3SA
Little Marlow Pre School - SL7 3RT
Little Meadows At The Willows - MK6 2LP
Little Meadows Day Nursery - MK19 7BL
Little Meads Nursery - SO51 8HD
Little Milton Church Of England Primary School - OX44 7QD
Little Miri-cals -
Little Miss Muffets - RG24 9DX
Little Missenden Church Of England School - HP7 0RA
Little Monkeys - ME4 4XP
Little Monsters Day Nursery - GU52 6NY
Little Munden Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - SG12 0NR
Little Munsters Nurseries - TW11 9LL
Little Nippers Community Playgroup - TN38 9LD
Little Oak Pre-school Ltd - OX28 5LP
Little Oaks Ashford - TN24 0LZ
Little Oaks Community Nursery - MK17 8LH
Little Oaks Day Nursery - RG14 1PQ
Little Oaks Early Years Ltd-little Oaks Pre-school - CT19 5DN
Little Oaks Kindergarten - CM23 2DY
Little Oaks Montessori Nursery School - RH10 3LH
Little Oaks Montessori Nursery School - RH18 5AT
Little Oaks Nursery - CT19 5DN
Little Oaks Nursery - KT22 8ST
Little Oaks Nursery School (sands) - HP12 4BY
Little Oaks Playgroup - MK17 0RG
Little Oaks Playgroup - SO23 8DQ
Little Oaks Pre-school - BN13 3ED
Little Oaks Pre-school - EN7 5NS
Little Oaks Pre-school - GU16 8PG
Little Oaks Pre-school - HP18 0JA
Little Oaks Pre-school - HP2 4EW
Little Oaks Pre-school - RH19 3LR
Little Oaks Pre-school - TN16 3TN
Little Oaks Under Fives - RH8 0JP
Little Ones Nursery - GU30 7HT
Little Orchard Day Nursery - PO19 3PX
Little Owl Nursery - RG1 4HJ
Little Owl Playgroup - GU23 7ET
Little Owls - BN13 3EZ
Little Owls - RH1 2JX
Little Owls Nursery - OX44 7NF
Little Owls Pre-school - TN4 9HW
Little Pandas - CR0 1XY
Little People Day Nursery School - GU34 3EG
Little People Nursery School - TN15 8BJ
Little People Playschool - RG27 9AE
Little Peoples Nursery - LU3 2BW
Little People's Nursery - KT24 3EW
Little Peoples Pre-school - SO41 8HX
Little Pickles Nursery - KT11 1LJ
Little Pippins Pre-school - OX11 0HP
Little Pixies Nursery And Kindergar - BN21 1EA
Little Planets Playgroup - HP2 5NN
Little Poppets Nursery - WD17 4LA
Little Poppets Nursery - WD5 0BT
Little Poppets Nursery/toad Hall - WD17 4LA
Little Poppetts - BN25 2DT
Little Puddles - BN12 6LT
Little Rainbows - RG17 0YU
Little Rainbows - TW17 0QE
Little Rainbows Pre-school Nursery - SL4 3AJ
Little Rascals - BN11 2AA
Little Rascals Community Pre-school - PO11 9EY
Little Rascals Playgroup - ME12 3DA
Little Rascals Playgroup - TN28 8BB
Little Rascals Pre School - BN11 1JH
Little Rascals Pre School - PO38 3HJ
Little Rascals Pre-school - PO38 3HJ
Little Rascals Pre-school Group - CT5 1PP
Little Red House Day Nursery - RG45 6NS
Little Reddings Primary School - WD23 3PR
Little Ridge Community Primary School - TN37 7LR
Little Saints Community Pre-school - SO52 9EU
Little Saints Pre-school - KT19 9QZ
Little Saints St Georges Pre-school - TN15 7DL
Little Sandhurst Nursery Group - GU47 8HN
Little Saplings Pre-School - MK41 0DP
Little Scamps - TW11 8UH
Little Scholars Day Nursery - OX1 1SA
Little Scholars Montessori School - HP7 0RF
Little Scholars Nursery - - TN30 6AT
Little Scholars Nursery - Shadoxhur - TN26 1HW
Little Scholars Nursery (co-op) - OX4 5HN
Little Scholars Nursery-t - TN26 3JB
Little Scrummies Playgroup - GU31 4AD
Little Shepherds Day Nursery - WD3 8JT
Little Shipmates Day Nursery - SO45 5DB
Little Shipmates Nursery - PO1 3HH
Little Shipmates Pre-school - PO13 8JU
Little Sparrows Day Nursery - EN7 6TP
Little Sparrows Nursery - KT12 5LU
Little Sparrows Nursery Esher - KT10
Little Spring School - HP5 2BY
Little Squirrels Community Nursery - PO33 1BQ
Little Squirrels Pre-school - CR0 8JL
Little Stanmore Nursery First And Middle School - HA8 6JH
Little Starday Nursery - DA12 4PP
Little Stars Nursery - CT11 9TT
Little Stars Nursery - KT4 7AB
Little Stars Nursery - MK45 2TD
Little Stars Nursery - OX11 0QX
Little Stars Pre School - AL2 2RU
Little Stars Preschool - GU2 9QX
Little Stars Pre-school - HA5 2BG
Little Stars Pre-school - ME15 6TL
Little Stars Pre-school - PO16 9BD
Little Stars Pre-school - SG6 6JZ
Little Stepping Stones Playgroup - BN12 6DP
Little Steps Day Nursery - AL1 4ED
Little Steps Montessori Nursery - MK3 5NG
Little Steps Nursery - EN4 8RN
Little Steps Play & Learn - KT18 5RJ
Little Steps Play & Learn Group - KT18 5RJ
Little Stones Pre-school - SG6 4SZ
Little Sunflower Day Nursery - BR3 4AZ
Little Teds Playhouse - CT9 3EZ
Little Teds Playschool - TN27 8AL
Little Teds Playschool - TN27 8HL
Little Terry's Nursery (northwood Prep) - HA6 1DN
Little Tinker Nursery School - TN21 0TU
Little Tinkers Day Nursery - OX18 3TS
Little Tinkers Pre-school - MK6 3DA
Little Toads - PO22 7PZ
Little Tots Nurseries Ltd - RG25 3HD
Little Treasure's Daycare Nursery - BN22 OTB
Little Treasures Kindergarten - ME10 1NQ
Little Treasures Nursery - CR3 5QX
Little Treasures Nursery - CR7 8JG
Little Treasure's Nursery - BN22 7PE
Little Un's Pre-school - DA2 7LL
Little Wavells Nursery - GU14 6BH
Little Wellingtons Pre-sc - EN1 2RS
Little Wheelers Nursery School - HP14 3NH
Little Willows Nursery - TW18 4UW
Little Windlesham Pre-prep - RH20 4AY
Little Wings 2 - UB7 7TX
Little Wings Day Nursery - HA4 6NG
Littlebourne Church Of England Primary School - CT3 1XS
Littlebourne Ladybird Playgroup - CT3 1XS
Littlecourt Playgroup - TN13 1AH
Littledown School - SL1 3QW
Littlefields Pre School - EN7 6JG
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it - GU12 6LU
Littlefolk Pre-school - CR7 8ND
Littlegreen School Compton - PO18 9NW
Littlehampton Community School the - BN17 6DQ
Littlehaven Educational Trust - RH13 6EW
Littlehaven Infant School - RH12 4EH
Littlelands Nursery - CR5 3RX
Littleleggs Playgroup - WD2 6BJ
Littlemore Playgroup - OX4 4NL
Littleoak Pre-school - SO50 7EA
Littleoaks Kindergarten - TN15 8BJ
Littleton Cofe Infant School - TW17 0QE
Littleton Playgroup - SO22 6QL
Littletots Nursery - RG30 3TG
Little-uns Day Nursery - ME6 5HS
Littleview Day Nursery - TN9 2HE
Littlewick Green Montessori - SL6 3QY
Littleworld Day Nursery - SP10 3AN
Living Spring Nursery - UB4 0LT
Living Waters Pre-school - ME15 6NY
Livingstone Lower School - MK41 7LG
Livingstone Pre School - MK41 7LG
Livingstone Primary School - EN4 9BU
Livingwell Creche - MK9 3DB
Lochinver House School - EN6 1LW
Lockerley Church Of England Endowed Primary School - SO51 0JG
Lockers Park School - HP1 1TL
Locks Heath Infant School - SO31 9NZ
Locks Heath Junior School - SO31 9NZ
Lockswood Pre-school - SO31 6DX
Loddon Primary School - RG6 7LR
Lodge Farm Primary School - SG2 0HP
Lodge Hill Residential Centre - RH20 1LZ
Lodge School - CR8 3HB
Lollipop Tree Nurseries - GU9 8PX
Lollipop Tree Nursery - GU9 8HG
Lollipop Tree Nursery - GU9 8RB
Lollipop Tree Nursery School - GU9 8TJ
Lollipops - GU27 1PD
Lollipops Pre-school - UB4 8DR
Lollypops Day Nursery - SM2 5NF
London Academy - HA8 8DE
London Borough Of Ealing - UB1 1HY
London Colney Childcare Centre - AL2 1JG
London Colney Junior Mixed And Infant School - AL2 1JG
London Colney Nursery School - AL2 1JG
London Meed Community Primary School - RH15 9YQ
London Road Nursery - HA9 7EE
London School Of Theology - HA6 2UW
Lonesome Primary School - CR4 1SD
Long Close Preparatory School - SL3 7LU
Long Close School - SL3 7LU
Long Crendon Pre-school - HP18 9BZ
Long Crendon School - HP18 9BZ
Long Ditton Infant And Nursery School - KT6 5JB
Long Ditton Montessori Children's House - KT6 5HT
Long Ditton St Mary's Cofe (aided) Junior School - KT7 0AD
Long Furlong Primary School - OX14 1XP
Long Hanborough Nursery School - OX29 5JQ
Long Hanborough Playgroup - OX8 8BD
Long Lane Primary School - RG31 6YG
Long Marston Va Church Of England Primary School - HP23 4QS
Long Mead Community Primary School - TN10 3JU
Long Meadow School - MK5 7XX
Long Rock Nursery - CT5 2NH
Long Sutton Church Of England Primary School - RG29 1ST
Long Wittenham (church Of England) Primary School - OX14 4QJ
Long Wittenham Pre-school - OX14 4QH
Longacre Childcare Ltd - TN13 2TD
Longacre Childcare Ltd - TN14 5QN
Longacre Childcare Ltd - TN2 5EF
Longacre Childcare Ltd - Longacre - TN14 5QN
Longacre Childcare Ltd-warwick Park Nursery Sch - TN2 5EF
Longacre Nursery - SP6 3DN
Longacre School - GU5 0NQ
Longaure Childcare Ltd - TN4 9TX
Longcot And Fernham Church Of England Primary School - SN7 7SY
Longdean School - HP3 8JB
Longfield First School - HA2 7NZ
Longfield Middle School - HA2 7NZ
Longfields Primary And Nursery School - OX26 6QL
Longford Community School - TW14 9PE
Longhill High School - BN2 7FR
Longlands Primary School - DA15 7JG
Longlands Primary School And Nursery - EN10 6AG
Longmead Primary School - UB7 7TX
Longmeadow Primary School - SG2 8LT
Longoak Preschool - SO31 8DU
Longparish Church Of England Primary School - SP11 6PB
Longparish Playgroup - SP11 6PB
Longwick Church Of England Combined School - HP27 9SJ
Longwick Pre-school - HP27 9QY
Longwood Nursery - TN32 5QG
Longwood School - WD23 2QG
Longwood School And Nursery - WD23 2QG
Longworth Pre School - OX13 5BX
Longworth Primary School - OX13 5EU
Lonsdale School - SG1 5QU
Loose Infant School - ME15 9UW
Loose Junior School - ME15 9UW
Lord Grey School - MK3 6EW
Lord Wandsworth College - RG29 1TB
Lord Williams's School - OX9 2AQ
Lord Williams's School Day Nursery - OX9 2AJ
Lord Wilson School - SO31 7AT
Lordship Farm Primary School - SG6 3UF
Lordship Farm Voluntary School - SG6 2DF
Lordswood Infant School - ME5 8NN
Lordswood Junior School - ME5 8NN
Lordswood Pre-school - SO16 8FD
Lordswood Under Fives Playgroup - ME5 8PG
Lorenden Preparatory School - ME13 0EN
Loreto College - AL1 3RQ
Lorraine Nursery - GU15 4EX
Lorraine School - GU15 4EX
Lorraine School & Nursery - GU15 4EX
Loseley Fields Primary School - GU7 3TB
Lotus Montessori Childcare - BR2 0HD
Loudwater Combined School - HP11 1JJ
Loudwater Playgroup - HP10 9RH
Loughton Manor First School - MK5 8FA
Loughton Pre School - MK5 8AJ
Loughton School - MK5 8DN
Lovat Hall Playgroup - MK16 9DN
Love Lane Pre School - RG14 2JG
Love Lane Pre-school - PO31 7ET
Love Lane Pre-school - RG14 2JG
Love Lane Pre-school Group - PO31 7ET
Love Lane Primary School - PO31 7ET
Loveders Nursery School - PO18 8RH
Lovel End Nursery - SL9 9PB
Lovelace Primary School - KT9 2RN
Loverswalk Playgroup - LU5 4BG
Lowbrook Primary School - SL6 3AR
Lower Halstow Playgroup - ME9 7ES
Lower Halstow Playgroup L - ME9 7ET
Lower Halstow Primary School - ME9 7ES
Lower Kingswood Nursery Ltd - KT20 7DN
Lower Willingdon Pre-school Nursery - BN20 9RJ
Lowfield Street Pre-school - DA1 1HJ
Lowford Playgroup - SO31 8BZ
Loxwood Preschool - RH14 0TJ
Loxwood Primary School - RH14 0SR
Lubavitch Of Edgware Kindergarten - HA8 9PZ
Luckley-oakfield School - RG40 3EU
Lucknow Pre-school - SP9 7DR
Luddenham School - ME13 0TE
Ludgershall Castle Primary School - SP11 9RB
Ludgershall Pre-school P/ - SP11 9RB
Ludgrove School - RG40 3AB
Ludlow Infant School - SO19 2EU
Ludlow Junior School - SO19 2DW
Ludwick Nursery School - AL7 3RP
Lunsford Park Pre School - ME20 6SS
Lunsford Primary School - ME20 6PY
Luton Infant School - ME4 5AP
Luton Junior School - ME4 5AW
Luton Pentecostal Christian Nursery - LU1 3JE
Luton Sixth Form College - LU2 7EW
Luton University - LU1 3JU
Luxford Pre-school Nursery - TN6 2NA
Luza Ang - HA3 7ND
Lychpit Playgroup - RG24 8TF
Lydalls Nursery School - OX11 7HX
Lydd House Playgroup - TN29 9LL
Lydd Primary School - TN29 9HN
Lydden Primary School - CT15 7LA
Lydlynch Infant School - SO40 3DW
Lyminge Church Of England Primary School - CT18 8JA
Lyminge Pre-school Playgroup - CT18 8EW
Lymington Church Of England Infant School - SO41 9GP
Lymington Junior School - SO41 9GP
Lymington Montessori School - SO41 9BR
Lymington Pre-school - SO41 9GP
Lyminster Infant School - BN17 7JZ
Lympne Church Of England Primary School - CT20 2JU
Lynch Hill (foundation Primary) School - SL2 2HX
Lyndhurst First School - BN11 2DG
Lyndhurst Junior School - PO2 0NT
Lyndhurst Little School Playgroup - PO20 0LB
Lyndhurst Nursery - ME10 1NS
Lyndhurst Pre School - SO43 7BB
Lyndhurst School - GU15 3NE
Lyne & Longcress Nursery - KT16 0AJ
Lyne And Longcross Cofe Infant School - KT16 0AJ
Lynhore Nursery School Ltd - AL5 4HA
Lynstead House Nursery - CT14 7QL
Lynsted And Norton Primary School - ME9 0RL
Lynton Preparatory School - KT17 1LJ
Lynwood Preschool - KT7 0DN
Lyon Park Infant School - HA0 4HH
Lyon Park Junior School - HA0 4HH
Lyonsdown School - EN5 1SA
Lyonsdown School Nursery - EN5 1JE
Lysander Pre School - HA4 7HE
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