School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools H

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

H - SO17 1BG
H E D C A Preschool - PO12 4JB
Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy - BR1 5EB
Haberdashers' Aske's School For Boys - WD6 3AF
Haberdashers' Aske's School For Girls - WD6 3BT
Habitat Pre-school - Mk42 8AB
Habitat Pre-school - MK42 8DW
Hackbridge Primary School - SM6 7AX
Haddenham Infant School - HP17 8DS
Haddenham Junior School - HP17 8DS
Haddenham Puddleducks Playgroup - HP17 8EE
Haddenham St Mary's Church Of England School - HP17 8AF
Hadland Pre-school - OX14 3YH
Hadley Wood Pre-school - EN4 0EL
Hadley Wood Primary School - EN4 0HT
Hadlow College - TN11 0AL
Hadrian Lower School - LU5 4SR
Hagbourne Church Of England Primary School - OX11 9LR
Hagbourne Pre School - OX11 9LR
Hageston Opportunity Playgroup - HA2 7TA
Hailey Church Of England Primary School - OX29 9UB
Hailey Hall School - SG13 7PB
Hailey Village Pre-school - OX29 9UB
Haileybury And Imperial Service College - SG13 7NU
Hailsham Community College - BN27 1DT
Hailsham Free Church Palygroup - BN27 3DG
Hale Pre-school - SP6 2NE
Hale Primary School - SP6 2NE
Hale School - GU9 0LR
Haling Manor High School - CR2 6DT
Hall Grove School - GU19 5HZ
Hall Place Childrens Nursery - SL6 6QR
Hallgrove Community Pre-school - AL7 4PH
Halliford School - TW17 9HX
Halliford St David's -
Halling Primary School - ME2 1ER
Hallowell Playschool - HA6 1DS
Halsford Park Primary School - RH19 1LR
Halstead Preparatory School - GU21 4EE
Halstead School - GU21 4EE
Halterworth Community Primary School - SO51 9AD
Halton Community Combined School - HP22 5PN
Ham Nursery School - TW10 7QN
Hamble Community Sports College - SO31 4NE
Hamble Primary School - SO31 4ND
Hamble Village Playschool - SO31 4JE
Hambledon Infant School - PO7 4RT
Hambledon Nursery School - GU8 4DR
Hambledon Pre-school - PO7 4RT
Hambrough Primary School - UB1 1SF
Hamilton Lodge School For Deaf Children - BN2 0LS
Hamilton Playgroup - TN39 3PS
Hamilton Primary School - HP13 6SG
Hammond Community Junior School - GU18 5TS
Hampden Park Infant School - BN22 9RB
Hampden Park Playgroup - BN22 9BY
Hampden Village Day Nursery - HP16 9RJ
Hampshire Collegiate School Embley Park - SO51 6ZE
Hampshire Collegiate School Atherley - SO16 0AB
Hampshire Portage Service - SO23 9DR
Hampstead Norreys Church Of England Primary School - RG18 0TR
Hampstead Norreys Pre-school - RG18 0TR
Hampton Community College - TW12 3HB
Hampton Court House School - KT8 9BS
Hampton Hill Junior School - TW12 1HW
Hampton Hill Nursery - TW12 1QL
Hampton Infant School And Nursery - TW12 2JH
Hampton Junior School - TW12 2LA
Hampton School - TW12 3HD
Hampton Wick Infant And Nursery School - TW11 9RP
Hamsey Community Primary School - BN8 4SJ
Hamsey Green Infant - CR6 9AP
Hamsey Green Junior School - CR6 9AQ
Hanborough Manor Cofe School - OX29 8DJ
Handcross Park Preparatory School - RH17 6HF
Handcross Playgroup - RH17 6BJ
Handcross Primary School - RH17 6HB
Hangersley Playgroup - BH24 1TY
Hangleton Infant School - BN3 8LF
Hangleton Junior School - BN3 8LF
Hankham Primary School - BN24 5AY
Hannah Ball Infant School - HP13 7JS
Hannah S House Day Nursery - HP13 7JS
Hanney Pre-school Playgroup - OX12 0JN
Hansel And Gretel Preschool - OX44 7XL
Hanslope Park Day Nursery - MK19 7BH
Hanslope Pre-school - MK19 7NZ
Hanslope School - MK19 7BL
Hanwell Fields Community School - OX16 1ER
Hanworth Centre Playgroup - TW13 6QQ
Hanworth Community Association Pre- - RG12 7WX
Hanworth Youth Centre Playgroup - TW13 6QQ
Happitots Day Nursery - RG41 5EQ
Happitots Pre-school - BN3 5HH
Happy Bears Pre-school - HP22 5PG
Happy Child - HA1 2QZ
Happy Child - HA4 9SF
Happy Child Day Nursery - HA0 1LF
Happy Child Nursery - UB6 8TL
Happy Children S Playgroup - PO11 9EY
Happy Days 2 Montessori School - HA9 6SA
Happy Days Day Nursery - CR0 1TE
Happy Days Day Nursery - MK5 8AJ
Happy Days Kindergarten - BR3 3JN
Happy Days Montessori - HA9 0RQ
Happy Days Nursery - BN10 7JT
Happy Days Nursery - BN2 9SQ
Happy Days Nursery - CR0 7JF
Happy Days Nursery - EN4 0BD
Happy Days Nursery - HA1 2RT
Happy Days Nursery - PO19 8HN
Happy Days Nursery - PO4 9RH
Happy Days Nursery - SO40 3ZX
Happy Days Nursery -
Happy Days Nursery School - GU47 0TE
Happy Days Nursery School - TW18 2AY
Happy Days Playgroup - EN8 8DH
Happy Days Playgroup - TW19 7HE
Happy Days Playschool - BN18 0LB
Happy Days Pre School - HA0 3QY
Happy Days Pre-school - BN13 2TT
Happy Days Pre-school - GU12 5DN
Happy Days Pre-school - GU22 9JF
Happy Days Pre-school - HA0 3QY
Happy Days Pre-school - PO9 4PJ
Happy Days Pre-school - RG9 5DA
Happy Days Pre-school - RH19 1HL
Happy Days Pre-school - SO50 7EJ
Happy Days Pre-school -
Happy Days Pre-school Nursery - RG10 0LA
Happy Days Pre-school Playgroup - BN16 1JJ
Happy Faces Playgroup - RG27 0EZ
Happy Faces Playgroup - RH20 2DW
Happy Faces Pre-school - PO41 0RA
Happy Faces Pre-school - SO45 1YP
Happy Hands 2 - UB5 5TD
Happy Hands Pre-school - UB5 4HN
Happy Hours Playgroup - BN14 8BX
Happy Hours Pre-school - RG10 9HS
Happy Hours Pre-school - RH11 9BA
Happy Hours Pre-school Playgroup - BN43 5WB
Happy Hours Pre-school Playgroup - TN38 0AR
Happy Hut Preschool - TW2 7QB
Happy Kids - RG20 7DU
Happy Pre-school - BR5 4AN
Happy Tots Playgroup - ME3 9BS
Happy Tots Pre-school - SG2 0PD
Happy Valley Pre School - BN9 9UT
Happytalk Nursery - GU34 1JG
Happytime Pre School - PO21 5SB
Happytime Preschool - PO22 9AD
Happytime Pre-school - PO22 9AD
Happytimes Nursery - TW9 1XS
Hardings Pre-school - AL7 2EJ
Hardley School And Sixth Form - SO45 2PA
Hardmoor Early Years Centre - SO16 3EP
Hardwick And Arden Pre-school - OX16 1XE
Hardwick Pre-school - HP22 4DZ
Hardwick Primary School - OX16 1XE
Hare Hatch Montessori School - RG10 9ST
Harebreaks Pre-school - WD24 5NF
Harefield Community Pre-school - SO18 5NZ
Harefield Infant School - UB9 6BT
Harefield Junior School - UB9 6BJ
Harefield Primary School - SO18 5NZ
Harenc School At Church House - DA14 5BU
Harenc School Trust - DA14 5BU
Haresfoot School - HP4 2SZ
Harestock Playgroup - SO22 6JJ
Harestock Primary School - SO22 6LU
Harlands Nursery Uckfield - TN22 5PW
Harlands Primary School - RH16 1PJ
Harlands Primary School - TN22 5PW
Harlequin Playgroup - WD17 2UB
Harlequins Pfs Centre - TW2 7SX
Harlington Adult Education Playgrou - UB3 1PB
Harlington Community School - UB3 1PB
Harlington Lower School - LU5 6PD
Harlington Upper School - LU5 6NX
Harlington Village Pre-school - LU5 6LX
Harlyn Primary School - HA5 2DR
Harmans Water Pre-school - RG12 9LP
Harmans Water Primary School - RG12 9NE
Harmondsworth Primary School - UB7 0AU
Harmony Montessori Nursery - HA9 8RG
Harpenden Preparatory Sch - AL5 2UE
Harpers Nursery - MK44 3NX
Harpsden Pre-school Playgroup - RG9 4HJ
Harriers Ground Community Primary School - OX16 9JW
Harris Academy Merton - CR4 1BP
Harrison Primary School - PO16 7EQ
Harrold Lower School - MK43 7DE
Harrold Preschool - MK43 7BH
Harrold Priory Middle School - MK43 7DE
Harrow College - HA1 3AQ
Harrow College - HA3 6RR
Harrow College Community Pre-school - HA1 3AQ
Harrow Council - HA2 0LW
Harrow High School And Sports College - HA1 2JG
Harrow Portage Home Visiting Service -
Harrow Portage Home Visitors Service - HA3 5PQ
Harrow Pre-school Languag - HA1 4UQ
Harrow School - HA1 3HP
Harrow Tuition Service - HA1 2LS
Harrow Way Community School - SP10 3RH
Harrow Way Pre-school - SP10 3RH
Harrowden Middle School - MK42 0HH
Hart Hill Nursery School - LU2 0JS
Hart Plain Church Pre-school - PO8 8RG
Hart Plain Infant School - PO8 8RZ
Hart Plain Junior School - PO8 8SA
Hartfield Playschool Association - TN7 4JG
Harting CofE Primary School - GU31 5QT
Harting Village Pre-school Group - GU31 5QT
Hartley House Montessori -
Hartley House Montessori Ltd - SO21 2JY
Hartley House Montessori Ltd - SO23 7DZ
Hartsbourne Primary School - WD23 1SJ
Hartsfield Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG7 6PB
Hartswood Nursery Class - RH2 8EU
Harvard Park Pre-school - TW7 5BF
Harvey Road Playgroup - GU1 3RX
Harvey Road Primary School - WD3 3BN
Harwell Primary School - OX11 0LH
Harwood Day Nursery - PO7 4QN
Harwood Hill Junior Mixed Infant And Nursery School - AL8 7AG
Harwood Hill Pre-school - AL8 7AG
Haselworth Primary School - PO12 1SQ
Haslemere House Day Nursery - CR4 3BA
Haslemere Preparatory School - GU27 2JP
Haslemere Primary School - CR4 3PQ
Haslewood Private Nursery - EN11 8HT
Hassocks Infant School - BN6 8EY
Hastings College Butterflies Creche - TN38 0HX
Hastings College Nursery - TN38 0AR
Hastings College Of Arts And Technology - TN38 0HX
Hastings Opportunity Playgroup Ltd - TN21 0UP
Hastings Oppourtunity Playgroup Ltd - TN34 3TG
Hastings St Leonards - TN34 1EX
Hastingsbury Pre-school - MK42 7EB
Hastingsbury Upper School And Community College - MK42 7EB
Hatch End High School - HA3 6NR
Hatch Ride Primary School - RG45 6LP
Hatch Warren Day Nursery - RG22 4RA
Hatch Warren Infant School - RG22 4PQ
Hatch Warren Junior School - RG22 4PQ
Hatch Warren Rising 5s - RG22 4XF
Hatch Warren Under Fives - RG22 4XF
Hatfeild Primary School - SM4 4SJ
Hatfield Broad Oak Under Fives - CM22 7HH
Hatfield Day Nursery - AL10 9AB
Hatfield Heath Community Primary School - CM22 7EA
Hatfield Heath Pre-school Group - CM22 7EA
Hatherden Church Of England Primary School - SP11 0HT
Hatton Hill Day Nursery - GU14 6NB
Hatton Hill Day Nursery - GU16 6HF
Hatton Hill Day Nursery - GU20 6AB
Hatton Hill Day Nursery - GU51 1HA
Hatton Hill Day Nursery - KT10 9AJ
Hattonhill Day Nursery - GU16 6HF
Havant College - PO9 1QL
Havant Nursery - PO9 1BE
Havelock Primary School - UB2 4PA
Haven Day Nursery - PO13 0UY
Haven Early Years Centre - PO13 0UY
Haven House Pre-school - HP3 9AB
Haven Playgroup - TN38 8AU
Haverings Preschool - LU8
Haversham Plagroup - MK19 7AJ
Haversham Village School - MK19 7AN
Hawes Down Infant School - BR4 0BA
Hawes Down Junior School - BR4 0BA
Hawkedale Infants - A Foundation School - TW16 6PG
Hawkedon Primary School - RG6 3AP
Hawkes Farm Primary School - BN27 1ND
Hawkslade Farm Pre-school - HP21 9LU
Hawley Memorial Hall Pre-school - GU17 9BW
Hawley Place School - GU17 9HU
Hawley Primary School - GU17 9BH
Hawridge And Cholesbury Church Of England School - HP5 2UQ
Hawthorn Park Lower School - LU5 5QN
Hawthorns First School Durrington - BN13 3EZ
Haybrook College - SL1 6LZ
Haydon Abbey School - HP19 9NS
Haydon Hall Montessori Nursery - HA5 2EG
Haydon Hill Pre-school Playgroup - HP19 3HP
Haydon School - HA5 2LX
Haydon Training Independent School - HP20 2NL
Hayes Neighbourhood Nursery & Early Years Centre - UB3 4QA
Hayes Park School - UB4 8BE
Hayes Primary School - BR2 7LQ
Hayes School - BR2 7DB
Haylands Pre School - PO33 3LJ
Haylands Primary School - PO33 3LJ
Haylands Puddleducks - PO33 3LJ
Hayling Community Pre-school - PO11 9DD
Haynes Lower School - MK45 3PR
Haynes Pre-school - MK45 3PR
Haywards Heath College - RH16 1LT
Haywood Grove School - HP2 7BG
Hazebrouck Nursery - RG2 9ND
Hazel Court School - BN23 8EJ
Hazel Grove Nursery - AL10 9DX
Hazel Wood Infant School - SO40 8WU
Hazeldene Heights Pre-school - MK41 8EB
Hazeldene Lower School - MK41 9AT
Hazeldene Pre-school - DA14 6JS
Hazeley School - MK8 0PT
Hazelglen Day Care Centre - CR2 0YH
Hazeltots Pre School - GU1 1NS
Hazelwick School - RH10 1SX
Hazelwood Pre-school - BH25 5AQ
Hazelwood School - RH8 0QU
Hazlemere Church Of England Combined School - HP15 7PZ
Hazlemere Pre-school - HP15 7QW
Head Start (mk) Ltd - MK10 9AF
Head Start (mk) Ltd - MK17 9JB
Head Start Day Nursery - EN5 1QG
Head Start Day Nursery - EN6 5AT
Head Start Nursery School - LU7 9NX
Headington Junior School - OX3 7PB
Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School - OX3 8LH
Headington School - OX3 7TD
Headstart - TN33 9EG
Headstart Day Nursery - RH12 2EJ
Headstart Early Learning Centre - cr03ql
Headstart Nursery Ltd / Early Learn - CR0 1NA
Headstart Nursery Ltd T/a Early Lea - CR0 1SB
Headstart Nursery School - TN31 6SY
Headstarts Educational Nursery Scho - RG25 2JD
Headstarts Nursery School - RG14 1NA
Health Tots Nursery - TN37 7RD
Heath Barn Playgroup - LU7 9LF
Heath Clark Nursery - CR9 4AG
Heath Lane Nursery School - HP1 1TT
Heath Mount Pre-prep School - SG14 3NG
Heath Mount School - SG14 3NG
Heath Playgroup - LU7 0AA
Heather Park Nursery - HA0 1SH
Heather Playgroup - RH12 5XL
Heather Rabbit Nursery - RG27 9JP
Heather Ridge Infant School - GU15 1AY
Heathermount The Learning Centre - SL5 9PG
Heatherside Infant School - GU52 7TH
Heatherside Junior School - GU52 7TH
Heatherside Pre-school 1 - GU15 1BB
Heatherside Pre-school 2 - GU15 1BB
Heatherton House School - HP6 5QB
Heathfield Community College - TN21 8RJ
Heathfield Infant School - TW2 6EN
Heathfield Junior School - SO19 0EQ
Heathfield Junior School - TW2 6EN
Heathfield Lower School - LU1 4HF
Heathfield Opportunity Playgroup - TN21 0UP
Heathfield School - HA5 1NB
Heathfield School (gdst) - HA5 1NB
Heathfield School Pinner - HA5 1NB
Heathfield Special School - PO14 3BN
Heathfield St Mary's School - SL5 8BQ
Heathlands School - AL3 5AY
Heathrow Community Pre-school - UB7 0AU
Heathrow Primary School - UB7 0JQ
Heathside School - KT13 8UZ
Heathwood Lower School - LU7 3AU
Hedge End Village Hall Pre-school - SO30 4AF
Hedgehog House - BN11 2HZ
Hedgelands Nursery 1 - LU7 3FE
Hedgelands Nursery 2 - LU7 9BW
Hedgewood School - UB4 8NF
Heelands School - MK13 7QL
Heene Cofe First School - BN11 4BB
Heene Community Centre Playgroup - BN11 4PL
Heidi's Montessori Nursery - SG9 0HE
Helen Hicks - BN2 8SF
Helenswood School - TN37 7PS
Hellingly Community Primary School - BN27 4DS
Hellingly Day Nursery - BN27 4ER
Hellingly Playgroup - BN27 4DS
Helping Hands Pre-scho - MK8 8JL
Helter Skelter Pre-school - RG22 4NN
Hemdean House School - RG4 7SD
Hemel Hempstead Montessori School - HP1 1EL
Hempstead Infant School - ME7 3QG
Hempstead Junior School - ME7 3SD
Hempstead Pavillion Playgroup - ME7 3QE
Hempstead Village Hall Playgroup - ME7 3QG
Hendreds Pre School - OX12 8LA
Henfield Village Hall Playgroup - BN5 9DB
Henham And Ugley Primary And Nursery School - CM22 6BP
Henley Management College - RG9 3AU
Henley Nursery School - RG9 2LX
Henlow Vc Middle School - SG16 6AN
Henlow Village Pre School - SG16 6BS
Henry Allen Nursery School - HP6 6NW
Henry Beaufort School - SO22 6JJ
Henry Tyndale School - GU14 8BX
Henry's Kindergarten - SO22 6JJ
Herbert Shiner School - GU28 0EE
Herga Opportunity Pre-school Playgr - HA2 0NR
Heritage House School - HP5 3BP
Heritage Montessori Nursery School - BN11 4PL
Hermitage Preschool Playgroup - RG18 9SS
Hermitage Pre-school Playgroup - PO7 7PR
Hermitage Primary School - RG18 9SA
Hermitage Primary School - UB8 1RB
Herne Farm Pre-school - GU31 4PJ
Herne Junior School - GU31 4BP
Herne Junior School - TN6 2NT
Heron Court Day Nursery - SM7 1LJ
Heron Playschool - RH13 6ED
Heron Way Primary School - RH13 6DJ
Herons Dale School - BN43 6TN
Heronsgate Nursery School - WD3 5DB
Heronsgate School - MK7 7BW
Heronshaw School - MK7 7PG
Herries Preparatory School - SL6 9BD
Herries School - SL6 9BD
Herschel Grammar School - SL1 3BW
Hersham Centre C O Drill Hall - KT12 4QY
Hersham Village Pre-school - KT12 4RZ
Herstmonceux Church Of England Primary School - BN27 4LG
Herstmonceux Pre School - BN27 4LH
Herstmonceux Pre-school - BN27 4LH
Hertford Ware And Bishop's Stortford Area Pupil Referral Unit - SG13 8AE
Hertford Heath Primary And Nursery School - SG13 7QW
Hertford Infant School - BN1 7GF
Hertford Junior School - BN1 7FP
Hertford Regional College - EN10 6AE
Hertford Regional College - SG12 9JF
Hertford St Andrew Cofe Primary School - SG14 2EP
Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School - SG14 2LR
Hertsmere Jewish Primary School - WD7 7LQ
Hertswood School - WD6 5LG
Heston Community School - TW5 0QR
Heston Infant And Nursery School - TW5 0QR
Heston Junior School - TW5 0QR
Heston Under 5s Playgroup - TW5 0LW
Hethersett Montessori Primary - RH10 6SX
Hethfield International Summer School And Camp - SL5 8BQ
Hexton Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG5 3JL
Heydays Pre School - GU34 5AS
Heyworth Primary School - RH16 3JR
Hickory Montessori Nursery School - RH16 2PX
High Aims Nursery School - MK45 4LT
High Ash Church Of England Combined School - MK17 9AS
High Beeches Primary School - AL5 5SD
High Close School - RG40 1TT
High Halstow Pre-school - ME3 8TF
High Halstow Primary School - ME3 8TF
High House Nursery - CM22 6PL
High Hurstwood Church Of England Primary School - TN22 4AD
High March School - HP9 2PZ
High March School (beaconsfield) - HP9 2PZ
High Place Special Nursery School - PO8 0RB
High Street Methodist Vol Nursery School - AL5 2RU
High View Primary School - SM6 8JT
High Wych Church Of England Primary School - CM21 0JB
High Wych Pre-school - CM21 0JB
High Wycombe Church Of England Combined School - HP11 2JU
Highbury College - PO6 2SA
Highbury College Butterflies - PO6 2RY
Highbury College Nurseries - PO6 2RY
Highbury College-ladybird - PO6 2RY
Highbury Infant School And Nursery - SG4 9AG
Highbury Lodge Day Nursery ; Childb - SG4 9RW
Highbury Pre-school - PO6 2RZ
Highbury Primary School - PO6 2RZ
Highcrest Community School - HP13 7NQ
Highdown School And Sixth Form Centre - RG4 8LR
Highfield Church Of England Primary School - SO17 1PX
Highfield Community Playgroup - SO45 1EH
Highfield Day Nursery - SG9 9JL
Highfield Infants' School - BR2 0RX
Highfield Junior School - BN22 9BX
Highfield Junior School - BR2 0RL
Highfield Nursery School - SG12 7SW
Highfield Pre-school - AL5 4BX
Highfield Pre-school - AL54 4BX
Highfield Primary School - UB10 0DB
Highfield School - GU30 7LQ
Highfield School - SL6 1PD
Highfield School Trust Limited - SL6 1PD
Highgate Montessori Playgroup - EN5 4JJ
Highgrove Early Years Centre - HA4 8EE
Highlands Park Pre-school - PO15 6DD
Highmoor Nursery School - RG9 5DP
Highover Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG4 0JP
Hightown Primary School - SO19 6AA
Highview Day Nursery - SO19 8NG
Highview Nursery School - SO19 8NG
Highwood Nursery - SO42 7RY
Highwood Primary School - RG5 3JE
Highwood Primary School - WD23 2AW
Highworth Combined School And Nursery - HP13 7PH
Hilderstone Collge - CT10 2JW
Hill Cottage Nursery - OX49 5QN
Hill Head Preparatory School - PO14 3LW
Hill Head Pre-preparatory School - PO14 3LW
Hill House Nursery Ltd - CM22 6PL
Hill House Playgroup - SM4 6BL
Hill House School - SO41 8NE
Hill Top Kindergarten - TN34 2EW
Hill Top Pre School - TN16 3HA
Hill Top Pre-school - CR0 4BA
Hill Vale Playschool -
Hill View Primary School - OX16 1DN
Hillborough Infant School - LU1 5EZ
Hillborough Junior School - LU1 5EZ
Hillbury House Nursery - BN3 3TH
Hillcrest - Hayling Island - PO11 9AL
Hillcrest Montessori Nurs - CR5 2PT
Hillcrest Mulberry School - CR0 6XJ
Hillcrest Nursery - BN9 9EA
Hillcrest Park School - OX7 5QH
Hillcrest School - LU5 5PX
Hillcrest School - TN35 5DN
Hillcrest Slinfold - RH13 0QX
Hillcroft College -
Hillcroft Primary School - CR3 5PG
Hillcross Primary School - SM4 4EE
Hillhouse Preparatory School - TN20 6PW
Hillingdon Manor School - UB8 3HD
Hillingdon Montessori School - HA5 2EG
Hillingdon Primary School - UB10 0PH
Hillingdon Tuition Centre - UB7 8HJ
Hillmead Primary School - CM23 4PW
Hillpark Nursery School - TW12 1DU
Hillsgrove Primary School - DA16 1DR
Hillshott Infant School And Nursery - SG6 1QE
Hillside Infant School - HA6 1RX
Hillside Junior School - HA6 1RX
Hillside Kindergarten - CR2 0HB
Hillside Pre-school Association Gro - WD3 5AP
Hillside Primary School - BR5 4LZ
Hillside Primary School - RG6 4HQ
Hillside School - BN41 2FU
Hilltop First School - SL4 4DW
Hilltop Nursery - BN2 3EW
Hilltop Playgroup - CR6 9RB
Hilltop Preschool - RG6 1DA
Hilltop Primary School - ME2 4QN
Hilltop Primary School - RH11 8LQ
Hilltop Small School - TN38 0QU
Hilltops Pre-school Group - SO50 4NA
Hillview Nursery Centre - HA2 0LW
Hillview Pre-school - OX16 1DN
Hiltingbury Infant School - SO53 5NP
Hiltingbury Junior School - SO53 5NP
Hiltingbury Kindergarten - SO53 5AG
Hinchley Wood Primary School - KT10 0AQ
Hinchley Wood School And Sixth Form Centre - KT10 0AQ
Hippo Club - GU15 3RZ
Hippo Day Nursery - TN38 0JS
Hitcham Vale Montessori School - SL1 8NT
Hitchin Boys' School - SG5 1JB
Hitchin Girls' School - SG4 9RS
Hitchmead School - SG18 0NL
Hms Dryad Nursery Group - PO17 6HA
Hoathley Hill Kindergarten - RH19 4SJ
Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School - HP3 8ER
Hobby Horse Nursery - LU6 2QA
Hobby Horse Nursery - LU6 3LL
Hobby Horse Nursery - OX13 5LS
Hobbyhorse Preschool - MK11 1LE
Hobletts Manor Infants' School - HP2 5JS
Hobletts Manor Junior School - HP2 5JS
Hockenden House Day Nursery - BR8 7QH
Hockerill Anglo-european College - CM23 5HX
Hockliffe Lower School - LU7 9LL
Hockliffe Street Pre-school - LU7 1EZ
Hoddern Junior School - BN10 7QY
Hoe Bridge School - GU22 8JE
Hoe Bridge School Pre-prep - GU22 8JE
Holbrook Playgroup - RH12 5PU
Holbrook Pre School - RH12 5PJ
Holbrook Pre-school - PO13 0ZX
Holbrook Primary School - PO13 0JN
Holbrook Primary School - RH12 5PP
Holbury Hall Pre-school - SO45 2NE
Holdbrook Pre-school - EN8 7QG
Holdbrook Primary School - EN8 7QG
Holland House School - HA8 8TP
Holland Junior School - RH8 9BQ
Hollingbury Park Playgroup - BN1 7HS
Hollington Primary School - TN38 9DS
Holly Cottage Nursery - RG40 3AP
Holly Hedgehog Pre-school - RH11 7HJ
Holly Hill School - SO31 7BH
Holly Lodge Montessori - UB2 4HB
Holly Lodge Primary School - GU12 5PX
Holly Spring Infant And Nursery School - RG12 2SW
Holly Spring Junior School - RG12 2SW
Holly Way Nursery School - GU17 0NQ
Hollybrook Infant School - SO16 6RN
Hollybrook Junior School - SO16 6RL
Hollybush Primary School - SG14 2DF
Hollybush Under 5's Playgroup - SG14 2DF
Hollycombe Primary School - GU30 7LY
Hollygrove Nursery School - TW12 3PE
Hollyhocks Montessori Playschool - BN8 5SW
Hollytree Community Pre-school - SO52 9EZ
Hollywater School - GU35 0HA
Holmbury St Mary Playgroup - RH5 6PG
Holmbush First School - BN43 6TN
Holme Court School - SG18 9ST
Holme Grange School - RG40 3AL
Holmemead Middle School - SG18 8JU
Holmer Green Infant School - HP15 6UG
Holmer Green Junior School - HP15 6TD
Holmer Green Methodist Pre-school - HP15 6PX
Holmer Green Senior School - HP15 6SP
Holmesdale Community Infant School - RH2 0BY
Holmwood Pre School Nursery - OX1 5DL
Holmwood Pre-school - SM6 0EU
Holmwood School - MK8 9AB
Holne Chase Primary School - MK3 5HP
Holtsmere End Infant And Nursery School - HP2 7JZ
Holtsmere End Junior School - HP2 7JZ
Holtspur Pre-school - HP9 1BH
Holtspur School - HP9 1BH
Holwell Primary School - AL7 3RP
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - PO32 6AS
Holy Cross Church Of England Primary School - TN22 1BP
Holy Cross Convent - SL9 9DW
Holy Cross Nursery - TN22 1BP
Holy Cross Playgroup - KT3 6LF
Holy Cross Playgroup - SM5 2LW
Holy Cross Preparatory School -
Holy Cross Pre-school - MK41 0DP
Holy Cross Under Fives - UB6 9MF
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - SL3 8NF
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - SO16 9LP
Holy Family Catholic Primary School Addlestone - KT15 1BP
Holy Family Pre-school - SO16 9LP
Holy Innocents Catholic Primary School - BR6 9JT
Holy Innocents Playgroup - RH13 7BT
Holy Innocents Playgroup - RH13 9BT
Holy Redeemer Playgroup - DA15 8JL
Holy Rood Catholic Primary School - WD17 4FS
Holy Saviour Pre School - CR0 2XE
Holy Saviours Playgroup - CR7 7JZ
Holy Trinity Guidford Cofe Aided Junior School - GU1 3QF
Holy Trinity And St Nicholas Cofe Voluntary Aided Primary School Chrishall - SG8 8QW
Holy Trinity Catholic School Chipping Norton - OX7 5AX
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - EN8 8LU
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - TW10 5AA
Holy Trinity Cofe (voluntary Aided) School - SL7 3AG
Holy Trinity Cofe Junior School - SM6 8BZ
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - GU24 9JQ
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - HA6 2RH
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - RH13 6NS
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School Cookham - SL6 9QJ
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School Cuckfield - RH17 5BE
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School Sunningdale - SL5 0NJ
Holy Trinity Cofe Secondary School Crawley - RH11 8JE
Holy Trinity College Prep School - BR1 3LL
Holy Trinity Lamorbey Church Of England Primary School - DA15 9DB
Holy Trinity Playgroup - SM6 8BL
Holy Trinity Pre-school - BR2 8LB
Holy Trinity Pre-school - HA3 5QX
Holy Trinity Pre-school - RH18 5JD
Holy Trinity Pre-school Playgroup - WD23 2AY
Holybourne Village Pre-school - GU34 4HD
Holyport Cofe (aided) Primary School - SL6 2LP
Holyport Manor School - SL6 3LE
Holyport Pre-school - SL6 2NA
Holywell Cofe Va Middle School - MK43 0JA
Holywell Primary School - WD18 6LL
Home Away Nursery - SM1 3HD
Home Corner Nursery - OX9 3NQ
Home From Home Day Nursery - MK46 4DH
Home From Home Day Nursery School - AL3 5QN
Home From Home Kindergarten - HP4 3SG
Home From Home Nursery Ltd - BN3 4FL
Home Tuition Service - HP6 5BY
Homefield Preparatory School - SM1 2TE
Homer First School - SL4 5RL
Homerswood Primary And Nursery School - AL8 7RF
Homewood Independent School - AL2 2AH
Homewood Pre-preparatory - AL2 2AH
Honey Bees Staff Day Nursery -
Honey Pot Lane Pre-school Group 1 - HA7 2SL
Honey Pots Childcare - RH11 7QG
Honey Tree Day Nursery - SL3 8QR
Honeybees Nursery School - SO17 1QL
Honeybees Nursery School (southampton Small School - SO17 1QL
Honeybees Playgroup - BN7 3DP
Honeybeez Pre-school - SO16 3BZ
Honeycroft - BN3 3WF
Honeypot Community Pre-school - ME3 7PU
Honeypot Day Nursery Ltd - ME5 8AJ
Honeypot Nursery - HA9 6AR
Honeypot Nursery - PO2 7PX
Honeypot Pre-school - HA7 4HP
Honeypot Pre-school - PO9 5HX
Honeypots Pre School - KT12 1ET
Honeypots Pre School - KT13 0RB
Honeysuckle Nursery School - LU7 3HJ
Honeywood Playgroup - RH17 6HP
Honilands Primary School - EN1 4RE
Hoo St Werburgh Primary School And Marlborough Centre - ME3 9BS
Hook Infant School - RG27 9NR
Hook Junior School - RG27 9NR
Hook Lane Nursery - PO22 8AR
Hook Lane Primary School - DA16 2ET
Hook Norton Church Of England Primary School - OX15 5JS
Hook Norton Pre-school Playgroup - OX15 5NW
Hook Pre-school -
Hook Village Nursery - RG27 9NN
Hook-with-warsash Church Of England Primary School - SO31 9GF
Hookwood Playgroup - RH6 0HU
Hooty Owls Day Nursery - GU14 6AH
Hop Skip & Jump (folly's End) Surrey Street - CR01RG
Hop Skip & Jump Pre-school - CR0 5LP
Hop Skip And Jump - CR0 3LJ
Hope Epsom - KT19 8PB
Hope Guildford - GU2 6RS
Hope Lodge School - SO18 4HP
Hopgarden Day Nursery - SO51 0GN
Hoppits Ltd - TN6 1PA
Hopscotch - BN10 8HN
Hopscotch Children S Nursery - BN25 1HH
Hopscotch Childrens Nurseries - TN39 4EW
Hopscotch Childrens Nursery - BN1 6JB
Hopscotch Childrens Nursery - BN1 6RD
Hopscotch Childrens Nursery - BN3 1PL
Hopscotch Childrens Nursery - TN38 0AR
Hopscotch Day Nursery - SM2 6JB
Hopscotch Nursery - BN3 5JA
Hopscotch Nursery School - HA3 6JA
Hopscotch Pre School - TN22 5DJ
Hopscotch Preschool - MK45 1AH
Hopscotch Pre-school - PO20 3YA
Horam Community Pre-school - TN21 0JE
Hordle Cofe Primary School - SO41 0FB
Hordle Walhampton Pre-prep - SO41 5ZG
Hordle Walhampton School Trust Limited - SO41 5ZG
Horley Baptist Church Playgroup - RH6 7HS
Horley Community Pre-scho - RH6 7HZ
Horley Infant School - RH6 7JF
Horley Row Community Play - RH6 8DF
Hormead Church Of England (va) Primary School - SG9 0NR
Hormead Playschool - SG9 0NR
Horndean Campus Nursery - PO8 9PQ
Horndean Church Of England Controlled Junior School - PO8 9NW
Horndean Community Association - PO8 9LJ
Horndean Hoppers - PO8 9NL
Horndean Infant School - PO8 9LS
Horndean Playgroup - PO8 9NB
Horndean Technology College - PO8 9PQ
Horns Drove Pre-school - SO16 8AJ
Hornton Primary School - OX15 6BZ
Horris Hill School - RG20 9DJ
Horsell CofE Aided Junior School - GU21 4TA
Horsell Village School - GU21 4QQ
Horsenden Primary School - UB6 0PB
Horsham Montessori School (the) - RH13 5DE
Horsham Nursery School - RH12 1RN
Horsham Portage Service - RH13 5SQ
Horspath Church Of England Primary School - OX33 1RY
Horspath Nursery - OX33 1RY
Horsted Infant School - ME5 9TF
Horsted Junior School - ME5 9TF
Horsted Keynes Pre-school Group - RH17 7AP
Hospital And Medical Tuition Service - ME7 5NY
Houghton Conquest Lower School - MK45 3LL
Houghton Regis Lower School - LU5 5DH
Hounsdown Community Playgroup - SO40 9EX
Hounsdown School - SO40 9FT
Hounslow College Preparatory School - TW13 6PN
Hounslow Heath Infant And Nursery School - TW4 7HE
Hounslow Heath Junior School - TW4 7BD
Hounslow Manor School - TW3 1NE
Hounslow Pru (asylum And Refugees) - TW5 9PD
Hounslow Town Primary School - TW3 1SR
House At Pooh Corner The - HP14 4TN
Household Cavalry Regiment Kinderga - SL4 3DN
Household Cavalry Regiment Kindergarten - SL 4 3DN
Household Cavalry Regiment Kindergarten - SL4 3DN
Hove Park School And Sixth Form Centre - BN3 7BN
How Wood Primary And Nursery School - AL2 2HU
Howard Of Effingham School - KT24 5JR
Howard Primary School - CR0 1DT
Howbury Pre School - DA8 2HX
Howe Dell Primary School - AL10 8AD
Howe Green House - CM22 7UF
Howe Green House School - CM22 7UF
Howe Park School - MK4 2SH
Howzat! Learning Centre - BN3 3AN
Huffle Nursery School - TN21 8QQ
Huggles Day Nursery - BN1 9PW
Hughenden Primary School - HP14 4LR
Hughenden Valley Pre-school - HP14 4LL
Hulbert Junior School - PO7 8ED
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - CR4 5SN
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - RH15 0AR
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - SG7 6LQ
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - SL7 2RE
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - TW14 9SZ
Humpty Dumpty Playschool - SP11 8HT
Humpty Dumpty Pre School - GU21 2SX
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - BH24 1UR
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - RH19 2QT
Humpty Dumptys Pre-school - SO40 3BU
Humpty Playgroup - PO21 5JZ
Hundred Of Hoo Day Nursery - ME3 9HH
Hungerford Nursery School Centre For Children And Families - RG17 0HY
Hungerford Pre-school - RG17 0HY
Hungerford Primary School - RG17 0BT
Hungry Caterpillar - PO22 6EJ
Hungry Caterpillar - UB4 0HA
Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries - UB5 6AG
Hungry Caterpillar Pr the - PO21 2BD
Hunny Bees Pre-school - MK43 0LD
Hunny-bees Pre-school - PO30 5HZ
Hunnyhill Primary School - PO30 5HZ
Hunsdon Ducklings - SG12 8NP
Hunsdon House Nursery Sch - OX3 9AY
Hunsdon Junior Mixed And Infant School - SG12 8NT
Huntingdon Playgroup - BN43 5UD
Huntingfield Pre-school For Under F - CR0 9BA
Hurst Drive Primary School - EN8 8DH
Hurst Green Busy Bees Pla - RH8 0HG
Hurst Green Busy Bees Playgroup - RH8 9AJ
Hurst Green Church Of England Primary School - TN19 7PN
Hurst Green Infant School - RH8 0HJ
Hurst House Pre Prep - BN6 9JS
Hurst Lodge School - SL5 9JU
Hurst Park Primary School - KT8 1QW
Hurst Primary School - DA5 3AJ
Hurstbourne Tarrant Church Of England Primary School - SP11 0AX
Hurstbourne Tarrant Pre-school - SP11 0BD
Hurstmere Foundation School For Boys - DA15 9AW
Hurstpierpoint College - BN6 9JS
Hurstpierpoint Pre-school Playgroup - BN6 9UU
Hurtwood House - RH5 6NU
Hurtwood House School - RH5 6NU
Husborne Crawley Lower School - MK43 0UZ
Hyde Church Of England Primary School - SP6 2QL
Hyde Heath Community Pre School - HP6 5RW
Hyde Heath Infant School - HP6 5RW
Hyde Pre-school - SP6 2QL
Hythe Primary School - SO45 6BL
Hythe Primary School - TW18 3HD
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