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Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools F

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Fair Oak Infant School - SO50 7AN
Fair Oak Junior School - SO50 7AN
Fairchildes Primary School - CR0 0AH
Fairfield Infant School - PO9 1AY
Fairfield Park Lower School - SG5 4FD
Fairfield Pre-school - RH15 8QN
Fairfields Primary School - RG21 3DH
Fairford Leys (stone) Pre School - HP19 7HT
Fairholme Primary School - TW14 8ET
Fairisle Infant And Nursery School - SO16 8BY
Fairisle Junior School - SO16 8BY
Fairisle Pre-school - SO16 8BB
Fairlands Montessori School - SO32 2HY
Fairlands Playgroup - GU3 3NA
Fairlands Pre School - SM3 9AB
Fairleigh School - SP11 7PW
Fairlight Playgroup & Nursery - TN35 4DA
Fairlight Primary School - BN2 3AJ
Fairmile Day Nursery - OX10 9DH
Fairmile Montessori School - KT11 2BU
Fairthorne Manor Day Nursery - SO30 2GH
Fairview Community Primary School - ME8 0NU
Fairview House Nursery - CT16 1HE
Fairway Infant School Copthorne - RH10 3QD
Fairways Kindergarten - HA4 0SP
Fairways School - SO31 7HE
Fairytale Day Nursery - UB5
Fairytale Day Nursery - UB5 6AD
Fairytale Day Nursery - UB6 0BG
Fairytale Day Nursery - UB6 9QN
Falconhurst School - MK6 5AX
Falkland Primary School - RG14 6NU
Falkland St Gabriel S Prep School - RG20 9BD
Falmer High School - BN1 9PW
Falmer Nursery - BN9 1PQ
Family Centre Fieldway - CR0 9DX
Fareham College - PO14 1NH
Fareham Opportunity Group - PO14 1JJ
Fareham/west End Preschool Playgroup - PO14 1DN
Faringdon Community College - SN7 7LB
Faringdon Infant School - SN7 8AH
Faringdon Junior School - SN7 7HZ
Faringdon Pre-school - SN7 7AA
Farleigh Playschool - CR6 9EJ
Farleigh School - SP11 7PW
Farley Community Playgroup - LU1 5RS
Farley Hill Primary School - RG7 1UB
Farley Junior School - LU1 5JF
Farlington Day Nursery - PO6 1NF
Farlington Kindergarten - PO6 1DH
Farlington School - RH12 3PN
Farlington School - RH123PN
Farmhouse Pre-prep the - RH17 6SQ
Farnborough College Of Technology - GU14 6SB
Farnborough Grange Nursery Infant And Early Years Centre - GU14 8HW
Farnborough Hill - GU14 8AT
Farnborough Primary School - BR6 7EQ
Farnborough Village Playgroup - BR6 7BB
Farncombe Church Of England Infant And Nursey School - GU7 3LT
Farney Close School - RH17 5RD
Farnham Church Of England Primary School - CM23 1HR
Farnham College - GU9 8LU
Farnham Common Infant School - SL2 3HS
Farnham Common Junior School - SL2 3TZ
Farnham Heath End School - GU9 9BN
Farnham Montessori School - GU10 4QP
Farnham Nursery School - GU9 8HT
Farningham Day Nursery - DA4 0BD
Farringtons And Stratford House - BR7 6LR
Farringtons School - BR7 6LR
Farthings Nursery School - KT15 1SH
Farthings Nursery School - KT16 0NQ
Farwell Farm Nursery - SP6 2HE
Faversham Road Montessori Nursery - TN24 9AE
Fawkham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - DA3 8NA
Fawkham House School - TN15 6AY
Fawley Independent Day Nursery - SO45 2GD
Fawley Infant School - SO45 1EA
Fawley Pre-school - SO45 1DF
Featherby Infant And Nursery School - ME8 6PD
Featherby Junior School - ME8 6BT
Featherstone High School - UB2 5HF
Featherstone Primary And Nursery School - UB2 5JT
Featherstone Wood Nursery & Primary School - SG2 9PP
Fegans Child & Family Care - TN21 8LS
Felbridge Primary School - RH19 2NT
Felpham Community College - PO22 8EL
Feltham Child And Family Centre - TW13 5BH
Feltham College Pre-school - TW13 7EF
Feltham Community College - TW13 7EF
Feltham Hill Infant And Nursery School - TW13 4LZ
Feltham Hill Junior School - TW13 4QP
Feltonfleet School - KT11 1DR
Fennies Under 5 S Purley - CR8 3AJ
Fennies Under 5's Addiscombe - CR0 5PP
Fennies Under Fives At Beech House - CR2 0JT
Fennies Under Fives D/n - CR2 6BA
Fenny House - The Milton Keynes Tuition Service - MK6 5DE
Fern Hill Primary School - KT2 5PE
Ferndale Nursery - KT17 4AB
Ferndale Preparatory School - SN7 7JF
Fernhill Primary School - GU14 9BY
Fernhill School - GU14 9BY
Fernhurst Junior School - PO4 0AG
Fernhurst Pre School - GU27 3EA
Fernhurst Primary School - GU27 3EA
Fernlea Pre-school - GU14 9BY
Fernwood School - MK17 8TJ
Ferrars Infant School - LU4 0LL
Ferrars Junior School - LU4 0ES
Ferring Cofe Primary School - BN12 5DU
Ferring Funtime Community Playgroup - BN12 2RZ
Fetcham Village Infant School - KT22 9JU
Fiddlesticks Nursery - BN7 1EL
Field End Infant School - HA4 9PQ
Field End Junior School - HA4 9PQ
Field House Day Nursery - MK18 1ST
Field House Montessori Nursery - OX2 7NS
Field Place First School - BN12 6EN
Fieldway & Now Addington Pre School - CR0 7DJ
Filgrave School - MK16 9ET
Filsham Valley School - TN38 8HH
Finchampstead Cofeva Primary School - RG40 4JR
Finches Pre-school - RG40 4JR
Findon Valley Free Church Pre-school - BN14 0DJ
Findon Village Pre-school - BN14 0TA
Finmere Church Of England Primary School - MK18 4AR
Finmere Playgroup - MK18 4AX
Finstock Church Of England Primary School - OX7 3BN
Fir Tree Junior School - OX10 0NY
Fir Tree Primary School And Nursery - RG14 2RA
Firle Church Of England Primary School - BN8 6LF
First And Second Step Playgroup - OX6 8NY
First Class Nursery - KT24 6DD
First Expressions Nursery -
First Expressions Nursery Sch - HA8 7YA
First Friends Day Nursery - HP15 7RA
First Friends Of Midhurst Primary - GU29 9JX
First Friends Of Midhurst Primary - GU29 9TF
First Friends Pre-school Nursery - GU34 3EG
First Hillingdon Pre-school - UB8 3NZ
First Impressions - EN4 0LH
First Learners Nursery - CT20 2TZ
First Learning Ltd - TW17 0AJ
First Opportunities - BH25 5BP
First Steps - CT21 6NE
First Steps (windsor) - SL4 5HW
First Steps At Vandyke - LU7 3DY
First Steps Childcare Club - CT21 6NE
First Steps Creche -
First Steps Day Nurseries Ltd - TN15 8JZ
First Steps Day Nursery - CR0 1SB
First Steps Day Nursery - CR0 2SQ
First Steps Day Nursery - DA 1 2LU
First Steps Day Nursery - DA1 2LU
First Steps Day Nursery - KT16 0PZ
First Steps Day Nursery - MK40 2BU
First Steps Day Nursery - PO19 1SB
First Steps Day Nursery - SL2 4HL
First Steps Day Nursery - TW15 3AA
First Steps First Pre-sch (hw) - HP14 3PJ
First Steps Montessori Nursery - GU33 6NE
First Steps Montessori Pre School - SM1 1SN
First Steps Montessori Pre School -
First Steps Montessori School - UB5 5BQ
First Steps Nursery - BN2 7FR
First Steps Nursery - CT9 1UA
First Steps Nursery - GU46 6NW
First Steps Nursery - MK
First Steps Nursery - PO30 2HL
First Steps Nursery - RH1 3LS
First Steps Nursery - TW17 9AD
First Steps Nursery School - KT24 2QT
First Steps Playgroup - TW5 9EY
First Steps Pre School - ME1 2QT
First Steps Pre School Playgroup - ME12 1TS
First Steps Pre-school - OX13 5DU
First Steps Pre-school - OX9 2ED
First Steps Pre-school - SO50 6FH
First Steps Pre-school - TN13 3LE
First Steps Pre-school (pr) - HP27 9HN
First Steps Woodlands Park - SL6 3NW
Firvale Day Nursery - RG24 9RH
Fish And Bricks Pre-school - RH15 9EQ
Fishbourne Cofe Primary School - PO19 3QS
Fishbourne Pre-school - PO18 8BL
Fishersgate Community (pre-school) Playgroup - BN41 1QH
Fishersgate First School - BN41 1PN
Fittleworth & District Community Pl - RH20 1JB
Fittleworth Cofe First School - RH20 1JB
Fittleworth House Nursery School - RH20 1JH
Fitzharrys School - OX14 1NP
Fitzsimmons Place Nursery Ltd - GU2 4DJ
Fitzwaryn School - OX12 9ET
Five Acre Wood School - ME15 9QL
Five Acres Primary School - OX25 2LN
Five Ashes Cofe Primary School - TN20 6HY
Five Ashes Community Playgroup - TN20 6JA
Five Oak Green Montessori School - TN12 6RB
Five Oaks Middle School - LU1 4JD
Five Wents Playgroup - BR8 7RA
Fiveacres Nursery School - OX25 2LN
Fiveways - PO33 3BE
Fiveways Pre-school Playgroup - BN1 6DJ
Flamingo Montessori -
Flamingo Montessori Day Nursery - SL1 6LZ
Fledgelings Day Nursery - CT11 0BS
Fledgelings Montessori Nursery School - TW15 2XD
Fledgelings Nursery - ME14 5BT
Fledgelings Nursery - ME14 5TQ
Fledglings Day Nursery - MK7 6JF
Fledglings Day Nursery - RG31 5TY
Fledglings Day Nursery - RH19 1QQ
Fledglings Houghton Conquest - MK45 3LZ
Fledglings Montessori Pre-school - BR1 1HN
Fledglings Pre-school - DA13 0DH
Fledglings Pre-school - MK40 4QP
Fledglings Pre-school - PO4 0AG
Fleet Baptist Playgroup - GU51 3RS
Fleet Day Nursery - DA2 6JX
Fleet Infant School - GU52 7LQ
Fleet Methodist Church Pre-school - GU13 9QR
Fleetdown Infant School - DA2 6JX
Fleetdown Junior School - DA2 6JX
Fleetdown Pre-school Playgroup - DA2 6JZ
Fletching Church Of England Primary School - TN22 3SP
Fletching Pre-school - TN22 3SR
Flexlands School - GU24 8AG
Flightpath Pre School - TW19 6AG
Flint House Nursery - OX9 3QH
Flintstone Playgroup - BN17 6AW
Flitwick Lower School - MK45 1LU
Flora Mcdonald Junior School - BN17 7JL
Flying Bull Primary School - PO2 7BJ
Flying Start - KT8 0HR
Flying Start Day Nurseries (surrey) Ltd - KT21 1RW
Flying Start Day Nursery - KT18 7JE
Flying Start Nursery - BN9 0JQ
Flying Start Nursery - PO5 2PU
Flying Start Nursery - RG40 3AQ
Flying Start Nursery School - RG40 3AQ
Folders Estate Playgroup - RH15 0EL
Folkestone St Martin's Church Of England Primary School - CT20 3JJ
Folkestone St Mary's Church Of England Primary School - CT19 6QH
Folkestone St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - CT19 6AL
Folkestone Academy -
Folkestone Christ Church Cofe Primary School - CT20 1DJ
Folkestone Rainbow Centre - CT20 1AU
Folly Hill Infant School - GU9 0DB
Follys End Christian Pre - CR0 5LP
Folly's End Christian School - CR2 7DY
Fonthill Lodge School - RH19 4LY
Fonthill School Trust Ltd - RH19 4LY
Footprints Pre-school - HP13 6SE
Footprints Pre-school Group - SL2 5AZ
Footsteps Day Nursery - BN41 1XR
Footsteps Nursery - HA3 8PB
Footsteps Pre-school - MK43 8LD
Forbury Gardens Day Nursery - RG1 3HW
Fordcombe Church Of England Primary School - TN3 0RY
Fordcombe Pre-school Group - TN3 0RY
Fordfield House Nursery Limited - MK45 2HZ
Fordingbridge Infant School - SP6 1HJ
Fordingbridge Junior School - SP6 1HJ
Fordwater School Chichester - PO19 6PP
Fordway Centre - TW15 3DU
Forelands Middle School - PO35 5RH
Forest Bears Pre-school - GU35 0BS
Forest Edge School - SO40 3DW
Forest Farm Nursery - OX3 9UW
Forest Park Under 5 S - RG12 0XQ
Forest Playgroup - RH13 5NW
Forest Row Church Of England Primary School - RH18 5DZ
Forest Row Community Playgroup - RH18 5EA
Forest School - RG41 5NE
Forest School the - RH13 5NW
Forestdale Pre-school - CR0 9SR
Forestdale Primary School - CR0 9JE
Foresters Community Playgroup - OX3 8QQ
Foresters Primary School - SM6 9DP
Forge Lane Primary School - TW13 6UN
Forres Sandle Manor - SP6 1NS
Forres Sandle Manor School - SP6 1NS
Fort Hill (com) Play Group - RG23 8JQ
Fort Hill Community School - RG23 8JQ
Fort Pitt Grammar School - ME4 6TJ
Forty Hill Cofe Primary School - EN2 9EY
Fortyfoot Playgroup - KT22 8RY
Fosse Bank New School (kindergarten - TN11 9LE
Fosse Bank School - TN11 8ND
Foster's Primary School - DA16 1PN
Foulds Pre-school - EN5 4NR
Foulds School - EN5 4NR
Foundation Years Pre-school - CT5 2NH
Foundry Lane Community Playgroup - SO15 3JT
Foundry Lane Primary School - SO15 3JT
Four Elms Primary School - TN8 6NE
Four Lanes Community Junior School - RG24 8PQ
Four Lanes Infant School - RG24 8PQ
Four Marks Church Of England Primary School - GU34 5AS
Four Seasons Playgroup - GU21 2JX
Fowlmere Playgroup - SG8 7RX
Fowlmere Primary School - SG8 7SL
Fox Hill Primary School - RG12 7JZ
Foxborough Primary School - SL3 8TX
Foxbrush Pre-school - TN11 9BS
Foxbury Under Fives - BR7 6HA
Foxbush Pre School - TN11 9HT
Foxdell Infant School - LU1 1TG
Foxdell Junior School - LU1 1UP
Foxes Piece School - SL7 1JW
Foxgrove Kindergarten -
Foxhills Infant School - SO40 7ED
Foxhills Junior School - SO40 7ED
Foxhouse Day Nursery - DA17 6HT
Foxley Nursery School - RG10 0PX
Foxley Pneu School - RG10 0PX
Foxwood School - CT21 5QJ
Framfield Church Of England Primary School - TN22 5NR
Framfield Playgroup - TN22
Frances Cameron-wilson - SL9 8LN
Francis Baily Primary School - RG19 4GG
Frank Wise School - OX16 9RL
Franklands Village Playgroup - RH163RS
Frant Church Of England Primary School - TN3 9DT
Frant Nursery School - TN3 9ED
Frays Adult Education Playgroup - UB8 1PJ
Freckles Day Nursery - DA2 7DA
Freegrounds Infant School - SO30 0GG
Freegrounds Junior School - SO30 0GG
Freeland Church Of England Primary School - OX29 8HX
Freeland Playgroup - OX29 8HR
Freeman Pre School - MK3 5HH
Freemantle Church Of England Infant School - SO15 3BQ
Freemantles School - KT16 9ER
Freezywater St George's Cofe Primary School - EN3 6NR
Frensham And Dockenfield Playgroup - GU10 3DZ
Frensham Heights First School & Nursery - GU10 4EA
Frensham Heights School - GU10 4EA
Freshbrook First School Lancing - BN15 9DP
Freshfield Pre-school - RH17 7HS
Freshfields Pre-school - CT16 3LY
Freshwater Playgroup - PO40 9AX
Frewen College - TN31 6NL
Friars School - TN23 3DJ
Friary Pre-school Playgroup - RH10 6EE
Friends Day Nursery Ltd - GU5 9HE
Friends Of Peter Pan - BN3 5SN
Friends Private Day Nursery - GU12 6QH
Frieth Church Of England Combined School - RG9 6PR
Frimley Cofe Junior School - GU16 6ND
Frimley Green Pre-school Playgroup - GU16 6PJ
Frimley Road Early Learners Pre-sch - GU15 3EN
Fringford Church Of England Primary School - OX27 8DY
Frithwood Primary School - HA6 3NJ
Frittenden Church Of England Primary School - TN17 2DD
Frittenden Pre-school - TN17 2DD
Fritwell Church Of England Primary School - OX27 7PX
Frogmore Community College - GU46 6AG
Frogmore Hall (2) Playgroup - GU17 0NR
Frogmore Hall Playgroup - GU17 0NR
Frogmore Infant School - GU17 0NY
Frogmore Junior School - GU17 0NY
Front Lawn Infant School - PO9 5HX
Front Lawn Junior School - PO9 5HX
Froxfield Church Of England Infant School - GU32 1EG
Fryern Infant School - SO53 2LN
Fryern Junior School - SO53 2LN
Fulbrook Middle School - MK17 8NP
Fullbrook School - KT15 3HW
Fullers Hill (playgroup) Nursery - TN16 1BH
Fulmer Infant School - SL3 6JB
Fulston Manor School - ME10 4EG
Fun Time Pre School -
Fun To Learn Pre School - PO30 5GD
Funland Pre-school - BN3 7LB
Funlea Nursery - PO19 3BG
Funshine Day Nursery - CR0 1EY
Funshine Day Nursery - CR0 8DS
Funtimes Playgroup - UB10 8RE
Funtimes Playgroup Ruislip - HA4 7PR
Funtington Nursery School - PO18 9LS
Funtington Primary School - PO18 8DR
Furley Park Primary School - TN23 3PA
Furness School - BR8 7RP
Furze Down School - MK18 3BL
Furze Hill Childcare Centre - PO37 7LY
Furze Platt Infant School - SL6 6HQ
Furze Platt Junior School - SL6 6HQ
Furze Platt Senior School - SL6 7NQ
Furzefield Primary School - RH1 3PA
Fuzzipegs Day Nursery - OX7 5XD
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