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Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools E

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

E P Collier Primary School - RG1 8DZ
Eagle House School - CR4 3HD
Eagle House School - GU47 8PH
Eaglestone Playgroup - MK6 5AG
Ealing Hospital Nursery - UB1 3HW
Ealing Opportunity Playgr - UB6 8TJ
Earl Estate Community Centre - ME2 2XR
Earley Montessori - RG6 7JN
Earley Pre-school - RG6 2DA
Earley St Peter's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - RG6 1EY
Earleybird Pre-school - RG6 3AP
Earlsmead First And Middle School - HA2 8PW
Earlswood Infant And Nursery School - RH1 6DZ
Early Beginnings Preschool - GU51 8AE
Early Bird Montessori School - BN16 3EY
Early Bird Nursery School - BN16 3EY
Early Bird Nursery School the - BN16 3EY
Early Birds Nursery - SL1 2TE
Early Birds Pre-school - BN25 2EE
Early Birds Workplace Nursery - MK40 4HL
Early Days Nursery School - OX10 6AJ
Early Days Playgroup - SG5 2NZ
Early Days Pre-school - GU29 0BD
Early Learners Day Nursery - CR2 7PA
Early School Day Nursery - CT10 1EZ
Early Start - ME10 2HT
Early Steps Pre-school - SG1 5DQ
Early Years Centre/fireflies - SM6 9ET
Early Years Childcare - BN14 7SZ
Early Years Childcare - BN3 6QA
Early Years Childcare - BN7 1HR
Early Years Childcare Nur - RH12 5JL
Early Years Childcare Plc - BN1 6RF
Early Years Nursery - MK6 5LP
Early Years Nursery - TN39 4EN
Early Years Nursery (crawley) - RH10 1UH
Early Years Sherwood Dr - MK3 6DR
Earlybirds Pre-school - PO17 6LJ
Earlywood Nursery Pre Prep - SL5 9JP
Easebourne Childcare Trus - GU29 0BD
Easebourne Cofe Primary School - GU29 0BD
Easington Playgroup - OX16 9JW
East Barnet School - EN4 8PU
East Berkshire College - SL3 8BY
East Borough Primary School - ME14 5DX
East Claydon Pre-school - MK18 2LS
East Claydon School - MK18 2LS
East Court School - CT11 8ED
East Cowes Grange Primary School - PO32 6EA
East Cowes Methodist Pre-school - PO32 6DD
East End Comm Playgroup - GU12 4RZ
East Farleigh Pre-school - ME15 0JL
East Farleigh Primary School - ME15 0LY
East Grinstead Opportunity Play Group - RH19 2DX
East Herts Community Playbus Associ - SG14 3TD
East Hoathly Cofe Primary School - BN8 6EQ
East Horley Playgroup - RH6
East Horley Playgroup - RH6 9EA
East Kent Childminding Network - ME14 1XL
East Kent Health Needs Education Service - CT2 8PT
East Lane Montessori School - HA0 3NL
East Lodge Playgroup - RG12 8SE
East Lodge School - SG17 5BH
East Malling Pre-school - ME19 6DD
East Meon Church Of England Controlled Primary School - GU32 1NR
East Oxford Playgroup -
East Oxford Primary School - OX4 1JP
East Peckham Pre-school - TN12 5LL
East Peckham Primary School - TN12 5LH
East Point Pre-school - SO19 6PB
East Preston Infant School - BN16 1EZ
East Preston Junior School - BN16 1EZ
East Preston Pre-school - BN16 1JP
East Stour Primary School - TN24 0DW
East Street Playgroup - OX9 3JS
East Surrey College - RH1 2JX
East Sussex Portage Service - BN21 3UF
East Wickham Infant School - DA16 3BP
East Wickham Junior School - DA16 3BP
East Wittering Community Primary School - PO20 8PS
East Wittering Nursery School - PO20 8PS
Eastbourne College - BN21 4JX
Eastbourne Technology College - BN22 9RQ
Eastbourne Tutorial Unit - BN21 2UU
Eastbrook Primary School - HP2 7BG
Eastbury Farm Junior Mixed Infant And Nursery School - HA6 3DG
Eastchurch Church Of England Primary School - ME12 4EJ
Eastchurch Playgroup - ME12 4BN
Eastchurch Playgroup - ME12 4EJ
Eastcote Community Centre - HA4 9SQ
Eastcote Nursery Group - HA5 2SJ
Eastcote Primary School - DA16 2ST
Eastergate Cofe Primary School - PO20 3UT
Eastergate Nursery School - PO20 6UT
Eastfield Primary School - EN3 5UX
Easthampstead Park School - RG12 8FS
Eastleigh College - SO50 5FS
Eastleigh College - SO50 5HT
Eastleigh College Nursery - SO50 5FS
Eastling Pre-school Playgroup - ME13 0BA
Eastling Primary School - ME13 0BA
Eastoke Pre-school - PO11 0QL
Eastry Church Of England Primary School - CT13 0LR
Eastwick Infant School - KT23 3PP
Eastwick Junior School - KT23 3PP
Eaton Bray Lower School - LU6 2DT
Eaton Bray Pre-school Playgroup - LU6 2DJ
Eaton Mill Primary School - MK2 3AH
Eayc Nursery - HA8 8NX
Ebbsfleet United Fc Learning Zone - DA11 9BA
Ecchinswell And Sydmonton Church Of England Primary School - RG20 4UA
Eccles Pre-school - ME20 7HW
Ecclesbourne Infant School - CR7 7FA
Ecclesbourne Junior School - CR7 7FA
Ecole Eglantine Bilingual - CT2 8ED
Eden Park School - BR3 3HQ
Edenbridge Nursery School - TN8 5LU
Edenbridge Nursery School - TN8 5LX
Edenbridge Nursery School - TN8 6AP
Edenbridge Primary School - TN8 5AB
Edenham High School - CR0 7NJ
Edgbarrow School - RG45 7HZ
Edge Grove School - WD25 8NL
Edgeborough - GU10 3AH
Edgeborough School - GU10 3AH
Edgebury Pre-school Playgroup - BR7 6JU
Edgebury Pre-school Playgroup -
Edgebury Primary School - BR7 6BL
Edgware Infant School - HA8 7EQ
Edgware Jewish Primary - HA8 8NX
Edgware Jewish Primary School - HA8 8NX
Edgware Junior School - HA8 9AB
Edith Cavell Lower School - MK41 7NH
Edith Moorhouse Primary School - OX18 3HP
Edith Rose Day Nursery - SL5 0QW
Edith Rose Day Nursery Windsor - SL4 5DX
Edith Rose Nursery - OX17 1DZ
Edlesborough School - LU6 2HS
Edlesborough Under 5s - LU6 2HS
Edmonton County School - EN1 1HQ
Edmund Hall Day Nursery (urn Is 53 - PO4 0HP
Educare Small School - KT2 6DZ
Education And Youth Services (herts) - SG1 4QX
Education Centre the - RH16 1BT
Edward Betham Church Of England Primary School - UB6 9JU
Edward Bryant Primary School - PO21 1BG
Edward Feild Nursery School - OX5 2LG
Edward Feild Primary School - OX5 2LG
Edward Pauling Primary School - TW13 4TQ
Edward Peake Cofe Vc Middle School - SG18 0EJ
Edwinstree Church Of England Middle School - SG9 9AW
Eeyores Pre-school - BN27 4RB
Egerton Church Of England Primary School - TN27 9DR
Egerton Pre-school Playgroup - TN27 9DS
Egerton-rothesay School - HP4 3DG
Egerton-rothesay School - HP4 3UJ
Eggar's School - GU34 4EQ
Eilmar Montessori School - HA4 0BY
Elaine Primary School - ME2 2YN
Elands Day Nursery - GU15 2SP
Elangeni School - HP6 6EG
Elderslie Nursery School - RH5 5SY
Elderslie Nursery School - RH5 5TF
Eldon Road Pre-school - BN21 1UE
Eldred Day Nursery -
Elham Church Of England Primary School - CT4 6TT
Elham Pre-school Playgroup - CT4 6SX
Elim Church Preschool - SP10 2BW
Elim Church Pre-school - SP10 2BW
Eling Day Nursery - SO40 9GJ
Eling Infant School - SO40 9HX
Elite Nurseries Limited - KT7 0NB
Elizabeth Hall Playgroup - RG27 9HH
Elizabeth Louise Burdock - BH24 1RR
Ellingham House Day Nursery - BH24 3PJ
Ellingham Primary School - KT9 2JA
Ellington Infant School - CT11 0QH
Ellington Park Day Nursery - CT11 9RD
Ellington Primary School - SL6 7JA
Ellington School For Girls - CT11 0QQ
Elliott Park School - ME12 2DP
Elm Court Playgroup - BN25 2AD
Elm Grove First School Worthing - BN11 5LQ
Elm Grove Infant School Littlehampton - BN17 6AH
Elm Grove Pre School - SM6 7JD
Elm Grove Primary School - BN2 3ES
Elm House Day Nursery - BN6 9BJ
Elm Lodge Kindergarten - LU7 1NS
Elm Tree Pre-school - GU9 9DF
Elmbrook Christian Nursery - SM1 2UE
Elmdon Nursery School - KT21 2RL
Elmgrove First School - HA3 8LU
Elmgrove Middle School - HA3 8LU
Elmhurst School - CR2 7DW
Elms Independent School - CR4 4EL
Elms Road Nursery School And Daycare - OX2 9JZ
Elmtree School - HP5 2PA
Elmwood Infant School - CR0 2PL
Elmwood Junior School - CR0 2PL
Elmwood Nursery - SM5 2JG
Elphinstone Community School - TN34 3TH
Elphinstone Family Centre Nursery - TN34 2AX
Elphinstone Nursery - TN34 2AX
Elsenham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM22 6DD
Elsenham Pre-school - CM22 6DD
Elsie W Borus - HP9 1JH
Elsley Primary School - HA9 6HT
Elson Infant School - PO12 4EU
Elson Junior School - PO12 4EX
Elstow Lower School - MK42 9GP
Elstow Playschool / Creche - MK42 9TR
Elstow Pre-school (the Ladycirds) - MK42 9XP
Elstree Home Farm School - RG7 5TD
Elstree Moat House Nursery - WD6 5PU
Elstree School - RG7 5TD
Elton Lodge Nursery - GU1 1TT
Elvetham Heath Primary School - GU51 1DP
Elvira S Montessori Day Nursery (kingston) - KT1 3QR
Elviras Montessori Day Nursery - GU14 6RY
Elviras Montessori Day Nursery - Esher - KT7 0NB
Emberhurst School - KT10 8EN
Emberton School - MK46 5BX
Embley Park Junior School - SO51 6ZA
Embley Park Junior School - SO51 8TZ
Emerson Valley Playgroup - MK4 2AS
Emerson Valley School - MK4 2JR
Emily Jackson Day Nursery - TN13 1XH
Emmanuel Christian School - OX4 4PU
Emmanuel Church Nursery - GU3 2DG
Emmanuel Church Nursery School - DA1 1RX
Emmanuel Church Playgroup + Pre-sch - GU2 6SJ
Emmanuel Church Pre-school - DA14 4AA
Emmanuel Nursery School - KT19 0JG
Emmanuel Playgroup - ME5 0QX
Emmanuel Pre-school - BN27 1UG
Emmanuel Pre-school Playg - HA6 1AS
Emmbrook Infant School - RG41 1JR
Emmbrook Junior School - RG41 1JR
Emmbrook Pre-school - RG41 1JN
Emmer Green Pre-school - RG4 8LN
Emmer Green Primary School - RG4 8LN
Empire Hall Pre-school - RH6 7AW
Emsworth Primary School - PO10 7LX
Enborne Church Of England Primary School - RG20 0JU
Enfield College - EN3 5HA
Enfield County School - EN2 6QG
Enfield Grammar School - EN2 6LN
Enfield Nursery - EN3 4SF
Englefield Church Of England Primary School - RG7 5ER
Englefield Green Infant School - TW20 0NP
Englefield Green Montessori School - TW20 0UE
Englefield Green Village - TW20 0TZ
English Language Training - OX16 9AH
English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School - ME2 4JA
English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School - RG30 4BE
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School Worthing - BN12 6LA
English Martyrs Preschool - RG30 2JL
Enstone Preschool - OX7 4LP
Enstone Primary School - OX7 4LP
Ensworth Village Community Playgroup - PO10 7DP
Entry Deleted Not Hampshire - SO16 3EP
Epsom And Ewell High School - KT19 9JW
Epsom College - KT17 4JQ
Epsom Downs Playgroup - KT18 6AE
Epsom Downs Playgroup - KT18 6AF
Epsom Downs Primary School And Children's Centre - KT18 5RJ
Epsom Methodist Nursery - KT18 5AQ
Epsom Playhouse Pre Schoo - KT18 5AL
Epsom Primary School - KT19 8SD
Erith School - DA8 3BN
Esher Cofe Aided Primary School - KT10 9DU
Esher Cofe High School - KT10 8AP
Esher College - KT7 0JB
Esher Day Care Nursery - KT7 0NB
Essendene Lodge School - CR3 5PB
Essendon Cofe (vc) Primary School - AL9 6HD
Essendon Pre-school - AL9 6HD
Estcots Primary School - RH19 3TY
Etchingham Church Of England Primary School - TN19 7PB
Etchingham Under 5s Playgroup - TN19 7AP
Ethelbert Road Infant School - ME13 8SQ
Eton College - SL4 6DU
Eton College - SL4 6DW
Eton College Playgroup - SL4 6DU
Eton End Pneu School - SL3 9AX
Eton Porny Cofe First School - SL4 6AS
Eton Wick Cofe First School - SL4 6JB
Etonbury Middle School - SG15 6XS
Eurocentres - BN1 1EB
European School Of Osteopathy - ME14 3DZ
Eversholt Lower School - MK17 9DU
Everton Lower School - SG19 2LE
Everton Pre-school - SG19 2JY
Ewell Castle School - KT17 2AP
Ewell Castle School - KT17 2AW
Ewell Grove Infant And Nursery School - KT17 1UZ
Ewelme Cofe Primary School - OX10 6HU
Ewelme Village Pre-school - OX10 6HP
Ewhurst Cofe Aided Infant School - GU6 7PX
Ewhurst Green Playschool - GU6 7RR
Explorers Pre-school - SO30 4BB
Extended Training - MK12 5HX
Eylesden Court Preparatory School - ME14 4EB
Eynsford Village Pre-school - DA4 0AA
Eynsham Community Primary School - OX29 4LJ
Eynsham Pre School Association - OX29 4LJ
Eythorne Elvington Community Primary School - CT15 4AN
Eythorne Pre School - CT15 4AZ
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