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Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools D

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Dacorum Education Support Centre - HP2 4HS
Daffodil Day Nursery - OX29 8LA
Daffodil Pre-school - HA8 6QS
Dagnall School - HP4 1QX
Dagnall Under Fives - HP4 1RG
Dair House School - SL2 3BY
Dairhouse Pre Prep School - SL2 2BY
Dairy Meadow Primary School - UB2 4RP
Daisy Chain Montessori - GU24 9EN
Daisy Chain Montessori - RH2 8LZ
Daisy Chain Montessori School - WD3 9UF
Daisy Chain Nursery (methodist Church Hall) - WD3 1AG
Daisy Chain Nursery Montessori Sch - TN21 9NH
Daisy Chain Nursery School - CT5 1PX
Daisy Chain Nursery School - GU9 7UD
Daisy Chain Playgroup - ME13 7LR
Daisy Chain St Marys Nursery - WD3 9UF
Daisy Chains - ME12 2HG
Daisy Chains Nursery - TN23 5BD
Daisy Chains Pre-school - BN1 9PW
Daisychain Pre-school - CR5 1ED
Dallington Church Of England Primary School - TN21 9NH
Dallow Primary School - LU1 1LZ
Dallow Road Pre-school - LU1 1LZ
Dalton Pre-school Nursery - OX13 6JA
Dame Alice Harpur School - MK42 0BX
Dame Alice Owen's School - EN6 2DU
Dame Janet Community Infant School - CT12 6PR
Dame Janet Community Junior School - CT12 6QY
Dandelions - SP11 8HI
Dandelions Community Pre-school Ltd - RG22 4US
Dane Court Grammar School - CT10 2RT
Danecourt Community School - ME8 6AA
Danegrove Primary School - EN4 8UD
Danehill Church Of England Primary School - RH17 7JB
Danes Hill Preparatory School - KT22 0JG
Danes Hill Pre-preparator - KT22 0QQ
Danesfield Manor School - KT12 3JB
Danesfield School - SL7 2EW
Daneshill School - RG27 0AR
Danetree Junior School - KT19 9SE
Danley Middle School - ME12 3AU
Danson Primary School - DA16 2BH
Darell Primary School - TW9 4LQ
Darenth Community Primary School - DA2 8DH
Darenth Playgroup - DA2 7LL
Darley Dene Infant School - KT15 2NP
Darrick Wood Infant School - BR6 8ER
Darrick Wood Junior School - BR6 8ER
Darrick Wood School - BR6 8ER
Dartford Grammar School - DA1 2HW
Dartford Grammar School For Girls - DA1 2NT
Dartford Technology College - DA1 2LY
Dartford Ymca Nursery - DA1 5QB
Darul Uloom London - BR7 6SD
Darvell School - TN32 5DR
Dashwood Playgroup - OX16 5HD
Dashwood School - OX16 5DA
Datchet Montessori School - SL3 9JW
Datchet St Mary's Cofe Primary School - SL3 9EJ
Datchworth -
Datchworth Pre-school - SG3 6TL
Date Valley School - CR4 2QA
Date Valley School - KT3 6AU
Daubeney Middle School - MK42 7PS
Davenies School - HP9 1AA
Davenies School (beaconsfield) - HP9 1AA
Davenport Road Playgroup - OX28 6EJ
David Livingstone Primary School - CR7 8HX
David Nicholas Creche - CR4 3HG
Davidson Pre School - CR0 6DD
Davidson Primary School - CR0 6JA
Davigdor Infant School - BN3 1RG
Davington Primary School - ME13 7EQ
Davison Church Of England High School For Girls Worthing - BN11 2JX
Davison Day Nursery - BN11 2JX
Davywood Pre-school - BR2 0EG
Dawes Community Association - ME13 9JG
Dawes Community Childcare - ME13 9JG
Dawn To Dusk Day Nursery - BR8 7TE
Dawn To Dusk Day Nursery - DA2 8DX
Dawnay Rd Nursery - GU15 4LB
Dawnay Road Pre- School - GU15 4LR
Daybreak Nursery - WD3 1EH
Days Lane Primary School - DA15 8JU
D-dee's Day Nursery - ME13 9BB
De Havilland Primary School - AL10 8TQ
De Lacey Montessori Nursery - TW7 5PD
De Lacey Montessori School Ii (white Lodge) - TW7 5BU
De Montfort University - MK41 9EH
De Stafford School - CR3 5YX
Deal Parochial Church Of England Primary School - CT14 7ER
Deanesfield Primary School - HA4 0LR
Deanshanger Primary School - MK19 6HJ
Deanshanger Village Playgroup - MK19 6NF
Deanwood Ducklings Play & Learn Group - ME8 9TX
Deanwood Primary Education Technology School - ME8 9TX
Debbie Loveland - GU8 5EG
Deddington Church Of England Primary School - OX15 0TJ
Deddington Nursery School - OX15 0QH
Deddington Pre School - OX15 0QH
Dedworth Green First School - SL4 5PE
Dedworth Middle School - SL4 5PE
Deepdene Playgroup - RH4 1SG
Deepdene School - BN3 4ED
Deer Park Nursery - TW9 2PQ
Delarue Nursery School - TN11 9NN
Delce Infant School - ME1 2QA
Delce Junior School - ME1 2NJ
Dell Lane Nursery Group - KT17 2NE
Denbigh High School - LU3 1HE
Denbigh Infant School - LU3 1NS
Denbigh Junior School - LU3 1NS
Denbigh Pre-school - LU3 1NS
Denbigh School - MK5 6EX
Denefield Pre School - RG31 6XX
Denefield School - RG31 6XY
Denefield School Day Nursery - RG31 6XY
Denham Village Infant School - UB9 5AE
Denholme Playgroup - DA12 4UN
Denmead Infant School - PO7 6PN
Denmead Junior School - PO7 6PH
Denmead Pre-school - PO7 6PW
Denmead School - TW12 2LP
Denton Community Primary School - BN9 0QJ
Denton Island Nursery - BN9 9NB
Denton Kindergarten - BN9 0PX
Denton Pre-school - DA12 2QL
Denton Pre-school - ME10 3DD
Derwent Lodge School - TN11 0NJ
Derwent Lower School - SG16 6BA
Desborough School - SL6 2QB
Desmond Anderson Primary School - RH10 5EA
Detling Pre School Group - ME14 3JT
Deux Chats Pre-school - GU12 4SE
Deuxchats Pre-school - GU11 1JG
Deverell Hall Pre-school - PO7 5JU
Devonshire Infant School - PO4 0AG
Devonshire Primary School - SM2 5JL
Devonshire Rooms Pre-school - ME6 5BQ
Dewhurst St Mary Cofe Primary School - EN8 9ND
Dharma School - BN1 8TB
Dibden Purlieu Nursery School - SO45 4QN
Dicker House Pre-school Group - RH15 9EN
Dickory Docks Day Nursery - RG30 4EX
Dicky Birds Nursery - KT3 3UL
Didcot Girls' School - OX11 7AJ
Didcot Sixth Form -
Digswell Playgroup - AL6 0EH
Dimples Day Nursery - DA2 7HT
Dimples Nursery School - HA0 4BN
Dingley Family And Play Therapy Group - RG41 2RE
Dingley Family Play Therapy Group - RG14 7ED
Dinton Cofe School - HP17 8UZ
Dinton Pre-school - HP17 8UG
Diocesan And Payne Smith Church Of England Primary School - CT1 2LU
Discoveries Montessori Nursery Scho - TN12 7NX
Discovery Club Pre-school - ME9 0BG
Discovery Montessori School - KT14 6EF
Discovery Nursery Ltd - CT16 1PH
Discovery World Montessori Pre-scho - BR3 1LF
Ditcham Park School - GU31 5RN
Ditchling (st Margaret's) Church Of England Primary School - BN6 8TU
Ditchling Pre-school Group - BN6 8SX
Ditton Church Of England Junior School - ME20 6AE
Ditton Church Pre-school - ME20 6AD
Ditton Infant School - ME20 6EB
Divine Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School - WD5 0HW
Dogmersfield Church Of England Primary School - RG27 8SS
Dolly Mixtures Playgroup - SG1 6NH
Dollymixtures Pre School - EN11 9ED
Dolphin Day Nursery - SM4 6SQ
Dolphin Nursery - KT2 6HR
Dolphin Nursery (bracknell) Limited - RG42 1PN
Dolphin Playgroup - ME12 1TS
Dolphin Pr School Playgroup - RH16 1LY
Dolphin School - RG10 0BP
Dolphins Day Nursery - BN11 2AB
Dolphins Day Nursery - TN24 0HP
Dolphns Pre School - BN3 7QD
Donkey Field Pre-school the - RH10 4XA
Donnington Playgroup - OX4 4BB
Donnington Pre School - PO19 2HB
Donnybrook Nursery School - RH12 4QU
Doodles Day Nursery - KT15 3ET
Dorchester Pre-school - OX10 7HR
Dorchester Primary School - KT4 8PG
Dorchester St Birinus Church Of England School - OX10 7HR
Doris Venner Pre-school - KT4 7LG
Dorking Nursery School - RH4 1BY
Dormans Playgroup - RH11 8HZ
Dormansland Primary School - RH7 6PE
Dormansland Village Pre-school - RH7 6NX
Dormers Wells High School - UB1 3HZ
Dormers Wells Infant School - UB1 3HX
Dormers Wells Junior School - UB1 3HX
Dormers Wells Nursery & Community Centre - UB1 3HX
Dorney House Nursery School - SL6 0DW
Dorney School - SL6 0DY
Dorothy Stringer High School - BN1 6PZ
Dorothy Stringer Playgroup - BN1 6QG
Dorset House School - RH20 1PB
Dorton College - TN15 0AH
Dorton College Of Further Education - TN15 0AH
Dorton House Nursery - TN15 0EB
Dorton House School - TN15 0EB
Double Deckers - RH8 0BE
Douglas Avenue Nursery - HA0 4DT
Dove House School - RG21 5SU
Dove Nursery - BN14 0DX
Dove Pre-school - SO40 8DA
Dover St Mary's Church Of England Primary School - CT16 1QX
Dover College - CT17 9RH
Dover Grammar School For Boys - CT17 0DQ
Dover Grammar School For Girls - CT16 2PZ
Dover Park Primary School - PO33 2BN
Dover Road Community Primary School - DA11 0RB
Dover Street Playgroup - PO33 2BN
D'overbroeck's College The Swan Building - OX2 6JX
Dovers Green School - RH2 7RF
Doversgreen Playgroup - RH2 7RF
Dovery Down Lower School - LU7 3AG
Dowds Farm Community School -
Down The Lane Nursery School - TN4 9SH
Downderry Primary School - BR1 5QL
Downe House School - RG18 9JJ
Downe Manor Primary School - UB5 6NW
Downe Primary School - BR6 7JN
Downfield Primary School - EN8 8SS
Downlands Community School - BN6 8LP
Downs Barn School - MK14 7NA
Downs Infant School - BN1 6JA
Downs Junior School - BN1 6ED
Downs Park School - BN41 2FU
Downs Playgroup - HA5 1JD
Downs View Infant School - TN25 4PJ
Downs View Special School - BN2 6BB
Downs Way School - RH8 0NZ
Downsbarn Pre-school - MK14 7RZ
Downsbrook Middle School - BN14 8GD
Downsend School - KT22 8TJ
Downsend School - Ashtead Lodge - KT21 2RE
Downsend School - Epsom Lodge - KT17 3AB
Downsend School Leatherhead Lodge - KT22 8ST
Downsend School Ashtead Lodge - KT21 2RE
Downsend School Leatherhe - KT22 8ST
Downsend School Leatherhead Lodge - KT22 7HZ
Downside Children's Pre-school - LU4
Downside Infant School - LU4 8EZ
Downside Junior School - LU4 8EZ
Downside Lower School - LU5 4AS
Downside Middle School - PO30 2AX
Downside Nursery School - KT11 3NA
Downside Pre-school - LU5 4AS
Downsview Primary - BR8 8AU
Downsway Primary School - RG31 6FE
Downview Nursery - PO22 8ER
Downview Primary School - PO22 8ER
Dr Challoner's Grammar School - HP6 5HA
Dr Challoner's High School - HP7 9QB
Dr Radcliffe's Church Of England School - OX25 4SF
Dr South's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - OX5 2TQ
Dr Triplett's Cofe Primary School - UB3 2JQ
Dragon School - OX2 6SS
Dragon School Trust - OX2 6SS
Dragonflies - GU7 3BH
Dragonfly Nursery - BN1 8TB
Dragons @ St Georges - HA1 3SB
Drapers Mills Primary School - CT9 2SP
Drayton Community Primary School - OX14 4JF
Drayton Daisychain Pre-school - PO6 1PU
Drayton House School - GU1 3NP
Drayton Institute Playgroup - PO6 1PA
Drayton Park School - MK2 3HJ
Drayton Parslow Playgroup - MK17 0JR
Drayton Parslow Village School - MK17 0JR
Drayton Playgroup - OX16 0UD
Drayton Pre-school - OX14 4JF
Drive Preparatory School - BN3 3JE
Dropmore Infant School - SL1 8PF
Droxford Junior School - SO32 3QR
Dry Sandford Primary School - OX13 6EE
Ducklings - SG4 0AU
Ducklings - The Village Nursery - TN14 5QU
Ducklings Limited - Mk4 1LW
Ducklings Montessori Nursery - MK17 0ES
Duckling's Play Group - SG13 7QW
Ducklings Playgroup - RH16 4EJ
Ducklings Playgroup - SG13 7QW
Ducklings Pre School - MK4 4AU
Ducklings Pre-school - HP20 2ES
Ducklings Pre-school - SO31 7DU
Ducklings Pre-school - TN26 2QW
Ducklings Pre-school Group - MK4 4DE
Ducklings-the Village Nursery - TN14 5PH
Ducklington Pre-school - OX29 7XH
Ducklington Primary School - OX29 7US
Dudley Infant School - TN35 5NJ
Duke Of Kent School - GU6 7NS
Duke Of York's Royal Military School - CT15 5EQ
Dulverton Playgroup - MK4 1NA
Dulverton Pre-school Playgroup - CR2 8PJ
Dulwich Preparatory School - TN17 3NP
Dulwich Preparatory School (nursery Unit) - TN17 3NP
Dunannie School - GU32 2DP
Duncombe School - SG14 3JA
Duncton Cofe Junior School - GU28 0LB
Duncton Pre-school - GU28 0LB
Dundale Primary School And Nursery - HP23 5DJ
Dunkirk Village School - ME13 9LF
Dunmore Infants' School - OX14 1NR
Dunmore Junior School - OX14 1NR
Dunmore Preschool - OX14 1NA
Dunottar Day School For Girls - RH2 7EL
Dunottar School - RH2 7EL
Dunsfold Nursery School - GU8 4NA
Dunstable College - LU5 4HG
Dunstable Icknield Lower School - LU6 3AG
Dunton Green Pre School - TN13 2UN
Dunton Green Primary School - TN13 2UR
Dunton Vc Lower School - SG18 8RN
Dunton Village Pre-school - SG18 8RL
Duppas Junior School - CR0 4EJ
Duppas Nursery - CR0 4EJ
Durants School - EN3 5BY
Durdans Park Primary School - UB1 2PQ
Durley Church Of England Controlled Primary School - SO32 2AR
Durley Ladybird Playschool - SO32 2BS
Durlston Court School - BH25 7AQ
Durrington Community Centre Playgroup - BN13 3PB
Durrington First School - BN13 2JD
Durrington High School - BN13 1JX
Durrington Middle School - BN13 2JD
Dymchurch Primary School - TN29 0LE
Dymchurch Village Hall Pre-school - TN29 0NX
Dysart Nursery - PO6 2LY
Dysart School - KT6 6HL
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