School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

South East Schools C

Incorporating schools within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Cabin Pre-school - RG8 0QY
Cable House School - GU21 4AY
Caburn Pre-school Playgro - BN8 5QA
Cacfo Education Centre - CR7 8HQ
Cacl Activity Centre - BN20 8QX
Cadland Primary School - SO45 2HW
Cadmore End Cofe School - HP14 3PE
Cage Green Primary School - TN10 4PT
Calcot Infant School And Nursery - RG31 4XG
Calcot Junior School - RG31 4XG
Caldecote Vc Lower School - SG18 9DA
Caldecott Foundation School - TN25 6PW
Caldecott Primary School - OX14 5HB
Caldicott School - SL2 3SL
Calfridus Way Pre-school - RG12 9ET
California Pre School - RG40 3RL
Callis Grange Nursery And Infant School - CT10 3DG
Calmore Infant School - SO40 2ZZ
Calmore Junior School - SO40 2ZZ
Calmore Pre School - SO40 2ZU
Calmore Pre-school Playgroup - SO40 2ZZ
Calshot Annex Pre-school - SO45 1BP
Calshot Pre-school - SO45 1BN
Calthorpe Park School - GU51 5JA
Calvia Henry - CT5 2JZ
Camber Caterpillars Pre School - TN31 7RJ
Camberley Infant And Nursery School - GU15 3QA
Camden Junior School - SM5 2NS
Camel Pre-school - OX12 9DJ
Camelia Botnar Children's Centre - BN12 4PN
Camelia Botnar Childrens Centre the - BN12 4PN
Camelot Montessori Group - MK15 9HZ
Camelsdale First School - GU27 3RN
Camelsdale Playgroup - GU27 3RN
Camestone Lower School - MK42 8NW
Camp Primary And Nursery School - AL1 5PG
Camps Hill Community Primary School - SG2 0LT
Campton Lower School - SG17 5PF
Campton Pre-school - SG17 5NY
Cams Alders Playgroup - PO14 1JA
Cams Hill School - PO16 8AH
Canbury School - KT2 7LN
Candover Valley Pre School - RG25 2EE
Canlo Pre-school - KT15 2EP
Cannock House Day Nursery - BR6 7PH
Cannon Lane First School - HA5 1TS
Cannon Lane Middle School - HA5 1TS
Cannons Day Nursery - KT6 4ER
Cannons Day Nursery - SL3 6NB
Canons High School - HA8 6AN
Canons Pre-school - PO1 1PB
Cantell Maths And Computing College - SO16 3GJ
Canterbury Christ Church University College - CT1 1QU
Canterbury College - CT1 3AJ
Canterbury Day Nursery - CT1 1NP
Canterbury House Nursery - TN24 0BH
Canterbury Road Primary School - ME10 4SE
Canterbury Road Sure Start Childcare Ltd (crssc Lt - CR0 3HH
Canterbury St Peter's Methodist Primary School - CT1 2DH
Canterbury Steiner School Ltd - CT4 5RU
Capel Manor College - EN1 4RQ
Capel Manor Primary School - EN1 4RL
Capel Pre-school - RH5 5LU
Capel Pre-school Playgroup - TN12 6RD
Capel Primary School - TN12 6RP
Capel-le-ferne Playgroup - CT18 7LX
Capel-le-ferne Primary School - CT18 7HB
Carden Primary School - BN1 8LU
Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School - KT12 4QT
Cardinal Newman Catholic School - BN3 6ND
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science College - LU2 7AE
Cardinal Road Infant And Nursery School - TW13 5AL
Carew Manor School - SM6 7NH
Caring Daycare - RH4 4DP
Caring Daycare Limited - GU2 5WW
Caring Daycare Ltd - GU21 5QJ
Caring Daycare Nursery - GU27 1QA
Caring Daycare Nursery - GU29 9HH
Carinya Nursery School - PO21 2AP
Carisbrooke Church Of England Controlled Primary School - PO30 5QT
Carisbrooke High School - PO30 5QU
Carisbrooke Pre School - PO30 5QT
Carisbrooke Pre-school - PO14 3NF
Carlisle Infant School - TW12 3AJ
Carlisle Park Pavilion - TW12 2JH
Carlton Day Nursery - GU18 5XY
Carlton Hill Primary School - BN2 9HS
Carlton Pre-school - MK43 7LP
Carlton Vc Lower School - MK43 7LP
Carmel Caterpillars Pre-school - ME10 1JB
Carol Jane Montessori Nursery Schoo - EN2 8JF
Caroline Haslett Primary School - MK5 7DF
Carol's Montessori Day Nu - GU22 7DU
Carousel Day Nursery - SO41 0TP
Carousel Nursery - KT3 6LX
Carousel Nursery 2 - PO2 8ND
Carousel Nursery School - GU47 0TD
Carousel Nursery School - PO6 2JD
Carousel Nursery School Ltd - TN38 9LF
Carousel Playgroup - BN1 6FD
Carousel Playgroup - SM7 1LD
Carousel Pre-school - ME5 8BD
Carousel Pre-school - RH20 1PF
Carrington Infant School - HP10 9AA
Carrington Junior School - HP10 9AA
Carrington Pre-school - HP10 9AA
Carshalton Boys Sports College - SM5 1RW
Carshalton College - SM5 2EJ
Carshalton High School For Girls - SM5 2QX
Carswell Community Primary School - OX14 1DP
Carterhatch Infant School - EN1 4JY
Carterhatch Junior School - EN1 4JY
Carterton Community College - OX18 1BU
Carterton Primary School - OX18 3AD
Cartwright And Kelsey Church Of England Primary School - CT3 2JD
Carwarden House Community School - GU15 1EJ
Casa Dei Bambini - EN2 0QQ
Casa Dei Bambini - EN2 7BN
Casa Nursery - ME16 0EX
Casper Nursery - CT20 1ER
Cassington Pre-school Playgroup - OX29 4DX
Cassio Campus Day Nursery - WD17 4YH
Cassio Pre-school - WD17 4PY
Cassiobury Infant And Nursery School - WD17 3PE
Cassiobury Junior School - WD17 3PD
Castle Childcare Ltd - GU5 ORS
Castle Community College - CT14 9BD
Castle Day Nursery - BN14 8DU
Castle Day Nursery the - BN14 8DU
Castle Hill Community Primary School - CT19 6HG
Castle Hill Infant School - RG23 8BN
Castle Hill Junior School - RG23 8BN
Castle Hill Primary School - CR0 0RJ
Castle Hill Primary School - KT9 1JE
Castle Kids - BN24 5EF
Castle Lane Tots - DA12 4TG
Castle Lodge - BN7 1HR
Castle Lodge Nursery - BN7 1
Castle Lower School - MK40 3EP
Castle Montessori Nursery - HP4 3TY
Castle Nursery - GU1 4QJ
Castle Nursery @ Vla - KT15 3NB
Castle Nursery At South Hill - GU1 3SY
Castle Playgroup - BN27 4LG
Castle Playgroup - PO6 2PN
Castle Pre School Playgroup - PO6 2PN
Castle Pre-school - OX15 6AW
Castle Pre-school Ltd - PO6 2PN
Castle Primary School - PO16 9QQ
Castle View Day Nursery Ltd - ME2 3PP
Castledown Community Primary And Nursery School - TN34 3QT
Castledown School - SP11 9RR
Castlefield School - HP12 3LE
Castlehill Pre-school - RG23 8JL
Castlehold Playgroup - PO30 1BH
Castlethorpe First School - MK19 7EW
Castlethorpe Village Pre-school - MK19 7EW
Castleview Primary School - SL3 7LJ
Castlewood Primary School - RH13 9US
Caterham Preparatory School - CR3 6YB
Caterham Prepschool - CR3 6YB
Caterham Pre-school + Nur - CR3 5UL
Caterham School - CR3 6YA
Caterham Valley Nursery - CR3 6RH
Caterpillar Cabin - ME15 6QY
Caterpillar Pre-school - SM1 4DP
Caterpillar Pre-school - TN33 0EG
Caterpillars Hastings College Nursery - TN38 0AR
Caterpillars Montessori - GU34 5AA
Caterpillars Montessori Nursery School - RG27 8RE
Caterpillars Nursery School - KT7 0UX
Caterpillars Playgroup - GU31 5BH
Caterpillars Pre-School - KT24 6DD
Caterpillars Pre-school - SM7 1DA
Caterpillars Pre-School - SO40 2ZZ
Caterpillas Pre-School - SP9 7QN
Catherington Church Of England Infant School - PO8 0TD
Catherington Nursery - PO8 0TD
Catkins Pre-school - ME5 9HP
Cator Park Pre-school - BR3 1NA
Cator Park School - BR3 1QR
Cats Canterbury (formerly Stafford House College) - CT1 3LQ
Catsfield Church Of England Primary School - TN33 9DP
Catsfield Under 5's Playgroup - TN33 9DP
Cauldwell Lower School - MK42 9DR
Causeway Opportunity Play - RH12 1TZ
Cavendish Montessori School - HA4 9PG
Caversham Heights Pre-school - RG4 7BG
Caversham Nursery School - RG4 8BH
Caversham Park Pre-school - RG4 6PF
Caversham Park Primary School - RG4 6RP
Caversham Primary School - RG4 7RA
Cawley Lodge Nursery - PO19 1UZ
Cbabiesafe - BN3 3GF
Cecil Road Baptist Playgroup - EN2 6TG
Cecil Road Primary And Nursery School - DA11 7BT
Cedar Park Day Nursery - RG10 9PP
Cedar Park Nursery - EN2 0EF
Cedar Park Nursery - EN2 8JY
Cedar Park School - HP15 7EF
Cedar Playgroup - RG29 1QH
Cedar Tree Pre School - CR0 1BD
Cedars Combined School - MK16 0DT
Cedars Manor School - HA3 6LS
Cedar's Pre-school - HA3 6QH
Cedars School - RG7 4LR
Ceewood Pre-school Playgroup - OX28 5AN
Celia Tilli - TW9 4JW
Cellars Montessori Nursery School - TW1 2NJ
Central Area - BN13 2QB
Central Cofe Junior School - PO19 1DQ
Central Croydon Montessori School - CR0 1RN
Central Nursery School - DA12 1NQ
Central Primary School - WD17 2LX
Central Sussex College - RH10 1NR
Centre Playgroup - SO41 9BQ
Centre Pre-school - DA3 8HH
Centre Pre-school - DA3 8HU
Century Nursery School - CT14 6NG
Chace Community School - EN1 3HQ
Chace Nursery - EN1 3HQ
Chackmore Playschool - MK18 5JE
Chacombe Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - OX17 2JA
Chaddleworth St Andrew's Church Of England Primary School - RG20 7DT
Chaddleworth St Andrews Pre-school - RG20 7EB
Chadlington Church Of England Primary School - OX7 3LY
Chadlington Playgroup - OX7 3LY
Chailey Heritage Nursery - BN8 4EF
Chailey Heritage School - BN8 4EF
Chailey Heritage School - BN8 4EF
Chailey Pre-school Playgr - BN8 4DH
Chailey School - BN8 4PU
Chailey St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - BN8 4DB
Chaldon Pre-school - CR3 5BN
Chale Church Of England Controlled Primary School - PO38 2HA
Chale Nursery - PO38 2HA
Chalfont Nursery School - HP6 6RF
Chalfont Park Nursery - SL9 0QA
Chalfont Park Nursery - SL9 9EN
Chalfont St Giles Infant School And Nursery - HP8 4JJ
Chalfont St Giles Junior School - HP8 4JW
Chalfont St Peter Cofe School - SL9 9SS
Chalfont St Peter Infant School - SL9 9PB
Chalfont Village Playgroup - SL9 9QX
Chalgrove Community Primary School - OX44 7ST
Chalk Hill Pre-school And Toddler Group - BN22 0JP
Chalk Ridge Primary School - RG22 4ER
Chalkhill Primary School - HA9 9YP
Challenger Centre - ME10 1JB
Challney High School For Boys And Community College - LU4 9TJ
Challney High School For Girls - LU4 9TJ
Challock Pre-school Playgroup - TN25 4AU
Challock Primary School - TN25 4BU
Chalton Lower School - LU4 9UJ
Chalvey Early Years Centre - SL1 2SP
Chalvey Playcentre Group - SL1 2SR
Chamberlayne Park School - SO19 9QP
Chambersbury Primary School - HP3 8JH
Chameleons - OX14 4BG
Chancellor's School - AL9 7BN
Chandlers Field Primary School - KT8 2LX
Chandler's Ford Infant School - SO53 2EY
Chandlings Manor - OX 1 5ND
Chandlings Manor - OX1 5ND
Chandlings Manor School - OX1 5ND
Chantry Community Primary School - TN40 2AT
Chantry House - PO19 3HH
Chantry Primary School - DA12 2RL
Chantry Primary School - LU4 0QP
Chantry School - UB7 8AB
Chapel Corner Pre-school - GU10 4AP
Chapel Lane Playgroup - RG7 1DY
Chapel Lane Pre-school - TN12 0AU
Chapel Street Nursery School - LU1 5EA
Chappell Croft Nursery - BN11 1JH
Chapter School - ME2 2SX
Charing Church Of England Aided Primary School - TN27 0JN
Charing Pre-school - TN27 0DS
Charlbury Pre-school - OX7 3PS
Charlbury Primary School - OX7 3TX
Charles Darwin School - TN16 3AU
Charles Dickens Infant School - PO1 4PN
Charles Dickens Junior School - PO1 4PN
Charles Kingsley's Church Of England Primary School - RG27 0LX
Charles Street Unit - TN4 0DS
Charlton + District Playgroup - SP10 4AP
Charlton Acorns Pre-school - OX12 7HG
Charlton Church Of England Primary School - CT16 2LX
Charlton House Nursery - SO18 4HE
Charlton Playgroup - OX17 3DL
Charlton Primary School - OX12 7HG
Charlton-on-otmoor Church Of England Primary School - OX5 2UT
Charlton-on-otmoor Pre-school - OX5 2UT
Charlwood House Day Nursery - RH11 0QA
Charlwood Pre-school - RH6 0DA
Charlwood Village Infant School - RH6 0DA
Chart Downs Playgroup - RH5 4DD
Charterhouse - GU7 2DJ
Charterhouse Pre-school Group - BR6 9ER
Charters Ancaster College - TN39 4EB
Charters School - SL5 9QY
Chartfield School - CT8 8DA
Chartham Primary School - CT4 7QN
Chartridge Combined School - HP5 2TW
Chartridge Pre-school - HP5 2TN
Charvil Pre-school - RG10 9QX
Charville Primary School - UB4 8LF
Chase Bridge Pre School Group - TW2 7DE
Chase Bridge Primary School - TW2 7DE
Chase Side Primary School - EN2 6NS
Chasewell Playgroup - OX16 9YA
Chater Infant School - WD18 7NJ
Chater Junior School - WD18 0WN
Chatham Grammar School For Boys - ME4 6JB
Chatham Grammar School For Girls - ME5 7EH
Chatham House Grammar School For Boys - CT11 7PS
Chatham South School - ME4 6NT
Chatsmore Catholic High School - BN12 5AF
Chatsworth Infant And Nursery School - TW3 2NW
Chatsworth Infant School - DA15 9DD
Chatsworth Junior School - TW3 2NW
Chattenden Primary School - ME3 8LF
Chatterbox - PO33 2EY
Chatterbox Community Pre-school - SO51 8PN
Chatterbox Day Nursery - RG22 5LF
Chatterbox House Day Nursery - DA14 6QL
Chatterbox House Nursery - DA5 3AT
Chatterbox Nursery - KT5 9BA
Chatterbox Nursery - PO33 2EY
Chatterbox Pre-school - ME4 4NE
Chatterbox Two - RG22 5LF
Chaucer Technology School - CT1 1SU
Chaulden Infants' And Nursery - HP1 2JU
Chaulden Junior School - HP1 2JU
Chavey Down Nursery School - RG42 7PT
Chawton Church Of England Primary School - GU34 1SG
Chawton Pre School - GU34 1SB
Cheam Baptist Church Pre-school - SM3 8QB
Cheam Common Infants' School - KT4 8SS
Cheam Common Junior School - KT4 8UT
Cheam Fields Primary School - SM3 8PW
Cheam High School - SM3 8PW
Cheam Park Farm Infants' School - SM3 9UU
Cheam Park Farm Junior School - SM3 9UE
Cheam School - RG19 8LD
Cheam School - Nursery - RG19 8LD
Cheam Village Kindergarte - SM3 8QJ
Cheapside Cofe Primary School - SL5 7QJ
Cheapside Pre-school - SL5 7QH
Chearsley & Haddenham Under 5's (chearsley) - HP18 0DF
Chearsley & Haddenham Under 5's (haddenham) - HP17 8AF
Chearsley & Haddenham Under Fives - HP18 0DP
Checkendon Church Of England (a) Primary School - RG8 0SR
Checkendon Pre-school Playgroup - RG8 0TJ
Cheddington Combined School - LU7 0RG
Cheddington Pre-school - LU7 0RG
Cheeky Chimps - PO33 2BB
Cheeky Monkeys Nursery - WD6 1EB
Cheerful Tots Nursery - CT1 3DF
Chelsfield Centre Pre Schoolers -
Chelsfield Methodist Pre-school - BR6 6HD
Chelsfield Primary School - BR6 6EP
Chelsfield Village Pre-school - BR6 7RE
Chelwood Gate Nursery Group - RH17 7LF
Chenderit School - OX17 2QR
Cheney School - OX3 7QH
Chenies School - WD3 6ER
Chennestone Primary School - TW16 5ED
Chepping View Primary School - HP12 4PR
Chequers Croft Nursery School - RG27 0PA
Cherbourg Primary School - SO50 5QF
Cheriton Primary School - CT20 3EP
Cheriton Primary School - SO24 0QA
Cherry Grove Nursery - HP12 3NU
Cherry Lane Primary School - UB7 9DL
Cherry Nursery - KT16 8PU
Cherry Pre-school - CR0 6AD
Cherry Tree Day Nursery - HP3 9UH
Cherry Tree Day Nursery - RG14 7ED
Cherry Tree Montessori Nursery School - BH24 2HP
Cherry Tree Montessori School - BH24 2HP
Cherry Tree Nursery - BN1 7DY
Cherry Tree Nursery - DA7 4UN
Cherry Tree Nursery - HP22 5PG
Cherry Tree Nursery - HP3 9UH
Cherry Tree Nursery (westbrooke Rd) -
Cherry Tree Pre School - SO24 0QG
Cherry Tree Pre-school - OX3 8LL
Cherry Tree Pre-school - RG7 2ND
Cherry Tree Primary School - WD24 6ST
Cherry Trees - RG7 2LH
Cherry Trees Childrens Centre - MK42 9LS
Cherry Trees Day Nursery - MK43 0SZ
Cherry Trees Nursery School - MK42 9LS
Cherry Vale Nursery - GU12 5NZ
Cherrybrook Nursery - KT15 3HQ
Cherrylands Nursery - KT13 0YU
Cherrystone Nursery - KT17 2NE
Cherrytown Nursery - GU47 0QF
Cherrytree Nursery School - TN23 6NE
Cherrytree Nursery School - TN24 0PF
Cherrytree Nursery School Ltd - TN23 6NE
Cherrytree Nursery School Ltd - TN24 0PF
Cherrywood Community Pre-school - GU14 8LH
Cherrywood Community Primary School - GU14 8LH
Cherrywood Nursery - KT16 0RR
Cherrywood Playgroup - SM3 8JR
Chertsey Childrens Challenge Group - KT16
Chertsey Nursery School - KT16 9ER
Cherubs Day Nursery - CR4 3DE
Cherubs Kindergartens Ltd - GU11 1PB
Cherubs Montessori Day Nursery - ME2 3PP
Cherubs Pre - School - RH11 8HW
Cherubs Preschool - ME14 4AR
Cherubs Pre-school - ME14 4AR
Chesham Bois Church Of England Combined School - HP6 6DE
Chesham High School - HP5 1BA
Chesham Park Community College - HP5 2RG
Chesham Preparatory School - HP5 3QF
Cheshunt School - EN8 9LY
Chesnut Playgroup - RH13 6JH
Chessington Community College - KT9 2JS
Chesswood Middle School - BN11 2AA
Chesterfield School - EN3 6BG
Chesterton Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - OX26 1UN
Chesterton Playgroup - OX26 4FD
Chestnut Lane School - HP6 6EF
Chestnut Nursery School - OX6 0DE
Chestnuts Pre-sch - TW2 6QP
Chestnuts Pre-school - RG41 3UQ
Chestnuts Primary School - MK3 5EN
Chevening St Botolph's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - TN13 2SA
Chevening School Nursery - TN13 2SA
Cheyne Middle School - ME12 2PU
Cheyne Nursery School - SO51 0QJ
Cheynes Infant School - LU3 3EW
Chichester Childrens House - PO20 6QH
Chichester College - PO19 1SB
Chichester College Of Art - PO19 1SB
Chichester High School For Boys - PO19 8AE
Chichester High School For Girls - PO19 8EB
Chichester High Schools Sixth Form - PO19 8AE
Chichester Montessori Nursery - PO20 1QH
Chichester Nursery School - PO19 4HR
Chichester Nursery School - PO19 7AB
Chichester Portage Service - PO19 1DQ
Chiddingfold Village Nursery School - GU8 4QA
Chiddingly Pre School Playgroup - BN8 6HE
Chiddingly Primary School - BN8 6HN
Chiddingstone Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - TN8 7AH
Chiddingstone Nursery School - TN 8 7AH
Chiddingstone Nursery School - TN8 7AD
Chiddingstone Nursery School - TN8 7AH
Chidham Community Pre School - PO18 8TP
Chidham Parochial Primary School - PO18 8TH
Chieveley Pre-school - RG20 9QS
Chieveley Primary School - RG20 8TY
Chilbolton Pre-school Pla - SO20 6AT
Child & Co - OX10 9HA
Child Base Ltd - LU7 2PA
Child Base Ltd - TW18 1AJ
Child Care 4u - SL7 3HL
Child Carers Day Nursery & Pre-school - SO18 1JP
Childbase At The Qeii - AL7 4HH
Childcarers Day Nursery Sholing - SO19 2QD
Childlink Learning Centre - SL9 0JT
Childlink Learning Centre - UB9 6LQ
Childminder Network - PO30 1JZ
Childminder Network - Eastleigh/win - RG24 9PU
Childminder Network - New Forest - RG24 9QB
Children 1st - AL1 1HL
Children Of The World Montessori School - SL4 3BA
Childrens Challenge Group - GU21 5HE
Childrens Challenge Group - TW20 9QJ
Childrens Corner - PO3 5AA
Childrens Corner D N At Abingdon College - OX14 1NN
Childrens Cottage Day Nur - CM22 6BJ
Childrens House Montessori - BR6 9QP
Children's House Montessori - RH19 3LQ
Children's House the - RH19 3LG
Childrens Montessori Nursery - SG19 3ER
Childrens Nest Nurseries - EN8 9BH
Childrens Paradise - CR0 6XA
Childrens Paradise (uk) Ltd - CR0 3SA
Childrens Workshop - KT8 9JU
Childrey Little Ducks Pre-school - OX12 9UJ
Childs Play Centre Ltd - KT9 2ET
Childs Play Day Nursery - BN10 7PW
Childs Play Nursery - KT6 6JQ
Childs Play Preschool - PO20 6AG
Childs Play Pre-school - DA1 1RX
Childsplay Nursery - PO11 9DD
Childways Day Nursery - CM23 5JH
Childworld Pre-school - RH12 2NX
Childworld Pre-school - RH17 5QT
Chilham St Mary's Church Of England Primary School - CT4 8DE
Chilham St Mary's Pre-school - CT4 8BN
Chillerton And Rookley Primary School - PO30 3EP
Chiltern College School - RG4 8JZ
Chiltern Edge Community School - RG4 9LN
Chiltern Gate School - HP12 3NE
Chiltern House School - OX9 3NQ
Chiltern Nurseries Ltd - SM2 5QP
Chiltern Nursery - RG4 8JZ
Chiltern Nursery Nurse Training School - RG4 8JZ
Chiltern Primary School - RG22 5BB
Chiltern Tutorial School - SO21 2ET
Chilton County Primary School - OX11 0PQ
Chilton Foliat Church Of England Primary School - RG17 0TF
Chilton Primary School - CT11 0LQ
Chilworth Cofe (aided) Infant School - GU4 8NP
Chilworth Community Playgroup - GU4 8LZ
Chilworth House School - OX33 1JP
Chilworth Montessori Nursery School - SO16 7JP
Chimneys Educational Play Centre - PO32 6LP
Chimneytots Pre-school - MK43 0LD
Chineham Park Preschool - RG24 9BP
Chineham Park Primary School - RG24 9BP
Chinthurst School - KT20 5QZ
Chipmonks Pre-school - MK10 9FG
Chipmunks Nursery School - TN21 8LB
Chipperfield Playgroup - WD4 9BS
Chipping Norton Pre School - OX5 5DZ
Chipping Norton School - OX7 5DY
Chipping Warden Kindergarten - OX17 1LD
Chipping Warden School - OX17 1LD
Chipstead Nursery Ltd - TN13 2RU
Chipstead Preschool - CR5 3SG
Chipstead Valley Pre-school - CR5 3DD
Chipstead Valley Primary School - CR5 3BW
Chislehurst (st Nicholas) Church Of England Aided Primary School - BR7 5PQ
Chislehurst And Sidcup Grammar School - DA15 9AG
Chislet And District Playgroup - CT3 4LA
Chislet Church Of England Primary School - CT3 4DU
Chiswell Pre-school & Nursery - AL2 3HG
Chiswell Pre-school And Nursery (group 2) - AL2 3HW
Cholsey Pre School - OX10 9PP
Cholsey Primary School - OX10 9PP
Chorleywood Primary School - WD3 5HR
Chrishall Preschool - SG8 8QW
Christ Church Erith ce Va Primary School - DA8 3DG
Christ Church Cathedral School - OX1 1QW
Christ Church Church Of England High School - TN23 3HG
Christ Church Church Of England School - WD3 5SG
Christ Church Cofe (va) Primary School And Nursery Ware - SG12 7BT
Christ Church Cofe Aided Infant School Virginia Water - GU25 4PX
Christ Church Cofe Junior School - KT16 0JY
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - KT5 8LJ
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - TN37 6JJ
Christ Church Cofe Primary School (purley) - CR8 2QE
Christ Church Fledgelings Pre-schoo - SM2 5TN
Christ Church New Malden Cofe Primary School - KT3 3TW
Christ Church Nursery School - DA12 1NP
Christ Church Playgroup - DA15 7JJ
Christ Church Playgroup - GU52 6LH
Christ Church Playgroup - MK40 3TA
Christ Church Primary School - EN5 4NS
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - RG2 8LX
Christ The King Playgroup - RH1 5DG
Christ The King Playschool - RG2 8NH
Christ The Sower Ecumenical Primary School (va) - MK8 0PZ
Christchurch Cockfosters Pre-school - EN4 9JQ
Christchurch Kindergarten - HA1 1YB
Christchurch Methodist Playgroup - TN40 2BX
Christchurch Nursery - WD7 8DF
Christchurch Nursery Scho - CT20 1ER
Christchurch Playgroup - KT16 0PL
Christchurch Preschool - MK14 6BN
Christchurch Pre-school - BR7 5JJ
Christchurch Pre-school - CT6 6BZ
Christchurch Pre-school - DA12 1NR
Christchurch Pre-school - DA8 3AN
Christchurch Pre-school ( Dartford ) - DA1 3DH
Christchurch Pre-school (dartford) - DA1 3HP
Christchurch Pre-school Playgroup - GU1 2AZ
Christian Alliance Playgroup - EN2 0AL
Christian Centre Day Nursery Ark & Rainbow Units - MK6 2TG
Christian Centre Nursery - MK6 2TG
Christines Home Pre-school - SO32 2HH
Christopher Rawlins Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - OX17 3NH
Christopher Robin Day Nursery - GU1 2TU
Christopher Robin Day Nursery - GU22 7SF
Christopher Robin Day Nursery - GU3 3DX
Christopher Robin Day Nursery - GU4 7LZ
Christopher Robin Day Nursery - GU6 7AN
Christopher Robin Nursery - KT10 0AQ
Christ's Church Of England Comprehensive Secondary School - TW10 6HW
Christ's College Guilford - GU1 1JY
Christ's Hospital - RH13 0LJ
Chuckleberries Pre-school - RH20 1PF
Chuckles - DA1 1DN
Chuckles Day Nursery - SO40 3GZ
Chuckles Pre-school - DA13 0JE
Church Cowley St James Church Of England Primary School - OX4 3QH
Church Crookham Junior School - GU52 8BN
Church Crookham Montessori Nursery - GU52 8LD
Church End Lower School - MK43 0NE
Church Hall Pre-school - SO32 1EE
Church Hill Playgroup - BN1 8YE
Church Hill School - EN4 8NN
Church House Pre-school - TN8 5AR
Church In The Valley Pre-school - DA12 5SH
Church Lane Nursery - BN42 4GD
Church Lane Playgroup - BN44 3HP
Church Of Ascension Pre School - PO2 0JG
Church Road Nursery School - RG6 1EY
Churchend Primary School - RG30 4HP
Churcher's College - GU31 4AS
Churcher's College Junior School - GU30 7HT
Churchfields Kindergarten - SG13 7DA
Churchfields Primary School - BR3 4QY
Churchill Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - TN16 1EZ
Churchill Hall - TW16 7RY
Churchill Playgroup - OX7 6NJ
Churchmead Church Of England (va) School - SL3 9JQ
Churchwood Community Primary School - TN38 9PB
Churt Nursery School - GU10 4JH
Chyngton Methodist Church Playgroup - BN25 3ST
Chyngton School - BN25 3ST
Cicero Languages International - TN1 2ET
Cintra Playgroup - RG2 0EN
Cippenham Baptist Playgroup - SL1 5QS
Cippenham Infant School - SL1 5JP
Cippenham Junior School - SL1 5RB
Cippenham Nursery School - SL1 5NL
Circles Montessori - AL6 9AS
Circular (st Johns) Pre School - PO33 1BX
Circus Pre-school - BN1 4JF
Citischool - MK9 3HR
City College (sunrise Nursery) - SO14 1AR
City College Brighton And Hove - BN1 4FA
City Of London Freemens' School - KT21 1ET
City Of Portsmouth Girls' School - PO1 5PF
City View Pre-school - CT2 8PT
City Way Nursery - ME1 2AB
Claire Court Schools - The College - SL6 6AW
Claires Court Schools - SL6 8TE
Claires Court Schools - Ridgeway - SL6 3QE
Clandon Cofe Aided Infant School - GU4 7ST
Clanfield Ce Primary School - OX18 2SP
Clanfield Community Pre-school - PO8 0RE
Clanfield Junior School - PO8 0RE
Clanfield Nursery School - PO8 0RA
Clanfield Pre-school - OX18 2SH
Clapham And Patching Cofe Primary School - BN13 3UU
Clapham Preschool (bedford) - MK41 6BS
Clare House Primary School - BR3 6PJ
Clare Park Day Nursery - ME19 6DH
Claremont Fan Court Lower Junior Dept - KT10 9LY
Claremont Fan Court School - KT10 9LY
Claremont High School - HA3 0UH
Claremont Kindergarten - RG40 3AT
Claremont Primary School - TN2 5EB
Claremont School - TN37 7PW
Clarendon House Grammar School - CT11 9BB
Clarendon Infants' School - SP9 7QD
Clarendon Junior School - SP9 7QD
Clarendon Montessori - WD4 8EP
Clarendon Primary School - TW15 2HZ
Clarendon School - TW12 3DH
Clatford Church Of England Primary School - SP11 7RE
Clatterford Tuition Centre - PO30 1XW
Claverham Community College - TN33 0HT
Claverham Day Nursery - TN33 0HT
Claycots School - SL2 1QX
Claygate Montessori School - KT10 0JP
Claygate Primary School - KT10 0NB
Claytons Primary School - SL8 5NS
Cleave Warne Pre-school - ME1 3BD
Cleeve Park School - DA14 4JN
Clever Clogs Nursery - WD5 0BT
Clever Clogs Pre-school - CT15 5BP
Clever Clowns Nursery - ME14 3DX
Clever Tots Pre-school - CT19 6HS
Cleverkidz - LU5 5JB
Cleverkidz - MK7 8HT
Cleves School - KT13 9TS
Clewborough House School - GU16 8NL
Clewer Green Cofe First School - SL4 3RL
Cliddesden Primary School - RG25 2QU
Cliffdale Primary School - PO2 0SN
Cliffe Pre-school - ME3 8HR
Cliffe Woods Primary School - ME3 8UJ
Cliffewoods Pre-school - ME3 8UJ
Cliffs End Village Pre-school - CT12 5JH
Clifton Hampden Church Of England Primary School - OX14 3EE
Clifton Hampden Preschool - OX14 3EE
Clifton Hill School - CR3 5PH
Clifton Pre-school - SG17 5EU
Clifton Primary School - UB2 5QP
Cliftonville Primary School - CT9 3LY
Climbers Pre School - ME3 8PH
Climbing Bears - RH14 0EE
Clinton Kiddicare - SG12 0SQ
Clipstone Brook Lower School - LU7 3PG
Clive Vale Nursery - TN35 5LN
Clock Tower Nursery - BN7 2XH
Clock Tower Nursery - ME10 2RQ
Clockhouse Pre School - BR3 4JP
Clockhouse Pre-school Playgroup - CR5 2PT
Clocktower House Pre School - GU11 2LT
Clocktower House Pre-school - GU11 2HR
Clocktower Pre-school - ME6 5PA
Clophill Playgroup - MK45 4DA
Clore Shalom School - WD7 9BL
Clover Nursery School - HP9 2PL
Clover Playgroup - ME4 4DT
Club 4 Kids Childcare - CT6 8NB
Coach House Nursery - ME17 3ET
Coates Way Jmi And Nursery School - WD25 9NW
Cobham Community Pre-scho - DA12 3BZ
Cobham Hall - DA12 3BL
Cobham Montessori Nursery School - KT11 2AF
Cobham Primary School - DA12 3BN
Cobham Tots - KT11 2AB
Cobtree Playschool For Special Children - ME15 8EB
Cockernhoe Endowed Cofe Primary School - LU2 8PY
Coconuts Nursery School - SL6 8AJ
Cocos - EN8 9DW
Codicote Church Of England Primary School - SG4 8YL
Codicote Playgroup - SG4 8XH
Coffee Tots Pre School - MK6 5DZ
Cogges Under Fives Association - OX28 6LA
Cokeham Pre School - BN15 0AE
Cokethorpe School - OX29 7PU
Cold Ash Pre-school - RG18 3FA
Cold Ash St Mark's Church Of England Primary School - RG18 9PT
Cold Harbour Church Of England School - MK3 7PD
Coldean Primary School - BN1 9EL
Colden Common Playgroup - SO21 1UU
Colden Common Primary School - SO50 6HW
Coldharbour Pre-school - MK3 7HE
Coles Nursery School - PO20 9DY
Coleshill Church Of England Infant School - HP7 0LQ
Coley Primary School - RG1 6AZ
Colgate Pre-school - RH13 6HS
Colgate Primary School - RH13 6HS
Colham Manor Primary School - UB8 3PT
Coll Of Nw London Nursery - HA9 0AD
College Hall - RG40 3BT
College Kidz Nursery - OX14 1GG
College Of Petroleum And Energy Studies - OX1 2QD
College Of Richard Collyer the - RH12 2EJ
College Park Infant School - PO2 0LB
College Road Playgroup - HA1 1BA
College Town Infant And Nursery School - GU47 0QF
College Town Junior School - GU47 0QE
College Town Montessori - GU47 0RD
Colliers Green Church Of England Primary School - TN17 2LR
Collingwood College - GU15 4AE
Collingwood School - SM6 0BD
Collis Primary School - TW11 9BS
Colmworth Pre-school - MK44 2JX
Colnbrook Church Of England Primary School - SL3 0JZ
Colnbrook School - WD19 7UY
Colney Heath Junior Mixed Infant And Nursery School - AL4 0NP
Colney Heath Pre-school - AL4 0NS
Coloma Convent Girls' School - CR9 5AS
Colors Pre-school - SO45 2PA
Colyers Primary School - DA8 3PB
Combe Bank Preparatory School (nursery Unit) - TN14 6AE
Combe Bank School - TN14 6AE
Combe Church Of England Primary School - OX29 8NQ
Combe Pre School - OX29 8NA
Committee Of Great Missenden Playgroup - HP16 0AZ
Committee the - RH14 9EY
Commonswood School - AL7 4RU
Community College Playgroup - OX18 1BU
Community Playgroup - RG21 3NP
Community Under 5s Group - CT8 8EJ
Compass House Day Nursery - GU32 1LX
Compass House Nursery School - GU32 1LX
Compton & Shawford Pre-school - SO21 2AZ
Compton All Saints Church Of England Primary School - SO21 2AS
Compton And Up Marden Cofe Primary School - PO18 9EZ
Compton Church Of England Primary School - RG20 6QU
Compton Pre School - PO18 9ND
Compton Preschool Playgroup - RG20 6NP
Computer Associates - SL3 9LL
Concorde Nursery - KT19 8RS
Concorde Playgroup - CT11 0QG
Conductive Education Support Services - SO42 7TR
Conifers School - GU29 9BG
Conifers School Ltd - GU29 9BG
Connaught Castle Day Nursery - GU12 4AS
Connaught Junior School - BN17 6ES
Connaught Junior School - GU19 5JY
Connaught Playgroup - BN43 5WU
Convent Of Our Lady Of Providence School - GU34 2NG
Convent Preparatory School - DA12 1NR
Cookham Dean Cofe Primary School - SL6 9PH
Cookham Dean Nursery - SL6 9BB
Cookham Montessori - SL6 9TH
Cookham Montessori School - SL6 9TE
Cookham Nursery School - SL6 9BT
Cookham Rise Primary School - SL6 9JF
Cool Kids Of Cowley - UB8 3EZ
Coolham Montessori Nursery - RH13 8QN
Cooling Road Playgroup - ME2 4RT
Coombe Boys' School - KT3 6NU
Coombe Girls' School - KT3 3TU
Coombe Hill Infant School - KT2 7DD
Coombe Hill Junior School - KT2 7DD
Coombe Kindergarten - KT3 4RE
Coombe Road Playgroup - BN2 4ED
Coombe Road Primary School - BN2 4ED
Coombes Infant And Nursery School - RG2 9NX
Coombeside Playschool - KT3 4JN
Coomde Day Nursery - KT1 3QT
Coopers Hill Playgroup - RG12 7QS
Coopers Technology College - BR7 5PS
Cootham Pre-school - RH20 4JX
Copg For Children With Special Needs - CR2 8HD
Copland - A Specialist Science Community College - HA9 7DX
Cople Lower School - MK44 3TH
Copnor Infant School - PO3 5BZ
Copnor Junior School - PO3 5BZ
Copnor Methodist Community Playgrou - PO2 0HD
Copperfields Day Nursery - BN21 1DU
Copthorne Cofe Junior School - RH10 3RD
Copthorne Prep School - RH10 3HR
Copthorne Preparatory School - RH10 3HR
Copythorne Cofe Infant School - SO40 2PB
Copythorne Pre-school - SO40 2NZ
Cordwalles Junior School - GU15 4DR
Corn Exchange Playgroup - OX8 6AB
Corner House Nursery - PO9 1QL
Cornerstone Day Nursery - RG24 9QB
Cornerstone School - SO19 9BE
Cornerstones Pre-school Ltd - EN11 0LH
Cornerstones School - BN3 5HD
Cornfield School - RH1 5HS
Cornfield School Littlehampton - BN17 6HY
Cornwallis Academy - ME17 4HX
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - KT3 3JU
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - PO2 9AX
Corral Nursery School - GU28 0AU
Cosgrove Village Primary School - MK19 7JH
Costello Technology College - RG21 4AL
Coston Primary School - UB6 9JU
Coteford Infant School - HA5 2HX
Coteford Junior School - HA5 2JQ
Cotelands Pru Co John Ruskin College - CR2 8JJ
Cothill House School - OX13 6JL
Cottage Grove Primary School - PO5 1HG
Cottage Nursery School (montesseri) - ME15 9QN
Cottage Playgroup - BN7 1PL
Cottesmore School - RH11 9AU
Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic Primary School - BN3 6NB
Cottis Playgroup - BN6 9SA
Cotton End Lower School - MK45 3AA
Cotton Socks Nursery - HP20 2HU
Coulsdon Cofe Primary School - CR5 1ED
Coulsdon College - CR5 1YA
Coulsdon High School - CR5 1ES
Coulsdon Nursery School - CR5 3BT
Countess Anne Voluntary Aided Church Of England Primary School Hatfield - AL10 8AX
Country Mice (cowfold Pre-school Playgroup) - RH13 8DA
Country Park Pre-school - GU18 5RG
Countryside Nurseries - SL1 7DE
Countryside Preschool Nursery - CM22 6AR
Courstairs Nursery - CT11 0JE
Court Lane Infant School - PO6 2PP
Court Lane Junior School - PO6 2PP
Court Meadow School Cuckfield - RH17 5HN
Court Moor School - GU52 7RY
Court Stairs Lodge Nursery School - CT11 0JE
Courtenay Playgroup - ME13 9LL
Courthouse Junior School - SL6 5HE
Courtmoor Centre Community Playgroup - GU52 7RY
Courtwood Primary School - CR0 9HX
Courtyard Preschool - OX26 6DJ
Cove Infant School - GU14 9DP
Cove Junior School - GU14 9SA
Cove Methodist Pre-school - GU14 0EL
Cove Pavilion Pre-school Playgroup - GU14 0DX
Cove School - GU14 9RN
Cowdown Day Nursery - SP11 6LE
Cowes Community Pre-school - PO31 7HH
Cowes High School - PO31 8HB
Cowes Primary School - PO31 8HF
Cowley Hill School - WD6 5DP
Cowley St John Pre-school Playgroup - OX4 1JP
Cowley St Laurence Ce Primary School - UB8 3TH
Coworth Park School - GU24 8TE
Coworth-flexlands School - GU24 8TE
Cowplain Community Pre-school - PO8 8RY
Cowplain Community School - PO8 8RY
Cowplain Under 5 S Pre School - PO8 8EH
Cox Green Community Centre Pre-school - SL6 3AX
Cox Green School - SL6 3AX
Coxheath Pre-school - ME17 4PT
Coxheath Preschool + Rising Fives - ME17 4PT
Coxheath Primary School - ME17 4PS
Coxlease School - SO43 7DE
Crabtree Infants' School - AL5 5PU
Crabtree Junior School - AL5 5PU
Crabtree Pre-school - RG18 9TL
Cradle Hill Community Primary School - BN25 3BA
Crafty Kids - GU13 9TQ
Cranborne Primary School - EN6 2BA
Cranbourne Business And Enterprise College - RG21 3NP
Cranbourne Primary School - SL4 2EU
Cranbrook (bbn Ltd) Butte - RH17 6NL
Cranbrook Church Of England Primary School - TN17 3JZ
Cranbrook Group - RH6 9SW
Cranbrook Group the - RH10 7QH
Cranbrook Group the - RH6 9SW
Cranbrook Group The Childrens House -
Cranbrook School - TN17 3JD
Crane Park Day Nursery Ltd - TW2 5AR
Crane Park Primary School - TW13 5LN
Crane-park Neighbourhood Nursery - TW13 5LN
Cranes Pre-school - MK43 0DS
Craneswater Day Nursery - PO4 9JF
Craneswater Junior School - PO4 0PX
Cranfield University - MK43 0AL
Cranfield University - MK43 OAL
Cranfield University Creche - MK43 0AL
Cranfield Vc Lower School - MK43 0DR
Cranford Community College - TW5 9PD
Cranford House School - OX10 9HT
Cranford House School Trust Limited - OX10 9HT
Cranford Infant And Nursery School - TW4 6LB
Cranford Junior School - TW4 6ND
Cranford Park Primary School - UB3 4LQ
Cranleigh Infant School - GU6 8AR
Cranleigh Nursery School - GU6 8PF
Cranleigh Pre-school - GU6 8JW
Cranleigh School - GU6 8QQ
Cranmer Primary School - CR4 4XU
Cranmere Primary School - KT10 8DJ
Cranmore Preparatory School - KT24 6AT
Crawley College - RH10 1NR
Crawley Down Village Cofe - RH10 4XA
Crawley Green Infant School - LU2 0RW
Crawley Green Pre School - LU2 1GJ
Crawley New Life (piglits) - RH10 6JS
Crawley Opportunity Pre-school - RH10 6HD
Crawley Opportunity Pre-school - RH10 7XQ
Crawley Portage Service - RH10 6JB
Crawley Ridge Infant School - GU15 2AJ
Crawley Ridge Junior School - GU15 2AJ
Crawley Ridge Nursery - GU15 2AJ
Crawshay Playgroup - RG4 5AE
Cray Tots Pre School - DA10 0LP
Crayhurst Under Fives - BR7 6DB
Crazies Hill Cofe Primary School - RG10 8LY
Creative Days Preschool - ME2 4JA
Creative Kids - SL5 7QH
Creative Kids Pre-school - DA8 1AW
Crescent House Nursery - BN3 6FJ
Crescent Nursery School - GU1 2RE
Crescent Playgroup - AL2 3NF
Crescent Playgroup - EN4 8PS
Crescent Playschool - KT14 6DH
Crescent Pre-school & P/group - KT19 0RT
Crescent Under Fives - RG6 1JR
Cresent Hall Playgroup - ME10 4AY
Cressex Community School - HP12 4QA
Crest Pre-school Playgroup - TN34 3HJ
Crestway Pre-school - ME5 0BL
Crestwood College For Business And Enterprise - SO50 4FZ
Crestwood Pre-school - SO50 4FZ
Creswick Primary And Nursery School - AL7 4TP
Cricket Green School - CR4 3AF
Cricket Montessori School - HA1 3PP
Cricket Montessori School (lower Rd) - HA0 2DE
Cricket Way Playgroup - KT13 9LP
Crickets Playgroup the - RH15 8HG
Crickets Pre School - EN1 2RY
Cricklade College - SP10 1EJ
Cristcchurch Rd Pre-school - HP23 5HG
Crockenhill Preschool - BR8 8LT
Crockenhill Primary School - BR8 8JG
Crockham Hill Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - TN8 6RP
Croft Nursery School - BN11 1JH
Croft Playgroup - HA8 0AJ
Croft Road Pre-school - TN6 1HA
Crofton Anne Dale Infant School - PO14 3PH
Crofton Anne Dale Junior School - PO14 3PH
Crofton Baptist Church - BR5 1HD
Crofton Day Nursery - BR5 1HD
Crofton Hammond Infant School - PO14 2DE
Crofton Hammond Junior School - PO14 2DE
Crofton Infant School - BR5 1EL
Crofton Junior School - BR5 1EL
Crofton School - PO14 2AT
Croham Hurst School - CR2 7YN
Cromer Road Primary School - EN5 5HT
Crondall Primary School - GU10 5QG
Crondall Stepping Stones - GU10 5QF
Crondall Stepping Stones Pre-school - GU10 5QF
Crook Log Primary School - DA6 8EQ
Crookham Church Of England Aided Infant School - GU52 6PU
Crookhorn College Of Technology - PO7 5UD
Cropredy Church Of England Primary School - OX17 1PU
Cropredy Playgroup - OX17 1PP
Crosfield Pre-school - CR0 3HH
Crosfields School - RG2 9BL
Cross Farm Infant School - GU16 6LZ
Cross-in-hand Church Of England Primary School - TN21 0XG
Crosslands Day Nursery - MK14 6AY
Crossroads Pre-school Playgroup - BN26 5EA
Crowborough Nursery School - TN6 2TS
Crowhurst Cofe Primary School - TN33 9AJ
Crowhurst Playgroup - TN33 9AQ
Crowmarsh Gifford Church Of England School - OX10 8EN
Crowmarsh Pre-school - OX10 8ED
Crown House School - HP11 1BJ
Crown Wood Primary School - RG12 0PE
Crownwood Pre School - RG12 0PE
Crowthorne Church Of England Primary School - RG45 6ND
Crowthorne Village Pre-school - RG45 7BN
Croydon College - CR9 1DX
Croydon Community Childminder Network - CR0 6DD
Croydon High School - CR2 8YB
Croydon High School Junior Dept - CR2 8YB
Croydon Montessori Nursery School 2 - CR7 8HN
Croydon Opportunity Pre-school Group For Children - CR2 8HD
Croydon Playcare Company Day Nursery - CR0 2EG
Croydon Portage Service - CR0 6DD
Croydon Primary School - CR0 6TG
Cruwys Cherubs - CR3 0EP
Cublington Nursery School - LU7 0JB
Cuckmere House School - BN25 4BA
Cuckoo Meadow Pre-school - RG25 2BL
Cuddington Cofe School - HP18 0AP
Cuddington Community Primary School - KT4 7DD
Cuddington Croft Primary School - SM2 7NA
Cuddle Club Day Nursery - HP20 1PH
Cuddles Day Nursery - UB3 1TF
Cuddlez Nursery - DA11 7LY
Cudham Church Of England Primary School - TN16 3AX
Cudham School Playgroup - TN16 3AX
Cuffley Pre School - EN6 4EY
Cuffley School - EN6 4HN
Culham Parochial Church Of England School - OX14 4NB
Culham Pre-school - OX14 4NB
Culverdale Playgroup - TN4 8AE
Culvers House Primary School - CR4 4JH
Culverstone Green Primary School - DA13 0RF
Culverstone Pre-school - DA13 0RF
Culworth Church Of England School - OX17 2BB
Cumberland Infant School - PO4 9HJ
Cumnor Church Of England School (voluntary Controlled) - OX2 9PQ
Cumnor House School - CR2 6DA
Cumnor House School - RH17 7HT
Cumnor Pre-school Nursery - OX2 9PQ
Cunliffe Day Nursery - KT19 0RL
Cunningham Hill Infant School - AL1 5QJ
Cunningham Hill Junior School - AL1 5QJ
Cupernham Infant School - SO51 7JT
Cupernham Junior School - SO51 7JT
Curdridge Caterpillars - SO32 2HE
Curdridge Primary School - SO32 2DR
Curfew Playschool - KT16 8DP
Curridge Primary School - RG18 9DZ
Curzon Church Of England Combined School - HP7 0QL
Curzon Hall Pre-school - CT17 0AP
Cutteslowe Primary School - OX2 7SX
Cuxton Community Infant School - ME2 1EY
Cuxton Community Junior School - ME2 1EZ
Cygnet Nursery - OX5 1RF
Cygnets At The Greville - KT21 1SH
Cygnets Day Nurseries Ltd - GU35 0AU
Cygnets Day Nursery - SP10 1EJ
Cygnets Langford Village - OX26 6SX
Cygnets Nursery - BN13 3EP
Cygnets Nursery School - GU35 0AU
Cygnets Of Henley - RG9 1RR
Cygnets Playgroup - SO21 3RQ
Cygnets Pre School - DA10 0AD
Cygnets Pre-school - BR2 8AA
Cygnets Pre-school - DA10 0AD
Cygnets Pre-school - EN8 7HH
Cygnets the - PO19 6GH
Cynthia Wilson - CR0 6PW
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