School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools U-V-W

Incorporating schools within the North West.

Ullswater Community College -
Ullswater Nursery -
Ulverston Cofe Infant School -
Ulverston Victoria High School -
Underley Garden School -
Underley Hall School -
Underwood West Primary School - CW1 3LF
Unicorn Nursery - M7 1NE
United Playgroup - M26 2UT
Unity College - BB11 3EN
University College Chester - CH1 4BJ
University College Nursery - CH1 4BJ
University College Of St.martin - LA1 3JD
University Of Bolton - BL3 5AB
University Of Central Lancashire - CA3 8TB
University Of Central Lancashire - PR1 2HE
University Of Chester - CH1 4BJ
University Of Cumbria - LA1 3JD
University Of Lancaster - LA1 4YW
University Of Liverpool - L69 3BX
University Of Liverpool Childrens Centre - L69 7SY
University Of Manchester - M13 9PL
University Of Manchester Institute Of Science - M60 1QD
University Of Manchester Institute Of Science & Technology - M60 1QD
University Of Salford - M5 4WT
University Of Salford Day Nursery - M6 6PU
Unsworth Nursery - BL9 8LY
Unsworth Primary School - BL9 8LY
Up Holland High School - WN5 7AL
Up To 5s Nursery - WA2 8QA
Upholland Roby Mill Cofe Voluntary Aided Primary School - WN8 0QR
Uplands Day Nursery - L13 0AE
Upperby Primary School -
Upton Hall School Fcj - CH49 6LJ
Upton Heath Cofe Primary School - CH2 1ED
Upton Pre School Playgroup - CH2 1HB
Upton Pre-school Group & - WA8 4PG
Upton Priory School - SK10 3ED
Upton St Mary S Pre-school Playgrou - CH49 6JZ
Upton St Mary's Pre-school - CH49 0TS
Upton Urc Pre-school - CH2 1XH
Upton Westlea Primary School - CH2 1QJ
Upton-by-chester High School - CH2 1NN
Urchins Playgroup - L18 6HE
Urmston Grammar School -
Urmston Infant School -
Urmston Junior School -
Ursula Jackson - CH49 4RH
Ursuline Catholic Primary School - L23 6TT
Urswick And Stainton Playgroup -
Utkinton St Paul's Cofe Primary School - CW6 0LA
Vale Kids - CH45 1LZ
Vale Nurseries Ltd - OL8 3JS
Valewood Primary School - L23 7YG
Valley Primary School And Nursery - CA28 8DA
Valley School - SK7 1EN
Varna Street Primary School - M11 1WP
Vermont Pre-school Group - L23 3AR
Vernon Infant School - SK12 1NW
Vernon Junior School - SK12 1NW
Vernon Park Primary School - SK1 2NF
Vernon Primary School - SK12 1NW
Vicarage Lodge Pre-school Community Playgroup - WA7 4PS
Vicarage Park Cofe Primary School - LA9 5BP
Vickerstown School - LA14 3QS
Victoria Avenue Community Primary School - M9 0RD
Victoria Brook Day Nursery - OL9 0HW
Victoria Children And Families Centre - M26 3BD
Victoria Community Centre Pre School - CW1 2PZ
Victoria Hall Pre-school - L37 2HD
Victoria Infant And Nursery School - LA14 5QN
Victoria Infant School - CA14 3XB
Victoria Infant School - CH1 4BR
Victoria Junior School - CA14 2RE
Victoria Junior School - LA14 5NE
Victoria Nursery School - BB5 6AT
Victoria Park Day Nursery - M14 5RB
Victoria Park Infant School - M32 8BU
Victoria Park Junior School - M32 0XZ
Victoria Playgroup - PR8 6DG
Victoria Playscheme - CW9 5RE
Victoria Pre-school - CH63 8PT
Victoria Road Primary School - CW9 5RE
Victoria Road Primary School - WA7 5BN
Victorias Happy Days Nursery - FY3 8NR
Village Green Pre-school - WN8 7NT
Village Hotel + Leisure Club Creche - BL9 7BQ
Village Nursery - L25 2QD
Village Playgroup - BL3 1JF
Vine Playgroup - M40 3GL
Vine Tree Primary School - CW2 8AD
Vnc Day Nursery - L5 8UY
Waberthwaite Cofe School - LA19 5YJ
Waddington And West Bradford Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BB7 3JE
Wade Deacon High School - WA8 7TD
Walkden Hall Private Day Nursery - WN1 2JJ
Walkden High School - M28 7FJ
Wallasey School - CH46 1RB
Wallasey Village Playgrou - CH45 3NE
Wallasey Village Playgroup - CH45 3JE
Wallerscote Community School - CW8 3BD
Wallerscote School Playgroup - CW8 3BD
Walmer Bridge Day Nursery - PR4 5GE
Walmsley Cofe Primary School - BL7 9SA
Walney Central Pre-school Nursery - LA14 3HY
Walney School - LA14 3JL
Walsden Cofe (vc) Infant School - OL14 6RN
Walsden Junior School - OL14 6RN
Walton Kiddiwinks - L9 1AY
Walton Kiddiwinks Day Nursery - L9 1AY
Walton Kiddiwinks Private Day Nursery - L9 1AY
Walton Lane Nursery School - BB9 8BP
Walton Le Dale Arts College And High School - PR5 6RN
Walton Progressive School - L9 1NR
Walton St Mary Church Of England Primary School - L4 5PU
Walton-le-dale St Leonard's Church Of England Primary School - PR5 4JL
Walton-le-dale Community Primary School - PR5 4TD
Walverden Primary School - BB9 0TL
Warcop Cofe Primary School - CA16 6NX
Wardle Childcare Partnership - OL12 9JW
Wardle High School - OL12 9RD
Wardley Cofe Primary School - M27 9XB
Warehouse Playgroup - LA 5 9LE
Warehouse Playgroup - LA5 9LE
Warford Lodge Day Nursery - SK9 7TN
Wargrave Cofe Primary School - WA12 8QL
Warmingham Cofe Primary School - CW11 3QN
Warnell Mobile Rural Nursery - CA5 6PN
Warren Pre-school Playgroup - WA1 4DA
Warren Wood Primary School - SK2 5XU
Warrington Collegiate - WA2 8QA
Warrington Collegiate Institute - WA2 8QA
Warrington Hospital Unit Co Wards B10-11 - WA5 1QG
Warrington Rd Daycare Centre - WA8 0AR
Warrington Road Nursery School - WA8 0AR
Warrington St Ann's Cofe Primary School - WA2 8AL
Warrington St Barnabas Cofe Primary School - WA5 1TG
Warrington Wolves Rlfc - WA2 7NE
Warton Archbishop Hutton's Primary School - LA5 9QU
Warton Pre-school - LA5 9PJ
Warwick Bridge Primary School - CA4 8RE
Washacre Primary School - BL5 2NJ
Wasp - CH63 7PT
Waterbridge Day Nursery - BB8 9NA
Waterfield Kindergarten - CA1 1LU
Waterfoot Primary School - BB4 9AP
Waterloo Lodge School - PR6 7AX
Waterloo Meth Pre-school Playgroup - FY4 4ET
Waterloo Playgroup - OL7 9QE
Waterloo Primary School - FY4 3AG
Waterloo Primary School - L22 0LD
Waterloo Primary School - OL7 9NA
Waterloo Rd Under 5's Pla - PR8
Watersheddings Primary School - OL1 4HU
Waterside Nursery - OL14 7LP
Waverton Community Primary School - CH3 7QT
Waverton Pre-school - CH3 7QT
Wavertree Christian Pre School - L15 5BZ
Wavertree Church Of England School - L15 8HJ
Wavertree Garden Suburb Pre-school Playgroup - L15 7JX
Weatherhead High School Media Arts College - CH44 3HS
Weaver Primary School - CW5 7AJ
Weaverham Forest Primary School - CW8 3EY
Weaverham High School - CW8 3HT
Webster Primary School - M15 6JU
Weeton Primary School - PR4 3HX
Weeton St Michael's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - PR4 3WD
Well Green Primary School - WA15 8QA
Well Lane Primary School - CH42 5PF
Wellacre Technology And Vocational College - M41 6AP
Wellbank Pre-school Playgroup - LA19 5TH
Wellesbourne Adult Centre Nursery - L11 3AP
Wellesbourne Community Primary School - L11 5BA
Wellfield High School - PR25 2TP
Wellfield Infant And Nursery School - M33 5QG
Wellfield Junior School - M33 5QX
Wellfield Methodist And Anglican Church School - BB12 0JD
Wellington School - WA15 7RH
Wells House Kindergarten - M26 1FS
Welton Pre-school Group - CA5 7HE
Welton School - CA5 7HE
Wendy House Nursery - CA2 4AB
Wendy S Nursery And Pre-school Grou - OL10 4NH
Wennington Hall School - LA2 8NS
Wensley Fold (vc) Church Of England Primary School - BB2 6LX
Wentworth High School - M30 9BP
Wernet Preparatory School - OL8 1TJ
Werneth Infant School - OL8 4BL
Werneth Junior School - OL8 4BL
Werneth School - SK6 3BX
Wesham (community Centre) Playgroup - PR4 3DR
Wesley Avenue Playgroup - CW11 1DG
Wesley Methodist Primary School - M26 4PX
West Bank Primary School - WA8 0EL
West Brookhouse Pre-school - BB1 7EG
West Brookhouse Pre-school - BB1 7HP
West Cheshire College - CH4 7ER
West Craven High Technology College - BB18 5TB
West Cumbria College - CA14 4JN
West Cumbria Learning Centre - CA14 4PJ
West Derby Nursery School - L12 8RE
West Derby Pre-school - L12 8QJ
West Derby School - L13 7DB
West End Early Years Centre - OL7 0AG
West End Nursery Unit - L39 1PA
West End Primary School - LA3 1BW
West Endpre-school - BB5 4LZ
West Hill School - SK15 1LX
West Kirby Grammar School - CH48 5DP
West Kirby Primary School - CH48 5EQ
West Kirby Residential School - CH48 5DH
West Kirby St Bridget's Cofe Primary School - CH48 3JT
West Lancashire Community High School - WN8 8EH
West Lancashire Personalised Curriculum Serv - L39 4QX
West Street Community Primary School - BB8 0HW
West Timperley Playgroup - WA14 5NB
Westbank Nursery - WN8 6JA
Westbourne House Day Nursery - LA1 5EF
Westbrook Old Hall Primary School - WA5 9QA
Westcliff Primary School - FY2 9BY
Western Mobile Rural Nursery - CA5 3NT
Westfield Community Playg - WA7 4TR
Westfield Community School - WN5 9XN
Westfield Nursery And Primary School - CA14 5BD
Westfield Primary School - WA7 4TR
Westgate Pre-school - LA4 4UG
Westhaughton Community Learning Centre - BL5 3DS
Westhead Lathom St James' Church Of England Primary School - L40 6HL
Westholme School - BB2 6QU
Westhoughton High School - BL5 3BZ
Westhoughton Parochial Cofe Primary School - BL5 3NZ
Westhoughton Pre School Playgroup - BL5 2NR
Westhoughton Primary School - BL5 3DT
Westlands Cottage Day Nursery - OL8 4HL
Westleigh High School - A College Of Technology - WN7 5NL
Westleigh St Paul's Cofe Primary School - WN7 5JN
Westminster Nursery School - CW2 7LJ
Westminster Primary School - CH65 2ED
Westmorland Primary School - SK5 8HH
Westmorland School - PR7 3NQ
Weston - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Weston Point Community Primary School - WA7 4EQ
Weston Point Pre-school Playgroup - WA7 4EQ
Weston Pre-school Group - WA7 4RA
Weston Primary School - WA7 4RA
Weston Village Primary School - CW2 5LZ
Westvale Primary School - L32 0RQ
Westwood Park Community Primary School - M30 8DH
Westwood Primary School - OL9 6BH
Westwood Primary School - PR5 8LS
Wetheral Playschool - CA4 8HD
Wetherby Street Children's Centre - M11 1NU
Whalley Church Of England Primary School - BB7 9SY
Whalley Pre-school Playgroup - BB7 9RH
Whalley Range 11-18 High School And Business And Enterprise College - M16 8GW
Wharton Church Of England Junior School - CW7 3EP
Wharton Primary School - M38 9XA
Wheatley Lane Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary School - BB12 9ED
Wheelock Heath Playgroup - CW11 4RJ
Wheelock Pre-school - CW11 3RT
Wheelock Primary School - CW11 3RT
Wheelton Nursery - PR6 8HJ
Whinfell School - LA9 5EZ
Whinfield School - PR25 2YJ
Whirley Pre School Group - SK10 3JR
Whirley Primary School - SK10 3JL
Whiston Hospital Creche - L35 5DR
Whiston Willis Community Primary School - L35 2XY
Whitby Heath Primary School - CH65 6RJ
White Coppice Nursery - PR6 9DE
White House Park School - PR6 8BN
Whitebeam School - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Whitecastle Nursery - OL7 0TL
Whitechapel Playgroup Ltd - PR3 2EP
Whitefield Community Primary School - M45 6DP
Whitefield Kiddiland - L6 5DD
Whitefield Kindergarten - M45 8DY
Whitefield Preparatory School - M45 7EL
Whitefield Primary School - L6 2HZ
Whitefield Primary School - PR1 0RH
Whitefriars Private Nursery School - PR1 9XH
Whitegate Cofe Primary School - CW8 2AY
Whitegate End Primary And Nursery School - OL9 8EB
Whitegate Nursery School - BB12 8TG
Whitegate Pre-school Nursery - CW8 2BL
Whitehall Day Nursery School - M33 3NL
Whitehaven School - CA28 8TY
Whitehill Primary School - SK4 1PB
Whiteholme Community Playschool - FY5 3AL
Whitehouse Playgroup - M8 4JZ
Whitley Community Pre-school - WA4 4HR
Whitley Pre-school Playgroup - WN1 2QR
Whitley Village School - WA4 4QH
Whittaker Moss Primary School - OL11 5UY
Whittlefield Primary School - BB12 0HL
Whittle-le-woods Church Of England Primary School - PR6 7PS
Whitworth Community High School - OL12 8TS
Whitworth Playgroup - OL12 8TL
Wicksten Drive Playschool - WA7 5PW
Widnes Sixth Form College - WA8 5WA
Wigan & Leigh College Nursery - WN1 1RS
Wigan & Leigh College Playgroup - WN7 4AH
Wigan &leigh College - WN1 1RS
Wigan And Leigh College - WN1 1RS
Wigan And Leigh College Nursery - WN7 1XN
Wigan Portage Service - M46 0HX
Wigan St Andrew's Cofe Junior And Infant School - WN6 7AU
Wigan Travellers Service - WN2 3RY
Wigan Warriors Rlfc - WN5 0UH
Wigan Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School - WN3 5HN
Wiggonby Cofe School - CA7 0JR
Wiggonby Playgroup - CA7 0JR
Wignall Pre-school - FY5 5HQ
Wigton Infant School - CA7 9JR
Wigton Road Nursery - CA2 7AY
Wilbraham Primary School - M14 7FB
Wild Bank Community School - SK15 2PG
Wildbank Early Years Centre - SK15 2PG
Willaston Cofe Primary School - CH64 2TN
Willaston Grange Playgroup - CH64 2UN
Willaston Playgroup - CW5 7JF
Willaston Pre-school Playgroup - CH64 2UF
Willaston Primary School - CW5 6QQ
William Beamont Community High School - WA2 8PX
William Gladstone Church Of England Primary School - L21 1AW
William Howard School - CA8 1AR
William Hulmes Day Nursery - M21 9JT
William Hulme's Preparatory Dept - M16 8PR
William Stockton Community Primary School - CH65 8DH
Willow Grove Primary School - WN4 8XF
Willow House Kindergarten - WN1 2AY
Willow Lane Community Primary School - LA1 5PR
Willow Tree Primary School - WA9 4LZ
Willow Wood Community Primary School - CW7 3HN
Willowdene Nursery - WA8 6SJ
Willowfield School - L27 7BR
Willows Corner Nursery - PR2 3PL
Willows Nursery School - WA4 6PS
Willows Primary School - WA15 6PP
Willowtree Nursery School - WA13 0SR
Wilmslow Day Nursery - SK9 1BG
Wilmslow Grange Primary And Nursery School - SK9 3NG
Wilmslow High School - SK9 1LZ
Wilmslow Methodist Pre-school - SK9 5AJ
Wilmslow Preparatory School - SK9 5EG
Wimboldsley Community Primary School - CW10 0LN
Wincham Community Primary School - CW9 6EP
Wincle Cofe Primary School - SK11 0QH
Wind In The Willows - L30 5RH
Wind In The Willows - WA11 9RZ
Wind In The Willows - WA12 9XD
Wind In The Willows - WA9 2EX
Wind In The Willows Ltd - M34 7WU
Wind In The Willows Nurseries Ltd - M43 7RA
Wind In The Willows Nurseries Ltd - WA12 9XD
Wind In The Willows P.d.n Crosslane - WA12 9PT
Windermere Cofe Junior School - LA23 2DD
Windermere St Anne's School - LA23 1NW
Windlehurst Playgroup - WA10 6LR
Windlehurst School - SK6 7HZ
Windmill Day Nursery - FY5 2TZ
Windmill Hill Primary School - WA7 6QE
Windmill Hill Under Fives Pre School - WA7 6QE
Windmill Lane Playgroup - M34 2FS
Windmill Lane Pre-school - M34 2FS
Windmill Pre-school - FY8 4HA
Windsor Community Primary School - L8 8JE
Windsor House Nursery - PR2 8AB
Windsor Road Day Nursery - M40 6QQ
Wings School - LA7 7DN
Winmarleigh Church Of England Primary School - PR3 0LA
Winnington Park Community Primary And Nursery School - CW8 4AZ
Winsford High Street Community School - CW7 2AU
Winstanley Children S Centre - M40 7WN
Winstanley College - WN5 7XF
Winstanley Community Primary School - WN3 6JP
Winston Playgroup - WA14 5AY
Winton Early Years Centre - M30 8AB
Winwick Cofe Primary School - WA2 8LQ
Winwick Pre-school Nursery - WA2 8LQ
Wirral Christian Centre - CH41 2UE
Wirral Christian Centre Day Nursery - CH41 2UE
Wirral Grammar School For Boys - CH63 3AQ
Wirral Grammar School For Girls - CH63 3AF
Wirral Hospitals School And Home Education Service Community Base - CH41 0EZ
Wirral Metropolitan College - CH41 4NT
Wirral Metropolitan College - CH62 0AY
Wirrla Portage Service - CH45 8RE
Wishing Well Day Nursery - L12 9HH
Wistaston Church Lane Primary School - CW2 8EZ
Wistaston Green Primary School - CW2 8QS
Wistaston Pre-school - CW2 8EZ
Witherslack Hall School - LA11 6SD
Withington Girls' School - M14 6BL
Withington Hospital Staff Day Nursery/playpen - M20 2LR
Withins School - BL2 5JB
Withnell Fold Primary School - PR6 8BA
Witton Church Walk Cofe Primary School - CW9 5QQ
Witton Park High School - BB2 6TD
Wolverham + Stanney Pre-school - CH65 9DB
Wolverham Playgroup - CH65 5DD
Wolverham Primary And Nursery School - CH65 5AT
Womens Educational Training Trust - L1 9HL
Wonderland - L15 6UU
Wonderland Day Nursery - L15 4HT
Wonderland Private Kindergarten - PR2 1EN
Wood Fold Fledglings - WN6 0TS
Wood Fold Primary School - WN6 0TS
Woodbank Pre-school - SK1 4JA
Woodbank Primary School - BL8 1AX
Woodchurch Cofe Primary School - CH49 7LS
Woodchurch High School Engineering College - CH49 7NG
Woodchurch Road Primary School - CH42 9LJ
Woodentops Day Nursery - WA7 5RU
Woodfall Primary School - CH64 4BT
Woodfield Nursery - OL8 4ET
Woodfield Nursery School - BB9 5BE
Woodfield Primary School - CH2 2QE
Woodfield Primary School - WN1 2NT
Woodfield Private Nursery - BL5 2BX
Woodford Lodge High School - CW7 4EH
Woodford Nursery Centre - SK7 1PS
Woodford Prep & Nursery School - SK7 1PS
Woodhey High School - BL0 9QZ
Woodheys Primary School - M33 4PG
Woodhouse Park Playgroup - M22 1QW
Woodhouse Primary School - M41 7WW
Woodhouses Voluntary Primary School - M35 9WL
Woodland Community Primary School - OL10 3BX
Woodland Day Nursery - CH42 4NT
Woodlands Community Primary School - WN8 6QH
Woodlands Day Nursery - CW12 3AY
Woodlands Day Nursery - L25 0QG
Woodlands Day Nursery & Pre-school - L17 6AE
Woodlands Day Nursery & Pre-school - L36 5ST
Woodlands Nursery - CW5 6LW
Woodlands Pre-school Nursery - CW8 1PF
Woodlands Primary School - CH41 2SY
Woodlands Primary School - CH66 2JX
Woodlands Primary School - L37 2JN
Woodlands School - FY3 9HF
Woodlea Junior School - PR25 1JL
Woodley Primary School - SK6 1LH
Woodplumpton St Anne's Cofe Primary School - PR4 0NE
Woods End Centre - M41 8RN
Woodside Nursery - OL15 9JY
Woodside Pre-school Nursery - PR5 4LA
Woodside Primary School - WA7 5YP
Woodslee Primary School - CH62 2BP
Woolfold Pre-school Group - BL8 1TD
Woolfold Pre-school Group - BL8 2NS
Woolston Cofe Aided Primary School - WA1 4QL
Woolston Community High School - WA1 4LS
Woolston Community Primary School - WA1 4PA
Woolton Infants' School - L25 5NN
Woolton Junior School - L25 5NN
Woolton Playgroup - L25 7RJ
Woolton Village Day Nursery - L25 6HL
Woore Pre-school Group - CW3 9SQ
Woore Primary School - CW3 9SQ
Worden Sports College - PR25 1QX
Workington Sixth Form Centre - CA14 3SE
Worsley Hall Early Years And Families Resource Cen - WN5 9RQ
Worsley Hall Family Centre - WN5 9RQ
Worsley Mesnes Pre-school - WN3 5JA
Worsley Pre-school - M28 2WF
Worsthorne Primary School - BB10 3LR
Worth Primary School - SK12 1QA
Worthington Primary School - M33 2JJ
Wray School Pre School - LA2 8QE
Wray With Botton Endowed Primary School - LA2 8QE
Wrea Green Pre-school - PR4 2WA
Wreay Cofe Primary School - CA4 0RL
Wrenbury Pre-school Playgroup - CW5 8EN
Wrenbury Primary School - CW5 8EN
Wright Robinson Sports College - M18 8RL
Wright Start Nursery - CA25 5LW
Wrightington Mossy Lea Primary School - WN6 9RN
Wybunbury Delves Cofe Primary School - CW5 7NE
Wyche Primary School - CW5 5LX
Wyndham Lodge - WA14 1JI
Wyndham School - CA22 2DQ
Wythenshawe Hospital Play Pen - M23 9NR
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