School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools T

Incorporating schools within the North West.

T.js Playschool - PR7 5EJ
Tab Playgroup - L8 6SE
Tabitha Twitchett & Friends - FY4 4JN
Tadpoles Nursery - PR8 2QZ
Tadpoles Playgroup - WA11 8JX
Tall Trees Day Nursery - M8 6RL
Talmud Torah Chinuch Nori - M7 2AU
Talmud Torah Chinuch Norim - M7 2AU
Talmud Torah Yetev Lev - M7 2BT
Tame Valley Primary School - SK5 8LA
Tameside Childminder Network - M43 7RG
Tameside College - OL6 6NX
Tameside College Nursery - OL6 6NX
Tameside College Nursery - OL6 6NX
Tameside College Pre-school - OL6 6NX
Tardis Pre-school - BB10 2BX
Tarleton Community Primary School - PR4 6AT
Tarleton High School A Community Technology College - PR4 6AQ
Tarleton Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - PR4 6UP
Tarleton Mere Brow Church Of England Primary School - PR4 6JX
Tarleton Tots Day Nursery - PR4 6AQ
Tarporley Cofe Primary School - CW6 0AN
Tarporley Community High School - CW6 0BL
Tarporley Done Room Playgroup - CW6 0AG
Tarvin Pre School Nursery - CH3 8LS
Tarvin Primary School - CH3 8LS
Tashbar School - M7 4HL
Tashbar School & Nursery - M7 4HL
Tatham Fells Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LA2 8RA
Tatham Fells School First Class - LA2 8RA
Tattenhall Park Primary School - CH3 9AH
Tattenhall Playgroup - CH3 9AH
Tatton Educational Childcare Centre - PR6 0PR
Tatton Educational Childcare Centre - PR7 2DS
Tauheedul Islam Girls High School - BB1 7EY
Taunton Street Children's Centre - M4 7FA
Taywood Nursery - BB11 4BU
Tcc Playgroup - L8 4TX
Tebay Community Primary School - CA10 3XB
Teddies Day Nursery - OL1 2BH
Teddies Nurseries - WA16 6EQ
Teddy Bears Corner - M41 5SL
Teddybear Nursery Ltd - OL16 5BA
Teddybear Playgroup - CH65 9DB
Teeny Tots Playgroup - WA9 1DP
Temple Primary School - M8 8SA
Temple Sowerby Cofe Primary School - CA10 1RZ
Temple Sowerby School Nursery - CA10 1RZ
Temple St Playgroup - M24 2HT
Templemoor Infant And Nursery School - M33 2EG
Terra Nova Pre-prep & Nursery - CW4 8BT
Terra Nova School - CW4 8BT
Tetton Day Nursery - CW10 0HH
Thames - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Thames Children's Centre - FY4 1EE
Thames Pre-school Centre - FY4 1ED
Thames Primary School - FY4 1ED
Thames Primary School - FY4 1EE
Thatto Heath Community Primary School - WA9 5QX
The Academy Of St Francis Of Assisi - L6 7UR
The Accrington Pre-school Early Learning Alliance - BB5 5AT
The Acorn Playgroup - L39 2DP
The Acorns Primary And Nursery School - CH65 8HL
The Albion High School - M6 6QT
The Alex Zone Playing For Success Study Support Centre - CW2 6EB
The Alfred Barrow School - LA14 2LB
The Alsop High School A Technology College - L4 6SH
The Alternative Provision Project - BL9 0SB
The Ansdell Nursery School - FY8 4DR
The Arches Community Primary School - CH1 5EZ
The Ark - M45 6DP
The Arts Centre (liverpool Community College) - L7 7JA
The Arts Centre Pre School Kindergarton - SK10 5JR
The Avenue Playgroup - M33 4PL
The Avenue Private Nursery - WN7 1ET
The Barlow Rc High School And Specialist Science College - M20 6BX
The Bay Pre-school - LA4 5JL
The Beacon Church Of England Primary School - L5 3QG
The Beeches Day Nursery - M33 2BY
The Beechwood Childrens Nursery - BB1 2LB
The Beehive - FY6 7NU
The Belvedere School - L8 3TF
The Beresford Pre-school Playgroup - CH45 0JJ
The Berkeley Primary School - CW2 6RU
The Big Picture - PR8 6PA
The Bilan Centre - M16 7EU
The Birch Tree Children S Centre - CH41 4NT
The Birches - FY6 7HT
The Birches School - M20 2XZ
The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School (church Of England Voluntary Aided) - CA2 4HG
The Bishops' Blue Coat Church Of England High School - CH3 5XF
The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School - PR2 6LX
The Blue Coat Cofe School - OL1 3SQ
The Blue Coat School - L15 9EE
The Blue Tin Roof Nursery - BB2 4BJ
The Bluebirds Study Centre Barrow A.f.c. - LA14 5UW
The Bluezone Study Centre - M14 7WN
The Book People Nursery - WA11 9UL
The Boys & Girls Welfare Society - SK8 1JE
The Bridge Nursery - BL9 9TQ
The Bridge Playgroup - L23 3BA
The Broadway Day Nursery - OL2 5EP
The Bungalow Private Day Nursery - M34 3HR
The Buzz Co The Peacock Centre - M18 8AX
The Byrchall High School - WN4 9PQ
The Cathedral Catholic Primary School Lancaster - LA1 3BT
The Catholic High School Chester A Specialist Science College - CH4 7HS
The Chalet Kindergarten - CH49 4NR
The Chalet Nursery School - M33 3FD
The Cheshire Day Nursery - WA4 1JN
The Children S Cabin Project - M14 4TE
The Childrens Centre - L1 9AX
The Childrens Centre Wmc - CH42 9QD
The Children's Nursery - BB18 5EY
The Children's Society - OL11 2RL
The Chimneys Pre-school Childcare - CH1 4BL
The Civic Hall Playgroup - SK12 1JG
The Clifton Centre - M27 8GW
The Cobbs Infant School - WA4 3DB
The Committee Of Happy Hours Playgroup/after Schoo - L31 7BY
The Committee Of Tugboats Pre-school - WA4 2XT
The Cooperative College - M60 0AS
The Coppice School - PR5 6GY
The Cottage Day Nursery - LA6 2PU
The County High School Leftwich - CW9 8EZ
The Croft - OL2 8LU
The Croft Day Nursery - L25 0QG
The Croft Pre-school - CW1 5RJ
The Crosses Nursery - CW11 1HD
The Cygnet Nursery At Town Green - L39 6SE
The Dale Playgroup - SK6 6HB
The Dale Primary School - SK6 6HB
The Deanery Church Of England High School And Sixth Form College - WN1 1HQ
The Deans Primary School - M27 0WA
The Derby High School - BL9 9NH
The Dingle Primary School - CW1 5SD
The District Cofe Primary School - WA12 9PZ
The Duckling Club - BB5 0LD
The Elms Nursery - BL1 7JJ
The Elms School - L28 1RX
The Elton High School Specialist Arts College - BL8 1RN
The Evaglades - LA2 7BX
The Firs School - CH2 2HJ
The First Step Nursery@ The First Step Centre - BB1 6BH
The Fledglings - PR3 0RY
The Flixton Centre - M41 5GW
The Friars Primary School - M3 7EU
The Gates Primary School - BL5 3QA
The Gerard Pupil Referral Unit - WN4 8PD
The Goslings Winterley - CW11 4RP
The Grange Junior School - CW8 3AU
The Grange Primary School - L30 0QS
The Grange School - CW8 1LU
The Greenhouse Montessori School - WA15 7UA
The Griffin Nursery - L30 0QS
The Grosvenor Centre - M7 1QT
The Hathershaw College Of Technology & Sport - OL8 3EP
The Haulgh Nursery Group - BL2 1PA
The Heys Primary School - OL6 9NS
The Hillside Nursery - OL1 4NT
The Hollies Pre-school - SK12 1LN
The Hollies Pre-school Nursery - PR6 9BJ
The Hollins Technology College - BB5 2QY
The Hospital And Home Tuition Team At Sandfield Park School - L12 1LH
The Joseph Rayner Ind Sch - OL8 3HX
The Jumbles Childrens Nursery - BL7 0EF
The Jumbles Children's Nursery - BL7 0EF
The Kindergarten - SK10 2QX
The King David High School - M8 5DY
The King S School In Macclesfield - SK10 1DA
The Kingfisher Community Special School - OL9 9QR
The King's School - CH4 7QL
The King's School - SK10 1DA
The Kingsfold Christian School - PR4 6AA
The Kingsway School - SK8 4QX
The Lakes School - LA23 1HW
The Laurels Nursery - WA4 6LG
The Learning Tree - BL0 0PQ
The Learning Tree Nursery - CH43 9RS
The Lilian Harris Day Nursery - SK8 4AP
The Limes Childcare - PR3 3JA
The Little Browsers Playgroup - WA2 0SF
The Little House Holiday Playgroup - WA16 9PZ
The Little House Playgroup - WA16 9PZ
The Little Lot Nursery - WA4 6DT
The Little Playgroup - CW4 7BA
The Little Playgroup - CW4 7BD
The Little School - CW8 2LB
The Little School - CW8 2LB
The Loyne School - LA1 2PZ
The Lyndale School - CH62 8DE
The Manchester Grammar School - M13 0XT
The Manchester Metropolitan University - M15 6BH
The Manor Nursery School - FY4 4UZ
The Manor Pre-school Nursery - CA2 6JP
The Manse - M30 9AP
The Manse Nursery - M30 9AP
The Marlborough Primary School - SK10 2HJ
The Mead Nursery - L25 6EJ
The Meadows School - M9 6HE
The Morton School - CA2 6LB
The Mosslands School - CH45 8PJ
The Mount Pre-school Group - WA3 6QG
The Nateral School - CH3 9HJ
The Nelson Thomlinson School - CA7 9PX
The New Beeches Playschool - SK6 3AZ
The New Broadwalk Pru - M6 5EJ
The New Burnley (secondary) Special School - BB12 0BU
The New Den Pre-school - SK8 1PQ
The New Little Village Nursery - FY8 4ER
The Nook School - BB8 8HH
The Nursery - CA14 3YA
The Nursery - CW12 4BA
The Nursery - CW2 6QT
The Nursery At Brockhall - BB6 8HL
The Nursery Egremont Ltd - CA22 2BD
The Nursery Group - BL0 9SU
The Oaks After School Club - PR2 8ER
The Oaks Community Primary School - CH65 9EX
The Oaks Day Nursery - CH2 4HT
The Oaks Day Nursery - CH65 9AY
The Oaks Primary School - BL1 7HS
The Observatory School - CH43 7QT
The Old Library Nursery - OL12 9ER
The Old School House Nursery - L14 5NX
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery - LA14 5SS
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery - WA4 5NS
The Old Vicarage Nursery - BB2 1UY
The Oldershaw School - CH45 4RJ
The Orchard Day Nursery - SK9 3JX
The Oswaldtwistle School - BB5 3DA
The Out Of School Experience Ltd - BB2 6DH
The Out Of School Experience( Neighbourhood Nursery) Ltd - BB1 2HP
The Oval Pre-school - CH45 6UX
The Parish Church Ce Va Junior School - OL1 3PU
The Park Nursery - OL8 1RD
The Park Playgroup - M16 9BQ
The Park Pre-school - PR4 2AN
The Parklands Day Nursery - CH62 0AY
The Pavilion Pre-school - L39 5DG
The Pendlebury Centre - SK3 0RJ
The Pies Pre-school - OL4 2JL
The Playhouse Daycare Company - WN7 2LX
The Playroom Day Nursery - CA28 8PE
The Playstation - LA3 2XH
The Posh Club Playgroup - OL8 1RD
The Potters House School - BL9 5HD
The Pre-school Centre - PR7 1EE
The Pride Of Little Hoole School Nursery - PR4 5QL
The Priory Parish Cofe Primary School - CH41 4HS
The Priory Pre-school - CH41 4HJ
The Priory Pre-school - CH41 4HS
The Quays Day Nursery - WA4 2XT
The Queen Katherine School - LA9 6PJ
The Queen's School - CH1 2NN
The Quinta Primary School - CW12 4LX
The Radclyffe School - OL9 9QZ
The Rainbow Nursery School - M33 2BH
The Reach Pre School - CW2 6JW
The Red House Nursery - BL1 6LN
The Rises Private Day Nursery - OL2 8PQ
The Robins - PR3 1YL
The Robins Priv Day Nurs & Pre-school - PR3 1YL
The Roebuck School - PR2 2BN
The Rose School - BB11 4PF
The Rosebank Centre - WA13 0JG
The Russett School And The Cheshire Msi Unit - CW8 3BW
The Ryleys School - SK9 7UY
The Salvation Army Playgroup - L25 2SN
The Sarah Bartholomew School - CW6 0JJ
The Secondary Behaviour Support Service - SK5 8DR
The Shutters Village Day Nursery - OL12 7DW
The Spinney Day Nursery - CH2 3PA
The Squirrels Childcare Centre - FY2 0PD
The Squirrels Pre-school - CW8 2XG
The St Anne's College Grammar School - FY8 1HN
The Stables Nursery - WA4 4ED
The Sunnyhurst Centre - BB3 1HZ
The Swinton High School - M27 6JU
The Sylvester Primary School - L36 0UX
The Tab Pre-school - L8 6SB
The Teddy Club - BB12 8TG
The Together Trust - SK8 1JE
The Town House Day Nursery - WA5 0JT
The Trinity Catholic Primary School - L5 8UT
The University Of Bolton - BL3 5AB
The Vale Playgroup - WN6 9DR
The Valley Community Primary School - BL1 8JG
The Verdin High School - CW7 2BT
The Vicarage Day Nursery - FY5 2BD
The Village Day Nursery - WN6 8LR
The Village Nursery - FY1 6EU
The Village Nursery - M17 1JE
The Village Nursery - OL4 5AF
The Village Playgroup - BL8 3NW
The Village Playschool Burton - CH64 5TH
The Village Pre-school - CH64 4BT
The Village Pre-school - WA3 6TS
The Warren Childrens Day Nursery - CH45 0JS
The Wash Nursery School - SK12 6DT
The Waterside Nursery - CH41 1AG
The Wendy House - CH49 0TN
The Whitby High School - CH66 2NU
The Whitehouse Pre-school Playgroup - CH45 6TY
The Willows Catholic Primary School Kirkham - PR4 2BT
The Willows Primary School - M22 1BQ
The Wishing Well Day Nursery - SK7 4JE
The Young Mums Unit - BL3 6HU
Thelwall Community Infant School - WA4 2HF
Thelwall Community Junior School - WA4 2HX
Thelwall Pre School - WA4 2HZ
Thingwall Pre-school And Playgroup - CH61 7UG
Thingwall Primary School - CH61 7UG
Thirlmere Playgroup - CH45 4LN
Thirlmere Playgroup - M24 5NU
Thirlmere Road Playgroup - L5 6PP
Thomas Gray Primary School - L20 4LX
Thomasson Memorial School - BL1 4PJ
Thomlinson Junior School - CA7 9PG
Thorley Day Nursery - WA15 7AL
Thorn Grove Primary School - SK8 7LD
Thorncliffe Barn P D N - SK14 8JJ
Thorncliffe House Private Day Nursery - OL7 9DR
Thorncliffe Pre-school - LA14 5PZ
Thorncliffe School - A Specialist Sports College - LA14 5QP
Thorneyholme Nursery & Baby Unit - BB7 3BB
Thorneyholme Roman Catholic Primary School Dunsop Bridge - BB7 3BG
Thornham St James Cofe Primary School - OL2 6XT
Thornhill Nursery - CA22 2SJ
Thornhill Primary School - CA22 2SJ
Thornleigh Salesian College - BL1 6PQ
Thornton Cleveleys Baines Endowed Voluntary Controlled Primary School - FY5 5HY
Thornton Cleveleys Manor Beach Primary School - FY5 1EU
Thornton Cleveleys Millfield High School - FY5 5DG
Thornton Cleveleys Playgroup - FY5 4BJ
Thornton Cleveleys Royles Brook Primary School - FY5 2TY
Thornton Hough Playgroup - CH63 1JA
Thornton Hough Primary School - CH63 1JJ
Thornton Pre-school Playgroup - FY5 5BJ
Thornton Primary School - FY5 4JP
Thornton Primary School - L23 4TF
Thornton-cleveleys Red Marsh School - FY5 4HH
Thorp Primary School - OL2 5TY
Three Bears Playgroup - WA2 0LN
Three Gables Day Nursery - CH49 3NR
Three Little Pigs Day Nursery - BB5 3QN
Threefields Playgroup - WN5 0EF
Threlkeld Cofe Primary School - CA12 4RX
Thumbs Up Club - L23 5UE
Thurnham Glasson Christ Church Church Of England Primary School - LA2 0AR
Thursby County Nursery Service Unit - CA5 6PN
Thursby Nursery Group - CA5 6PN
Thursby Primary School - CA5 6PN
Thurstaston Dawpool Cofe Primary School - CH61 0HH
Thwaites School - LA18 5HP
Tibbi Tots Daycare Nursery - PR8 2AT
Tibbi Tots Nursery - PR8 2AT
Tiddlers & Toddlers Nursery School - BB7 1DG
Tiddleywinks Ltd - SK14 2LJ
Tiddlywinks Day Nursery - L39 2AZ
Tiddlywinks Pre-school - PR25 3ET
Tiddlywinks Private Nursery - M9 6PW
Tiggywinkles Day Nursery - PR4 3ZB
Tiggy-winkles Day Nursery - WA5 1QE
Tilston Parochial Cofe Primary School - SY14 7HB
Time For Nursery - LA3 2BN
Tinkerbell P D N - OL15 8JP
Tinkerbells Ltd - PR2 1DY
Tinkerbells Middlewich Day Nursery - CW10 0J
Tinkerbells Nursery - M38 9AW
Tiny Feet Day Nursery - M41 5AH
Tiny Hearts Day Nursery - L22 1RP
Tiny Toes Childrens Day Nursery - SK8 5AT
Tiny Tots Cottage - L10 1LD
Tiny Tots Day Nursery - WN8 8BX
Tiny Tots Day Nursery - WN8 9AZ
Tiny Tots Day Nursery And Education Centre - PR1 2US
Tiny Tots Nursery - BL3 2LU
Tiny Tots Nursery - OL2 6AE
Tiny Tots Pre-school - FY4 5DF
Tiny Tots Pre-school - OL4 1AH
Tinytots Day Nursery - CH44 9DQ
Tinytots Vision Ltd - M7 1RN
Tinytots Vision Ltd The Angel - M2 2AA
Tithe Barn Primary School - SK4 3NG
T'mimei Lev School - M7 4QY
T'mimie-lev Torah Tots - M7 4QY
To Be Confirmed - M24 4LA
To Be Confirmed - WN2 3TH
To Be Decided -
Toddle In Day Nursery - L15 7LS
Toddle-inn Nursery - FY7 6ST
Toddler Town Nursery - CA14 2RZ
Toddlers Den Nursery - CA1 1LB
Toddlers Inn Childcare Centre - BB3 0AA
Todmorden Cofe Junior And Infant School - OL14 7BS
Todmorden Community Playgroup - OL14 7BS
Todmorden High School - OL14 7DG
Tommy Thumbs Pre-school - CW10 9BX
Tomorrows People (childca - M3 5EU
Tonacliffe Primary School - OL12 8SS
Tonge Moor Primary School - BL2 2LR
Tootal Drive Primary School - M6 8DP
Top O'th'brow Primary School - BL2 5DD
Top Tots Playgroup - BB4 5QU
Toppers Day Nursery - BB1 4JJ
Tops Playgroup - CW6 0AY
Tor View School - BB4 6LR
Torah Tots - M8 0FY
Torkington Primary School - SK7 6NR
Torrisholme Kindergarten - LA4 6NP
Total Tots Limited - LA1 3PE
Tots Junction - M24 2AT
Tots Junction Nursery - OL2 8AD
Tots Uk - CH43 3DX
Totstop Playgroup - CA2 4BS
Totstop Pre-school - BL2 2BD
Tottington High School - BL8 3LY
Tottington Nursery School - BL8 3NJ
Tottington Primary School - BL8 3HR
Tower College - L35 6NE
Tower Dene School - PR9 9RH
Town Lane Infant School - CH63 8LD
Townfield Preschool - CH43 2LH
Townfield Primary School - CH43 2LH
Townley House Nursery - PR5 5UA
Toy Box Pre School Playgroup - BL7 9XE
Toy Town (nw) Ltd - L30 7PT
Trafford Tots Nursery - M32 0ZS
Tranmere Rovers Fc - CH42 9PY
Travellers Pre-school Bus - CA1 1PU
Trawden Forest Primary School - BB8 8RN
Trax Academy - PR2 2HW
Treales Church Of England Primary School - PR4 3SH
Tree Tops Day Nursery - BL3 3AP
Tree Tops Day Nursery And Pre-school Centre - PR9 8BB
Treetops - FY2 9QU
Treetops (lmc Lancaster) - LA1 2TY
Treetops Day Nursery - CH48 5HE
Treetops Day Nursery - L11 9AZ
Treetops Nursery - M24 1NY
Treetops Nursery (lmc Ridge) - LA1 3HR
Treetops Pre-school Group - SK6 6AL
Treetops@brookbank - SK14 2PE
Trinity - BL4 8EX
Trinity And St Michael's Va Cofe/methodist Primary School - PR26 9HJ
Trinity Church Of England/methodist School - WN8 8PW
Trinity Cofe High School - M15 6HP
Trinity Methodist Playgroup - SK3 8TP
Trinity Playgroup - L9 2BU
Trinity Playgroup - M33 3ED
Trinity Playgroup - M33 3FB
Trinity Playgroup - M43 6EP
Trinity Playgroup - WN1 2PG
Trinity Pre-school - BB7 2JY
Trinity Pre-school - OL2 5QR
Trinity Pre-school - WN1 2PG
Trinity School - CA1 1JB
Trinity School - SK15 1SH
Trinity St Peter's Ce Primary School - L37 7EJ
Trinity Sunflower Group - WN8 8PW
Trumacar Community Primary School - LA3 2ST
Tuebrook Tots Nursery - L13 8BY
Tulketh Community Sports College - PR2 3TX
Tumbles Nursery - WA3 6UJ
Turf Lane Community Centre Playgrou - OL9 8HP
Turf Lane Playgroup - OL9 8HP
Turncroft Nursery School - BB3 2DN
Turton And Edgworth Cofe/methodist Controlled Primary School - BL7 0AH
Turton Belmont Community Primary School - BL7 8AH
Turton High School Media Arts College - BL7 9LT
Twelve Apostles Catholic Primary School - WN7 5JS
Twincle Pre-school Nursery Care - SK11 0QH
Twinkle Star Pre-school - M43 6EP
Twiss Green Community Primary School - WA3 4DQ
Twist Lane Private Day Nursery - WN7 4BZ
Two Trees Sports College - M34 7QL
Tyldesley County Primary Pre-school Group - M29 8JE
Tyldesley Primary School - M29 7PY
Tyldesley St George's Central Cofe Primary School - M29 8DH
Tyntesfield Primary School - M33 4HE
Tytherington High School - SK10 2EE
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