School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools P-Q

Incorporating schools within the North West.

P I E S Kindergarten & Private Day Nursery - M45 8GW
P.a.l.s Playscheme - WN1 3LU
Pace - WA9 2LH
Paddingtons Day Nursery - M33 5JX
Padgate Community High School - WA2 0LN
Padiham Green Church Of England Primary School - BB12 7AX
Padiham Playgroup - BB12 8BU
Padiham Primary School - BB12 8SJ
Padiham St Leonard's Voluntary Aided Church Of England Primary School - BB12 8HT
Paint Pots Ltd - M1 7BD
Paint Pots Playgroup - SK10 2RQ
Paintpots Ltd - SK1 1DY
Palacefields Pre-school - WA7 2QW
Palacefields Primary School - WA7 2QW
Palatine Community Sports College - FY4 2AR
Palmerston School - L25 6EE
Pals (play & Learn Session) - WA2 0JA
Pals Pre-school -
Panda Playgroup - OL5 0RF
Pandamonium Day Nursery - M11 1NW
Panda-pre-school Group - OL9 7RG
Pandoras Playgroup - OL10 4HW
Paradise Lane (st Peter's) Pre-school - L37 7EH
Parbold Douglas Church Of England Primary School - WN8 7HS
Parbold Nursery School - WN8 7TG
Parbold Playgroup - WN8 7HS
Parenting 2000 - PR9 0TS
Parish Church Pre-school Playgroup - WA10 1LW
Parish Cofe Primary School - WA10 1LW
Parish Nursery - BB4 5RA
Park Brow Community Primary School - L32 6QH
Park Centre - WN3 5XE
Park Childrens Centre - L17 7BN
Park Family Centre Playgroup - CH43 4UX
Park High School - CH43 4UY
Park Hill - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Park Lane School - SK11 8JR
Park Nursery - BL9 7EY
Park Nursery School - BB2 6DG
Park Primary School - BB8 0QJ
Park Primary School - CH44 5RN
Park Road Community Primary School - WA5 3EF
Park Road Primary School - M33 6HT
Park Road Primary School - WA14 5AP
Park School - BL1 4AG
Park School - FY3 9HF
Park Street Pre-school - PR7 1ER
Park View - WA2 0LF
Park View Community Primary - M40 8FE
Park View Day Nursery - L8 3TA
Park View Playgroup - LA4 4QP
Park View Pre School - OL8 2BJ
Park View Primary School - L36 2LL
Park View Primary School - M25 1FA
Park View School - BB5 5PJ
Parkers Day Nursery - CW1 4PY
Parkfield Nursery School - CA2 5PG
Parkfield Playgroup - M24 6TE
Parkfield Primary School - M24 4AF
Parkgate Pre-school - CH64 6SW
Parkgate Primary School - CH64 6SW
Parklands Children & Family Centre - L24 0TR
Parklands Childrens And Family Centre -
Parklands Community Primary School - CH66 3RL
Parklands Day Nursery - CW5 7JT
Parklands High School - L24 2RZ
Parklands High School - M22 9RH
Parklands High School - PR7 1LL
Parklee Community School - M46 0AR
Parkroyal Community School - SK11 6QU
Parkside Playgroup - PR8 8SL
Parkview Nursery School - LA18 4JE
Parkview Private Play & Learning Group - CH46 7UQ
Parkview School - LA13 9AY
Parkway Playgroup - FY6 8JB
Parkwood Day Nursery - CH47 2DU
Parkwood House Nursery - CH1 6NH
Parkwood Nursery - CH43 7QW
Parochial Cofe Primary And Nursery School Ashton-under-lyne - OL6 6NN
Parrenthorn High School - M25 2GR
Parrs Wood High School - M20 5PG
Parsons Walk Pre-school - WN1 1RU
Partington Primary School - M31 4FL
Patterdale Cofe School - CA11 0NL
Patterdale Lodge Day Nursery - WA12 9DD
Pavilion Pre-school (aigburth) - L17 0HJ
Peacefield Early Learning - SK6 7PZ
Peacefield Primary School - SK6 7PZ
Peacocks Nursery - M34 5GJ
Pear Tree Day Nursery - CH3 8JH
Pear Tree School - CW5 7GZ
Peartree Day Nursery - CW7 4DA
Pebble Brook Primary School - CW2 6PL
Peek A Boo Day Care - FY5 2BD
Peel Brow School - BL0 0BJ
Peel Hall Primary School - M22 5AU
Peel Hall Primary School - M38 0BZ
Pembec High School - WN5 9XL
Pemberton Community High School - WN5 9XL
Pembroke Nursery - L20 7BB
Pendawra Nursery - CH66 1HQ
Pendle Community High School - BB8 8JT
Pendle Nursery - BB18 6AQ
Pendle Vale College - BB9 8JG
Pendle View Nursery - BB1 9EQ
Pendleton College - M6 7FR
Penguin Pre-school Playgroup - WA14 5AY
Penguins Playgroup - OL4 1RR
Penketh Community Primary School - WA5 2QY
Penketh High School - WA5 2BY
Penketh South Community Primary School - WA5 2PN
Penkford School - WA12 9XZ
Pennine Way Primary School - CA1 3RQ
Pennington Cofe School - LA12 0RR
Pennington Nursery - LA12 0RT
Pennsylvania House - FY4 4HH
Penny Bridge Cofe School - LA12 7RQ
Penrith Pre-school Nursery - CA11 7TR
Penruddock & Greystoke Pre-school Nursery Group - CA11 0QU
Penruddock Primary School - CA11 0QU
Pensby High School For Boys: A Specialist Sports College - CH61 6XN
Pensby High School For Girls - CH61 6XN
Pensby Infant School - CH61 5XW
Pensby Junior School - CH61 5UE
Pensby Park Pre-school Unit - CH61 8SD
Pensby Park Primary School - CH61 8SD
Pentrobin Primary School - CH4 0EN
Penwortham St Teresa's Catholic Primary School - PR1 0JH
Penwortham Broad Oak Primary School - PR1 9DE
Penwortham Girls' High School - PR1 0SR
Penwortham Middleforth Church Of England Primary School - PR1 9YE
Penwortham Primary School - PR1 0HU
Penyffordd Junior School - CH4 0LQ
Peover Superior Endowed Controlled Primary School - WA16 8TU
Perc - L3 8NT
Perry Brook Early Years Unit - WN4 0EP
Peter Pan Playgroup - OL1 4LJ
Peter Pan Pre School - CW10 9AR
Peter Pan Pre-school - CW10 9AR
Peter Pan Pre-school - M45 8GQ
Petteril Bank School - CA1 3BX
Pewithall Primary School - WA7 4XQ
Philips High School - M45 7PH
Phoenix Primary School - L7 9LY
Piccadilly Gardens Day Nursery - BB11 4PP
Pictor School - WA15 6PH
Piers House - FY4 2QN
Pies Kindergarten & Private Day Nursery - M45 8GW
Piggott Family Support Centre - BL4 9NS
Piglets Day Nursery - BB 5 5PN
Piglets Day Nursery - BB5 5PN
Pike Fold Primary School - M9 8ED
Pikes Lane Primary School - BL3 5HU
Pilling St John's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - PR3 6HA
Pilsworth - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Pine Lodge - CH2 1AW
Pine Lodge Creche & Day Nursery - CW1 5QX
Pine Lodge Preschool At Lodgefields - CW2 8TU
Pine Pixies Pre-schools - L37
Pine Pixies Pre-schools - L37 4AF
Pinehurst Primary School - L4 7UF
Pinewood Pre School Playgroup - CH60 0DL
Pinfold Primary School - L40 8HR
Pinfold Primary School - SK14 3NL
Pingawings Preschool - WN6 9RY
Pinky & Perky Nursery - BB5 4QA
Pinky & Perkys Day Nursery - BB5 4QA
Piper Hill High School - M23 0FF
Pipers Day Nursery - CH2 3ET
Pipers Day Nursery - PR6 0RY
Pipkins Day Nursery - PR8 6PH
Pippins - CA16 6TX
Pitter Patter Ltd - CH45 0JS
Pitter Patters - L4 2QH
Plant Hill Arts College - M9 0WQ
Plantation Primary School - L26 0TH
Platt Bridge Community Primary School - WN2 5NG
Platt Bridge Family Centre - WN2 5NW
Play Den - WA6 7LP
Play Pais Pre School - M7 4RF
Playaway Day Nursery - WA7 2TT
Play-away Day Nursery - WA7 5PY
Playaway Pre-school - BL8 1HS
Play-a-while - CA3 8RH
Playbox Playgroup - CW1 4RD
Playbox Playgroup - CW10 9BX
Playdays - L6 7UF
Playdays - PR8 2HW
Playdays - WN4 9UG
Playdays Day Care - BL6 5ES
Playdays Day Nursery - CH47 2BS
Playdays Nursery - FY1 5EN
Playdays Pre School Group - WA1 4PA
Playdays Under 5s - CH63 0LF
Playden Manor House - WA6 7LE
Playden Pre-school Playgroup - WA6 7QP
Playdor Nursery - PR6 0JW
Playmates Childcare & Education Ltd - LA9 4HP
Playmates Day Nursery - WA8 5UR
Playmates Nursery 2 - WA8 4PG
Playroom Day Nursery -
Playsafe Centres Ltd - BB4 4BJ
Playtime - CH42 0LR
Playtime Nursery - PR1 2HD
Playtime Phyliss Allen - BL1 8TT
Playtime Playgroup - M28 3AS
Pleasant Street - OL11 3BE
Pleasant Street Primary School - L3 5TS
Pleckgate High School Mathematics And Computing College - BB1 8QA
Plodder Lane Primary School - BL4 0DA
Plumbland Cofe School - CA7 2DQ
Plumbland Pre School Playgroup - CA7 2DQ
Plumley Under 5 S - WA16 0TR
Plumpton School - CA11 9PA
Plus Club Pre-school Playgroup - CH60 7SD
Plymouth Grove Primary School - M13 0AQ
Plymyard Pre-school - CH62 9AB
Pontville Residential School - L39 4TW
Pool House Community Primary School - PR2 7BX
Pool House Under 5's Nursery - PR2 7BX
Poole Park Playgroup - WA2 8QF
Poplar Road Family Centre - M32 9AN
Poplar Street Primary School - M34 5EF
Poplars Nursery - PR26 7SN
Poppies Red Cross Day Nursery - WA16 0AW
Portico Lodge - L35 7JS
Portland Primary School - CH41 0AB
Pott Shrigley Church School - SK10 5RT
Potters House (christian) Pre-school - BL9 5HD
Poulton Lancelyn Primary School - CH63 9LY
Poulton Penguins - CH63 9LY
Poulton Pre-school - LA4 5QA
Poulton Primary School - CH44 4ES
Poulton Square Playgroup - LA4 5PZ
Poulton-le-fylde Carr Head Primary School - FY6 8JB
Poulton-le-fylde St Chad's Cofe Primary School - FY6 7SR
Poulton-le-fylde The Breck Primary School - FY6 7HE
Poulton-le-sands Church Of England Primary School - LA4 5QA
Poundswick Children's Centre - M22 9TA
Pownall Green Primary School - SK7 2EB
Pownall Hall School - SK9 5DW
Poynton High School - SK12 1PU
Poynton Methodist Church Playgroup - SK12 1RB
Preesall Fleetwood's Charity Church Of England Primary School - FY6 0NN
Premier Nursery - PR8 2RF
Premier Nursery - PR8 6DG
Premier Training - BL3 5BL
Premiere Nursery School - BL1 5HQ
Prenton High School For Girls - CH42 6RR
Prenton Methodist Church Playgroup - CH43 0RE
Prenton Preparatory School - CH43 5SY
Prenton Pre-school - CH42 8LY
Prenton Pre-school Playgroup - CH43 0SP
Prenton Primary School - CH43 0SR
Pre-school Centre - LA1 4YW
Pre-school Centre - PR1 2HE
Prescot Leisure Centre Playgroup - L35 5AD
Prescot Primary School - L34 2TA
Prescot School - L34 3NB
Presfield School - PR9 8PA
Prestbury Cofe Primary School - SK10 4JJ
Prestbury Day Nursery - SK10 4RH
Prestolee Primary School - M26 1HJ
Preston Brook Playgroup - WA7 3AW
Preston College - PR2 8UR
Preston Grange Primary School - PR2 6PS
Preston Greenlands Community Primary School - PR2 6BB
Preston Muslim Girls' High School - PR1 5BY
Preston North End Study Support Centre - PR1 6RU
Preston St Matthew's Church Of England Primary School - PR1 5XB
Preston Ymca - PR1 4YE
Prestwich Arts College - M25 1JZ
Prestwich Preparatory School - M25 1PZ
Priestley College - WA4 6RD
Priestnall School - SK4 3HP
Primary Partnership Centre - M5 3AG
Primetime Workplace Nursery - WA2 8TX
Primrose Cottage - FY3 9JL
Primrose Hill Primary School And Childrens Centre - M5 3PJ
Primrose House Day Nursery - FY3 8DS
Princes School - L8 1YQ
Princess Christian - M33 6LU
Princess Christian Nursery - M14 6JX
Princess Street Pre-school Playgroup - WA16 6BY
Priory Sports And Technology College Penwortham - PR1 0JE
Progress School - PR5 6AQ
Propps Hall Junior Infant And Nursery School - M35 0ND
Prospect House Nursery - OL2 6TU
Prospect Vale Primary School - SK8 3RJ
Prospects Day Nursery - SK14 2ND
Puddleducks Day Nursery - WA1 4QL
Puddleducks Pre School - OL15 9PR
Puddleducks Pre School Playgroup - WA14 2EX
Puddleducks Private Day Nursery - BB4 4DJ
Pudsey Day Nursery - CH49 9AL
Pulford Playgroup - CH63 2HN
Pupil Learning Centre - BL0 9UD
Puss Bank School - SK10 1QJ
Puzzles Private Playschool - WN7 4DW
Qegs Early Years Dept - BB2 6DF
Quackers Community Pre-school - SK14 5RF
Quarry Road Pre-school Playgroup - CH60 6RB
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School - CA11 7EG
Queen Elizabeth School - LA6 2HJ
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - BB2 6DF
Queen St Children & Family Centre - OL10 4LF
Queen Street Day Nursery - CA11 7XF
Queen's Drive Primary School - PR2 3LA
Queens Park - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Queen's Park Cofe Urc Primary School - WA10 4NQ
Queen's Park High School - CH4 7AE
Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre - L20 7DH
Queen's Road Primary School - SK8 5NA
Queensbridge Primary School - BL4 7BL
Queensgate Primary School - SK7 1NE
Queensway Playgroup - FY6 7ST
Queensway Pre-school - PR1 0AR
Quernmore Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LA2 9EL
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