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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools M

Incorporating schools within the North West.

Maa Aur Bachay Multi-cultural Pre-school - BB4 8EW
Mab Lane Junior Mixed And Infant School - L12 6QL
Mablins Lane Community Primary School - CW1 3YR
Mab's Cross Primary School - WN1 1XL
Macclesfield College - SK11 8LF
Macclesfield High School - SK10 3JP
Macclesfield Preparatory School - SK11 8PT
Mad Hatters At St Matthew's - LA14 5NZ
Madeley High School - CW3 9JJ
Maden Early Years - OL13 9NZ
Madinah Private Day Nursery - WN7 4QE
Madrasatul Imam Muhammad Zakariya - BL1 8LX
Maghull High School - L31 7AW
Magical Moments - M6 7QP
Magical Moments - PR6 7EB
Magnalls Ford Community Nursery Centre - M28 3JF
Maharishi School - L40 6JJ
Maharishi School Of The Age Of Enlightenment - L40 6JJ
Makerfield Playgroup - WN4 8LB
Malbank School And Sixth Form College - CW5 5HD
Malpas Alport Endowed Primary School - SY14 8PY
Malvern Primary School - L14 6XA
Manchester Academy - M14 4PX
Manchester Business School - M15 6PB
Manchester College Of Arts & Technology - M3 3ER
Manchester College Of Arts And Technology - M11 2WH
Manchester High School For Girls - M14 6HS
Manchester Hospital Schools And Home Teaching Service - M9 7AA
Manchester Islamia School - M14 4EZ
Manchester Islamic High School For Girls - M21 9FA
Manchester Junior Girls School - M7 4JA
Manchester Junior Girls' School - M7 4JA
Manchester Key Stage 3 Pru - M12 4FA
Manchester Mesivta School - M25 0PH
Manchester Metropolitan University - M15 6BX
Manchester Muslim Prep School - M20 4BA
Manchester Muslim Preparatory School - M20 4BA
Manchester Preparatory School - M20 6AH
Manchester Road Primary School - M43 6GD
Manchester United Ssc - M16 0RA
Manley And Mouldsworth Pre-school Playgroup - WA6 9DU
Manley Park Playcentre - M16 0AS
Manley Park Primary School - M16 0AA
Manley Village School - WA6 9DU
Manor Childcare Centre - CH44 0EE
Manor Green Primary And Nursery School - M34 7NS
Manor High School - M33 5JX
Manor House - Belgrave Pre School - CW9 7PT
Manor Lodge Day Nursery - CW4 8BA
Manor Park Primary School And Nursery - WA16 8DB
Manor Primary School - CH43 7ZU
Mansfield Playgroup - CH65 7EP
Maple House Nursery - PR2 3QX
Margarita's Nursery - L36 5UZ
Maria Hudson - CH60 4RY
Maricourt Catholic High School - L31 3DZ
Marigold Day Nursery Ltd - CH60 5RJ
Marion Scott Playgroup - M20 6SX
Markazul Uloom - BB2 3NY
Markland Hill Primary School - BL1 5EJ
Marland Hill Community Primary School - OL11 4QW
Marlborough Road Primary School - M7 4XU
Marlfields Primary School - CW12 4BT
Marple Hall School - A Specialist Language College - SK6 6LB
Marsden Community Primary School - BB9 0BE
Marsden Heights Community College - BB9 5RX
Marsh Green Primary School - WN5 0QL
Marsh Road Playgroup - FY5 2TY
Marshfield Day Nursery - PR9 9LN
Marshmallows Day Nursery - BB3 3JB
Marshside Primary School - PR9 9XA
Marshside Road Pre-school - PR9 9TL
Marsland Road Playgroup - M33 3WE
Marston Pre-school - CW9 6ER
Martenscroft Early Excellence Centr - M15 6PA
Martenscroft Early Excellence Centre - M15 6PA
Marton And District Cofe Aided Primary School - SK11 9HD
Marton Methodist Playgroup - FY4 5HL
Marton Primary School And Nursery - FY4 5LY
Marus Bridge Primary School - WN3 6SP
Mary Kellys Rascals - M26 4FA
Mary Manor Nursery - CH45 5DQ
Mary Manor School - CH45 5DQ
Mary Platt Methodist Pre-school - CA13 9RH
Mary Poppins Day Nursery - FY5 2JG
Marylands Private Nursery School - PR1 9DE
Maryport Cofe Junior School - CA15 6JN
Maryport Infant School - CA15 6JN
Maryvale Nursery Group - L33 1XA
Masefield Primary School - BL3 1NG
Mather Street Primary School - M35 0DT
Matthew Arnold Primary School - L8 9UB
Matthew Moss High School - OL11 3LU
Mauldeth Road Primary School - M14 6SG
Mawdesley Pre-school Playgroup - L40 2RN
Mawdesley St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - L40 2QT
Mayfair Nursery School - M22 9ZG
Mayfield Pre-school - FY8 2HQ
Mayfield Primary School - OL1 4LG
Mayfield Private Day Nursery - WA4 2NP
Mayfield School - CA28 8TU
Mayfield School - PR7 3HN
Mayo Kindergarten - CA13 0BY
Mckee Centre - FY7 7LA
Mcmillan Nursery School - BB9 9AG
Meade Hill School - M8 4NB
Meadow Community Primary School - CH66 4SZ
Meadow Farm Playbus - CH66 2SE
Meadow Kindergarten (mr & Mrs L Corless) - FY3 9HH
Meadow View Day Nursery - LA9 6PP
Meadow View Montessori Nursery School - BB4 8UR
Meadowbank Primary School - SK8 2LE
Meadowbank Primary School And Nursery Education Centre - M46 0HX
Meadowhead Infant School - BB2 4TT
Meadowhead Junior School - BB2 4QG
Meadowland Pre School Playgroup - PR4 1XQ
Meadowlands Pre-school - CH66 4SZ
Meadows - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Meadows Primary School - CW3 9JX
Meadowside Community Primary And Nursery School - WA2 9PH
Meadowside School - CH49 5LA
Meanwood Community Nursery And Primary School - OL12 7DJ
Meanwood Playgroup - OL12 7DJ
Mechinoh School - M7 4HY
Medlar-with-wesham Church Of England Primary School - PR4 3DE
Medlock Primary School - M13 9UJ
Medlock Valley Community School - OL8 2PN
Melandra The Sure Start Centre - SK14 3RB
Melland High School - M18 7NG
Melling Playgroup - L31 1DA
Melling Primary School - L31 1DA
Melling St Wilfrid Church Of England Primary School - LA6 2RE
Mellock Lane Pre-school Mlps (neston) Ltd - CH64 9RW
Mellor Pre-school - BB2 7EW
Mellor Primary School - SK6 5PL
Mellor St Mary Church Of England Primary School - BB2 7JL
Mellowfield - PR9 0QT
Mellowfield Day Nursery - PR9 0QT
Melrose Day Nursery School - M33 3AZ
Mendell Pre-school Playgroup - CH62 7HN
Mendell Primary School - CH62 7HN
Menorah Synagogue Nursery School - M22 4RZ
Meols Cop High School - PR8 6JS
Mercer Park Pre-school Childcare Centre - BB5 5PN
Merchant Taylors' Boys' School - L23 0QP
Merchant Taylors' School For Girls - L23 5SP
Mere Day Nursery - WA16 0PU
Merefield School - PR8 2QZ
Mereside Primary School - FY4 4RR
Mereside Primary School - FY44RR
Mersey Drive Community Primary School - M45 8LN
Mersey Park Primary School - CH42 0PH
Mersey Vale Primary School - SK4 2BZ
Merton Bank Primary School - WA9 1EJ
Merton House School - CH1 4BD
Mesne Lea Primary School - M28 7FG
Methodist Centre Playgrou - L8 2UU
Methodist Hall Playgroup - PR4 1HS
Michelle Callaghan - WA7 1XH
Mickle Trafford Pre-school - CH2 4EH
Mickle Trafford Village School - CH2 4EF
Micklehurst All Saints Cofe Primary School - OL5 9DR
Micklehurst Early Years Centre - OL5 9DR
Mid Cheshire College Nursery - CW8 1LJ
Mid-cheshire College Of Further Education - CW8 1LJ
Middlefield Community Primary School - L24 2UE
Middleforth Playgroup - PR1 9HY
Middleton Junction Playgroup - M24 2AN
Middleton Lodge - WA8 8SZ
Middleton Parish Cofe Primary School - M24 5DL
Middleton Technology School - M24 2GT
Middlewich High School - CW10 9BU
Middlewich Primary School - CW10 9BS
Milburn School - CA10 1TN
Milestones Day Nursery - L9 7JP
Milestones/playzone - WN6 8EW
Mill Green School - WA12 8BG
Mill Hill Pre-school - BB2 4DT
Mill House School - PR26 6PS
Mill Road Pupil Referral Unit Ipors Centre - L6 2AS
Mill View Primary School - CH2 1HB
Millbrook Community Centre Playgroup - SK15 3EU
Millbrook Community Primary School - L32 0TG
Millbrook Primary School - SK15 3JX
Millbrook Primary School - WN6 8DL
Millfields Primary School - CH62 9EB
Millfields Primary School And Nursery - CW5 5HP
Millom Infants' School - LA18 4LP
Millom Pre-school Playgroup - LA18 5DW
Millom School - LA18 5AB
Mills Hill Playgroup - M24 2FD
Mills Hill Primary School - OL9 0NH
Millstead School - L15 8LW
Millwood Primary Special School - BL9 9RX
Milnrow Parish Church Of England Primary School - OL16 3JT
Milnrow Pre School Playgroup - OL16 3NZ
Milnthorpe Primary School - LA7 7QF
Milton St C+f Centre - M24 5TU
Milton St John's Cofe Primary School - OL5 0BN
Minders Private Day Nursery - L13 6QA
Mini Marvels Club Ltd - M34 6FG
Mini-zone Nursery - WN2 5EG
Minshall New Road Playgroup - CW1 3PE
Mirfield House Nursery - SK9 6AW
Miss Karin Mccartney - CH61 5YD
Moat House - SK4 1SZ
Mobberley Cofe Primary School - WA16 7RA
Mobberley Pre School Playgroup - WA16 7JQ
Mollington Pre-school - CH1 6LG
Monks Coppenhall Primary And Nursery School - CW1 4LY
Monksdown Primary School - L11 1HH
Monkton Day Nursery School - L18 8BB
Monkwray Junior School - CA28 9DT
Montague Rd Pre-school - M33 3BU
Montessori House - PR1 0DS
Montessori Kindergarten - L18 2DG
Montessori Nursery School - L37 2EG
Montgomery High School - A Language College And Beacon School - FY2 0AZ
Monton Green Primary School - M30 9JP
Monton Pre School With Montessori Nurseries - M30 9PR
Monton Preparatory School - M30 9PR
Montreal Cofe Primary School - CA25 5LW
Montrose - WN5 9XN
Monument Place Nursery - L43 9LX
Moor Allerton Preparatory School - M20 2PW
Moor Allerton School - M20 2PW
Moor Nook Community Primary School - PR2 6EN
Moor Nook Community School - PR2 6EN
Moor Park Business And Enterprise School - PR1 6DT
Moor Park Primary School - FY2 0LY
Moor Row Community Primary School - CA24 3JW
Moor Row County Nursery Service Unit - CA24 3JW
Moor Row Pre-school Group - CA24 3JP
Moorbrook School - PR2 3DB
Moore Pre-school Nursery - WA4 6UD
Moore Primary School - WA4 6UG
Moore Village Pre-school - WA4 6TZ
Moorevilla Childrens Day Nursery - FY4 5HL
Moorfield Community Primary School - M44 6GX
Moorfield Pre-school - SK7 5HP
Moorfield Primary School - SK7 5HP
Moorfield Primary School - WA8 3HJ
Moorfield School - PR1 6AA
Moorgate - OL11 5JY
Moorgate Nursery School - L39 4RY
Moorgate Primary School - BL2 2RH
Moorhouse Primary School - OL16 4DR
Moorland Nursery School - BB7 2JA
Moorland School Limited - BB7 2JA
Moorlands Childrens Nursery - BL6 5PS
Moorlands Junior School - M33 2LP
Moorlands View School - BB11 5PQ
Moorside Community Primary School - WN8 9EA
Moorside High School - M27 0BH
Moorside Pre School Two - OL4 2NQ
Moorside Pre-school Playgroup - OL4 3QQ
Moorside Primary School - LA1 4HT
Moorside Primary School - M27 0LN
Moorside Primary School - M43 7DA
Moorside School Nursery - WN8 9EA
Morecambe And Heysham Grosvenor Park Primary School - LA3 3RY
Morecambe And Heysham Sandylands Community Primary School - LA3 1EJ
Morecambe And Heysham Torrisholme Community Primary School - LA4 6PN
Morecambe And Heysham Westgate Primary School - LA4 4XF
Morecambe Bay Community Primary School - LA4 5JL
Morecambe High School - LA4 5BG
Morecambe Kindergarten - LA4 5EX
Morecambe Road School - LA3 3AB
Moresby Primary School - CA28 8UX
Moreton Baptist Pre-school - CH46 6DF
Moreton Christ Church Cofe Primary School - CH46 0PB
Moreton Early Years Playgroup - CH46 7TT
Morland Area Cofe Primary School - CA10 3AT
Mosley Common Nursery - M28 1AE
Moss Farm Pre-school - CW8 4BG
Moss Hey Primary School - SK7 1DS
Moss Lane Day Nursery - WA15 8AU
Moss Lane Pre-school - PR5 5BQ
Moss Lea - BL1 6PL
Moss Park Infant School - M32 9HR
Moss Park Junior School - M32 9HR
Moss Side Children S Centre - M16 7AH
Moss Side Childrens Nursery - FY6 0LP
Moss Side Primary School - PR26 7ST
Moss Side Village Playgroup - PR26 7SN
Mosscroft Primary School - L36 1XH
Mossfield Primary School - M27 6EH
Mossgate Primary School - LA3 2EE
Mossley Cofe Primary School - CW12 3JA
Mossley Hill Pre-school - L18 8DB
Mossley Hollins High School - OL5 9DJ
Mossley Pre School - CW12 3HX
Mosspits Infant School - L15 6UN
Mosspits Junior School - L15 6UN
Moston Centre Nursery - M9 1WU
Moston Fields Primary School - M40 9GN
Moston Lane Community Primary School - M9 4HH
Moston Methodist Church Playgroup - M40 9PA
Mostyn House School - CH64 6SG
Mostyn House School & Nursery - CH64 6SG
Mottram Cofe Primary School - SK14 6JL
Mottram St Andrew Pre School - SK10 4QP
Mottram St Andrew Primary School - SK10 4QL
Moulton Pre-school - CW9 8PN
Moulton School - CW9 8PD
Mount Carmel Preparatory School - L39 5BU
Mount Carmel RC Primary School - M9 8BG
Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School Hyndburn - BB5 0LU
Mount Carmel School - L39 5BU
Mount Primary School - CH45 5HU
Mount Rd Childrens Centre - M18 7BG
Mount St Joseph: Business And Enterprise College - BL4 0HU
Mrs C Davies Playgroup Supervisor - WA6 0AZ
Mrs C J Enderby - CA7 4BU
Mrs E C Leach - WA15 0LG
Mrs G Mason - BL1 5QQ
Mrs Janet Dewhurst - M23 9HJ
Mrs L A Taylor - WN8 7NT
Mrs L K Knowles - BB2 4SN
Mrs L Knowles - BB2 4SN
Mrs Ogdens Academic Nursery School - WN6 0XQ
Mrs Ogdens Nursery School - WN6 9PB
Mrs Ogdens Private Nursery School - WN6 9PB
Mrs Roys Nursery - CH2 3NH
Mrs Ryan S (mostyn Avenue Pre-school) - CH48 3HW
Much Hoole Playcentre Committee - PR4 4TD
Much Woolton Catholic Primary School - L25 8QH
Much Woolton Old Sch Nurs - L25 7TX
Mulberry Bush Nursery - CA15 7NE
Mulberry Bush Nursery - M45 7ET
Munchkins Nursery - M44 5XB
Munchkins Nursery School - CA2 7AN
Murdishaw West Community Primary School - WA7 6EP
Murdishaw West Pre School Playgroup - WA7 6EP
Myerscough College - PR3 0RY
Mystery Childrens Centre - L15 4LE
Mytham Primary School - BL3 1JG
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