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Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

North West Schools L

Incorporating schools within the North West.

La Maternelle - CW2 8EZ
Laboure House / St Catherines - WA11 9RJ
Lacey Green Playgroup - SK9 4DP
Lacey Green Primary School - SK9 4DP
Lache Primary School - CH4 8HX
Lady Barn House School - SK8 1JE
Ladybarn Community Playgroup - M14 6RN
Ladybarn Methodist Playgroup - M14 6RG
Ladybarn Primary School - M20 4SR
Ladybird Nursery - BL0 9JF
Ladybird Playgroup - OL9 9UZ
Ladybird Pre-school - CH42 9LJ
Ladybirds Nursery - OL9 0HB
Ladybirds Playgroup - BL4 0AW
Ladybirds Playgroup - WA3 1DU
Ladybirds Playgroup - WA3 1DY
Ladybirds Playgroup - WA7 5JZ
Ladybridge Community Primary School - BL3 4NB
Ladybridge High School - BL3 4NG
Ladybridge Pre-school - BL3 4RZ
Ladybridge Pre-school Playgroup - BL3 4PJ
Ladybridge Primary School - SK8 2JF
Ladybrook Primary School - SK7 2LT
Ladymount Catholic Primary School - CH61 5YD
Ladymount Pre-school Mana - CH61 5YD
Ladywell Community Nursery Centre - M5 2AG
Ladywood School - BL3 1NG
Lakes College - West Cumbria - CA14 4JN
Lakeside School - L27 2YA
Lakeview Childrens Nursery - BB8 7NN
Lamberhead Green Headstart - WN5 0DQ
Lambs Grange School - CW8 2EH
Lambs House School - CW12 2DT
Lammack Primary School - BB1 8LH
Lamplugh Cofe School - CA26 3XU
Lancashire College Of Adult Education - PR7 1NB
Lancashire Education Medical Service - PR1 3JT
Lancashire Education Medical Services - PR2 9HT
Lancaster & Morecambe College - LA1 2TY
Lancaster & Morecambe College Nursery - LA4 5HA
Lancaster And Morcambe College Nursery - LA1 2TY
Lancaster And Morecambe College - LA1 2TY
Lancaster Christ Church Church Of England Primary School - LA1 3ES
Lancaster Dallas Road Community Primary School - LA1 1LD
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School - LA1 1SF
Lancaster Lane Community Primary School - PR25 5TT
Lancaster Pre-school - M45 6DP
Lancaster Ridge Primary School - LA1 3LE
Lancaster Road Nursery - LA4 5TH
Lancaster Road Primary School - LA4 5TH
Lancaster Royal Grammar School - LA1 3EF
Lancaster Ryelands Primary School - LA1 2RJ
Lancaster Steiner School - LA1 5QU
Lancaster University - LA1 4YW
Lancasterian School - M20 2XA
Lander Road Primary School - L21 8JD
Landgate School Bryn - WN4 0EP
Lane End Primary School - SK8 7AL
Lanercost Cofe Primary School - CA8 2HL
Laneshaw Bridge Primary School - BB8 7JE
Laneside Playgroup - BB4 6PD
Langdale Academy For Personalised Learning - PR2 3TY
Langdale Cofe School - LA22 9JE
Langdale Independent Preparatory School - FY2 9RZ
Langdale Preparatory School - FY2 9RZ
Langdon College - M7 4HA
Langho & Billington Pre-school - BB6 8AT
Langho And Billington St Leonards Cofe Primary School - BB6 8AB
Langley Childcare Forum - M24 4NU
Langley Childrens Centre Pre-school Group - M24 4NU
Langley Primary School - M24 5NU
Langroyd Playschool - BB8 9LD
Langtree Hall Nursery - WN6 0QQ
Langwathby Cofe Primary School - CA10 1ND
Langworthy Road Primary School - M6 5PP
Lansbury Bridge School - WA9 1TB
Larches House School - PR2 1QE
Lark Hill Community Primary School - M5 4BJ
Lark Hill Nursery School - SK3 9PH
Lark Hill Primary School - SK3 9PH
Lark Lane Family Pre-school Centre - L17 8UU
Larkfield Primary School - PR9 8PA
Larkholme Pre-school - FY7 8AS
Larkholme Primary School - FY7 8QB
Laroche - OL11 2HB
Laroche Day Care Nursery - SK7 6NR
Latchford Cofe Primary School - WA4 1AP
Lathom High School : A Technology College - WN8 6JN
Lathom St James Playgroup - L40 6JN
Laurel Pre-school Learning Group - BL8 3LY
Lawrence Community Primary School - L15 0EE
Layton Hill Nursery - FY3 7EQ
Layton Methodist Playgroup - FY3 7DZ
Layton Primary School - FY3 7DG
Lazonby Cofe School - CA10 1BL
Le Monde Petit Limited - BB11 1UG
Lea Community Pre-school - PR2 1PD
Lea Community Primary School - PR2 1PD
Lea Neeld's Endowed Church Of England Primary School - PR4 0RA
Lea St Mary's Catholic Primary School - PR4 0RJ
Leabrook School - BB4 8HY
Leaf Lane School Infant And Nursery - CW7 3EG
Leamington Community Primary School - L11 7BT
Leamington Rd Pre-school - BB2 6HG
Leapfrog Day Nurseries Ltd - CW9 8AP
Leapfrog Day Nursery - CH62 6EE
Leapfrog Day Nursery - CH65 9HD
Leapfrogs Day Nursery Ltd - OL14 5JE
Leaps & Bounds Pre-school - CH4 9HT
Leaps And Bounds Day Nursery - CW10 0JL
Learn 4 Life - WN8 9AL
Learning Land -
Learning Steps Day Nursery - PR7 1ES
Learning Tree Childcare Centre - PR2 8UR
Leasowe Early Years And Adult Learning Centre - CH46 2QF
Leasowe Primary School - CH46 1RU
Leck Playgroup - LA6
Leck St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - LA6 2JD
Ledsham Park Day Nursery - CH66 4QN
Lee Royd Nursery School - BB5 2LH
Lees Hill Cofe School - CA8 2BB
Leesfield Pre-school - OL4 5DN
Leftwich Community Playgroup - CW9 8DH
Leftwich Community Primary School - CW9 8DH
Legh Vale Primary School Early Years And Childcare Centre - WA11 0ER
Leghvale Early Years And Childcare Centre - WA11 0ER
Leigh Central Primary School - WN7 1UY
Leigh Cofe Infants' School - WN7 1YE
Leigh Cofe Junior School - WN7 1LP
Leigh Community Starter Group - WN7 1UY
Leigh Primary School - SK14 5PL
Leigh St Peter's Cofe Junior School - WN7 4TP
Leigh Westleigh Methodist Primary School - WN7 5NJ
Leighton Primary School - CW1 3PP
Les Enfants - BB3 1JE
Lesley D Thompson - BB1 8DJ
Let's Play - CA28 7LY
Leven Valley Cofe Primary School - LA12 8QF
Levens Cofe School - LA8 8PU
Levenshulme High School - M19 1FS
Lever Edge Primary School - BL3 3HP
Lever House Primary School - PR25 4YR
Lever Park School - BL6 6DE
Leverhulme Community Primary School - BL2 6EE
Lewis Street Primary School - M30 0PU
Leyland Leisure Centre Playgroup - PR25 2EX
Leyland Leisure Centre Playgroup - PR5 1EX
Leyland Methodist Infant School - PR25 3ET
Leyland Methodist Junior School - PR25 3ET
Leyland St Andrew's Church Of England Infant School - PR25 1JL
Leyland St James Church Of England Primary School - PR26 7SH
Leyland St Mary's Catholic Technology College - PR25 1BS
Leyland St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School - PR25 2QA
Light Oaks Infant School - M6 8LU
Light Oaks Junior School - M6 8LU
Lightbowne Children's Centre - M40 5EA
Lightbowne Families Project Creche - M40 5EE
Lighthouse Childcare Centre - M21 8TZ
Lighthouse Christian School - M9 4NQ
Lilliput Farm Day Nursery - CW11 3LZ
Lilliput Playgroup - L37 2EX
Lilliputs Day Nursery - BL5 3EF
Lilliputs Nursery - PR4 1TE
Lily Lane Infants' School - M40 9JP
Lily Lane Junior School - M40 9JP
Lime House School - CA5 7BX
Lime Meadows - OL7 9DU
Lime Tree Primary School - M33 2RP
Limehurst Junior Infant And Nursery School - OL8 3JQ
Limeside Playgroup - OL8 3SL
Limeside Primary School - OL8 3SB
Limetrees Day Nursery - M11 3TP
Limetrees Day Nursery - M24 4AN
Linacre Primary School - L20 5ED
Linaker Primary School - PR8 5DB
Lincoln Road Day Nursery - BB1 1TP
Linda Gill Nursery Group - BL9 0HL
Lindal And Marton Primary School - LA12 0NB
Lindal Playgroup - LA12 0LX
Lindale Ce Primary School - LA11 6LE
Lindale Pre-school Nursery - LA11 6LE
Lindale Private Day Nursery - PR1 6AS
Linden Road Primary School And Hearing Impaired Resource Base - M34 6EF
Lindeth College Of Further Education - LA23 3NH
Lindeth Collgege Of Further Education - LA23 3NH
Lindow Community Primary School - SK9 6EH
Lindow Playgroup - SK9 6JA
Lingham Primary School - CH46 7UQ
Linkway House School - BB12 0QZ
Lisburne School - SK2 5LB
Liscard Primary School - CH45 7NQ
Lister Infants School - L13 7DT
Lister Junior School - L13 7DT
Lister Steps Ltd - L13 7HH
Litherland High School - L21 0DB
Litherland Moss Primary School - L21 7NW
Little Achievers Day Nursery - PR2 6BJ
Little Acorns - BB11 1UF
Little Acorns - OL3 5AG
Little Acorns - SK3 8SD
Little Acorns - WA5 2QS
Little Acorns Community - BB10 1BY
Little Acorns Day Nursery - SK9 3JZ
Little Acorns Nursery - BB2 5JR
Little Acorns Nursery - L31 3DT
Little Acorns Nursery - WN6 9DT
Little Acorns Nursery School - M46 9HG
Little Acorns Pre School - CH66 2TN
Little Acorns Preschool - BL9 9AU
Little Acorns Pre-school - CH45 9LT
Little Acorns Pre-school - L40 2QT
Little Acorns Pre-school - Huxley - CH3 9BE
Little Acorns Private Nursery School - PR6 7JH
Little And Larger - OL1 3SE
Little Angel S Pre-school - M34 3BP
Little Angels - PR1 6AS
Little Angels Community Pre-school - PR2 1AJ
Little Angels Day Nursery - CW8 4DY
Little Angels Playgroup - BL9 9AU
Little Angels Playgroup - M26 2GB
Little Angels Preschool - CW10 0EF
Little Angels Preschool - CW5 7AJ
Little Angels Pre-school - FY5 3PG
Little Bollington Cofe Primary School - WA14 4SZ
Little Buds - L31 2JZ
Little Budworth Playgroup - CW6 9BP
Little Busy Bodies - WN4 8SJ
Little Cheeky Monkeys - BB6 7EE
Little Cherub - CH44 9DQ
Little Darlings - BL3 6TR
Little Darlings Day Nursery - SK3 8HZ
Little Den Playgroup - WA6 7QN
Little Digmoor Primary School - WN8 9NF
Little Dolphin Playgroup - M29 8HG
Little Dolphin's Pre-school - LA2 9AW
Little Ducklings - PR3 1WL
Little Elfs - FY3 8JR
Little Explorers Pre-school - M6 5PP
Little Fishes Pre-school - BB6 8EQ
Little Flyers Day Nursery - SK9 4LQ
Little Foxes Day Nursery - L32 6QA
Little Foxes Pre-school Nursery - L19 1RL
Little Friends Day Nursery - CH1 3ND
Little Gems - LA12 0RT
Little Gems C/o Kyp - OL16 2UP
Little Gems Day Nursery - BB1 9QJ
Little Gems Day Nursery - M31 4BU
Little Gems Day Nursery - PR8 6SS
Little Gems Day Nursery - WN6 7AS
Little Gems Playschool - BL2 3JT
Little Harwood Pre-school - BB1 5PQ
Little Heaton Church Of England Primary School - M24 4PU
Little Holcombe Nursery - BL8 1JD
Little Hoole Primary School - PR4 5QL
Little Hulton Early Years Centre - M28 0BD
Little Jems Nursery - CA1 2EH
Little Lache Playgroup - CH4 8EY
Little Lambs Playgroup - OL11 3BT
Little Learners - LA1 3SE
Little Learners - M30 8QG
Little Learners Day Nursery - M32 8PA
Little Learners Day Nursery - WA4 6RD
Little Leigh Pre-school Playgroup - CW8 4RR
Little Leigh Primary School - CW8 4RN
Little Lever Pre-school Playgroup - BL3 1QY
Little Lever School Specialist Language College - BL3 1BT
Little Luvs Day Nursery -
Little Manor Day Nursery - WA7 1TB
Little Monkeys - CH44 2AF
Little Munchkins Day Nursery - M38 9AN
Little Neston Playgroup - CH64 4BN
Little Nippers Pre-school - WA2 0DB
Little One's - WN7 2YO
Little Overtons Community Pre School - WA6 6AF
Little Owls Pre-school - CW9 7JL
Little People Day Nurseries - WN3 6XD
Little People Day Nursery - BB10 3DU
Little People Day Nursery - CW1 6HD
Little People Day Nursery - WN2 1RY
Little People Of Colne - BB8 9AA
Little People/kidy Club - M30 0ND
Little Rainbows Day Nursery - LA14 1BG
Little Red Engines Playgroup - BB4 8EW
Little Robins Nursery - CH49 4NS
Little Rock Pre-school - BL6 5QS
Little Scallywags Day Nursery - SK10 3JF
Little Seedlings M U R C Pre-school - FY3 9UR
Little Shrimps Nursery - LA4 5PJ
Little Stars - M40 0DF
Little Stars Day Nursery - M29 8LN
Little Stars Day Nursery - PR2 2LQ
Little Stars Holbeck & Roose - LA13 0ES
Little Stars Nursery - CA22 2PZ
Little Stars Nursery - FY4 4TE
Little Steps Playgroup - FY1 2AP
Little Sunshines Playgroup - WN1 3SN
Little Sutton Cofe Primary School - CH66 4PP
Little Tinkers - CH62 4TZ
Little Tots - M40 1DD
Little Treasures Nursery - CA10 3AT
Little Vips Daycare - CA10 2HX
Little Voices Playgroup - BL4 9RJ
Little World - CH41 4AF
Littlebodyz Nursery - WN7 4LJ
Littleborough Community Primary School - OL15 9HW
Littleborough Village Playgroup - OL15 9JQ
Littlecraft Ltd Woodlands Nursery - PR2 6DB
Littlemoor Primary School - OL4 2RR
Littlemoss High School For Boys - M43 7LF
Littler Grange Day Nursery - CW7 2NE
Littleways Day Nursery - M19 2FU
Liverpool Childminding Network - L2 2DH
Liverpool City Council - L3 2AW
Liverpool College - L18 8BG
Liverpool Community College - L13 0BQ
Liverpool Family Service Unit - L8 3SE
Liverpool Fc Study Support Centre - L4 0TH
Liverpool Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Liverpool Hope University - L16 9JD
Liverpool Institute For The Performing Arts - L1 9HF
Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts - L1 9HF
Liverpool John Moores University - L3 5UX
Liverpool One Parent Families Trust - L1 4AR
Liverpool Portage Service - L7 6PT
Liverpool Road Methodist Church Pla - PR8 4PD
Liverpool Supported Livin - L1 6JQ
Liverpool University - L69 3BX
Livesey Saint Francis' Church Of England School - BB2 5NX
Livingstone Primary School - OL5 0AP
Local Solutions Nursery - L7 8TF
Lochinvar School - CA6 5UG
Locking Stumps Community Primary School - WA3 7PH
Locking Stumps Nursery - WA3 7PH
Locking Stumps Pre-school - WA3 7PH
Lodge Day Nursery - BL0 9AY
Lollipops Day Nursery - PR2 3PL
Lomeshaye Junior School - BB9 7SY
Lomeshaye Village Day Nursery - BB9 7DR
Long Lane Pre-school - SK8 3BH
Long Marton Pre School Nursery - CA16 6BT
Long Marton School - CA16 6BT
Longbarn Community Primary School - WA2 0QQ
Longdendale Community Language College - SK14 8LW
Longdendale Pre-school - SK14 6JJ
Longford Park School - M32 8PR
Longhurst Road Childrens Centre - M9 8NS
Longmoor Community Primary School - L9 0EU
Longridge Ce Pre School - PR3 3JA
Longridge Church Of England Primary School - PR3 3JA
Longridge High School A Maths And Computing College - PR3 3AR
Longridge St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic Primary School - PR3 3WQ
Longsands Community Primary School - PR2 9PS
Longshaw Community Junior School - BB2 3NX
Longshaw Infant School - BB2 3NF
Longshaw Nursery School - BB2 3NF
Longsight Playgroup - BL2 3JN
Longsight Playgroup - M13 9LW
Longthwaite Road Playgroup - CA7 9JR
Longton Ladybirds Nursery School Committee - PR4 5YA
Longton Lane Community Primary School - L35 8PB
Longton Lane Pre School - L35 8PB
Longton Primary School - PR4 5YA
Longtown Primary School - CA6 5UG
Longview Community School - L36 8DB
Lord Street Day Nursery - BB3 0HD
Lord Street Primary School - BL6 7AL
Lord's Independent School - BL2 1ES
Loreto College - M15 5PB
Loreto Grammar School - WA14 4AH
Loreto Preparatory School - WA14 4AH
Lorton School - CA13 9UL
Lostock Belgrave Day Nursery - CW9 7PT
Lostock College - M32 9PL
Lostock Gralam Cofe Primary School - CW9 7PT
Lostock Hall Community High School And Arts College - PR5 5UR
Lostock Hall Community Primary School - PR5 5AS
Lostock Hall Moor Hey School - PR5 5SS
Lostock Hall Pre-school Nursery Ltd - SK12
Lostock Hall Primary School - SK12 1XG
Lostock Playschool - BL6 4EL
Lostock Primary School - BL6 4PS
Lostock Tiny Tots Pre-school - CW9 8PQ
Lot's 'o' Tot's - CW9 5RB
Louise Fletcher - OL1 2DB
Low Bentham Community Primary School - LA2 7EB
Low Furness Cofe Primary School - LA12 0TA
Low Furness Pre-school - LA12 0PF
Low Moor Pre School - CA7 9QP
Lowca Community School - CA28 6QS
Lower Darwen Primary School - BB3 0RB
Lower Kersal Community Primary School - M7 3TN
Lower Lee School - L25 6EF
Lower Park Primary School - SK12 1HE
Lower Peover Cofe Primary School - WA16 9PZ
Lowercroft Pre-school - BL8 3EU
Lowercroft Pre-school Playgroup - BL8 2TS
Lowercroft Primary School - BL8 2TS
Lowerplace Primary School - OL16 4UU
Lowlands Playgroup Assoc - L12 7JG
Lowndes St Family Support Centre - BL1 4QB
Lowther Endowed School - CA10 2HT
Lowton High School A Specialist Sports College - WA3 1DU
Lowton Junior And Infant School - WA3 2AW
Lowton St Mary's Cofe (voluntary Aided) Primary School - WA3 1EW
Lowton West Primary School - WA3 2ED
Lucy Lockets - PR8 6QN
Ludworth Primary School - SK6 5DU
Lum Head Primary School - SK8 4RR
Lund Preschool Playgroup - PR4 0ZB
Lune Valley Pre-school - LA2 9PJ
Lunts Heath Primary School - WA8 9RJ
Lydiate Primary School - L31 2JZ
Lyme Community Primary School - WA12 9HD
Lyme Pre School Nursery Group - WA12 9HD
Lymehurst Day Nursery - M41 5ED
Lymm High Voluntary Controlled School - WA13 0RB
Lymm Village Hall Playgroup - WA13 0JB
Lyndene Day Nursery - L18 8BB
Lyndhurst Community Primary School - SK16 4JS
Lyndhurst Primary And Nursery School - OL8 4JD
Lynton Private Day Nursery - WA4 4BY
Lynwood Ashtree Day Nursery - LA13 9NG
Lynwood Bryn Nursery - BB3 0HZ
Lynwood Day Nursery - L35 7LN
Lynwood Day Nursery - LA13 9JJ
Lynwood Nursery - BB9 0QA
Lytham Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - FY8 4HA
Lytham Hall Park Nursery School Ltd - FY8 4QU
Lytham Hall Park Primary School - FY8 4QU
Lytham St Annes High Technology College - FY8 4DG
Lytham St Annes Mayfield Primary School - FY8 2HQ
Lyvennet Nursery Group - CA10 3JJ
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