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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools I-J-K

Incorporating schools within the North West.

Ightenhill Nursery School - BB12 6DY
Imagine Day Nursery - WN4 9EE
Imam Muhammad Zakariya School - PR1 3TN
Impact Ks4 Pru - L30 2QQ
Ince Cofe Primary School - WN2 2AL
Ince St Mary's Cofe Primary School - WN3 4TJ
Ince Under Fives - CH2 4RU
Ingleton Middle School - LA6 3BU
Ingleton Pre-school Playgroup - LA6 3DY
Ingleton Primary School - LA6 3DY
Inglewood Infant School - CA1 3LX
Inglewood Junior School - CA1 3QA
Inglewood Nursery - CA4 0PA
Ingol Community Primary School - PR2 3YP
Innisfree Child Care Limited - BB8 9EN
Inscape House - M28 7FG
Inscape House School - SK8 1JE
Inskip Pre-school Playgroup - PR4 0TT
Inskip St Peter's Church Of England Voluntary Aided School - PR4 0TT
Intack Primary School - BB1 3HY
Iona Private Day Nursery - WN3 6BL
Irby Primary School - CH61 4UR
Irby Primary School Pre-school - CH61 4UR
Irby Village Hall Prescho - L61 4UR
Ireby C Of E School - CA7 1DS
Ireby Cofe School - CA7 1DS
Ireleth St Peter's Cofe Primary School - LA16 7EY
Irlam And Cadishead Community High School - M44 5LH
Irlam Community Nursery Centre - M44 6QE
Irlam Endowed Primary School - M44 6EE
Irlam Primary School - M44 6NA
Irthington Village School - CA6 4NJ
Irwell Vale Private Nursery - BL0 0QP
Isaac Centre - BB10 3AA
Islamia Nursery - BL3 4AE
Islamiyah School - BB1 5NQ
Its A Small World Day Nursery - L13 7DN
Ivegill Cofe School - CA4 0PA
Ivy Bank Pre School - SK11 8PB
Ivy Bank Pre-school Group - SK11 8PB
Ivy Bank Primary School - SK11 8PB
Ivy Cottage Playgroup - M20 2GP
Ivy Street Pre School - BB2 3RZ
J H Godwin Primary School - CH1 5JG
Jack & Jill Day Nursery - CH43 1UX
Jack & Jill Playgroup - BB10 2JD
Jack & Jill Pre-school - WA5 5PA
Jack And Jill Day Nursery - CA14 5PT
Jack And Jill Day Nursery - CH44 7AN
Jack And Jill Kindergarten - CA2 7JH
Jack And Jill Nursery Limited - CA3 9NH
Jack And Jill S Day Nursery - WN7 2LZ
Jack And Jills Day Nursery - WN7 2LZ
Jack And Jills Pdn - WN7 4JP
Jack In A Box - OL2 5LS
Jack In The Box Day Nursery - M11 1HQ
Jackie Homer - SK2 5JE
Jacob Brights C & F Centre - OL12 6EQ
Jamea Al Kauthar - LA1 5AJ
James Brindley Community Primary School - M28 7HE
James Rennie School - CA3 0BX
James St Day Nursery - PR1 4JU
Jamiatul-ilm Wal-huda Uk School - BB1 5HW
Janet Kirkman/beverly Perkins - BL1 4JH
Jean Jessop Educare Centre - Southport College - PR9 0TT
Jeffreys Corner - SK16 4BZ
Jelly Babies Day Nursery - BL3 1HP
Jelly Babies Pre School - M35 0EJ
Jelly Beans Pre School - PR3 0HS
Jelly Beans Playgroup - SK14 1HG
Jenny Wren's Day Care -
Jericho Childcare - WN8 6EH
Jericho Primary School - CA28 6UX
Jewish Senior Boys' School - M7 4EL
Jigsaw Day Nursery - CH4 9DQ
Jigsaw Day Nursery - CH4 9DQ
Jigsaw Day Nursery - FY5 1LB
Jigsaw Day Nursery - L19 3RU
Jigsaw Playgroup Pilling - PR3 6BG
Jigsaw Preschool - OL8 2NR
Jigsaws Playgroup - SK14 2PU
Jingles Creche - L21 1EX
Jnr Club Crosby 1 - L22 1RJ
Joanne Kaced - FY8 3EE
Joey's - LA7 7QF
John Moores University - L3 2AB
John Moores University Nursery - L3 5UZ
John Ruskin School - LA21 8EW
John Smethurst Nursery School - BB1 8ES
John Street Pre-school - CH65 2ED
Johnson Fold Community Primary School - BL1 5UG
Jolly Tots Nursery - SK12 1PU
Jolly Tots Playgroup - CH1 5BU
Jolly Tots Pre-school Playgroup - L37 1PZ
Jumping Jacks Childcare - CA7 9ED
Jumping Jacks Nursery - WA3 3EY
Just Learning - WN1 2JJ
Just William Playgroup - L 23 9SU
Just William Playgroup - L23 9SU
K2 Zone - LA22 9DH
Kalgarth Grange Nursery - WA1 3TZ
Kaskenmoor School - OL8 3PT
Kassim Darwish Grammar School For Boys - M16 8NH
Kate's Kindergarten - WN2 4XR
Kearsley West Primary School - BL4 9BZ
Kells Infant School - CA28 9PQ
Kelsall Avenue Nursery School - BB1 5RU
Kelsall Community Primary School - CW6 0PU
Kelsall Pre-school - CW6 0PU
Kelton Nursery - L18 8BT
Kendal College - LA9 5AY
Kendal Nursery School - LA9 4PH
Kendricks Pre-school - CH45 6XE
Kennerley Road Nursery - SK2 6EY
Kensington Community Primary Junior School - L7 2QG
Kensington Infants' School - L7 2QG
Kentmere Primary School - OL12 9EE
Keswick School - CA12 5QB
Kew Woods Primary School - PR8 6JW
Kiddiecare Day Nursery - CW7 2BP
Kiddies Kingdom - M6 6SU
Kiddiewinks Day Nursery - LA22 9EJ
Kiddiewinks Day Nursery - SK9 4DP
Kiddiland Nursery - CH65 9AY
Kiddiwinks - L9 7AD
Kiddiwinks Day Nursery - M20 4WA
Kiddlywinks Pre School - CA11 7JW
Kiddy Factory Ltd - CH43 2JN
Kids & Co Pre-school - WA7 1JU
Kids 1st - CH63 7LA
Kids Academy - M19 1AG
Kids Academy Childcare - BL9 5AY
Kids Academy Day Nursery - CH43 7RE
Kids Are Us Nursery - OL9 9PJ
Kids In Bloom - L12 2AY
Kids Kapers - M5 4BA
Kids R Us Day Nursery - L14 2EH
Kids Unlimited - L3 6LG
Kids Unlimited - SK9 7EG
Kids Unlimited @ St Marys - M15 5WB
Kids Unlimited Ii Day Nursery - SK9 6EA
Kids Unlimited Nurseries - CW1 6GZ
Kids Unlimited Tytheringon - SK10 2XA Nursery - WN6 7AS
Kidsunlimited - CH2 1UL
Kidsunlimited - LA14 4LF
Kidsunlimited - M1 6BB
Kidsunlimited - M20 2DY
Kidsunlimited Nurseries - CH2 1AQ
Kidsunlimited Nurseries - SK9 6EG
Kidsunlimited Nurseries (total Fitness Nursery) - SK9 3PE
Kidz R Uz - M46 9GJ
Kildare Early Years And Family Resource Centre - WN2 3HY
Kilgarth School - CH41 8BA
Kincraig Primary School - FY2 0HN
Kinder Park Nursery - CA1 1LJ
Kindercare - FY1 4ES
Kindercare Learning Centres - WA5 5UY
Kindercare Learning Centres Ltd - WA5 9UY
Kindergarden Private Day Nursery And Pre School - WA12 9RY
Kindergarten 2 - SK11 0LD
Kindergarten Day Nursery - L25 0NP
Kinderworld Montessori Nursery - PR9 7BL
King David High School - L15 6UZ
King David Infant School - M8 6DR
King David Junior School - M8 5DJ
King David Kindergarden - L15 6XL
King David Primary School - L15 6XH
King David Private Nursery - M8 5DY
King George V College - PR8 6LR
King Of Kings School - M4 4DN
Kingfisher Day Nursery - CH43 6TB
Kingmoor Infant School - CA3 0ES
Kingmoor Junior School - CA3 0DU
Kingmoor Oak Tree Club - CA3 0ES
Kings Castle Day Nursery - OL16 2UX
Kings Grove School - CW2 7NQ
Kings Meadow Primary School And Early Years Education Centre - PR8 3RS
Kings Park Day Nursery - WN7 1UB
Kings Road Family Centre - M16 0GR
King's Road Primary School - M16 0GR
Kingshill School - M29 8JE
Kingsley Community Primary School And Nursery - WA6 6TZ
Kingsley Community School - L8 2TU
Kingsley Playgroup - WA6 8EF
Kingsley St John's Cofe (va) Primary School - WA6 8EF
Kingsmead Primary School - CW9 8WA
Kingsmead School - CH47 0LL
Kingsthorne Playgroup - L25 0PJ
Kingsway Chapel Pre-school - CH2 2LH
Kingsway Day Nursery - SK8 1NP
Kingsway Day Nursery - WN1 3SY
Kingsway Greencorns - OL16 1BH
Kingsway Neighbourhood Nursery - WA8 7QY
Kingsway Primary School - CH44 9EF
Kingsway Primary School - M41 0SP
Kingsway School - WN1 2AA
Kingswood School - PR8 2BU
Kirby Moor School - CA8 2AB
Kirkbampton Cofe School - CA5 6HX
Kirkbampton County Nursery Service Unit - CA5 6HX
Kirkbampton Playgroup - CA5 6JB
Kirkbampton Pre-school Group - CA5 6HX
Kirkbie Kendal School - LA9 7EQ
Kirkbride County Nursery Service Unit - CA5 5JR
Kirkbride Primary School - CA7 5JR
Kirkby Cofe Primary School - L32 1TZ
Kirkby Lonsdale Playgroup - LA6 2AS
Kirkby Lonsdale Pre School Playgroup - LA6 2DN
Kirkby Stephen Grammar School Sports College - CA17 4HA
Kirkby Stephen Pre-school Group - CA17 4RJ
Kirkby Stephen Primary School - CA17 4AE
Kirkby Thore Nursery - CA10 1UU
Kirkby Thore School - CA10 1UU
Kirkdale St Lawrence Cofe Primary School - L4 1QD
Kirkgate Pre-school - CA13 9PH
Kirkholt Playgroup - OL11 2HJ
Kirkoswald Cofe School - CA10 1EN
Kittens Preschool - BB3 0AA
Knotty Ash Primary School - L14 5NX
Knowsley Central Primary Support Centre - L36 7SY
Knowsley Community College - L32 8SF
Knowsley Community College - L36 9TD
Knowsley Hey School - L36 6DG
Knowsley Junior School - OL4 4BH
Knowsley Northern Primary Support Centre - L33 9UR
Knowsley Southern Primary Support Centre - L25 9QE
Knowsley Village School - L34 0ER
Knutsford High School - WA16 0EA
Knuzden St Oswalds Pre-school - BB1 2AZ
Ks4 Pru - M18 8BA
Ks4 Pru - WA7 5HA
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