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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

North West Schools C

Incorporating schools within the North West.

C.a.d.w.a. Playgroup - L16 1JP
Cabbage Patch Preschool - BL9 7JP
Cabus Playschool - PR3 1WL
Calday Grange Grammar School - CH48 8GG
Calder Vale St John Church Of England Primary School - PR3 1SR
Caldershaw Primary School - OL12 7QL
Calderstones School - L18 3HS
Caldew Lea School - CA2 7BE
Caldew School - CA5 7NN
Caldy Valley Playgroup - CH3 5PR
Cale Green Primary School - SK3 8JG
Callands Primary School - WA5 9RJ
Calthwaite Cofe School - CA11 9QT
Calthwaite Nursery Group - CA11 9QT
Calveley Primary School - CW6 9LE
Camberwell Park Community Special School - M9 8LT
Cambridge Nursery School - L20 9LQ
Cambridge Primary School - LA13 9RP
Cambridge Road Community Primary And Nursery School - CH65 4AQ
Cams Lane Primary School - M26 3SW
Canon Burrows Cofe Primary School - OL7 9ND
Canon Johnson Cofe Primary School - OL7 9DD
Canon Sharples Church Of England Primary School And Nursery - WN2 1BP
Canon Slade Cofe School - BL2 3BP
Cansfield High Specialist Language College - WN4 9TP
Capenhurst Cofe Primary School - CH1 6HE
Capenhurst Grange School - CH66 2NA
Capenhurst Village Pre-school - CH1 6HJ
Captain Shaw's Cofe School - LA19 5TG
Cardinal Allen Catholic High School Fleetwood - FY7 8AY
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School - L12 9HZ
Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School - M24 2GL
Cardinal Newman Catholic High School - WA4 1RX
Cardinal Newman College - PR1 4HD
Care 4 Kids - BB2 2NR
Carey Childcare Centre - PR1 1DX
Carisbrook Children's Centre - M9 5UX
Carleton Green Community Primary School - FY6 7TF
Carleton House Preparatory School - L18 8AQ
Carleton Pre-school Playgroup - FY6 7LZ
Carleton St Hilda's Church Of England Primary School - FY6 7PE
Carlisle College - CA1 1HS
Carlisle United Study Support Centre - CA1 1LL
Carlton House Nursery - CH61 3UE
Carmel College - WA10 3AG
Carnforth Christ Church Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - LA5 9LJ
Carnforth High School - LA5 9LS
Carnival Pre School Playgroup - SK9 6EX
Carousel Day Nursery - L22 8QE
Carr Clough Pre-school - M25 9TY
Carr Manor Nursery School - PR5 4DJ
Carr Mill Primary School - WA11 7PQ
Carters Charity Pre School Group - FY6 0HH
Carters Charity Primary School Pre-school Group - FY6 0HH
Carter's Charity Voluntary Controlled Primary School Preesall - FY6 0HH
Cartmel Cofe Primary School - LA11 6PR
Cartmel Priory Cofe School - LA11 7SA
Cassonfoln Nursery - BL5 2EH
Casterton Preparatory School & Nursery - LA6 2SG
Casterton School - LA6 2SG
Castle Carrock County Nursery Service Unit - CA4 0EU
Castle Carrock School - CA8 9LU
Castle Hill Day Nursery - OL14 5SL
Castle Hill High School - SK5 8LF
Castle Hill Primary School - BL2 2JT
Castle Hill Primary School - OL14 5SQ
Castle Hill St Philip's Cofe Primary School - WN2 4DH
Castle Park School - LA9 6BE
Castle Pre-school Playgroup - CH60 7SE
Castle Top Private Day Nursery - OL5 9BL
Castle United Reformed Pre-school - CW8 1DU
Castle View Primary School - WA7 2DZ
Castlebrook High School - BL9 8LP
Castlecroft Day Nursery - BL9 0LN
Castleton C C Playgroup - OL11 3AF
Castleton Primary School - OL11 2QD
Castleway Primary School - CH46 1RN
Caterpillar Day Care - OL14 5DL
Caterpillars Pre-school Group - CW9 7PJ
Catforth Primary School - PR4 0HL
Cathcart Street Primary School - CH41 3JY
Cathedral Playgroup - LA1 3BU
Caton Community Primary School - LA2 9NH
Caton Pre-school Playgroup - LA2 9PG
Caton St Paul's Church Of England Primary School - LA2 9PJ
Causeway Park Playgroup - WA4 6ZD
Cavendish Early Years & Family Resource Centre - WN7 1SG
Cavendish Primary School - M20 1JG
Cavendish School - WA7 4YX
Cavendish St Nursery - WN7 1SG
Cawthorne's Endowed School - LA2 9BQ
Cedar House School - LA6 2HW
Cedar Mount High School - M18 7SP
Cedars Infant School - BB1 9TH
Central Lancaster High School - LA1 3LS
Central Methodist Playgroup - CW5 5RP
Central Road Family Centre - M31 4EL
Chadderton Hall Junior School - OL9 0BN
Chadwick Centre - LA1 2BL
Chaigeley School - WA4 2TE
Channings Early Years School - OL16 3RN
Chantlers Pre School - BL8 2SF
Chantlers Primary School - BL8 2SF
Chapel End Primary School - WN5 7TX
Chapel Grange Montessori Nursery - SK9 2BU
Chapel Street Infant School - LA15 8RX
Chapel Street Primary School - M19 3GH
Chapelfield House Nursery - OL11 2HD
Chapelfield Primary School - M26 1LH
Chapels Nursery School - BB3 0ER
Charles Darwin Primary School - CW8 1BN
Charlestown Community Primary School - M6 6GL
Charlestown Community Primary School - M9 7BX
Charlestown Day Nursery - OL6 8LW
Charnock Richard Pre-school Committee - PR7 5NA
Charnwood Nursery - SK4 4RY
Chatburn Church Of England Primary School - BB7 4AS
Chatburn Pre-school - BB7 4AS
Chatham Place Nursery School - L7 3HD
Chatsworth Drive Day Nursery - L7 6PT
Chatsworth High - M30 9DY
Chatterbox (mossley) Ltd - OL5 9BB
Chatterbox Creche - CA1 1HS
Chatterbox Day Nursery - PR9 0ND
Chatterbox Daycare - BL5 3DS
Chatterbox Nursery - SK15 2PT
Cheadle And Marple Sixth Form College - SK8 5HA
Cheadle Catholic Infant School - SK8 6DB
Cheadle Catholic Junior School - SK8 6DB
Cheadle Heath Primary School - SK3 0RJ
Cheadle Hulme High School - SK8 7JY
Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church Pre-school Playgrou - SK8 7AL
Cheadle Hulme Pre-school Playgroup - SK8 7LD
Cheadle Hulme School - SK8 6EF
Cheadle Hulme School (junior School - SK8 6EF
Cheadle Primary School - SK8 1BB
Cheekies Private Day Nursery I - SK11 9JA
Cheeky Cherubs Nursery - M60 9LA
Cheeky Monkeys Nursery - BL1 6NS
Cheeky Monkeys Playgroup - PR5 6RN
Cheetham Cofe Community School - M8 9FR
Cheetham Family Centre - M8 0NE
Cheetham Park Play Centre - M8 8TX
Cheetwood Playgroup - M8 8EG
Cheetwood Primary School - M8 8EJ
Chelford Cofe Primary School - SK11 9AY
Chelford Village Pre-school - SK11 9AS
Chelsea House Day Nursery School - WA14 2UJ
Chelsea Kindergarten - FY2 0SU
Chelwood & District Welfare Association - L16 1JP
Cherished Children Privat - BL2 1JN
Cherry Fold Community Primary School - BB11 5JS
Cherry Grove Primary School - CH3 5EN
Cherry Manor Primary School - M33 4GY
Cherry Tree Kindergarten - LA1 4TL
Cherry Tree Pre School Playgroup - BB2 5NL
Cherry Tree Pre-school - BB4 6DL
Cherry Tree Pre-school Nursery - M8 4JZ
Cherry Tree Pre-school Playgroup - BB2 5AA
Cherry Tree Primary School - BL4 0NS
Cherry Tree Primary School - WA13 0NX
Cherry Trees Playgroup - M7 3WX
Cherryfield Primary School - L32 3YE
Cherryfold Neighbourhood Nursery - BB11 5JS
Cherrytots - SK2 6AU
Cherubs Day Nursery - L5 2PW
Cherubs Day Nursery - M33 2EU
Cherubs Day Nursery - PR8 6DX
Chesham Primary School - BL9 6PH
Cheshire Oaks High School - CH65 9DB
Chesnut Grove Parent Supp - L20 4LX
Chesnut Lodge Special School - WA8 7HF
Chester Montessori Pre School - CH2 3NQ
Chester Road Private Day Nursery - M32 0HF
Chesterfield High School - L23 9YB
Chestnut House Day Nursery - CH1 6EN
Chestnut Tree School - L23 5TD
Chestnuts Day Nursery - M33 5AN
Chethams School Of Music - M3 1SB
Chetwynde School - LA13 0NY
Chez Nanny Nursery - BB12 0EH
Chez Nanny Private Day Nursery - BB12 8AN
Childcare Creche - M23 9BQ
Childcare Services - OL16 1LB
Childer Thornton Pre-school - CH66 1QY
Childer Thornton Primary School - CH66 1QY
Childminding Network 1 - M33 7ZF
Children 4 Most - OL6 7HW
Children 4 Most At Squirrels Wood - M34 5AH
Children S Opportunity Group - BL1 4QB
Child's Play Nursery Ltd - LA4 4EE
Childs Play Playgroup - WA11 0TH
Childs Play Pre-school - BB5 6EH
Childsplay - L15 9HA
Childsplay Day Nursery - CH66 1LZ
Childsplay Day Nursery - PR1 5AR
Childwall Church Of England Primary School - L16 0JD
Childwall School - A Specialist Sports College - L15 6XZ
Childwall Tinkers Playgroup - L16 7PZ
Childwall Valley Nni Nursery - L25 2PW
Childwall Valley Private Day Nursery - L25 2RJ
Chimney Tots Playgroup - M6 2WD
Chimps Playgroup - CA1 3LA
Chorley The Parish Of St Laurence Church Of England Primary School - PR7 1RB
Chorley All Saints Church Of England Primary School And Nursery Unit - PR7 2LR
Chorley Astley Park School - PR7 1JZ
Chorley New Road Primary School - BL6 6EW
Chorley Southlands High School - PR7 2NJ
Chorley St James' Church Of England Primary School - PR6 0TE
Chorley St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - PR6 0DX
Chorlton Cofe Primary School - M21 9JA
Chorlton High School - M21 7SL
Chorlton Park Playcentre - M21 7SJ
Chorlton Park Primary School - M21 7HH
Chowbent Primary School - M46 9FP
Christ Church Ainsworth Church Of England Primary School - BL2 5SQ
Christ Church Ce Primary School Padgate - WA2 0QJ
Christ Church Charnock Richard Cofe Primary School - PR7 5NA
Christ Church Church Of England Controlled Primary School - L20 3JL
Christ Church Cofe (aided) Primary School - BL8 3AX
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - M30 0GZ
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - OL3 5RY
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - OL9 9ED
Christ Church Cofe Primary School Pennington - WN7 4HB
Christ Church Playgroup - M19 1LD
Christ Church Pre-school - OL9 7QB
Christ Church School Playgroup - LA1 3ES
Christ The King Catholic High School And Sixth Form Centre - PR8 4EX
Christ The King Catholic Maths And Computing College - PR1 4LX
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - CH62 6AE
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - FY3 7RJ
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - L15 7LZ
Christ The King Playgroup - L15 7LZ
Christ The King Pre-school Playgroup - CH62 7HW
Christ The King Rc Primary School - FY37RJ
Christ The King Rc Primary School - M28 3DW
Christ The King Rc Primary School Manchester - M40 1LU
Christ The King Roman Catholic Primary School Burnley - BB11 4RB
Christ The King School - M33 4AQ
Christchurch Playgroup - SK8 3DQ
Christchurch Pre-school - CW7 3DR
Christian Fellowship School - L7 3HL
Christie Hospital Day Nursery - M20 4BX
Christine Smalley - BB2 4LX
Christine Taylor - CH44 1BB
Christleton High School - CH3 7AD
Christleton Pre-school - CH3 6AH
Christleton Primary School - CH3 7AY
Christopher Robbins - FY4 4BU
Christopher Robyns (offerton) - SK2 5ES
Christopher Robyns (st Thomas) - SK1 3XE
Christopher Robyns Play Group - SK6 1QS
Christopher Robyns Playgr - SK6 1QJ
Christopher Robyns Playgroup (offerton) - SK2 5ES
Christopher Robyns Playgroup (romiley) - SK6 3BA
Chrysalis Day Nursery - CW9 7TN
Chrysalis Day Nursery - CW9 7TN
Chuc - CH42 9LQ
Church St Nicholas Church Of England Primary School - BB5 4DT
Church Coppenhall Pre-school - CW1 3UD
Church Down Playgroup - CH47 6AY
Church Drive Primary School - CH62 5EF
Church Road Centre Pre-school - FY8 3NQ
Church Road Day Nursery - L4 5UF
Church Road Primary School - BL1 5RU
Church Walk Pre-school Nursery - LA12 7EN
Churchill House Day Nursery - BB1 5NX
Churchside Private Day Nu - L15 6TZ
Churchside Private Day Nursery - L15 6TZ
Churchtown Primary School - PR9 7NN
Cinnamon Brow Cofe Primary School - WA2 0SF
Cinnamon Brow Playgroup - WA2 0SF
Cities In Schools At Unit 302 - L1 0BG
City College Manchester - M1 3HB
City College Manchester - M1 6LT
City College Manchester - M20 2PQ
City College Manchester - M23 0DD
City College Manchester - M8 5UF
City Nursery - M5 4PY
City Of Preston High School - PR2 6EE
Claire Pallister - BB7 2AS
Clapham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LA2 8EJ
Clara's Tots - M13 0FB
Clare Barrett-bee - SK10 4BN
Clare Mount School - CH46 9PA
Claremont Community Primary School - FY1 2QE
Claremont Neigbourhood Nursery - M6 7PA
Claremont Primary School - M14 7NA
Clarence High School - L37 7AZ
Clarendon College - L19 9AF
Clarendon Cottage School - M30 9BJ
Clarendon House Day Nursery - L19 6PJ
Clarendon Primary School - BL3 6SF
Clarendon Road Community Primary School - M30 9BJ
Clarksfield Primary School - OL4 1NG
Claypool Primary School - BL6 6LN
Clayton Brook Primary School - PR5 8HL
Clayton Children S Centre - M11 4FT
Clayton Green Sports Centre Playgroup - PR6 7TL
Clayton-le-moors All Saints Church Of England Primary School - BB5 5HT
Clayton-le-moors Mount Pleasant Primary School - BB5 5NH
Clayton-le-moors Toddler Club And Pre-school - BB5 5NR
Clayton-le-woods Church Of England Primary School - PR6 7EU
Clayton-le-woods Manor Road Primary School - PR6 7JR
Cleator Moor Nursery School - CA25 5LW
Cledford Infant And Nursery School - CW10 0DB
Cledford Junior School - CW10 0DD
Cleggs Lane Community Nursery - M38 9WU
Cleggs Lane Community Nursery & Training Centre - M38 9WU
Clevelands Day Preparatory School - BL1 5DH
Clevelands Preparatory School - BL1 5DH
Clever Cloggs Childcare Ctr - BL8 1PB
Clever Clogs - M6 6SF
Clever Clogs Nursery - M24 4DY
Clever-clogs - M26 3AE
Cleworth Pre School - M24 5DF
Cliff House Nursery - PR2 6YQ
Clifford Holroyde Centre Of Expertise - L14 7NX
Clifton House Daynursery - L22 1RR
Clifton House Nursery - OL14 5JE
Clifton Kindergarten - FY8 3PY
Clifton Lodge - FY8 1HY
Clifton Primary School - CA10 2EG
Clifton Primary School - FY8 3PY
Clifton Primary School - M27 6PF
Clifton Tutorial Centre - FY8 1HN
Clitheroe Brookside Primary School - BB7 1NW
Clitheroe Pendle Primary School - BB7 2AL
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School - BB7 2DJ
Clockwork Day Nursery - OL6 6NW
Closed July 1999 - OL12 0HZ
Cloughside School - M25 3BL
Cloughwood School - CW8 1NU
Cloverlea Primary School - WA15 7NQ
Clutton Church Of England Primary School - CH3 9ER
Coach House Nursery Blackburn - BB1 8AP
Coates Lane Primary School - BB18 6EZ
Cobbs Brow School - WN8 6SU
Cock Robin Pre-school - PR3 1XN
Cockerham Parochial Church Of England Primary School - LA2 0EF
Cockerham Pre-school Playgroup - LA2 0EF
Cockermouth School - CA13 9HF
Cofe School Of The Resurrection - M11 3TJ
Cole Street Primary School - CH43 4XA
College Creche - CH65 8EJ
College House Pre School Creche - BB2 6BH
College Kids Pre-school - SK14 5EZ
Collegiate High School Sports College - FY3 7LS
Collyhurst Nursery School - M40 7QD
Colne Christ Church Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - BB8 7AA
Colne Lord Street School - BB8 9AR
Colne Park High School - BB8 7DP
Colne Primet High School - BB8 8JF
Colne Primet Primary School - BB8 8JE
Colquitt St Nursery - L1 4DB
Comberbach Community Pre School - CW9 6AU
Comberbach Primary School - CW9 6BG
Community Childcare Childminding Network - M13 9BU
Compass Centre North - BL1 2PF
Compass Centre South - BL4 7AP
Compass Centre West - BL5 3RD
Compstall Kiddi-winks - SK6 5HW
Congleton High School - CW12 4NS
Coniston Cofe Primary School - LA21 8AL
Conkers Nursery - BB6 8AF
Cop Lane Church Of England Primary School Penwortham - PR1 9AE
Copley High School - SK15 3RR
Copley Playgroup - SK15 2PT
Copperbeeches Montessori School - M33 6RG
Coppice Pre-school - CW11 2UR
Coppice Primary School - OL8 1AP
Coppull Parish Church Of England Primary School - PR7 4PU
Coppull Primary School - PR7 5AH
Coppull St John's Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - PR7 5DU
Corinthian Community Primary School - L13 6SH
Cornerhouse Pre-school Playgroup - LA3 2LW
Cornerstones - WA4 2EN
Cornhill House Day Nursery - M41 5TJ
Cornholme Junior Infant And Nursery School - OL14 8PL
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - WA11 8JF
Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College - PR2 8QY
Corpus Christi Rc Primary School - OL9 7HA
Corrie Primary School - M34 6FG
Cosy Toes Nursery - M24 1RD
Cots & Tots - OL12 6DE
Cottage Nursery - L25 3PL
Cottam Nursery School - PR4 0LE
Cottam Primary School - PR4 0NY
Counthill School - OL4 2PY
Country Fields - BB1 9DQ
Coupe Green Primary School - PR5 0JR
Court Hey House Montessori - L16 2LZ
Covenant Christian School - SK4 4NX
Cowboys & Angels - WA1 1UL
Cowley Language College - WA10 6LB
Crab Lane Primary School - M9 8NB
Crackerjack Day Nursery - FY3 0DB
Cracklybank Nursery - FY2 9EG
Cragbank Under Fives - LA5 9EG
Craignure Playgroup - CH64 6UZ
Cranage Pre-school Committee - CW4 8EQ
Cransley School - CW9 6HN
Cransley School - CW9 6NQ
Craven Pre-school - BB18 5EG
Cravenwood Community Primary School - M8 5AE
Crawford Community Pre-school Nursery - WN8 9QP
Crawford Village Pre-school Nursery - WN8 9QP
Crawford Village Primary School - WN8 9QP
Crawford Village School Pre-school Group - WN8 9QP
Crawshawbooth Pre School - BB4 8PW
Crawshawbooth Primary School - BB4 8AN
Crech N'co Ltd - BL9 5AF
Creche N Co Ltd - OL12 6RY
Crescent Community High School For Girls - M14 5DX
Cricketland Nursery - FY3 9EQ
Crimble Croft Community Centre - OL10 4HW
Croft House Nursery - BL6 7BT
Croft Nursery - L25 0QS
Croft Pre School - WA3 7DS
Croft Pre-school - SK7 3DJ
Croft Primary School - WA3 7DG
Crofters Park - BL1 2QU
Croftlands Infant School - LA12 9JU
Croftlands Junior School - LA12 9JU
Croftlands Pre-school Nursery - LA12 9JU
Cromdale Way Playgroup - WA5 3NY
Crompton House Cofe School - OL2 7HS
Crompton Primary School - OL2 7HD
Cromwell High School - SK16 5BJ
Cronkeyshaw - Green Corns - OL16 1BH
Cronton Cofe Primary School - WA8 5DF
Crosby High School - L23 2TH
Crosby Kindergarten - L22 6QN
Crosby Ravensworth Cofe School - CA10 3JJ
Crosby-on-eden Cofe School - CA6 4QN
Crossacres Primary School - M22 5AD
Crosscanonby St John's Cofe School - CA15 6RX
Crosscrake Cofe Primary School - LA8 0LB
Crossens Nursery School - PR9 8ND
Crossgates Primary School - OL16 3HB
Crosshill Special School - BB1 2HR
Crosslee Community Primary School - M9 6TG
Crosthwaite Cofe School - LA8 8HT
Croston Day Nursery - PR26 9RJ
Croston Pre School - PR26 9HA
Crow Orchard Primary School - WN8 8QG
Crowcroft Park Primary School - M12 5SY
Crowton Christ Church Cofe Primary School - CW8 2RW
Croxteth Community Comprehensive School - L11 0BD
Croxteth Community Primary School - L11 0BP
Crumpsall Lane Primary School - M8 5SR
Crumpsall Park Day Care Group - M8 5SA
Cuddington Primary School - CW8 2NY
Cuddly Koalas Pre-school - CA15 8ST
Cuerden Church School Bamber Bridge - PR5 6ED
Culcheth Community Primary School - WA3 5HH
Culcheth Day Nursery And Link Club - WA3 5HH
Culcheth Hall School - WA14 2LT
Culcheth High School - WA3 4JQ
Culcheth Methodist Pre-school - WA3 4JB
Culgaith Cofe School - CA10 1QL
Cumberland (upper) School - BB1 8DW
Cumbria College Of Art And Design - CA3 9AY
Cumbria Institute Of The Arts - CA3 9AY
Cummersdale School - CA2 6BD
Cumwhinton School - CA4 8DU
Cup Cakes - OL4 4PF
Cutgate Playgroup - OL12 7SY
Cygnet Playgroup - L39 6SU
Cygnets Pre-school Playgroup - CH45 3HP
Cygnets Pre-school Playgroup - CW3 9EU
Cygnets Private Nursery - WA7 4JJ
Cygnets To Swans - M25 1GQ
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