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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

London Schools I-J-K

Incorporating schools in the London area.

Ian Mikardo School - E3 3LF
Ibstock Place School - SW15 5PY
Ickburgh School - E5 8AD
Icon Community Childrens Centre - E8 2LE
If...@thebeormund - SE1 2AN
Ilderton Primary School - SE16 3LA
Ilys Booker Under 5's Cen - W11 1TZ
Imaginations Playgroup - W4 4NL
Imam Zakaria Academy - E7 8AB
Immanuel And St Andrew Church Of England Primary School - SW16 5SL
Imperial College Eyec - SW7 1NA
Imperial College Of Science Technology And Medicine - SW7 2AZ
Inchbald School Of Design - SW1W 9BA
Inchmery Day Nursery - SE6 2NA
Independant Mothers Pre-school - NW8 6BN
Independent Day School Junuir - NW4 2AH
Independent Jewish Day School - NW4 2AH
Independent Place Nursery - E8 2HD
Inloco Parentis Nursery School - SW17 7AJ
Inns Of Court School Of Law - WC1R 5DX
Institute Of Cancer Research - SW7 3RP
Institute Of Child Health - WC1N 1EH
Institute Of Education - WC1H 0AL
Institute Of Education Nursery - WC1H 0NT
Institute Of Historical Research - WC1E 7HU
Institute Of Neurology - WC1N 3BG
Instituto Espa+Žol Vicente Ca+Žada Blanch - W10 5SY
Interlink Day Nursery - E15 4QZ
International Community School - NW1 4PT
International Community School - NW1 4PT
International House Language School - W1J 7NL
International Playgroup - N16 8TT
International School Of London - W3 8LG
Invicta Lodge Playgroup - SE18 1LA
Invicta Primary School - SE3 7HE
Iona Nursery School - N16 0BD
Iqra Independent School - SW9 7PH
Islamia Girls' High School - NW6 6PE
Islamia Primary School - NW6 6PE
Islamic College For Advanced Studies - NW10 2SW
Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation - N15 5RG
Island Hse Pre School Playgroup - E14 9PG
Islington Arts And Media School - N4 3LS
Islington Green School - N1 8PQ
Islington Play Association - N7 8AS
Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts - EC1M 7AJ
Iverna Gardens Montessori Nursery School - W8 6TP
Ivy House Nursery School And Day Nursery - SW6 4XE
Ivydale Primary School - SE15 3BU
Jack & Jill - NW2 2TJ
Jack Taylor School - NW8 0SR
Jack Tizard School - W12 7PA
James Allen's Girls' School - SE22 8TE
James Allen's Pre-prep School - SE21 7AL
James Dixon Primary School - SE20 8BW
James Kane Nursery - SE11 5LY
James Lee Nursery School - W14 9BH
James Wolfe Primary School And Centre For The Deaf - SE10 9LA
Jamiah Madaniyah Primary School - E7 8NN
Jamiatul Ummah School - E1 2ND
Jelli Tots Nursery - NW6 7BJ
Jenny Hammond Primary School - E11 3JN
Jessop Primary School - SE24 0BJ
Jigsaw Day Nursery - E4 9EY
Jigsaw Day Nursery - SW18 1EG
Jigsaw Day Nursery - W6 9YD
Jigsaw Nursery & Montessori School - W13 0EY
Jimoke Family Resource Centre - SE2 9EU
Joel Nursery - NW9 6DY
Johanna Primary School - SE1 7RH
John Ball Primary School - SE3 0TP
John Barnes Playgroup - N7 0JN
John Betts Primary School - W6 0UA
John Burns Primary School - SW11 5QR
John Donne Primary School - SE15 2SW
John F Kennedy Special School - E15 4RZ
John Keble Cofe Primary School - NW10 4DR
John Kelly Boys' Technology College - NW2 7SN
John Kelly Girls' Technology College - NW2 7SN
John Kelly Technology Sixth Form Centre - NW2 7SN
John Paul Ii School - SW19 6QE
John Perryn Primary School - W3 7PD
John Ruskin Primary School And Language Classes - SE5 0PQ
John Scurr Primary School - E1 4AX
John Smith Childrens Centre - E1 2EN
John Stainer Community Primary School - SE4 2DY
Jolly Magic Smiles - N3 2RA
Jolly Magic Smiles - NW9 6QY
Joseph Clarke School - E4 9PP
Joseph Hood Primary School - SW20 9NS
Joseph Lancaster Primary School - SE1 6AF
Joyful Gems Day Nursery - SE3 8DJ
Jubilee Clock Pre-school - NW10 4UJ
Jubilee Primary School - N16 6NR
Jubilee Primary School - SE28 8JB
Jubilee Primary School - SW2 2JE
Julian's School - SW16 2RB
Jumbo Montessori Nursery - W1H 5RB
Just Learning Ltd - E17 5QA
Just Learning Nursery - E11 1NR
Just Learning Nursery - SW1P 2AD
Kaizen Primary School - E13 8LH
Kate Greenaway Nursery School - N1 0UH
Katharine Bruce Day Nursery - W10 4QA
Kay Rowe Nursery School - E7 0PH
Keble Preparatory School - N21 1BG
Keir Hardie Primary School - E16 1PZ
Kelmscott School - E17 8DN
Kelvin Grove Primary School - SE26 6BB
Kender Primary School - SE14 5JA
Kenley Montessori School - W11 4BA
Kenmont Primary School - NW10 6AL
Kennington Day Nursery - SE11 4AX
Kensal Green Under 5s Nursery - NW10 5SN
Kensal Green Under Fives - NW10 5SN
Kensal Rise Primary School - NW6 6HJ
Kensal Under Fives Centre - W10 5PE
Kensington And Chelsea College - SW10 0QS
Kensington And Chelsea Pupil Referral Unit At The Latimer Building - W10 6TT
Kensington Prep School - SW6 5PA
Kensington Preparatory School For Girls - SW6 5PA
Kensington Primary School - E12 6NN
Kentish Town Church Of England Primary School - NW5 2TU
Kentish Town Montessori S - N19 3TD
Kerem House - N2 0ER
Kerem School - N2 0RE
Key Stage 4 Pru - E15 3AE
Keyworth Primary School - SE17 3TR
Kidbrooke Park Primary School - SE3 8HS
Kidbrooke School - SE3 8EP
Kiddicare - W9 3NA
Kiddicare - W9 3NL
Kiddy Care Nursery - E11 1EQ
Kids & Co Day Nursery - SE3 7RE
Kids Family Centre - W10 6UH
Kids Inc Nurseries - E18 2AE
Kids Unlimited - N7 6QX
Kids Unlimited - W11 3BQ
Kids Unlimited Regents Place Nursery - NW1 3FN
Kidsunlimited - WC1X 0DS
Kilmorie Primary School - SE23 2SP
Kinder Care Montesorri Nursery - NW10 0RG
Kinderella Pre School - SE15 6EF
Kinderland Montessori School - W2 4LS
King Alfred School - NW11 7HY
King Fahad Academy - W3 7HD
King S Heathday Nursery - SE22 8PT
King Solomon Academy - NW1 6RX
King Square Pre-school - EC1V 8DE
Kings & Queens Nursery - SE10 0HH
Kings Avenue School - SW4 8BQ
Kings Coll. Hosp. N.h.s. Trust - SE5 8AZ
King's College Hospital Day Nursry - SE22 8PT
King's College London - SE1 8WA
King's College School - SW19 4TT
Kings Day Nursery - SE22 8PT
Kings Day Nursery - SE5 9RS
Kings Kids Christian School - SE14 6ET
Kingsbury Green Primary School - NW9 9ND
Kingsbury High School - NW9 9JR
Kingsbury Jewish Kindergarten - NW9 8XR
Kingsdale Secondary School - SE21 8SQ
Kingsford Community School - E6 5JG
Kingsgate Community Pre School - NW6 2JH
Kingsgate Hall Playgroup - N1 4DB
Kingsgate Primary School - NW6 4LB
Kingshall Playgroup - E5 0NU
Kingsmead Primary School - E9 5PP
Kingston Vale Montessori - SW15 3PY
Kingsway Childrens Centre - WC2B 4AU
Kingswood Primary School - SE27 9RD
Kintore Way Nursery School - SE1 3BW
Kisharon College - NW4 1TP
Kisharon Day School - NW11 7HB
Kite Of Ealing Montessori Nursery - W5 1TL
Knights Hill Day Nursery - SE27 0UB
Knightsbridge Kindergarten 1 - SW3 5BS
Knightsbridge Kindergarten 2 - SW10 0AU
Knightsbridge School - SW1X 0BD
Kobi Nazrul Primary School - E1 1JP
Konstam Nursery Centre - N19 5DH
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