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Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

London Schools H

Incorporating schools in the London area.

Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College - SE14 5SF
Hackney Care For Kids - N16 7PR
Hackney Community College - E5 8BP
Hackney Community College - E9 6AZ
Hackney Community College - E9 7LH
Hackney Community College - N1 6HQ
Hackney Community College - N4 1SY
Hackney Free And Parochial Church Of England Secondary School Specialist Sports College - E9 6NR
Hackney Kids Nursery - E5 8LG
Haggerston School - E2 8LS
Haggerstone 136 Community Nursery - E8 4JA
Hague Primary School - E2 0BP
Haimo Primary School - SE9 6DY
Half Day Playgroup - N19 4RS
Half Moon Montessori Playgroup - SE24 9HU
Half Pints Playgroup - SE16 7UW
Halfmoon Montessori Nursery - SE24 9JG
Hall School - NW3 5DX
Hall School Wimbledon - SW15 3EQ
Halley Primary School - E14 7SS
Hallfield Infants' School - W2 6JJ
Hallfield Junior School - W2 6JJ
Hallsville Primary School - E16 1LN
Halstow Primary School - SE10 0LD
Hamfrith Family Resource Centre - E15 4SZ
Hampden Gurney Cofe Primary School - W1H 5HA
Hampden Nursery Centre - NW1 1HQ
Hampden Way Nursery School - N14 5DJ
Hampshire School Kensington Gardens - W2 3TB
Hampshire School Knightsbridge Unde - SW7 4NX
Hampstead Activity Nurser - NW3 1AB
Hampstead College Of Fine Arts And Humanities - NW3 4PG
Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute - NW11 7BN
Hampstead Hill School - NW3 2PP
Hampstead Hill School - NW3 2PP
Hampstead Parochial Church Of England Primary School - NW3 6TX
Hampstead School - NW2 3RT
Handsworth Avenue Childrens Day Nursery - E4 9PJ
Handsworth Ave Childrens Day Centre - E4 9PJ
Handsworth Playgroup - E4 9ND
Handsworth Primary School - E4 9PJ
Hanley Crouch Playgroup - N19 4EL
Hanover Playschool - N1 8BD
Hanover Playschool - N1 9QT
Hanover Primary School - N1 8BD
Hanwell Bunnies - W7 1DJ
Hanwell Nursery Centre - W7 3JG
Happitimes Playgroup - E5 0SG
Happy Child - W5 5TL
Happy Child Day Nursery - NW10 3UN
Happy Child Day Nursery - W12 7JQ
Happy Child Ltd - NW6 6QG
Happy Child Montessori - W5 5EN
Happy Child Nursery - E17 9NL
Happy Child Nursery - NW10 3TY
Happy Child Nursery - NW6 6RG
Happy Child Nursery - W3 0JE
Happy Child Nursery - W5 3NY
Happy Child Nursery - W5 4DP
Happy Child Nursery - W5 5LH
Happy Child Nursery (day) + (baby) - W13 0TG
Happy Day Nursery - E11 4AU
Happy Days Kensington International School - SW7 2DZ
Happy Days Playgroup - N20 9AS
Happy Faces - EC1V 7HP
Happy Faces Nursery - SE15 6JL
Happy Faces Playgroup - SE15 6JL
Happy Little Bunny Day Nursery - SE26 5SL
Happy Nest Nursery - E2 8LR
Happy Nursery Days - SW2 2RX
Happy Times I - SW6 7JF
Happy Times Nurseries & Childcare Ltd - W6 0TN
Happy Times Nursery - SW11 4NP
Harbinger Primary School - E14 3QP
Hargrave Park Primary School - N19 5JN
Haringey Pupil Referral Unit - N22 8DZ
Haringey Sixth Form Centre - N17 8HR
Harlesden Angels - NW10 4NE
Harlesden Primary School - NW10 8UT
Harlsden Day Nursery - NW10 4NE
Harmony Neighbourhood Nursery - W12 7PT
Harmood Pre-school - NW1 8DQ
Harold Road Children S Centre - E13 0SQ
Harold Road Pre School - E13 0SE
Harrington Hill Primary School - E5 9EY
Harris Academy Bermondsey - SE16 3TZ
Harris Academy South Norwood - SE25 6AD
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace - SE19 2JH
Harris Federation - SE19 2BH
Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich - SE22 0NR
Harry Gosling Primary School - E1 1NB
Harry Roberts Nursery School - E1 4PZ
Hartington Park Playgroup Closed - N17 9UH
Hartley Primary School - E6 1NT
Harvington School - W5 2DS
Haseltine Primary School - SE26 5AD
Hasmonean High School - NW4 1NA
Hasmonean Kindergarten - NW4 2PD
Hasmonean Primary School - NW4 2PD
Hathaway Primary School - W13 0DH
Haverstock School - NW3 2BQ
Hawkesdown House - W8 7PN
Hawksmoor School - SE28 8AS
Hawley Infant School - NW1 8NJ
Hay Lane School - NW9 0JY
Haymerle School - SE15 6SY
Hazelbury Infant School - N9 9TT
Hazelbury Infants Sch - N9 9TT
Hazelbury Junior School - N9 9TT
Hazelwood Infant School - N13 5HE
Hazelwood Junior School - N13 5HE
Headstart Montessori School - SE15 3JA
Headstart Montessori School - SW17 0UQ
Heath House Preparatory School - SE3 0TG
Heath Road Day Nursery - SW8 3BB
Heathbrook Primary School - SW8 3EH
Heathcote Playgroup - E4 6ES
Heathcote School - E4 6ES
Heathfield House School - W4 4JU
Heathfield Pre-school - SW16 5PQ
Heathmere Primary School - SW15 4LJ
Heathside Early Years Centre - SE10 8DP
Heathside Prep School - NW3 1JA
Heathside Preparatory School - NW3 1JA
Heavens Montessori School - SW19 1HQ
Heavers Farm Primary School - SE25 6LT
Heber Primary School - SE22 9LA
Hellenic College Bilingual Montessori - NW11 8HL
Hellenic College Of London Nursery - SW1X 0BD
Hendon Campus Nursery - NW4 4BT
Hendon Kindergarten - NW4 2TA
Hendon Kindergarten - NW4 2TA
Hendon Preparatory School - NW4 1TD
Hendon School - NW4 2HP
Henry Cavendish Primary School - SW12 0JA
Henry Compton Secondary School - SW6 6SN
Henry Fawcett Primary School - SE11 5BZ
Henry Maynard Infants' School - E17 9JE
Henry Maynard Junior School - E17 9LT
Henwick Primary School - SE9 6NZ
Herbert Day Nursery - SW19 3PH
Herbert Morrison Primary School - SW8 2HP
Hercules Playgroup - N7 6AR
Hereward House School - NW3 4NY
Heritage Childrens Centre - SW2 2SG
Heritage Childrens Day Nursery - E18 1NN
Heritage Childrens Day Nursery - E6 5YU
Heritage Family Centre - NW10 0UA
Hermitage Primary School - E1W 2PT
Herne Hill School - SE24 9LY
Heron Day Nursery - SE24 0HZ
Heronsgate Playgroup - SE28 0DR
Heronsgate Primary School - SE28 0DW
Heshima Family Support Centre Barnados - se19 3af
Heythrop College - W8 5HQ
Hgs Pre-school - NW11 6PB
High Cross Playgroup - N15 4BN
High View Playgroup - SW11 2AA
High View Primary School - SW11 2AA
Higham Hill Childrens Day Centre - E17 5QA
Highams Park School - E4 9PJ
Highbury Community Nursery - N5 1TL
Highbury Fields School - N5 1AR
Highbury Grange Health Care Centre - N5 2QB
Highbury Grove School - N5 2EG
Highbury Quadrant Primary School - N5 2DP
Highfield Primary School - N21 3HE
Highfields Day Nursery - N21 3RD
Highgate Children's Centre - NW5 1TL
Highgate Newtown P G - N19 5DR
Highgate Pre Preparatory School - N6 4PH
Highgate Primary School - N6 4ED
Highgate School - N6 4AY
Highgate Wood Secondary School - N8 8RN
Highlands School - N21 1QQ
Highlands Village Pre-school - N21 1UJ
Highshore School - SE15 5BB
Highview Playgroup - N11 1SH
Highway Christian School - SE1 2LA
Hill House School - SW1X 0EP
Hill Mead Primary School - SW9 8UE
Hill Park Pre-school - NW4 4QR
Hillbrook School - SW17 8SG
Hillcrest - SE19 1BY
Hillcrest Day Nursery & Asc - E10 5PW
Hillcrest Norwood - SE19 1BY
Hilldrop Playgroup - N7 0JE
Hillside Close - N16 5QR
Hillside Nursery - N16 5QR
Hillsyde -
Hilltop Nursery School - NW3 1AB
Hilltop Playgroup - N10 2QE
Hilltots Playgroup - N7 0JE
Hillyfield Primary School - E17 6ED
Hillyfields Day Nursery - SE4 2AJ
Hippo Club Creche - SW15 1SS
Hither Green Primary School - SE13 6EH
Hitherfield Primary School - SW16 2JQ
Hobbayne Primary School - W7 1HA
Holbeach Primary School - SE6 4QB
Holborn College Law School - W14 9RY
Holland Park Day Nursery - W14 8HJ
Holland Park Nursery School - W11 2NN
Holland Park Pre-preparatory School - W14 8HJ
Holland Park Pre-school - W8 6LU
Holland Park School - W8 7AF
Hollickwood Primary School - N10 2NL
Holloway Co-op Playgroup - N4 4EU
Holloway Neighbourhood Group Nursery - N7 6QT
Holloway School - N7 0JG
Holly Lodge Playgroup - N6 6ED
Holly Park Montessori School - N4 4BY
Holly Park Primary School - N11 3HG
Holly Street Day Nursery - E8 3JG
Holly Street Playgroup - E8 3NE
Hollybush Nursery - N8 7HL
Hollydale Primary School - SE15 2AR
Hollymount School - SW20 0SQ
Holmes Place Health Health Club - NW4 3NL
Holmesdale Pre-school - SE25 6TY
Holmewood Nursery School - SW2 2RW
Holmleigh Primary School - N16 5PU
Holy Cross Rc School - SW6 4BL
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Primary School - SE6 2LD
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - SE3 9YX
Holy Family Catholic School - E14 0DE
Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School - SW12 8QJ
Holy Trinity And Saint Silas Cofe Primary School Nw1 - NW1 8DE
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - E8 3DY
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - SE23 3HZ
Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary School - SW2 2RL
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - N2 8GA
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - SW19 8PW
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School - SW1X 9DE
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School Nw3 - NW3 5SQ
Holy Trinity Pre-school Playgroup - SE20 7LX
Home And Hospital Service - N9 9TU
Home From Home Day Nursery - W13 0LA
Home Learning Service - W6 9JU
Homerton Community Playgroup - E9 6AJ
Homerton Community Pre-school - E9 6AJ
Honeywell Infant School - SW11 6EF
Honeywell Junior School - SW11 6EF
Honor Oak Early Years Centre - SE4 2LW
Hoop Lane Montessori School - NW11 8BS
Hopes And Dreams - EC1V 1LJ
Hopscotch Management Committee - NW6 6TT
Horizon School - N16 8BZ
Horizons Day Nursery & Pre-school - SE13 6QF
Horn Park Primary School - SE12 9BT
Horniman Primary School - SE23 3BP
Hornsby House School - SW12 8RS
Hornsey Ridge Playgroup - N8 0NU
Hornsey Rise Creche - N19 3YU
Hornsey School For Girls - N8 9JF
Hospital Home And Education Units Co St Mary's Hospitial Tuition Unit - W2 1NY
Hotham Primary School - SW15 1PN
Houndsfield Primary School - N9 7RE
Howard House Nursery School - W6 0UG
Howzat @ Ben Hollioake Centre - SE11 5SS
Hoxton Hall Playgroup - N1 6SH
Huddleston Playgroup - E5 8DJ
Hugh Myddelton Primary School - EC1R 1YJ
Humpty Dumpty - SE4 1SA
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - E11 1BN
Humpty Dumpty Nursery - SE5 8BQ
Humpty Dumpty Pre School Playgroup - E6 5NB
Hungerford Primary School - N7 9LF
Hurlingham And Chelsea Secondary School - SW6 3ED
Hurlingham School - SW15 2NQ
Hurlingham School - SW15 2NU
Huron University Usa In London - WC1B 4JP
Hyde Park Barracks Community Childcare Centre - SW7 1SE
Hyderi Nursery - SW16 5PQ
Hyland House School - E17 4AE
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