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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

London Schools C

Incorporating schools in the London area.

Cally All Stars Playgroup - N1 0NG
Calverton Primary School - E16 3ET
Camberwell After School - SE5 0JY
Camberwell College Of Arts - SE5 8UF
Camberwell Grove Eyc - SE5 8JU
Cambridge School - W6 0LB
Camden Chinese Community Centre Nur - NW1 8NJ
Camden Primary Pupil Referral Unit - NW1 3JX
Camden Road Nursery - N7 0SP
Camden Square Nursery School - NW1 9XG
Camelot Primary School - SE15 1QP
Cameron House School - SW3 6AH
Camplin Early Years Centre - SE14 6QQ
Campsbourne Infant School - N8 7AF
Campsbourne Junior School - N8 7AG
Canberra Family Resource Centre - E6 2RW
Canberra Primary School - W12 7PT
Cann Hall Primary School - E11 3NN
Canon Barnett Primary School - E1 7RQ
Canonbury Primary School - N1 2UT
Canterbury House Day Nursery - SE1 7LN
Capital City Academy - NW10 3ST
Capitanio Sisters - W5 1TJ
Cardinal Hinsley Mathematics And Computing College - NW10 3RN
Cardinal Pole Roman Catholic School - E9 5RB
Cardwell Primary School - SE18 5LP
Carey Days Nursery - SW16 3QF
Carey-hall Playgroup - N21 3PA
Caribb Afterschool Project - SE5 7LL
Caribbean Community Nursery - N4 2LX
Carlton Hill Day Nursery - NW8 0ER
Carlton Nursery Centre - NW6 5RA
Carlton Primary School - NW5 4AX
Carlton Vale Infant School - NW6 5PU
Carmena Christian Day Nursery -
Carmena Christian Preparatory Schoo - SW16 6NW
Carol White House - W5 3TU
Caroline Jemirifo - SE26 4ED
Carousel Nursery - W3 7AW
Carousel Nursery - W3 9BU
Carpenters Primary School - E15 2JQ
Carville Day Nursery - E17 9SF
Castilion Primary School - SE28 8QA
Castlebar School - W13 0DH
Castlecombe Primary School - SE9 4AT
Castlemead Pre-school - SE5 0ED
Caterpillar 2 Nursery School -
Caterpillar Day Nursery - W5 4LL
Caterpillar Day Nursery - W5 4NB
Caterpillar I Nursery School -
Caterpillar Montessori Nu - W4 3GA
Caterpillar Nursery - W3 6RS
Catford High School - SE6 2PS
Catherine House Day Nursery Schools - SE4 1YA
Cathnor Park Pre-school - W12 8BY
Catholic Children's Society - W10 6EJ
Cavendish Primary School - W4 2RG
Cavendish School - SE16 2PA
Caversham Family Centre - NW6 6QT
Caxton House Settlement - N19 3RU
Caxton House Under Fives - N19 3RQ
Cayley Primary School - E14 0NP
Celia Stephenson - NW6 7AR
Central Foundation Boys' School - EC2A 4SH
Central Foundation Girls' School - E3 2AT
Central Park Primary School - E6 3DW
Central School Of Speech & Drama - NW3 3HY
Central School Of Speech And Drama - NW3 3HY
Centre Academy -
Centre For Armenian Information & Advice - W3 8JF
Centre Pre School - NW5 1UX
Centro Infantil Menchu - NW6 4TA
Centro Infantil Menchu - NW6 4TA
Ceylon Cottage Nursery - E16 1PH
Chaim Merim Nursery - N16 6XB
Chalcot Montessori School A M I - NW3 4YB
Chalcot School - NW1 8DP
Chalgrove Primary School - N3 3PL
Chameleon Nursery Ltd - N19 5LA
Chameleon Nursery Ltd (2) - N19 5HU
Chandos Childrens Learning Centre - WC2H 9RF
Chandos Pre School - E15 1DZ
Channing School - N6 5HF
Chapel End Early Years Centre - E17 4LH
Chapel End Infants' School - E17 4LH
Chapel End Junior School - E17 4LS
Charing Cross Day Nursery - W6 8RF
Charity Hall Playgroup - N9 9DY
Charles Dickens Primary School - SE1 1QP
Charles Edward Brooke Refugee Centre Co Charles Edward Brooke Cofe School - SW9 6UL
Charles Edward Brooke School - SW9 6UL
Charlotte Sharman Primary School - SE11 4SN
Charlotte Turner Primary School - SE8 3HD
Charlton Athletic Ssc - SE7 8BL
Charlton Family Centre - SE7 7EL
Charlton Manor Primary School - SE7 7EF
Charlton School - SE7 8HX
Charterhouse In Southwark Arc Nurse - SE1 3YD
Charterhouse Square School - EC1M 6EA
Chartfield School -
Chase Lane Primary School - E4 8LA
Chaston Nursery - NW5 4JH
Chaston Nursery School - NW6 2JL
Chatsworth Baptist Church Pre-schoo - SE27 9HN
Chatterbox Playgroup - E9 6AY
Cheeky Cherubs - E7 0LJ
Cheeky Cherubs - Lansbury Harco - E14 6BZ
Chellowdene Nursery - SE21 8NR
Chelsea Children's Hospital School - SW10 9NH
Chelsea Fc Skills And Learning Centre - SW6 1HS
Chelsea Independent College - SW6 1HD
Chelsea Open Air Nursery School And Childrens Centre - SW3 5JE
Chelwood Nursery School - SE4 2QQ
Cherry Blossom Pre-school - SE6 3EN
Cherry Fields - NW3 7BB
Cherry Garden School - SE16 3XU
Cherry Orchard Nursery School - W11 9BA
Cherry Orchard Primary School - SE7 7DG
Cherryli Nursery - SE4 1QG
Cherrytree Montessori - SE22 9HE
Cherubins Day Nursery - SW2 3NJ
Cherubs Nursery - WC2E 8RF
Chesnut Tree Pre-school - SE27 0HL
Chesterfield Day Nursery - E10 6EW
Chesterton Primary School -
Chestnut Grove School -
Chestnut Nursery School - E7 0JJ
Chestnuts Playgroup - N15 5JH
Chestnuts Pre-school - N15 5BN
Chestnuts Primary School - N15 3AS
Cheyne Family Centre - SW10 0ST
Childcare Enterprise Ltd - SE20 8UX
Childeric Primary School - SE8 4BL
Children Care Limited Early Learners - SW16 5TG
Children's Community Concern Ltd - SW2 5PY
Childrens Corner - W13 8QH
Childrens Hospital School At Gt Ormond Street And Uch - WC1N 3JH
Childrens House Nursery School - E3 3EU
Children's House Nursery School - W13 9NF
Childrens Neighbourhood Centre - W6 9JA
Childrens Paradise Uk Ltd - se255qw
Childrens Services Treetops - NW10 3SQ
Childs Hill School - NW2 1SL
Child's Play Day Nursery - E4 8NU
Childs Play Private Day N - E3 5RJ
Childspace Parent Co-operative - SE24 9AG
Childsplay Day Nursery - E3 5RJ
Childsplay Nursery - EC1A 1BB
Chingford Activity Nursery - E4 9AL
Chingford Children's Day - E4 8PL
Chingford Cofe Voluntary Controlled Infants' School - E4 7EY
Chingford Cofe Voluntary Controlled Junior School - E4 7BP
Chingford Foundation School - E4 7LT
Chingford Hall Community Primary School - E4 8YJ
Chingford Mount Baptist Church - E4 8AT
Chisenhale Primary School - E3 5QY
Chiswick And Bedford Park Preparato - W4 1TX
Chiswick And Bedford Park Preparatory School - W4 1TX
Chiswick Child & Family Centre - W4 2JR
Chiswick Community Day Nursery - W4 4QT
Chiswick Community School - W4 3UN
Chiswick Toddlers World - W4 3NR
Christ Church Streatham Church Of England Primary School - SW2 3NF
Christ Church Bentinck Cofe Primary School - NW1 5NS
Christ Church Church Of England Junior School - W5 2XA
Christ Church Church Of England Primary School - SE10 0DZ
Christ Church Church Of England Primary School - SW9 6HN
Christ Church Church Of England Primary School Shooters Hill - SE18 3RS
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - NW6 7TG
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - SE23 2NE
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - SW3 4AA
Christ Church Cofe Primary School -
Christ Church Primary School Hampstead - NW3 1JH
Christ Church School - NW1 4BD
Christ The King Rc Primary School - N4 3QW
Christ The King Sixth Form College - SE13 5GE
Christchurch Cofe School - E1 6PU
Christchurch Nursery School - NW10 8UG
Christchurch Playgroup - N5 1SA
Christian School Of London - N7 6BU
Christine Fisher - SE6 1RY
Christopher Hatton Primary School - EC1R 4PQ
Christ's College Finchley - N2 0SE
Chrysolyte Independent Christian Sc - SE1 5UT
Chrysolyte Independent Christian School - SE1 4XH
Church Crescent 345 Pre-schools - N10 3NE
Church End Nursery - NW10 3TS
Church Hill Nursery - E17 9SB
Church Hill Nursery School - N21 1JA
Church Hill Pre-school Leapfrog - N21 1JA
Church Road Under 5s - W7 1DJ
Church Row Nursery - NW3 6UP
Church Street Children's Centre - NW8 8EQ
Church Street Children's Centre - NW8 8EQ
Churchfield Primary School - N9 9PL
Churchfields Infants' School - E18 2RB
Churchfields Junior School - E18 2RB
Churchill Gardens Community Primary School - SW1V 3EU
City And Islington College - N7 0RN
City And Islington College At Marlborough Building - N7 0RN
City Child - EC2Y 8AH
City Lit - WC2B 4BA
City Mission Neighbourhood Nursery - NW10 6RB
City Of London Academy (southwark) - SE1 5LA
City Of London School - EC4V 3AL
City Of London School For Girls - EC2Y 8BB
City Of Westminster College - W2 1NB
City University - EC1V 0HB
Clapham Day Nursery - SW4 6AT
Clapham Junction Nursery Ltd -
Clapham Manor Primary School - SW4 0BZ
Clapham Montessori - SW4 0PX
Clapham Park Montessori - SW4 7DN
Clapham Park Pre-school - SW2 4UZ
Clapton Girls' Technology College - E5 0RB
Clapton Park Day Care Centre - N16 7QY
Clapton Park Early Centre - E8 0EP
Clapton Park Early Years Centre - E5 0EP
Clapton Park Play Project - E5 0AW
Clapton Park Playgroup - E5 0EP
Clare Gardens Family Centre - W11 1EG
Claremont Community Pre-school - NW2 1BP
Claremont Nursery - N8 7DF
Claremont Primary School - NW2 1AB
Clerkenwell Parochial Cofe Primary School - EC1R 1UN
Clevelands Day Nursery - E18 2PE
Cleves Primary School - E6 1QP
Clifton Lodge School - W5 5BG
Clive Hall Day Nursery - SE21 8BY
Clowns Nursery - NW11 7HZ
Clufo - SW8 2PX
Clyde Early Childhood Centre - SE8 5LW
Clyde Early Childhood Centre - SE8 5NH
Coach House Montessori Pre-school - SE13 6DL
Cobourg Primary School - SE5 0JD
Coccinelle Day Nursery - E13 9EX
Coconut Nursery Ltd - N16 0UH
Coin Street Family & Childrens Centre - SE1 9PP
Coldfall Primary School - N10 1HS
Colegrave Primary School - E15 1JY
Coleraine Park Primary School - N17 9XT
Coleridge Primary School - N8 8DN
Colfes School - SE12 8AW
Colindale Nursery - NW9 5DF
Colindale Primary School - NW9 6HP
College Gardens Nursery - E4 7LQ
College Green Nursery School & Services - NW10 3PH
College Green Nursery School And Services - NW10 3PH
College Of North East London - N15 4RU
College Of North East London Nursery - N15 4RY
College Of North West London - NW10 2XD
College Of Teachers - WC1H 0NU
College Park School - W2 4PH
Collingham - SW5 0HL
Collingham Gardens Nursery - WC1N 1PH
Colombo Street Playgroup - SE1 8DP
Colourbox Childcare (nursery) - SE15 3ED
Columbia Market Nursery School - E2 7PG
Columbia Primary School - E2 7RG
Colvestone Primary School - E8 2LG
Colville Nursery Centre - W11 2BQ
Colville Primary School - W11 2DF
Comber Grove School - SE5 0LQ
Comberton - E5 9PU
Comberton Day Nursery - E5 9PU
Comet Nursery School - N1 5RF
Commercial Road Day Nursery - E1 1LA
Community Links - E16 1TU
Community Play - SW6 6AB
Complementary Education Centre Co Islington Learning Support Centre - N7 8RH
Conductive Education - N10 3ST
Connaught House School - W2 2HL
Connaught School For Girls - E11 4AB
Connington Crescent Playg - E4 6LA
Conservatoire For Dance And Drama - WC1H 9PY
Convent Of Jesus And Mary Language College - NW10 4EP
Convent Of Jesus And Mary Rc Infant School - NW2 5AN
Conway Primary School - SE18 1QY
Cooper's Lane Primary School - SE12 0LF
Copenhagen Primary School - N1 0WF
Copleston Childrens Centre - SE15 4AN
Coppermill Primary School - E17 6PB
Coppetts Wood Primary School - N10 1JS
Copthall School - NW7 2EP
Coral Day Nursery - SE 1 8LY
Coral Day Nursery - SE1 8LY
Coram's Fields Nursery - WC1N 1DN
Corner House Day Nursery - W13 9LR
Corner Stone Under 5's - E10 6EH
Cornerstone Day Nursery - SE26 6PL
Coronation Gardens Playgroup -
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School - SW2 5BL
Cosmopolitan Day Nursery - SW19 2JF
Courtauld Institute Of Art - WC2R 0RN
Courtland School - NW7 3BG
Courtyard Nursery - SE10 9JY
Craig Youth Pre-school - N18 2HN
Crampton School - SE17 3LE
Crawford Primary School - SE5 9NF
Creative Minds Nursery - SE5 9QS
Crescent 2 Kindergarten -
Crescent Kindergarten -
Crescent Kindergartens Iii - SW12 0LF
Cresswood Nursery - NW5 4DP
Crofton School - SE4 1SA
Crosfield Nursery School - SE25 5BD
Crossfield Kindergarten -
Crossways Academy - SE4 2NL
Crossways College - SE4 2NL
Crouch Hill Day Nursery - N4 4AP
Crouch-end-playgroup - N8 9JA
Crowland Primary School - N15 6UX
Crowland School - N15 4AR
Crown Kindergartens - SW19 8JP
Crown Lane Primary School - SW16 3HX
Crown Point Day Nursery - SE19 3HF
Crown Woods School - SE9 2QN
Croydon Montessori Nursery School - SW16 4RZ
Croydon Opportunity Group (sn) - SE25 4XE
Croydon Opportunity Playgroup For Children With Sp - SE25 4XE
Croyland Pre-school - N9 7BA
Crystal Day Nursery - SE26 5HT
Crystal Early Years Centre - SE20 8BD
Crystal Palace Fc Study Support Centre - SE25 6PU
Cubitt Town Infants' School - E14 3NE
Cubitt Town Junior School - E14 3NE
Cuckoo Hall Primary School - N9 8DR
Cuddles Creche - E17 3BN
Culloden Primary School - E14 0PT
Cumberland School - E13 8SJ
Cumberland Sports College - E13 8RX
Cupcakes - N12 8SL
Curwen Primary And Nursery School - E13 0AG
Curzon Crescent Nursery School - NW10 9SD
Cybertots Ltd - W3 8ES
Cypress Infant School - SE25 4AU
Cypress Junior School - SE25 4AU
Cyril Jackson Primary School - E14 8HH
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