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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

London Schools B

Incorporating schools in the London area.

Bacha Playgroup - E1 6LS
Bacon's College - SE16 6AT
Baden-powell School - E5 8DN
Bales College - W10 4AA
Balham Family Centre Playgroup - SW12 9HE
Balham Nursery School - SW12 8JL
Balham Preparatory School - SW12 9AW
Balham Preparatory School - SW17 7TJ
Bambinos Pre-school Nursery - E5 0QG
Bangabandhu Primary School - E2 0LB
Bangladesh Womens Association - N15 3HB
Bannockburn Primary School - SE18 1HE
Barbara Speake Stage School - W3 7EG
Barbican Playgroup - EC2Y 8AX
Barclay Primary School - E10 6EJ
Baring Primary School - SE12 0NB
Barlby Primary School - W10 6BH
Barn Croft Primary School - E17 8SB
Barnaby Bright Nursery Sch - SW11 1DL
Barnardos Akwaaba Creche - SE8 5HG
Barnes Montessori Nursery - SW14 8JH
Barnes Primary School - SW13 0QQ
Barnet College Childcare - N3 3DU
Barnet College Nursery East - N20 0AX
Barnet College Nursery West - NW9 5RA
Barnfield Day Nursery - SE18 3QY
Barnsbury Playgroup - N1 0JU
Barrow Hill Junior School - NW8 7AL
Barrow Hill Pre-school - NW8 6LA
Barrow Hill Pre-school - NW8 6LA
Bassett House School - W10 6JP
Battersea Park Road Children S Centre - SW11 4LF
Battersea Technology College - SW11 5AP
Bayonne Nursery School - W6 8PF
Bbc Woodlands Nursery - W12 0TT
Beachcroft School - W9 2EL
Beatrice Tate School - E2 9RW
Beatrix Potter Primary School - SW18 3ER
Beatty Nursery Centre - N16 9JS
Beavers Playgroup - N1 5SE
Beckett House Montessori Nursery School - N1 0LL
Beckett House Nursery - N1 0LL
Beckford Primary School - NW6 1QL
Beechfield Day Nursery - SE6 4NG
Beechwood School - SW16 2NJ
Beehive Montessori School - NW6 7BJ
Beehive Pre-school - SE19 1EA
Beehive School - N19 3SZ
Beehive School Closed - N22 4PA
Bees Knees Nursery - SW15 5JQ
Before & After Club - SE15 4HU
Behaviour Support And Tuition Service - E13 9NB
Behaviour Support Service - N14 4AL
Beis Aharon School - N16 5JX
Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School - N4 2SH
Beis Chinuch Lebonos Nursery - E5 9AB
Beis Hamedrash Elyon - NW11 9BY
Beis Malka Day Nursery - N16 6XD
Beis Malka Girls' School - N16 6XD
Beis Rochel D'satmar Girls' School - N16 5DL
Beis Soroh Schneirer - NW9 6AT
Beis Soroh Schneirer Kind - NW9 6AX
Beis Soroh Schneirer Kindergarten - N3 3DU
Beis Traja School - N16 5RL
Beis Trana Girls' School - E5 9DH
Beis Trane Girls School - N16 5RL
Beis Yaakov - NW9 6NQ
Belcanto London Academy Theatre School - SE9 5DQ
Bell Lane Primary School - NW4 2AS
Bellenden Day Nursery - SE15 4BW
Bellenden Primary School - SE15 4PF
Bellerbys College - SE8 3DE
Belleville Primary School - SW11 6PR
Bellingham Community Nursery - SE6 3HB
Belmont Infant School - N22 6RA
Belmont Junior School - N22 6RA
Belmont Primary School - W4 5UL
Belsize Sq Synagogue Nursery School Nitzanim - NW3 4HY
Belz Day Nursery - E5 9AL
Bemerton Early Years Centre - N1 0DX
Ben Jonson Primary School - E1 4PZ
Benthal Primary School - N16 7AU
Bentham Under Fives Centre - N1 3AA
Benthams Under 5 Centre - N1 3AA
Bentworth Primary School - W12 7AJ
Beormund Primary School - SE1 3PS
Berger Primary School - E9 6HB
Bermondsey Community Nurs - SE1 2NY
Bermondsey Community Nursery - SE1 2NY
Berrymede Infant School - W3 8RN
Berrymede Junior School - W3 8SJ
Bertrum House School - SW17 7AL
Bessborough Day Nursery - SW1V 2DJ
Bessborough Day Nursery - SW1V 3JD
Bessemer Grange Primary School - SE5 8HP
Beth Hayeled Playgroup - N16 5UJ
Beth Jacob Grammar School For Girls - NW4 2AT
Beth Yosef Primary School - NW4 2TH
Bethnal Green Montessori School - E2 7DA
Bethnal Green Technology College - E2 6NW
Betts Park Playgroup - SE20 7AE
Betty Layward Primary School - N16 9EX
Bevington Primary School - W10 5TW
Bib & Brace Nursery - E5 9SP
Bigland Green Primary School - E1 2ND
Bignold Integrated Group - E7 0AD
Billets Corner Nursery - E4 8ST
Birchmere Pre-school - SE28 8RA
Bird-in-bush Community Centre - SE15 1JB
Birkbeck College - WC1E 7HX
Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate Boys School - E1 0EB
Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate Girls School - E1 0EB
Bishop Douglass School Finchley - N2 0SQ
Bishop Gilpin Cofe Primary School - SW19 7EP
Bishop John Robinson Church Of England Primary School - SE28 8LW
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School - SW16 2HY
Bishops House Early Years Centre - SE11 4AS
Bizzy Lizzy Day Nursery - W3 8NY
Blackheath Bluecoat Church Of England Secondary School - SE3 8SY
Blackheath Bluecoat School Creche - SE3 8SY
Blackheath High School - SE3 0TF
Blackheath High School - SE3 7AG
Blackheath Montessori Centre - SE3 9LF
Blackheath Nurs And Prep - SE3 7NS
Blackheath Preparatory School - SE3 0NJ
Blackshaw Nursery - SW17 0QT
Blanche Nevile School - N10 1NJ
Blessed Dominic Rc School - NW9 5FN
Blessed Sacrament Rc Primary School - N1 0UF
Bloomfield Day Nursery - SW1W 8PQ
Blossom House School - SW20 8TG
Blossoms Day Nursery - N9 8LD
Blossoms Montessori - SE22 0AY
Blossoms Pre-school Ltd - N17 0SP
Blossomtime Montessori Nursery School - SW16 2UN
Blubells Nursery - NW5 2NE
Blue Gate Fields Infants' School - E1 0EH
Blue Gate Fields Junior School - E1 0EH
Blue Planet Montessori - N14 4HL
Blundells Day Nursery Ltd - SW11 5BW
Bnois Jerusalem - N16 5DL
Bnois Jerusalem School - N16 5DL
Bobby's Playhouse - SW6 4EH
Bobov School Closed - N16 6UE
Bojangles Nursery - SE4 2DQ
Bojangles Nursery School - SE22 0DA
Bolingbroke Playgroup - SW11 1HT
Boltons Nursery School - SW10 9EL
Bonner Primary School - E2 0NA
Bonneville Primary School - SW4 9LB
Bosco Playgroup - SE16 4RB
Bounds Green Infant School - N11 2QG
Bounds Green Junior School - N11 2QG
Bousfield Primary School - SW5 0DJ
Boutcher Church Of England Primary School - SE1 3BW
Bow Childcare At Abrahams - E16 1LN
Bow Flyover Playgroup - E3 2SP
Bow Nursery - E3 3HN
Bow Nursery Centre - E14 9YQ
Bow School - E3 2QD
Bowes Community P/g - N11 1BA
Bowes Community Playgroup - N11 1BA
Bowes Pk Nursery - N22 8YR
Bowes Primary School - N11 2HL
Bowlers Nursery - N8 9EG
Boxgrove Primary School - SE2 9JP
Brackenbury Primary School - W6 0BA
Braeside Day Nursery - SW16 5BG
Braintcroft Primary School - NW2 7LL
Brampton College - NW4 4DQ
Brampton Manor School - E6 3SQ
Brampton Primary School - E6 3LB
Brandlehow Primary School - SW15 2ED
Brayford Sq Playgroup - E1 0SG
Brecknock Primary School - NW1 9AL
Bredinghurst School - SE15 3AZ
Brent Education Tuition Service - NW10 8HE
Brent Knoll School - SE23 2XH
Brent Pupil Referral Unit - NW9 8BD
Brentfield Primary School - NW10 0SL
Brentside High School - W7 1JJ
Brentside Primary School - W7 1JL
Brettenham Primary School - N18 2ET
Brian Shaw Children's Centre - W11 1QT
Bridge Education Camden Tuition Service - NW1 1BD
Bridge Lane Montessori School - SW11 3AD
Bridge Lane Nursery Ltd - SW11 3AD
Bridge Playgroup - SE23 2NR
Bridge Road Day Nursery - NW10 9BX
Bridge To School - SE25 6XX
Bridgehouse Playgroup - E3 2RL
Bright Horizon Family Solution - SE1 7QY
Bright Horizons At Imperial Wharf - SW6 2PY
Bright Horizons Family Solutions - E1 6EA
Bright Horizons Family Solutions - N1 2PL
Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd - SE22 8BD
Bright Kids Day Nursery - E10 5NH
Bright Kids Montessori Nursery - E10 5EF
Bright Sparks Montessori Nursery School - W14 0AP
Bright Sparks Nursery - SE12 8QJ
Bright Stars Nursery Limited Closed - E10 7NE
Bright Start Nursery - E7 9QQ
Brindishe Primary School - SE12 8NA
Bringing Up Baby Ltd - W11 3HD
Britannia Village Primary School - E16 2AW
British College Of Osteopathic Medicine - NW3 5HR
Brixton Day Nursery - SW9 6PH
Broadfields Nursery - SE6 1NG
Broadgate Nursery - EC2 3LW
Broadhurst School - NW6 3LP
Broadwater Farm Playgroup - N17 6JW
Broadwater Farm Primary School - N17 6HZ
Broadwater Primary School - SW17 0DZ
Brocklebank Nursery - SW18 3TJ
Brockley Cross Nursery - SE4 2PE
Brockley Primary School - SE4 2BT
Bromley Adult Education College - SE20 7PR
Brompton Hospital Day Nur - SW3 6NP
Brondesbury College For Boys - NW6 7BX
Brook Community Primary School - E8 1AS
Brook Day Nursery - SE18 5QG
Brook Green Day Nursery - W6 7BJ
Brooke House Sixth Form College - E5 8BP
Brookfield Primary School - N19 5DH
Brookland Infant School - NW11 6EJ
Brookland Junior School - NW11 6EJ
Brooklands Preschool - SE3 9AE
Brooklands Primary School - SE3 9AB
Broomfield School - N14 7HY
Broomwood Hall School - SW12 8NR
Broomwood Hall School - SW16 1JZ
Broomwood Montessori - SW11 6BD
Bruce Grove Primary School - N17 6UH
Brunel Family Centre - W2 5UZ
Brunswick Park Primary And Nursery School - N14 5DU
Brunswick Park Primary School - SE5 7QH
Buds Pre School - SE16 3PB
Buds Pre School - SE21 7EX
Buffer Bear @ Bart's & The London - EC1A 7BE
Buffer Bear At Springfield - SW17 7DJ
Buffer Bear At Tab Centre - N22 8RA
Buffer Bear Limited - W9 2LR
Buffer Bear Nursery - E1 1JB
Buffer Bear Nursery - SW19 8EG
Buffer Bear Nursery - W3 7SZ
Building Blocks Childcare - SW19 3QH
Bumble Bees Montessori Nursery - N21 1DG
Bumpsa Daisies Day Nurseries - SW6 3DR
Bunhill Row Playgroup And Creche - EC1Y 8LP
Bunnies On The Green - SW9 9JQ
Bunny Hop Day Nursery - SE8 5TW
Bunny Park Day Nursery - W7 3EJ
Burbage School - N1 5JD
Burdett Coutts And Townshend Cofe Primary School - SW1P 2QQ
Burdett Estate Playgroup - E14 7BW
Burford Pre-school - N13 4AL
Burlington Danes Academy - W12 0HR
Burlington School - SW6 5AA
Burma Court Pre-school Playgroup - N16 9BH
Burnt Ash Playgroup - SE12 0QD
Burntwood School - SW17 0AQ
Bus Stop Playgroup - SW12 9HJ
Bushy Tails Day Nursery - E14 9LZ
Busy Bears Day Nursery Closed - N15 4SJ
Busy Bears Nursery Closed - N15 4SJ
Busy Bee 2 Nursery School - SW15 1DN
Busy Bee 2 Nursery School - SW15 1DQ
Busy Bee Nursery School - SW15 2EZ
Busy Bee Nursery School - W14 0AB
Busy Bee Nursery School (1) - SW10 9AE
Busy Bees -
Busy Bees At Raynes Park - SW20 8DE
Busy Bees Nursery - N12 0QZ
Busy Bees Pre-school - E4 9HG
Bute House Preparatory School - W 6 7EA
Bute House Preparatory School - W6 7EA
Buttercups Day Nursery - W3 7HN
Buttercups Day Nursery - W4 4DD
Buttercups Nursery - W13 0LA
Buttercups Nursery 4 - W5 1QX
Buttercups Playgroup - N8 0LZ
Butterfly Nursery - N19 4RS
Butterfly Playgroup - SE5 0HF
Buttons Day Nursery Schoo - W7 2DT
Buxton Bears - E4 8AZ
Byam Shaw School Of Art - N19 4AG
Bygrove Primary School - E14 6DN
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