School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Eastern England Schools U-V-W

Incorporating Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

U R C Play Group - IP14 1AD
Ugley Duckling Montessori Pre-schoo - CM24 8SX
Under Fives Roundabout - CB4 3DZ
Unicorn Day Nursery - IP31 3PG
University Of Cambridge - CB2 1TN
University Of East Anglia - NR4 7TJ
University Of East Anglia Nursery - NR4 7TJ
University Of East London Day Nurse - RM8 2AS
University Of Essex - CO4 3SQ
University Of Essex Day Nursery - CO4 3SQ
Up Up + Away Pre-school - CM3 1DF
Uphall Primary School - IG1 2JD
Uplands Community Middle School - CO10 1NG
Uplands Pre-school - NR33 8LJ
Upminster Day Nursery - RM12 6RR
Upminster Infant School - RM14 3BS
Upminster Junior School - RM14 3BS
Upney Pre-school - IG11 9LG
Upper Dovercourt Pre-school - CO12 4LW
Upshire Primary Foundation School - EN9 3PX
Upwell Community Primary School - PE14 9EW
Upwood And The Raveleys Pre-school Playgroup - PE26 2QA
Upwood Primary School - PE26 2QA
Ursuline Preparatory School - CM13 3HR
Ursuline Preparatory School - CM13 3JW
V.i.p.'s Playgroup - IP1 6DE
Valence Infants' School - RM8 3AR
Valence Junior School - RM8 3AR
Valentines High School - IG2 6HX
Valentines Neighbourhood Nursery - IG1 4RY
Valley Farm Nursery School - NR24 2PE
Valley Primary School - NR5 8YD
Vange Pre-school - SS16 4AG
Vange Primary School And Nursery - SS16 4QA
Vara Barn Day Nursery - RM20 3WJ
Victoria Pre-school - NR33 9PA
Victoria Road Day Nursery & Nursery - CB4 3DZ
Village Hall Nursery School - PE26 2QB
Village Infants' School - RM10 9JS
Village Montessori Nursery School - PE33 0RB
Visiting Teacher Service Central - NR4 6BP
Visiting Teacher Service East At Education Services Centre - NR30 1EA
Visiting Teacher Service North - NR28 9BZ
Visiting Teacher Service West - PE30 5DR
W P A Playgroup - RM13 8AP
Waldringfield Primary School - IP12 4QL
Walpole Area Playgroup - PE14 7NR
Walpole Cross Keys Primary School - PE34 4HD
Walpole Highway Primary School - PE14 7QQ
Walsham-le-willows Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP31 3BD
Walsingham Community Primary School - NR22 6DU
Waltham Holy Cross Infant School - EN9 1LG
Waltham Holy Cross Junior School - EN9 1LG
Walton On The Naze Primary School - CO14 8PT
Walton Playgroup - PE4 6HX
Walton Pre School - CO14 8PT
Walton Pre-school - CO14 8PT
Walton Youth Centre Playgroup - IP25 6EB
Wansford Pre-school - PE8 6JD
Warboys Community Primary School - PE28 2RX
Warboys Underfives - PE28 2TA
Warley Hill Day Nursery - CM14 5HN
Warley Primary School - CM14 5LF
Warmington Playgroup - PE8 6TA
Warmington School - PE8 6TA
Warren Junior School - RM6 6DA
Warren Primary School - RM16 6NB
Warren School - NR33 8HT
Water Lane Primary School - CM19 5RD
Waterbeach Community Play - CB5 9JU
Waterbeach Community Primary School - CB5 9JU
Waterbeach Toddler Playgroup - CB5 9ND
Watergall Primary School - PE3 8NX
Watergall Tadpoles Nursery - PE3 8NX
Waterman Primary School - SS4 1QF
Watership Downs Nursery School - CM9 5HG
Watlington Community Primary School - PE33 0HU
Watlington Pre-school - PE33 0HE
Wattisham Airfield Childcare Centre - IP7 7RE
Watton Junior School - IP25 6AL
Waveney Child & Family Support Project - NR32 1PJ
Waveney Playbus Association - NR32 3HP
Waveney Playbus Association (2nd Bus) - NR32 3HP
Waveney Portage Scheme - NR32 1QU
Waveney Voluntary Controlled Church Of England First School - NR31 9LD
Wayland Community High School - IP25 6BA
Waypoint House - CB6 2DA
Weasenham Pre-school - PE32 2SP
Weasenham Vc Primary School - PE32 2SP
Weeley Rainbow Pre-school - CO16 9DH
Weeley St Andrew's Cofe Primary School - CO16 9DH
Weeting Pre-school (littl - IP27 0QQ
Weeting Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP27 0QQ
Welbourne Primary School - PE4 6NR
Welland Primary School - PE1 4TR
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus - CB10 1RQ
Wellesley Playbox - NR1 4NT
Wellgate N Nursery - RM6 5LL
Wells (all Saints) Playgroup - IG8 0NH
Wells All Saints Church Playgroup - IG1 2NG
Wells Hall Community Primary School - CO10 0NH
Wells Park School - IG7 6NN
Wells Primary School - IG8 0PP
Wells-next-the-sea Primary And Nursery School - NR23 1JG
Welney Cygnets Playgroup - PE14 9RB
Wendens Ambo Pre-school - CB11 4JX
Wendy House Childminders - SS2 5EN
Wenhaston Pre-school - IP19 9EP
Wenhaston Primary School - IP19 9EP
Wensum Junior School - NR2 4HB
Wensum Valley Nursery School - NR9 5RJ
Wentworth Primary School - CM9 6JN
Werrington Primary School - PE4 6QG
Wesley Pre-school - SS7 5WS
Wesley Pre-school - SS8 9BE
West Avenue Nursery - CO15 1HB
West Earlham Infant School - NR5 8HT
West Earlham Junior School - NR5 8HT
West Earlham Playgroup - NR5 8ND
West End Kindergarten - IP25 6BE
West Hatch High School - IG7 5BT
West Horndon Primary School - CM13 3TR
West Horndon Under 5s - CM13 3TX
West Leigh Infant School - SS9 2JB
West Leigh Junior School - SS9 2JB
West Lynn Playgroup - PE34 3JL
West Lynn Primary School King's Lynn - PE34 3JL
West Maldon Playgroup - CM9 6YH
West Raynham Church Of England Primary School - NR21 7HH
West Rd Playgroup - IP33 3EL
West Row Community Primary School - IP28 8NY
West Row Playtots - IP28 8NY
West Suffolk College - IP33 3RL
West Thurrock Primary School - RM20 3HX
West Town Playgroup - PE3 6EZ
West Town Primary School - PE3 6BA
West Walton Community Primary School - PE14 7HA
West Walton Playgroup - PE14 7DA
West Wickham Pre School - CB1 6SH
West Winch Playland Nursery - PE30 4NT
West Winch Primary School - PE33 0LA
Westacre Montessori School - PE32 1PU
Westbourne Sports College - IP1 5JN
Westbridge Pupil Referral Unit - IP1 2HE
Westbury Community Pre-school - IG11 7PR
Westbury Pre-school - IP33 3YH
Westbury Pre-school And C - IG11 7PR
Westcliff Baptist Church Playgroup - SS0 9HS
Westcliff High School For Boys - SS0 0BP
Westcliff High School For Girls - SS0 0BS
Westcliff Preparatory Day School - SS0 8LQ
Westcliff Urc Pre-school - SS0 8PP
Westend Pre-school - CO3 4SA
Western Area Pupil Referral Unit - PE30 4AY
Western Road Pre-school - CM0 8QQ
Westfield Community Primary School - CB9 0EP
Westfield Junior School - PE27 5RG
Westfield Watton Infant And Nursery School - IP25 6AU
Westgate Community Primary School - IP33 3JX
Westgate Whirlybirds And Pre-school - IP33 3JX
Westlands Community Primary School - CM1 2SB
Westley Middle School - IP33 3JB
Westwood Community Junior School - PE15 8JT
Westwood Primary School - SS7 2SU
Wetherden Pre-school - IP14 3LN
Wetheringsett Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP14 5PJ
Wetheringsett Under 5's - IP14 5PJ
Wethersfield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM7 4BP
Wethersfield Pre-school - CM7 4EQ
Whatfield Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP7 6QU
Wheatfields Nursery Association - PE27 3WF
Wheatfields Primary School - PE27 3WF
Wheatlands Nursery - CM9 8AS
Whipper-snappers Day Care Nursery - CM6 3EF
White Court Primary School - CM77 7UE
White Court School - CM77 7UE
White House Community Infants' School - IP1 5NW
White House Nursery School - NR29 4DY
White Notley Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM8 1RZ
White Woman Lane Junior School - NR6 7JA
Whitefriars Church Of England Primary School - PE30 5AH
Whitehall Independent School - PE28 3EH
Whitehall School - PE28 3EH
Whitehouse Junior School - IP1 5JN
Whitehouse Playgroup - SS9 5SJ
Whitmore Infant School And Nursery - SS14 2TP
Whitmore Junior School - SS14 2TP
Whitsands Day Nursery - PE37 7BJ
Whittingham Playschool - SS2 4WA
Whittlesford Pre-school Playgroup - CB2 4NX
Whitton Community Primary School - IP1 6ET
Whitton Green Community Primary School - NR33 9RR
Whiz Kidz Childrens Nursery - CM7 9DB
Whybridge Infant School - RM13 7AR
Whybridge Junior School - RM13 7AH
Wickford Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School - SS11 8HE
Wickford Court Pre-school - SS13 3LD
Wickford Junior School - SS12 0AG
Wickham Bishops Nursery - CM8 3JZ
Wickham Market Community Primary School - IP13 0RP
Wickham Market Pre-school Playgroup - IP13 0HE
Wickham Market Pre-school Playgroup - IP13 0QS
Wickhambrook Community Primary School - CB8 8XN
Wickhambrook Pre-school - CB8 8YW
Wicklewood Pre-school - NR18 9QJ
Wicklewood Primary School - NR18 9QJ
Widford Lodge Preparatory School - CM2 9AN
Widford Lodge School - CM2 9AN
Wigwams Neighbourhood - IP1 6LW
Wilburton Cofe Primary School - CB6 3RJ
Wilby Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP21 5LR
William Bellamy Infant School - RM10 7HX
William Bellamy Junior School - RM10 7HX
William Cowper Pre School Nursery - NR19 1LT
William De Ferrers School - CM3 5JU
William Edwards School And Sports College - RM16 3NJ
William Ford Cofe Junior School - RM10 9JS
William Hildyard Church Of England Primary And Nursery School - PE6 8HZ
William Law Cofe (aided) Primary School - PE4 5DT
William Marshall Church Of England Primary School Welney - PE14 9RB
William Martin Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School Harlow - CM18 6PN
William Martin Cofe Voluntary Controlled Infant And Nursery School Harlow - CM18 6PW
William Read Primary School - SS8 0JE
William Torbitt Primary School - IG2 7SS
William Westley Cofe Vc Primary School - CB2 4NE
Willingale Montessori - CM5 0SN
Willingham Primary School - CB24 5LE
Willow Brook Primary School And Nursery - CO4 0DT
Willow Farm Nursery Schoo - NR35 2DF
Willow Park Montessori - IP4 3QJ
Willow Playgroup - SS8 7BJ
Willow Tree Day Nursery Ltd - CO15 4US
Willow Tree Playgroup - PE8 6XN
Willowbrook Primary School - CM13 2RG
Willowfield Pre-school - SS15 4EQ
Willows Day Care Nursery - CB7 5EE
Wimbish Primary School - CB10 2XE
Wimbotsham And Stow Community School - PE34 3QH
Wind In The Willows - IP3 0EW
Wind In The Willows Nursery - CM13 2RG
Windmills Pre-school - CB8 8RF
Windsor House - PE8 6HJ
Winfarthing All Saints Church Of England Primary School - IP22 2DZ
Winfarthing Pre-school - IP22 2DZ
Wingle-tye Ii - RM11 1AX
Wingle-tye Pre-school - RM11 3BX
Winhills Primary School - PE19 2DX
Winston Way Primary School - IG1 2WS
Winter Gardens Infant School - SS8 9QA
Winter Gardens Junior School - SS8 9QA
Winterton Playgroup - NR29 4DD
Winterton Primary School - NR29 4AP
Winyates Primary School - PE2 5RF
Wisbech Grammar School - PE13 1JX
Wisbech St Mary Cofe Aided Primary School - PE13 4RJ
Wisbech St Mary Playgroup - PE13 4RJ
Wishing Well Kindergarten - CO15 4LE
Wishing Well Pre School - EN9 1LF
Wistow Playgroup - PE28 5NU
Witchford Rackham Pre-school - CB6 2HQ
Witchford Village College - CB6 2JA
Witham Nursery - CM8 1DJ
Witham Red Cross Playschool - CM8 1HZ
Witnesham Area Playgroup - IP6 9EX
Witnesham Primary School - IP6 9EX
Wittering Primary School - PE8 6AF
Wivenhoe Montessori Childrens House - CO7 9QA
Wivenhoe Pre-school - CO7 9LD
Wix & Wrabness Pre-school - CO11 2RS
Wix And Wrabness Primary School - CO11 2RS
Wizz Kids Pre-school - PE13 3NR
Wood Ley Community Primary School - IP14 1UF
Woodbridge High School - IG8 7DQ
Woodbridge Primary School - IP12 1SS
Woodbridge School - IP12 4JH
Woodbury Nursery School - IP17 1JJ
Woodbyth Nursery - PE1 3PE
Woodcroft Nursery - IG10 1SQ
Woodcroft Nursery School - CM2 9UB
Woodcroft School - IG10 1SQ
Wood-dene School - NR11 8QA
Wooden Tots Nursery School - CB3 0HR
Woodford County High School - IG8 9LA
Woodford Family Centre - IG8 7BL
Woodford Green Preparatory School - IG8 0BS
Woodford Green Preparatory School - IG8 0BZ
Woodford Green Primary School - IG8 0ST
Woodhall Community Primary School - CO10 1ST
Woodhall Nursery School - NR9 3DE
Woodham Ley Primary School - SS7 4DN
Woodham Mortimer Pre-school - CM9 6SX
Woodham Playmates Pre-school - CM3 5RJ
Woodham Walter Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM9 6RF
Woodland Lodge Private Kindergarten - CO6 4DX
Woodland Playgroup - CM16 4BD
Woodland View Junior School - NR10 3PY
Woodlands Day Nursery - IG8 9HQ
Woodlands Infants' School - IG1 2PY
Woodlands Junior School - IG1 2PJ
Woodlands Nursery (kids Unlimited) - PE3 6HN
Woodlands Preschool - RM19 1TA
Woodlands School - CM13 3LA
Woodlands School - SS16 5BA
Woodlands School Bradwell - NR31 8QQ
Woodlands School At Hutton Manor - CM13 1SD
Woodlands Schools Ltd - CM13 1SD
Woodlands Schools Ltd - CM13 3LA
Woodpeckers Nursery - CO10 1XT
Woods Loke Community Primary School - NR32 3EB
Woodside Primary School - RM16 2GJ
Woodston Pre-school - PE2 9ER
Woodston Primary School - PE2 9ER
Woodton & District Pre-school - NR35 2LL
Woodton Primary School - NR35 2LL
Woodville Primary School - CM3 5SE
Woody Bears Pre-school - NR7 9XD
Woolpit Community Primary School - IP30 9RU
Woolpit Playgroup - IP30 9QX
Worlingham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR34 7RF
Worlingham Middle School - NR34 7SB
Worlingham Playgroup - NR34 7RF
Worlingworth Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP13 7HX
Wormegay Church Of England Primary School - PE33 0RN
Worstead Church Of England Primary School - NR28 9RQ
Wortham 3-5 Playgroup - IP22 1PS
Wortham Primary School - IP22 1PX
Wreningham Vc Primary School - NR16 1AW
Wrens Pre-school Nursery - CM6 1BH
Wrfp 3+ Fun Playgroup - PE3 7NB
Write Start Kindergarten - SS5 4BD
Writtle College - CM1 3RR
Writtle Green Preschool - CM1 3LY
Writtle Infant School - CM1 3HZ
Writtle Junior School - CM1 3HG
Writtle Preschool - CM1 3LY
Wroughton First School Gorleston - NR31 8AH
Wroughton Middle School - NR31 8BD
Wrvs Family Centre - IP1 4AX
Wyburns Primary School - SS6 7PE
Wykeham Primary School - RM12 4BP
Wymondham College - NR18 9SZ
Wymondham High School - NR18 0QT
Wyton On The Hill Community Primary School - PE28 2JB
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