School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Latest School Fundraising News

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Eastern England Schools P-Q

Incorporating Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

Paddocks Primary School - CB8 0DL
Paint Pots (methodist Church) - RM17 5PS
Paint Pots (st Mary's Church) - RM17 6ES
Paint Pots Community Pre-school - SS0 8LH
Paintbox Pre School - CB6 2QQ
Pakefield Middle School - NR33 7DS
Pakefield Primary School - NR33 7AQ
Pakefield Rosebud Playgroup - NR33 7DB
Palgrave Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP22 1AG
Palmers College - RM17 5TD
Palmer's College - RM17 5TD
Pampisford Preschool - CB2 4ET
Panfield Little School - CM7 5AQ
Paringdon Junior School - CM18 7RQ
Park House - PE6 0SA
Park Lane Nursery School - PE38 9RN
Park Lane Playgroup - RM11 1EJ
Park Lane Wykeham Pre-school - RM12 4BP
Park Montessori School - IP10 0EP
Park Playgroup - NR30 2JN
Park School For Girls - IG1 4RS
Park Street Cofe Primary School - CB5 8AR
Parker's Church Of England Primary School - IP25 7HP
Parkeston Road Pre-school Playgroup - CO12 4HF
Parkfields Pre-school - CO9 1JY
Parkhall Playgroup - PE28 3EU
Parkhill Infants' School - IG5 0DB
Parkhill Junior School - IG5 0DB
Parklands Infant School - RM1 4QX
Parklands Junior School - RM1 4QX
Parklane Playgroup - RM11 1EJ
Parks Pre-school - IG10 4PE
Parkside Community College - CB1 1EH
Parkside Playgroup - IG3 9PP
Parkside Pupil Referral Unit - IP4 5ND
Parkway Middle School - CB9 7YD
Parnwell Family Project (playgroup) - PE1 4YL
Parnwell Primary School - PE1 4YH
Parsloes Primary School - RM9 5RH
Parson Drove Playgroup - PE13 4JA
Parsonage Farm Primary School - RM13 9JU
Parsons Heath Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CO4 3EZ
Passmores School And Technology College - CM18 6RW
Paston And Gunthorpe Pre- - PE4 7YH
Paston College - NR28 9JL
Paston Fundays - PE1 2JR
Paston Playdays Playgroup - PE4 7EN
Paston Ridings Primary School - PE4 7XG
Patacake Day Nursery - CB1 3BT
Patacake Day Nursery - Cockcroft Hall - CB3 0HF
Patacake Nursery - NR14 7HH
Patricia Pilgrim Memorial Day Care Nursery - CM6 3TE
Pavilion Day Nursery - IP7 5EW
Pavilion Nursery - CM9 8QL
Pavilion Playgroup - PE27 6SP
Pavilion Playschool - NR3 3HR
Pavillion Pre-school Nursery - NR17 2AB
Pavillion Pre-school Nursery (1) - NR17 2JA
Payne Primary School - PE13 4JA
Pea Pods(childcare) - Creche - CM7 1JX
Pea Pods(childcare) Pre-school Nursery - CM7 1JX
Peacock Playgroup - NR25 6HA
Peakirk-cum-glinton Cofe Primary School - PE6 7JW
Pear Tree Mead Primary And Nursery School - CM18 7BY
Peasenhall Primary School - IP17 2HS
Pebbles Kindergarten - CO15 6DD
Pebbles Pre-school (mundesley) - NR11 8DU
Pebmarsh Pre-school Playgroup - CO9 2NG
Peckover Primary School - PE13 1PJ
Peggotty Pre-school - NR30 3EB
Peggottys Playgroup - NR30 3EF
Pelican Day Nurseries - CM3 2JP
Pelican Day Nurseries - CM8 2DZ
Pelican Playschool - NR16 1AL
Pelican Playschool - NR16 1N
Pendragon Community Primary School - CB23 3XQ
Pendragon Pre-school - CB3 8RH
Penguin Playgroup - NR30 4DP
Peniel Academy - CM14 5PS
Peniel Academy - CM15 0DG
Peniel College Of Higher Education - CM14 5PS
Pentlow Pre School & Nursery - CO10 7JP
Pepperpots Pre School Group - IG1 4HZ
Perryfields Infant School - CM1 7PP
Perryfields Junior School - CM1 7PP
Perse School For Girls - CB2 1HF
Peter Pan - RM8 1QA
Peter Pan Playgroup - CO12 3RJ
Peter Pan Playgroup - NR27 0BG
Peter Pan Pre-school - CO12 3RJ
Peter Pan Pre-school - PE16 6NG
Peter Pan Pre-school Playgroup - SS11 7BJ
Peter Pans Day Nursery Ltd - IG6 1BY
Peter Rabbit Pre-school - CM1 6
Peterborough High School - PE3 6JF
Peterborough High School Nursery - PE3 6JF
Peterborough Portage Service - PE3 7ER
Peterborough Regional College - PE1 4DZ
Peterborough-caverstede - PE1 1FD
Peterhouse Community Primary School - NR31 7PZ
Peterhouse First School - NR31 7PZ
Peterhouse Middle School - NR31 7BY
Peterswood Infant School And Nursery - CM18 7RQ
Philip Morant School And College - CO3 4QS
Phoenix Day Nursery Ltd - CM15 9BG
Phoenix Montessori Nursery - PE30 4ET
Phoenix Montessori Nursery School - PE34 4PJ
Pickenham Playgroup - PE37 8LG
Pier Avenue Baptist Church Playgroup - CO15 1NJ
Pier Lodge Day Nursery - RM17 6JE
Piglets Pre-school - SS14 1SA
Piglets Pre-school Group - NR14 7PZ
Pilgrim Pru Co School Adolescent Unit - CB1 5EE
Pilgrims Hatch Playgroup - CM15 9RZ
Pinewood Playgroup - RM5 2TX
Pinewood Primary School - RM5 2TX
Piper's Vale Community Primary School - IP3 0EW
Pippins Montessori Kindergarten - CO6 2QF
Pitsea Junior School - SS13 3AB
Pitsea Preschool - SS16 4JZ
Pj's Helping Hands Childminders - SS0 0PR
Place Farm Community Primary School - CB9 8HF
Play & Learn Centre - NR30 2LR
Play Pit Day Nursery - IP11 7EX
Playaround - IP15 5EN
Playaway Day Nursery - IG11 8RD
Playaway Pre School - RM16 2AP
Playbox - CO10 1ND
Playbus Pre-school Group - NR17 2DW
Playday Nursery - PE29 1UW
Playdays - IG3 9PD
Playdays Montessori Nurse - IG3 9QS
Playdays Montessori Nursery School - IG3 9QS
Playdays Nursery - NR30 5ER
Playdays Pre-school - RM3 9LB
Playgroup 7 - PE28 3QB
Playgroup Committee - PE34 4RF
Playhouse Childcare - SS0 0PR
Playhouse Nursery - NR15 2XJ
Playhouse Nursery - SS2 4FA
Playhouse Pre-school - RM14 2LW
Playland - IG1 8DQ
Playlanders - CB4 1LN
Playmornings Pre-school Group - NR2 4HT
Playplus Nursery - NR17 2DS
Playstation Pre-school - IP7 5EW
Playtent Playgroup - RM6 5JB
Playtimes - PE28 0TQ
Playways Playgroup - RM13 9DE
Plum Tree Pre-school - IP31 3AA
Plumberow Primary School - SS5 5BX
Plume Avenue Preschool - CO3 4PQ
Plume School - CM9 6AB
Poets Pre-school - PE19 7LU
Polebrook Church Of England Primary School - PE8 5LN
Polka Tots Playgroup - NR23 1JG
Pollards Hatch Preschool - CM19 4LA
Polstead Playgroup - CO6 5AR
Poplars Community Primary School - NR32 4HN
Poppets Playgroup Parents Associati - SS3 0JB
Poppetts Ltd - CM13 1DU
Poppies Nursery - NR28 9AY
Poppys Childrens Nursery - IP14 1NG
Poringland Playgroup - NR14 7LD
Poringland Primary School - NR14 7RF
Portage In Havering - RM12 5PP
Porters Grange Primary School And Nursery - SS1 2NS
Pot Kiln Primary School - CO10 0DS
Pott Row First School - PE32 1BY
Potter Street Primary School - CM17 9EU
Powers Hall Infant School Designated Nursery And Speech And Language Unit - CM8 1NA
Powers Hall Junior School - CM8 1NA
Pre-school At St Albans - CM20 2NP
Pre-school At St Bedes - RM6 5HS
Presmere Day Nursery - IP13 0JB
Preston Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR15 1NU
Prettygate Infant School - CO3 4PH
Prettygate Junior School - CO3 4PH
Pride And Joy Day Nursery - SS0 7HG
Primary Steps Clarence House - IG2 6JH
Primary Steps Gosford (change Of Management) - IG4 5EB
Primrose Day Nursery - CO15 5PY
Primrose Playgroup - SS12 0AW
Prince Avenue Primary Foundation School And Nursery - SS0 0LG
Prince Street Playgroup - CO10 1HZ
Prince William School - PE8 4BS
Priory Centre Playgroup - PE19 2BH
Priory Home Group - CO10 2AG
Priory Junior School - PE19 1TF
Priory Park Infant School - PE19 1DZ
Priory Park Playgroup - PE19 1DZ
Priory Playgroup - IP24 3LA
Priory Primary School - CM3 4ES
Priory School - IP32 7BH
Priory School - SS2 6PE
Puddle Ducks Under 5's - PE28 0HY
Puddleducks & Rising 5s Playgroup - NR14 8AE
Puddleducks & Rising Ss Playgroup (rising Ss) - NR14 8AG
Puddleducks Day Nursery - CO9 2EA
Puddleducks Day Nursery L - PE33 9EH
Puddleducks Kindercare - IP2 8NG
Puddleducks Pre-school - CO1 2DL
Puddleducks Pre-school - PE14 9DA
Pudney Woods Pre-school - CO16 8DU
Puffin Pre-school Group - CM6 1DG
Puffins Playschool - CB7 4DE
Puffins Preschool - CM6 1DG
Pulham Church Of England Primary School - IP21 4SZ
Pulham St Mary Playgroup - IP21 4RD
Pulham's Playgroup - IP21 4TA
Pumpkins Day Nursery - SS8 9NZ
Purfleet Primary School - RM19 1TA
Purford Green Infant School - CM18 6HP
Purford Green Junior School - CM18 6HP
Purford Green Pre-school - CM18 6HP
Purleigh Community Primary School - CM3 6PJ
Purleigh Pre-school Playgroup - CM3 6LJ
Pyefleet Day Nursery - CO7 0JD
Pyramids Playbus - IP23 8HB
Pyrgo Priory School - RM3 9RT
Quality Kidz Nurseries Ltd - RM8 2RS
Quarry Hill Infant School - RM17 5JZ
Quarry Hill Junior School - RM17 5UT
Quarry Hill Pre-school - RM17 5JZ
Queen Edith Community Primary School - CB1 8QP
Queens College Nursery - CB3 9ET
Queen's Drive Infant School - PE1 2UU
Queen's Hill Primary School -
Queens House School - IP12 4JH
Queen's Marlborough College - CB2 1LU
Queens Preschool Day Nursery - IG9 5BD
Queens Pre-school Day Nursery - IG9 5BD
Queensway Day Nursery - SS2 5TB
Queensway Infant School And Nursery Thetford - IP24 3DR
Quilters Infant School - CM12 9LD
Quilters Junior School - CM12 9LD
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