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Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Eastern England Schools L

Incorporating Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

L K Playhouse - IG2 6SY
La Ronde Pre-school Playgroup - IP24 3BX
La Salette Catholic Primary School - RM13 8SP
Ladybird Day Nursery - PE28 4TH
Ladybird Day Nursery (papworth) - CB3 8RH
Ladybird Day Nursery Fenstanton - PE28 9JZ
Ladybird Kindergarten - CM13 3DZ
Ladybird Nhs Nursery - SS0 0SF
Ladybird Nursery - RM17 6LB
Ladybird Nursery - SS4 1RB
Ladybird Play & Toddler Group - CB4 9LU
Ladybird Playgroup - NR18 0EL
Ladybird Pre-school - CB4 8TB
Ladybird Pre-school - SS5 5BX
Ladybird Pre-school Nursery - NR26 8AB
Ladybirds Pre-school - CO6 4NR
Ladybirds Pre-school - NR21 9QZ
Ladybirds Pre-school - PE34 4HD
Laindon Neighbourhood - SS15 5NX
Laindon Park Primary School - SS15 5SE
Laindon West Preschool - SS15 6LF
Laindon West Pre-school - SS15 6LF
Lakenham Primary School - NR1 2HL
Lakenheath Community Primary School - IP27 9DU
Lakenheath Little Fishes - IP27 9AF
Lambourne Nursery School - PE8 4JQ
Lambourne Primary School - RM4 1AU
Lampits Pre-school - SS17 9BH
Lancaster School - SS0 0RT
Landbeach Busy Tots & Playgroup - CB4 4DU
Landry School - CM4 9QD
Landseer Rd Methodist Church Pre-school - IP3 9LX
Landseer Road Methodist Church Play - IP3 9LX
Lanford Pre-school - CO11 2JG
Langenhoe Community Primary School - CO5 7PG
Langer Playgroup - IP11 2HL
Langer Playgroup - IP11 2HS
Langer Primary School - IP11 2HL
Langham Pre School - CO4 5BP
Langham Primary School - CO4 5PB
Langham Village School - NR25 7DG
Langley Prep School And Nursery - NR7 0EA
Langley Preparatory School At Beech Hill - NR7 0EA
Langley School - NR14 6BJ
Langtoft Pre School - PE6 9NB
Langtoft Primary School - PE6 9NB
Langtons Infant School - RM11 3SD
Langtons Junior School - RM11 3SD
Lansdowne Kindergarten - SS3 9TS
Lansdowne Primary School - RM18 7QB
Larchcroft School - IP1 6AR
Larchwood Primary School - CM15 9NG
Larkman Primary School - NR5 8ED
Larkrise Primary School - CM2 9UB
Latchingdon Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM3 6JS
Latchingdon Pre-school - CM3 6EU
Latton Green Pre-school - CM18 7HT
Latton Green Primary School - CM18 7HT
Latton Pre-school - CM20 2JP
Launch Pad Nurseries Ltd - CM4 0DE
Launch Pad Nurseries Ltd - CM9 4NN
Launch Pad Nurseries Ltd - SS11 8LY
Laureate Community Primary School - CB8 0AN
Lavender Hall Kindergarte - CO7 6QT
Lavender Hall Kindergarten - IP7 6RD
Lavenham Community Primary School - CO10 9RB
Lavenham Pre-school - CO10 9RB
Lawford Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - CO11 2EF
Lawford Mead Infant And Nursery School - CM1 2JH
Lawford Mead Junior School - CM1 2JH
Lawns Playgroup - RM1 4YD
Lawns Preschool - RM1 4YD
Lawshall Pre-school - IP29 4QA
Laxfield Playgroup -
Laxfield Pre-school Group - IP13 8DR
Laxton Junior School - PE8 4BX
Layer De La Haye Pre-school - CO2 0EG
Layer-de-la-haye Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CO2 0DS
Layham Playgroup - IP7 5HD
Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nurs - SS2 4LS
Leapfrog Day Nursery - CM19 5QE
Leapfrog Day Nursery - CM2 0GT
Leapfrog Day Nursery - CM7 8GA
Leapfrog Day Nursery - PE7 8BZ
Leapfrog Day Nursery - RM16 6RW
Learning Support Northern Area Education Office - NR32 1PL
Learning Support Southern Area Education Office - IP4 1LJ
Learning Support Western Area Education Office - IP33 2AR
Learning Tree - CO11 2BN
Lee Chapel Primary School - SS16 5RU
Leeway Rascal Rangers Playgroup - NR2 1NH
Legend Kindergarten - IP1 4AL
Legend Kindergarten - IP4 1PA
Legend Kindergarten - IP6 8BG
Legend Kindergarten Stowmarket - IP14 1RQ
Leigh Beck Infant School And Nursery - SS8 7TD
Leigh Beck Junior School - SS8 7TD
Leigh Infant School - SS9 1QE
Leigh North Street Junior School - SS9 1QE
Leigh Road Baptist Church Pre Schoo - SS9 1NN
Leigh Wesley Pre-school - SS9 1SJ
Leighton Pre-school - PE2 0QE
Leighton Primary School - PE2 5PL
Leiston Children's Centre - IP16 4JG
Leiston Community High School - IP16 4BG
Leiston Middle School - IP16 4HF
Leiston Primary School - IP16 4JQ
Lesenfants - IP1 4HD
Lets Play Playgroup - RM10 8AU
Leverington Community Primary School - PE13 5DD
Leverton Hall - CM14 5LL
Leverton Pru (hall House And Chestnuts) - CM14 5LL
Lexden Primary School With Unit For Hearing Impaired Pupils - CO3 9AS
Lexden Springs School - CO3 9AB
Library Hill Day Nursery - CM14 4BN
Lighthouse Pre-school - IP24 3BJ
Lilliput Day Nursery - PE19 2PR
Lilliput Day Nursery - PE4 6LA
Lilliput Day Nursery - PE7 1UE
Lilliput Playgroup - CB4 5EQ
Lilliput Playgroup - RM10 9SD
Lilliput Pre School - RM10 9SD
Lilliput Pre-school - PE7 1XJ
Lilliput Village Nursery - SS13 1EA
Limes Farm Infant School And Nursery - IG7 5LP
Limes Farm Junior School - IG7 5LP
Limes Farm Preschool Playgroup - IG7 5LP
Lincewood Primary - SS16 6AZ
Linchfield Community School - PE6 8EY
Linda Evans Childrens Day Centre - IP9 1NQ
Linden Nursery - IP26 4PE
Linden Nursery Child Care Centres - IP26 4PE
Lindum Nursery - PE8 4BS
Linford Preschool - SS17 0QP
Lingwood First And Nursery School - NR13 4NX
Lingwood Junior School - NR13 4TJ
Lingwood Kindergarten - NR32 5HA
Lingwood Pre-school Playgroup - NR13 4AZ
Links Playgroup - IG8 0UP
Linnet Montessori Nursery - IG2 6AG
Linton Cofe Infant School - CB1 6JX
Linton Granta Playgroup & Toddlers Youth Centre - CB1 6JB
Linton Heights Junior School - CB21 4XB
Linton Pre-school Playgroup - CB1 6JS
Linton Village College - CB1 6JB
Lion Walk Pre-school - CO1 1LX
Lionel Walden Primary School - PE15 0TF
Lionel Walden School Playgroup - PE15 0TF
Lionwood Infant And Nursery School - NR1 9UE
Lionwood Junior School - NR1 4HT
Litcham & District Playgroup - PE32 2NS
Litcham High School - PE32 2NS
Litcham Primary School - PE32 2QT
Little Achievers Montessori Preschool - CM11 2TR
Little Acorns - IP25 6EB
Little Acorns - PE14 7HW
Little Acorns Kindergarten And Day Nursery - PE7 3NT
Little Acorns Kindergarten Ltd - PE7 3NT
Little Acorns Montessori - IG8 9LB
Little Acorns Nursery School - CM15 0DH
Little Acorns Playgroup - IP31 1BX
Little Acorns Playgroup - NR21 9DY
Little Acorns Pre School - PE30 3DB
Little Acorns Pre School - SS9 3PT
Little Acorns Pre-school - CB3 8SE
Little Acorns Pre-school - IP4 4JD
Little Acorns Pre-school - PE19 2SH
Little Acorns Pre-school - PE29 6UH
Little Acorns Pre-school - PE30 3DB
Little Acorns Pre-school - SS16 6HG
Little Acorns Pre-school (ernulf Association) - PE19 2SH
Little Acorns Pre-school Playgroup (briscoe) - SS13 1QX
Little Acorns Private Kindergarden - CO3 0JN
Little Angels - PE4 6NA
Little Angels Day Nursery - CM3 5NH
Little Angels Day Nursery - IP32 7BY
Little Angels Day Nursery - RM15 4RU
Little Angels Day Nursery - SS17 0QA
Little Angels Of Fakenham - NR21 9RL
Little Angels Preschool - CO6 2ES
Little Bear Playgroup - CB4 2DE
Little Bears Day Nursery - IP14 1LX
Little Buds Pre-school - CB8 7RX
Little Buffalo's Pre-school - SS3 9RH
Little Butterflies Pre-school Nursery - CB11 3PU
Little Cherubs - IG3 9PR
Little Cherubs Kindergarten - RM16 4LR
Little Cherubs Nursery - IP22 1JJ
Little Chestnuts Pre-school - CO9 4NT
Little Chums Nursery - CM2 7NS
Little Chums Nursery - CM2 9SR
Little Clacton Pre-school - CO15 9ZZ
Little Cornard Nursery - CO10 0NZ
Little Croft Nursery - CB3 9JF
Little Ducklings Day Nurs - RM13 9TH
Little Ducklings Pre-school - IP5 1DF
Little Elms Pre School - IP30 9UE
Little Elms Pre-school - CM8 2LG
Little Faces Preschool - CM2 9EL
Little Fishes Pre-school - CM17 0JR
Little Fishes Pre-school - PE28 5SU
Little Fishes Pre-school - SS3 9JD
Little Flyers Day Nursery - CM16 6LJ
Little Folks Montessori - PE7 3TU
Little Friends Kindergarten - CM9 6PN
Little Friends Montessori Kindergarten - CM9 5XX
Little Friends Preschool - SS14 2LB
Little Friends Pre-school - RM16 2JU
Little Gems Day Nursery - CB4 3DZ
Little Hands Nursery Scho - CB2 5PE
Little Hands Nursery School - CB1 6NW
Little Hands Nursery School - Bourn - CB3 7SG
Little Hands Pre-school Nursery - CM8 2XY
Little Heath Day Nursery - RM2 5XH
Little Heath School - RM6 5RX
Little Imps Playgroup - NR17 2AS
Little Jets Nursery - CM24 1QN
Little Ladybird S Nursery School - PE30 1QD
Little Lambs Day Nursery - CO5 0ND
Little Learners - SS2 4LS
Little Learners Pre School (great Sampford) - CB10 2RG
Little Learners Pre School Nursery - CM8 1AH
Little Learners Pre School Nursery - CM8 1EX
Little Learners Pre-schoo - IG10 4AG
Little Learners Pre-school - IP3 0SP
Little Melton Pre School Playgroup - NR9 3NX
Little Melton Primary School - NR9 3AD
Little Mice Day Nursery - IP14 1HH
Little Montessorians Pre-school - IG4 5PD
Little Normans Northwold Pre-school - IP26 5NB
Little Oaks Nursery - CM9 4SS
Little Oaks Pre-school - CB5 8ST
Little Oaks Pre-school - PE33 9QJ
Little Owl Pre-school - CB3 8DA
Little Owls Day Nursery - NR20 3JY
Little Owls Preschool - SS12 0NL
Little Pals Opportunity Pre-school - CO15 2JP
Little Pals Playgroup - PE1 4TR
Little Pals Pre School - CO15 6BE
Little Palsnn - CO15 2QH
Little Parndon School - CM20 1PU
Little Paxton Pre School Learning Alliance - PE19 4QH
Little Paxton Primary School - PE19 6NG
Little Peeps Nursery - CO5 9QB
Little People Learn And Play - CO6 3BW
Little People Learn And Play Nursery - CO06 3BT
Little Peoples Montessori Nursery - IP25 7HQ
Little Pickles Nursery - CO9 1PF
Little Pips Pre-school - PE19 5SB
Little Pirates - IP24 1JW
Little Plumstead Church Of England Primary School - NR13 5DL
Little Plumstead Playgroup - NR13 5JB
Little Plumstead Pre School Group - NR13 5JB
Little Plumstead Pre-school Group - NR13 5JB
Little Poppets Day Nursery - PE1 3LD
Little Rascals D N - CB7 4BB
Little Snoring Pre-school - NR21 0JN
Little Snoring Primary School - NR21 0JN
Little Sparks Playgroup - NR6 5EG
Little Sparrows Nursery - CM4 9EY
Little Stars Nursery - PE1 3AL
Little Stars Pre-school - NR33 7LE
Little Steps Day Nursery - PE1 4LJ
Little Sunbeams Nursery - CM18 7HT
Little Sunbeams Pre-school - CM16 4QE
Little Teapots Playgroup - IP29 4UP
Little Teapots Pre-school - IP29 4BA
Little Tewkes Pre-school - SS8 8J
Little Thetford Cofe Vc Primary School - CB6 3HD
Little Thetford Pre School - CB6 3HG
Little Thurrock Primary School - RM17 5SW
Little Tinkers Nursery - PE38 9AH
Little Tinkers Playsessions - PE6 9PJ
Little Tots Montessori Group - IP22 2JQ
Little Tots Montessori Group - IP22 2QY
Little Tractors Playgroup - NR16 1JG
Little Treasures - SS0 9NJ
Little Treasures Day Nursery - CM18 7NF
Little Treasures Kindergarten - CM3 1NT
Little Treasures Pre-scho - CM18 6BY
Little Vikings Pre-school - PE2 8RS
Little Waltham Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - CM3 3NY
Little Waltham Pre-school - CM3 3LN
Little Warblers Playgroup - CB1 5JQ
Little Willows Preschool - IP31 3BD
Little Windmills Playgroup - CB5 0LD
Littlegarth School - CO6 4JR
Littlegarth School (dedham) Ltd - CO6 4JR
Littleport Community Preschool - CB6 1JT
Littleport Community Primary School - CB6 1JT
Littleport Play & Toddler Group - CB6 1JX
Loddon & District Pre-school - NR14 6EX
Loddon Infant And Nursery School - NR14 6JX
Loddon Junior School - NR14 6JX
Loddon Nursery School - NR14 6AH
Lodge Cottage Nursery School - PE30 3PZ
Lodge Lane Infant School - NR6 7HL
Logge Pre-school Learning Group - CM13 2EA
Lollipops (2) Pre-school - SS2 6UH
Lollipops Pre-school - SS9 5HY
London Road Nursery - CM7 2DL
London Road Preschool - NR19 1AS
Long Melford Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CO10 9ED
Long Melford Playgroup - CO10 9JL
Long Ridings Primary School - CM13 1DU
Long Road Sixth Form College - CB2 2PX
Long Stratton High School - NR15 2XR
Long Stratton Playgroup - NR15 2TF
Long Stratton Pre-school - NR15 2TA
Long Stratton Pre-school - NR2 2LP
Longsands College - PE19 1LQ
Longthorpe Pre-school - PE3 9NW
Longthorpe Primary School - PE3 9QW
Longview Adolescent Unit - CO4 5JR
Lorna Craven - PE2 9RQ
Lothingland Middle School - NR32 5LL
Loughton Montessori Nursery - IG10 1HB
Loughton Union Preschool - IG10 4QU
Lowestoft College - NR32 2NB
Lowestoft Rd Methodist Pre-school - NR31 6NB
Lowlands Nursery School - IP28 8AP
Loxford Creche - IG1 2UT
Loxford School Of Science And Technology - IG1 2UT
Loyola Preparatory School - IG9 5NH
Lt. Leighs Nursery - CM3 1PP
Lubbins Park Community Primary School - SS8 7HF
Lucy Brown Harpley Playgroup - PE31 6TW
Ludham Playgroup - NR29 5QD
Ludham Primary School - NR29 5QN
Lyng Church Of England Primary School - NR9 5RJ
Lynn Grove Va High School - NR31 8AP
Lyons Hall Primary School - CM7 9FH
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