School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Eastern England Schools H

Incorporating Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

Hacton Primary School - RM12 6AU
Haddenham Pre-school - CB6 3SS
Hadingham & District Pre-school Playgroup - NR9 4JG
Hadleigh Community Primary School - IP7 5HQ
Hadleigh High School - IP7 5HU
Hadleigh Infant & Nursery School - SS7 2HQ
Hadleigh Infant And Nursery School - SS7 2HQ
Hadleigh Junior School - SS7 2DQ
Hadleigh Playgroup - IP6 5BE
Hadleigh Playgroup At St Marys - IP7 5BH
Hadleigh Temple Salvation Army Playgroup - SS7 2PF
Hail Weston Pre-school Activities Group - PE19 4LH
Hail Weston Pre-school Activity Group - PE19 4JS
Hainaull-baptist Church Preschool - IG6 2UT
Hainault Forest Community Association Neighbourhoo - IG7 4DF
Hainault Forest High School - IG6 3TN
Hainford Pre-school Learning Allian - NR10 3LX
Hainford Primary Partnership School - NR10 3BQ
Halesworth Middle School - IP19 8PY
Half Pint Nursery - CM3 6PJ
Halifax Primary School - IP2 8PY
Hall Farm Day Nursery - PE36 6HW
Hall Farm Nursery School - NR16 2JW
Hall Mead School - RM14 1SF
Hall School - NR6 7AD
Halstead Playschool - CO9 2JT
Halvergate Pavillion Nursery - NR13 3AJ
Hambling School - PE6 0JU
Hamford Pre-school Playgr - CM12 9SA
Hamford Primary School - CO14 8TE
Hamilton Primary School - CO3 3GB
Hamlet Croft Pre School - CB9 8EF
Hamond's High School - PE37 7DZ
Hampton College - PE7 8BF
Hampton Hargate Primary School - PE7 8BZ
Hampton Vale Primary School - PE7 8LS
Hamstel Infant School And Nursery - SS2 4PQ
Hamstel Junior School - SS2 4PQ
Handford Hall Primary School - IP1 2LQ
Handprints Pre School Playgroup - CO6 2RZ
Hansel & Gretel Pre-school - PE29 1LY
Happisburgh Hoppers - NR12 0AB
Happisburgh Primary School - NR12 0AB
Happy Bunnies - CB2 5SA
Happy Bunnies Nursery School - CB2 5QX
Happy Day Montessori Nursery School - CB1 2BD
Happy Days Nursery - SS6 9QG
Happy Days Pre-school - RM17 5YR
Happy Days Pre-school Playgroup - PE3 7LD
Happy Days Under 5s Group - NR9 4BU
Happy Faces Pre-school - CB9 8DT
Happy Tots - CM19 3RA
Happy Tots Pre-school Playgroup - IP3 9ET
Happydays Child Care - CB8 9YP
Happytime Playgroup - SS3 9EY
Hapton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR15 1AD
Harbour - NR33 9NB
Hardwick Community Primary School - CB23 7RE
Hardwick Middle School - IP33 2PD
Hardwick Pavilion Pre-school Group - CB3 7QR
Hardwick Pre-school - CB3 7QR
Hardwick Primary School - IP33 2PW
Hare Street Community Primary School And Nursery - CM19 4BU
Hare Street Preschool Unit - CM19 4BU
Harford Manor School Norwich - NR2 2LN
Harlequin Childcare - CB6 2SH
Harlequin Montessori Nursery - CM12 9LH
Harlequin Village Montessori - Inga - CM4 0HH
Harlequin Village Montessori Nurser - CM4 9NF
Harleston Ce Va Primary School - IP20 9HG
Harleston Pre School - IP20 9HH
Harleston Pre-school - IP20 9HH
Harlow College - CM20 1LT
Harlow College - CM20 3LH
Harlow Fields School - CM18 6RN
Harlowbury Primary School - CM17 0DX
Harlton Montessori Nursery School - CB3 7EN
Harmony House Childhood Centre - RM9 6XN
Harold Court Primary School - RM3 0SH
Harold Wood Methodist Church Playgr - RM3 0DU
Harold Wood Primary School - RM3 0TH
Harpley Cofe Vc Primary School - PE31 6TN
Harpley Pre-school Playgroup -
Harston And Newton Community Primary School - CB22 7PX
Hartest Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP29 4DL
Hartest Pre-school - IP29 4DL
Hartford Community Junior School - PE29 1UL
Hartford Infant School - PE29 1UL
Hartford Student Support Centre - PE29 1XX
Hartismere High School - IP23 7BL
Harvey Housing Association - CB1 2ET
Harwich Centre Pre-school - CO12 4AH
Harwich Community Primary School And Nursery - CO12 3NP
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School - CB3 7JW
Haslingfield First Steps Nursery - CB3 7LZ
Haslingfield Playschool - CB3 7JW
Hassenbrook School Specialist Technology College - SS17 0NS
Hatfield Peverel Day Nursery - CM3 2RP
Hatfield Peverel Infant School - CM3 2RP
Hatfield Peverel St Andrew's Junior School - CM3 2JX
Hatton Park Primary School - CB4 5DL
Hatton School And Special Needs Centre - IG8 8EU
Haughley Pre-school - IP14 3QS
Hauxton Playcentre - CB2 5JB
Hauxton Primary School - CB2 5HW
Haverhill Castle Hill Community Middle School - CB9 9DE
Havering College Of Further And Higher Education - RM11 2LL
Havering College Of Further Education - RM11 2LL
Havering College Of Further Education - RM3 9ES
Havering Ks4 Pru - RM1 2PS
Havering Sixth Form College - RM11 3TB
Hawkesbury Pre School - SS8 0JG
Hawkwell Baptist Pre-school - SS4 1UD
Hawthorne Avenue Preschoo - NR6 6LE
Hawthorne Avenue Preschool - NR6 5LB
Hazelmere Infant School And Nursery - CO4 3JP
Hazelmere Junior School - CO4 3JP
Hca Pre-school - SS5 6PA
Heacham Infant And Nursery School - PE31 7DQ
Heacham Junior School - PE31 7EJ
Heacham Playgroup - PE31 7DX
Head Start Day Nursery - IG11 9AG
Head Start Nursery School - PE1 2UT
Head Start Nursery School Limited - PE26 1SA
Headstart Day And After School Care Ltd - RM15 5PA
Headstart Day Nursery - PE1 5HJ
Headstart Montessorians - IG3 9RZ
Headstart Nursery Sch - PE6 8HF
Headstart Nursery School - RM14 3QA
Headstart Pre-school - IG10 2DA
Heartease Primary School - NR7 9UE
Heartsease 1st School Playgroup - NR7 9UJ
Heartsease High School - NR7 9DF
Heath Primary School Kesgrave - IP5 1JG
Heath Private Nursery School - IP4 4QS
Heathcote School - CM3 4QB
Heather Avenue Infant School - NR6 6LT
Heathlands Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School West Bergholt - CO6 3JF
Heathlands Community Pre-school - IP4 5XD
Heathside School - IP4 5SN
Hedgehogs Pre-school (nippers) - CB2 4EA
Hedingham School - CO9 3QH
Helena Romanes School And Sixth Form Centre - CM6 2AU
Helena's Nursery - IG3 9RZ
Helhoughton Playgroup - NR21 7AH
Helhoughton Playgroup - NR21 7BZ
Hellesdon High School - NR6 5SB
Hellesdon Pre-school - NR6 5SG
Helmingham Community Primary School - IP14 6EX
Helpston Playhouse And Under-fives - PE6 7DU
Heltwate School - PE3 8RL
Heltwate Special School - PE3 8RL
Hemblington Pre-school - NR13 4RR
Hemblington Primary - NR13 4QJ
Hemingford Grey Playgroup - PE28 9DU
Hemingford Grey Primary School - PE28 9DU
Hemingford Nursery School - PE28 9HQ
Hempnall School - NR15 2AD
Hemsby Playgroup - NR29 4LE
Hemsby Pre-school - NR29 4LH
Hemsby Primary School - NR29 4LH
Henderson Green Primary School - NR5 8DZ
Henley Pre School Centre - IP6 0RP
Henley Primary School - IP6 0QX
Henry Green Primary School - RM8 1UR
Hereward Primary School - IG10 2LS
Herington House School - CM13 2NS
Heritage Park Primary School - PE2 8XA
Herlington Pre-school - PE2 5PW
Herman Community Primary School - NR31 7JL
Herman First School Gorleston - NR31 7JL
Herman Middle School Gorleston - NR31 7JL
Herringham Primary School - RM16 4JX
Herzlia Nursery - SS0 8AD
Hethersett High School And Science College - NR9 3DB
Hethersett Old Hall School - NR9 3DW
Hethersett Pre-school Playgroup - NR9 3AB
Hethersett Vc Junior School - NR9 3DB
Hevingham Primary School - NR10 5NH
Hevingham Under 5 S Association - NR10 5NL
Hewett Under Fives - NR1 2PL
Heybridge Basin Preschool - CM9 4RP
Heybridge Pre-school Association - CM9 4TU
Heybridge Primary School - CM9 4TU
Heybridge Pupil Referral Unit - CM9 4NN
Heycroft Primary School - SS9 5SJ
Hickling Ce Vc Infant School - NR12 0XX
Hickling Hunnies Playgroup - NR12 0XU
Hickling School Playgroup - NR12 0XX
Hickory Dickory Playgroup - RM3 0JX
Hide'n'seek Pre-school - SS1 3BQ
High Beech Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IG10 4AP
High Ongar Primary School - CM5 9NB
Highcroft Nursery School - SS7 5LD
Highfield Nursery School - IP1 6DW
Highfield Special School - CB6 1BD
Highfields Childcare - PE19 5DA
Highfields Primary School - CO11 2BN
Highgate Infant School King's Lynn - PE30 2PS
Highlands Pre School - SS9 3PT
Highlands Primary School - IG1 3LE
Highlees Community Primary School - PE3 7ER
Highwood Primary School - CM1 3QH
Highwood Village Playgroup - CM1 3QH
Highwoods Community Primary School - CO4 9SN
Hilgay Village Voluntary Controlled Primary School - PE38 0JL
Hill Farm Nursery School - NR13 3DF
Hill Row Day Nursery - CB6 3TQ
Hillbillies Playhouse - NR8 6HT
Hillcroft Preparatory Sch - IP14 3RQ
Hilldene Primary School - RM3 7DU
Hillhouse Cofe Primary School - EN9 3EL
Hillhouse Pre-school - EN9 3EL
Hills Road Sixth Form College - CB2 2PE
Hillside Avenue Primary School Thorpe - NR7 0QW
Hillside Community Primary School - IP2 8NU
Hillside First School - NR31 8PA
Hillside Playcare Centre - CM0 7EH
Hillside Special School - CO10 1NN
Hilltop Infant School - SS11 8LT
Hilltop Junior School - SS11 8LP
Hilltop Pre-school - SS6 8DB
Hilton Pre-school - PE28 9PF
Hinchingbrooke Nursery - PE29 6NT
Hinchingbrooke School - PE29 3BN
Hindringham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR21 0PL
Hingham Pre School Playgroup - NR9 4HN
Hingham Primary School - NR9 4JB
Hinguar Community Primary School - SS3 9AN
Hink's Meadow Playgroup - NR8 6VR
Hintlesham And Chattisham Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP8 3NH
Hinxton Hall Nursery - CB10 1RQ
Histon And Impington Infant School - CB24 9LL
Histon And Impington Junior School - CB24 9JA
Histon Nursery School - CB24 9LL
Hobart High School - NR14 6JU
Hockering Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR20 3HN
Hockering Pre School Playgroup - NR20 3HT
Hockley Pre-school - SS5 4PJ
Hockley Primary School - SS5 4UR
Hockley Rising Fives - SS5 4QY
Hockwold Playgroup - IP26 4LP
Hockwold Preschool - IP26 4LP
Hockwold Primary School - IP26 4LP
Hogarth Primary School - CM15 8BG
Holbrook & District Pre School - IP9 2PZ
Holbrook High School - IP9 2QX
Holbrook Primary School - IP9 2PZ
Holders Farm Kindergarten - CM1 6JS
Holland Haven Primary School - CO15 5PP
Holland Park Primary School - CO15 6NG
Hollesley Playgroup - IP12 3RE
Hollesley Primary School - IP12 3RE
Hollies Nursery - IP18 6AH
Holly Corner Montessori Kindergarte - CO3 4RX
Holly Trees Primary School - CM14 5RY
Holme Cofe Primary School - PE7 3PB
Holme Hale Montessori - IP25 7DP
Holme Village Pre School - PE7 3PA
Holmwood House School - CO3 9ST
Holt Community Primary School - NR25 6SG
Holt Farm Infant School - SS4 1RS
Holt Farm Junior School - SS4 1RS
Holt Peacock Playgroup - NR25 6HA
Holton St Peter Community Primary School - IP19 8PL
Holton St Peter Pre-school - IP19 8PL
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - CM18 6JJ
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - RM15 5RP
Holy Cross Playgroup - RM12 4HB
Holy Cross Pre-school - CM18 6JJ
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - CM8 1DX
Holy Family Catholic Primary School - SS7 5PX
Holy Family Early Learning Centre - SS7 5PX
Holy Family Nursery - CM8 1BN
Holy Trinity Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Halstead - CO9 1JH
Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School Eight Ash Green And Aldham - CO3 9UE
Holy Trinity Playgroup - NR2 2BA
Holy Trinity Pre-school - SS15 5AD
Holywell Cofe Primary School - PE27 4TF
Holywells High School - IP3 9PZ
Home Farm Nursery - PE32 1SE
Home Farm Primary School - CO3 4JL
Homefield Vc Cofe First And Nursery School - NR31 8NS
Homelea Nursery - CO13 9BY
Homerton Nursery School - CB1 7ST
Homestead School - CO4 5PA
Homesteaders Day Nursery - CO9 3BL
Homesteads Pre-school - SS17 8QT
Honey Bees Pre-school Group - IP7 7NE
Honey B's Day Nursery Ltd - SS6 7QD
Honey Pot Nursery School - CB8 8TJ
Honeybears Day Nursery - SS6 7QD
Honeycombs Nursery - IP6 8EF
Honeyhill Community Playgroup - PE4 7DR
Honeypot Playgroup - SS14 2JX
Honeypot Pre-school - CB4 5LE
Honington Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP31 1RE
Honington Kindergarten - IP31 1EE
Honywood Pre-school - CO6 1PZ
Hopewell School - IG11 9UJ
Hopscotch - CM15 0DH
Hopton Ce Vc Primary School - NR31 9BT
Hopton Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - IP22 2QY
Horlers Pre-preparatory School - CB3 7DY
Horndon Village Playgroup - SS17 8LW
Horndon-on-the-hill Cofe Primary School - SS17 8LR
Horning Community Primary School - NR12 8PX
Horning Hedgehogs Pre-school - NR12 8PX
Horringer Court Middle School - IP33 2EX
Horringer Preschool - IP29 5SB
Horsford C Of E Junior School - NR10 3ES
Horsford CE VC Infant School - NR10 3DN
Horsford Pre-School Playgroup - NR10 3AQ
Houghton And Wyton Pre-school Playgroup - PE28 2BW
Houghton Primary School - PE28 2AY
Houldsworth Valley Primary School - CB8 0PU
Hoveton & Wroxham Nursery Playgroup - NR12 8DU
Howard Community Primary School - IP32 6RW
Howard Infant And Nursery School King's Lynn - PE30 4QJ
Howard Middle School - IP32 6SA
Howbridge Cofe Vc Junior School - CM8 1BZ
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - CB4 5AL
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - IP5 7JF
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - PE15 8SQ
Humpty Dumpty Playgroup - SS2 5PA
Humpty Dumpty Pre School - CM
Humpty Dumpty Pre-school - CO4 9YN
Humpty's Pre-school - CB6 3RJ
Hundon Community Primary School - CO10 8EE
Hundon Tiddlywinks Pre School - CO10 8EE
Hunnitots Day Nursery - IP4 5PD
Hunnypot Corner Day Nursery - RM3 0LU
Hunstanton Infant School - PE36 5HE
Hunstanton Youth Centre Playgroup - PE36 5BW
Hunters Hall Primary School - RM10 8DE
Huntingdon Infants School - PE29 1AD
Huntingdon Junior School - PE29 1AD
Huntingdon Nursery School - PE29 1AD
Huntingdon Portage Service - PE29 3NS
Huntingdonshire Regional College - PE29 1BL
Hutton All Saints' Church Of England Primary School - CM13 1JW
Hutton Child Care Centre - CM13 1DU
Hutton Free Church Preschool - CM13 2QH
Hutton Pre School - CM13 1LZ
Hylands School - CM1 3DF
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