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Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Eastern England Schools C

Incorporating Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

Caister First School - NR30 5ET
Caister High School - NR30 5LS
Caister Middle School - NR30 5ET
Caldecote Playgroup - CB3 7NX
Caldecote Primary School - CB23 7NX
Caley Pre-school - SS6 7HA
Cambell Infants' School - RM9 6TD
Cambell Junior School - RM9 6TD
Cambourne Preschool - CB3
Cambridge Arts And Sciences Sixth Form And Tutorial College - CB5 8AD
Cambridge Centre For Sixth Form Studies - CB1 2JF
Cambridge Day Nursery - CB4 1XA
Cambridge International Preparatory School - CB2 1JE
Cambridge Regional College - CB4 2QT
Cambridge Steiner School - CB4 2HD
Cambridge United Study Support - CB5 8LN
Cambridge University - CB2 1RW
Cambridge University - CB2 1TS
Cambridge University Botanic Garden - CB2 1JF
Cambridge University Nursery - CB2 2EB
Cambridgeshire City North Network - CB3 7YH
Cambridgeshire South Portage Service - CB2 2HS
Canewdon Endowed Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School And Nursery - SS4 3PA
Cann Hall Primary School - CO16 8DA
Cannock Grange - CO1 2EX
Canon Palmer Catholic School - IG3 8EU
Canterbury Infant School - IP24 1EB
Cantley Playgroup - NR13 3SQ
Cantley Primary School - NR13 3SA
Canvey Infant School - SS8 0JG
Canvey Junior School - SS8 0JG
Carbrooke Playgroup - IP25 6SW
Carealot Day Nursery - CM1 2BL
Caring Kindergarten - PE2 6FT
Carleton Rode Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - NR16 1RW
Carleton Rode Playgroup - NR16 1NQ
Carousel Day Nursery - CM11 2HH
Carousel Day Nursery - PE1 1TU
Carousel Nursery - PE6 8EY
Carousel Pre-school Group - PE13 3AH
Carver Barracks Childcare Centre - CB10 2YA
Casa Dei Bambini - IP27 0PX
Cascade Nursery - NR31 6AT
Castle Acre Cofe Vc Primary School - PE32 2AE
Castle Acre Pre-school - PE32 2XB
Castle Camps Church Of England (controlled) Primary School - CB21 4TH
Castle Camps Pre School - CB1 6SX
Castle Hedingham Preschool - CO9 3EA
Castle Nursery - IP24 2DW
Castle Pre School Play & Learn Centre - SS7
Castle Pre-school - CB10 1BD
Castle School Cambridge - CB4 2EE
Castle View School - SS8 9RZ
Castledon School - SS12 0PW
Caston Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - NR17 1DD
Castor & Ailsworth Playgroup - PE5 7AX
Castor Cofe Primary School - PE5 7AY
Caterham High School - IG5 0QW
Caterpillar Day Nursery - PE6 8AB
Caterpillars Pre-school - CO6 1LW
Catfield Kittens - NR29 5DA
Catfield Voluntary Controlled Cofe Primary School - NR29 5DA
Catton Grove Playgroup - NR3 3RD
Catton Grove Primary School - NR3 3TP
Cavalry Primary School - PE15 9EQ
Cavalry School Playgroup - PE15 9EQ
Cavell Primary And Nursery School - NR1 2LR
Caverstede Early Years Centre - PE4 6EX
Cawston Pre-school Playgroup - NR10 4BW
Cawston Voluntary Controlled Primary School - NR10 4AY
Cecil Gowing Infant School - NR7 8NZ
Cecil Jones College - SS2 4BU
Cedar Hall School - SS7 3UQ
Ceme Early Care Education Centre - RM13 8EU
Central Area Pupil Referral Unit - NR1 2TJ
Centre Pre-school - CO3 5EF
Cfbt Education Trust Trading As Include - NR3 3UA
Chadwell Pre-school - RM6 4RT
Chadwell Primary School - RM6 4EU
Chadwell St Mary Day Nursery - RM16 4DH
Chadwell St Mary Primary School - RM16 4DH
Chadwell Village Hall Playgroup - RM16 4NX
Chafford Hundred Business And Enterprise College - RM16 6SA
Chafford Hundred Pre-school - RM16 6BZ
Chafford Hundred Primary - RM16 6SA
Chalkwell Hall Infant School - SS9 3NL
Chalkwell Hall Junior School - SS9 3NL
Chalkwell Nursery - SS9 1NB
Chalvedon Nursery - SS13 3QX
Chalvedon School - SS13 3HL
Chance Learning Centre - CB2 1HH
Chancellor Park Primary School - CM2 6PT
Chances Of Braintree - CM7 9DB
Chandlers Chatters Pre School P/gp - RM13 9LJ
Chapel Break Infant School - NR5 9LU
Chapel Break Pre-school - NR5 9HA
Chapel Hill Preschool - CM24 8AQ
Chapel Road School - NR17 2DS
Chapelfield Childrens Day Nursery - NR2 1SF
Chapelfield Road Methodist Church P - NR2 1NY
Chappel Church Of England Controlled Primary School - CO6 2DD
Charles Burrell High School - IP24 3LH
Charlotte Gledson - NR21 0PR
Chartwell House School - PE13 5HQ
Chase Cross Baptist Church - RM5 3PL
Chase High School - SS0 0RT
Chase Lane Primary School And Nursery - CO12 4NB
Chatterbox - PE19
Chatterbox Station Nursery - SS0 9SJ
Chatterbox Station Nursery - SS2 4HG
Cheeky Cherubs Pre-school - RM10 8TR
Chekkers Pre-school Playgroup - RM9 6UR
Chelmer Valley High School - CM1 7ER
Chelmsford College - CM2 0JQ
Chelmsford College - CM2 OJQ
Chelmsford County High School For Girls - CM1 1RW
Chequers Playgroup - NR15 2NG
Cherish Private Day Nursery - CM5 0AW
Cherish Private Day Nursery - CM5 0GN
Cherry Hinton Cof E Vc Infant School - CB1 9HH
Cherry Hinton Community Junior School - CB1 9ND
Cherry Playgroup - CB1 9ND
Cherry Tree Nursery - PE6 8AL
Cherry Tree Primary School And Nursery - SS16 4AG
Cherry Tree Primary School And Speech And Language Unit - CO2 0BG
Cherry Tree Under Fives - CO2 0DW
Cherry Trees Playschool - NR30 5JL
Cherrytrea Pre School - RM17 6ES
Cherubs Kindergarten - PE19 6HA
Cherubs Pre School - RM16 4NX
Cherubs Pre School Ltd - RM14 1QF
Cherubs Pre-school - SS9 9LD
Cherubs Preschool (3) - RM2 6AB
Cherubs Pre-school 2 - RM11 3XU
Chesterton Community College - CB4 3NY
Chestnut Day Nursery - PE29 2AQ
Chestnut Playgroup - CB1 6AX
Chestnut Playgroup Linton - CB1 6QE
Cheveley Acorns Pre School - CB8 9DG
Cheveley Cofe Primary School - CB8 9DF
Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue Nursery - IG7 5NT
Chigwell Primary School - IG7 6DW
Chigwell Row Infant School - IG7 6EZ
Chigwell School - IG7 6QF
Childcare Association - RM8 2RS
Childcare Association - RM9 5LT
Children S Choice Priv Day Care & P - SS2 4PF
Childrens Ark Day Nursery - CB3 8QT
Childrens Ark Day Nursery - CB3 8RD
Children's Cottage - CB11 4PE
Children's World - IP26 4LR
Childrens World Nursery - NR11 8AL
Child's Play Day Nursery - IP25 6DN
Child's Play Day Nursery - PE31 6HA
Childsplay Day Nursery - CO6 2NS
Childsplay Day Nursery Clarendon Wa - CO1 1XF
Chipping Hill Infant School - CM8 2JL
Chipping Hill Playgroup - CM8 2BY
Chipping Ongar Primary School - CM5 9LA
Chouette Playgroup - CB8 0SJ
Christ Church Playgroup - IG11 0NG
Christ Church Urc Pre-school - CM2 0AW
Christchurch Playgroup - CO6 1TT
Christchurch Pre School - PE14 9NA
Christchurch Pre-school - CO3 3AT
Christchurch Pre-school Nursery - CM7 2LD
Christchurch Primary School - IG1 4LQ
Church Hill First School - PE32 1BG
Church Lane Playgroup - NR31 7BE
Church Langley Community Primary School - CM17 9TH
Church Langley Pre School - CM17 9TH
Churchgate Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School Harlow - CM17 0LB
City College - NR2 2LJ
City College Norwich - NR2 2LJ
City Of Ely Community College - CB6 2SH
City Of Norwich School - NR4 6PP
Clackclose Community Primary School Downham Market - PE38 9PF
Clackelose Preschool - PE38 9PF
Clacton County High School - CO15 6DZ
Clancarty Kindergarten - PE28 0HB
Clare Lodge / Salters - PE6 7LU
Claremont Nursery - NR4 6SH
Claremont Nursery School - NR4 6SH
Clarence House Day Nurseries - PE18 8DZ
Clarence House Day Nurseries - Lion's Cross - PE29 2DZ
Clarence House Day Nurseries Ltd - PE29 2HA
Clarence House Day Nursery - PE18 8HA
Clarks Montessori School - IG1 3AF
Clarks Preparatory School - IG1 3AF
Clarkson Infants School - PE13 2ES
Clavering & Arkesden Playgroup - CB11 4QS
Clavering Nursery Group - CB11 4PE
Clavering Pre-school - CB11 4PE
Clavering Primary School - CB11 4PE
Clayhall Nursery - IG5 0LE
Clayhall Park Playgroup - IG5 OBN
Clayton School - PE2 5SD
Clements Hall Playgroup - SS5 4LN
Clementswood Neighbourhood Nursery - IG1 1LE
Clenchwarton Community Primary School - PE34 4DT
Clenchwarton Pre-school - PE34 4DN
Cleveland Infants' School - IG1 1EW
Cleveland Junior School - IG1 1EW
Cleveland Kindergarten - IG1 2JZ
Clever Cloggs Preschool - SS4 3BW
Clever Clogs Pre School - SS5 4EH
Cleverclogs Childrens Nursery - NR4 6XF
Cliff Park Community Middle School Gorleston - NR31 6SZ
Cliff Park First School Gorleston - NR31 6SZ
Cliff Park High School - NR31 6TA
Clockhouse Infant School - RM5 3QR
Clockhouse Playgroup - RM5 3QR
Clore Tikva School - IG6 2JN
Clover Hill Infant School And Nursery - NR5 9AP
Cloverhill Village Hall Playgroup - NR5 9ED
Coates Goslings - PE7 2BP
Coates Primary School - PE7 2BP
Cobholm & Lichfield Childcare Centre - NR31 0DW
Cobholm Primary School - NR31 0BA
Cockethurst Day Nursery - SS2 6UE
Cockleshell Nursery - SS1 2UP
Colbayns High School - CO15 3JL
Colby & District Pre-school Playgro - NR11 7EF
Colby Primary School - NR11 7EA
Colchester County High School For Girls - CO3 3US
Colchester High School - CO3 3HD
Colchester High School Nursery - CO3 3HD
Colchester Institute - CO3 3LL
Colchester Institute Nursery - CO3 3LL
Colchester Royal Grammar School - CO3 3ND
Colchester Sixth Form College - CO1 1SN
Colchester United Community Sports Trust Learning Centre - CO2 9BG
Cold Norton Pre-school - CM3 6JQ
Cold Norton Primary School - CM3 6JE
Coleridge Community College - CB1 3RJ
Colkirk Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - NR21 7NW
Colkirk Pre-school - NR21 7NR
College Nursery - NR31 0ED
College Of West Anglia - PE30 2QW
College Saint-pierre - SS9 1LE
College St Pierre School - SS9 1LE
Colleges Nursery And Family Centre - CB4 2LD
Collier Row Early Years Centre - RM5 3QJ
Collingwood Pre-school - CM3 5YJ
Collingwood Primary School - CM3 5YJ
Colman Infant School - NR4 7AW
Colman Junior School - NR4 7AU
Colne Community School - CO7 0QL
Colne Engaine Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School - CO6 2HA
Colne Engaine Playgroup - CO6 2ES
Colne Playgroup - PE28 3DQ
Colourbox Montessori Nursery - CM20 2RB
Colt Hatch Playgroup - CM20 1SX
Coltishall & Horstead Pre-school - NR12 7HL
Coltishall & Horstead Pre-school Playgroup - NR12 7HL
Coltishall Primary School - NR12 7HA
Colville Primary School - CB1 9EJ
Comberton Playgroup - CB3 7DY
Comberton Village College - CB3 7DU
Community Centre Association Playgroup - RM3 8BG
Community College Childcare - RM17 6DN
Constantine Nursery - CO3 7DX
Co-op Hall Playgroup - RM8 2HS
Coopersale And Theydon Garnon Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CM16 7QX
Coopersale Hall School - CM16 7PE
Coopersale Playgroup - CM16 7QX
Coopersale Playgroup - CM16 7QY
Copford Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School - CO6 1BX
Coppice Hatch Pre-school - CM18 6SL
Coppice Primary School - IG7 4AL
Coppins Green Primary School - CO15 3SP
Coppins Hall Preschool - CO16 7PA
Corbets Tey School - RM14 2YQ
Corpus Christi Pre-school - RM5 2AP
Corpusty Playgroup - NR11 6QG
Corpusty Primary School - NR11 6QG
Corringham Primary School - SS17 9BH
Cosgrove Lodge Day Nursery - CO3 9AD
Costessey High School - NR5 0PX
Costessey Infant School - NR5 0HG
Costessey Junior School - NR5 0RR
Costessey Pre-school - NR5 0AE
Cotehill House - CM3 6RW
Coton Church Of England (voluntary Controlled) Primary School - CB23 7PW
Coton Pre-school - CB3 7PW
Cottage Pre-school - RM13 8SP
Cottenham Primary School - CB24 8TA
Cottenham Village College - CB24 8UA
Cotton Socks - SS3 0LN
Cottons Park Playgroup - RM7 7AA
Cottontails Pre-school - CB3 0PN
Country Side Pre School Nursery - CM6 1SN
Crackerjacks Cringleford Pre School - NR4 6UE
Cranbrook & Valentine Playschool - IG2 6TU
Cranbrook Castle Montessorri - IG1 3PG
Cranbrook College - IG1 3BD
Cranbrook Nursery - IG1 4UT
Cranbrook Primary School -
Cranham Baptist Church Playgroup - RM14 1QF
Crays Hill Playgroup - CM11 2XH
Crays Hill Primary School - CM11 2UZ
Creative Kids - RM11 2JN
Creative Kids Nursery - RM2 5EH
Crescent Nursery School - NR31 6EB
Cressing Primary School - CM77 8JE
Cringleford Ce Va Primary School - NR4 6UG
Crocus Early Years Centre - CB11 4UH
Cromer High School And Language College - NR27 0EX
Cromer Junior School - NR27 0EX
Cromwell Community College - PE16 6UU
Cromwell Park Playgroup - PE29 6JD
Cromwell Park Primary School - PE29 6JA
Crosshall Infant School - PE19 7GG
Crosshall Junior School - PE19 7GG
Crosshall Nursery School - PE19 7GG
Crowland Community Playgr - PE6 0EG
Crowlands Infant School - RM7 9EJ
Crowlands Junior School - RM7 9EJ
Crownfield Infant School - RM7 8JB
Crownfield Junior School - RM7 8JB
Crownfield Playgroup - RM7 8JB
Crownfield Pre-school - RM7 8JB
Crowstone Preparatory School - SS0 8LH
Crowstone School - SS0 8LH
Cssc Ascham - CB4 2BD
Culver Education Centre (pupil Support) - RM15 5RR
Cygnets Pre-school - PE7 8BZ
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