School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

East Midlands Schools U-V-W

Ullesthorpe Church Of England Primary School - LE17 5DN
Ullesthorpe Playgroup - LE17 5DN
Underwood - NG16 5FS
Underwood Ce Primary School - NG16 5GN
Unity College - NN2 6JW
Unity Primary And Nursery School - NG7 4ES
University College Northampton - NN2 7AL
University Hospital Day Nursery - NG7 2UH
University Of Derby - DE22 1GB
University Of Derby Nursery - Mickleover Campus - DE3 5GX
University Of Leicester - LE1 7RH
University Of Northampton - NN2 7AL
University Of Nottingham - NG7 2RD
University Of Nottingham Day Nurser - NG7 2RD
University Of Nottingham Playcentre - NG7 2RD
University Of Nottingham Playcentre Playgroup - NG7 2UH
Unstone Junior School - S18 4AB
Unstone St Mary's Infant School - S18 4AL
Uplands Infant School - LE2 0DR
Uplands Junior School - LE2 0DR
Uppingham C Of E Primary School - LE15 9RT
Uppingham Cofe Primary School - LE15 9RT
Uppingham Community College - LE15 9TJ
Uppingham School - LE15 9QE
Upp-starts Under 5 S Centre - LE15 9TJ
Upton Meadows Primary School - NN5 4EZ
Vale Of Catmose College - LE15 6NU
Valley Comprehensive School - S81 7DG
Valmarys Childrens Centre 1 - NG3 6BA
Valmarys Childrens Centre 2 - NG3 5JL
Vernon Park Private Day Nursery - NG6 0DZ
Vernon Terrace Primary School - NN1 5HE
Vicar Water Day Nursery - NG1 9AA
Vicarage Farm Pre-school - NN8 5FL
Victoria Centre Pre-school - NN8 1HR
Victoria House - NN14 6BQ
Victoria Pre-school Playgroup - NG10 3EW
Victoria Primary School - NN8 4NT
Victoria Road Pre School - NN10 0
Villa Real Farmhouse - NN14 6BQ
Village Primary School - DE23 8DF
Viscount Beaumont's Church Of England Primary School - LE67 8FD
Waingroves Pre-school - DE5
Waingroves Primary School - DE5 9TD
Wakerley Playgroup - LE5 5FP
Walbrook Nursery School - DE23 8QJ
Walesby Cofe Primary School - NG22 9PB
Walesby Pre-school Association - NG22 9PB
Walesby School Playgroup - NG22 9PB
Walgrave Primary School - NN6 9PH
Wallace Road Nursery School - NN2 7EE
Walter Evans Church Of England Aided Primary School - DE22 1EF
Walter Halls Primary School - NG3 5HS
Waltham On The Wolds Church Of England Primary School - LE14 4AJ
Waltham Pre-school - LE14 4AJ
Walton Holymoorside Primary School - S42 7DU
Walton Village Pre School - S42 7TL
Walton-on-trent Cofe School - DE12 8NL
Walton-on-trent Pre-school Playgrou - DE12 8NL
Wanlip Pre-school - LE7 4PJ
Warren Hills Childrens Centre Nursery - LE67 4TA
Warren Hills Community Primary School - LE67 4TA
Warren Primary School - NG5 9PJ
Warwick Community Playschool - NN8 2PS
Warwick Primary School - NN8 2PS
Water Leys Primary School - LE18 1HG
Watermead Day Nursery - LE11 3TN
Watnall Pre-school Playgroup - NG16 1HS
Waverley House Pneu School - NG7 4DX
Weavers Close Church Of England Primary School - LE9 7AH
Weavers Cottage Childrens Day Nursery - DE74 2LE
Weavers School - NN8 3JQ
Weaverthorpe Pre-school - NG5 4PT
Webster Hall Playgroup - NG12 5FB
Weedon Bec Pre School - NN7 4QU
Weedon Bec Pre-school - NN7 4QU
Weedon Bec Primary School - NN7 4QU
Weedon Kindergarten - NN7 4PW
Weedon Lois Playgroup - NN12
Welbeck The Defence Sixth Form College - LE12 8WD
Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College - LE12 8WD
Welbeck Primary School - NG2 1NT
Weldon Church Of England Primary School - NN17 3HP
Weldon Pre-school - NN17 3JN
Welford Pre-school - NN6 6HU
Welford Sibbertoft And Sulby Endowed School - NN6 6HU
Welland Park Community College - LE16 9DR
Welland Park Pre School A - LE16 9DR
Wellin Lane Playgroup - NG12 4AS
Wellingborough Pre-preparatory School - NN8 2BX
Wellingborough School - NN8 2BX
Wellingtons Pre-school - LE16 8YU
Wellow House School - NG22 0EA
Welton Church Of England Primary School - NN11 2JZ
Wendy Taylor - NG1 1LH
Wesley Hall Pre-school - LE2 0GN
Wessington Pre School - DE55 6DQ
Wessington Primary School - DE55 6DQ
West Bridgford Infant School - NG2 7PX
West Bridgford Junior School - NG2 6DB
West Bridgford Out Of School Club - NG2 7PR
West Gate School - LE3 6DN
West Haddon Endowed Church Of England Primary School - NN6 7AN
West Haddon Playgroup - NN6 7AN
West Haddon Pre-school - NN6 7AN
West Hallam Village Pre-school - DE7 6GR
West Lodge Day Nursery - NN14 2SH
West Nottinghamshire College - NG18 5BH
West Park School - DE21 7BT
West Point House Day Nursery - DE7 4BD
West Street Playgroup - DN22 6ES
Westbourne House Nursery School & D - S80 2AS
Westbury School - NG8 3BT
Westcotes Creche/leicester Southfield College - LE3 0DT
Westcotes Day Nursery - LE3 0JH
Westdale Infant School - NG3 6ET
Westdale Junior School - NG3 6ET
Western Favell Pre-school - NN3 8QP
Western Park Playgroup - LE3 6DZ
Westfield Childrens Centr - LE10 0LN
Westfield Infant School - S40 3NW
Westfield Infant School Hinckley - LE10 0JL
Westfield Junior School - LE10 0LT
Westfield Playgroup - NG10 5FJ
Westfield Pre-school - LE10 0LN
Westglade Primary School - NG5 9BG
Westhouses Primary School - DE55 5AF
Westleigh Nursery Ltd - LE3 0HH
Weston Favell Ceva Primary School - NN3 3HH
Weston Favell Montessori Nursery School - NN3 3HN
Weston Favell Playgroup - NN3 3BT
Weston Favell Playgroup - NN3 3EZ
Weston Favell School - NN3 3EZ
Weston On Trent Under 5's - DE72 2BA
Weston-on-trent Cofe (va) Primary School - DE72 2HX
Westpoint House Day Nursery - DE7 4BD
Westwards Nursery School - LE11 2DT
Westways Nursery School - LE15 9PQ
Westwood Infant Nursery School - NG16 5JA
Whaley Bridge Primary School - SK23 7HX
Whaley Thorns Primary School - NG20 9HB
Wheldon School And Sports College - NG4 3SH
Whestone Baptist Church Playgroup - LE8 6LS
Whissendine C Of E Primary School - LE15 7ET
Whissendine Church Of England Primary School - LE15 7ET
Whissendine Pre-school - LE15 7HP
White House Childrens Nurseries - DE21 7NG
White House Day Nursery - LE12 9BZ
White House Kindergarten - DE72 3HB
White Post Farm Day Nursery - NG22 8HL
Whitecotes Primary School - S40 3HJ
Whitecross Nursery School - DE1 3PJ
Whitefriars Infant School - NN10 9HX
Whitefriars Junior School - NN10 9HX
Whitegate Primary And Nursery School - NG11 9JQ
Whitegates College - S80 1HH
Whitehall Primary School - LE5 6GJ
Whitehills Nursery School - NN2 8DF
Whitehills Primary School - NN2 8DF
Whitemoor Primary And Nursery School - NG8 5FF
Whittlebury Church Of England Primary School - NN12 8XH
Whittlebury Nursery Pre-school - NN12 8XJ
Whitty Tree House - NN14 6BQ
Whitwell Playscheme - S80 4QR
Whitwell Primary School - S80 4NR
Whitwick Community Pre-school - LE67 5PF
Whitwick Day Nursery - LE67 5DT
Whitwick St John The Baptist Cofe Primary School - LE67 5AT
Whizzkidds (cinderhill Community Assocn) - NG8 6DD
Wigley Primary School - S42 7JJ
Wigston Birkett House Community Special School - LE18 2FZ
Wilbarston Church Of England Primary School - LE16 8QN
Wilby Church Of England Primary School - NN8 2UG
Wilds Lodge School - LE15 8QQ
Wilford Village Playgroup - NG11 7AJ
Willesley Primary School - LE65 2QG
William Allitt School - DE11 0TL
William Booth Infant And Nursery School - NG2 4QS
William Bradford Community College - LE9 7PD
William Gilbert End Primary School - DE56 4EB
William Levick Primary School - S18 8YB
William Lilley Infant And Nursery School - NG9 7FS
William Rhodes Primary School - S40 2NR
William Sharp School - NG8 4HY
Willington Pre-school Playgroup - DE65 6BT
Willington Primary School - DE65 6DN
Willoughby Primary School - LE12 6SS
Willoughbyonthewolds Play Group - LE12 6SX
Willow Brook Primary School - NG12 5BB
Willow Farm Primary School - NG4 4BN
Willow Pre-school Playgroup - NG2 7DB
Willowbrook Primary School - LE5 2NA
Willows Day Nursery - NG11 8NS
Willows Day Nursery - SK17 6SG
Willows Pre-school Playgroup - LE2 3YA
Wilsthorpe Business And Enterprise College - NG10 4WT
Winchester House School - NN13 7AZ
Winchester House School Pre-prep - NN13 6EE
Wind In The Willows - SK13 6JH
Windermere Day Nursery - NN16 8XB
Windmill House School - LE15 9UD
Windmill Kindergarten - NG14 5EQ
Windmill Lane Nursery - DE6 1EY
Windmill Playgroup - DE74 2LN
Windmill Playgroup Committee - NN15 7EA
Windmill Primary School - NN9 6LA
Windmills Pre-school Playgroup - NG23 6JN
Windsor House Nursery - LE4 5DU
Windsor Playgroup - LE10 2EF
Wingerworth Pre-school - S42 6PX
Wingfield Nursery - LE3 0QS
Winstanley Community College - LE3 3BD
Winster Cofe Primary School - DE4 2DH
Winster Playgroup - DE4 2BQ
Winthorpe Primary School - NG24 2NN
Wirksworth Childrens Nursery - DE4 4FB
Wirksworth Cofe Infant School - DE4 4FG
Wirksworth Infant School - DE4 4GZ
Wirksworth Junior School - DE4 4FD
Wirksworth Pre-school - DE4 4FZ
Wise Owls Nursery - LE10 1HQ
Wishing Well Nursery Ltd -
Wishing Well Playgroup - NN8 2ET
Wollaston & Strixton Pre-school - NN29 7SF
Wollaston Community Primary School - NN29 7SF
Wollaston School - NN29 7PH
Wollaton House Day Nursery - NG14 5GL
Wollaton House Day Nursery - NG8 2DG
Wollaton Park Pre-school Playgroup - NG8 1GR
Wollaton Village Day Nurs - NG9 3HB
Wollaton Village Day Nurs Ltd - DE75 7DW
Wollaton Village Day Nurseries Ltd. - NG9 3HB
Wollaton Village Day Nursery - NG16 3HS
Wollaton Village Day Nursery - NG8 2AN
Wollaton Village Pre-school - NG8 2AN
Wolsey House Primary School - LE4 2BB
Wolvey Cofe Primary School - LE10 3LA
Wolvey Pre-school - LE10 3LA
Womens Aid Leicestershire Ltd - LE1 1AA
Woodborough Village Pre School - NG14 6DX
Woodbridge Junior School - DE55 7JA
Woodbrook Vale High School - LE11 2ST
Woodcote Primary School - LE65 1JX
Woodford Church Of England Primary School - NN14 4HF
Woodford Halse Church Of England School - NN11 3RQ
Woodhouse Eaves St Paul's Church Of England Primary School - LE12 8SA
Woodland Grange Primary School Oadby - LE2 4TY
Woodland Pre-school Playgroup - NG15 9FD
Woodland View Primary School - NN4 5FZ
Woodlands Community School - DE22 2LW
Woodlands Day Nursery Ltd - LE4 3AX
Woodlands Private Day Nursery - DE22 1BJ
Woodlands School - NG8 3EZ
Woodleys Day Nursery - NN7 2LW
Woodnewton- A Learning Community - NN17 2NU
Wood's Foundation Cofe Primary School - NG14 6DX
Woodsetts Playgroup - S81 8QE
Woodsetts Primary - S81 8SB
Woodstock Primary School - LE4 2GZ
Woodstone Community Primary School - LE67 2AH
Woodthorpe Cofe Primary School - S43 3DA
Woodthorpe Day Nursery - NG5 3FY
Woodvale Primary School - NN3 8JJ
Woodville Cofe Junior School - DE11 7EA
Woodville Community Pre-school - DE11 8DG
Woodville Day Nursery - DE11 7EF
Woodville Infant School - DE11 7EA
Woodville Methodist Church Pre-school - DE11 7EA
Wooldale Early Care And Education Centre - NN4 6TP
Woolden Hill Community Primary School - LE7 7ES
Wootton Pre-school Playgroup - NN4 6WL
Wootton Primary School - NN4 6HJ
Worksop College - S80 3AP
Worksop Priory Cofe Primary School - S80 2LJ
Worksop Prospect Hill Infant And Nursery School - S81 0LR
Worthington Pre-school - LE65 1RQ
Worthington School - LE65 1RQ
Wreake Valley Community College - LE7 1LY
Wreake Valley Playgroup - LE7 1LY
Wren Park Primary School - DE3 9AY
Wren Spinney Community Special School - NN15 7LB
Wrenn Playgroup - NN8 2JJ
Wrenn School - NN8 2DQ
Wycliffe Playgroup - LE3 1LU
Wyggeston And Queen Elizabeth 1 College - LE12 7RJ
Wyggeston And Queen Elizabeth I College - LE1 7RJ
Wymeswold Church Of England Primary School - LE12 6TU
Wymeswold Playgroup - LE12 6TY
Wymondham Pre-school - LE14 2AF
Wynndale Primary School - NG18 3NY
Wyvern Primary School - LE4 7HH
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