School Fundraising News

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

East Midlands Schools H

Hackleton Cofe Primary School - NN7 2AB
Hackleton Half-pints Pre-school - NN7 2AB
Hackleton Pre-school Playgroup - NN7 2AH
Hadden Park High School - NG8 3GP
Haddon Primary And Nursery School - NG4 4GT
Hadfield Centre Playgroup - SK13 2AT
Hadfield House Nursery - SK13 2DR
Hadfield Infant School - SK13 1PN
Hadfield Nursery School - SK13 2DW
Hady Primary School - S41 0DF
Haggonfields Primary And Nursery School - S80 3HP
Hague Bar Primary School - SK22 3AP
Halam Cofe Primary School - NG22 8AE
Hall Lane Pre School - LE67 5PF
Hall Meadow Primary School - NN15 7JR
Hall Orchard Church Of England Primary School - LE12 8HP
Hall Orchard Fourfold Pre-school - LE12 8HP
Hallam Fields Junior School - DE7 4DB
Hallaton Church Of England Primary School - LE16 8TY
Hallbrook Primary School - LE9 6WX
Hallcroft Infant And Nursery School - DN22 7QH
Hamilton Community College - LE5 1RT
Hamilton Playgroup - LE5 1RT
Hanbury Kindergarten - LE16 7SZ
Hand In Hand Day Nursery - NG22 9TD
Hand-in-hand Nursery - NG5 2EJ
Handkerchief Nursery - DE74 2DA
Happy Days Day Nursery - DE65 5HR
Happy Days Playgroup (not Reg) - NG4 4PA
Happy Days Pre-school - NN3 5EN
Happy Faces Creche Home-start Nwl - LE67 3JA
Happy Faces Pre School - NN14 1AZ
Happy Faces Pre-school - NN14 1AZ
Happy Hands Pre-school - NN15 6ST
Happy Hedgehogs Pre-school - DE12 7BB
Happy Hours Playgroup - DE3 5HD
Happy Valley Playgroup - S80 4UT
Happytots Playgroup - NN10 9PQ
Harborough Montessori Pre-school - LE16 9QH
Harby Church Of England Primary School - LE14 4BZ
Harby Pre School - LE14 4BZ
Harby Pre-school - LE14 4BZ
Hardingstone Day Nursery - NN4 6DA
Hardingstone Day Nursery - NN4 6DE
Hardingstone Primary School - NN4 6DJ
Hardwick Infant School - NN8 3QA
Hardwick Junior School - NN8 3QA
Hardwick Primary School - DE23 6QP
Hardwick School Pre School - NN8 3QA
Harlequins Day Nursery - LE19 2BS
Harlequins Day Nursery - LE19 4NQ
Harlestone Primary School - NN7 4EN
Harpole Pre-school - NN7 4DR
Harpole Primary School - NN7 4DP
Harpur Hill Primary School - SK17 9LP
Harpurhill Preschool - SK17 9JS
Harrington Junior School - NG10 4BQ
Harrington Nursery School - DE23 8PE
Harry Carlton Comprehensive School - LE12 6QN
Hartington Cofe Primary School - SK17 0AS
Hartshorne Cofe Primary School - DE11 7ES
Hartshorne Pre School Playgroup - DE11 7ES
Hartwell Church Of England Primary School - NN7 2HL
Hartwell Pre-school - NN7
Hasland Hall Community School - S41 0LP
Hasland Infant School - S41 0PE
Hasland Junior School - S41 0LN
Hasland Preschool Playgroup - S41 0JF
Hastings High School - LE10 2QE
Hathern Church Of England Primary School - LE12 5LJ
Hathersage Playgroup - S32 1BZ
Hathersage St Michael's Cofe (aided) Primary School - S32 1BZ
Havelock Infant School - NN14 2LU
Havelock Junior School - NN14 2LU
Hawthorn Community Primary School - NN15 7HT
Hawthorn Playschool - NN15 7HT
Hawthorne Primary And Nursery School - NG6 8TL
Hawtonville Junior School - NG24 4HU
Hawtonville Meth Church Pre School - NG24 4DY
Haydn Primary School - NG5 2JU
Hayfield Playgroup - SK22 2EX
Hayfield Primary School - SK22 2HB
Hayway Infant And Nursery School - NN10 6AG
Haywood Rd Pre-school - NG3 6AD
Haywood School - NG5 3HZ
Hazel Hurst Preparatory School - NG3 6DG
Hazel Leys Nursery And Primary School - NN18 0QF
Hazel Primary School And Community Centre - LE2 7JN
Head Start Nursery School - NN1 4QU
Headlands Primary School - NN3 2NS
Headstart I - LE14 4RU
Headstart Nursery Ii - LE14 2UR
Heage Primary School - DE56 2AL
Heage Toddlers Playgroup - DE56 2AF
Healdswood Infants' And Nursery School - NG17 3FQ
Heanor Gate Science College - DE75 7RA
Heanor Langley Infant School - DE75 7HJ
Heanor Leisure Centre Pre-school Playgroup - DE75 7HA
Heanor Pre-school - DE75 7QL
Heath Fields Primary School - DE65 5EQ
Heath Primary School - S44 5RH
Heather Pre-school - LE67 2QP
Heather Primary School - LE67 2QP
Heatherbrook Pre-school - LE4 1BE
Heatherbrook Primary School - LE4 1BE
Heatherley Primary School - NG19 0PY
Heathfield High School - LE9 7PA
Heathfield Primary And Nursery School - NG5 1JU
Heathlands Primary School - NG21 0DJ
Helmdon Acorns Pre-school - NN13 5QJ
Helmdon Primary School - NN13 5QT
Helpbreak Ltd T/a Mother Hens - NG24 1BW
Hemington Primary School - DE74 2RB
Hempshill Hall Primary School - NG6 7AT
Henry Bradley Infant School - S43 1HR
Henry Chichele Primary School - NN10 8NQ
Henry Gotch Primary School - NN15 7EA
Henry Mellish Comprehensive School - NG6 9DS
Henry Whipple Primary School - NG5 5GH
Henrys Day Nursery - NG5 3AD
Herbert Strutt Primary School - DE56 1UU
Heritage Community School - S43 4QG
Hermitage Avenue Under 5s - NG18 5EG
Hermitage Day Nursery - LE67 5EL
Hermitage Preschool - NG11 6EL
Herrick Playgroup - LE4 7NJ
Herrick Primary School - LE4 7NJ
Hetts Lane Infant And Nursery School - NG20 0AS
Heymann Primary School - NG2 7GX
Hickling Pre-school - LE14 3AQ
Hickory House Day Nursery - NG2 7JJ
Hickory House Day Nursery - NN11 4BG
High Oakham Primary School - NG18 4SH
High Peak College - SK17 9JZ
High Peak Pre-school - SK17 6QP
Higham Ferrers Junior School - NN10 8ED
Higham Ferrers Nursery And Infant School - NN10 8BQ
Higham Way Playgroup - LE10 2PX
Highbank Primary And Nursery School - NG11 9FP
Highbury Vale Playgroup - NG6 9EE
Highcliffe Primary School And Community Centre - LE4 3DL
Highfield Hall Primary School - S41 8AZ
Highfield Nursery School - NN8 4AB
Highfield Primary School - NG10 4HR
Highfield Stables Playgroup - NN2 8PN
Highfields Boys' Secondary School - LE2 2PJ
Highfields Primary School - LE2 0UU
Highfields School - DE4 5NA
Highfields School - NG24 3AL
Highfields Youth & Community Centre - LE2 0DS
Highgate Community Primary School - LE12 7ND
Highwood Player Infant And Nursery School - NG8 3AF
Highwood Player Junior School - NG8 3AF
Hill Top Day Nursery - DE12 7PL
Hillcrest Day Nursery - NG3 6BZ
Hillocks Primary And Nursery School - NG17 4ND
Hillside Primary And Nursery School - NG15 6LW
Hilltop Tots Day Nursery - S18 1UW
Hilton Church Playgroup - DE65 5GH
Hilton Primary School - DE65 5GH
Hinckley Baptist Playgroup - LE10 1PR
Hinckley Methodist Pre School - LE10 1PL
Hind Leys Community College - LE12 9DB
Hind Leys Community College Nursery - LE12 9DB
Hind Leys Pre-school - LE12 9DB
Hinwick College Of Further Education - NN29 7JD
Hinwick Hall Further Education College - NN29 7JD
Hobby-horse Day Nursery - NG23 5QL
Hodthorpe Primary School - S80 4UT
Hogarth Primary And Nursery School - NG3 6JG
Holbourn House Day Nursery - NN7 4SX
Holbrook Centre For Autism - DE56 0TE
Holbrook Cofe Primary School - DE56 0TW
Holbrook Community Playgroup - DE56 0TW
Holbrook Preschool - DE56 0TW
Holliers Walk Primary School - LE10 1PL
Hollies Country Park Day Nursery - NG5 8NJ
Hollies Day Nursery - NG5 4DB
Hollingwood Out Of School Club - S43 2JG
Hollingwood Primary School - S43 2JG
Hollinsclough Cofe (va) Primary School - SK17 0RH
Holloway Pre-school Playgroup - DE4 5GL
Holly Bush Nursery - LE1 7QA
Holly Court Day Nursery - NG12 4DG
Holly Hill Primary And Nursery School - NG16 6AW
Holly House Special School - S41 9QR
Holly Primary School - NG19 0NT
Hollygirt School - NG3 4GF
Hollywell Primary School - NG16 2JL
Holme Hall Playgroup - S40 4RL
Holme Hall Primary School - S40 4RL
Holmesdale Infant School - S18 2LR
Holmewood Playgroup - S42 5RB
Holmfield Primary School - LE3 3FF
Holmgate Primary School And Nursery - S45 9QD
Holmsdale Manor Nursery School - LE67 6JP
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - LE2 6TY
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School - NG15 8BZ
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Whitwick - LE67 5AT
Holy Cross Pre-school - LE67 5AT
Holy Trinity Catholic School - NG24 4AU
Holy Trinity Cofe Infant School - NG25 0LD
Holy Trinity Playgroup - LE65 2FR
Holymoorside Pre-school Playgroup - S42 7EB
Holywell Primary School - LE11 3SJ
Home Farm Playgroup - LE4 0SU
Homefield College - LE12 7TL
Homefields Primary School - DE73 5NY
Homestead Day Nursery - NE14 6JW
Homestead Road Playgroup - LE67 8LL
Honey Bees Pre School Village Centre - LE19 4NJ
Honey Pot Day Nursery - NG14 5AE
Honey Pot Playgroup - NN17 1LF
Honeybees Preschool Pavilion - LE19 4NW
Honeypot Nursery - NG6 8GL
Honeypot Pre School - LE17 6LY
Honeypot Pre School ** - LE17 6LY
Honeypots Day Nursery - NG6 8GL
Honeypots Playgroup - NN2 8AE
Honeysuckle Playgroup - LE9 9NG
Hope Hamilton Ce Primary School - LE5 1LU
Hope House School - NG24 3NE
Hope Pre-school - S33 6RH
Hope Primary School - S33 6ZF
Hope Valley College - S33 6SD
Hope Valley Nursery Schoo - S33 8WZ
Hopping Hill Primary School - NN5 6DT
Hopscotch Pre-school - DE74 2PJ
Hopscotch Pre-school - LE4 8FN
Hopscotch Pre-school - NN6 8JH
Horsendale Playgroup - NG16 1AP
Horsendale Primary School - NG16 1AP
Horsley Cofe (controlled) Primary School - DE21 5BR
Horsley Woodhouse Pre-school - DE7 6AU
Horsley Woodhouse Primary School - DE7 6AT
Horwood Avenue Pre-scool - DE3 6NX
Hose Church Of England Primary School - LE14 4JE
Hospital And Home Education Pru - NG7 1QH
Houghton-on-the-hill Church Of England Primary School - LE7 9GD
Howitt Primary Community School - DE75 7FS
Hucknall Day Nursery - NG15 7QE
Hucknall National Church Of England (va) Primary School - NG15 7DU
Hucknall Pre-school Playgroup - NG15 7LD
Hugglescote Community Primary School - LE67 2HA
Hugglescote Pre-school - LE67 2BR
Hulland Cofe Primary School - DE6 3EH
Hulland Community Pre-school - DE6 3FS
Humberstone Day Nursery - LE5 1JA
Humberstone Infant School - LE5 1AE
Humberstone Junior School - LE5 1AE
Humphrey Perkins High School - LE12 8JU
Humpty Dumpty Playcentre - DE21 5EA
Humptys Playgroup - LE8 4FA
Huncote Community Association - LE9 3BS
Huncote Community Primary School - LE9 3BS
Hunloke Park Primary School - S42 6PT
Hunsbury Park Primary School - NN4 9RR
Huntingdon Primary And Nursery School - NG3 4AY
Hurst Farm - NN14 6BQ
Husbands Bosworth Church Of England Primary School - LE17 6JU
Huthwaite All Saint's Cofe (aided) Infant School - NG17 2JR
Huxlow Science College - NN9 5TY
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