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Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

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New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

East Midlands Schools C

Caldecote Community Primary School - LE3 1FF
Calow Cofe Vc Primary School - S44 5BD
Calvary Christian Centre - NN14 6HZ
Calver Pre-school Playgroup - S32 1XR
Cambridge Day Nursery - LE3 0JR
Camphill Playgroup - NN4 9RR
Campion School - NN7 3QG
Cannam House Playschool - LE16 8YU
Cantelupe Pre-school Playgroup - DE7 5HY
Cantrell Primary And Nursery School - NG6 9HJ
Captains Close Primary School - LE14 3TU
Care Unlimited/caring For Kids Nursery (not Reg) - NG22 9TD
Cared 4 Ltd - NG9 7BQ
Caring Kindergartens - NN11 4DS
Caring Kindergartens - NN3 6HZ
Caring Kindergartens - NN8 5AD
Caring Kindergartens Ltd - NN11 4DS
Carlton & Gedling Day Nursery - NG4 3FD
Carlton Central Junior School - NG4 1QT
Carlton Day Nursery - DE65 5JR
Carlton Day Nursery St James - DE23 8LU
Carlton Digby School - NG3 6DS
Carlton Hill Playgroup - NG4 1FP
Carlton Le Willows School - NG4 4AA
Carlton Private Nursery - DE23 6HB
Carlyle Infant School - DE23 3ES
Carnarvon Primary School - NG13 8EH
Caroline Chisholm School - NN4 6TP
Carousel Under Fives - NG17 2AD
Carousel Under Fives Playgroup - NG17 2AD
Carr Hill Primary And Nursery School - DN22 6SW
Carrington Day Nursery - NG5 2DB
Carrington Primary And Nursery School - NG5 1AB
Carsic Primary School - NG17 2FG
Carsington And Hopton Primary School - DE4 4DE
Carterlane Day Nursery - WG20 8PE
Castle College Nottingham - NG1 6AB
Castle Donington Community College - DE74 2LN
Castle Gresley Infant School - DE11 9JF
Castle Lodge School - NN14 6BQ
Castle Meadow Nursery - NG2 1BE
Castle Nursery School - DE1 2PU
Castle Playgroup - LE9 2AD
Castle Primary School - NN1 2TR
Castle Rock High School - LE67 4BR
Castle View Primary School - DE4 3DS
Castleton Cofe Primary School - S33 8WE
Caterpillar Pre-school - LE12 7JB
Caterpillars Pre-school - NN15 6SR
Catherine House Day Nursery School - NN1 5DB
Catherine Infant School - LE4 6BY
Catherine Junior School - LE4 6AZ
Catherine Pre-school - LE4 4BY
Caunton Dean Hole Cofe Primary School - NG23 6AD
Cavendish Close Infant School - DE21 4LY
Cavendish Close Junior School - DE21 4RJ
Cavendish Junior School - S41 8TD
Cedar Road Primary School - NN3 2JF
Cedars Playgroup - LE9 8BN
Central Community Nursery School - DE1 3LR
Central Infant And Nursery School - NG4 1QS
Chaddesden Park Infant School - DE21 6LF
Chaddesden Park Junior School - DE21 6LF
Chancery Court Nursery And Nursery - LE1 5WD
Chapel En Le Frith Pre-school Centre - SK23 0HD
Chapel Lane Playgroup - LE9 9GE
Chapel-en-le-frith Cofe Vc Primary School - SK23 0NL
Chapel-en-le-frith High School - SK23 0TQ
Chapel-en-le-frith Playgroup Assoc. - SK23 0LX
Charlesworth & Chisworth Pre-school - SK13 6NS
Charlesworth Voluntary Controlled Primary School - SK13 5ET
Charlotte Nursery And Infant School - DE7 8LQ
Charnwood Children And Family Centre - LE5 3FS
Charnwood Day Nursery - LE12 9NP
Charnwood Nursery - NG11 8LU
Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school - LE4 8JF
Charnwood Primary School - LE2 0HE
Charter Green Day Nursery - NN7 2HE
Chaucer Infant School - DE7 5LN
Chaucer Junior School - DE7 5JH
Cheeky Monkees Day Nursery - NN8 2RF
Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery - SK23 0TQ
Chellaston Infant School - DE73 6TA
Chellaston Junior School - DE73 6PZ
Chellaston School - DE73 5UB
Cherry Tree Day Nursery - LE3 9LG
Cherry Tree Hill Infant School - DE21 6WL
Cherry Tree Hill Junior School - DE21 6WJ
Cherry Tree Nursery - DE65 5FT
Cherryleas Assessment Centre - LE3 0QU
Cherubs Childcare Centre - NG19 9LA
Cherubs Day Nursery - NG16 2PD
Cherubs Day Nursery - NG6 9FS
Cherubs Day Nursery - NG6 9FT
Cherubs Day Nursery - NN1 4QL
Cherubs Day Nursery (newark) - NG23 6HN
Chesapeake Playgroup - DE21 6RD
Chesterfield College - S41 7NG
Chesterfield College Day Nursery - S41 7NG
Chesterfield Hospital School - S44 5BL
Chesterfield Pupil Referral Unit Co Deincourt Pru - S42 5LE
Chesterfield Road Day Nursery - NG19 7BB
Chetwynd Barracks Pre-school - NG9 5HB
Chetwynd Road Primary School - NG9 6FW
Childbase Limited - NN1 5HL
Childminding Network - DE4 3AG
Childminding Network - LE15 6HP
Children 1st @ Bredon House - NG24 1DP
Children 1st At Breedon House - NG10 4AX
Children And Family Centre - LE10 0PP
Children And Parents Cent - LE5 6DG
Children First @ Breedon House - NG9 6HE
Childrens Ark Pre-school - SK17 6QT
Children's Corner - NG2 7JX
Childrens House Day Nursery - NG25 0ET
Childs Play Day Nursery - NG5 5NN
Childs Play P D N - DE21 6NA
Childs Play Pre School - LE16 9EU
Childs Play Pre-school - LE18 4PE
Chiltern Primary School - NN5 6BW
Chilwell School - NG9 5AL
Chinley Chapel Playgroup - SK23 0QW
Chinley Primary School - SK23 6DR
Chirpy Chicks Pre-school - NN17 3DB
Choices Pre-school - NG24 4HZ
Christ Church And St Peter's Church Of England Primary School - LE12 7JU
Christ Church Cofe Infant School - NG24 4UT
Christ Church Cofe Primary School - S41 7JU
Christ Church Hall Pre-sc - NG9 4AR
Christ The King Catholic Primary - DE55 7EN
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - LE3 6DF
Christ The King School - NG5 7JZ
Christchurch Methodist Playgroup - LE12 9AL
Christchurch Playgroup - DE7 8QL
Christchurch Playgroup - LE67 3JA
Christian Centre Nursery - NN8 4LG
Christine Smith Read - DE23 8DN
Christopher Reeves Cofe Va Lower School - NN29 7HU
Chuckles Day Nursery - NN14 1AT
Chuckles Playgroup - DE24 0UR
Church Broughton Cofe Primary School - DE65 5AS
Church Drive Primary School - NG5 6LD
Church Farm Grammar School - LE9 7SP
Church Gresley Infant And Nursery School - DE11 9QQ
Church Gresley Playgroup - DE11 9NP
Church Hall Playgroup - LE9 4DA
Church Hill Church Of England Junior School - LE4 8DE
Church Hill Infant School - LE4 8DE
Church House Day Nursery - NG9 2AT
Church House Pre-school Playgroup - NG13 8DR
Church Langton Church Of England Primary School - LE16 7SZ
Church St Pre-school/stepping Stone - LE10 2DD
Church Vale Primary School And Foundation Unit - NG20 0TE
Chuter Ede Primary School - NG24 3PQ
Clarborough Primary School - DN22 9NA
Clarecroft Day Nursery - NN6 7RD
Claredene Pre-school Nursery (2) - NN7 3PL
Claremont Day Nursery - NN6 0JN
Claremont House Nursery School - DN22 7XN
Claremont House Nursery School - S81 7LW
Claremont Primary And Nursery School - NG5 1BH
Clarendon Park Playgroup - LE2 3AH
Clarendon Playgroup - LE10 0NQ
Clay Cross Infant School - S45 9LQ
Clay Cross Junior School - S45 9JE
Clay Cross Pre School Playgroup - S45 9DZ
Claybrooke Primary School - LE17 5AF
Clayfield House - NG9 8GU
Claypole Playgroup - NG23 5BA
Clever Cats Childcare Services - NN7 3RW
Clifton Cofe Primary School - DE6 2GJ
Clifton Pre-school - DE6 2GJ
Clipston Endowed Voluntary Controlled Primary School - LE16 9RU
Clipston Stepping Stones Preschool - LE16 9FQ
Clowne Infant And Nursery School - S43 4DB
Clowne Junior School - S43 4BS
Clowne Playgroup - S43 4JR
Clowns Day Nursery - DE5 3FP
Clowns Early Years (4) - NG10 5NB
Clowns Early Years Centre - S42 5XA
Clowns Nursery - NG10 5HY
Clowns Nursery (3) - DE5 3AD
Coalville Children And Family Centr - LE67 3EA
Cobden Childrens Centre - LE11 1AF
Cobden Playgroup - LE11 1AF
Cobden Primary School And Community Centre - LE11 1AF
Coddington Cofe Primary And Nursery School - NG24 2QA
Codnor Community Primary School Church Of England Controlled - DE5 9QD
Cogenhoe Playgroup - NN7 1ND
Cogenhoe Primary School - NN7 1NB
Coleman Primary School - LE5 5FS
College House Junior School - NG9 4BB
Collingham And District Pre School - NG23 7NG
Collingtree Church Of England Primary School - NN4 0NQ
Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School - NG14 6JZ
Colston Bassett School - NG12 3FD
Colwick Pre-school Playgroup - NG4 2DX
Combs Infant School - SK23 9UZ
Community Centre Playgroup - LE9 4LU
Complementary Education - NN1 2DR
Constables - LE15 9UA
Coppice Farm Primary School - NG5 7LS
Coppice Primary School - DE75 7BZ
Copthorne Community Infant School - DE55 7FF
Corby Business Academy - NN18 8LA
Corby Community College - NN17 1NE
Corby Kingswood Primary School - NN18 9BE
Corfield Cofe Infant School - DE75 7GQ
Cork Lane Pre School - LE2 9NY
Corporation Farmhouse - NN14 6BQ
Cosby Community Playgroup - LE9 1RN
Cosby Primary School - LE9 1TE
Cossington Church Of England Primary School - LE7 4UU
Costock Cofe Primary School - LE12 6XD
Costock Pre-school - LE12 6XD
Coteswood House School - NG5 4HT
Cotgrave Candleby Lane School - NG12 3JG
Cotgrave Cofe Primary School - NG12 3HS
Cotmanhay Infant School - DE7 8RR
Cotmanhay Junior School - DE7 8RR
Coton In The Elms Pre-school - DE12 8HJ
Coton-in-the-elms Cofe Primary School - DE12 8HE
Cottage Private Day - DE75 7AJ
Cottage Private Day Nursery - DE3 5AD
Cottesmore Primary School - LE15 7BA
Cottesmore Raf Day Nursery - LE15 7BL
Cottesmore Village Playgroup - LE15 7DH
Cottingham Church Of England School - LE16 8XB
Cottingham Pre-school - LE16 8XB
Countesthorpe Coll Creche & Early Yrs - LE8 5PR
Countesthorpe Community College - LE8 5PR
Countesthorpe Nursery School - LE8 5PB
Country Kids Day Nursery - NG23 7EB
Coxmoor Primary School - NG17 7NZ
Crabtree Childcare Centre - NG6 8AY
Cranford Church Of England Primary School - NN14 4AE
Cranmer Pre-school - NG13 9FE
Creative Days Nursery - DE65 5EQ
Creative Days Nursery (2) - DE65 5EL
Creche Roundhill Community - LE4 8GQ
Crescent Primary School - NG19 7LF
Creswell Cofe Controlled Infant And Nursery - S80 4JD
Creswell Junior School - S80 4JD
Creswell Pupil Referral Unit - S44 6PP
Crich Carr Cofe Primary School - DE4 5EF
Crich Cofe Infant School - DE4 5DG
Crich Junior School - DE4 5DF
Crich Pre-school Playgroup - DE4 5DS
Crick Pre-school - NN6 7SQ
Crick Primary School - NN6 7TU
Crocodile Rock - LE13 1NN
Croft C Of E Community Playgroup - LE9 6GJ
Croft Church Of England Primary School - LE9 3GJ
Croft Family Centre - NG3 4JD
Croft Infant School - DE55 7BW
Croft Nursery School - NG7 3EN
Croft Primary School - NG17 5FJ
Cromford Bridge Hall Nursery School - DE4 5JG
Cromford Cofe Primary School - DE4 3RG
Cromford Playgroup - DE4 3QH
Crompton View Primary School - NG22 8PS
Cropston Pre School - LE7 7TE
Cropwell Bishop Playgroup - NG12 3BU
Cropwell Bishop Primary School - NG12 3BX
Crossdale Drive Primary School - NG12 5HP
Croughton All Saints Cofe Primary School - NN13 5LT
Croughton Pre-School - NN13 5ND
Crown Hills Community College - LE5 5FT
Croyland Early Years Centre - NN8 2AX
Croyland Nursery School - NN8 2AX
Croyland Primary School - NN8 2AX
Cuckney Cofe Primary School - NG20 9NB
Curbar Primary School - S32 3XA
Cutthorpe Primary School - S42 7AS
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