School Fundraising News

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join Programme

Guiseley Infant and Nursery School Join We are delighted to announce that Guiseley Infant and Nursery School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join Programme

Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Strathkinness Primary School Join School Fundraising

Strathkinness Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Strathkinness Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Comet logo

New Look logo

Comet and New Look latest merchants to join! We are delighted to announce the addition of two further big brand names to our programme - visit your schools main page to access.

Beech Grove Primary School Join School Fundraising

Beech Grove Primary School Join We are delighted to announce that Beech Grove Primary School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

Latest School Fundraising News

Little Saplings Pre-School Join School Fundraising

Little Saplings Pre-School Join We are delighted to announce that Little Saplings Pre-School has joined the School Fundraising programme.

East Midlands Schools B

Babington Bear Nursery - LE4 0SZ
Babington Community Technology College - LE4 0SZ
Babypark Day Nursery - NN3 7SY
Bacin - NN4 8EN
Badby Chestnuts Pre-school - NN11
Badby School - NN11 3AJ
Badgerbrook Primary School - LE8 6ZW
Bagthorpe Primary School - NG16 5HB
Bagworth Pre-school Playgroup - LE67 1BH
Baker Street Playgroup - DE24 8SB
Bakewell Cofe Infant School - DE45 1BX
Bakewell Methodist Junior School - DE45 1FR
Bakewell Nursery School - DE45 1EE
Bakewell Playgroup - DE45 1EN
Bal Nagri (belgrave Playhouse) - LE4 6BS
Balderton Pre-school - NG24 3NN
Balderton Village Day Nursery - NG24 3BW
Bamford Preschool Playgroup - S33 0AY
Bamford Primary School - S33 0AR
Banca Under 5's - N93 7DN
Barlborough Hall School - S43 4TJ
Barlborough Hall School - S43 4TL
Barlborough Play School - S43 4HY
Barlborough Primary School - S43 4ET
Barlborough's On Going Options Throughout Schoolin - S43 4HZ
Barley Croft Primary School - LE4 0UT
Barlow Cofe Primary School - S18 7TA
Barlow Pre-school - S18 5TA
Barnby Road Primary And Nursery School - NG24 1RP
Barney's Day Nursery - NN3 6QF
Barrow Hill Primary School - S43 2PG
Barrow Pre-school Playgroup (church - LE12 8QA
Barry Primary School - NN1 5JS
Barry Road Pre-school Playgroup - NN1 5JS
Barton Seagrave Primary School - NN15 6QY
Barwell Church Of England Junior School - LE9 8DS
Barwell Infant School - LE9 8HG
Barwell Newlands Community Primary School - LE9 8AG
Barwell Village Hall Playgroup - LE9 8DS
Baslow Edge Playgroup - S32 1XG
Battling Brook Community Primary School - LE10 0EX
Battling Brook Playgroup - LE10 0EX
Beachborough School - NN13 5LB
Beacon Hill Day Nursery - NG24 2JH
Beanfield Primary School - NN18 0LJ
Beardall Street Primary And Nursery School - NG15 7JU
Beauchamp College Day Nursery - LE2 5TP
Beauchamp College Pre-school - LE2 5TP
Beaufort Community Primary School - DE21 6BT
Beaumont Leys School - LE4 0FL
Beaumont Lodge Primary School - LE4 1DT
Beauvale Pre-school - NG16 3QN
Beauvale Pre-school Playgroup - NG16 3QL
Becket Primary School - DE22 3QB
Beech Hill School - NG19 6DX
Beech Tree Nursery - LE8 0JE
Beehive Day Nursery - NG3 7DN
Beeston Fields Primary School And Nursery - NG9 2RG
Beeston Rylands Junior School - NG9 1LJ
Belgrave Batens Pre-school - LE4 6FA
Belgrave Children + F/c - LE4 6JD
Belgrave Playgroup - LE4 6LF
Belgrave Playhouse - LE4 6BS
Belgrave St Peter's Cofe Primary School - LE4 5PG
Bellinge Community Pre-school - NN3 9AQ
Bellinge Primary School - NN3 9DG
Belmont Day Nursery - S42 7HJ
Belmont Primary School - DE11 8JZ
Belper Central Playgroup - DE56 1AR
Belper School - DE56 1RZ
Belton Church Of England Primary School - LE12 9TS
Belton Playgroup - LE12 9TU
Belton Pre-school - LE15 9JU
Belton Pre-school Playgro - LE15 9JU
Belvoir High School And Community Centre - NG13 0AX
Belvoirdale Community Primary School - LE67 3RD
Bemrose Community School - DE22 3HU
Bendbow Playgroup - LE3 1SB
Bennerley Fields School - DE7 8QZ
Bennerley School - DE7 8PF
Bentinck Primary And Nursery School - NG7 4AA
Berridge Infant And Nursery School - NG7 5GY
Berridge Junior School - NG7 5LE
Berry Hill Primary School - NG18 4JW
Besthorpe Primary School - NG23 7HR
Bestwood Childcare Centre - NG5 5HT
Bestwood Country Park Private Day Nursery - NG5 8NJ
Bhagini Centre Ltd - LE3 0PE
Big Wood School - NG5 9PJ
Biggin Cofe Primary School - SK17 0DQ
Biggin Playschool - SK17 0DQ
Bilborough College - NG8 4DQ
Billesdon Parochial Primary School - LE7 9AG
Billing Brook Special School - NN3 8EZ
Bingham Day Nursery & Pre-school - NG13 8AG
Bingham Robert Miles Infant School - NG13 8FE
Birch Wood - LE13 1HA
Birklands Primary And Nursery School - NG20 0QF
Birstall Methodist Pre-school - LE4 4JS
Birstall Rainbow Nursery - LE4 4GF
Bishop Alexander Primary And Nursery School - NG24 2BQ
Bishop Ellis Catholic Primary School - LE4 8GP
Bishop Lonsdale Church Of England Aided Primary School And Nursery - DE22 3HH
Bishop Pursglove Cofe (a) Primary School - SK17 8NE
Bishop Stopford School - NN15 6BJ
Bishopdale Children & Family Centre - LE4 0SR
Bitteswell Montessori - LE17 4LN
Bizzy Bears Pre-school - NN3 9EF
Bizzy Bees Pre-school - LE7 3XW
Blaby Pre School - LE8 4FA
Blaby Stokes Church Of England Primary School - LE8 4EG
Blackfordby Playgroup - DE11 8AL
Blackfordby St Margaret's Church Of England Primary School - DE11 8AB
Blackthorn Primary School - NN3 8EP
Blackwell Community Primary And Nursery School - DE55 5JG
Blakesley Church Of England Primary School - NN12 8RD
Blakesley Playgroup - NN12 8RS
Bleasby Cofe Primary School - NG14 7GD
Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Primary And Nursery School - NG11 9BH
Blidworth Oaks Primary School - NG21 0RD
Blisworth Community Primary School - NN7 3DD
Blisworth Day Nursery - NN7 3BU
Blisworth Preschool Playgroup - NN7 3BZ
Blue Bell Hill Primary And Nursery School - NG3 2LE
Blue Mountain School - NG16 2SD
Bluebell Montessori Nursery School - NN17 3DY
Blyth Pre-school Playgroup - S81 8EN
Boddington Church Of England Voluntary School - NN11 6DL
Boddington Playgroup - NN11 6DH
Bole Playgroup - DN22 9EY
Bolsover Church Of England Junior School - S44 6XH
Bolsover First Steps Pre-school - S44 6PS
Bolsover Infant School - S44 6DE
Bonington Infant And Nursery School - NG6 8AX
Bonington Junior Community School - NG6 8AX
Bonsall Cofe (a) Primary School - DE4 2AE
Booth Wood Primary School - LE11 4PG
Boothville Primary School - NN3 6JG
Bo-peeps - NN11 3RA
Borrow Wood Infant School - DE21 7QW
Borrow Wood Junior School - DE21 7QW
Borrowash Playgroup - DE72 3JE
Bosworth College Nursery - LE9 9JL
Bosworth Community College - LE9 9JL
Bosworth Independent College - NN2 6AF
Bottesford Church Of England Primary School - NG13 0BS
Bottesford Pre-school Playgroup - NG13 0AX
Boughton Primary School - NN2 8RG
Boulton Lane Pre-school Playgroup - DE24 0BD
Boulton Primary School - DE24 0EP
Bowbridge Primary School - NG24 4EP
Bowden Lane Pre-school - LE16 7JD
Boyd House - S43 4LG
Bozeat Community Primary School - NN29 7LP
Bracken Hill School - NG17 7HZ
Bracken Lane Primary And Nursery School - DN22 7EU
Bracken Leas Primary School - NN13 6LF
Brackenfield Special School - NG10 4DA
Brackensdale Infant School - DE22 4BS
Brackensdale Junior School - DE22 4BS
Brackley Church Of England Junior School - NN13 6EE
Brackley Waynflete Infant School - NN13 6AF
Bradley Cofe Primary School - DE6 1PG
Bradwell Cofe (controlled) Infant School - S33 9HJ
Bradwell Junior School - S33 9JB
Brailsford Cofe Primary School - DE6 3DA
Brailsford Pre-school - DE6 3DA
Braithwaite's Day Nursery - NN6 7TU
Bramblebrook Pre-school Playgroup - DE3 9HD
Brambleside Community Primary School - NN16 9JG
Bramcote Cofe Primary School - NG9 3HE
Bramcote Hills Primary School - NG9 3GE
Bramcote Hills Sport And Community College - NG9 3GA
Bramcote Lorne School - DN22 0QQ
Bramcote Preschool Playgroup - NG9 3HD
Bramley Vale Primary School - S44 5PF
Brampton Primary School - S40 1DD
Brassington Pre-school - DE4 4HL
Brassington Primary School - DE4 4HB
Brats Day Nursery Corby Ltd - NN18 8AN
Brats Day Nursery Limited - NN4 9RA
Braunston Church Of England Primary School - NN11 7HF
Braunston Pre-School - NN11 0GL
Braunstone Community Primary School - LE3 1SB
Braunstone Frith Infant School - LE3 6NN
Braunstone Frith Junior School - LE3 6NF
Braybrooke Bearcubs - LE16 8LD
Braybrooke Primary School - LE16 8LD
Breadsall Ce Primary School - DE21 5LA
Breadsall Hill Top Infant School - DE21 4ET
Breadsall Hill Top Junior School - DE21 4ET
Breadsall Pre-school Group - DE21 5LF
Breadsall Support Centre - DE21 5LF
Breaston Manor Day Nursery - DE72 3EB
Breaston Pre-school Playgroup - DE72 3DX
Breedon House Children Centres - NG10 1GR
Breedon House Nurseries (badgers) - S44 5BL
Breedon On The Hill St Hardulph's Church Of England Primary School - DE73 8AN
Breedon Play And Learn Group - DE73 1AN
Briar Hill Playgroup - NN4 8ST
Briar Hill Primary School - NN4 8SW
Bridge Junior School - LE5 3HH
Bridgemont Nursery - SK23 6AA
Bridgewater Primary School - NN3 3AF
Bright Beginnings - NG21 9NL
Bright Future Day Nursery - NG4 2EB
Bright Futures Day Nursery One - NG3 6DR
Bright Futures Nursery - NG1 1DA
Bright Hopes Day Nursery - NG3 4GG
Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd - NN10 6BS
Bright Sparks Day Nursery - LE10 1AB
Bright Sparks Day Nursery - NG18 5BN
Bright Sparks Day Nursery - NG3 2NR
Bright Sparks Pre-school - LE17 5LU
Bright Sparks Pre-school Of Empingh - LE15 8PQ
Brigstock Latham's Church Of England Primary School - NN14 3HD
Brigstock Pre-school - NN14 3ET
Brimington Junior School - S43 1HF
Brimington Manor Infant School - S43 1NT
Brimington Pre-school Playgroup - S43 1DB
Bringhurst Primary School - LE16 8RH
Brington And Whilton Pre-school - NN7 4SG
Brington Primary School - NN7 4HX
Brinsley Primary And Nursery School - NG16 5AZ
Britannia Fields Playgroup - LE10 2HE
Britannia Fields Playgroup - LE10 2HF
Brittannia Field Playgroup - LE10 2HE
Brixworth Centre Pre-school - NN6 9BZ
Brixworth Cevc Primary School - NN6 9BG
Broad Street Playgroup - LE7 1GH
Brockington College - LE19 4LG
Brocklewood Infant And Nursery School - NG8 3AL
Brocklewood Junior School - NG8 3AJ
Brockley Primary School - S44 6AF
Brocks Hill Primary School - LE2 5WP
Brockwell Junior School - S40 4NP
Brockwell Nursery And Infant School - S40 4NP
Brook House Farm - NN14 6BQ
Brooke Hill Primary School - LE15 6HQ
Brooke Hill School - LE15 6HQ
Brooke House College - LE16 7AU
Brooke House Day School - LE9 1SE
Brooke Priory Nursery - LE15 6QW
Brooke Priory School - LE15 6QW
Brooke Weston Academy - NN18 8LA
Brooke Weston Ctc - NN18 8LA
Brookfield Community School - S40 3NS
Brookfield Primary School - DE3 0BW
Brookfield Primary School - NG20 9AD
Brookfield Road Nursery School - NN10 9SU
Brookhill Leys Primary And Nursery School - NG16 3HB
Brooklands Primary School - NG10 1BX
Brooklyn Day Nursery - NG15 0AQ
Brooksby College - LE14 2LJ
Brooksby Melton College - LE14 2LJ
Brooksby Melton College Day Nursery - LE13 0HJ
Brookside Primary School - LE12 6LG
Brookside Primary School - LE2 4FU
Brooksite Under 5s - DE56 1RZ
Brookvale High School - LE6 0FP
Brookview Pre-school - LE7 7TE
Broom Leys School - LE67 4DB
Broomfield Agricultural College - DE7 6DN
Broomfield Community Primary School - LE7 3ZQ
Broomhill Junior School - NG15 6AJ
Broughton Astley Playgroup - LE9 6QF
Broughton Primary School - NN14 1NB
Broughton Under Fives Association - NN15 7RF
Brownlow School - LE13 1QL
Broxtowe College - NG9 4AH
Broxtowe College - NG9 8GA
Broxtowe College Eastwood & Kimberley Community Co - NG16 3HB
Broxtowe College Manor Centre Playgroup - NG9 1FY
Broxtowe Family Centre Playgroup - NG8 6GD
Brunts Farmhouse Day Nursery - LE14 4NG
Buffer Bear Day Nursery - NN1 1SR
Bugbrooke Community Primary School - NN7 3PA
Bugbrooke Village Hall Playgroup - NN7 3QS
Building Blocks Christian Day Nursery - NN15 6HE
Bulwell St Mary's Primary And Nursery School - NG6 8GQ
Bumble Bees Pre-school - NN7 2NT
Bumpers Nursery (toyota Nsy) - DE1 9TA
Bunny Cofe Primary School - NG11 6QW
Burbage Church Of England Infant School - LE10 2AE
Burbage Junior School - LE10 2AD
Burbage Pre-school Playgroup - SK17 6UL
Burbage Primary School - SK17 9AE
Burford Primary And Nursery School - NG5 6FX
Burleigh Community College - LE11 4SQ
Burleigh Pre-school Playgroup - LE11 4SQ
Burnaby House Pre-school - NG19 8AH
Burnside Hall Nursery Group - NG12 5ND
Burton Joyce Primary School - NG14 5EB
Burton Latimer Day Nursery - NN15 5RL
Burton On The Wolds Pre-school - LE12 5TB
Burton-on-the-wolds Primary School - LE12 5TB
Bushloe High School - LE18 2DT
Bushytails Pre-school - NN2 6NH
Bushytails Pre-school - NN2 7PU
Buswells Lodge Playgroup - LE4 0PT
Buswells Lodge Primary School - LE4 0PT
Busy Bee Day Nursery - DE45 1AD
Busy Bee Playgroup - NN13 5SX
Busy Bee Pre-school - LE18 2AJ
Busy Bee Private Day Nursery Ltd - DE55 2BQ
Busy Bees - NN10 0LH
Busy Bees Childcare Centre - NG8 6GD
Busy Bees Kindergarten - DE73 1BZ
Busy Bees Playgroup - DE22 2HE
Busy Bees Playgroup - NG9 6EN
Busy Bees Playschool - NN18 9HU
Busy Bees Pre School (toton) - NG9 6EL
Busy Bees Pre School Stoke Albany - LE16 8PZ
Busy Bees Pre-school - LE17 6LY
Busy Bees Pre-school - LE67 6NQ
Busy Bees Pre-school - NG23 6QA
Busy Bees Pre-school Playgroup - NN29 7QY
Butler's Hill Infant And Nursery School - NG15 6AJ
Buttercross Pre-school - NG13 8BL
Buttercups Day Nursery - LE3 9QQ
Buttercups Nursery - NG6 0NB
Butterfly Playgroup - NN10 0JF
Buxton Community Nursery - SK17 6PT
Buxton Community School - SK17 9EA
Buxton Infant School - SK17 6QB
Buxton Junior School - SK17 9DR
Buxton Nursery / Green Lane 2 - SK17 6QB
Buxton Pupil Referral Unit C O High Peak And Derbyshire Dales Area Office - SK17 9HJ
Buxworth Pre-school - SK23 7NJ
Buxworth Primary School - SK23 7NJ
Byfield Playgroup - NN11 6XY
Byfield School - NN11 6US
Byron Bear Pre-school Playgroup - NG15 7BZ
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